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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  July 16, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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parents fearing the worst. they're calling again. remember they called over my face. whats a boy today. good night, everybody. . complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. it's tuesday, july 16th. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. happening now, trayvon martin supporters gather in san francisco to criticize the george zimmerman verdict. the events started just about 30 minutes ago. so far tonight, it's been peaceful. live in san francisco city hal with what's happening at the vigil and the message organizers hope to send. jana. >> well, gasia, this is organized by the san francisco naacp. you can see the crowd right there accounted well over 100
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people. the person speaking, refrpd amos brown came back. he is a president of the san francisco chapter and just flew back today from orlando where the national naacp had their convention talking about this issue and they have been talking since 6:30 here on the steps expressing their own concern and outreach. >> an unjust verdict. >> the speechs and the signs show how deeply people in san francisco feel about the florida jury's acquittal of george zimmerman saturday for second-degree murder and manslaughter. >> trayvon martin had every right to be walking in that community as any white young maune, but what happened? mr. zimmerman elected to profile him. >> the case raised questions about racial profiling and whether zimmerman, who was on neighborhood watch, was overzealous or acted in self-defense in the fatal shooting of 17-year-old trayvon martin, who had no weapon. a local incident that's become a national debate. >> it's time to question laws
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that sense leslie expand the concept of self-defense and so dangerous conduct in our neighborhoods. >> at the naacp convention in florida today, attorney general eric holder says the justice department is considering whether to charge zimmerman with federal civil rights violations. on her blog, uc hastings law profes tore writes this case has become so big because of what it symbolizes to many people. >> what ray schism looks like, what suspicion looks like, what racial profiling looks like, and what tragic consequences it has. >> martin's family has one other path, pursuing a civil lawsuit. >> and that is enough for them to obtain damages from zimmerman. >> tonight here on the steps of san francisco city hal, this group is calling for a dialogue about reyes, about justice, not just in florida but also right here in san francisco in the bay
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area, and as for any federal lawsuit, uc hastings law professor little tells me that it could take months, even years before the department of justice decides whether to charge zimmerman. reporting live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. at 4:00 this afsh, protesters gather near the corner of church and dubose in san francisco. they briefly shut down muni service to mark the anniversary of a teen shot two years ago today. 19-year-old kenneth harding shot himself during an exchange of gunfire with officers after they tried to stop him. harding's family disputes the police accounts and has filed suit against the city. oakland police say they will be ready to crack down on anyone who turns violent if people decide to protest tonight against george zimmerman's acquittal. some people broke windows and a server at the restaurant was hit in the head with a hammer as he
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tried to prevent additional damage to the restaurant. he was taken to the hospital and has since been released. he has stitches on his cheek and forehead. last night marked the third-straight night of protests. eight people arrested for various crimes including assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest and vandalism. at one point, officer had to deploy chemical weapons to help officers who had been confronted. >> it is very difficult to arrest -- to make arrests in those scenarios in that we know that people -- the committee and the vandalism there are the violent fringe of that group, and they're not the ones that are going to go peacefully. >> the alameda county sheriff's department, chp and several other local police departments were called in to help opd last night. some windows at oakland's youth radio were broken during last night's protest. the organize teaches journalism and digital media skills to low-income young part-time, mostly of color. students have recently been working on stories about the zimmerman trial and the protest. employees say if people knew
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what the program does, they wouldn't have vandalized the station. the white house said today president obama is asking the nation to remain calm even as passions are running high. >> the jury has spoken, and he echoes the call for calm reflection that trayvon martin's parents made. >> as the white house made that plea today, african american preachers and civil rights leaders gathered in washington. they announced plans for peaceful rallies in 100 u.s. cities this weekend. demonstrators planned to push for federal civil rights charges against george zimmerman and an appeal of florida's stand your ground self-defense law. our web site, staying on top of all the developments in the after math of the george zimmerman verdict. you can find the latest coverage any time under the special tab right there at the top of our home page. the grandfather of a missing oakland toddler is calling on the public today to help bring home the little girl who was
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reported missing six days ago. >> she have a large and loving family that is committed to doing everything in our power to bring my granddaughter home. >> kevin davis says the family has reached out to dphne webb's father in hopes he'll become involved for the search efforts for the 21 month old. wrebb reported the baby missing last wednesday saying the child was taken out of a car at 79th and international in oakland. the family is asking anyone who may have seen the baby with her father to contact them or the police as soon as possible. they've set up a web site at a verdict has been reached against one of the two men currently on trial in the richmond high school gang rape case. the verdict for 20-year-old has been sealed until a second jury is done deliberating the case of his codefendant monano. peter and montano were two men involved in the attack. peter was forced into a false confession and that montano wasn't seen raping the girl.
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horrific details of a double homicide at the san francisco jewelry mart emerged today. david steven sovn tells us what prosecutors reveal and had what family members say about the suspect. >> this went on today at san francisco's jewelry mart even as the family of one of two clerks killed here friday struggled to understand why. >> i don't know why, why these people kill my citizens sdl prosecutors allege 22-year-old barry white shot, stabbed and killed two female clerks and wounded the store owner in a dispute over an item he purchased for about $300. >> i think it was an item that did not have as many grams of whatever the precious metal was that it was supposed to. >> in court today, prosecutors said store surveillance video shows white shot and slashed 51-year-old lena limb, and 35-year-old so severely that min was nearly decap tatd. >> you see her final moments and the terror on her face, and you see the frustration as she
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realizes she's going to die. >> a jewelry mart worker told us he recognized white from friday's shooting. >> if the police catch him. >> i don't understand why this has guns and knives. >> white faces two counts of murder, seven counts of attempted murder for the attacks on the surviving victim and police, six counts of assault on police officers with a firearm, and one count of possession of an assault rifle. he's also charged in a vaept case in which he's accused of attacking antioch police officers. white is being held without bail in san francisco until a judge can sort out who will represent him. in san francisco, david stephenson, ktvu channel 2 news. one man is in custody after a police standoff in san francisco. police were called to a building near 22nd and bryan street about 4:30 this morning. the suspect shot his roommate several sometimes with a pel let gun. the man is expected to survive. office recovered the pellet gun there at the scene.
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three suspects are being held for questioning this evening in connection with an armed robbery at a jewelry store. investigators say it all happened 1:00 p.m.. police say one of the suspects pointed o firearm at employees and customers while the other smashed several jewelry cases. police won't say exactly what they took. investigators then say an employee pulled out a gun and shot at the suspect, who ran away. about 20 minutes later, police stopped the three men in petaluma. they're being held at the santa rosa police department for further questioning. parents and workers at a south bay child care center were in shock today after an employee was arrested for allegedly abusing a child. 20-year-old nicolas was accused of lewd and la sievous acts with a child. the victim was a six-year-old girl at the ymca in morgan hill. he was alone with his victim on friday in a portable classroom, which is against ymca rules, when the alleged abuse happened. >> have someone that we know and
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love and worked with for a long time be charged with this kind of crime is shocking. >> he faces a separate felony charge after police say they found pornographic photos of a 17-year-old on his computer. yahoo second quarter earnings offered mixed results depending how you looked at them. the sunny vail company's earnings are still rising and shares increased nearly 70% since marissa meyer became ceo one year ago, but rif knew dropped from the same period last year. yahoo is still struggling to compete with google and facebook for advertising dollars, and its shares fell in extended trading after the report came out. the broader market fell on poor earnings report. dow dropped 32 points. nasdaq fell eight. coca-cola sold less soda in north america and reported lower earnings than analysts expected. a new twist tonight in the plans to fine pg&e for the san bruno pipeline explosion. ahead in seven minutes, why utility customers may breathe a sieg of relief. a lawsuit is already in the
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works in connection with the asiana plane crash against boeing. may have kausz r caused the crash landing at sfo. the suit is on behalf of 83 people who were on board. an investigation by the ntsb has only found that the plane was flying too low and too slow. it hasn't laid blame. three teenage girls from china were killed. a man was arrested at the san francisco zoo over the weekend after police say he jumped the fence to get in and ended up in some animal exhibits. the zoo says 24-year-old justin montgomery from los angeles ran through an exhibit with giraffes, zebras and os ostriches. he jumped the fence because he didn't want to pay the $15 to get in. he was cited for trespassing and released. no animals were hurt. nearly 100 cats are dead after a fire rips through a san jose home. you'll hear from the woman who was rescued, and you'll also hear if the cats were even allowed to be here. medical examiners provide
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details about what it was that killed glee star cory montieth. and i'm back right after the break. there's a lot of fog out there. it was cool today, but the fog is going to pinch down. it is going to warm up. how warm is it going to get? i'll have the specifics for your neighborhood.
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. a ground breaking was held today on north first street in san jose for santa clara county family in justice center courthouse. it's the state's first new courthouse devoted solely to family law. the new facility will consolidate all family law operations. the new eight-story building is set to open in fall of 2015. a south bay woman's dog is being credited with helping to save her life during a house fire that killed nearly 100 cats. spoke with the woman shortly
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after ward and tells us there are questions tonight about why she had so many cats on the property. this cat is one of seven that made it out alive at this home in south san jose. the bodies of more than 90 cats lay in crates strewn on the front lawn and throughout the property. >> i'm just stunned. i mean, i'll have to deal with where i go from here, but right now, it's -- i'm just stunned at the fear and suffering of my animals. >> carol miller says her dog bunny woke her up at 1:45 a.m. and alerted her to a fire in her bedroom. the two ran to outside enclosed patio but didn't have a key to unlock it and became tracked. >> they found her on the ground in a fetal position. they were able to cut through the fence and pull her out of there. >> it took fire fath fighters an hour to knock down flames. firefighters say it was a challenge trying to extinguish the fire with so many animals
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inside. >> i personally never witnessed this many animals in one residence. >> at this point, the cause of the fire is still being investigated. >> i was just so careful. this is my worst nightmare. >> miller says she runs a cat rescue out of her home. animal services says she applied to be a registered animal rescuer, but the city denied her request. a captain says they're now luking at citing her. miller has taken the surviving cats to the veterinarian. city animal service has offer today help remove the cat, but miller says she wants to do it hearst. she plans on having the cats kre mated and buried in a cemetery in napa. reporting from san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. the british coroner today, british columbia, that is, confirmed today that an overdose of heroin and alcohol killed glee actor cory montieth. 31-year-old was found dead in vancouver hotel room saturday. montieth had been out with others that night but returned to his room by himself. investigators say they fountd evidence consistent with a drug overdose. >> the results released by the
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coroner's service support the findings of our investigators and their belief upon initial examination that there was no foul play and that this was an overdose and a tragic accident. >> wasn't so much about --. >> montieth talked about his struggles with drug addiction in the past. he had been in rehab twice, including earlier this year. former cal star jason kidd will speak to high school students ant the dangers of drunken driving as part of a plea deal for a misdemeanor dui charge. police say kidd was drunk when he crashed his suv into a telephone pole on long island last year. if kidd fulfills his community service, his record will reflect a lesser condition of driving while ability impaired. kidd retired from nba last season and was hired to coach the nets. could california's new health insurance exchange put participants at risk of identity theft and fraud? that's the concern of california insurance commissioner dave jones and consumer advocacy group. currently some 21,000 enrollment counselors are being train today
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help people sign up for covered california, but there were concerns those counselors aren't being adequately screened. covered california says it's conducting background checks on the counselors. bay area hospital is one of the best in the country. new rankings out by u.s. news and world report put ucsf medical center at no. 7. the hospital was recognized for innovative treatments, advanced technology, collaboration among healthcare professionals and scientists and a compassionate patient care team. pg&e is being hit with a big fine for the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. the resized $300 million penalty announced today is less than some had demanded but our consumer editor reports the new find is good news for pg&e rate payers. >> the overall penalty package remain twos and a quarter billion dollars but a previous plan to charge customers for a big chunk of that in increased rates was killed. men di spat communications
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director for turn, the ewe tilly reform network reverses an earlier highly controversial cpuc proposal that essentially said. >> pg&e would pay the fines and penalties to itself basically. using that money to cover shareholder costs so in effect holding pg&e harmless for the san bruno explosion. >> but today's proposal cancels that, and now demands that pg&e shareholders pay for pipe upgrades, not rate payers. >> pg&e's revenue requirement will be reduce and had that they will be authorized to collect a billion less. >> on top of pg&e absorbing that billion dollars in costs, the utility will also pay a $300 million fine to the state, but that's far less than half of what was recommended earlier by numerous parties. >> the puc is still too cozy with pg&e. >> the pg&e just released a statement saying in addition staff's failure to account for total pg&e shareholder costs would force pg&e shareholders to
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spend $4 billion about 40 times higher than the highest penalty ever assessed for a pipeline accident in the history of the u.s.. going forward, rate payers will be responsible for new spending on newly-imposed safety requirements as well as new pipeline facilities. i'm consumer editor, ktvu channel 2 news. >> chief meteorologist bill martin here to talk to us about this weather that for many doesn't really scream summer. >> not today especially, right, and yesterday, but temperatures are changing around. more sun tomorrow. higher daytime highs back into the 80 t. today 60s and low 70s. take a peak at what's going on. of course, you knew the marine layer was really deep because of this low pressure. let me outline it for you right here. this big spinner going like this, rotating like this. as it does, it's pushing that fog well inland. it did last night and is right now. the fog kind of working its way back into the value lease where the fog lies at the valley. north bay has been foggy. up in larks spur.
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the fog is going to fill back in tonight. as it does, your temperatures will accordingly drop. 64 in walnut creek. 67 in livermore. i expect a bunch warmer than that this time of night, this time of year. tomorrow morning when you get up, there's fog most likely. wednesday, tomorrow, warmer. the extended forecast a warming trend and then it's going to start getting hot inland as we go into the next three, four, five days. fog forecast for the morning a little bit like it was this morning but a quicker burnoff. we might even see clearing out in pacifica today and clearing at stenson beach. the reds are 90s. they're coming this way, working their way west because things are starting to warm up. temperatures the next few days gradually click up. this high pressure center building in from the southwest. begins tomorrow. now, warming really starts to get going as you get in towards the end of the week. we'll see 100-degree temperatures in inland bay valleys. we'll get fwook that big spread. the fog will be a constant player and that's enough to keep
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the temperatures there in 50s and low 60s. 87 in brentwood tomorrow so way up. big jump. today was not warm, right, 60s most of us. tomorrow going to be seeing a lot more 80s and upper 70s so it will be noticeably warmer for you tomorrow as you head out. 86 on the high end, maybe 87s, then thursday temperatures in low 90s again then looking at 100s in inland bay valley. just know it warms up. we'll be talking about fire danger, obviously, as those temperatures get back into the mid and upper 90s towards the end of the week. gasia. nasa halted a space walk at the international space station today due to dangerous water leak in a helmet. luca suddenly complained about water drenching his eyes, nose and mouth. he asked his u.s. space walking partner chris cas sishgsdy for help getting inside. other crew members yanked off his helmet. he was distraught but okay. nasa said the water may have come from a leaky drink bag, but
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the crew is investigating. well, anyone looking to be the next american idol should have been in san francisco today. the star sighting we caught during today's try outs. and forget the lost dog posters. how new technology could help you find your furry friend.
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. that's ryan sea crest firing up hundreds of people in san francisco all hoping to become the next american idol. try outs for season 13 were held at at&t park this morning. some idol hopefuls told us they troef for hours to be here. american idol premiers in january over on ktvu channel 2. special children are heading back to school in style thanks to a partnership between target and the salvation army all part of the annual target school spree program. close to 100 stubtss from the bay area have been chosen to receive $81 target gift card to purchase back-to-school supplys and clothing. this is the fifth year target and salvation army have joined forces for the shopping spree. there's a new app to help you find your lost dog. teaming up with finding rover. it's a free app that uses facial recognition technology to reunite lost dogs with their owners. it should be available for the iphone and the android some time in summer. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we'll see you the next time news
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breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news, and tonight a homecoming after a dog's life threatening encounter with the wild animal and the warning to pet owners. we're always here for you at tmz is up next right here on tv 36. look at 'em.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- bobby brown is pissed because his not-adopted stepson didn't ask permission to marry his daughter. i don't have bobby on c-dial. >> a guy got on the radio in ohio and said that justin bieber approached him inside of a club and spit in his face. >> the spit went into his mouth and he was completely concerned about diseases, especially from bieber.


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