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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  September 12, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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>> that's our show. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute." 0001 good evening, it's thursday, september 12th, i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. we begin with developing news. we know what caused this week's wildfire on mount diablo. it was target shooting. beyond that the fire is still under investigation and they won't comment on identities or possible charges. neighbors told ktvu that they heard target practice right before the fire started. target practice could ignite dry
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brush and grass. it started near clayton with 90% containment and full containment expected tomorrow. parts of the park remain closed. ahead an motional tour of the burned area and an up close look. twitter broke news tweeting this afternoon it has filed papers for an ipo. the site has 200 million users and is expected to ring $582 million in ads this year. it will meet with potential investors about a stock sale. we asked user what is they think about investing in the company. >> it all depends on who owns most of the stock, whose making those decisions. >> that's one of the evils of wall street, is that it demands people solely make money. >> analysts say they expect to see twister's ipo happen -- twitter's ipo happened before the end of the year.
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>> the dow dropped 25 points and the nasdaq dropped 9. so far the dow is up 3.3%. >> today, dell shareholders, ceo and founder michael dell along with an investment group will pay nearly $25 to take the texas based company private. dell said turning around the struggling pc maker will be easier without wall street. the california legislator approved naming the western span of the bay bridge after willy brown. we're live in san francisco, and he tells us the critic is filing a lawsuit to stop the naming, right? >> reporter: gasia, on a gorgeous night, that western span of the bay bridge which is now being renamed for willy brown. the state voted to immediately rename this half of the bridge which runs to san francisco after the former mayor and
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speaker. the state senate and assembly broke its own rules. those rules demand local consensus, finding no organized opposition and naming state facilities after only people who are dead. we talked to a man who filed the lawsuit in superior court to stop the bridge nailing process from going forward. we -- naming process from going forward. we talked with brown and he said he's thrilled to have the bridge named after him. >> i'm very honored. i was not involved as you probably know, in any of this. we didn't really think is it would be fast tracked. we found it ludicrous, that this was introduced but worse it's only able to be considered because they ignored the rules and suspended the evidence. >> a gentleman mentioned he thought they should name the old east span that they're tearing down now for willy brown because it was old and crooked and a danger to society. >> i think it's a great idea.
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i love willy brown, and he's an amazing representative of san francisco. it's the new tajma willy. >> reporter: we talked with someone by phone because he said willy brown played a major role into the eastern span by running the cost up to cost payers by billions. live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. along with that willy brown, state lawmakers hustled to take final votes before next week's recess. bay area democrat ellen corbin proposed that after the sam limousine fire. two side doors and one emergency rear push out window is required. >> also, state lawmakers projected a proposal that would have put the high speed rail in front of the members for a second time, and any additional
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funding. republicans were if favor, democrats opposed. it was voted down along party lines. >> california could see the minimum wage to $10 an hour under a bill that passed today. debating the bill at this hour, governor brown indicated he will sign it. it will increase from $8 an hour to $10 an hour by 2016. it will improve the economy by giving more wokkers to spend. opponents will suffer, businesses say. todayy meeting concerned site issues that apply to sciu. both of the labor unions and bart say they'll resume negotiations next week. bart calls safety issue a smoke screen. >> we've reached the end of our line. we have a 10% off on the table. the bay area has zero appetite
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for another strike, especially when we're offering 10% to employees. >> we hope the district will meet us when we're there and not keep us waiting. >> the cooling off period ends october 10th. if there's no deal, the unions could call another strike. >> audio pioneer, ray dolby died in san francisco at the age of 80. you see him here ringing the bell at the new york stock change with his wife as his company went public in 2005. dolby's work in reduction and surround sound is still used in technology in movies. the companies he suffered from alzheimer disease and was diagnosed with leukemia this summer. now to the south bay where a search continues tonight for one of five suspects from a home invasion in east san jose. the incident triggered a lock down and residents forced inside while swat teams tried to track
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down that last remaining suspect. >> reporter: a santa clara swat team went searching for the man the sheriff's office department says was part of a group of men who tried to pull off a home invasion, an unincorporated part of the county just before noon. the sheriff's department and san jose police swarmed the area after several neighbors heard screaming coming from the home. a large area was quickly taped off and residents received a reverse 911 call telling them to shelter in place. >> it was clogged everywhere. >> i'm just in shock. i don't know what's going on and i'm on my way to pick up my son, so i'm not able to go to the school to pick him up, i guess. >> reporter: one of the five suspects escaped quickly but the sheriff's department caught the other four during its sweep and
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were examining what investigators say they believed was the planned get away vehicle, this mini van, parked near the victim's home. the descriptions of the suspects initially changed due to their desperation. >> all of them took off clothing as they fled the house. when they saw the deputies were arriving. >> reporter: the victims are shaken but not hurt. the search for the last suspect is ongoing. in san jose, robert hand a, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland police say a man in custody in the theft of a laptop caught on camera may be linked to other crimes. the owner says someone grabbed his laptop. surveillance video captured the crime. >> someone bolts out the door that fast, they're -- it's not because they're pizza is burning in an oven somewhere. >> this morning, oakland police stopped a car with the theft suspect inside.
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the store's owner made a positive id. police say investigators say the unidentified suspect may be connected to thefts and robberies in their cities, as well. police today released a picture of a bank robber who was wearing a dress. the man handed the note to a teller. he was wearing a mumu. witnesses say he ran away through a parking lot next door. today, a federal judge refused halt the city of rich pond's plan to take over hundreds of -- richmond's eminent bank. the banks asked for an injunction, but the u.s. district court said that would be premature. the city wants to force the sale of 624 under water mortgages in richmond so it can refinance them at lower rates. city officials say nearly halfful city homeowners -- half of the city homeowners owe more
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than they're worth. some are accusing the catholic church is the landlord of the business owners. they say the a rshgs krshgs hshgsrcdioces, say they're trying to higher mortgages. we want to preserve 24th street. that's what's made it popular. >> the spokesman told us no decisions have been made and talks continues with store owners. >> a former san francisco freeway ramp is about to become the site of affordable housing. the san francisco mayor broke ground this morning. the apartments will include 75 units, a roof garden and retail space. 18 apartments will be for homeless. broadway is a ramp leading on to
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the old embarcadero. that is said to be done by 2015. we take you for a look at the mount diabl o'byrne area at the damage and the work that needs to be done. and the heavy waters that have forced hundreds out of their homes. >> and in our weather, low clouds push interrogate bay. how much of a temperatures bump you can expect in the friday forecast and the one direction those temperatures will be heading this weekend.
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. swat teams are in california today for a best in the west competition. they say that while they want to win the competition, their ultimate goal is to better
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protect the public. iphone users can download a free app to track down child predators. the department of homeland security released the app today listing fugitives wanting for sexual exploitation of children. one involves a bay area man wanted for distributing child porn. widespread flooding has killed three people in colorado. boulder county appears to be the hardest hit and the sheriff said it's not ordinary disaster. even more rain is in the forecast. . >> heavy rain caused difficulties disasters in colorado. 7 inches of rain fell overnight. we've lost bridges, homes, cars, and we are just now beginning to try to assess the scope of the damage. >> police and fire officials
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have been working feverishly throughout the day to get people to safety. this man was saved as his car was being washed away. officials worry the situation could get worse as rescuers are having trouble getting to isolated areas such as the mountains and canyons. most businesses and schools were closed thursday and people were urged to go home. the university of california at boulder was forced to move more than 400 students to higher ground after a creek over flowed its banks. one student described the situation. >> how fast it was, how high the creek it was and how dangerous it was, it freaked us out. >> this is not yet over by any means and a tropical system developing in the gulf of mexico could bring even more rain to the region. now trending, heart break-in new jersey as fire rips through recently rebuilt board walk at seaside park damaged by super
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storm sandy. thick clouds of smoke could be seen for miles. the fire started in a cus tard -- custard shop. firefighters remained several hours watching for hot spots. it's still unclear to see what started the fire. to see video, look for the link if our hot topics section. prince woman is stepping down from the post in the military. he'll be focusing on his charity and royal duties for now. woman has spent the last seven and a half years in the armed forces. they welcomed their first child. he's considering options for a future role in public service. california's community college is set to increase enrollment. it's the first time since the reception forced budget cuts all thanks to voters approving prop 30. the additional money allows the community colleges to offer more classes. community colleges expect to add about 60,000 students this year, across our state.
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a man who was forever changed by his own shoot suggest being honored for try -- shooting it trying to prevent gun violence, founder of caught in the cross fire. he visits victims in oakland while they're hospital lied to try to stop retaliation. he came up with the idea years ago after he was shot and left paralyzed. the oakland mayor will honor him tonight. the clover fire is more destructive than thought. the wildfire destroyed 68 homes. the fire is now about 65% contained. four days after the big mount diablo fire, we're getting our up close look at the damage and upper laing challenges faced -- and learning the challenges faced by park rangers. they may even open the visitor area in a matter of days. >> like a moon scrape, many
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areas once teaming with wildlife and thick brush burned flat back. we took an emotional burn area tour with supervising ranger. it's prettyhe was seeing it for the first time since sunday's evacuation want to come back and see this, it's very shocking. in the short round, it's shocking but i think it's a good thing in the long run. >> a popular picnic area burned, tables reduced to ash and some metal bracing. this was the last restroom on the way to the summit. wildlife here, mostly gone now or hiding, it's eerily quiet. >> the vegetation will be able to come in and nature can heal itself. >> environmentalist ms. shaffer says it may open monday. she says fire is a necessary part of life here, expect amazing wild flowers and wildlife next spring.
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>> for the public, don't think what you're looking at is unhealthy because i think that this fire will end up being a great benefit. >> ranger dan says he knows fire is ultimately good here, after calling this home, it's still difficult to see after eight years. he says his crews will kwaurden off any unsafe areas and welcome the public back to this spectacular state park. ktvu news. nasa's 36-year-old voyager has been farther than any other space machine before. it was launched back in 1977 with its twin voyager 2 to explore the planets. back here on earth, we have been very busy in the weather center looking ahead to the weekend. >> and remember we start out the work week with temperatures
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upper 90s to around 100 degrees. things have changed quite a bit, no what trip will triple digit heat cooling off into the weekend. the maps on on live storm tracker 2, there's that fog bank near the immediate coastline through half moon bay. even some bayside locations experiencing some patchy overcast already. current temperatures, 73, in fairfield. livermore, 67, and san francisco 61 degrees. this was a time lapse earlier this afternoon. we start out with overcast. the clouds beginning to lift out revealing more sunshine but still some patchy coastal fog in the distance. first thing tomorrow morning, temperatures will be in the 50s to the lower 80s. san rafell, and piedmont at 58. high pressure trying to build a little bit. for your friday, no major changes, but then we'll take
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this into the weekend. you'll notice this system moves in saturday and sunday. sunday will be the coolest day of the weekend. here is our forecast model showing you this and some of the overcast tomorrow morning. resurfacing possibly some drizzle near the coast and the bay, and then into the afternoon hours, special patchy coastal fog once again. these were all some minor changes and the warmest locations, upper 80s could be flirting with the 90 degrees mark. san jose around 80 and san francisco, we're going to go with 70 degrees. as far as free month for tomorrow -- free movnt for tomorrow, temperatures on track to reach the upper 70s by 4:00 -- feiedmont. >> santa rosa, 82, oakland 73, pleasanton at 85 and some more neighborhoods at 80. and downtown san francisco, 70 degrees. >> your weekend is always in view.
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your temperatures cool off for saturday. we're going to start off with some cloud cover with readings into the upper 80s. we have the update on the 10:00 news. the oakland a's picked up more ground ahead of the key series against the rangers. the a's had an 8-1 lead over the rangers. they're three and a half games up on texas. >> and team new zealand is just inches away from the cup. orr cal needs ten -- iracle needs 10 points. and ahead of sunday's football game, ktvu is a little friendly facebook competition with our sister station in seattle. share our 49er's badge. look for it at the top of ktvu channel 2 on facebook. new signs of a rebound found
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. researchers say they're optimistic of california's sea otter population. its annual count found 2,941 on
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the ares living along the california coast including a record 417 pups. the sea otter is on the federal list of threaten the species. they were once presumed extinct. a new dozen animals were discovered in the 30s. and kennedy center honors can add it to his awards of san tan a -- santana. billy joel, hancock and shirley mack explain mclane are some other honor ery ees. >> after ten consecutive powerball drawings, no one has matched the powerball. saturday's drawing will be at least $317 million with a cash option of 176 million.
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lottery are officials say the jackpot may rise even higher as ticket sales rise. >> thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news and a sad reality for some bay area children, why they're forced to move every three weeks. tmz is up next right here on tv 36. [ male announcer ] at sizzler...
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> so, justin bieber, member of the mile high club it turns out. he was baked on a private jet this summer. >> the pilot said they rolled up with their s.u.v.'s, smoke came flying out like cheech and chong. >> could he use any more cliche references, the plane was filled with munchies. ha-ha-ha. >> pot defender! >> kendall jenner posted this lovely photo of herself modeling in antigua which started the perve countdown, we are 52 days until she turns 18. >> that started the perve countdown? mine started a


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