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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  January 2, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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an ordinary street scene in san francisco suddenly explodes into an international incident. the fbi is now looking for a person seen setting fire to the chinese consulate in this surveillance video. good evening i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. ktvu's amber lee is live at the
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consulate at the corner of laguna near st. mary's cathedral with the very latest into the investigation. >> reporter: you can see the heavy damage at the front door. they say at this point it looks to be an isolated incident. a visiting college student from china took pictures and told us he will postit on facebook to let his friends back home know about what happened. >> you're angry? >> i think everybody in china will be angry. >> reporter: a surveillance camera across the street caught the fire as it started last night. a person is seen getting in and out of a mini van. >> i saw a fire about 15 feet high. i got kind of scared and i put
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my car on reverse, went backward and parked my car. >> reporter: maggie says that she initially thought it was a car fire. but to learn that someone set the consulate on fire made her more cautious. leland yee who's in washington, d.c. tells us he's spoken with the chinese consulate general and offered assistance. >> this is no different than when some of our consulates throughout the world are attacked and you know people's lives are at risk.
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>> reporter: despite the severe damage no one was injured during the fire. the consulate was open for business today to deal with visas and passports. people were directed to go around the corner to the gary street entrance. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the state department in washington says it's working with its chinese counter parts to track down who set that fire. >> we take this incident very seriously. we're working with fbi and local authorities to find the perpetrators. >> it is a frequent scene of protests by human rights activists. at you will find continuing coverage including an unedited look at that surveillance video. you will find it at the top stories section.
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dozens of people gather to mourn for a teenager that was killed on new year's eve. >> reporter: in his 13 short years, lee withesby touched people's lives so deeply. all the candles at the vigil could not match the light he brought to their lives, they say. >> lee was a child who's eyes were bright. they were not hardened, they weren't dim. he's shone every day. >> reporter: this evening people brought flowers and wrote messages of love and loss. young friends struggled with the shock. a mother in pain. >> they shot my baby like a dog. >> reporter: a father in grief. friends say the boy loved basketball and had gone to play with his friends. a dark four door car pulled up,
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two men got out and fired fatally shooting lee. >> last night i carried his pajamas with me everywhere i went. and i had my moments when i cried but it has not sunk in yet. >> reporter: his parents, his teachers all say that he was a caring boy who had a bright future. >> he does not have that opportunity anymore. >> reporter: gunned down in a neighborhood where some say life is measured by surviving each day. >> the reality is these streets are not kind for our kids and they're getting worse. >> he was not afraid to be good in an environment that doesn't nurture that. what we're trying to remind them is they deserve better. that their humanity should not be undersiege just because of where they live. >> reporter: oakland police tell me there were several parties in the area that night and they believe there are more witnesses out there who could step forward. as for lee's family, the school
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is planning a me phor kwhral celebration for him on -- memorial celebration for him. the woman suffered life threatening head injuries. imvest -- investigators dell -- tell us the woman was jaywalking. the driver didn't see her in time to avoid hitting her. >> he was just traveling along and saw the pedestrian, hit his breaks but didn't quite stop soon enough. the driver was interviewed then released. the woman is at san francisco general hospital. the police sergeant noted it's been a very bad week for pedestrians in the city. two people were killed on new year's eve in san francisco.
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57-year-old musafar is charged with vehicle manslaughter. he was driving an suv that struck and killed a 6-year-old girl in the tenderloin crosswalk. police say musafar was making a turn on polk and ellis street on new year's eve when he struck sofia lu her 4-year-old brother and their mother. sofia was killed. her mother is in critical condition and her brother is in fair condition. the car service ubber confirms musafar was driving for the company but he did not have a passenger at the time. another man 69-year-old john paolo bucceti was arrested for the second vehicle manslaughter of the year. city college of san francisco won a temporary reprieve today while the battle over the school's accreditation plays out in court.
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the rule means the committee is banned from finalizing its plan to terminate city college's accreditation as long as the matter is still under litigation. san francisco attorney general dennis herr era calls the ruling a victory. >> the state has to have some level of oversite to ensure that community colleges continue to serve the open admissions process that has been, as a matter of policy, under effect. continuing coverage now of the legal battle over mcmath. she's the 13-year-old oakland girl who was declared brain dead but now on a ventilator for more than three weeks. they want a judge to order children's hospital to provide her with a feeding tube so she can be moved. but experts say this case never
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belonged in court and opens up some disturbing possibilities. debora villalon joins us now and says experts say hospitals may move toward ending life support earlier. >> the minute they turn off the ventilator, her heart will flat line. >> reporter: every day mcmath's heart beats the long established definition of death seems to invite doubt and potential challengers. >> if you change the rules and say that you're only dead when families agree that you're dead or willing to stop, that can be disastrously bad for medicine. >> reporter: bad because of
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beds needlesly filled and doctors preoccupied with patients. because pediatric intense intensive care is difficult resource. >> we now have the technology to make dead bodies seem very life like and that's a good thing for organ procurements. >> reporter: organ donations could collapse if hospitals afraid of challenges decide to cut short the amount of time they keep a donor viable. ironically that means giving families less time to let go. the issue never belonged before a judge says the expert. >> that's always a disaster. >> reporter: because courts move slowly. >> which is what judges always do in these sorts of cases. they don't want to be the ones to pull the judge. >> reporter: and the hope among
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jahi's family. >> she is a beautiful girl and she is human and she is grieving. and she is moving. and i love when i go in there and i touch her. >> reporter: is a false hope. >> it's not possible to recover from death. they are really not asking for recovery they're asking for resurrection. >> reporter: if there's something to be learned from all of this professor magnus says families may be paying more attention to end of life issues. talking to their loved ones about what interventions of what they want or don't want. but in the case of brain death it's pretty much a clear indication. >> so do they plan to go to the judge tomorrow. >> they are asking to place a breathing tube to change her to a different facility.
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after closing 2013 at record levels, wall street started the new year on the downside. the dow lost 135 points. the nasdaq dropped 33. one analyst said people shouldn't give much weight to today's losses but wait until monday when the markets are back in full swing. a last look at holiday shopping find retailers did more sales online and through mobile apps or social media than any previous year. a study by ibm shows online sales were up 10% from the year before. and sales on smart phones and tablets rose 46%. most people seemed to use apple devices over android. the decision helping the newest member of the california bar fulfills his dream and the roadblock that could still stall his career.
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cancellations right now. >> reporter: there were more than 2,300 flights cancelled. here at sfo nearly four dozen. that means people who thought they were heading back east will be spending the night in the bay area. >> i was checking the weather earlier today and i had a bad feeling. >> reporter: that feeling was right. her flight home to new york was cancelled because of heavy snowfall covering the northeast and the west. >> they were able to reschedule me. but not for another 48 hours. >> reporter: the storm is causing delays and cancellations in and out of logan, new york and newark. some departments already have snow flows on the road. >> they're reporting 18-inches in essex island. and in plymouth county 8- inches. >> reporter: at boston's logan
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airport. officials cancelled all flights until noon tomorrow. and that trickle down effect felt here in the bay area. there were 15 flights cancelled out of sfo. 32 departing and 13 cancelled. >> we have an office here. and i'm going to go into the sf office instead. >> reporter: now i just stepped inside and checked for flights, right now there are currently no flights listed to boston. now to southern california where los angeles firefighters are battling a fire at a lumberyard. firefighters went into defensive positions to try to
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keep the flames from spreading to other structures. the l.a. fire department has tweeted that power lines as you can see are down in the area. at this point no evacuations have been ordered. police in eureka say they have arrested a suspect in connection with the killing of a well respected priest. reverend aaron freed's body was found after he failed to show up for morning mass. his car was missing and he suffered significant blunt trauma. >> just based on the evidence at the scene. it looked to us like there was some level of struggle. in the parsonage. >> reporter: 43-year-old gary lee boyd of redwood was rearrested. bullock had been arrested for public intoxication on new year's eve but was released from jail just hours after
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being arrested. new information tonight about a driver killed in a car crash in marin county on new year's eve. the car landed upside down in the water. the sonoma county coroner identified the body as valentino salinas. the car went off the road while trying to pass another vehicle. a fire has damaged a memorial in santa rosa honoring andy lopez. the teenage boy who was shot to death by a sheriff deputy back in october. ktvu's mike mibach reports on the investigation and why some in the community think the fire was intentionally set. >> reporter: a charred altar on a grassy corner field. >> and i was really shocked. >> reporter: up close you can see the black burned crosses, the toys, and religious figure. >> just in shock that someone would actually do that. >> our crews from our today
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road station were dismatched a little after midnight for a fire. >> reporter: doug williams says the small fire was quickly put out and late this afternoon, fire investigators sifted through the debris and rebuilt a portion of the 12-foot long damaged altar as part of the investigation. the question for them to answer, was it arson or an accident fueled by near by candles. >> at this point we don't have any of those details. >> reporter: it was at this site where andy lopez was shot by gailhouse. gailhouse told police he thought the toy rifle that lopez had in his hands was real. since then the altar had been built in december and rebuilt today. and they say they believe it was arson. also because items from the memorial are missing. >> none of his pictures are there. he had more toys and stuff.
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>> reporter: there's still a strong push to turn this field into a park to honor andy lopez. at this hour the focus remains on the investigation to find out the cause of the fire that damaged the altar an altar these folks say will be rebuilt this weekend. in santa rosa, mike mibach. a resolution to end the long running b.a.r.t. labor dispute is nearing the finish line tonight. b.a.r.t.'s board of directors today approved revised contracts with his two largest union. the vote removes paid family leave that threatened to derail the deal. b.a.r.t. said it was a mistake to leave it in the contract and could have cost the agency tens of millions of the dollars. last month sciu, atu local 1555 agreed to remove it. >> we're satisfied with the agreement. but it's going to take a long time to heal after the type of campaign that b.a.r.t. district has run against our workers. >> i think in the end it's good for the unions. it's good for the district and particularly good for the
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riders. it'll bring labor peace. >> reporter: before there is real labor peace, members of the union must ratify the agreement. the spare the air alert in effect since tuesday will continue tomorrow. air quality managers blame our dry windless weather pattern for elevated pollution levels. during winter spare the air alerts indoor and outdoor wood burning is prohibited unless it is your only source of heat. temperatures outside right now are mostly in the 40s. we're going to get down to the mid-30s tonight. above freezing more most but frost will form in many of those inland bay valleys. these were the numbers we had today. 67 in santa rosa, 67 in fairfield. highs tomorrow, out here a touch warmer. definitely on the warm up. we also have the spare the air
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again tomorrow. 26 air alerts this week or this winter 2013-2014 so it has definitely been a dry warm year. when we come back we will tell you when this weather will be broken up with some clouds and maybe a chance of sprinkles. we'll see you back here. your personal messages made public. the claims made in a new lawsuit targeting facebook. at 10:30, 49er fever in the bay area but would you brave wisconsin weather. the last minute push to get fans to fly. >> and eventually you won't manage
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soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health.
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welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at immigration reform
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advocates are praising the bar. >> this is a great decision and something i worked hard for. >> reporter: though his status in this country is not yet legal. the supreme court agrees sergio garcia of chico has the right to practice law. it was a unanimous decision. >> here is where someone who is undocumented is eligible to practice under the law. >> reporter: it wouldn't be legal for a law firm to hire him. >> there's still hurdles after this. questions on whether he can work and if so under what
11:26 pm
circumstances. >> reporter: they plan to use it as an example for others they help. >> some of them want to become immigration lawyers and help friends and family. finally they'll have a chance to do that as a result of this case and as a result of the legislation. >> reporter: sergio garcia who's father is now a u.s. citizen has been working toward his own visa since 1995. >> never give up and eventually you'll be able to make your dream a reality. >> reporter: new york and florida are considering similar cases. in san jose, anne rubin, san jose ktvu news. facebook is facing a lawsuit. two facebook users filed the case on monday. the plaintiffs are seeking an
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injunction. they want facebook to stop scanning private messages. the 52 passengers who were stuck on an ice bound ship in antartica were rescued today and have finally started their long journey home. after several aborted attempts the chinese helicopter took advantage of today's clear weather and transported them to an ice breaker. it is expected to arrive in a week. the scientists had been on a ship that became stuck by ice. drivers know california has some rough roads. but did you know that some hybrid cars may be partly to blame. now a proposed fix but it comes with a fee. the 49ers say
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when the san francisco 49ers take on the packers in green bay this weekend there's a chance it won't be a full house. so now niners are trying to rally their fans to brave the cold and fill the empty seats. eric rasmussen has been talking to 49er faithful on making the trip. >> reporter: the team is set to leave their cozy headquarters tomorrow. i just checked the temperature in green bay, negative 12 degrees. and game time temperature is not much better. some where around negative five. but that's not stopping some of 49ers faithful on making the trip. it could be so cold conditions
11:31 pm
might rival the ice bowl of 1967. a potentially epic play off show down between the 49ers and packers yet the game is not sold out. >> i opened up my e-mail and i saw there were tickets still available. kind of blew me away. it was like wow. >> reporter: joe lianor is among those who received an e- mail from the 49ers offering special hotel and transportation packages for fans with the time and money to make the trip. >> in a heartbeat i would go if there was a plane ticket and permission from the wife. >> reporter: his memorabilia store in san carlos is home base for the niner empire. a worldwide community of 49ers fans. that's where we found the niner faithful living in washington and tennessee who now have plans to meet in green bay. they scored tickets on the 50- yard line for $230 a piece and say they're ready for the cold. >> everybody is saying wear seven layers. that's what i'm doing. >> we have hand warmers, feet
11:32 pm
warmers, long johns, over alls, scarves. we're ready. >> reporter: even if he can't be there, joe still plans to see a lot of red and gold faithful. >> you have to love it. >> reporter: and the 49ers have arranged for fans to stay at hotels. the manager in milwaukee predicts the bus ride from there to lambeau field in green bay could take three hours or more many f -- hours or more, if the weather is perfect you can sometimes do it in two hours. >> you're watching the weather here. that's the big story. >> that's the big story. and of course the niners are not used to playing in that cold. second quarter you're down to 1 1 degree. some modeling are predicting
11:33 pm
minus 1 degree and 2-degree. one of the coldest play off games we've seen. coming up we'll have your complete forecast and we'll see if there's any rain in it. san francisco mayor ed lee has made a friendly wager on the game with the mayor of green bay. the losing mayor has to visit an elementary school wearing a hat of the winning team and read to the children. and you can watch sunday's game right here on ktvu channel 2. fox coverage begins at 1:00 p.m. and the kick off is at 1:40. an oakland start up could emerge as the big winner in the
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super bowl. goldey blocks makes toys for girls promoting the use of moth and engineering. the company was recently in the news for a dispute with the beastie boys over a party of their song girls. and now a new push is under way to increase california's vehicle license fee. and as ktvu's ken pritchett reports the money raised from that increase would be used to smooth the roads and fill pothole. - - fill potholes. sometimes too easy. >> reporter: they're pretty bad. i've actually had to replace tires on my car because of potholes very recently. >> reporter: we drove and a smooth stretch of road would give out to one that would rattle your browns.
11:35 pm
we left the station with a hub cap and came back without one. on october a report from group trip, they rated the roads in california as poor. now california is working on an initiative to fix that. >> just like your house if your roofs are leaking you have to repair it. these problems have not been addressed in the last decade. >> reporter: we paid at the pump to fix our roads. but money is shrinking because in part taxes haven't been raised. >> then also because we're getting more fuel efficient vehicles in the fleet. >> reporter: more hybrids than electric cars equals less gas money. the initiative would raise the vehicle license fee by 1%. >> the government has not really proven that they're good stewarts over what they already collect from us. >> reporter: the roads repair act says they will guarantee the money will only be used for road repairs. the first challenge getting it
11:36 pm
on the november ballot the second to convince drivers to raise their taxes for a smoother ride. in oakland, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. it still sounds like something out of a futuristic model but soon self-driving cars could hit the road. a report released by ihs automotive, sales of self- driven cars will win out those of electric cars. a popular app known for self-destricting messages. the security leak exposing millions of snap users and the changes
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the city of sausalito is dealing with its second sewage spill in two weeks. a crew repairing a broken sewer main discovered a leak. environmentalists say the sewage spill is just one of hundreds that happen around the bay. and new information on a potential salmonella outbreak. state inspectors are working to see if the contamination happened at plant or from outdoor -- >> one theory is you have contaminated material coming in. that did not get a thermal treatment to kill the bacteria
11:40 pm
so they wound up being ahead and being perforated into the final product. the health of -- has declined. he's at a jerusalem hospital. he had begun to support israeli -- the israeli leader says he is committed with talks but is being met with resistance from
11:41 pm
palestinian leaders. john kerry plans to sit down with ahmad in may. rob ford has faced pressure to resign after exhibiting rather i rattic behavior and admitting to smoking crack cocaine. the toronto city council will be stripped ford of most of his powers but this morning he was the first candidate to show up at city hall. barbara bush remains hospitalized tonight but a family spokesperson says she's responding well to treatment for a respiratory problem. earlier today her husband former president george h.w. bush took to his twitter account to thank president obama and former president clinton for their well wishings. mr.bush went on to say that his wife does not take the advice of just any former president. barbara bush was admitted to methodtist hospital in houston
11:42 pm
on -- methodist hospital in houston. a penny per ounce statewide tax on sugary drinks would save hundreds of millions of the dollars in state health care costs. the issue could come up again when the legislature reconvenes on monday. 2013 the driest year on record in california. in four minutes the sierra ski resort that may not open at all this winter after an already tough year. at 10:45, chief meteorologist bill martin with his complete bay area forecast. see when change could be coming. the warriors put their the warriors put their winning streak on the to thoseworried...ited... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need.
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and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at
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social media site snap jack says it plans to reveal a more
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secure version of their app. this after allegations of a hack were released. the hackers said they only published the information after snap jack ignored their warnings about the breach. san francisco's bike share program is being touted as a huge success but with room for growth. the regional program first kicked off in august. the san francisco chronicle reports it provided 80,000 rides to members in the first three months. the program currently offers 700 bicycles at stations in five cities. now they're aiming to offer 500 extra bites at three extra
11:46 pm
stations. after the record dry year in 2013 hopes are not high for tomorrow when the department of water resources holds its first snow survey of the winter. according to the national weather service, northern california just completed its driest year since the weather service started keeping track way back in 1921. that means going forward january and february are critical. >> we need the rain now. and certainly we need the rain for the next two or three months which is typically the wettest part of the season. so we're certainly hoping for the best but planning for the worse. >> tomorrow's snow survey is expected to be 20% of normal. that is a big difference from last year at this time when it was 150% of normal. and the lack of snow is really hurting people who make their living from it. now one ski resort dodge ridge
11:47 pm
are looking forward to it. >> reporter: instead of playing games in the snow, they are playing a waiting game. >> we're waiting for snow. obviously. we're staying optimistic. things are coming in, things are changing weather pattern wise but snow is the key here. >> reporter: snow is the key to opening dodge ridge resort. you do see some snow but it's not enough for snow boarders or skiers to get their groove on. people here at dodge ridge hope mother nature will give them a break. >> stay optimistic. the weather patterns change every single day. there's been years we open in october, november. this isn't one of those years. it will come. it will snow. >> it's pretty much comatose. >> reporter: the lack of snow is devastating for business. >> you know it hurts us and you know we're into our third punch. we had the rim fire, the government closed down now no weather. it's just pretty ugly.
11:48 pm
pretty scary. >> usually there's two or three feet of snow on the ground. >> reporter: business owners say they have boots, gloves and everything those wanting to play in the snow may want. >> there's a lot of devastated people in the season who want to bring their kids up. >> reporter: like this man who says he brought his son to ski. they're going to find a hill to sled off no matter what. >> enough snow that i can slide down the hill, you know. in the rain continues to elude the bay area and the western united states for the most part except for the seattle area. you see the jet stream as we put it in it's going over the top like this then dives down to the great basin and out into the plains. they're getting wetter but we're not. that's just going to filter the sunshine a little bit. we're in for more dry and the temperatures have been on the warm to mild side. these are the current temperatures they're going get
11:49 pm
down to the mid-30s late tonight and into the low 40s in some places. just above freezing for most parts. tomorrow is just like today. then as we go into the saturday very similar to today as well. it's going to be mostly clear and cool over night. there'll be a few clouds in and out of there. mostly sunny tomorrow but temperatures will be from the mid-60s to mostly 70s degrees. that could break the pattern up a little bit. highs from today and highs from tomorrow will be just like this. mid-50s and upper 60s. maybe a couple of low 70s. overnight lows just above freezing. not that cold. there'll be frost in some of these inland bay valleys like fairfield and antioch. still just kind of not a big deal. a few weeks ago we were doing very cool temperatures. we do have that spare the air for tomorrow. today's numbers here they were on the moderate range. tomorrow's numbers they come down a little bit. which means the air quality is going to get slightly better.
11:50 pm
there will be a change in air quality. a result of this very strong high pressure. near sinking and pushes the atmosphere down low. unprecedented number of them. that pattern does not want to break up until tuesday or wednesday of next week where things could start to break lose. 67 out toward the livermore valley. 70 in livermore proper. 69 in los gatos. tomorrow is like today. saturday is probably the warmest day of the week. sunday is like today. monday and tuesday the clouds start to come in. the jet stream has a chance to drop down a little bit. temperatures drop down a little bit and we have a chance for perhaps a change in the weather. potential forecast toward wednesday, thursday of next week. it does not look like a big system. it looks like it could easily just go away but we have our fingers crossed. in the meantime more of the
11:51 pm
same unusual, unusual weather driest year in san francisco ever recorded. so that goes way back. >> doesn't feel like january. >> no it sure doesn't. >> happy new year to you and we'll come back we missed you. >> thank you, julie. happy new year to you too. >> thank you. and squall valley plans a new effort to stop the expense of their village. squall valley wants to add 1,500 hotel rooms but opponents are fighting back. they hope to incorporate olympic valley as a town. over 300 people signed a petition so residents can have more control of the growth. jim is here now with the warriors having a really good road trip so far. >> yes and they enjoyed new year's eve in miami. not too shabby.
11:52 pm
they're having fun. and tonight steph led the team to the longest win streak. he scored 13 and they led the two time defending nba champs by such as 15. warriors shot 56 degrees from the field. a swift move for two of his 32 points, david lee. james was held to 36. basketball schedule started tonight. strange but true. mike montgomery came in within one of tieing -- that's randall driveing to the bucket. stanford can't hold him. cob to sullivan, dunk you very
11:53 pm
much. 14 for solomon. and he put it away with this jumper. 18 points for cobb. cal opened at stanford. and the are -- and hello nunez. gonzaga wins at
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sharks were embarrassed by anaheim on new year's eve. they gave a season high 18. christie yamaguchi was at the shark tank tonight. 48 second later patrick marlow steals the puck. and 2-0 sharks after one period. john mccarthy to couture, logan scores the goal for the third straight game. it was 4-1 in the third. then joe pavoski who learned
11:57 pm
yesterday he made the olympic team celebrates. credit joe thornton for the pass. 5-1 is your final. big upset in tonight's sugar goal. mccarren and the crimson side were two touchdown favorites. but gino grinson takes the ball in. alabama loses it's last two games. lovie smith hired as the new head coach at -- >> that is sports as we see it. >> we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> if you miss a part of tonight's newscast, you can
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catch the rebroadcast right now on tv 36. and you can follow us any time on and all of those ktvu apps that are out there. have a good night. female annoux of general mills big g cereals
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