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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  December 20, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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29-year-old milton mesa raped a woman on september 7th, dragging her into the bushes along the street and then attempted to rape another young woman on october 1st in the same area at almost the same exact time. >> returning to the scene of the crime and doing a second one is uncommon. typically a person will go to different location to avoid detection. >> he was found by a dna match.
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he's known as mesa-ruse. . he's been on trial before. he was also a suspect in # 0 a 2007 child molestation chase but but was not charged. >> my heart goes out to the women hurt and hopefully justice serves and he's put away forever. >> there might be over women out there that we'd like to hear from or other witnesses who can give us information about the two crimes that we are aware of. >> he's being held for bail. former san francisco 49er cs sentenced to 5 day in jail and three years
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probation for a violent fight with his exboyfriend. he hit him hard you enough to he quire facial surgery. the fight happened in 2012 when the two started arguing about the use of soy sauce during their meal. during this hectic holiday travel season there's a special someplace place at san francisco airport where military members can get a break. the uso has been welcoming servicemen and women for 67 years. more than 24,000 have come through this year. that's up 2% from 2012. the uso offers them a place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of other travelers. >> i got a 12-hour lay over and i'm heading to houston. i'm going to wait 4 more hours there and then fly home. >> it was the first uso in the
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country to open at an airport. >> for more than 2 years there was leaked information for the block buster movie zero-dark 30 and no one has been held accountable. >> we're still no closer to feeding our enemies. >> the movie details the night navy seals raided osama bin laden's come bound. the leakers were former cia director. they had never been held publicly accountable. the pentagon is trying to find out who disclosed the findings to outside sources. from the big screen to the stage. jk rawlings has plans to produce a harry potter play. rawlings sold more than 450 million copies worldwide. the play is slated to display in
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london in the next 2 years. days before christmas some retailers across the area are keeping their doors open 24 hours a day. >> i work every day. yes, i got to get out there in e late evening. >> the holiday shopping marathon underway and why their bottom line depends on it. target's data breach effects millions of shoppers. one woman said it's ruining hear christmas. you can get ktv is u use to go. kick the live icon and you can watch out of our newscasts live on your mobile device.
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for some large retailers today marks the beginning of 24
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hour shopping right up through christmas eve. happening now amber lee live in concord to see how shoppers are faring out there. >> reporter: we're inside sun valley mall. sears closes at midnight hoping to make it easy for shoppers. >> with fewer days between thanksgiving and christmas this year, retailers are pulling out all the stops. after weeks of close sales merchants say they're greatful to see shoppers coming in in large numbers. >> workers say this is make it or break it time, accounting for half the year's sales. having opened on thanksgiving day helped in sales. >> we sold a lot on that day. after that it just went down.
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>> some macey's are open 24 hours starting tonight. the one here is open until 2:00 a.m. >> i work every day and i got to get out there late evening. >> for the first time kohls is open around the clock starting tonight until 6:00 p.m. christmas eve. >> you can get in and get out. >> the deep discounts are a thing of the past. instead many retailers are offering promotions such as buy one get one-half off >> we are seeing the stores being broader if their promotions, offering more things for sale. >> sales were brisk at sears. the manager tells us clothing ae electronics are selling well and they have plenty more shopping to do. >> i haven't got anything done. i'm a late shopper this year. i'm getting a little stressed out. i'm going to get out here
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and get it done. >> reporter: consumers want to buy what they want when they want, something they can easily do online. reporting live at the sun valley mall, amber lee, ktvu. more details on macey's and kohls. they aren't the only retail chains planning to stay open around the clock. toys r us and k-mart said some locations will keep their doors open 87 hours consecutive. afternews broke that target was the victim of a data breach they are offering 10% off this weekend and free credit monitoring. they stole data from some 40 million debit and credit cards in stored from the day after thanksgiving to december 15th. they say if you get an e-mail that doesn't
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necessarily mean you were victimized. a sacramento woman thinks she was a victim of that security breach. she said someone with drew $300 from her checking account linked to her target red card. her bank is waiting for reimbursement from target. the bank said to keep her account activity to a minimum until the situation is resolved. that means she can't buy christmas presents. >> grand babies and my family is just going to have to wait. they need to get it cleared up because this is effecting poor people. >> she said target closed her card but she didn't get a promised phone call from target when the company was supposed to update here on the situation. police in oak land said a woman's ex-girlfriend shot and wounded her less than a block away from the courthouse where she plan today ask for a restraining order against him.
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it happened at the oasis stranlt. -- strant. witnesses, surveillance cameras and the victim gave them anymore they need today identify the suspect as 55-year-old cedric webb. >> he was waiting for his victim to arrive at the courthouse and approached her and shot her several times. currently she's at a local hospital. >> webb walked into police head quarters just before 3:30 and turned himself in. he's in custody but no word on my charges. facebook plans to sell 70 million shares of stock, including 41 million shares by ceo mark zuckerberg. they set
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the offering $41,000,000 shares by ceo mark zuckerberg. they set the offering including $41,000,000 shares by ceo mark zuckerberg. they set the offering at $55.12 a share. zuckerberg will make $2.3 million. wall street ended the week confidently. the dow rose 42 points on any numbers siting the strongest economic growth in 2 years. the nasdaq surged 46, a gain of more than 1%. president obama spoke to reporters today fielding questions about the affordable care act, spying the national security agency and his poll numbers where his approval ratings are at the lowest they've been for 5 years. >> if i was interested in polling i wouldn't be running for president. i was polling at 70% in the senate. i took this job for the american people. >> later the first family got on board air force one, heading to hawaii for their annual
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christmas holiday. the mayor of salt lake city performed utah's first same-sex marriage today. a federal judge struck down their ban on gay marriage. state officials are trying to get an emergency stay while they appeal the ruling. new mexico legalized it in that state one day earlier. a warmer trend for the start of winter. the timing on the highs at your house this weekend. letters to santa answers. the wishes mailed in from bay area children. she was found dead days after calling 911. why paramedics broke a window, left a note and then drove away.
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sheriff's officials are waiting to see if proper procedures were followed after paramedics failed to find a woman who called 911 for help and died. the woman's daughter is angry and wants what she calls justice. >> after a 911 call from this trailer park dispatchers sent paramedics and deputies to help 70 -year-old rene budge who reported breathing problems. she was inside this 18 foot trailer but first responders said they could not find her. >> the last thing my mom wanted to do was die alone and she managed to reach out and ask for help. they weren't there. >> the sheriff's office did not make anyone available on camera but in a written statement deputies reported they broke her trailer window last friday, leaned inside and called out but saw and heard no one. >> her tv was on, her lights on, her oxygen running. >> they did not open the trailer door, leaving this note
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explaining they had been there and quote, the window broke. >> they already broke in. why not go the next step and jut look. >> budge said 2 days later she went in and found her mom dead three feet from the broken window. she said her mom might be alive today if deputies opened the door. >> if this is county policy it needs to change. if it's bad decisions on the rescue workers that were there, it needs to change. >> serena budge has contacted an attorney. she adds she knows her mother would want social is justice. john fowler, channel 2 news. president obama said more than a million people have selected coverage through and state sites. now major changes just days before the critical daed line.
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the obama administration is giving a pass to people whose health insurance policies were canceled. for now they don't have to pay a tax penalty and have buy a bear bones plan. insurance companies warn it could lead to a change in a spike in coverage costs across the board. >> who is better equipped to make these decisions, you for yourself and your family or the government for you? >> monday is the deadline for people to enroll in the federal marketplace to have coverage starting january 1st. janet yellen moved one step closer to being the first woman to head the federal reserve. it was a 59-34 vote. she's vice chair of the fed and was president of the san francisco fed from 2004 through 2010. the senate is expected to approve her appointment when it returns for winter recess.
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former nba star dennis rodman is back in north korea. he said he's on a basketball trip. try outs were held today for a basketball game. some of the 12 americans he wants to play in the game are afraid to travel there. how volunteers today helped make children's christmas brighter. a nice day around the bay area. what about the weekend? bill martin will have to complete bay area forecast. saying fair well. how much fans are willing to pay for what could be the 9ers last game in san francisco . avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive"
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there are few things that are as heartfelt as a child's christmas letter to santa. some volunteer elves did their best to fulfill those wishes. >> the u.s. post office turned into santa's workshop. over 1,000 letters were mailed in from bay area kids. these are some of the volunteers making those christmas wishes come true. >> it's a good time to help out. >> mark and his wife jan choose to be helpers this time this year, gifting presents to seven
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children. >> i wasn't able to pull off the picture of the reindeer but told her we wouldn't get them all together at the same time. >> so things like a barbie bike, legos and cars. >> some kids just want the necessities. one kid asked for food so they got a kitchen set and included $100 gift cards to safeway inside. >> i know how it feels growing up without money. now i can give back. some of them just ask for simple things. >> simple things like a pair of walking shoes. this boy tells santa he has problem with his feet and wants to stay healthy. in another letter a mom asks for gifts for her daughters she can't afford. >> it felt good. >> we can't talk about it but hopefully we're going to make kids happy this year. >> the families say they love
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the thought of helping and putting a smile on a kid's face on christmas morning. a nice day out there today. temperatures warmed up a couple of degrees in some places. warmer into the next couple of days. here's what's happen being the jet stream. you can see it riding well to the north. that's going to keep the rain out of the area. that's why we're looking for dry weather right into the bay area weekend and beyond. these are the current temperatures. it's getting cold. down to 35 in napa. over night lows into the upper 20s. it's going to be a cold night in the north bay. we got a good run but they're a lot better when the winds came up. it took all the junk out of the air, we have better air quality right now than we have had the last few days. as we go forward the weather is looking good, especially the air quality. it's just looking dry. it's
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clear and mild outside right now sunny and mild into the week end. next week it's going to be warm and continue dry. into tomorrow and the next day and the next day this high pressure is going to dominate. winds are slightly offshore. that sets up us with highs that are going to be mid 60s, which is unusual for this time of year. tomorrow first day of winter. we're looking at temperatures like these. 65 in fairfield, 65 napa. 64 concord. we got 65 in santa rosa. we're expecting a chance of patchy fog. there's a little bit of fog out there now. it will bump up against the coast and a create fog in the morning areas. 64 in pleasant. these are the numbers for your . sunday's temperatures cold up with a degree or two more. 63 morgan hill. the five day to cast stays dry.
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we have winter that starts tomorrow. we have christmas that shows up on wednesday. everything in between is sunny and dry and on the warm side. we're dealing with mid 60s. especially in the north bay we're finding freezing temperatures right now. it's just a very dry, would be nice forecast if we had a lot of rain and could sit back and enjoy the trickling streams. we've been dry. here comes another dry week. it appears the week after is another dry week. we should see. >> we will write it down. ticket prices are skyrockety be the last time fans can watch their team at candle stick parks. nosebleed seats are going for $250, mid field seats more than $2,000. while expensive it's a price many fans say they're willing to pay. >> like 1,000 or more. that would be bad. i'd probably
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still pay it. >> that's a long shot. ticket prices are sore higher i9 9ers manager to clench a home playoff game. if the team makes it to the nfc championship game tickets could go for than $1,000. we would love to hear your favorite candle stick memories on facebook. you can also tweet it to us. >> farewell. not yet but almost. >> you know what's going to happen, about a year from now about 500,000 people say i was there that night. it will be the 36th time candle stick hosted a monday night game. it should be a triumph farewell. they aren't going to get too sent mental. there's a game against atlanta. veteran running back frank gore has been here for nine seasons now and he knows that it's part of the history of this franchise and
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that monday night is also a celebration of the decades of championships and hall of fame players. >> it's going to be crazy. it should be crazy. i hope to see a lot of old players that do a lot of great things to come out and support and show the fans. it will be a great night. the sharks home ice will change their slump tonight night when dallas visits. losing six of the last eight games doesn't put fans in a holiday spirit. they went back to basics today at practice. everybody is worried about hurdle who left the game last night after this knee-to-knee collision. he could miss a month. players and fans say there's other issues like gets out scored in the last eight games. >> we're a big, strong fast team. the problem we've had lately is playing up to that.
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>> it's like they lost their desire. >> that's a scary word. >> it is a scary word. it is. the fire in the belly to me is not there. >> wow. some baseball moves were mat include current and former a's players like closer grant belfore who is trying to make another big stage like trying to save his contract. that's next. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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the oakland a's avoided ash administration with derek barton today and signed him to a new one-year contract. he played just 37 games last year.
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the former closer grant belfore agree signing with the orioles. he isn't allowed to sign though because of he failed a physical. curt rejoined the a's late last year. the cif football championship. bakers field christian was beat in the title game. the drillers dominated dellar in the division 1 final. sacred heart will play in the division 3 state final tomorrow. >> thank you. thank you for choosing ktvu2 news. the ktvu channel 2 morning t s at 7:00 tomorrow
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morning. you can catch the rebroadcast right now on tv 36 and follow us any time on twitter, facebook, and all the apps. a beautiful shot of the bay. we will see you tomorrow. have a great night.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> the "duck dynasty" family, now they're saying, you know what, we're standing by phil and we're not going to do this show if a&e keeps suspending phil for his anti-gay comments. > is there a parody yet? >> disco duck dynasty. >> god, you make everything good and make it bad. >> mathew perry did a panel recently. there is a guy on the show


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