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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  July 19, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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bay area demonstrators raise their fists tonight. protesting the acquittal of george zimmerman now this national debate has reached all the way to the white house. >> trayvon martin could have been me, 35 years ago. >> good evening i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville. julie haener is off tonight.
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nearly 7,000 protesters have hit the streets in the last few months. unlike protests in the past, tonight's gathering has been peaceful. deborah villalon is live at the fruitvale station. >> reporter: there are still protester here, they are still wrapping up a protest. in last days we found opd caught with too few officers and rampant demonstrations breaking out. today they have a net around this gathering. >> trayvon martin could have been any of us. >> reporter: after a search of the crowd, no more vandalism.
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but this march has been heading down the street. >> all we want is justice for trayvon martin. >> if things get out of hand, i can't really say too much about it. >> reporter: some marchers while not condemning the damage don't condone it either. >> people get mad they take it out. i guess we got people to notice. >> reporter: they got the nation to notice. >> it's going to really depend on the circumstances, the temperament of the crowd, the number of officers that we have available that can safely take action. >> reporter: tonight's march moved under the watchful eye of police photographer. officers were taunted as they dredged along the crowd. riots alonghand.
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this couple watched the spectacle eating dinner. >> they will, the protesters will. >> reporter: keeping the focus on trayvon martin. >> this is important to me because i don't want this to ever happen to a child of mine. >> it's important to me because of what happened to a child of mine. >> reporter: after a two hour march and vigil all is calm. police are looking at this as a preview of a bigger march tomorrow. president obama offered rare and personal comments about what it's like being black in america. >> there are very few african american men in this country who haven't had the experience of being followed when they were shopping in a department store, that includes me.
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there are very, very few african american men who haven't had the experience of walking across the street and hearing the locks click on the doors of cars. that happens to me at least before i was a senator. >> reporter: the president said this is a time for the nation to do some soul searching and he invoked dr. martin luther king jr. saying people should be judged on the content of their character. amber lee set out tonight to hear from black men in the bay area. she's live in oakland with what she was told, amber. >> reporter: gasia, tonight i spoke with several young african american men here in oakland. they told me what it was like growing up in oakland and often looked at with suspicion. skateboarding allows these young people to escape the harsh realities of growing up
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in the city. >> it's hard, it's hard being an african american. >> reporter: one man says he was only 9 years old, he was followed by a store suspected of shoplifting. he was 10 when he was taken in for questioning. in both cases he was innocent. these friends tell me they're glad the president spoke out about trayvon martin and growing up black in america. >> trayvon martin could have been me, 35 years ago. >> the implications it has to the larger society is so important. >> reporter: political science professor james taylor applauds the president for speaking about race relations but is critical of the president for considering a new york police commissioner described as the architect of stop and frisk as the head of the next homeland
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security. >> as a president he tries to keep his imagine and not bring too much attention to black and white. >> reporter: these two young men say that they are glad the president spoke out but they would like to see him do more for african americans. amber lee, ktvu we got a perspective from people gathered. he says that people have a misconstrued imagine of young african americans. >> just because we wear baseball caps one day does not mean that we can wear a suit the next day. as if for tomorrow's planned protest, the police
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department is coordinating calls for mutual aid. they say that they will have plenty of stand by. >> our goal is to make sure nobody is injured, to keep the peace, prevent vandalism and any other crimes that take place. >> last monday night, oakland police called for mutual aid after protesters stopped highway traffic in both directions. a dive team has recovered the body of an apparent drowning victim. he was discovered floating face down in ellis lake park this afternoon. how he died or ended up in the water is not known at this time. investigators say their preliminary investigation suggests that the death was an accident. the $25,000 reward now
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being offered to find who shot and killed an 8-year-old oakland girl. alicia karadeen was at a friend's for a sleep over when someone rang at if front door. the girls opened the door as someone opened fire. we have confirmation about the cause of death of one of the teenage girls from asiana. the san diego coroner said ye mengyuan said she survived the crash only to be killed by an emergency vehicle. >> multiple blunt injuries that are consistent with being run
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over by a motor vehicle. those injuries she received she was alive at the time. >> reporter: authorities say ye mengyuan was lying on the ground and may have been hit by several emergency vehicles. >> obviously this is very difficult news to us. we're heartbroken. we're in the business of saving lives. >> reporter: the firefighter chief said that she does not know how fast the rig was operating. the rig operator was tested for drug and alcohol. the chinese consulate says ye mengyuan's family wants to bring her home soon. >> i think the family and maybe their attorney will discuss with the district attorney's office about the next step. >> reporter: san francisco's mayor and fire chief say
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they've requested face to face meetings with ye mengyuan's family who are here to return her to china. the county clerk in san diego was asking the state's supreme court to intervene. his argument is marriage should only be allowed in the two counties where the original plaintiffs lived alameda and los angeles county. the county clerk in san diego was said to act independently without the consent of officials. camela harris responded to the filing saying the injunction is still in effect and it requires all 58 counties to perform same-sex marriages, no exceptions. now to our continuing coverage of the efforts to avert another b.a.r.t. strike. contract talks have ended for the week and tonight the two sides are not sounding very optimistic. b.a.r.t. is negotiating with two unions
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representing station engine operators and engineers. >> we want to ask for them to appoint another negotiator beginning monday. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says its chief negotiator is not available until july 29th but that other negotiators are available and that talks can resume. concord residents are back in their homes tonight after a broken gas line forced evacuations. pg & e says a contractor ruptured a 2-inch pipe around 2:30 in the morning near burnett avenue. the brake triggered evacuations and backed up traffic in a
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three block area. the problem was fixed by about 2:30 this afternoon. the computer models are changing for your weekend forecast. i'll show you the highest temperatures you can expect in your city. >> a 5-year-old boy bitten by a rattlesnake. >> the bite marks were pretty far apart. >> reporter: the boy's innocent move and
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a stabbing two years ago injured two teenager and put an end to summer in the park event. this was the scene where the event was held. tonight the music was playing once again in downtown san jose. the first time in two years. ktvu's maureen naylor live in san jose where there were some differences in san jose. >> reporter: the event just ended about an hour and a half ago. despite the changes people here seemed thrilled to have it back. the grammy award winning band oso matey took the stand for the return of muse muse -- music in the park. it seemed the thousands in the crowd couldn't be happier to mark 25 years of this tradition
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with beer and music. last year's concert was cancelled after violence following music in the park at 2011 after a stabbing at a mcdonalds a few blocks away. >> we're trying to find a new model. if it works we would like to bring it back and continue another 25 years. >> reporter: this year some changes, the venue was larger, the crowd smaller. with the park fenced off and tickets required. >> i think it's good because it weeds out the riffraff. >> reporter: police officers and twice as many private security guards were on hand. with their 9 -month-old son jack it was a family affair for this couple from san francisco. >> it's a lot warmer. no bugs. >> reporter: while this family drove up from the central valley to see the band. >> let's see how many? there was probably about 12, 14, 15, we're still expecting more family to come. and the cost was great. yeah. it was better to see them here than most other places.
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>> reporter: and here's a look at the crowd leaving tonight. organizers estimate 4,000 people attended. i checked with police who say so far there's been no major incident. an officer told me they are investigating a battery call, but they are not sure if that's at all related to the event. a federal judge sentenced debra maden to five years of -- two other trials ended with hung jurors. in those cases maden was accused of tampering with evidence. maden says she is recovering from a drug and alcohol addiction. new charges against former
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santa clara supervisor shirikawa is being delayed. prosecutors discovered his dna on the stamps of illegal campaign fliers. those fliers falsely accused a political foe of being a communist. in court today, shirikawa's attorneys argued that filing new charges violates the terms of his plea deal. >> he's already pled guilty. so he would have to break that plea. and i don't think he has legal grounds to do that. >> prosecutors say they didn't realize shirikawa was involved in the case of the illegal mailers until his dna was collected as part of the booking process. the assistant da says she expects him to be sentenced in late september or october. >> invest investigators are trying to determine why someone stole a transit bus then drove
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it almost 100 miles. the bus had a gps system on board and the highway patrol was able to track it to the city of oakdale south of manteca. officers used spike strips to flatten the tires then arrested the driver who they say had experience driving a the bus. two men trying to rob a store picked the wrong day to do it and one of them paid for it with his life. >> reporter: despite a bullet hole in the front window, customers still came by the bom fair market. the store has been here if 30 years. >> i just want to support the store and the business and the
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safety of the neighborhood. >> reporter: police say about 10:30 last night, two men wearing masks and armed with guns went straight to the counter what they didn't know was that a sheriff deputy was also in the store shopping. >> suddenly heard the gunshots. and called the police. >> reporter: police said the deputy shot and killed one of the masked men while the second one got away but police believe they know where he is. >> we did find there was a local hospital that reported having somebody come in with an unexplained gunshot wound. >> reporter: the same two men may have robbed the same store last week in that case the owner told us after camera the men pistol whipped and employee and made off with cash. the name of the off duty veteran has not been released but he is being described as a 20 year veteran with several
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commendations for bravery. >> a deputy or officer with a gun on the street is always a good thing. when there's so many people and bad guys out there with guns. >> reporter: the store owner says he plans to install more security cameras. in alameda, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. vacaville police today identified the man shot to death by officers yesterday as 24-year-old kendall walker. while carrying a hammer and knife charged at officers in a quote aggressive and threatening manner. the shooting last night comes less than a month after another vacaville officer shot and killed a robbery suspect. temperatures warmed up inland today. they've warmed up all week. i started off warm. temperatures have gotten up to this point. 94 in fairfield. highs tomorrow will be warmer. we could see a lot of mid-90s.
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that fog is going to work its way into the inland communities. it's not far in the communities but hayward and up in the napa valley you're going to see a little bit of fog now. burns off quickly tomorrow as i said tomorrow is going to be a warmer day than what we saw today. 65 right now in fairfield. 68 in concord. so it's still warm in those inland valleys. look for your daytime high on saturday to basically be four and five degrees warmer than it was today. that will put you in the upper 90s in some inland bay valleys. tomorrow a change. then monday a further change. some clouds come to the forecast and some sprinkles. state water officials issued the warning of the possibility of a drought. that means farmers and residents may have to cut back
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on their water use later this summer or fall. record dry conditions in the first half of the year are being blamed for depleted water level. hundreds of college placement tests invalidated. why tests taken had to be thrown out. >> first a story you will
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now a story you will see only on 2. a rattlesnake warning. this after a two -- 2-year-old was bitten by a rattlesnake.
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>> reporter: the snake was in the grass, a 5-year-old boy apparently stepped on the rattler. >> before the paramedics took him it was swelling and bruising. >> there will be pain, it will increase. sometimes it can develop into respiratory issues. >> reporter: paramedics took the toddler to the hospital. he received anti venom and is reported to be okay. rattlesnakes like this diamondback that we found at the reptile museum are not aggressive just more mobile in the hot wetter and more likely to run into us. >> they're cruising around looking for food. with kids especially, they are ramping around they don't really see what is under them. >> reporter: the boy was bitten in the calf. ran back crying to their group.
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they kept him quiet until paramedics got there. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. the placement board said the s.a.t. tests were thrown out because of seating irregularities. the school didn't apparently follow seating protocalls regulating the distance between desks and the directions students face. some students may have gained an unfair advantage but stopped short of saying that anyone cheated. house republicans passed an education bill that rewrites former president george bush's signature law known as no child left behind. the bill passed in the house today. it shifts over sight from the federal government to the state. but faces significant opposition in the senate and the white house says president
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obama would veto the measure if it reaches his desk. the u.s. postal service said today it is moving forward with plans to sell a historic postal office in downtown. it's been around for almost 100 years but the postal service is losing money and says it has to close postal facilities across the country. a group called citizens to save the berkeley postoffice says it's hoping to block the sale by going to court and obtaining a temporary court order. the move apple made today that could improve its maps. >> and improving the economy but what [ female announcer ] for the freshest produce,
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wall street ends the week with the s & p500 at a new record high and the dow just four points short of its all time worse close. stocks have been soaring since the start of the year and high unemployment has been replaced by moderate job growth. so what's striving the turn around? jana katsuyama live in san francisco to tell us about some of the factors that work here and what it all means to the average consumer, jana. >> reporter: many people are just glad to hear any good news about the economy and the markets but we sat down with some experts and talked to them about what this means means for the average consumer. whether it's the store sign saying now hiring, or this week's stock market gains, people are seeing small reasons for hope that the economy while now binding back is at least creeping in the right direction. >> for me i'm pleased with where we are. i feel we have growth coming forward. >> reporter: the fed released a
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report saying the u.s. economy continue to see moderate improvements from may to early july. the housing market had strong growth. an increase in new housing construction. >> we just sold a place in new york and are thinking about buying a house here. >> reporter: the bottom line for consumers is that those low interest rates and mortgage rates are expected to continue at least through the fall. as ben bernanke continues a buy out. >> a 5% mortgage rate right now would be very detrimental to the housing economy. >> reporter: hiring was steady with a slight increase but
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there was reluctant to hire permanent full time worker. as for your 401k. with all of the market changes, it is a very critical time. it's a good time to look at your portfolio and the balance of your investments. >> on wall street, the dow fell four points off of yesterday's close. but the s & p500 edged hire closing at a record high for the second day in a row. >> apple announced it has acquired two start ups that could help the company improve the apple map. apple replaced google maps as its default mapping app last year when it unveiled the iphone five. ceo tim cook apologized to customers after they complained
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that apple's maps gave them the wrong directions. a settlement worth more than $5 million is close to be finalized. the case against toyota is linked to the claims of sudden acceleration which toyota has rejected. the settlement does not involve the claims of wrongful death. a group opposing california's new rural fire fee went to court today in hopes to get it overturned. they showed up wearing these red t-shirts that say burned by the fire text. the judge took the case under submission and says he will deliver a written ruling. tomorrow will mark one year since the gunman opened fire in a crowded theater in aurora
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colorado. the 12 people killed there and other victims of gun violence were all remembered today. >> jeffrey lewis aged six. killed with a gun. >> relatives of the sandy hook elementary school shooting went to colorado to read the names of the victims. while this event focused on gun violence, another rally was held near by by gun right's supporters. the massachusetts state police detective who released unauthorized pictures of dzhokhar tsarnaev could be suspended. sergeant murphy is now facing a disciplinary hearing to -- to determine if that could happen. murphy says he did it to show the contrast between those photos and the rolling stone picture. john walker lin had asked
11:35 pm
for the right to group prayers outside their cells at a high security prison. the prison allowed only two muslims to pray together inside a cell but a federal judge said that wasn't enough. lin was captured in afghanistan in 2001 and pleaded not guilty to helping th taliban. he is eligible to be released from prison in six years. it's a place you would normally think of as being safe. police in the peninsula are looking for a predator. the crime that happened right inside a local bookstore. >> a warm up is in the forecast for this weekend. chief meteorologist bill martin will have the warmest day of the weekend
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a real cautionary tale tonight for bay area families. police in the peninsula say a man victimize add little girl and that it happened inside a bookstore. as amber lee reports, the man was caught on surveillance camera luring the little girl away from her family. >> reporter: the surveillance video shows the moments right before and after the man exposed himself. the predator wearing a fishing hat and sunglasses approached the girl while she was reading with her family in the children's section then convinced her to meet him in a more secluded area near the bathroom. we showed the man's photo to shoppers. >> i kind of remember calling him to the police station. >> it makes me scared because there's a really peaceful city. >> you have to stay vigilant
11:39 pm
and never let your children go to the bathroom alone. i see people saying, they're old enough to go to the bathroom and i catch myself doing that too. i won't do it anymore. >> reporter: he was seen getting into a dirty black or gray four door car in the parking lot. investigators say this happened sunday june 23rd around 3:00 in the afternoon at this point they're not saying why the crime wasn't reported until a couple of weeks later. >> anyone who recognizes the man in the video or from the sketch is asking to call the san mateo police department. in san mateo,. now the the south bay where police are looking for three suspects after an attack on the college campus. it happened last night. a man told police he was just sitting on the lawn on the north side of campus when he was pistol whipped and robbed by three women. he told police the woman who hit him is black about 5'2-"
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-- 5'2" tall with a lip piercing. in the middle east, u.s. secretary of state kerry says that israelis and pelestinians have agreed to continue talks. both sides are expected to sit down in washington in the next week or so. customs officials showed off 100 ivory tusks that were smuggled in from togo. the ivory said to be worth more than $2 million. many of the items were small leading experts to believe they came from young elephants. the trade of elephant ivory has been banned. watch here as a gambler takes out his frustration by attacking a row of slot machines using an ax. surveillance video shows him
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coming into the barn. the man had apparently lost $6,000 in the past two weeks. after the deed was done. the ax man walk out and waited for police to arrest him. a woman fell to her death. one witness is suggesting her safety belt may not have been secured properly. the woman was on the texas giant roller coaster. her seat belt fastener only clicked ones while others clicked three times. the witness also said that the woman's young son was sitting right next to her. it happened around 6:30 this evening. the ride is now closed pending an investigation. michael jackson's mother took the stand today on her son's wrongful death trial. the 83-year-old and jackson's young children are suing the
11:42 pm
concert organizer. jackson said she recalled expressing concern about his overwhelming sedge -- schedule. doctor murray was sentenced to four years in prison. this fire forced the evacuations of 6,000 people and destroyed six dozen homes. the one thing making it so difficult to co
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tackling graffiti. some oakland teenagers that used to be a part of the problem are now part of the solution. rob roth tells us about a problem that's turning blithe into beauty. >> there's no problem with it.
11:45 pm
>> reporter: these oakland teenagers all say they used to be taggers. >> if you would have hit a billboard. they would have said she is doing big things. >> reporter: but here on this sidewalk of a grocery store in east oakland. they are not taggers but urban artists. painting over graffiti and replacing it with a mural. oakland middle and high school teacher jonathan broomfield says he too is a reformed tagger who now shows students how to channel a destructive activity into a positive one. >> i can teach you how to be a graphic designer. it gets people reengaged in education. >> reporter: hill has received a grant to show students about art by painting over graffiti scared buildings and creating more positive messages.
11:46 pm
it's a huge help to the owner of this market. >> so we have to clean every morning. it's really nice. i'm happy, you know. i don't need to go through every morning what i was going through. >> i would rather do this than having to go out at nighttime. it's actually better because people are going to look at it and say, these kids are doing good things for the community. >> reporter: there is unfortunately no shortage of graffiti covered buildings in oakland. the good news is these students are more than willing to turn blithe into beauty. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. lieutenant governor newsom has declared a state of emergency for the out of control wildfire in southern california. the fire is now within two miles of the western border of palm springs. six -- 6,000 people have been evacuated from the area. forest service officials say
11:47 pm
the fire was human caused and is under investigation. the families of 19 firefighters killed last month while battling a wildfire in california will likely receive more than a half million dollars in government benefits and private donations. about $2 million has already been donated to a relief fund for the families through the phoenix and prescott firefighters urineons. each family member is also eligible to receive $300,000 from the justice department's benefit program for fire officers killed in the line of duty. bay area weekend is here for the most part. and it looks like weather is going to be very nice. a lot like what we had today. notice how cool it is at the coast. notice how hot it is inland and the bay. that's where we go tomorrow. very similar to the highs we had today. as you look in here you can see the fog shooting across the bay. that's kind of a nighttime fog
11:48 pm
product so it's able to show the low lying fog. you can see it makes it way to the oakland airport making it way toward fremont. it's around in the morning. 25-mile-per-hour wind. that's sustained wind so the wind is blowing pretty strong. by tomorrow that fog will burn off pretty quickly. it'll be in most neighborhoods but burn off early. look at the cool bite of air right around the bay. that's all that moist air pushing inland. here's how the weekend goes. you have cool high this weekend. as we look at ocean beach, you're going to be in the upper 50s. inland areas upper 90s tomorrow. that's not that a typical. very cool at the coast. very warm to hot inland. your bay area weekend is under way. sunday your temperatures will drop off a few degrees. by monday we're looking for increasing high clouds and those high clouds could bring
11:49 pm
into south in the east part of the area, maybe a few sprinkles on monday. that's down the road. this is a monsoonal moisture. there's the forecast highs. this is the 100s in the central valley. you can see how warm it is. saturday is the warmest day, sunday a little cooler. tomorrow warmest day of the week, sunday slightly cooler. and then as we head into monday, this high kind of moves over a little bit and starts moving this, pulling tropical moisture up into the central valley. and you can bet you're going to get thundershowers. bear valley, lake tahoe, north of susanville. we could see a little bit of that activity moving through. 85 in petaluma tomorrow. warmest day of the week tomorrow 96 in pittsburg. 91 in antioch. just flirting with triple digit
11:50 pm
heat in some of those inland bay valleys. fire danger is coming up. there's no advisories or warnings. upper 90s on sunday, monday with the clouds even a little drop in temperatures again. we will watch this in case we do get a chance for a thundershower. nothing wrong with it. pretty typical. when i show you that 98 in concord, that's about par for the course this time of year. >> that's summer in the bay area. >> that's summer in the bay area. london is ready for a big celebration once the royal baby arrives. william and kate's baby is now overdue. but once the baby is born there will be a salute. the parks labor issues
11:51 pm
aren't over yet. san francisco teamsters local 853 agreed to a new contract with center plate that allows a wage hike. teamsters represent 200 food service employees at at&t and the cal palace. there is still no agreement with another union local two unite. speaking of baseball. both the giants and a's in action. >> seems like a while since we've had baseball in action and a little bit of an ominous start to the official start of the a's. cespedes wins the home run derby but hurt his wrist doing it. griffith gives up the homer and this rbi double. josh hamilton will ring up an
11:52 pm
rbi. and a beautiful right-handed swing. they thought he would do it on a more regular basis. eric ibar homers and followed by this shot. trout with this shot. he has now thrown 24-2/3 scoreless consecutive innings. refreshed and apparently ready to prove they have every intention of putting up a real fight in defense of their western division title. the recipe returns to the pitching defense. ron simmons is in the house celebrating his 90th birthday. only offense for the giants. buster posey presents a big part of it drilling to the deepest part of the ballpark. gregor blanco is safe. with a shot to left. that will score buster ball
11:53 pm
game, 2-0. and eight strike outs, three hits and great defense provided by timske in left field. beautiful hit. 49ers kind of pulled off a sneaky little trade that could bring big returns and half way [ female announcer ] for the freshest produce, you want to be close to the people who are close to the land. [ rooster crows ] that's why safeway works closely with local growers. the folks whose hands are in the soil.
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planting and nurturing the kind of delicious produce that gets delivered to safeway every single day. fresh from our farmers. this week, fresh local sweet corn from g&s farms is just 8 for two dollars. at safeway, ingredients for life. ♪
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you know what golf could really use this. a bona fide character someone with a little personality. half bay through the british open they have a guy who might win it. a long way to go. the shot of the day par-4 number five.
11:57 pm
drive to get him this close. followed by an amazing 100-foot putt that will drop into eagle. celebrate because you're way out of contention. par 71 today but he's 2-urpd and only one back of the leader. who happens to be miguel angel jimenez of spain who appears appears very lose at the british open. he is 3-under a look at his putt for birdie. this guy with the cigar, the ponytail is not about to freak out about the pressure of the british open. >> i don't know what's going to happen. i don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. i'm just going to go down, hit some balls. and i'm going to have just a nice cigar and we're going to live the moment. when tomorrow is coming, when the supd is coming. i'll deal with thathing. of course there's going to be
11:58 pm
pressure. >> seems very up tight. the 49ers for a choice acquire a corner back not to be confused with the eric wright of the 80s. but he could be a sleeper. let's see. >> we hope so. than
11:59 pm
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> one of oprah's co-stars said if oprah were a slave -- >> she would not have been a housewife. she would have been [bleep]. >> she was actually in the movie "the color purple" with oprah. >> more importantly the female lead in "commando. >> what is "commando"? >> it is a lesser arnold movie. >> not true! >> thousands by himself! >> nelly yesterday. talked about kanye west's $120 t-shirts.


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