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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  August 13, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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this is the 10:00 news on tkvu channel 2 news. the new eastern span of the bay bridge has a new look. the lights are turned on tonight as the officials consider opening the span just three weeks from today. good evening. i'm julie hanner. the onagain off again opening of the new bay bridge is up in the air again with the bridge oversight committee set to reveal its decision at a public meeting on thursday. happening now, ktvu heather holmes live on the deck of the
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new bridge where the officials turned on all of lights tonight, heather? >> the bridge has a glow tonight thanks to this one of a kind lighting system. take a look. as far as you can see, soring steel poles with 48,000 led lights and on each one of those lights, it is a visor, similar to what is in your car so the light can be directed any way they want it. we will give you the first look at what it will be like to drive across the eastern span at night. this system was specifically designed for this bridge to paint it with light. >> reporter: we wanted to make sure we controlled the spill and glare for the cars going the opposite directions. >> on the same day they switched the switch on the lights on the bay bridge we learned officials will green light the span's much- anticipated opening at a meeting on thursday. >> the focus is getting the bridge open as soon as we can. >> that could be right after labor day weekend a few weeks away. the shifting time line comes after yesterday's news that the
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federal highway administration approved a temporary fix on those busted seismic safety bolts. >> we feel as though this is what is necessary to get the bridge open from an engineering safety point of view. >> approval of the fix installing a fix on the broken bolts to prevent movement in case of an earthquake means they can open to traffic before completing repairs. >> it will be earlier than december 10th. >> randy will the metro did not speculate on an opening date but labor day is fast approaching. >> if we did it by labor day that is short notice. can we get the right people on the job to get the work? how much and how many people's lives are we effecting? >> he said today that big multimillion opening day celebration that was originally scheduled. he said it would be scaled back a modest event. back out here live, no glitches tonight, the lights appear to
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be working just fine. reporting live tonight on the new eastern span of the eastern bridge, back to you. more details now. caltrans said it needs to close the bridge for 4 full days to complete construction work. the crews need to reconfigure transeugzs at the oakland transition -- transition at oakland. they are preparing for the closure during the labor day weekend by having more officers and security patrol. an investigation is underway at san jose city college tonight after a woman walking on a campus sidewalk was struck and killed by a front end loader. new details tonight from amber lee. she is live at the scene after speaking with the construction company's coo and others on campus, camber? >> reporter: we are right by the fine arts building. the accident happened beyond those barricades. tonight, catherine, a former student came by with a small bunch of flowers to pay her
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respects to the victim. >> i had to be here. i know the rest of the college joins me right now. a horrible, horrible feeling. >> shortly before noon, a construction worker struck and killed a woman walking by. he was part of a 6-person crew with preston company. >> he was taking a load of dirt to another part of the site. >> reporter: he has 35 years of experience and that as far as he knows a clean record. the victim was taken to valley medical center but died. they will not release her identity until family is notified. >> it was a tragic accident. and one that will we work closely with all investigating units to determine how it happened and how it might have been prevented. >> reporter: school is not in
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session. some students and campus employees and teachers are on camp us to prepare for the start of classes at the end of the month. >> it is shocking. i can not imagine. there has been a lot of construction going on in this area. >> reporter: catherine said she graduated earlier this year but can can not help wondering about the life lost here. >> the person had a potential future and i remember walking these grounds and everything they experienced what that person was experiencing but it stopped today. >> reporter: the pipeline's coo tells me they will regroup tomorrow to decide when to resume construction here. he wants to pay his respects to the family and offer them a viceit to the site before anything continues here. new video where investigators are working to find the cause of a fire that
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destroyed several units. firecrews say they aggressively attacked the blaze and doused the outside of the building and the brush surrounding it by water. four apartment units are uninhabitable. nobody was hurt. the 10-year-old anti antiyok boy killed sent us a picture of hunter. they plan to repair suffer head injuries tomorrow. hunter's mother says he was at a friend's house when one pit bull knocked him down the stairs and a second pit bull attacked him. that second pit bull is now in the custody of animal control. a former bay area high school teacher pled no contest for molesting a 14-year-old student. the 42-year-old taught math in livermore. sentenced to three years for
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credit for time served. they say she had a two year relationship with boys that involved text and playing words with friends. joseph naso is expected in court tomorrow. he is accused of killing four women in the 1970 and 1990s. he is expected to be on the stand on friday. it took just 2 tweets from billionaire investor ikin to send apple shares chiming by 5% today. he tweeted his firm has a quote large position in the tech company and he believes the stock is under valued. in addition he said that he met with apple's ceo, kirk, and urged him to implement a larger stock buy back. on wall street apple lifted the markets. the dow gained 31 buoyed in
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part by strong retail sale numbers. nas deck gained 14. there is word tonight that the -- nasdaq gained 14. there is word tonight that chronicle will have a free access. back in march they tarted charging a fee -- started charging a fee. now staffers are saying they will drop it after four months. it withheld some stories and put them on a prescription only site. the u.s. education department sent a warning letter to the commission for community and junior colleges. they found the commission violated four requirements. for example the commission allegedly did not have enough academic personnel on the team that evaluated city college. the officials gave the commission one year to correct the problems. librarians, 911 dispatchers and dogcatchers are among the hundreds of city workers staging a 3-day strike.
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the union members want a raise. but as ktvu reports the city of hayward wants concessions. >> reporter: all day union workers stood in the heat. [everyone talking at once] >> reporter: to put the heat on hayward city officials. >> i have an 80-year-old mother. i have a granddaughter. it is not just me that i am supporting. >> reporter: she is with the hayward water department and says she makes just above the average union worker salary of $55,000. >> i just want my little tphous hayward. i just want my little job and stop taking it away from me. that is all i ask. >> reporter: the local represents 350 city worker miss hayward's waste water, 911 operators. the city wants them to give up a scheduled 5% raise and increase worker payments to their pensions. >> from last year we took a 12%
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structural change. this this year they want another 5%. it is is just too much. >> this cost mean it to me $4a month which to a family of five it is a lot of money. >> reporter: hayward city officials say the economy is improving the city has a $2.6 million projected bundleet deficit for 2014. -- budget deficit for 2014. firefighters, management and department heads agreed to some form of the targeted reductions. >> what we asked is all groups forego raises for 5 years so the proposal from the city has concessions in it for two years of wage increases in the final 3. >> union workers in 911 dispatch center and the waste water treatment plant are still working during the strike. in hayward, back to you. more details now, there was a confrontation on the picket line today. a striking worker said he was hit by a white van at 9:00 a.m. union leaders said the driver
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of the van might be a replacement worker but the driver told ktvu he was trying to get a building permit. an ambulance took the union worker to the hospital and the police are investigating. fog cheering from the coast. i'm tracking how much the temperatures could climb where you live tomorrow. a woman who dedicated her life to helping others killed inside of her own home. my sister's experience as an example to touch other people's hearts. >> the surprising way the >> the surprising way the police discovered the crime [ male announcer ] what is performance? 0 to 60? or 60 to 0? [ tires screech ] how a car performs in a quarter-mile? [ engine revs ] or a quarter-century? is performance about the joy of driving? or the importance... of surviving. to us, performance is not about doing one thing well. it is about doing everything well. because in the end... everything matters. the best or nothing. that is what drives us.
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merger between american airlines say roadblock. we are live at sf o and tells us it would limit the competition and cause the prices to go up. >> the airlines issued this joint statement saying they plan to fight for the proposed merger giving consumers more choices and a better travel experience. others say it could make flying more expensive. >> bring the prices down t is good with me. >> reporter: this frequent flyer wants to see lower fares and lower fees. >> i paid $35 for my bag. $12 in beer, $10 in internet. >> reporter: the proposed
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airlines merger would create the world's largest airline. it is now challenged by the justice department. over concerns travelers would end up paying more. >> the big issue is going to be the lack of competition. you have two airlines that are combining now. they are going to eliminate routes. >> san francisco state professor of management says if it goes through, less competition would mean higher fares. >> what they are going to do, a smaller number of routes, a smaller number of planes and have fewer seats and charge higher prices. so, we saw this in the united continental merger. some air fairs out of sfo jumped up. >> reporter: the ceo of travel search start up says the merger has the bigger impact on the southeast and southwest. >> neither one of the airlines has a huge number of nights into san francisco. none of them have any roots to
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san francisco that are duplicates. the biggest one will be where the airlines control a lot of the market. >> reporter: the airlines do not combine we could see them start new routes to better compete with each other. for example adding nights to asia. right now american has some nights to that region and us airways has none. live at sfo, ktvu channel 2 news. stocks were off today afterwards of the government's actions, amr sank. airway stock was off 13% to 1636. foreclosure sales in the bay area rose in july following a drop in may and june. but, according to property radar foreclosure sales are still at levels lower than they were in january of 2007. that is during the housing crash. now, notices of default, the first step in the foreclosure process were down 60% from last
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july. more details now, properties taken back by lenders or sold to third parties were up 32% if in contra costa, alameda, and santa clara counties from june to july. well, here is something new. you can make a restaurant reservation using facebook. the social network is partnering with san francisco's open table. to make a reservation search for that restaurant's page on your smart phone's facebook ap about p. if the restaurant is part of open table you will be able to choose the time you want to eat and the size of your party. more than 20,000 restaurants across the country use open table. new information tonight on the deadly crash involving a party van in the only passenger in the vehicle when it ran off 280 and
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slammed into a tree. the driver, 43-year-old from daley city was arrested and charged. today, the family of a missing investigator, sandra coke, got the news they had feared. a body found last week was that of the oakland woman. as it is reported there are still so many unanswered questions in her disappearance and death. a federal investigator and a mother. the police confirm that sandra coke is no longer messing. >> god bless her family. >> reporter: coke's neighbors got the news this afternoon. search teams found who they were looking for when they discovered a woman's body near vacaville last week. >> the coroner's office identified the woman as sandra coke. >> reporter: opd spokesperson, watson, took no questions after that short announcement. her former boyfriend, still a person of interest, not a suspect. the police say he was seen with coke the night she disappeared. a convicted sex offender he was supposed to be wearing a
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monitor but he was arrested for violating parole two days after family members reported coke missing. the mess relied on information from alani's cell phone and not a gps signal when they decided to search for coke. family members say coke was trying to help alani get his life back together but the neighbors say they were concerned about him even before coke vanished. >> my brother he comes, i don't thank is good news. he looks like a bad guy, that is what my brother was saying. >> reporter: sandra coke's family made no mention of alana. they thanked those who searched for her and said the coke family is devastated by the loss of our beloved sandra. all of us will miss her beautiful giving spirit. i checked back with the coroner's office. a supervisor would not discus her cause of death saying it is all part of the ongoing investigation. in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now. coke's co-workers issued a
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statement saying they are heartbroken. it reads in part, sandra was a compassionate, intelligent thorough investigator. a devoted single mother and friend to her coworkers. she dedicated her life and her work to looking for the best in people. an invitation to the public tonight from the heartbroken family of a missing 21-month- old toddler. the family of daphne webb is manning a walk tomorrow to demonstrate their commitment to finding the girl. her father reported her missing on july 10th. now, he told the police that she was taken from a car outside of a super market at 78th and international boulevard. tomorrow's walk is scheduled to start tomorrow morning and end at oakland city hall. a state -- state officials are urging officials not to cancel the emergency alerts. when the statewide alert went out last week some people
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complained it was noisy and invasive. one state lawmaker wants to convene a hearing this fall to make sure the system is working properly and explore possible modifications that could address consumer complaints. it is warmer out there today. by a good 5-10 degrees in some places. livermore got to 97. that was the hot spot. cool spot, 62 in pacificca. the temperature is cooler coast side than inland. tomorrow's temperatures, a lot like todays. no big changes, inland temperatures tomorrow will be back in the middle 90s, hot inland, cool along the coast. you knew that. forecast highs for the microclimate, middle 70s, over the hill, in the middle 80s rapidly and low minds in walnut creek. concord middle 90s and warm spots of the bay area. livermore valley. southern santa clara valley. you are in the middle 90s. another hot day inland, cool along the coast. no fog right now along the coast. it should come back tonight. when i come back we will talk
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about the fog. how far inland it will go tonight and look at the forecast back here at 10:45. a young boy and his father shot and killed while they were sleeping. the new reward for information in this case. and, tonight at 10:30, an implosion on a college campus. the preparations now underway as explosives are put
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two men are behind bars tonight after one of the biggest drug busts. what led the police to a massive statue of an illegal party drug. >> reporter: 30,000 pills and powder. sanfrancisco police showed off what they say may be a record drug bust for their department. it it is known as ecstasy or
11:24 pm
molly. the estimated street valley, $1.5 million. -- value $1.5 million. >> sometimes you get lucky. we were lucky. >> reporter: the bust came after witnesses say they saw a man drive,the glass window. >> i saw a gentleman hanging from the fire escape. when i got closer he dropped from the fire escape and fell into the grass. >> responding police tracked the blood to an apartment. that is where they discovered the drugs and $30,000 in cash and arrested 36-year-old hagerl and other man both from san fran. [music] >> reporter: in february, ktvu investigated how molly is tied to the music scene. sanfrancisco police are looking into if the drugs may have been missed for the lands festival. >> we are happy if it is just a coincidence. if it is not we are happy none of it made its way out to the
11:25 pm
fields. >> reporter: they are looking for more suspects and what the administration and the department of justice to review the case for possible federal charges as well. in san francisco, stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. with no suspects and few leads the police are hoping a $30,000 reward will bring the tip investigators need to find the gunman who killed a 1-year- old baby and his 20-year-old father. today, the victim's family members said it is time for peace. >> nobody is going to feel what i feel until they go,it. that is my son and grandson. stop the violence. put the guns down. >> melvin jackson lost his son andrew thomas and his grandson, drew jackson. they were shot as they slept in a relative's home six days ago. a police officer says the no snitch code on the streets brings about violence and urges
11:26 pm
people to come forward. $10,000 donation increased the reward. baby drew's funeral is set for friday. consumer protection in the law is now being delayed until 2015. the president's plan limits out- of-pocket costs such as copays and deductibles. because of the loophole insurers have a 1-year grace period allowing them to set higher limits or no limits at all in 2014. critics say it is another reason the president's health care law will not work. the white house disagrees saying consumer protections have never been stronger. calling themselves u.s. citizens after taking part in a ceremony. represents 96 nations. among the crowd, three bay area 5th graders who are winners of the creative writing contest. >> i am glad i live in america.
11:27 pm
my mom was born in vietnam but she had to escape her country because of the communist government. >> one nation, under god ... she was found swimming in the bay. tonight, 10:45. the remarkable rescue of a young pup. an icon on a bay area college camp susis set to be demolished. we will tell you -- campus is set to be demolished. we will tell you why it is going out with a big bang. the crews turned on the lights tonight in the test of the new energy efficient
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new at 10:00. it stood for decades on a camp us in the east bay. these buildings will come down. the clock is ticking for the icon of a eastbound skyline. warren hall is scheduled for demolition. we go to hayward tonight where the building will come down with a bang. >> reporter: that is right. come saturday morning demolition experts say tell take 12 seconds -- say it will take 12 seconds to bring it down. >> the hall is a skeleton but the former administration building is a landmark of the east bay skyline. some alum came by for a final visit. >> i graduated from the nurses school here in 2010. we had classes there. >> reporter: cal state east
11:31 pm
bay associate vice president of facilities says the building was deemed seismically unstable. >> the building could fail. not to the degree that it would collapse but the degree that it would sustain enough damage it would not be cost-effective to repair it. >> reporter: the building is is to tall to take down with a crane so they will use explosives. >> we are not blowing the building up. we are imploding it. >> reporter: similar to the navy medical center. they used explosives to collapse the building on to itself. crews spent the day hanging heavy fabric to shield nearby buildings and security is stepped up as the explosives arrived on the scene. >> from a perspective standpoint you are talking about explosives you want to be sensitive and heightened security on it. >> occasional cal state lecturer, woods, says she stopped by to snap a picture of warren hall before it is history. >> it is a landmark. you pass by it on the freeway.
11:32 pm
you catch it in the corner of your eye and i walked by it so many times. i wanted to take photographs before it is gone. >> reporter: you can see workers posted notices that parking lot in the area will close friday. the entire cal state campus will be closed off saturday morning for the scheduled 9:00 a.m. demolition. one more note, the survey will be on the scene placing sensors to learn more about the area and the fault. and more details now, warren hall will be replaced by a five story administration building. this is an artist rendering of what it will look like. the $50 million project is expected to be completed by may 2015. booker won his party's nomination for senatorial can date in new jersey side. booker is mayor of newark. he is a stanford graduate, scholar and earned a law degree from yale. he started the race as the
11:33 pm
front-runner and ended up 75% of the vote in a race of four. booker is close to many entrepreneur to helped him have a campaign war chest that was greater than his rival. two college friends of the surviving boston marathon bomber. these are sketches of them in federal court. they are accused of taking a laptop and a backpack full of fireworks from the dorm room and throwing the backpack away after he went on the run following the bombings. the defense lawyers say the men turned over the computer and told the fbi where they can find the backpack. the men face up to 20 years in prison if convicted. in news of the world in yemen. the killings came as the terrorist threat in yemen is
11:34 pm
limited. they consider it to be the world's most active. there have been 9 drone strikes in yemen over the last three weeks. a south african judge granted bail to 9 police officers. they are accused of dragging a cab driver who they allegedly tied to the back of their van. the february incident was caught on tape. the taxi driver was found dead in his cell several hours later. the officers who hid their faces in court are facing murder charges. and, in brazil young detainees are caught on camera escaping from a juvenile facility. in all 54 juveniles escaped from the facility following a riot. dozens of staff members were taken hostage and the facilities director suffered cuts to the head. human right advocates say the facilities are overcrowded and violent. there are now more than 11,000 people suing chevron in connection with last august's richmond refinery fire. the latest suit was filed
11:35 pm
yesterday and makes 5,000 manufactures. reckless conduct led to the fire. chevrolet ron says they paid claims and -- chevron says they paid claims already. san francisco public utilities voted against setting rates. supporters gathered outside of city hall to move the program forward. the board of supervisors that approved the program that would charge pg&e customers extra for greener energy. today the commissioner said they were not prepared to determine how much it should cost residents. many bay area students are said to head back to school next week. this year not all of the learning will take place in a traditional class room. 4th and 5th grade students in jefferson elementary will take science lessons outside in the school garden. this are 22 campus gardens district wide, up from 10 last
11:36 pm
year. a voter approved pop prop proposition paid for it. >> i am getting a better sense of how students learn from around them and foster it through science education. has a back to school session to help you get ready for the school year. look for the tab and you will find school start dates, saving on back to school shopping and many more resources. celebrities at the capitol. in four minutes the legislate that halle berry put her star behind today. back with your bay area forecast and what to expect all of the way through the weekend
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the government is making good to clear two protest camps in cairo. these are images from there. there are reports one person has died. the military-backed government has tried to clear out these camps twice before. those efforts ended in some 250 people killed. an east palo alto neighborhood is droving tonight after a well loved member of the community was found dead. the unusual circumstances that led the police to her.
11:40 pm
>> the crime scene is in a quiet apartment complex here highway 101. >> all i know is what i seen today when my sister came out of her own apartment. deceased like that. >> reporter: the homicide victim was 47-year-old anderson. >> she was a very nice person. very nice. >> ander son's sister is taking the news the hardest. >> i wish god took me. she was the baby of the family and always happy. >> reporter: the police say they learned of the killing in an unusual way. they came after a drunk driving arrest of a 48-year-old man in redwood city. >> a short time after that he revealed that he killed an individual and officers responded to this location. >> reporter: they say little else about the suspect other than he is now facing a murder charge.
11:41 pm
>> i met him before. he was apall right person but i -- an all right person but i don't understand. >> anderson worked as a counselor at a rehab facility. she was just real, real giving. >> using my sister's experience as an example to touch people's heart. >> reporter: late today they identified the suspect as richard slaughter. they say he happened during a domestic dispute. east palo alto, back to you. some famous faces visited sacramento today to testify. they voiced their support for proposed legislation preventing paparatzi. >> i am here as a mother who loves her daughter with a baby on the way. i am here to support the bill to protect my children and protect their rights. >> actress berry and garner
11:42 pm
wants lawmakers to pass senate bills 606. changing the legal definition of harassment if in california to include photographing or recording a child without the permission of a legal guardian. newspaper publishers are opposing the bill. the bill to revoke the boy scout tax is moving forward. tax exceptions from any youth group that is against gender. >> we are encouraged by their direction, but unfortunate low equality does not have an expiration date. what are we telling our youth, when you turn 18 you are no longer welcome. >> the measure has already passed the state senate and today it was approved by a committee. next, from disaster victims to powerball winners. the amazing turn of fortunes for the newly minted millionaires. finally feels like august. how long the temperatures in
11:43 pm
the 90s could stick around in your complete bay area forecast. but first, this dog was you're on timeout leo! ♪ ♪ some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
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you're o♪ ♪meout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
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check out a new sinkhole in florida that swallowed up the building as it was taken as a sinkhole opened up. underneath a summer bay resort. in clermont. all of the guests were safely evacuated. they examined the sinkhole and believe there is no reason to believe it will grow. operations are back to norlallal the whole foods market at california and franklin streets in san francisco after a gas leak caused an evacuation today. it happened at 2:00 p.m.
11:46 pm
gas leaked from a refrigerator. firecrews capped the leak. at least one person was evaluated at the scene and nobody was taken to the hospital. 16 people who work for ocean county in new jersey are splitting part of the $448 million powerball jackpot. the vehicle maintenance department workers are calling themselves ocean 16. they claimed their prize with each worker get 3.8 million. some of the winners were victims of super storm sandy. one lost a home she was renting. >> the first thing i am going to do is find me and my daughter a home and bring my dog back home. >> three tickets matched all six numbers, a man from minnesota claimed one. a another ticket has none -- another ticket has not been claimed. a lucky pup owes his life to a kindhearted couple. the pup was found swimming around miles from shore in the
11:47 pm
bay. a tail with a happy ending. [ laughter ] >> reporter: this dog was apparently close to drowning but she seems to be okay now. the wife of the man who helped rescue her brought her to a pet hospital to see if this 1-year- old female has an id chip embedded inside. no luck. >> i am not finding anything. >> reporter: there is a good chance this dog would not be here today if it was not for this man, adam. >> to be able to really help this poor little an malit was -- it was -- it felt really good. really good. >> he was commuting home yesterday from san francisco to berkeley in his inflatable motorboat when he saw a group of windsurfers who looked like they were having problems. >> we spent about 10 or 15 minutes trying to maneuver the boat around. it was choppy out there. when he got closer he found a dog in the middle of the bay and hoisted him on a surf board. he took this photo. the surfers could not take the
11:48 pm
dog so he agreed. >> we reached down and grabbed the little dog and pulled her up into the boat and she was just shaking and did not say anything. just did not do anything. sort of collapsed in the bottom of the boat and just laid there. >> exhausted. >> yes. >> he brought the dog home and he and his wife took care of her overnight. >> she was cold. so, we put blankets on her and she was really receptive. she slept for a long time. >> the dog has a collar but no tags. they hope they can find the owners, the hard part is over, the dog is safe. >> it was a great experience. >> reporter: they say they will keep the dog until they either find the owner or a good home for her. in berkeley, back to you. it was a warmer day today. the fog has cheered from the coast and it is still not back. patches out there but as you can see here the fog has cheered away. you see the gap here.
11:49 pm
the fogging off shore. tonight, filtering back in to the coast. the inversion or the marine layer it is is shallow right now. around one -- it is shallow right now. around 1,000 feet. we will not see a lot of fog. look at the light winds, oakland, 10 miles an hour right now. check out the airport here. winds coming onshore, 14 at the airport. that is not much for this time of the night. how about livermore? three miles out of the northwest. winds are light. that indicates to me tomorrow morning we will wake up warmer than we started today. as a matter of fact, fairfield at 70. concord, 72. so, the cool moist marine air because of the light winds and lack of fog. hitting the valley. setting you up for a warm day tomorrow or hot for the valley. look for the numbers, fairfield, vacaville, middle 90s, minor changes in the long- range forecast. low pressure to the north kept us chilly or cool. and the high pressure is now
11:50 pm
nudging it back. that is where the fog is. the high pushes inland. looking at 90s in the inland bay valleys, middle 90s, 80s around the bay. patchy fog, hot inland. stays cool along the coast. the forecast tomorrow, those are 90s, yellow are 90s. especially fairfield and out towards the eastern antioch, it is back to school for them. starting school tomorrow. the forecast they get going, the kids, it tomorrow morning, 60 degrees at 8:00 a.m. lunchtime, middle 80s, by the time they walk home from school or head home from school it is the middle 90s. a warm day back to school. 92 degrees, 97 in vacaville. there is the hot spot. 96 in brentwood, 95 in livermore. santa claira valley, 88. around the bay, lots of 70s and 80s, a warm day. certainly a big change from what we experienced last week. five-day forecast with the bay
11:51 pm
area weekend view. tomorrow like today. warmer in the valleys and the temperatures start to click down as we get into thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, the forecast highs then, no major changes. just not as hot as it is going to be tomorrow in the inland valley. hot today in there too. again, it is in the 5 and the 6 but amazed kids are going back to school tomorrow. yes. labor day was our number. >> yes. september. >> yes. summer goes by quicker and quicker. >> all right, thank you. organizers of the outside lands music festival say they collected a sizeable amount of lost and found items. people that attended the festival and did not make it home with all of their belongs have until friday to claim their items, open between 9:00 and 5:00. a group of teenagers spent the summer perfecting a trick basketball shot. check it out. 11 members of a basketball team came together for a dunk over a
11:52 pm
swimming pool. one roller blader and a skateboarder. the video went viral wracking up 1feat,000 views -- 158,000 views. it was a follow up to another video they posted last week using 8 people for a similar trick shot. [ laughter ] they just are having a lot of fun. >> yes. impressive. not so impressive, bay area baseball teams. >> yes. rather share more of that. just in case you thought easy pick ins, astros in town, did not work out that way. houston gets a win over the a's who really needed it after starter roughed up the a's trailing, beginning the comeback. suddenly, 5-4. game-winning walk off, no. it curls the wrong way on the side of the foul pole.
11:53 pm
the a's thought maybe it grazed it. you judge for yourself. it appears to change direction. the umpires reviewed it and they say no. so, on the very next pitch, young can not hit another one. strikes out, end of game. only the second time the astros have beat the a's in then meetings. what a great opportunity to get back into a tie for 1st place. ron washington, wracking up more wins than any other previous ranger manager. not tonight. brewers getting it. scooter, two home runs, that one takes the 1-1 tie. the rangers, leading the a's to the west by a game. i guess you can say when under achievers collide. pretty much the story line back in washington, d.c. tonight. nationals and giants, a couple teams expected to contend for the post season. in fact, both doing a major claim. tensions begin to show. in the dug out. gonzalez, worth, have words,
11:54 pm
gonzalez thought worth was not hustling enough. 1-0 after a long rain delay. gets the run for the grounder right under. they tie it 1-1. did not last long. even up. man on, adam likes what he sees. 2-run jacks it for the nats. 4-2 finals. giants leave 12 men stranded. you have seen that before. 49ers are ready for their trip to kansas city and a reunite with
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
aj might be on his way out which mind underscore the continuing story of the receiving core and who can off set the injury to crabtree. davis would like to remind everyone that he is still around and does not think of himself as just a tight end. >> i never categorize himself as a tight end or a wide receiver, just a playmaker. i am not here to get statistics. i am not here to go to the pro bowl. i am here to help the team.
11:58 pm
to where they are trying to go. that is the sup iser bowl. that is why we play. play for that moment. >> yes, they do. that is the sports life for a tuesday night. kansas city the place on friday night. >> good game. >> all right, mark, thank you. >> thank you look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch?
11:59 pm
[ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles rethink possible.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> one of the x-men stars just learned the only thing creepier than someone breaking into your house and stealing something, breaking into your house and leaving a creepy book. >> famke janssen was on vacation home.e comes she finds a book called "the lonely doll." >> she has kids, right? >> no, she does not have kids.


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