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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  January 23, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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look closely here in the upper left hand side you're going to see an suv run into a 70-year-old man crossing the street. tonight the clues police are using to catch the hit-and-run driver. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. police in hercules are asking for help in identifies a hit- and-run driver. someone driving an suv struck a 70-year-old man then took off.
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debora villalon is live with what police are doing to find the suspect. >> reporter: the victim is lucky he survived after a hit- and-run with a callusness that everyone surprised authorities. the video shows a man crossing the street, suddenly a vehicle that was stopped and waiting lunges forward and hits him. but not seeing what he does next. >> he walked over to the victim. when someone asked him if the victim was okay he said well he's breathing. got back into his car, drove around the victim and left. >> reporter: here it is again closer. the driver lingered less than a minute before taking off. leaving a very surprised witness to get help. >> all very shocked and surprised this person left the scene without waiting for the police. >> reporter: the video comes from a bus that was approaching the intersection about 6:30
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that morning. the intersection sits alongside a transit center. the pedestrian was walking to catch a bus. the bus driver too saw the hit- and-run clearly and helped alert police. the victim hit his head but was conscious going into the ambulance and after a few nights in the hospital, he's recovering at home now. passengers say it's one more reason that cameras on the buses are a good idea. >> i catch in the morning from 10:00 in the morning to 10:00 at night. it's very helpful because you never know what's going on when you get off the bus. >> reporter: sometimes there's room for doubt in a hit-and-run but not this one. >> they have a bump and they think maybe they hit a rock or an animal or something. and don't realize that they've had an accident. in this case it was very clear he knew he had hit a person. >> reporter: here's what investigators are looking for.
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a man who is white, who is 40, 250 pounds and balding. he is facing felony hit-and-run if caught. reporting live in berkeley, debora villalon. on we have posted that video again so you can watch it. a family is devastated tonight after a 17-year-old was shot and killed and relatives tell us it was the 14-year-old brother who pulled the trigger possibly over an argument about laundry now the family is looking for him. the shooting happened around 12:30 this afternoon. they identified the victim as justice toliver. toliver was the mother of a young daughter and had just gotten a job.
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the brother and toliver argued today after she bleached his clothes. >> we know it's an accident, a mistake. >> reporter: they don't know where the boy got a gun and the cousin told us she only learned about justice dying when she saw the rest in peace message this afternoon. police in contra costa county says it appears a 17- year-old boy in berkeley who shot and killed himself committed suicide. at first police thought the shooting had been accidental. but the coroner has determined that the boy died from a self- inflicted gun wound. the boy found the gun in an unlocked case, and the shooting happened after an argument over a report card. new information tonight about the friendly fire death
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of a b.a.r.t. police officer. preliminary findings show he was killed by a bullet to the chest. his protective vest was not enough. the alameda coroner says a bullet still found the chest of detective sergeant thomas smith everyone though he was wearing gear intending to prevent such an incident. we get the first look at the type of surroundings those officers face. amber lee has the story. >> reporter: we're at the sierra apartment. we came to see the lay out of the shooting and what investigators are looking at as they piece together what led to this deadly shooting. >> it's quiet at the park sierra apartment building. this unit is where b.a.r.t. detective sergeant thomas smith was shot by officer michael mays. it's no longer a crime scene. someone was home tonight but declined to speak to us. near by we found another one bedroom apartment with the same floor plan. the tenant invited us in. from the front door you can see
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through to the back of the 720- foot apartment. there are four rooms total. to the left the first doorway leads to the bathroom and goes to an adjoining bedroom. a second door way leads directly to the bedroom. as for the rest of the apartment, there are no walls to block the line of sight. investigators say they are still piecing together what happened but one question has now been answered. >> the pathologist today determined the cause of death to be a single gunshot wound to the chest. >> reporter: sergeant nelson says detective sergeant smith was wearing a ballistic vest similar to this one when he was shot. but that these vests don't offer full protection with openings at the chest and the sides. there will likely be a reenactment and that it may be video taped. i was also told sergeant smith and officer mays were in plain clothes and that two uniformed
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officers who were also inside the department wore video cameras. >> a moment of silence in memory of our fallen police sergeant tommy smith. >> reporter: at this morning's b.a.r.t. board meeting there was sadness over the loss of the 23 year veteran and discussion about what needs to be done so the department request move forward. >> how do you change what happened? so it doesn't happen again? >> reporter: a b.a.r.t. source tells me there's a sense of bewilderness throughout the entire transit agency about what led to this deadly shooting. live in dublin, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now, the funeral for sergeant tom smith will be held at the neighborhood church of castro valley wednesday at 10:00 a.m. the church on john drive is also known as the three crosses church. a public viewing is set for the night before at the chapel of the chimes on mission boulevard in hayward. again that will take place tuesday night from 7:00 to 9:00
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and the public is invited to go. crews are working to pull a $130,000 mazzorati out of the water. this is how it happened. he and his wife got out of the car but the car started rolling and that's when it kept on rolling right down the boat ramp and into the water. the winds have been gusting throughout the bay area. and tonight a red flag warning is posted throughout the state. crews made quick work of a fire. it burned in the backyard of a home on calvert court. right now it's under investigation. despite very dry conditions, firefighters were able to get the upper hand on the flames before they could spread to any homes. and firefighters in san jose also battled a grass fire this afternoon. the flames broke out shortly
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after 4:00 this afternoon on the ramp to highway 85. despite the winds the firefighters also got the flames under control quickly and less than an acre ended up burning. now to chief meteorologist bill martin on wind conditions that are increasing fire conditions right now. >> the wind are picking up. especially in the north bay. we have wind gusts of up to 40 miles per hour. we have wind gusts 35 to 40 miles per hour. the red flag warning has been extended now. last night it was just in san rafael. now it's in the north bay, south bay, east bay and santa cruz mountainous areas. winds could get up to 45 miles per hour tonight. humidity is low. if you want to get a look at the aerial coverage, it extends southbound toward the suhr area. high fire danger as these winds kick up tonight into tomorrow morning. when i come back after the break we're going to talk more about the fire danger. we're also going to talk about the temperatures we got today
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and what's going to happen this weekends because there's going to be a few changes that happen saturday and sunday. i'll see you back here. big waves on the san mateo coast. see how organizers plan to keep tens of thousands of spectators safe. now to san jose and a new idea to catch criminals. the proposal would allow police to tap into surveillance video from certain homes and businesses. new at 10:00, cristina rendon is in san jose to tell us how this works and also the concerns about privacy, cristina. >> one thing we discovered over the past several weeks is just how many people have surveillance cameras here in the downtown area. one city councilman wants police to use that to their advantage to help solve future crimes. night after night, camera after camera a suspected arsonist lit up the screen. the collection of home surveillance videos helped investigators nab him. the case is spurring a proposal that would allow san jose police to tap into the cameras
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of willing homeowners and businesses to watch over the city. >> i believe it has a potential of helping to solve crimes. >> reporter: edward kupfer says he would participate. he gave footage of the arsonist to the detectives. >> i feel like a good citizen that i was able to help the police department, you know, put away this guy. >> reporter: sam lecardo is proposing the base of this idea. he wants to create a web page where homeowners can sign up on a voluntary basis. >> this gives residents an opportunity, if a crime happens near by, come do me and i will help you with video evidence. >> reporter: san jose police say the idea is interesting. >> we would have to obviously explore a variety of practical matters including costs, staffing, privacy issues. >> reporter: privacy is a concern for those worried about giving police easy access to
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their video. but lecardo says police won't be spying. and for kupfer he says the cameras are pointing outside the house not in. so he wouldn't feel that people are watching too closely. >> 99.9% of the time it's extraordinarily boring stuff. >> reporter: they are working with the businesses to see which have cameras in case they would need to use them. live in san jose, cristina rendon, ktvu channel 2 news. there's a marijuana growth spurt. i'll tell you how it's changing the face of enrollment at oakster dam university. and after
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well looks pretty calm after half-moon bay tonight, but boy the waves for tomorrow's maverick surf competition could end up being the biggest ever. tens of thousands of people are expected to head to the san mateo coast tomorrow to watch some of the top wave surfers in the world compete in the mavericks invitational. ken pritchett live in the half- moon bay with how organizers plan to keep all those spectators safe, ken. >> reporter: less than 48 hours ago they got the word so crews
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tonight are very busy setting up the festival grounds here on the parking lot for mavericks invitational. they just turned their tv on a short time ago. 15,000 are expected to be here in this parking lot to watch the event and it could be a historic competition. on the eve of behalf ricks. the sun going down, a few surfers were out anticipation building. along with the surf. >> right now the swell is filling in. it's getting bigger and bigger. >> reporter: tomorrow how large will the swells be? 40feet, more? it's a guess. >> for me it'll be 50-foot. a big wave is 40-foot so this is going to be well out of our comfort zone. >> reporter: that will be an added challenge for rescue crews. patrols are asking spectators to stay out of the water and
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the beaches. in 2010, big waves swept on up to the beach causing minor injuries, ever since this area has been the viewing area. people can watch from a safe distance. >> be prepared for sunday. >> reporter: the organizers say they are prepared for 30,000 people to attend mavericks. being prepared for possibly 60- foot waves, that's different. >> this is going to be a rare rare swell. and it's going to push all of us to our limit. it's going to be really gnarly out there. >> reporter: organizers say if you're planning to attend buy your tickets online and arrive here early in the morning around 7:30 or so because they expect traffic to be heavy on highway 1 for much of the day. in half-moon bay, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. and on our website we've posted a lot more details about tomorrow's contest and specifically where you can go
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to watch. look for web links in the hot topics section is. the battle over the future of the oakland a's is now moving ahead in two different courts. the team is looking to move to san jose but does not have approval. today san jose filed notice that it plans to appeal the decision and the city says it is pursuing a second lawsuit that accusing major league baseball of interfering. max wade was sentenced to 25 to 30 years in prison and the judge said he deserves it. he was convicted of stealing celebrity chef guy fieri's
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lamborghini. under the law wade could apply for parol before he turns 40 years old. right now he's 19. he was 17 at the time of the crimes. the death of an inmate at san quentin prison has now prompted an investigation. 60-year-old thomas henderson died yesterday. authorities are saying he intentionally fell from the fourth tier of a cell block. henderson died at marin henderson hospital from injuries from the fall. san quentin is investigating. a forensic investigation is scheduled for tomorrow. and it's a scary thought, doctors operating under the influence. but it's happening. >> reporter: this woman wanted a tummy tuck, but she ended up
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in pain. later finding out her doctor was drunk. >> i was furious. >> there is no system to identify, treat, and stop dangerous doctors from practicing. >> reporter: consumer watchdog says studies show one in five doctors will have addition problems at one point. doctors overprescribed pills to an impaired driver. under current law. >> it procolluded me from getting those doctors into court. >> reporter: their father bob pat told me today the initiative also requires consulting drug data bases before prescribing. and a 38-year-old cap on
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medical malpractice pain and suffering. >> it will allow patients who are the victims of medical negligence to get to court. that provides the accountability. >> reporter: california medical association representing 35,000 physicians told me by e-mail that consumer watchdog support is confusing and hypocritical. consumer watchdog says it has already collected 600,000 signatures, needs 200,000 more to qualify this for the november ballot. more details now, here's another look at that billboard now posted on franklin and broadway street in downtown oakland. the phone number to report drug and alcohol impaired doctors is 1-844-docs-dui. fog along the coast right now. we even had a little bit of shower activity. a light dusting of snow up in
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the tahoe area as this system slides through. this system is mainly giving us winds. they've picked up in the north bay. in hillsburg. temperatures outside right now are kind of on the mild sides. 49 in santa rosa. 44 in walnut creek. red flag warning for the hills of the bay area. strongest winds will be in the north bay. if you're going to hear them they're going to be at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. the winds in the bay area will kick up after 2:00 in the morning. 37 in vallejo and 35 in napa. kind of cool overnight. tomorrow's daytime high slightly cooler because of the wind. because of a teeny bit of cloud cover. when i come back we'll talk about fog, bay area weekend and how warm it will get as we get into saturday and sunday. hawaii kilowea's volcano is putting on quite a show. geologists say that e eruption has been building for quite
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some time. it's caused by a build up of gas deep inside the volcano. kilouea has been erupting since 1923. justin bieber arrested on dui charges. >> this is a person with enormous talent and enormous opportunity who's wasting it. the pop sensation's latest brush with the law. and now may not be the time for rehab. a deadly fire
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dozens of people are missing tonight after a raging fire swept through a home for senior citizens in quebec canada. at least five people are confirmed dead. more than 30 others are missing. the fire started after midnight while most were asleep.
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some of the residents needed wheelchairs others were alzheimer's patients. because of extreme low temperature it is water firefighters poured on to the home has now frozen. anyone left inside is likely beneath several inches of ice. the losening of marijuana laws in some parts of the u.s. is helping boost enrollment at oaksterdam university in oakland. >> new attitudes in states such as colorado have led to a new crop of students studying the business of pot. >> leaves, stems and roots growing and continuing to grow throughout the vegetative growth cycle. >> reporter: the chairs are rolled up, pens in hand. textbooks ready but this is not your typical university class. >> the class itself -- is a lot of information. >> reporter: this is the advanced study. >> we want to know make choices about where to cut. >> reporter: about marijuana cultivation. >> a lot of people think you're
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coming here to grow a plant. where there's a whole science behind it. >> reporter: you can see it pinned on the wall. students flocking here from overseas, washington state and colorado. >> a lot of states are passing these laws. we're getting a huge influx of students from there. >> reporter: there are 20 states plus dc that allow medical marijuana use. then there's colorado and washington state that allow recreational use with other states on the cuff. that's seating seats in the oaksterdam university hall that you don't see at other universities. >> at 56 years old it's a little hard going back. >> reporter: we have some people here from colorado after the moment the law passed. >> reporter: avery is hoping his enrollment if and when the empire state goes green. >> it's just like any other school you go to. you have home work, final exams. readings, everything.
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it's a lot of work, yeah. >> reporter: the high they hope to get out of this class is measured in grades. >> noelle walker. a national poll shows a growing number of americans support the legalization of marijuana. the 54% of those polls support legalizing pot with 44% opposed. that's a major turn around from just two years ago when a majority of americans 57% opposed legalization. to water or not to water. that's the question facing bay area residents as they face $1,000 fines for not keeping
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that's singer justin bieber waving to fans after he was released from jail. they say hoe was drag racing and driving under the influence. bieber's originally from canada and some are wondering now paul if he could be deported. >> reporter: frank, that is correct. there's already a hash tag on twitter hash tag deport justin bieber. >> i just stopped listening to his music and i just don't like him. >> reporter: the pop star was arrested this morning after he
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was drag racing and driving under the influence. they say he also resisted arrest. >> it seems kind of typical for a celebrity doing this kind of stuff. it's not out of the ordinary. >> this is a person with enormous privilege, enormous talent who's wasting it. >> reporter: many people say bieber should go to rehab but corpus says he shouldn't attend until he's ready and has a support system in place. >> he really has to assess what is right for him. >> reporter: the pop star who is originally from canada should return home. but karen lorgen says it's not that easy. >> you do have to have a legal hook. i don't think they have an exact legal hook for him. >> reporter: johnson did say if a judge believes bieber is an addict he could be deported. bieber was release on $2,500 bond. live in oakland, i'm paul
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chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. neiman marcus says 1.5 million credit cards were possibly hacked. 2,300 cards have been used fraud lengthily. on it website the company reports that the pin numbers were not stolen. the hack exposed 110 million target customers. the president and ceo of the california union says the impact of the target breach on consumers and financial institutions is astonishing. wall street took a big
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tumble today. the nasdaq fell 24 points. a report of a slow down in manufacturing in china seem to be the catalyst that triggered the sell off. apple is reportedly working on new iphones to be introduced later this year. the wall street journal reports the new phones will feature larger screens than the current 4-inch screen on the iphone 5s. the screens on the new models would reportedly be up to a full inch larger. apple's plans are not final yet and could change. apple has had no comment. parts of northern california russian river are looking more like a dry bed and that's keeping officials awake at night. they say the river is so low it's not recharging any of the ground water. just last night clover dale ordered a reduction in water use. hillsburg did the same just days ago. the water has not been this low
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since the 1950s. some bay area homeowners are being forced to water their lawns or pay big fines. >> reporter: san lorenzo village, home to grassy yards, some healthy, some not. >> i think it's really ridiculous. >> reporter: vanessa de guzman has a brown one, by choice. >> we're in a drought right now. >> reporter: she says she's receiving multiple violations because of it. >> repeat violation $100. >> they want to fine me from $100 to $1,000. >> there's blades starting to come through here. >> reporter: the san lorenzo village homes association slapped him his first violation a few weeks ago. >> i couldn't believe it because there's a lot of yards that look like this. >> reporter: and the story doesn't end there.
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the other day john decided to go to his mailbox. a new violation. in response he got a handwritten note in red ink that said he had 30 days to get green from 1/21/14. and homeowners are required to have a well maintained yard says the homeowners association. they're also required to invest in new landscaping once the drought is over. >> i don't think i have much of a choice. that's the problem. >> i'm going to water it as much as i possibly can. >> reporter: that's because john gleiser says he doesn't want to pay $1,000. but if you look at the note in red, he's on the clock and his time to get green is ticking. mike mibach.
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the dali lama is scheduled to make a visit to the bay area next month on february 23rd. tickets are $50 each and go on sale in richmond this saturday. the 78-year-old exiled leader won the noble peace prize in 1989 for his nonviolent protest of china's occupation of tibet. a formal truck car driver swindled out of his car. two investigates how authorities exposed the large scale scheme. winds and fire danger continue to linger in the bay area. but coming up i'll lay out when you can see some changes.
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happening now a pricey car being pulled from the water in alameda. we've been watching these pictures over the last half hour as crews attach land to that vehicle and slowly pull it on to shore. the car rolled off a boat dock earlier tonight. no one was inside. the 1978 lutanza heist was one of the largest in u.s. history at the time and was later dramatized in good fellows. today federal authorities in new york arrested 70-year-old vincent athero and four others. gunman robbed $6 million in cash and jewels from lutanza from the lutanza terminal. government investigators say
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they have the testimony of witnesses. the poor guy, a grandfather. i met his granddaughter in court today. he got roused out of bed at 6:00 this morning for something he did not do. >> most people involved in the heist are now dead or presumed dead. the cash was never recovered. we now know the name of the boy who was killed in a hit-and- run. garren bolden of san jose. bolden was walking on an onramp to interstate 680s for some unknown reason when he was hit by an unidentify vehicle on january 10. the driver left the scene. then bolden was ran over a second time. the second driver called police
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to the scene. under a deal expected to be announced tomorrow the bill would ban single use plastic bags at grocery stores, liquor stores and pharmacies. customers would pay 10-cents each for recycled paper bags instead. almost 100 california cities already have bans including several in the bay area. state lawmakers have tried three times and failed to pass a ban but this time they say they have the 21 votes required in the senate to pass it. consumer reports is raising questions about an impurity found in caramel coloring commonly added to soda. it found 12 brands of sodas have varying levels of what is called formel. the fda said it would look into the matter. california lists formel as a
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carcinogen and mandates a -- the shelter went public this morning with her story. and it didn't take long. staffers say more than 100 people called and that candy, boy she is cute. now has a permanent home. >> she is cute. a stranger in the neighborhood. how a curious bear spent his time in southern california today and why wildlife officials chose not to intervene. in five minutes, our chief meteorologist bill martin has the complete bay area forecast. we'll tell you how long these windy conditions are going to last.
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two investigates a livermore car dealer due in
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court for sentencing on embezzlement. it's a story about broken trust and cars that are worth tens of thousands of dollars. allie rasmusen looking at what brought down the car dealer and why this case may not be over yesterday. >> reporter: known for driving fast on the track. and promising fast money for classic car owners at his auto consignment dealership. >> we rarely come across a camaro that's done this well. >> reporter: rick carsel seemed like the right man to sell lee's camaro. >> i was about ready to pay my 10% commission and got nothing for it. >> reporter: he spent 10 years restoring the car. a celebration of sorts for his son who had just finished
11:46 pm
leukemia. they decided to sell it for money for college. his cut $33,000 but the check bounced. >> the bank called me and said the check was no good. >> $33,000. no good. >> no good. 33,000. my heart sunk. >> reporter: 2 investigates received a number of letters blaming cash flow issues. boisell pleaded he was family man with a baby due. >> talked to him personally. he's like, he gave me the sob story about his wife being pregnant. he said just give me a week. i will throw in an extra thousand for you. and shook hands, looked him in the eye. >> reporter: but the money never came. when he reached out to authorities he found he was not alone. >> it was a scheme the perpetrator was scheming. >> reporter: he was involved in
11:47 pm
writing bad checks to six victims. in december voisell took a plea deal. six months in county jail, five months probation. but most important prosecutors say is an order to repay all of his victims. out on bail until sentencing. >> the number you dialed has been changed. >> reporter: we could not reach him on his cell phone. >> disconnected or is no longer in service. >> reporter: or any of his recent addresses including the one inside the gated ruby hills in pleasanton. gol never knows if he will ever see his money. he only hopes his experience will avoid someone else getting ripped off. eric rasmussen, ktvu news. >> if you have an idea for two investigates we sure would like to hear from you. e-mail two investigates at the city of san francisco is -- the chronicle reports twitter will increase its donations to the community from $75,000 to almost $400,000.
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the tax breaks are part of a city plan to revitalize the mid- market area. according to the chronicle, agreements with spotify and advisor are still being looked at. cable car users were disappointed this afternoon. muni shut down the system. the grip on the car frayed the cable and that kept the power line idle while they removed the cable car. the california line was also down for a time. service resumed at 3:00 this afternoon along with lines of tourists. a nice day today out there. we didn't have any records. we tied a record in oakland today. so we've got a number of days in a row with record or near record temperatures in the bay area. oakland was 72. santa rosa 72. napa 72. and 71 in fairfield. these are a little cooler than they were yesterday. temperatures tomorrow will be slightly cooler than these.
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here's what's happening. look at this jet stream. like a snake. it's going way up here to the north. this low pressure, see how it's undercut in here. you can see rain showers, snow flurries up around truckee, around south lake tahoe. that's green on our radar. something we haven't seen in a while. is it accumulating? no not much but it's green and something to look at because it's been a long time. along the coast we have fog. see right in here. here's where we'll have the contest tomorrow. with these south winds that are kicking up. we'll have an opportunity to kick up on to the coast. there's a high surf advisory that's in effect. the swells are going to peak. they're going the max out probably tomorrow morning. the swells are now 10 feet. but the interval on these swells is about 30 second. it's a big interval. that means the swells are really coming up. even though the swells are 20 feet in the middle of the
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ocean. looks like we'll have a good contest unless the fog obscures the view. those winds are what would allow you to have nice waves. because the winds come this way and stand the waves up. stands them up longer so the surfers can make the wave. it's also for low weather pattern. we've had wind gusts up to 30, 35 miles per hour in the north bay. i think we could see gusts 25 to 30 into the bay area as we go into the late evening hours. these are the forecasts for the next five days. temperatures are going to warm up a little bit more. 65 in santa clara. 70 in gilroy for a forecast high. nice looking friday. so the next chance of day i keep saying some where in that first week in february the models are phasing together and trying to agree on a series of weather systems early february.
11:51 pm
until then that's what you got. watch that fog out of mavericks. because that would be a bit of a drag. if the fog rolls in and you can't see any. because those guys are a mile or so offshore. hopefully that won't be an issue. we'll be all over it tomorrow on mornings on 2. >> waves may be 40 to 50 feet. >> they can go 50 feet. yeah. >> that is scary. >> that is scary. >> thanks, bill. a curious brown bear was caught roaming through a neighborhood. these are pictures from a home in the backyard in pasadena. you can see him, he's rolling around, eating vegetation. >> looks drunk. >> california fish and wildlife kept a close eye on the bear for several hours. finally wandered into a more remote area and wardens felt they didn't have to intervene. >> he looks a little tipsy. mark is in tonight. >> the warriors end the sharks
11:52 pm
as contenders. they call him little joe but joe pavelski has been playing large. these guys at the tank no doubt they tebow duck dynasty back home. and needed to make 20 saves to earn a second consecutive shut out. justin braun shoots and there's joe plaveskic. flies past goalies, jets goalie andrew povaleck. his 28 goals now overall. second only to ovechkin. 1-0 sharks win. the warriors have an nba four best players. clay thompson and of course steph curry selected for the final team. but the only guy is the human
11:53 pm
torch. stephan curry voted into the starting team today. first all star starter since lotrell speedwell in 1995. he carries career highs in points, assists. he received 1 million votes. curry knows there's still more work to be done. >> my role is to make the right decision every possession. i feel like i'm going to get better at it. i'm going to continue to study the game and not be careful with the ball and be aggressive. good things will happen. >> it's steph. how you getting ready for all star? you want half and half? >> an incredible player. an incredible example. an incredible leader. he's a better person than he is a basketball player. so it's great to see. >> and coming up tiger makes this 2014 pga
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two teams with identical 3- 2 pac records met today.
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but it quickly turned into a win for the bruins. john gauge hits the three pointer to give the cardinal it is lead. but that was the last lead of the game for them. bruins go on on a 10-0 run and they did it by getting up on the rim. every time stanford cut the lead to single digits bruins get an easy lay up. is that thunder i hear? ucla wins 95-74. tiger woods won the farmers insurance open at tori pines in l. a. well la hoya excuse me seven different times. that was his last major victory. today he starts out well with a great approach. tiger struggles off the tee and he shoots an even par 72. tiger needs this big punt to save par. he sits tied at 64. that's sports as we see it. >> 64. wow. >> he's got to make the cut. >> thanks fred. >> thank you for choosing ktvu
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channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> ktvu news starts at 4:30 tomorrow morning. if you missed any part of the newscast you can catch
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television istribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> wow! the captain and tennille are getting divorced. and justin bieber got arrested for d.u.i., drugs, resisting arrest, driving on an expired license. >> he was rolling up the sleeves on his jumpsuit to show off his arms and his tattoos and his muscles. >> he looks like one the chics on "orange is the new black." >> so wayne brady was leaving a


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