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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  July 29, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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may attributed to the survivor. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening, it is monday july 29, i am gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7. rescues under age prostitutes and takes down dozens. and rescued a dozen girls. federal agents say 105 children were rescued nationally. here in the bay area authorities say dozens of under age girls were rescued under prosecution.
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where are those girls are found. >> reporter: an effort to safe children from child prostitution, the fbi office of san francisco led 17 bay area suits. >> we are able to rescued 12 juveniles and 21 pimps. >> just getting one child off the street, that's a measure for me. >> experts say recovery is difficult and complicated. >> a lot of minors especially don't view themselves as victims or as exploited. >> which provides services to victims of human tracting. she says often child victim will leave one safe place and end up in another. p often they're run away and finding a stable home is a major challenge. >> i would rather be abused by
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somebody that i don't know than somebody that i know. >> reporter: along with 12 johns. in oakland pritchett ktvu channs . now continuing of coverage of bart negotiations, one week from today, bay area's commuters could find themselves dealing with another bart strike as the august 4th contract deadline fast approaches. both sides met again today with no agreements. a few minor issues had been worked out. the two sides say they're still far aapart on wages and pensions and healthcare. >> we are going to do this week of the major economicishes. >> we should have been spending the last 12 days trying to resolve them. all of the agreements that we had right now we have had for the last three weeks.
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>> the politic's transportation invention in sfgs, bart's lead negotiation who was criticized for taking vacation in the middle of strike. how a baby girl was born without kidney and survived. this newborn of the amazing story eric is live. >> reporter: she's the first child with this partin known as potter's syndrome to make it this far. no tv cameras allowed inside. we like to show you baby abigail, you see her there born 3 month premature with her dad and mom. a congresswoman from washington state. she was rushed here just 16 hours after she was born and she will
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spend the next several months here at the lucille pakard hospital. without kidneys, a baby's lungs don't develop so doctors at john hop con use fluid to help her along and unlike other attempts, this time it works. >> her make up that has allow her lungs to grow and despite the absence of he were kidneys. >> no signs of abigail's parents here today. she and her husband released a statement, calling her daughter's birth a miracle. that's when doctors here at lucille pakard stepped up. abigail has an excellent chance of long time survivor. of course, wait for a kidney
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transplant. we are live at stanford eric, ktvu channel 2 news. but, for poor mothers the issue was often having an inadequate supply for proper care for the children. mothers struggle to pay for diapers. the average cost for diapers for one baby is $18 a week. a minimum wage job would have to pay 6% of her pay for diapers for a mother of minimum wage. goodwill has to clear out its warehouses in san francisco, that means the lost of at least 16 dumpstered fully of do. . >> 8 0% of the funds for all of our programs and services come from
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the sales of donating goods so when something like this happens it shuts down our op rags it has an enormous implications for us and it is really quite tragic. >> goodwill says they hope to reope warehouses this week. 13-year-old natalie was on vacation with her family. she realized it contained peanut. despite the efforts of first-responder and her father, she died. her parents say they hope her death will help other people take food allergies seriously. san mateo da says the case involved the travelers -- but their
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luggage went to sfo on an earlier flight. when the travers came to pick up their bags, it was missing. surveillance videos caught two people stealing the bags. are now under special new zealanding guidelines of the wake of the asiana crash. surging phone carriers to stop making the so call visual approaches and using the gps landing system. a new guideline is in place until sfo regain the use of landing system which is out of service until next month. >> but, it is just an added layer of safety. u.s. carriers already using the tool as vertical guidance.
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an earlier version of the propose law would have ban the -- that's not been expanded to cover all of sfgs. supporters say the law will protect the city as beauty to reduce the pollution and minimize traffic hazard. voters down in santa clara are getting ready to choose a counsellor in the running election tomorrow. the winner replace -- election officials anticipate a low voter turn out tomorrow of about 20%. the san francisco's're quake say, 's -- the stadium won't be complete until the second half of the season. the 18, 000 seats is built of
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the san jose airport. crews discovered under ground chambers and a high water tables. now, trending at, the san francisco's giants visit the white house for the giant's world's series win last year. >> some thing don't apparently change. and smothering defense and timely hitting and even though they used different closures down the stretch, this one still had a beard to fare. >> the team is making a habit of dropping into the white house. last season and team manager gave the president a special sign of bad and ball. >> we want to present you with a kwoum of gifts here for thank for taking time out for us.
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>> the president make note of the team dedication to the community service. you can fiepd the president's entire speech under the hot topic section at a south bay family will hold a proper bare yell for a korean war veteran. and are expect to arrive tomorrow. he's been classified as missing an action for more than 50 years until his remains were identified. the army collected from family members. the funeral is scheduled later this summer at golden gate national cemetery. . rain barrying down in high why. and remarks by pope francis as it marks the shift of the vatican.
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cool weather remains over the bay, coming up how long will this shower stick around.
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an early morning fire in the valley today forced the closure of a day spa, it caused about $100, 000 of dafrj. it is making repair and it is hoping to reopen shortly, no word on the exact cause. actor michelle today made her first public after death of cory
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monteith. 31-year-old cory monteith was found death earlier this . . autopsy revealed that he died of over dose of heroin. a small crowd celebrated the midday mass of pope francis. their thoughts on pope francis and comments of homosexuality and gay priest in the catholic church. >> yeah, in good faith. it is not normal. >> the church's traditionally labeled homosexually as a disordered. while traveling pope francis said this to a group of reporters. >> if a person is gay and accepts the lord and has goodwill, who am i to judge them. >> it is a continuing breath of fresh air blowing through the church.
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>> it is a nature thing, it is a beginning of healing of the gay community. >> you mean it is fine, i don't think why there would be a difference. >> church goesers say it is unclear -- >> i think a lot of people in my generation definitely are more open. >> a spokeswoman for san francisco who was campaigned against semisex marriage did not return the e-mail about the pope's comment, in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> what do you think of the pope's comment, you can join our conversation on our facebook page, just search ktvu channel 2. the shooting death of a 66-year-old
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judy salaman. neighbors and city counsel organized the meeting to address salaman's death and the recent uptake of the violence. there will be three locations open from 10-3. the da office is helping organizing of the this and as long as the police department. anyone turning in a firearm will receive a gift card of $100. -- and demonstrate the correct way to eat a bon bon. bidding on the charity bug website has hit $35, 000 with 15 days still to go. the money will benefit the los angeles charity community in schools. investigators seem to be waiting for a
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series of major economic report through out this week. the upscale department store sax fifth avenue is being purchase by hudson bay. hudson bay is a canadian company. industry analysts say the deal combines three story department store brand. happening now tropical storm going through the hawaii island. there are concerns of heavy raim the storm can cause floods and mud sly. the big island is getting a bunch of the storm. what we are showing you here is a live picture of rain. this storm is affecting many travelers in the bay area, the bay area's airport were forced to cancel flights today including two out of oakland and ten
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out of san francisco. >> reporter: business traveler jeff spent a lot of time on his cell phone while waiting in line today. >> it is suppose to hit on -- and hopefully it will be over by morning. >> reporter: both the big island might face flooding issue from torrential rain. >> i need to rebook my flight. >> reporter: finding another flight was -- [indiscernible audio ] >> that's all for today. the next couple day sns >> . . >> the next flight out would be until saturday. >> i was pretty bombed and i
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cried in the washroom a little bit and cried in the phone room. >> and to make it worst, they lost her luggage. >> meanwhile. >> the locater code is -- >> so he can make a business meeting this week. finally. >> he was headed home. at sfo jay hernandez ktvu channel 2 news. >> a lot of frustration at sfo today. what have you been tracking all afternoon. >> our status is beginning to weaken a little bit and we are looking at it right here on storm tracker 2. once it drops down to -- barely holding onto that tropical storm as this i mention, west, northwesterly movement and this
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is what we are expecting over the course of the evening. it is near mawi and you can see the scope and range of it. by 8:00 hawaii time it drops down, this is what it expects as it passed over ow -- the rainfall amounts have been reduced anywhere from 2-4 inches expected of some isolated area of about 6 inches. we'll be tracking this for you and throughout the course of the evening. here at home, we have been unseasonal cool, that's not going to change a whole lot. we have al trough on the coast. and we have got the low cloud deck really hugs close to the coast to san francisco in gray, parts of the north bay in gray and into the east bay, we have got more clouds
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like oakland and piedmont and rock ridge also with gray skies. fairfield reporting 28 miles per hour. and you're probably felt it because temperatures are well below average for this time of the year. right now temperatures hold ng the 60s around the bay area and 61 in santa rosa and 64 in nevada. lows 60s at sfo. mid-60s in livermore and 60 degr san jose. tomorrow morning will feel likee started this morning. temperature in the 06s. 55 for concord and lows 50s for morgan hill. fog and patchy drizzles once again is a possibility and as we get in the afternoon temperatures slightly warmer in some areas but still below some average. 73 in. . mid to upper 80s to
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some of the lower locations as well as brent wood and antioch. 70 degrees santa cruz and lows 60s. the extended forecast so here notice that we do see just a very gradual warm up but we are going to take baby steps on tuesday, wednesday and into thursday for a lows of 80s in the forecast. as we get into the weekend warming back up to upper 80s. we have new video here hollywood megastar tom cruise on a high speedboat ride. he jump on board on a sail after yesterday's race. at one point the movie star and his son took turn at the wheel as they sail underneath the by the way breckenridge. the bay bridge. also
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police discovered green paint splattered inside the national cathedral in washington. they're trying to determine if the woman is responsible for the green paint vandalism of the lincoln memorial last week. police say she maybe homeless. for the first time ever, the guide is online and it is free, now google is providing restaurant reviews base on this. the reviews are available in a google app and map. it still will continue print in the review of the familiar red books. thank making your choose for news. our coverage continues with thel
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series right here on the bay area, keep in mind we are always here for you at and tmz is up next right here on tv 36. . . . [ music no mics ]
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> this is bad. tara reid can't even get attacked by a shark well. she's been 86'd from sharknado. >> they blew up all of the west coast sharknados. now there's bog to be a new group on the east coast. >> sharknados in new york are way better then the sharknados -- [laughter] >> "tmz" has video from july. handcuffed in the car and his nose starts to itch. and you see him and he's like twitching so he doesn't know what to do.


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