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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  December 19, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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(crunches) -- captions by vitac -- now at 7:00, our crew is the only one there as authority break up what appears to be a brutal dog fighting ring. the government calls for immediate action following this summer's accident that killed two bart workers, but some fear the changes proposed today may be hard to put in action. a wind advisory still in effect for part of the bay area tonight. i'll have the details. dangerous dogs and all of the signs of one facility meant to train them for fighting.
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good evening. animal control officers try to fend off about a dozen pit bulls believed to be part of a dog fighting ring. dogs were discovered by sheer happenstance in the middle of an open neighborhood. police happened to be serving a search warrant. in our top story, here's what authorities found that was far from what they expected. >> reporter: save for the police out front, this house looks ordinary. but go into the backyard and it is a sad scene. pit bulls barking, pit bulls scared, pit bulls -- >> this one will bite. >> reporter: a true statement as you will soon see. inside of a wreck of a home, more dogs. the instruments of their cruel training. >> three treadmills that are set up for dogs, not human beings. modified for dogs. >> reporter: and weight vests
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used to build muscle for what he says are clearly for fighting dogs. >> how much do you think that weighs? >> reporter: 30 pounds. >> here's another weighted vest. >> reporter: there were eleven dogs here altogether. one dog was particularly aggressive. the struggle to secure him did not end until -- it bit after earlier biting another animal control officer. >> we've got got tetanus shots. telling be fine. >> reporter: the dogs will be taken to the animal shelter. some will find new homes. it's unclear. what baffles authorities is why this operation was uncovered by accident. >> everyone in this neighborhood knew that there were ten or twelve dogs back there. no one has bothered to call us, ever. >> reporter: when police served the search warrant, no one was at home first determine not only the ownership of the dog but who is responsible for
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their treatment. in oakland, ktbu channel 2 news. officers say that a shooting september 25th involving rifle gangs drove them to launch operation william street. the multi agency team says it has made more than 50 arrests in the area. officers say they've also worked to build trust with people who live there in the neighborhood. take a look at this crystal clear surveillance video of a burglary in progress. it was released today by the county sheriff's office. the burglary took place about 1 p.m. yesterday at a home on berryhill lane. the burglars made off with a jewelry box. anyone with information is asked to call the chef's office. the woman who police say caused a deadly traffic accident in san francisco today pled guilty. she appeared in court today. the crash in september killed a
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16-year-old boy and badly injured the boy's mother and sister. he was out on $320,000 bail. the judge told her as a condition of bail, she is not allowed to drive. the family of 13-year-old met with representatives of children's hospital oakland today as the family pushes to keep the 8th grader on life support. she went into cardiac arrest last week after a a routine tonsillectomy. doctors declared her brain dead. the family is asking that the hospital give her a feeding typ tube and give the family her medical records. a call tonight from the national transportation safety board for immediate action in response to the death of two bart workers on the tracks back in october. the coverage continues with ann ruben live in oakland with reaction to today's recommendations. ann. >> reporter: representatives from bart and the unions agree that the new rules are necessary, they just need to figure out how to implement
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them. on the day bart workers were killed on the track, they were essentially in charge of their own safety. using a policy called simple approval, they were supposed to look out tore trains themself and get out of the way. now, the ntsb wants to ban that practice nationwide. >> they need to listen to their own employees for advice on making a safer system tore the riders. >> reporter: the recommendations called urgent were released today, two months after that fatal accident. they also require redundancies such as an automated collision avoidance system or other devices like a shunt that can signal a train to stop. >> we have a huge system that technology has to be compatible. >> reporter: bart has eliminated the simple aapproval practice. but acting on the recommendations will take time. >> thank god we are on it because now we have a say in how these safety measures are implemented. >> anything that moves us in the direction of providing a more safe work environment, i have no problem and we'll be
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prepared to support and we have to have an opportunity to review them and make sure that we respond in an appropriate way. >> reporter: no word on what it may cost to get these safety measures in place or exactly how long it might take. live in oakland, ann ruben, channel 2 news. >> talks between bart management and two largest unions have ended today without a resolution. bart managers say that a -- pictures weeks of paid family leave was in the contract by mistake. bart approved the contract without a clause. that sparked a lawsuit. there was a ballot measure today that would -- keller who has served on the board said the two strikes earlier this year undermine public confidence in the transit agency. sheriff's deputies say they wound up rescuing a driver they were trying to stop on suspicion of dui.
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deputies say the suspect they were following crashed into a 76 gas station at 98th at about 2:20 this morning. the driver hit two gas pumps and set off a fire that burned for nearly two hours. deputies were able to pull the driver from the car. residents who lived nearby heard the explosion. >> grab evening, whatever you need, just go. and we got out of the house. and it blew up another additional second time. that's when the manhole in the ground went up. >> about twenty homes were evacuated nearby. fire crews say the gas station workers kept the fire from spreading by hitting emergency shut off involves. fire officials met with the owners of sims recycling today after two fires in two months. a health advisory was set off from the fires. fire officials say depending on what they find, they may
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recommend that sims and more fire detection systems. fire crews are on high alert today because of gusty winds and dry wet they are. the big surf fire -- still sapping extra engines and bulldozers with air tankers on call. it has also responded to several fires today, in higher elevations where the wind is the strongest. state regulators have fined for faulty recordkeeping on a major gas pipeline. the story we've been following for you since early october. line 47 was taken out of service after questions of safety were raised by an engineer who worried old welding could cause a -- the state public utilities conditions full pressure operations on that line. city of san carlos is considering legal action to halt that. the bay area is about to get some new digits. there has been approved the 628
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area code approved this morning. the agency says all of the number for the 415 area code will be used up by october of 2015, so that 628 area code will be assigned to new numbers in san francisco. don't worry, people with existing 415 area codes get to keep their numbers. california's attorney general says that her office is closely monitoring what happened at target where data from up to 40 million credit cards and debit cards was stolen this holiday shopping season. the stolen information included names, credit or debit card numbers, expiration dates and the security code on the back of the card. target says there's no information that debit card pins were stolen. >> it's important to change passcodes frequently, to review your statements as they come in, in real-time, because there are benefits from this technology, but also pitfalls. >> investigators are still trying to figure out how the
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attack was carried out. they say thatter working with law enforcement to prevent it from happening in the future. the nation's largest mortgage servicer has settled with 49 states and the federal government. they will pay 2.$1 billion. most of the money will go to loans that were serviced and homes that were foreclosed on between 2009 and 2012. the agreement still has to be approved by federal judge. there is still no sign of the lucky winner of half of the -- the ticket sold is worth $324 million over 30 years or a lump sum of $130 million after taxes. the story's owner will receive a $1 million bonus. he says he plans to buy a house for his wife and three children. the lottery winner has a year to claim the applies. about that parking ticket, one law enforcement agency is now under fire. the slew of mistakes causing
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one city to refund millions of dollars and how you might be eligible for a refund. and the bay bridge problem. permanently fixed, thanks to a large steal saddle, today we got an up close look at that saddle and how it will improve safety. wind advisory and when it goes away and what areas could see temperatures into the mid 60's this weekend.
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at an historic lob don theater, injured more than 80 people, seven seriously. the theater seats almost 800 people. emergency cruise managed to get everyone out. it was complete chaos when chunks of the ceiling fell on
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the audience. a new audit finds the city of oakland owes more than $200 million in refund for parking tickets. that means that anyone who recently received a parking ticket there may be owed some money. we explain what the city did wrong. >> reporter: you park, you pay, you're on your way. but every now and then upon your return there's a ticket here and a ticket there. >> five or more. >> reporter: five got this person the boot. >> it's just horrible. >> reporter: seven for -- each one. >> thirty bucks to 200 something bucks. >> reporter: in oakland sometimes accidentally pay twice. an in those cases, guess who kept the cash? >> the city was not refunding over payments by citizens? >> reporter: what was that just to be clear. >> the city was not refunding over payments by citizens. >> reporter: she's city auditor. she says her parking ticket management audit says that the city of oakland broke state law when they did not notify people when they over paid their
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parking ticket. she first noticed the 2010 fiscal year in over paid tickets. >> we knew that was the tip of the iceberg. since the audit, then the administration has gone back and scrubbed their bucks and they've found 2.3 million. >> reporter: 2.$3 million by those that were fined. >> a lot of people need their money back. it's hard out here. >> we apologize for not being able to get the refund out. >> reporter: david mcpherson says part of the problem was technology and staffing. but he says a number of corrective measures are now in place. >> we do a monthly report now that looks at any account -- a refund that could be higher than $200 we're proactively refunding those. >> reporter: mcpherson says overpayment notification wills go out and if you're one to get one of those letters, you have 60 days to respond in order to get your money. in oakland, ktbu channel 2 news. the number of poo approximately applying for
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unemployment benefits rose 10,000 last week. many economist are ignoring the spike. saying they were dissource subject to recalled by the thanksgiving holiday. federal reserve chap chairman says he expects job gains to continue. >> relatively quiet day, the do you gained 11 points to notch a second stray closing high. the nasdaq 11 points lower. >> facebook says it intends to sell 70 million of its stock shares. facebook is getting ready to become part of the s & p 500. the proceeds will be an estimated 2.$8 billion. he plans to use some of that to pay tacks on another stock deal that will keep him probably in control of facebook. a british tabloid had indicate middleton's cell phone before she married to prince williams.
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voicemail messages from prince william were read in court that -- including one that says he was nearly hit by blank roads during a military training exercise. the executives deny the charges. the state had no outright ban on same sex marriage but a long history of denying certificates to same sex couples. eight new mexico counties have been issues licenses. and they now join 16 other states and the district of columbia in allowing same sex couples to mary. >> a study by consumer reports found that drug resistance bacteria in about half of all raw chicken tested. they say more testing shun done to keep contaminated chicken from entering the food supply. how far, the national chicken council says all bacteria can be build with proper cooking.
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california trans gave all clear. it's meant to be a permanent fix for the broken bolts discovered last spring. today we got an up close look at how that new saddle fits. >> we took a work both out to where the new span meets the cause way. the site of those broken bolts. 200 feet up, we found what we were looking for. and. >> reporter: and so here they are, these two complex curved structures are the things that actually replace the bolts that broke. and they're just as strong. >> it is a bit of concrete patchwork that has to happen. they need to paint the saddles to protect them against corrosion. there are caps that need to be put on. exposed heads of the rods and all of this false work out here needs to come down as well. >> they say for at least the next century in half is ready
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to withstand the largest quake. testing of other bolts will continue in this open air lab for the next eight months to be followed by a final report. >> in that report, that data will tell us what we need to do if anything with those other bolts. >> reporter: finally the three- year plan to demolition continues. you'll soon be seeing the progress as you cross. >> and probably i've been told around late january or so is when they're going to start getting up into the actually -- start to take some of that steel out. >> reporter: because of its troubled history, cal tran says it's the most studied and understood bridge in history. way up on the bay bridge mere 2, channel 2 news. a major piece of construction equipment is about to leave the bay. the left coast lifter is set to department tomorrow. the giant crane was used to place deck sections. they will toe it down to the
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panama canal and up to new york city for a bridge repair job there. a lot of people have about been telling you, bill, really windy where i am. >> especially outly out in the coast -- up in the hills, it was windy. livermore, real windy. everybody else is kind of breezy. these are the numbers that we got today. temperatures got into into the 60's today. 62 in antioch -- tomorrow the highs will come up a little bit more. we're headed into a bit of a warm up in the next 72 hours. that includes no rain for us. we got wind advisory. they've been dropped for most of the bay area. they were up for the north bay hills and the east bay pills last night. now, the wind advisory remains up toward fairfield and it's going to go away at 10 o'clock. but the winds are gradually dying down. the conditions will keep temperatures tonight just above
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freezing for most of us. santa rosa and say out there towards towards napa and antioch you'll get some breezy conditions. 35 that fremont. you can have frost. it's going to be chilly. you'll notice tomorrow morning cooler than the last couple of mornings. so the air quality is just getting way better around here. as you can see outside, see the lights of the city. beautiful night. the next couple of days you're going to notice this big change in air quality. the winds come in and when they do, they just lift up the inversion, the pollutants, the smoke from the big sur fire. i actually started noticing a couple of days ago, especially if you're in the toll plaza going in the bay bridge, you were noticing it. that goes away. so if it was bugging you, it's gone. 63 in napa and fairfield. 62 in brent wood and then you're going to have low 60s in.
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san that clara valley. the five-day forecast is this: little breezy tomorrow, but not much. warmer saturday and sunday. right now saturday is the warmest day. you go to monday and tuesday and down towards the middle of the week here we're back into the upper 60s as we're moving into winter. so here's the five-day forecast. i'm back tonight at ten o'clock and update the forecast. see you then. >> thank you, bill. see you then. sometimes nothing better than a burrito. turns out some of the best ones in the country. find out who made the cut. and a one of a kind visit from wonder girl. how one group pulled out all of the stops today for a brave young girl and the unique way her classmates took part. and if you're on the go or just away from your tv, you can still watch newscasts live on your computer, smart phone or tablet. get the app or go to avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive
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>> have you ever wondered where the best place is to get a burrito. the website daily meal has listed the best places and six of them are here in the bay area. the number one comes from san francisco; number 2, number 4, for dough, and five loss charles in mountain view and then cancun in san francisco. and 16 is also in south san francisco. and bay city gave a brave little girl a chance to be a super hero today. that's an excited smile. she's battling leukemia and the group organized her day as wonder girl. it was inspired in part about an essay about asking wonder woman to help fight evil in the city. as part of her ceremony, they organized an enthusiastic flash mob and she was given awards at
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several sites around the city. we'll see you next time. out of coverage continues with the ten o'clock news and tonight new information about that dog fighting investigation we reported on earlier. keep in mind that we're always here for you. and that tmz is up next right here on tv36. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> it is so offensive that a&e fired phil from "duck dynasty." they knew exactly what they were getting. >> they screwed him big-time. the bad guy here. >> here's the bottom line. >> it's true, it was in the book. >> the bottom line. >> justin bieber, at the premiere of "believe." he was trying to collaborate with alec monopoly, the famous street artist, and he took the to start painting. the can runs out. looks at his hands, walks over to


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