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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  July 29, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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union activists interrupt a speech by b.a.r.t.'s general manager with the deadline for a possible second strike now less than a week away. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. just six days left for b.a.r.t. and its unions to come up with an agreement. amber lee, after talking to
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both sides, and the passengers caught in the middle of all of this. >> reporter: frank, tonight, passengers tell me they dread the possibility of another b.a.r.t. strike, and some say they've made contingency plans. from the flat form of the mcarthur b.a.r.t. station in oakland. passengers could see traffic backed up during tonight's evening commute. >> look at it today. >> reporter: passengers tell me, the possibility of another strike has them making alternate plans. >> just asking people for rides in the morning. basically, my commute in the morning i could ask for a ride. >> reporter: this woman says it turned into a nightmare during the last strike. >> i'm worried because last time that they had the strike, it was really inconvenient. i had to get up early and it took two hours to get home.
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>> reporter: the union workers disrupting during a speech this morning in san francisco at a public transportation convention. atvu tells me today talks ended around 5:00 p.m., with little progress. the president says key issues, pension, salary, and workers safety were not addressed. the workers contract expires at midnight. >> how confident are you that both sides will reach an agreement by sunday? >> i'm confident our group is doing everything to get there. >> the 23% they're asking for. the fact they don't pay anything for their pension right now, and the fact they pay very little for their medical. >> reporter: in the meantime, b.a.r.t. passengers say they're upset, they're made the brunt of the labor dispute.
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>> i'm going to get angry. i understand, but it's not necessary. >> reporter: i'm told the metropolitan transportation commission will be hosting a conference call tomorrow afternoon, to discuss plans in the event that there is another b.a.r.t. strike monday. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> b.a.r.t. management is saying it would have to raise fares of at least 18% for the next three years to meet the union's pay demand. that would be on top of already approved pay hikes for union cars. the president for station agents says she is skeptical of b.a.r.t.'s calculations. stay tuned to ktvu for the latest, we'll bring you the latest on air, online, and to your twitter feed as it develops. explosions rocked a gas
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plant 30 miles northwest of orlando. several people are missing, and feared dead at the blue rhino propane plant in taveras. the orlando sent nail is reporting 24 people were working the night shift when that first explosion was reported. 10 people are missing at this hour. you're looking right now at live pictures from the scene. the plant just full of flames. people living as far as a mile away from this plant have now been evacuated. the plant continues to burn in these live pictures from the scene there near orlando, florida. we will continue to bring you updates and developments as we get them later in this newscast. tropical storm flossie is no more. it's been downgraded to a tropical depression. a flood advisory is in effect tonight for parts of the big island of hawaii. at least 6,000 customers there have lost power.
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the eye of the storm is forecast to reach kuai sometime tomorrow morning. >> it's a tropical depression. it has been downgraded. it weekend from 40 miles per hour just a few hours ago, a thunderstorm, to 35 miles per hour, which makes it now, a tropical depression. it's moving fairly rapidly around the west,-northwest at 18 miles per hour. here's kuai. this is maui. the system is moving rapidly. not much rain is going to come out. rainfall accumulations with this storm on the islands, if you're facing the right way, it could make it up to 10, 12 inches of rain, but it's moving rapidly. that's the good news. it's out of the hawaiian island chain sometime tomorrow mid- morning. but still, rainfall the issue with this one, not wind. when i come back, we'll talk about your forecast and see you after the break. that storm in hawaii has
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forced at least a dozen flighting to be canceled at bay area airports. they learned that the next flight out may not be until saturday. one woman told us the storm is forcing her to cancel a week long trip to see her best friend. >> i was pretty bummed. cried in the wash room for a bit, and cried on the phone when i was calling my mom. >> we found another passenger, working the phone until he finally found another flight to take him home to hawaii. in all, it has led to the cancelation of 17 flights. san francisco saw 10 flights canceled, oakland, 3, and san jose international had 4 flights canceled. in the case of flossie, her bark seems worse than her bite, but that wasn't the case in 1992, when hurricane aniki walloped the island of kuai. six deaths were blamed on that
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hurricane. it was the costliest hurricane to strike the state of hawaii, causing $1.8 billion in damage. the storm destroyed thousands of homes, mostly on the island of kuai. a former reporter for the contra costa times died over the weekend while vacationing in hawaii. he became separated from the group, his body was found in the water a short time later. the cause of death was unknown. he worked as an investigative and environmental reporter. last year, he became a spokesman for the state fish and wildlife department. a united airlines worker is under arrest, accused of stealing luggage from passengers delayed in the aftermath of the asiana plane crash. how a tip from a department store helped put police on his
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tail. >> reporter: investigators say the employee did not steal bags from asiana 214, but that he took advantage of the confusion that followed. >> the asiana crash was bad enough. >> reporter: two days after the crash -- >> it was a crime of opportunity. the opportunity was there. there were a lot of bags here. >> reporter: with flights diverted, luggage separated from its owners was stacked up at baggage claim. investigators say that's when 44-year-old sean crudup picked through them. >> supposed to be working at the airport, helping people. >> reporter: instead, he allegedly helped himself to four suitcases, wheeled out of the airport by two women. one, his girlfriend. no one the wiser until a victim with a missing bag got a call from her personal shopper at
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nordstrom. >> asking her how your vacation was? oh, buy the way, why did you return the clothing? your sister returned the clothing. she says i don't have a >> reporter: that's when surveillance video was pulled, and proved a match. investigators say it was thomas who returned $5,000 worth of clothing for cash. they were arrested, where else? at the airport. >> both he and she were flying out to hawaii, where we caught them both at the gate. >> reporter: a search of their home turned up the suitcases. investigators aren't sure if there's a history of theft, but any alleged inside job only makes passengers more uneasy. >> anybody can just pick up your bag and move around with it. there's no check system. >> reporter: and this case isn't over. detectives still want to find that second woman on the video,
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seen removing a bag. they also have clothing, jewelry, and electronics from the luggage that was recovered that still needs to be traced to its owners. reporting live at sfo, debra villalon. an investigation into allegations of misconduct by a top official at the san francisco public utilities commission is now over. while the head of the agency concedes that errors were made, the executive will keep her job. assistant general manager, juliette ellis was under investigation for her role in awarding a $200,000 no bid contract to an east bay non- profit that she chaired. internal findings confirm violations were made, but that ellis has accepted responsibility, and that there was no unethical intent. in a surprise move, the head of the roman catholic church spoke of a willingness
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to accept gay men in the priesthood. david stevenson has more on the pope's comments and what they mean for the church, and its congregation. >> a small crowd celebrated midday mass at st. mary's cathedral. their thoughts on pope francis, and comments signaling greater tolerance for homosexuality and gay priests in the catholic church. >> even though objectively, they are. it's not normal. >> the church has traditionally labeled homosexuality as a disorder. but while traveling, pope francis said this to a group of supporters. >> translator: if a person is gay, and accepts the lord, and has goodwill, who am i to judge them? >> it's a continuing breath of fresh air blowing through the church. >> i think it's a major thing. it's a major shift. it's the beginning of healing with the gay community and gay catholics. >> reporter: still he indicated
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homosexual acts remain a sin. >> that's fine. you've got celibate priests who are attracted to women, who are serving as well. i don't see why there would be a difference. >> reporter: st. mary's church comments -- a spokeswoman for san francisco's archbishop who has campaigned against same-sex marriage did not return our email about the comments. while the pope broke ground with his remarks on gays, he reiterated the long standing ban on women priests, saying that door remains clothed. >> it's their institution, it's pretty conservative, but that's kind of like a door half open. give them credit. let's just say, if instead of this, we now have this. >> pope francis says he would like to see women have more
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leadership roles in the church. critics have been pushing to relax its male only dogma. probably no more important event in a kid's life than being a part of a world series. it's pretty important to the city of livermore too. i'll tell you why. >> it has enormous implications for us. it's really quite tragic. >> only on 2, donations tossed right into the dumpster. how a small pest is costing goodwill an incredible amount of money. >> and more live pictures from
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young baseball players from around the world, are converging on the east bay for the inaugural little league intermediate world series. >> reporter: julie, these 12 and 13-year-old players couldn't be more excited about this weekend. neither could the people in livermore. we're talking about half a million dollars spent on hotel rooms alone. the city is hoping this will become a tradition. for memories to last a lifetime. tonight, you see an empty
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baseball field. tomorrow, they'll see a field of dreams. >> you're excited, ready? >> >> reporter: livermore is hosting ten teams from around the world. >> we need to have the east. >> reporter: they're here for the first ever little league interimmediate world series. >> their dream to be a pro one day. >> reporter: too old for little league, too young for the next level, but before leather ball hits wooden bats, the rubber meets the road. >> hello everybody. >> reporter: for a welcome parade through downtown livermore. >> i thought it was going to be a pretty big deal. but i didn't know there was going to be parades. >> reporter: it's a slice of americana that translates in any language. it's a first for livermore too. >> we're so excited!
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our guys are here, they represent north carolina! >> we have no intention of having this go anywhere else? >> out of the one, we get to host. >> reporter: pretty cool, indeed. just add water, and watch a dream grow. so the first pitch is at 9:00 a.m. that is the team from latin america, taking on puerto rico. at 6:00 tomorrow night, the local bows from pleasantton take on the team from michigan. ktvu, channel 2 news. voters in santa clara county are set to elect a new county supervisor in a special runoff election tomorrow. the race for the district two seat. both of whom are democrats. the winner will replace disgraced former supervisor, george sharakawa. he pled guilty to gambling away a lot of taxpayer money. election officials anticipate a low voter turn out tomorrow of
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about 20%. with one notable no, the senate overwhelmingly today voted to confirm james comby at the new director of the fbi. >> the nomination is confirmed. >> he is a former justice department official. republican senator rand paul of kentucky cast the one no vote. he's the first senator to vote against a nomination of an fbi director since 1972. paul opposed the nomination due to concerns about the fbi's use of drone surveillance over u.s. soil. more than 100 child prostitutes were rescued over the weekend in a sweeping child sex trafficking string in over 70 cities across the nation. agents rescued 12 children in the bay area and arrested more than 20 pimps. >> reporter: the fbi called it operation cross country. an effort to save children from
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child prostitution and arrest. >> we were able to rescue 12 juveniles and arrest 21 pimps. >> reporter: eight of the children were from the east bay. three from the north bay, and one from the south bay. >> if we can get one child off the street, that's a measure of success to me. >> reporter: rescuing exploited children is just the beginning. recovery is difficult, and complicated. >> a lot of minors, especially don't actually necessarily view themselves as victims, or view themselves as exploited. >> reporter: a youth case manager with the sage project, which provides services to victims of human trafficking. she says often, child victims will leave one unsafe environment, and end up in another. often, they're runaways from an abusive home. finding a stable home, is a challenge. >> a woman said i would rather be abused by somebody that i don't know, than by somebody that i know. >> reporter: in addition to the 21 pimps arrested, 65 adult prostitutes were arrested in the bay area along with 12 johns. in oakland, ken pritchett,
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ktvu, channel 2 news. apple is sending audit teams to china to investigate new claims of labor violations. a report listed 86 labor violations at three pegatron factories. they assemble mac computers and make parts for ipads. they range from long hours, low wages, and overtime without pay. apple issued a response today, saying it will do a full review, and take corrective action. the human rights report also confirmed that apple is working on a cheaper iphone. that pushed the stock up higher today. it closed at $447 per share. amazon is on a hiring spree, with many new positions. the online retailer is creating 500 new jobs, including new
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facilities in patterson, and tracy. hiring at those facilities is underway now online. amazon is also hiring an additional 2,000 people for positions at customer service centers. the dow dropped 36 points, but is up more than 600 for the month. nasdaq lost 14, but has gained more than 200 in july. analysts say investors are waiting for several key economic reports due out this week. signs are pointing to an initial public offering by twitter in the not too distant future. recently, executives of the san francisco based company have brushed off questions about an ipo. twitter is estimated to be valued at $10 billion. a cool one out there today. you noticed there was plenty of fog this morning. there's going to be plenty of fog tomorrow morning. we've got it across the bay.
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it's in hayward, it's in fremont. lots of fog when you wake up tomorrow morning, like today. slow burnoff again tomorrow. we're going to see temperatures again, momently in the 70s, there will be some low 80s out there, but mostly in the 70s around the bay. right now, it's cool, in fairfield. 59, breezy up in the delta. so these cool, moist winds being pushed onshore. look at that fog foot print. that was aggressive, all the way into the sacramento valley. the heat is nowhere to be found. tomorrow is the day, a lot like today. things are changing around though, when i come back at 10:45, we're going to talk about when this pattern changes, when the fire danger will increase, and obviously, when our temperatures will warm up. we'll be back here in just a few minutes. an arrest in two cases of vandalism at washington, d.c. landmarks. police the san francisco giants are honored at a special white house ceremony. what president obama noted in
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at least two goodwill distribution centers in the bay area are throwing out dump officers, full of clothes, and books and other items, after finding an infestation of bedbugs. >> reporter: goodwill's san francisco chapter is in bad straits these days. workers are wearing protective clothing, and goodwill is tossing away at least 15 dumpsters full of donated clothes, appliances, books, you name it. and the shelves are buried on mission street in san francisco. hundreds of thousands of merchandise now landfill. >> i think it's really tragic for our organization. >> reporter: the reason? goodwill says it found what
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appear to be bedbugs like these last week, as workers were processing donated items. an employee first spotted the bugs in this warehouse on friday. but what the employee doesn't know is if the bugs have spread to this part of the warehouse. if so, all of this will have to be thrown out. sales of donated items at stores. now goodwill has little stock left. >> we help local people in need find jobs, and learn how to work again. >> reporter: shoppers at this goodwill store on mission street say they're not surprised there was a problem. >> bugs and parasites are all over the place. you don't have to go to goodwill to get them. >> reporter: goodwill says it will strengthen its procedures for processing donations. in burlingame, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. it was an email from a viewer that prompted us to
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start asking questions at goodwill. if you have an idea for a special story or report, we would like to hear from you. email us at in favor of same sex marijuana -- marriage to the supreme court. harris argues that the san diego clerk used the wrong venue, when he went to the state's high court to confess a federal ruling. that clerk has until august 9 to respond. now to the nation's capital, where a woman has been arrested involving three cases of vandalism involving green paint. a statue at the smithsonian was also defaced, and last week, someone tossed green paint on the lincoln memorial. there are reports that the woman may be homeless. police say there was also a language barrier and they haven't yet been able to question her. the san francisco giants
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visited the white house today, and were honored for their 2012 world series championship. the president noted the sweep over the tigers came only after they came within one game of elimination in the first two rounds. >> it's no wonder your fans still refer to giants baseball as torture. >> noted that the giants were the first time to release a video in support of lgbt youth. later the gifts the giants gave to the president. in news of the world, the human toll from the crash. and at 10:45, the birth being called a miracle. the challenges no other baby has overcome, and what lies ahead. >> will the american soldier who released a trove of classified documents spend the rest of his life in prison? we'll find out tomorrow. a verdict in the bradley manning case is expected to be
11:29 pm
announced. >> new information from central florida
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an update on tonight's breaking news involven explosions at a plant in florida. a second set of blasts began when tractor trailers loaded with palettes began exploding. ten people are still missing at this hour. two dozen people were working the night shift when the explosions started. people within a mile of the plant are being evacuated, and flames could be seen from five
11:32 pm
miles away. bradley manning, the american soldier accused of the biggest leak of classified information in american history will learn his fate tomorrow. the american judge is expected to announce a verdict in the 2010 case. heather holmes is live now in san francisco, where a post verdict rally is planned. >> reporter: no matter the verdict, manning supporters say they'll be here at powle and market, they called manning a hero, but the government calls him a traitor, and says he should spend the rest of his life behind bars. his guilt or innocence will be decided. the military judge will bring the court-martial trial to an end. >> we're hopeful. >> reporter: bay area supporters of manning do not believe the former intelligence officer should be convicted of
11:33 pm
aiding the enemy for releasing documents to wikileaks. >> we belief he's being overprosecuted. including an aiding the enemy charge that could send him to prison for life. we believe it's outrageous, that a whistle-blower who gave information to the media for the public good could be facing that. >> reporter: he also stands facing espionage charges and computer theft. his defense attorney insisted during the trial that manning had no evil intent. when asked about the case at a san francisco fundraiser in 2011, president obama said manning broke the law. >> i have abide by [ inaudible ] i'm not authorized to release it, i'm breaking the law. we are a nation of laws. he broke the law.
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>> reporter: and frank and julie, we will find out tomorrow if the military judge agrees. she's been deliberating since friday after closing arguments ended. she's expected to announce the verdict at 11 tomorrow morning, our time. reporting live in san francisco, heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. the contra costa county sheriff's homicide unit is investigating the death of a man killed by a blow to the head. the victim was a transient identified as william seeward. deputies say was semi conscious and unresponsive, and died later at the medical center. the people of maxwell park went to a community meeting this evening, to ask police and city leaders about the shooting death of judy salman. the 66-year-old dog walker was shot while driving her car last
11:35 pm
wednesday. some residents are now thinking about hiring private security. >> to try to make themselves safer. i just apologize that they feel the need to. >> police tell ktvu they have received some promising leads to the killing from the community, but they won't reveal what they are. the police also say they are not yet close to making an arrest. new information tonight on the death of an inmate held in isolation at corkran state prison. an autopsy was conducted today on billy michael fell, and preliminary ruled his death a suicide. prison officials say fell took part in a hunger strike. currently, 561 inmates in 9 prisons are on a hunger strike, protesting the use of prolonged solitaire confinement. asking for bob fillner to
11:36 pm
resign. preparing to enter rehab for treatment of sexual misconduct, but some of his alleged victims have said his apologies, and a stint in rehab aren't enough. and dianne feinstein agrees. >> i don't think that somebody who is lacking a moral compass really sets a role model, or really will provide the kind of leadership that san diegoens want. >> there is talk in san diego of a possible recall election to try to oust mayor fillner. the latest sexting scandal appears to have taken a toll on anthony weiner. 53% of new yorkers say he should drop out of the race. when questioned by reporters, weiner insisted voters are interested in the issues, not his personal life. in news of the world
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tonight, in switzerland two trains collided head on. 79 people died last wednesday in spain. in iraq, at least 18 bombs bombs exploded. the iraqi government blamed al- qaeda militants for the attacks. since april, bombings have left more than 3,000 people dead as sectarian divisions have intensified. in france, the jewelry heist at a gem show in cannes was far more valuable than once thought. they say one masked gunman got past the locked door to a showroom and held up three security guards and three other
11:38 pm
people. then he ran off, and disappeared in a crowd. after 62 years that they are bringing my uncle home. >> in two minutes, a family reunion decades in the making. the story of a soldier missing in action, finally identified, and now coming home. >> and at 10:45, chief meteorologist, bill martin will be back with his complete bay area forecast. the warm up he's tracking, and when it will get here. >> and cancer. at ikea, we don't just design furniture.
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we design good mornings. little experiments. big ideas. brighter ways. and better tomorrows you can take home today.
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imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone. a panel of experts says the
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definition for the word cancer needs to be changed. advising pointing to two cell abnormalities, one found in the prostate, the other in the breast that are currently called cancerous. doctors say while these abnormalities could lead to cancer, they do not cause harm as they are now. if they are changed, patients would be less fearful. the group was led by dr. laura esserman. as ktvu's robert honda reports, delivery of the remains tomorrow will give them a chance to put the war hero and their grief to rest. >> this was taken after he came back from world war ii. >> reporter: the family of
11:42 pm
joseph steinbrook finally get to plan his funeral. remembered first as a beloved family member. >> i absolutely adored him, and i've always remembered him very fondly, in my heart. >> reporter: he was a prisoner of war, and classified as missing in action for over 50 years. the u.s. has been retrieving remains from camps, but family members didn't hold out much hope. they were told steinberg had been identified. >> i'm so grateful and so overwhelmed by the fact that after 62 years, that they are bringing my uncle home. >> reporter: steinberg's nephew, a career marine, traveled from north carolina -- >> to welcome back a soldier. he is my uncle, but that's how i recognize it. him coming back after 62 years, and i want to be there to
11:43 pm
welcome him back. >> reporter: he about be buried with full honors at golden gate national cemetery next to his brothers. >> he's coming home, where he belongs. >> reporter: steinberg will be brought back here to san jose airport early tomorrow morning, and then be reunited with the family at the service on thursday. in san jose, robert honda, ktvu, channel 2 news. pretty cool out there today after the break i'm going to come back and show you the numbers that we achieved, and how much warmer it's going to get as the week goes on. >> the bay area hosting a baby girl born with no kidneys. what's behind her incredible recovery, and why her look at 'em.
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more than 100 people gathered in front of this historic building to protest the closure of the bay area post office. they say they plan to stay there until they are forced to leave. protesters say the 99-year-old building is a public treasure. the little girl that once survived a diagnosis that was considered fatal. why doctors are so amazed by this baby's progress. >> reporter: this photo with her parents shows just how tiny abigail rose butler really is. born premature with a lot of heart, and no kidneys. doctors say little an email is already making history. >> her case is one of a kind. >> reporter: doctors diagnosed her with a condition called potter syndrome, where the kidneys didn't develop.
11:47 pm
they say no baby has survived long after birth. >> they typically don't have enough long development to survive on their own. >> reporter: jamie herrera, butler, a pro-life congresswoman from washington state, wrote the options we were offered were termination, or expectant management. that is waiting for her to die. instead we decided to pray for a miracle. even though similar attempts failed in so many cases before hers, abigail survived. she was rushed to stanford, 16 hours after she was born in portland, oregon. >> that raises the question, what's unique in this case? is there something unique about abigail that has allowed her lungs to develop, despite the absence of kidneys. >> reporter: doctors say baby abigail still has a long way to go. she'll continue to receive dialysis here until she's big enough to go home.
11:48 pm
she'll then wait for a kidney transplant. children's hospital at sanford, eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. wild fires in oregon are making the skies so smoky, there's a health alert in the bay area. the coast and the central bay have the highest pollution levels. , you can see it in hazy skies. they say the smoke moved down the coast and then was blown into the bay. the air is also expected to remain hazy tomorrow. two of those wildfires burning in oregon, called the douglas complex fires are just 2% contained tonight. lightning touched off several smaller fires. they've burned 21,000 acres, and more than 100 homes have been evacuated. hundreds more are on evacuation alert. very noticeable this morning, as the fog was
11:49 pm
clearing in the contra costa county area. you see that red in the atmosphere, that was the smoke creating the colors. antioch, 84 degrees. that's nothing for this time of year. 71 in santa rosa. that's pretty cool. temperatures tomorrow, a little warmer inland, about the same everywhere else. fog is making its way inland. we've got a situation where the marine layer is very deep. it's over 2,000 feet deep. what's happened is, as you know, the coast is 1,000 feet. the marine layer is 2,000 feet. an there's nothing to stop that extra 1,000 feet. we also have the opportunity for a little drizzle. marine layer is stretched out. that's where it stays the next couple of days. it's going to be a little warmer as we go through each day. the basic idea stays. it's going to be cool and
11:50 pm
moist. fire danger takes a little break. we end up with temperatures in the mid-80s, and some mid, upper 70s, then around the bay in the 60s. the bay area microclimates, temperatures in the 80s, in the berkely area, mid-60s. should be 90s in the low 80s. that's how it goes tomorrow. temperatures come up a little bit. brentwood, up at 86 degrees. the inland areas pretty warm. vacaville, 86. the rest of us are going to be dosed with this moist cool air. danville tomorrow, just 80 degrees. a little bit of wind out there tonight is helping clear things out. there will still be smoke in the inland bay valleys. 83 in gilroy tomorrow. a lot like today, slightly warmer. wednesday a lot like today, slightly warmer again. you'll see it in the five-day
11:51 pm
forecast. good or better air pattern. there's your five-day forecast. the weekend pops into view. the temperatures sort to ratchet their way up. by friday, we'll see low 90s in there. saturday and sunday, temperatures will get up there in the 90s. a nice looking bay area forecast. just kind of unusually cool right now. we'll get back to more typical weather as we get towards thursday and friday. >> i sure noticed that haze today. >> a lot of people didment a -- did. the san francisco earthquakes will have to wait a little longer before playing soccer in the stadium. excavation issues are causing a major delay. crews say the $60 million stadium won't be ready now until the 2nd half of the 2014 season. the earthquakes will play their first eight home games at buck shaw stadium at santa clara university. mark is here now to tell us about the a's, and they won big
11:52 pm
today. >> just keep on rolling. the a's, have that look. that look like they might make a mockery of the al west, especially if yoenis cespedes comes on strong like he did tonight. so-calling it past third. he will wind up with three bases. two runs will score. by the time the bottom of the 1st is over, the a's come out of it against toronto. a 4-0 lead. 5th inning. now 5-1. two delivered by josh red i think. extra bases into left center field. he's another guy. he comes on strong. look out. 7-1, the rout is on. 8-4 a's. the a's have been waiting to for this. cespedes hasn't homered since june 21, if you don't count the home run derby. he was due.
11:53 pm
a.j. griffin the win. a's up 6 in the al west. the giants get to escape reality for you're on timeout leo! ♪ ♪ some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
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well, it's one of those things, basking in the glow of the world series triumph has kind of given way to
11:56 pm
embarrassment over the way the team has played the last few months. but the giants get to take a trip to the way back machine as they are honored, as is custom in the white house, in the year following. pomp, ceremony, and kind words from the president. >> i've got a world series ball and bat. you should know that i can't read any of their signatures. but it's greatly appreciated. thank you so much. there was another meet and greet, for bay area coaching. san jose state's ron garringer and another newcomer, the spartans coach there. the defending pac-12 champs. stanford, already sold out for the coming season. >> people are going to come just to come. >> you have to give them something to see, something exciting. that's been something we can establish, an exciting style of
11:57 pm
play. a team that has a chance to be successful year in and year out. >> one of the hottest coaches in the nation in college football. probably will be in the nfl one of these days. but we've got every reason to believe it's going to be a great football season here in the bay area. lots to look forward to, and it's just about upon us. that's the sporting life for this monday night, however. >> hard to believe, it's starting already. >> and it could be great for san jose state. they ended last season ranked. a lot of optimism in bear territory. >> david shaw, he's been here all of two or three years. >> look how well he's done there. great fun to watch. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. >> the ktvumorning team will be following that fire at a
11:58 pm
florida gas plant. we're also here for you on, twitter, and your
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> today on "tmz" -- >> this is bad. tara reid can't even get attacked by a shark well. she's been 86'd from sharknado. >> they blew up all of the west coast sharknados. now there's bog to be a new group on the east coast. >> sharknados in new york are way better then the sharknados -- [laughter] >> "tmz" has video from july. handcuffed in the car and his nose starts to itch. and you see him and he's like twitching so he doesn't know what to do.


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