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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  July 8, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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new information tonight about the crash of 219 at sfo. >> we will determine exactly what happened, how it happened and when it happened. this as we hear the heretic accounts of first responders. >> it was so surreal. you just felt there was so much chaos going on. good evening i'm frank
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somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the ntsb is in the process of interviewing the crew of flight 219. deborah villalon has more on the investigation. >> reporter: it's an eerie seen looking over the water. especially with jets landing on its side. and it seems like the more ntsb learns about this wreck, the more questions there are. you would not drive 25 on the fast lane but that's exactly what the plane did. the rem remnants will remain, every inch, every piece part of
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the puzzle. >> we know there's a lot of questions about the pilots they are experienced in their background and training. >> reporter: an asiana captain with little time in a 777 in his first sfo landing. assisted by a captain he himself new to training. >> we do not want to bias those interviews. we're going to take as much time as we need to get the interviews done right and in a way that crew members are able to communicate comfortably. >> reporter: and in the landing, authorities found nothing strange in the cockpit. the right maps, but at landing. >> at landing they were going 15 knots. >> reporter: it heaves one last
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time before crashing to the pavement. investigators are looking at which seats the worse injuries came from and following up on claims emergency chutes may have malfunctioned. >> flights deployed inside of the aircraft. we need to understand why that happened. >> reporter: as the investigation winds on, so too the somber show on runway 28 left. >> it was right there. it was like, yeah. wow. >> just before i exited i said to the pilot. thank you for the landing. >> reporter: many arriving passengers told us tonight they paid more attention to the landing, the sea wall, the exits and the flight attenat a -- attendants with this crash of course on their minds. tomorrow morning ntsb briefing should give us this next insight into what the crew has to say. reporting live in milbrae,
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deborah villalon. for the first time we heard emergency recordings from first responders after that crash. >> attention, attention, a red alert has been struck for the airline at sfo. a red alert has been struck at sfo san francisco. >> reporter: par med -- paramedics, and police officers racing to the scene could see jet fuel and smoke. >> reporter: we're arriving on scene with multiple units. we have a large plane well involved in fire. >> reporter: the first crews say they actually arrived on that scene in just one minute. some of those first responders spoke out today for the first time. and ktvu's david stevenson had their dramatic story on the frantic evacuation of that plane. >> reporter: from the moment they got alarms, first responders say it took less than 60 seconds to reach the
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runway where asiana had crashed. >> alert three, alert three, plane crash, plane crash. >> reporter: the sight of the broken 777 was shocked, a disaster they practiced for but had never expected to experience. >> the whole time we're just looking and it just seemed to be surreal like it wasn't happening. >> reporter: as flight atten attendants deployed chuting, first responders began helping. >> reporter: this was the chute that was deployed from what we call l2 the left side door. second door. i said if he can do it i can do it. >> reporter: san francisco police officers jim cunningham and cataroni sped to the crash site and gave their knives to crew members to help cut passengers out of their seats. >> there were a lot of
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passengers that were afraid to move. >> there was so much chaos going on and it was quiet. >> reporter: without any breathing equipment, the two officers climbed through the broken off sections. >> they were looking like help me but they weren't screaming. like moaning in pain. >> we were running out of time, the smoke started to get thicker and thicker so we had no choice. we just, we stood him up and he started shuffling his feet. >> reporter: as the smoke grew, firefighters helped bring the passengers out through the rip tailed section. >> i feel very lucky and blessed that we were able to get those people out in that time. >> reporter: in all more than 110 san francisco firefighters, 50 san francisco police officers and 84 san mateo firefighters responded to the fire scene. at san francisco international
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airport, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. those first responders shared a lot more stories of heroism and we're going to share them with you. one of the flight attendants spoke at that press conference. and we translated her description. >> reporter: the plane's ceiling looked like it had collapsed and it was difficult to get through. there was something blocking in the way. on the backside it was like a wall. you couldn't see anything in the back. >> reporter: lee yun hi says the evacuation chute nearly suffocated her and another flight attendant. she used a dinner knife to puncture the chute. some didn't seem to understand what had happened and tried to get their luggage. she says she tried to do a final sweep of the plane but couldn't finish because of the thick dark smoke. at the hospital, lee learned she had broken her tailbone in
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the crash. happening now a live picture from sfo where the families of the two teenagers who died in that crash are expected to arrive sometime in the next 20 minutes or so. they arrived at l.a.x. a few hours ago. we spoke to officials there and learned that the families were escorted privately through customs. we're told the chinese counsel general plans to meet them here at sfo. our crew at the airport will bring us more once the family members have arrived. students at a school in china are remembering the two young victims killed in saturday's crash. their classmates held a candlelight vigil. students wrote out 77 which was the date in china when that plane crashed. students also wrote messages to their friends that were killed and sent them up into the sky in paper lanterns. today the counsel met with students that survived the crash. the students are mourning the loss of their friends who died.
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>> reporter: on their faces, glimpses of the emotion. the shock, the follow students of the two girls killed met with the council general of china. he told them to be brave, saying they're young and have a future ahead. the two girls killed met in junior high school and were good friends. they were surprised to get seats together on the plane. excited to come to california to learn english. the two friends the only fatality so far in the asiana crash saturday. their bodies found on the runway. according to local media, yae was accomplished at academics and had recently won a speech award. >> they were very saddened for the news. >> reporter: the girls were in a group of teachers and students headed to a camp in l.
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a. the consulate staff gave each student a bag filled with toiletries and said they will help any student who lost their passport. after tragedy a brighter future lies ahead. in san jose, jana katsuyama, channel 2 news. now here is the latest on the injured people at three bay area hospitals. san francisco general says 17 patients are still there out of 62 passengers initially. six are in critical condition. one of who is a child. of the 55 originally sent there one person is listed as critical. lucielle packered children's hospital has discharged all of its patients. one of the airports four runways remains closed and will stay that way in the the national transport safety board
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removes the wreckage. flights arriving faced delays of an hour to an hour and a half and at least 100 flights were cancelled. >> i said there's going to be a delay. there's still going to be there, so came and just sat in line and waited and then they said sorry that flight has been cancelled. >> reporter: if you have a flight in the coming days or need to meet one, officials advise that you check with your airline ahead of time. a pilot details the dangerous of flying low and slow. the basic mistake he says may be behind the asiana airline's crash. >> heading toward a warm up. how high you can expect temperatures to get in the area where you live tomorrow. and in just two minutes, the foggy future of the bay bridge. >> they can't
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smoke from a wildfire closed a stretch of highway 50 in the sierra tonight. the fire burned between the towns of white hall in el dorado county. the fire started shortly before 1:00 this afternoon. it was apparently started by a blown tire on the freeway. caltrans is allowing one lane of traffic. the fire burned about 600 acres. continuing coverage now of the problems on the bay bridge. it became official today that the new eastern span will not
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open as planned on labor day weekend. bridge officials say the failed bolts just can't be fixed in the next two months. the opening has now been delayed until at least december. ktvu's noelle walker is live on treasure island with the details of a report that came out with today's announcement, noelle. >> reporter: julie the oversight committee released this lengthy report today. it outlines when this new span should open. >> reporter: anyone expecting to drive off into the sunset on the new span of the bay bridge will have to wait, again. broken bolts discovered during test on the new span in the spring will take until winter to fix. today behind closed doors the bridge oversight committee told legislators the project that's more than $500,000 over budget and 10 years late is going to take longer. >> we are sorry. we are very sorry for this delay. but we have a retrofit that we need to get built and we need to get it installed and we need to do it right. >> they can't tell us if it's
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safe, much less how safe it is. that's a failure. >> reporter: in a searing 100 plus report laced with the word inadequate, the report says quote decisions made on the design and specification, fabrication are all contributing factor to the rod failure. the report says it is safe to open the new east span after a fix is in place for the 96 dammed rods and not necessary to replace the remaining 2,200 rods that aren't compromised that mean it is new span can't open before mid-december. the public relations may take longer to fix. i asked this commuter if he had confidence the bridge would be safe when it opens. >> pretty confident. actually not that confident. i'm not going to lie. >> i don't believe they would let it open unless it was safe.
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a little annoyed about the delays. >> reporter: there might not be a lot of notice when it finally opens. which begs the question, will there be a big celebration? i tried to contact members of the committee who were planning that party but i haven't heard back. noelle walker, ktvu news. >> you can't hide, we can see your greedy side. b.a.r.t. workers today protested outside the gated community of b.a.r.t.'s general manager grace cruniken. they accuse of taking a raise while opposing increases to workers salaries. contract talks between b.a.r.t. and the union are not expected to resume until august. the two sides have 30 days to reach a deal or there will be another strike. george figueroa claims he
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was hit at a b.a.r.t. station. but b.a.r.t. officials say there was surveillance tape that shows the b.a.r.t. passenger never hit figueroa. his trial has been set for august 2nd. new at 10:00, the top two members of the oakland police department hit the streets on their bicycles tonight. interim chief went and paul figueroa started their ride about 5:00 this evening. they road down international boulevard from 82nd avenue to fourth avenue. chief wentz says it's just one of the ways his department is reaching out to the community. >> the department is not going to be successful in fighting crime unless the community trusts the police department. >> reporter: the chief and the assistant chief also met with the community group that was cleaning up part of international boulevard. piedmont police caught up
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with two armed robbery suspects after they crashed their vehicles in oakland's grand lake district. the suv rolled over and caught fire near the grand avenue onramp of westbound 580 in oak land. the suspects had robbed two people at gunpoint in piedmont shortly be beforehand. investigators say they found a gun in the vehicle. tonight we're learning more about those two 16-year-old girls that were killed in the asiana flight. including what authorities said about the possibility that one of them was actually killed by an emergency vehicle. ktvu's cara liu spoke to the coroner about how long before we get concrete answers about what caused her death. >> reporter: san francisco fire officials acknowledged during a news conference today that one of the two victims killed in the asiana214 crash may have been hit by an emergency vehicle. >> it became aware to one of our fire task battalion chief that is there was a possibility
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that one of their two fatalities might have been contacted by one of our apparatus at an unknown point during the incident. >> reporter: one of the first responders rushed toward smoke and flames in what was described as a chaotic and heroic effort. >> as you can imagine, it was chaotic in trying to serve 300 victims. >> reporter: the two victims were traveling with a student group from eastern china to attend summer camp. san mateo county coroner estimates the victim's body were found about a mile apart. one was ejected and found on the runway. the other found next to the plane. he says he's working to confirm whether that victim was killed by the airline crash or a secondary incident and the results of additional testing may take another two or three
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weeks. in san mateo, cara liu, ktv ktvu news. the camp the students were heading to has now been cancelled. the students were scheduled to arrive at the camp at west valley christian church today. they would have spent three weeks there living with host families learning english and american culture. church leaders have now launched a fund raising fund for the victims and the families. >> we are collecting some funds to try to help these students a lot of them probably their suitcases they may not have them so we're trying to provide for some of those needs. >> reporter: the church also plans to hold a prayer vigil on thursday night. these are the numbers from today. it was 91 in antioch, temperatures came up a few degrees. 77degrees in fremont and 76 in hayward. highs tomorrow they came up a little bit more. the highs are pushing inland.
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as we look for the microclimates we begin to see temperatures get warmer. in berkeley hills you're immediately in the into the low 80s. back here at 10:45, we're going to talk about your forecast. specific forecast for tomorrow. then we will talk about the clouds comeing in in the five day forecast that could bring a chance for a shower in some southern counties maybe even a thundershower -- coming in in the five day forecast. graph search is supposed to make it easier to find people, faces and photos. the company has been testing graph search and will make it available to all users in the next few weeks. facebook as well as critics say this is a good chance to check your privacy settings. an east bay fire station closing its doors. and why tens of thousands
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of the prisoners all across california refewed their meal today. every passenger and pilot wants to make a safe landing. we're going to show you the key issues that happen. >> people are exiting the plane while that's going on, we have
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while the ntsb's final report on asiana flight 214 is months away we already have enough information to know some of the basics. the plane was flying too low and too slow. >> we obtained some insight into the crash by going up with a veteran pilot, ken. >> reporter: frank, if you're inside a small single engine
11:25 pm
cessna or jumbo jet the fundamentals are the same to get that plane safely on the ground. >> reporter: john deton has been flying for more than two decades as a marine fire pilot and later a 747 captain for pan am and united airlines. he took us up in his twin engine aztec to show us the simple color lights big and small. the red lights are designed to keep the airplane on a steady descend. white lights is that the plane is too high and can overshoot the runway. >> this is when i would be making a decision to go around. four red lights and the plane is too low. >> we're going lower, we're going lower. not a good place to be right now. >> reporter: many pilots say even without using the lights or instrument landing equipment the asiana pilot should have
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known they were too low simply by looking out a windshield on such a clear day. >> if that altitude that he was is never recoilable. the engines will not spool up fast enough to give you the speed you need. >> reporter: they would know that they were going too slow by checking the air speed. >> the check captain must have certainly caught it. >> reporter: deton wonders why that pilot didn't take control of the situation. >> 500 feet, check engine light he would take it around i sure would. >> reporter: the ntsb has more work to do and deton says he doesn't want to condemn the flight crew. the unanswered question is why was that plane flying low and slow. live at petaluma airport, ken wayne. another fire station closed today in contra costa county.
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it's the fourth station in that district to close since the beginning of the year because of the budget cuts. the firefighters union says the closure will have a major impact. they plan to talk about the fire district's finances at a meeting tomorrow. today the governing board for community colleges approved a rescue plan for -- last week ccsf learned it will lose accreditation in one year because of financial mismanagement and other problems. the college is appealing that decision. offers of asylum for nsa leaker edward snowden. >> fighting between police and protesters, dozens are dead. plus continuing coverage on the flight of 214.
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>> we were in shock. at that point everybody screamed. >> what one survivor remembers seeing just before the crash landing. >> and get ktvu news to go, download the ktvu app and you can watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device. >> alert three, alert three, plane crash, plane crash. the female that dispatched us and farmers presents: 15 seconds of smart. so you're worried about house fires? stop smoking. manage your wires. watch out for space heaters. clean the chimney. get one of these. cool the romance. and of course, talk to farmers. hi. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum♪
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plane. and the reminder he plans to wear until every survivor is out of the hospital. >> the area that i got out. >> reporter: john levy tells me he's grateful to be alive to tell the tale of survival. he was one of the last passengers to get off the plane. levy sat just behind the right wing. he noticed something was wrong as the plane was preparing to land. >> then i started feeling the engine roaring like to maximum power it feels like. the plane started shaking. and there's this massive amount of water splashing everywhere next to the plane. >> reporter: levy says he felt the back of the plane hit the ground hard but started lifting again. >> there was a violent shock, everybody screams and we thought, this is not normal.
11:32 pm
he says he felt pain in his ribs but weren't broken. he says he then started reacting. >> i was saying we're going to be okay. get out, get out, get out. >> reporter: he grabbed his backpack and got out through the front of the plane. inside were two toy fire trucks for his two young sons. >> you know we had an embrace and it was hard enough not to cry because i didn't want to show them i was hurt because they don't know. >> reporter: leavy's thoughts are still with the two teens killed and the injured. leavy says he will continue to wear this yellow wrist tied to his wrist by firefighters at the triage. >> i will wear it until the last person is out of the hospital.
11:33 pm
because i feel connected to them. >> reporter: leavy says he's no hero just doing what anyone would do in his shoes. happening now, another live picture from sfo, we've learned the families of the two teenagers who died in that asiana plane crash has been delayed. they are connecting flights from -- they're connecting flight from los angeles is expected to arrive at 10:00. our crew will be there as well. three investigations are under way into the death of a man while in custody of oakland police. officers were called to a home on east 21st street early this morning after a woman reported a disturbance. the 53-year-old man resisting being taken into custody a struggle followed, he fell and later died. now the internal affairs and coroner's office are all investigating. some 30,000 california prisoners refused meals today to protest what prisoners call the extensive use of solitary
11:34 pm
confinement. prison officials told ktvu inmates in 2/3 of the state's 33 prisons refused both breakfast and lunch today. and 13 inmates at high desert who started refusing food a week ago remain on their hunger strike. the state currently houses 42 42 prisoners in solitary cells. the british newspaper the guardian released new video of snowden where he says the u.s. government gathering all communications not just foreign traffic. >> companies like google, facebook, apple, microsoft, they all get together with the nsa and provide the nsa direct access to the back ends of all of the systems you used to communicate. >> reporter: snowden says that includes things like birthday wishes and records of people's lives.
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he is still believed to be at the moscow airport. in news of the world tonight in egypt at least 50 people died in clashes between supporters of ousted president muhammad morsi and security forces. each faction blamed the other for starting the riot. they called for parliamentary and presidential elections early next year. in canada the death toll from a horrific train crash rose to 13. some 15 other people are still missing. 30 buildings were destroyed. an investigator say the oil train cars have a history of punctures during accidents. they are commonly used in the u.s. negligence and imcompetence are two words being used by the
11:36 pm
pakistani government for their failure to find osama bin laden before his death. the report also criticized the united states for what it called an illegal raid on the complex and disregard for pakistan sovereignty. more than 100 female inmates sterilized. why an investigation suggests the procedures were against the law. coming up at 10:35, our meteorologist bill martin will have the extended forecast. >> continuing coverage on the sfo flight. we get on a flight simulator to get a look at what it takes to land a
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a flight simulator takes us through an approach to sfo recreating the flight of 214. the pilot had never landed that type of jet at sfo. ken wayne tells us what student pilots might learn from this tragedy. >> reporter: the red bird flight simulator is run by trade wind aviation. inside it provides an appropriate panoramic view for the student pilot to get appropriate training. while they don't want to speak directly on the event. >> we're 17 miles out from san francisco. >> reporter: geiger showed us
11:40 pm
the approach to sfo for the simulation placed for a cessna. our simulated speed was approximately the same speed as is asiana air speed though it's speed should have been a lot faster. >> you need to beware of that situation. that's what training is all about. >> one of the things you take into consideration right now besides the speed. >> staying on the center line of the runway. >> reporter: a flight simulator is a great tool for pilots but emphasizes there's many other factors to take into consideration when trying to evaluate a real life situation. >> so there's a lot more in the airplane. >> reporter: they hope to incorporate findings in future
11:41 pm
test flights. texas governor and former presidential candidate rick perry announced today he will not seek reelection. >> the time has come to pass on the mantle of leadership. >> reporter: he told supporters in san antonio he will pray, reflect and work to determine his own future path. he first became governor in late 2000 after george w. bush became president. teresa kerry is still recovering in the hospital after she suffered a mild seizure. the hospital upgraded her condition to fair. a spokesperson for the secretary of state says mr. kerry is at the hospital along
11:42 pm
with other family members. country singer randy travis is in critical condition with a viral heart condition. >> colleagues say the 54-year- old music legend was fine last week but they say yesterday it hit him and he was hospitalized. doctors say he has a viral cardiomiopoty. there are more than 30 different viruses that can lead to that disorder. and warm tomorrow but we're trending down soon after. how long the milder weather will stick around. 91 tapes at the center of the george zimmerman trial. what witness after witness said today about the identity of the person heard screaming for his life. and in two
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thank you so much. thank you. in texas emotions are running high as the second round by begins in the fight over a controversial abortion law. tomorrow in a special session lawmakers are set to debate a proposal that would shut down all but five of the clinics that conduct abortions. nearly 150 female inmates were sterilized by doctors at california prisons and a new investigation suggests it was done without proper state approval. the center for investigating reporting says doctors under contract with the prison system carried out the tubal ligations from 2006 to 2010. state law requires that each tubal ligation is approve bid
11:46 pm
top medical officials. and the doctor said he had not seen any since he took the job five years ago. continuing coverage now on the george zimmerman murder trial screams on a 911 911 tape were the focus of testimony today. were they the defendant or unarmed teenager trayvon martin that was shot and killed. then came the surprise. >> reporter: george zimmerman entering court hearing testimony for a tenth day. as witness after witness says it's zimmerman not trayvon martin screaming on those 911 tapes. >> i can't see him. i want to go out there i want to see what's going on. >> do you know who's voice that is in the background screaming? >> yes, definitely. it's gorgey. >> yes my immediate reaction is that's george's voice. >> of course you have never heard him scream for his life before have you? >> no. >> but you did hear him on that
11:47 pm
911 call? >> yes i did. >> those screams have become crucial pieces of evidence for the prosecution and defense. but the defense believes perhaps the most critical voice analysis came from trayvon martin's father. first martin's father when originally asked if it was his son's screams indicated no. then zimmerman's attorney dramatically called tracy martin himself to the stand. >> i just shook my head and said i can't tell. >> so your words were like i can't tell. >> something to that effect but i never said no that wasn't my son's voice. >> and prosecutors now trying to block a defense plan to show this juror a computer generated animation depicting the final moments and the encounter between zimmerman and martin. this trial is expected to wrap up this week. the jury could have deliberations under way thursday or friday.
11:48 pm
in sanford florida, phil keaton, fox news. we had a warmer day around here today. it's going to be warmer again tomorrow. checking this system, tropical system near cabo it was a hurricane but now a tropical storm. it's going to send moisture our way as we get into the middle of the week. that means a chance in the southern district for a shower or thunder shower. we'll be tracking it and showing it to you in the model. as you look outside, it's 71 in livermore, 67 in fairfield. i have fog at stinson big right along the coast. we have fog pushing past berkeley. tomorrow we're going to see temperatures increase. temperatures come into the mid- 90s in the warmest spots tomorrow. a subtle warm up for most of us maybe two or three degrees inland. maybe a couple ofl -- couple of degrees around the bay. fog tomorrow morning then temperatures warming reds are
11:49 pm
90s. you will see those starting to come into play. those are 100s down modesto south in the bakers field area. the forecast is this high pressure building in tomorrow and tomorrow will be slight warmer. then that high pressure weakens a little bit and temperatures cool as we head into wednesday, thursday and friday. not a major cooling, not a major warm up just subtle changes. the computer model then for tomorrow morning, fog along the coast. tomorrow afternoon, fog along the coast and clear inland. as we go into wednesday morning, there's fog along the coast. here comes the subtropical moisture along the coast. as it does you're starting to see greens and blues in here. that represents the computer model representing has a chance for showers. when i think this time of year has tropical moisture this far north. you have a good chance for thundershowers. you notice this in the southern part of the district and eastern part of the district so bares watching it doesn't it. forecast highs tomorrow you
11:50 pm
have 95 in vacaville, 95 in brentwood. tomorrow ends up being the warmest day of the week. 64 and 62 in places like half- moon bay and pacifica. your five day forecast for your bay area weekend. notice the clouds on wednesday and thursday. something may go on here we'll track it. then you note -- notice the warm up as you go into the bay area weekend. this is the system that can produce, let's watch it wednesday night into thursday. other than that business as usual. nice pattern. >> weekend looks good too. >> thank you, bill. twinkies are about to make a big come back this saturday and something new they're going to have a longer life span. they will have a shelf life of 45 days when they hit store shelves that's also three weeks longer than the original twinkie. the company didn't say exactly what changes were made but there are reports that hostess
11:51 pm
plans to ship the twinkies frozen to stores. the store would then stamp the expiration date on packages. the sales of the company's nook tablet fell 34% in the fourth quarter. barnes and noble then announced it would stop making its color tablets and instead form a partnership with a third company partnership. testla is moving, the company is moving the 100 index. that index tracks the biggest companies in nasdaq. tesla shares have been on the rise since the pane announce it was turning a profit thanks to sales of its model s sedan. wall street posted gains at the start of the second quarter earning season. the dow rose 88 points nasdaq added five. analysts say they expect companies to continue growth
11:52 pm
but possibly at a slower pace than the first quarter. mark is off tonight. fred is filling in at what point here do we start worrying about the giants? >> go. >> right about now. >> right about now. absolutely. lincecum came 5-0 in the last six starts against the mets. today he pitched well enough to win again. but wait for it the offense struggled. yeah, mets in the city for their one and only visit. lincecum got an early lead. when buster posey -- giants defense was ugly early. helped the met take a lead. brandon crawford comes right back with a single. makes it 3-3 after seven. top of the 11th. rosario on the mound. marlin byrd rips a shot to crawford and that got him. right after the team boot the
11:53 pm
ball. the team got the ball to make it 3-3. dodgers beat first place arizona 6-1 today. and the oakland a's showed true mom...
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oakland a's bartolo colon keeps making it look easy. and today he beat the pirates. jeff lach walks with the bases loaded. colon goes through the seventh. bartolo now 12-3. closer grant belfore gets a 1-2-3 inning. that's 41 and counting as the first place a's win tonight 2- 1. usually throwing out the first pitch turning into an ugly ceremony. but this is su lee. she recently threw out the
11:57 pm
first pitch in seoul. colon is an all star but i can guarantee you he can't do this. she did not throw out a strike and i don't think it is concerned a legal pitch. and don't try to challenge her to a game of twister. today they agreed to a three year deal with 6'10" maurice. ellis may return to northern california. reports in sacramento say the kings are trying to clear up some salary. ellis opted out of an $11 million deal with the milwaukee bucks. >> i'm still thinking about the girl's first pitch. that was amazing. >> i want to bring her over here and bring her over to an american game. how would that be. >> don't play twister with him. >> that's right. >> thanks, fred.
11:58 pm
right now were at sfo waiting for the arrival of a flight from los angeles with the families of the two girls killed on flight 214. we'll have that for you tomorrow beginning at 4:30. >> thank you for
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we're new to town.ells. welcome to monroe. so you can move more effortlessly... we want to open a new account: checking and savings. well we can help with that. we tend to do a lot of banking online.
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you play? yeah discover a mobile app that lets you bank more freely... and feel at home more quickly. chase. so you can. [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> "big brother" finally aired some of the racist comments. it turns out for half a million dollars, you can call some people anything. >> howard, he goes, i'm not to say anything because i'm afraid it's going to hurt my chances. >> you would ignore horribly racist comments because you can win half a million dollars. ignore it for a lot less. >> nicki minaj went to the strip club last night and they're throwing money around like crazy


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