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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  July 30, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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five days and counting. b.a.r.t. and union strikes a deal. >> this is real movement offering a fair deal. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. >> talks are set to resume at 9:00 tomorrow morning and the big three issues are still on
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the table. wages, pensions and health care premiums. we have team coverage, ktvu's amber lee has been talking with commuters demanding a voice. we begin with more finger pointing from both sides in this labor dispute. healther -- heather holmes is live with the very latest. >> reporter: we saw how far away both sides are. b.a.r.t. says it is offering 2% a year for employees. the union though says it won't take less than 4.5%. as you can see here that is a really big gap. and caught right here in the middle in this war over wages are writer who say they're not sure this gap could be filled in time.
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-- are riders who say they're not sure this gap could be filled in time. >> we are here to bargain a contract not give you erronious information. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. officials claim that since negotiations began it has gone from $100 million to $33 million in give back. >> doubling our salary proposal. slashing the medical proposal in half i would disagree that we're getting the work. this is fair movement offer ago fair deal. >> reporter: but the unions not only dispute the numbers but accuse b.a.r.t. of violating a gag order. still the talks continue giving some hope.
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but all of the rhetoric has riders feeling feeling the blues as they wait for both sides to reach a deal. >> t not good for anybody at the end of the day. i think they need to get together and someone needs to concede. we need to get to work, the trains need to run and we need to make money. >> reporter: they negotiated today for eight hours. they will return at 9:00 in the morning, and everyone hoping for more progress if any progress. now to ktvu's amber lee, she's live at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station with the story of one commuter who's trying to stop a second strike from happening. amber. >> reporter: frank the el cebrante man tells me he uses b.a.r.t. every day to get to his work in san francisco. he is asking other passengers to join his fight to keep
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b.a.r.t. trains rolling. >> reporter: this is what tonight's commute looked like at the embarcadero station. passengers weary from a long day's work. they picked up their pace as they approached the gate. anxious to get home. but with an added worry, a possible second b.a.r.t. strike. >> we've been anying and planning and stressing about what are we going to do. >> reporter: 35-year-old chris copland works as a physical therapist in the financial district. he's also a new father of a by by girl. >> -- of a baby girl. >> what are we going to do about transportation. >> reporter: it cost him an extra $200 more a week to drive into work. an addition 2-1/2 hours of sitting in traffic. his wife diana also counts on b.a.r.t. to get to work. >> the thought of another b.a.r.t.
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strike, it makes me so anxious. it was a horrible experience. >> reporter: they're fed up. they're asking governor brown to alert the media. >> reporter: the labor dispute is also weighing on other passengers. >> working from home for like a week on end it's not as productive i don't think as if i was in the office. >> but yet that's the plan. >> yes, it is the plan. >> if i were to do my work this way i would be fired. if i just let things go on and on and on while nothing goes on while makes others suffer. >> reporter: they say if enough passengers contact the governor maybe a strike can be avoided. live in oakland, amber lee, ktvu news. more details now, b.a.r.t. says it is proposing a 2% salary increase each of the
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next four years. the union is asking for 4-1/2% each of the next two years. b.a.r.t. wants employees to contribute 5% of their pay in pensions. the union is proposing a 3% pension contribution over two years. sunday's deadline nears follows online and on twitter to learn if the strike is on or off. the california public utility commission is proposing new rules for those on demand rides sharing services are gaining popularity. first a cpuc finds that companies such as lift, side car and uber are subject to its jurisdiction. under the proposal drivers would have to undergo criminal background checks and there would be zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol. the earliest estate puc could consider the proposal is in
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september. in san francisco, taxi drivers let their horns do the talking this afternoon as they staged a noisy protest outside of city hall. the drivers say ride share services amount to bandit cabs and are stealing their business. >> they don't do this in new york, chicago, any other city. and it makes me angry and as long as i've got a big mouth i'm going to shoot it off. >> reporter: the san francisco cab drivers association says the cpuc's proposal is a step in the right direction. but does not go far enough. they say ride share drivers should abide by the same rules as cab drivers including a cap on driving hours. they are no longer allowed to blend side by side with another plane. the pilots of u.s. flights can
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do that. since the asiana flight last month there's been new attention to the number of foreign airlines aborting their landings. tonight the fbi and other agencies want to know who cut the support wires and toppled a 200 tall wire high atop the country. jana katsuyama made her way up a remote trail to take a look at the damage and what it took to cause it. >> reporter: investigators say the 200-foot tower toppled over monday around 12:30 in the morning setting off alarm sensor. from news chopper 2 we show the damage. park police tell me the public can't drive to the top the only way is to go past this gate and walk. the mile long trail usually desolate was busy today with emergency vehicles and repair
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crews. >> this is a satellite dish i believe that was on the tower. >> reporter: large pieces of equipment were flung hundreds of pete down the hill. at the top we had a clear view of the fence area where authorities say someone entered and cut wires supporting the tower. >> are there people that come here overnight? is it park service? >> no, the area closes overnight. >> reporter: serves 41 fire, police and other government agencies. but officials say other towers are able to pick up the emergency calls so there was no impact on public safety or service. the tower is born by american tower in boston and it could take months to rebuild the tower. police estimate damage at at least $1 million and say whoever did this could face felony charges. in san ramon, jana katsuyama, ktvu news.
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we have new details tonight about the bay area arrest in a nationwide prostitution and child trafficking sting we told you about last night. one of the suspects johnson was arranged today on charges of pimping and pandering. he was arrested in hayward and is set to enter a plea tomorrow. johnson is one of 21 bay area suspects taken into custody during operation cross country. the other bay area arrests include seven people in san mateo county, five in contra costa, five in alameda, four in sonoma and one in santa clara county. the fbi said 12 bay area juveniles were also rescued from child prostitution during this operation. a san francisco sheriff's deputy charged with robbing a bank last year is now facing gun theft charges. this is today's booking photo of phil tong. he surrendered on a charge of felony gun theft.
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a customer claimed he paid tong for a gun but never received it. tong allegedly sold the gun to another person but did not repay the first customer. new at 10:00, an update on a special election run off to fill a seat on the santa clara board of supervisors with more than 60% of the votes counted. cindy chavez leads with 56% of the vote. teresa alvarado daughter of former board member alvarado has 56% support. pg & e says it's crews capped a gas leak in mountain view just about an hour ago that has prompted evacuations.
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the leak was on charleston road and independence avenue. it was discovered just before 5:00 this evening. seven business are still without service including taco bell and k fc. crews are set to return tomorrow morning to resume service. now to oakland where recycling workers held a rally outside of city hall. the workers for waste management say they endure hazardous conditions for low pay and they want that to change. they say waste management makes hundreds of millions of the dollars every year. >> we're just asking that they give us safe conditions and that they be able to compensate us for our efforts that we put forth. we help make the profit, why not share it with us. >> reporter: workers say they get paid $12 an hour. their goal is to get paid $20 an hour by the end of year
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2016. waste management did not make a comment. the problem at a bay area university that has been scrambling. >> below average temperatures across the bay today. i'll pinpoint the conditions you'll wake up to in the morning.
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a meeting is under way to discuss a controversial
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surveillance program that funnels informs into one program. the council is set to vote on whether to expand this program city wide. christien kafton. >> reporter: the plan would be to wire surveillance cameras like that one up there into one big network. the aim is to give authorities better awareness of what's going on around the city but it's also raising some major privacy issues. everywhere you look around the port cameras keep a close eye on everybody coming and going. the domain awareness center has wired the video they receive to a central location for police to keep an eye on comings and goings. >> it really helps to know what's gone on out there. >> reporter: domingo says the program is important because of safety. >> i think it's important
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because this is about public safety. public safety for the community and public safety for our responders. >> reporter: mindy jones is among the dozens that came out to show her disapproval. >> i would not want someone to follow me, like the fbi to follow me. >> reporter: she says she's mindful of privacy concerns. >> i think we should all be concerned about our privacy we think it's an important issue as well. we're willing to work with privacy experts. >> reporter: a city council has not yet reached the domain awareness issue at this point. we're hearing that they may not be able to reach the issue until after midnight. we're live in oakland, credible evidence. >> reporter: the oakland city
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council is also looking at weather to ban protesters from bringing certain items such as sledge hammers and hammers to protests. this follows the protest over george zimmerman's acquittal. one person was hit in the face with a hammer. the banned items could include clubs, projectiles, hammers and wrenches. oakland police tell ktvu they hope to make an arrest in the murder of a little girl. some 200 members of her family and friends gathered to say goodbye to the little girl known adds lady bug. she was shot while at a friend's house for a sleep over. we asked the police captain in charge of the case about the investigation. >> that case is very promising, a new lead has come to our attention. >> reporter: alicia was one of four people hit by gunfire on
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july 17th when someone rang the doorbell then fired. the others survived. a former special educations teacher is in jail. witnesses say she beat, slapped and kicked the children. allen cowboy is under electric arrest until she can posta $200,000 bond. she is due back in court on august 12. a judge found private manning not guilty of aiding the enemy. the 25-year-old was convicted of 20 other charges though including espoinag which could send him to prison for life. manning admitted giving wikileaks hundreds of thousands of classified documents. but he says he didn't mean to
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harm the u.s. and there's been rallies that included an army vet that says he was part of the missions that bradley leaked. >> reporter: supporters of bradley manning shout. but many said this was not a celebrating. >> i'm not here celebrating, i'm here protesting and using my first amendment right while i still have it. >> some of the documents that he leaked were missions that my unit was on. that i was on. >> reporter: among those watching this demonstration, iraq war vet scott olsen who was injured by a police projectile. >> if i had seen the right documents i could very well be in his place. >> reporter: supporters of manning an openly gay soldier praised him as a whistle-blower
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not a traitor. >> the real question in this case, the child seem to hinge on what his intent was. the military judge will decide that he should have known this could harm the united states. she didn't convict him of the most serious charge aiding the enemy because it was not clear to her that he did have that intent. >> reporter: demonstrators here say they'll be closely watching the sentencing phase for bradley manning which beginning tomorrow. in san francisco, eric rasmussen. nasdaq was up 17. the fed is due to make a statement tomorrow. investors will be looking for any change to his bond buying stimulus program. news today that facebook has a new partnership with mobile has sent stocks soaring. facebook shares were up more than 6% closing at $37.63.
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the initial public offering price was $38 in may of last year. there is word tonight that facebook plans to sell tv style commercials to advertisers then display them to users. according to bloomberg financial news the spots could cost as much as 2-1/2 million dollars a day. another cool night today. around the bay if you get inland antioch got 87. it was warm in the inland bay valley. same story tomorrow. there's some heat and warmth around the inland bay valley. but around the proper you saw cooler temperatures. when you wake up tomorrow morning this is what the fog footprint looks like. maybe a little aggressive in the fairfield area. that's how your morning starts.
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it burns back in the afternoon. temperatures warm up a lot like they did today. pretty much what we saw today with upper and mid-80s. for the rest of us just 70s and low 80s. when we come back i will get specific with the daytime numbers. your tax dollars wasted. how thousands of dead people received millions of the dollars from the federal government. also at 10:30, the housing crisis that has left hundreds of students looking for a place to live right before
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how do you do a summer clearance the dodge way? first wait till summer. then get the cars ready. now add the dodge part. ♪ ♪ the dodge summer clearance event. right now get 0% financing for up to 72 months and no payments for 90 days on all dodge vehicles. oakland police are asking for the public's help to identify four women who may have information about an unsolved homicide. investigators released these
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photos today. they say 32-year-old darion stone of fremont took these pictures of four women the night he was shot to death in 2011. investigators say stone may have met the women at a downtown club before the group went to a halloween party. the army reservist and father of three was shot to death at that party in el paseo drive in east oakland. the women may have witnessed the shooting and know who is responsible. a man suspected of killing his wife and two young daughters in shasta county is now one of america's most wanted. 45-year-old shane miller has been added to the u.s. marshal service list of 15 most wanted fugitives. authorities have been searching for miller since his family was found shot to death in may at their home in shingletown. a $32,000 reward is being offered for information leading to his arrest. an elderly couple on the peninsula recently lost tens of
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thousands of dollars when they recently fell to a scam. >> reporter: look at these two men. a rare photo to see as con artists typically live in the shadows. >> they're very good images. they're not going to be too hard to spot if you see them on the street. >> reporter: these two suspects driving this while suburban targeted the two victims as they were driving out of the parking lot. >> the suspect intercepted the elderly couple saying they noticed the damage on the car and they would be able to help them to fix the problem for a good price. >> the husband didn't want to
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wait in the parking lot and invited the suspects to do the repair in their residential driveway. >> reporter: once at their home, the detectives says they called a third suspect and refused to take a check. >> the wife suggested why don't i just pay them cash. so the wife went to the bedroom and pulled out $2,200 in cash. >> reporter: while the two suspects distracted the couple, the third went to the bedroom and made off with $3,300 cash. a federal audit has helped millions of the dollars in farm subsidies have been paid out to farmers who have died. the audit discovered more than $30 million was sent to thousands of deceased farmers for conservation and crop insurance programs. the audit also found that the u.s. agriculture department doesn't have the proper controls in place to make sure the money it pays out actually goes to the right people.
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is it a joke or a big mistake in print? the real sign that look at 'em.
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a real housing crunch at san jose university has left hundreds of students in limbo. new at 10:00 tonight, cara liu is live if from campus where classes are expected to start in just weeks and students are still scrambling to find a place to live. >> reporter: demand is higher than supply at this time. at one point the waiting list was nearly 1,000 students. right now that number is hoovering at 400.
11:31 pm
anthony who and yozart are going through orientation. >> i'm excited, i'm going to have seven other roommates, it's all business students so we're going to help each other out. >> i want that dorming life experience that every freshman talks about. >> reporter: arthur rogers of palo alto who's also on the wait list worries he's miss out on an important rite of passage. >> i am really upset because my idea of a typical college education includes living on campus. getting away from your life where you live and just learning to live on your own a bit. >> reporter: arthur was actually accepted to other colleges in the state he chose san jose because he likes the engineering program there. if he knew that there wasn't going to be any housing, he would have accepted some where else. >> reporter: san jose state has about 3,700 available beds in
11:32 pm
the campus residence halls. university officials tell ktvu they've accommodated seven year students who live more than 30 miles away who applied by the may 3rd deadline as well as all others who lived in dorm rooms last year. the students include first year students and students who live in the 30-mile radius who are not required to live on campus. it was a poston our facebook page that tipped us to the housing crunch at san jose state. if you have an idea for a story or special report we would sure like to hear from you. just look for us on ktvu channel 2 on facebook. a new report that rents are rising across the bay area. a rise of 8% in a year.
11:33 pm
real fact says that oakland rents are up by 10.8%. the u.s. department of transportation slapped the dallas based airline for fair advertising violations. in news of the world tonight in spain, investigators say the train operator was on the phone with a colleague and looking at a document at the time of the fatal crash. 79 people died, many more were injured. the black box recorder showed the operator slammed the train well before it was shocked.
11:34 pm
no technical failures have been found. in brazil, a main broke sending a jet of water into the air. a 3-year-old girl drowned. officials say they don't know what caused the main to break but they will find new homes for those who loath lost them. in thailand, crude oil is arriving on shore. 13,000-gallons have spilled. tourists have checked out early from three resorts. thai officials worry that the oil will make it to the mainland. the tpp is the transpacific partnership involving 12 pacific rim countries. the rally was held at a chevron
11:35 pm
station because they say chevron is one of 400 corporations that will be affected by the trade agreement. protesters say tpp will be bad for jobs and the environment and will increase the controversial practice of fracking. oil prices fell to a two week low today on reports of u.s. jobs. >> benchmark oil for september delivery finished at $103 a barrel on the u.s. mercantile exchange. oil prices have gotten a boost from low interest rates which may start coming to an end later this year. this is day 23 of the california prison hunger strike. tonight strike supporters gathered in oakland to demand an end to prolonged solitary confinement. officials say 525 inmates remain on that hunger strike. health officials say four inmates have lost more than 15% of their body weight. 12 have lost more than 10%.
11:36 pm
others are feeling weakness, disorientation and dehydration. an inmate is suing the prison when he was abandoned in a cell for four days without food. chong was picked up during a drug raid and put in a cell. police told him they would let him out in a minute. when he was found he was suffering from dehydration and kidney failure. he says he realizes though it was an accident. oscar grant's father and the five men who were standing with the 22-year-old can go ahead with their civil suit against the b.a.r.t. police officers involved in that shooting. an appeals court rejected the officers claims they were shield by police immunity.
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look at this sign, please slow drively. it was privated postally, whatever the case, people have definite opinion. >> you need to go to preschool. >> i think that's kind of bad for the children. >> maybe they are preschoolers. >> others think it may simply be a joke but it does get your attention. and the latest numbers right after the break. >> also he is well known for his beard, now bryan wilson has a dodger deal. later in sports how he addresses his san francisco fans. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin tracking a gradual change in our weather.
11:38 pm
what to expect now right on through the weekend. >> drivers know double parking can cl
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it appears we have a winner tonight to fill george sharikowa's seat. with 100% of the precincts reporting cindy chavez the two term councilwoman and labor leader has 20% of the vote. teresa alvarado has 45% of the vote. both women are democrats. is one of the perennial complaints by drivers in san francisco having to dodge double parked cars and trucks.
11:41 pm
david stevenson tells us a key reason why double parking is so rampant in the city and also the new push to crack down. it's part of the price of living and driving in a busy city. >> it's a problem, the seats are narrow. >> reporter: now san francisco city leaders are double a double take on double -- a double take on double parking. >> i've never seen a ticket on double parking. >> reporter: weiner is calling on a new ordnance on the double parking law. in fiscal year 2011 to 2012 san francisco issued 1.5 million parking citations. 62,000 of them were for double parking. some drivers say it's a necessary evil. >> if we need to move we'll just move.
11:42 pm
>> reporter: movers we spoke with today said they passed the ticket to customers. it's led to frustration with businesses angled with other businesses delivery trucks. >> they don't even try to find a spot, there could be open spots and they don't park. they even went after the graves of infants. >> is nothing sacred anymore? >> the small items they stole from caused big heartbreak. one expert calls california the most flammable place on the look at 'em.
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living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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some families in santa cruz are heartbroken after thieves actually stole items from their
11:45 pm
loved ones grave sites. ktvu's rob roth records the robbers eventargetted the graves of infants. >> it's ashamed because it's so beautiful out here. >> reporter: people visiting loved ones at oakland memorial park cemetery are asking the same questions. >> is nothing sacred anymore? my dad died first -- >> reporter: kathy's parents are buried here. she says thieves stole items from grave sites from her dad and several other sites. thieves stole from the grave sites of at least four babies. teddy bears and small figurines are missing say the cemetery director. >> beyond belief to me that someone would do that. >> reporter: he says the thefts
11:46 pm
happened sometime between 7:00 friday night and 7:00 saturday morning. >> we had our crew walk the cemetery, walk the creeks near by where there tends to be some homeless camps and a flea market. >> reporter: stolen items have already been replaced. loved ones hoping that what they bring here will stay here but they know there are no guarantees. >> total frustration that somebody would really think that they had the right to come in and do this to people with babies that are here. i mean that's pretty bad. >> reporter: the cemetery is considering adding more lights to this area. and it hopes that whoever is responsible for these thefts will show some respect for the people buried here and their families. in santa cruz, rob roth, ktvu news. the city of richmond is considering an unprecedented plan to help families in danger
11:47 pm
of losing their homes to foreclosure. the city is asking to buy the homes back by 80% of the home's value. if the banks refuse the city says it will use its power of imminent domain to seize the property. >> this kind of solution is to let homes fall into foreclosure. and that costs them money. so if they work with us, they're saving money too. >> reporter: critics say the idea could make it harder for people in richmond to sell their homes down the road. a new program began today in san francisco aimed at helping first responders buy their first home. san francisco mayor ed lee has joined other city leaders to join the start of the homing program. the financially struggling
11:48 pm
ambulance company paid off its past due bills this week avoiding further fines. according to the san jose mercury news, rural metro owed about 2-1/2 million dollars to the emergency response system. the bills include franchise, communications and first responder fees as well as about half a million dollars in fines. those fines were levied because of late response time and vehicle failures. jobs are headed to alameda, target plans to hire 200 people to the work at its new location at the alameda landing shopping center in the city's west end. news chopper 2 flew over the site of the future retail store today. it is slated to open this october. the retailer is set to hold a job fair august 8 through the tenth. hours are 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the college of alameda. those interested can apply at the website or in person.
11:49 pm
20 students were chosen from san bruno and south san francisco to go on a shopping spree for school supplies. similar events to help other low income students throughout the bay area. it's been cool around here and it's going to stay that way. temperatures stay on the mild side. there's a lot of fog out there right now. there's high clouds as well. check out the fog, you can see it fall into the contours of the coast. there's the fog, you see the higher clouds drifting in overhead. a couple of layers then you get the smoke. you have a lot of smoke showing up in the central showers. you can see how far the fog has already pushed in. so by tomorrow morning, everybody is foggy. kind of like this morning, like the morning before that. highs are mostly in the 50s, low 50s. certainly fog, the marine layer has deepened out again. it's over 5,500 feet. that's where it's been the last few days. when you get the high, the
11:50 pm
coastals average 8,000 feet. when you get to the cost you have 1,000 feet it's filling into the delta. the fog there it is. that's tomorrow morning's fog forecast. there's a little bit of it. a little fractured, i think we will see a little bit south of san jose. i think here you have the temperatures in the inland bay valleys. they're in the 90s. that's that cool bite of moisture that's going to be there. a lot like today until you get east of livermore just north of santa rosa. this is the reason for the mild weather and the lack of fire danger. the lessened fire danger. because as it sits here today, tomorrow, the next day it keeps temperatures in the 80s where they would northerly -- normally be in the 90s. tomorrow 73 in novato, almost
11:51 pm
hot in clear lake, 89. you're up out of the fog. vacaville you're at 88. just go a few miles toward fairfield and you're 83, 84 degrees. antioch will go about 85 degrees. in the livermore valley you will see lots of 80s. look for smoke in some of these inland bay valleys like we've seen in the last few days. and you will notice it mostly in the morning and the evening. it kind of ties that smoke up and traps it in there. the atmosphere looks pretty thick. your five day forecast. what i mentioned before, you see how temperatures go down a little on thursday. friday they start to come up so it's a subtle change. it's not a heat wave or anything like that. it's just a warm up. so look for fog, , nice in the morning. >> that smoke and haze reminds me of los angeles. >> you notice it and you can
11:52 pm
smell it. mark is here now. on double bars night. a's and giants. >> not used to this from the oakland side of the thing. at oakland tonight mike gallego could have had a manicure and completed a cross word puzzle or two for all the action he got. maybe the highlight for the a's fans out there from the movie g.i. joe the character snake eye throwing the first pitch and doing it with class. dave slugger deep his 35th of the year. sloppy baseball too from oakland. rassmussen base hit left field. cespedes boots it. another grounder, rosales thinks he has a double play instead throws it away. scoring from first.
11:53 pm
jose reyes. texas victorious the a's lead cut to five games in the west. a minor trade by the a's today as they acquire alberto callasco in exchange for grant green. eventually a little obama care at the white house did the giants absolutely no good yesterday as their season has turned into a full blown tire fire. now having lost eight of the last nine. philly fans not thrilled with their team either. they came in having lost eight straight covering their faces. pablo two out single to right. a little flair. the rbi and it's a 2-2 game. barry zito cannot win on the road. he's 0-7 away from at that time lasted only 3-1/2. taken here by carlos ruiz, two run homer. barry not for long. take it away in the 6th inning. michael young the 2-run homer.
11:54 pm
7-3 your final. giants have lost eight out of you're on timeout leo! ♪ ♪ some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
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i guess if you think about it probably had to happen like this for bryan wilson. couldn't just wind up with any other team. no he'll continue his career eventually as a dodger. the boarded one, we should call him the blue bearded one now. eventually impressed dodger power the bee. as what he said to giant fans, just remember the good times. he tweets out today thank you fans in san francisco, i'm honored to pitch for you. for all those years. good luck for him down the road. sharks making sure one of their stars will not wander away next summer. joe pavelsky could have been a free agent. not now, the center really emerges as a key ingredient to this team. $30million, 29 years old, tied for third on the team on scoring. how do you like that blue beard, i guess, bryan wilson.
11:58 pm
>> still has that beard. >> let's hope he shaves the beard. all right, thanks mark. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. >> ktvu morning news begins at 4:30 a.m. they'll have all the overnight news develo
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12:00 am
>> today on "tmz" -- >> people are starting to feel sorry for anthony weiner, because this chick, she was kind of a heat seeking missile. >> we have video of her at vivid. tape.ght do a sex >> she might be a bad trip. >> anyone who goes directly to vivid on their first trip to l.a. thee got rick ross leaving london hotel. >> what's the man's name that


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