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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  January 24, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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even a warrior can get sick. kaiser permanente reminds you to get your flu shot this season. this is the police booking photo of a school teacher arrested today on poisoning charges. police say she added pot to a pot luck dinner.. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. police arrested her after police say she poisoned her
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coworkers. paul chambers has the story. and you tell us that there was a juvenile that ate the dinner. >> we learned some of the coworkers took some of the food home which contained pot and the teacher unbeknownst gave it to one of their children who ate the pot also. now we'll tell you we obtained this letter also that went home to parents today about the teacher. >> this is 47-year-old teresa badger, a veteran first grade teacher here at turner elementary. this evening we spoke to parents who are surprised to hear that badger was surprised to learn someone laced food. on november 21st, badger attended a pot luck dinner.
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>> she brought food that had marijuana on it. >> reporter: the item made at least two of the people at the party sick. and they weren't the only ones. >> one of the attendees took some of the food home and their 15-year-old juvenile ingested this food and became ill. >> still kind of flabbergasted and she's a great person and a great lady. so i'm just very, very surprised that that this has happened. >> reporter: now here's a statement the school principal sent to parents this morning. i am writing to let you know that mrs. badger is out on leave. the lenght of the leave is not known at this time. we went by badger's home where his son says his mother is expected home later tonight. her bail is set at $15,000. paul chambers, ktvu news. new video of the aftermath
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of a pile up on interstate 80. a driver's mini van crossed a grassy median, across an onramp and hit several more cars. so far it's not exactly clear that the nature of her medical emergency. now to oakland where a family that lost one child to gunfire yesterday is pleading for her 14-year-old to turn himself in. they're afraid he's going to die violently just like his sister did. debora villalon is live where toliver was last seen. >> reporter: and where his sister died. it's a condominium where he apparently shot her. now 14 hours later and he's still on the one. >> i fear for you mario, i fear for your life. >> reporter: mario toliver
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called her and said he and his sister were fighting but he didn't mention a gun. >> he said he was sorry. he was scared, he is scared now. he thought police was going to kill him. i pleaed for him to come home. to call somebody. >> reporter: home is the condo that his grandma has rented for a decade. the gun was fired while she was in the next room. >> she will not speak about it. tears just run down her cheek. because it's so unbelievable the sister and the brother. >> she said she threw something or something. and that's what triggered. >> reporter: the building is thick with surveillance cameras. more than 100. watching the halls and exits, video given to police by the property manager. who says it shows mario leaving. but a weapon -- >> i'm not sure to be honest. i'm not sure. maybe he hide it. i don't know.
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>> reporter: of the brother and sister he says they didn't cause him any trouble. >> sometime they behave just normal. but sometimes maybe it would be different after they've been high. >> reporter: the family is trying to raise money for justice' burial and frantic they will lose mario next. >> i fear that the police is going to look at him and say he's armed and dangerous and shoot before they talk. >> reporter: anti violence activists say the tragedy speaks to a larger issue. >> who gave the 14-year-old a gun. will they step up to the plate? will they tell. >> reporter: both teenagers are parents themselves of toddlers. their own mother is incarcerated. reporting live in oak land, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco general hospital says federal investigators have signed off on its plan to fix problems
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following the death of a patient in the hospital stairwell. the centers for medicare and medicaid services reviewed security, interviewed staff and observed nurses and doctors working with patients. the review stems from the death of 57-year-old lynn spalding in a locked stairwell 17 days after she went missing from her hospital room. a bracelet tracking system for parents considered at risk of going awol, hospital officials say that government monitoring will continue. >> but for this investigation it is now concluded. we are no longer deficient and our plan of correction has shown that we are safer and that we have a plan to become safer still. >> new regulations are also in place for the sheriff's department which is responsible for security at san francisco general. police in morgan hill are asking for help in locating a teenage girl who they say ran away from home and has been
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missing now for more than 24 hours. 13-year-old casey collin was last seen early yesterday morning. she was leaving her home near sorell way after an argument with her mother. she is described as 13 years old, 5'2" tall, 125 pounds with braces. anyone with any information about her whereabouts is asked to contact police in morgan hill. state officials say that california has added more than 130,000 jobs from the start of the economic recovery about two years ago. new numbers out today show the state jobless rate fell to 8.3% in december. that's down from 8.5% in november. according to the employment development department, 1.5 million californians are out of a job. more details now, all nine area counties are below the state average. solano county are below the california rate. at the other end of the scale, marin county has the lowest
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jobless rate in the entire state 4.2%. both san francisco and san mateo countys are also now below 5%. wal-mart says it's cutting more than 2,000 jobs at its sam's club stores. the area has two sam's club stores. nationwide it's laying off 23,000 workers. some will be hourly workers, others will be management jobs. sam's has been facing competition from amazon's prime service. when the closing bell rang this afternoon you could also hear a sigh of relief that the week was finally over. the dow fell more than 318 points and closed below 16,000. the nasdaq dropped 90 points. it's the worse week of the market for more than 40 years. the world's top big wave
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surfers took the mavericks the áf challenge today and lived to tell about it. a south african won the top prize and most fans had to watch from far away for security reasons. >> ktvu went out with a harbor patrol boat today and we had to hold on tight as the waves made for a bumpy journey to take a closer look out at pillar point. even up close the waves made the surfers seem tiny and the waves kept building. >> it's been a little spotty but the waves are big. when the waves do come, they're monsters. >> reporter: we were not alone with the monsters. fans filled boats of all shapes and sizes to watch, so many something had to be done. >> before other boats would
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stay in wade areas to watch the waves now we're keeping them at a clock wise motion so they all get a fair chance to look at the waves and keep in gear. >> invitational champion, chris wiggey baker. >> reporter: meanwhile thousands jammed the oceana hotel to watch a live feed of the contest and saw south african probaker walk away with the prize. once the winners are picked and the boats start coming in the harbor patrol won't change its routine too much because the dangers all along the coast have not stopped. at pillar point, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. at we posted more video of today's big wave action. look for the hot topic action on our home page. video shows this bay area man died trying to save someone's life. >> that doesn't surprise you at all. >> no it doesn't. no. he's just that type of person.
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>> how his routine commute home turns tragic. >> the warning about bad air in your neighborhood and how warm it could get. >> and after the break, walking their dogs
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continuing coverage tonight of thefriendly fire shooting that killed a b.a.r.t. police officer earlier this
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week. questions remain about the exact circumstances of the deadly shooting but there's no question that everyone involved is grieving and trying to cope. ktvu's amber lee is live now in oakland and she asked the police psychologist about how the officer who pulled the trigger and the transit agency can recover. amber-- >> gasia, employees here at b.a.r.t. tell me this is a very difficult time for them. >> just hours after the shooting on tuesday, the grief on the faces of b.a.r.t. police chief and other brass was evident. >> i think it's the worse of the worse. >> reporter: police psychologist ellen kershman has written books about how to help police officer families cope. she's worked with palo alto. she says counseling with experts who have specific knowledge on the culture of law enforcement is important for the officers recovery and for
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b.a.r.t. to move forward. >> blaming, finger pointing is not the thing to do. some people will not know what to say to this officer. >> reporter: may social -- mays is now on leave. the two were not only coworkers, but friends as well. >> officer mays is very concerned with and deeply concerned with how sergeant smith's family is doing and he extends his love and consideration to them. >> reporter: i asked the attorney if mays has spoken with sergeant smith's family. >> it's my understanding that both families are in communication and expressing these feelings to each other. >> one of the most important things is for this officer to have the compassion and understanding and the support of the people he works with and
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his friends and his family. >> reporter: the psychologist says officer mays will have to learn to forgive himself. he says support for mays and sergeant smith's family can come in many forms. simple words such as i'm thinking of you or a hug. perhaps a squeeze on the shoulder can go a long way. reporting live in oakland, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now of the funeral for detective sergeant smith is set for monday at 10:00 a.m. at the neighborhood church of castro valley. the church is also known as the three crosses church. state with ktvu for continuing coverage on the shooting death. we'll bring you the latest online as the investigation proceeds. in oakland police are asking the public to be on the look out for a stolen car that's been used during burglaries. it's a gray 2009 four door honda fit. the car has a license plate 6hdh632. police say it's been used in burglaries in the north oakland and lake merit neighborhoods.
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one of the robbers is described as a heavy set white man the other is a blond white woman. anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police. there's new information about a man fatally shot by the chp earlier this week. he's identified now as 21-year- old jose mungia of oakland. two chp officers stopped an suv in east oakland around 9:00 p.m. on tuesday for not having license plates. the investigators say mungia got out of the car and took off. officers say he pointed a gun at them and that's when he opened fire. the driver also took off and is yet to be caught. an antioch couple is recovering tonight after being attacked by pit bulls on an evening walk. >> reporter: john wasworth's left hand is torn up. their hound has several deep bite marks and most of all his muffin a poodle had the back of its neck ripped open.
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>> almost like shell shock. it happened so fast. >> the last thing i expected was to have to fight for my life. >> reporter: the four of them went for their usual walk when they got here to mental lane three pit bulls charged them. charging for the dogs, one last time for the poodle's neck. >> she was squealing, she was screaming so hard. and her face was toward me so i could see the terror in her face. >> reporter: as he tried to help his hound the pit bull bit him. >> he grabbed my hand and started chewing it up. >> so he took out the knife and stabbed the attacking dog once in the rib. by then the neighbors and the pill bull owner has pulled the dogs away. the owners of the pit bull would not go on camera. they say the dogs have always been friendly, but they do not
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have licenses. >> you need to realize how strong these dogs are and the responsibility behind owning a dog. >> reporter: their fates remain uncertain. the wentworth's want the pit bulls put down, the owners want them spared. rob roth, ktvu news. a state senate hearing looking into claims that caltrans compromised quality. that bridge has been open now for several months. but today several engineered and contractors told lawmakers that they were pressured to ignore problems or to stay quiet about their concerns. they testified about threats and bullying when they raised questions about safety. >> i was, specifically directed not to look in areas that i knew there were cracks. >> reporter: some of the concerns involved alleged defects in the weulding, steel
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deck towers and those problematic bolts -- in the welding, steel deck towers and those problematic bolts. >> i have no evidence or no reason to believe that there was any coercion or anything like that and bullying to make determinations. >> state senator mark delsoni says he isn't convinced another hearing is scheduled. >> california governor jerry brown is appealing to the state's highest court to get the high speed rail project moving. two courts have stalled the projects, one's ruling prevents the state. the other calls for a new financing plan. the governor wants both rulings overturned. construction is scheduled to begin this spring. another spare the air alert has been called for tomorrow. it's the 30th alert that's been called so far this winter season. wood burning means it means that wood burning will be prohibited both indoors and outside. the air quality district says a high pressure weather system is causing air pollution to hit
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unhealthy levels. homes that rely on wood burning as their only source of heat are exempt from the ban. violators can be fined. that same high pressure is giving us a very warm daytime high that we've been seeing. outside right now we've got a few clouds. tomorrow this is the computer model is bringing more clouds in on saturday morning. so partly cloudy, partly sunny through saturday morning. saturday afternoon, more clouds. so it's kind of hazy sunshine tomorrow. partly cloudy. that's why overnight tonights are going to be on the mild side because of all the cloud cover. we're looking at temperatures tomorrow to be back into the 70s. yellows represent 70-degree readings. these greens represent the numbers ending per happen it is upper 50s. so a nice warm day for your saturday. sunday looks like a pretty nice day as well. when we come back, we will break down your sunday for you and we go looking for rain. because there's something changing around in that jet stream. i'll tell you about that in just a few minutes.
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struck by a train. friends and family say he died a hero. >> he is just that type of person. >> the heroic acts that cost one life and saved another on the caltrain tracks. >> the
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to thsuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at
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surveillance video surfaced tonight showing the alleged drag race involving justice bieber and his friend. the video from a home shows a yellow lamborghini speeding with a black escalade behind it. just behind follows a red ferrari with another black escalade blind it. afterward bieber was arrested with charges of driving under the influence but he's not the
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only one in trouble. three state police officers in florida have now been suspended from their jobs for giving bieber an unauthorized escort from the airport on monday. authorities say in order to receive a police escort a strict protocall must be followed. the officers were suspended with pay. we're learning more about this week's deadly accident on the railroad tracks on the santa clara railroad station. two men were struck by a train, one of them died. he died trying to save the life of a complete stranger. >> reporter: 35-year-old phillip schults was taking the train home monday night. part of his every day routine but that all changeed in a split second when he tried to rescue a man lying on the tracks. >> as the train approached, laying down to reach out down in front of the tracks. >> reporter: phillips emily describes him as someone who embraced life. the two met in college and had
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been married for seven years. finding out phillip died trying to save someone else, was small comfort to people who loved him. >> he would endanger his life to save someone else. >> that doesn't surprise you at all? >> no. not at all. he was that type of person. >> reporter: the investigation isn't over. caltrain says it needs to speak to the man who survived. for friends, the reality of what happened is just setting in. >> i don't know if it has hit me quite yet. i'm still working on it. >> reporter: family friends jeanette ricafrente says that phillip and anna were like family to her. they were there to help her when her husband was deployed. >> i doesn't hit me yet. emily is there waiting with dinner and he doesn't make it
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home. >> reporter: in pleasanton, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. an armed attacker said to be hiding in the backseat of a car. the warning to college students after a report of a parking lot kidnapping and assault. >> vallejo police call an operation safe net it is aimed at making up for a lack of manpower. the evidence that it appears to be working. and a reminder you can get ktvu news
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vallejo police cracking down on crime. today new evidence that doing more with less is having a big impact. it's called operation safe net, and uses overtime to put more officers on the street. >> and tonight police are
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claiming success with dozens of arrests including two that happened in just the past half hour. new at 10:00, ken pritchett live at vallejo with the change that residents say they've seen in just a short time, ken. >> reporter: well frank, those arrests you just mentioned those two arrests happened just a short time ago. very close to where we are. we'll tell you more about that in just a second. as vallejo police have a need of more officers and that's why they launched this operation safe net. so far there seems to be a measurable success than they've ever had. this is lee, he lived in this motel. he didn't want his full name used because of his neighborhood. >> it's a crime riddled area. it is. drugs, prostitution, just about everything goes on in this area. >> reporter: but he's noticed a change. there are more vallejo police officers out at night. part of operation safe net. >> most definitely. there has been a lot of police
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patrolling this area. it seems like the last week or so. >> reporter: safe net started just about two weeks ago, already netting 68 arrests with five people arrested last night in three hours flat for drugs and illegal firearms. what is safe net? >> it's a stopgap measure while we're going through manpower shortage. >> reporter: it's essentially officers working overtime with a times the help of outside agencies focusing limiting resources on hot spots. the intersection of tennessee and sonoma marks one neighborhood that police are focusing on operation net. you can take a look at this map you see 13 different locations around vallejo that police are focused on now. >> people in those neighborhoods know about crime and they know that their quality of life has been suffering recently because we haven't had the ability to address the problems. >> reporter: police want people to know where safe net is
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targeting to scare crooks and reassure neighbors. >> we need it. it cuts the crime down. >> reporter: the numbers u under safe net increased by two just a few months ago. two arrests, vallejo police were working with seven police officers from richmond. they were doing an undercover safe net operation tonight. and about half an hour ago they pursued two men right behind the vallejo police station. they were arrested in a ravine. police say those two men when they are arrested or shortly before they are arrested dropped two handguns. in vallejo, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. a warning tonight at the college of marin after a male student reported that he was kidnapped and sexually assaulted. a text sent to students warned students. it all started about 8:15 last night in parking lot 13. the marin county sheriff's told said a male student told
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investigators he got into his car but shortly realized there one someone in the backseat. >> you have to accept that these kind of things can happen any where. if you're ever around in more than one place, you have to realize that you can only do so much from stopping these horrible things from happening. >> the system is described as a black man about 6'2", weighing between 220 and 235 pounds. a richmond man pled guilty and was sentenced to 31 years in prison on ape and hate crime charges. in 2008, the victim who was a lesbian was walking home when she was raped and beaten by members of a street gang. robert ortiz pled guilty to three charges. he was 15 at the time. he's now 20 years old. two other men have also been con -- convicted in the case. a judge in fort worth gave
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the hospital until monday to remove marlese munoz from a ventilator. the hospital said that it was just trying to follow a state law that required them to keep munoz alive to save her unborn child. but the hospital has found that the child is not viable. the decision brings to mind teenager jahi mcmath. earlier this month jahi was transferred from children's hospital to an undisclosed medical facility where she's said to be receiving medical attention to keep her body
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alive. ktvu reached out to get an update on her condition, our calls were not returned. the special appointee who now oversees the school pulled the pay raises saying it was not appropriate. protesters said that it would have given the administration a heavy pay raise just after they accepted a pay cut. it happened just after 11:00 this morning, the mountain view company say that restored service for most users about an hour later, the social network google plus and google owned you tube were also affected. tonight google is blaming a software bug for ignoring users requests. we got a sneak peak of the newest terminal at san francisco international airport today. it's boarding area e in terminal three. it's undergone a $138 million make over and will be open for
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business next tuesday. the 69,000 square foot terminal has 10 gates. the new space is expected to handle 50 arrivals and departures every day. it features new restaurants, shops and even a yoga studio. we posted new video of boarding gate e and its art work. we have a little more than a week to go before the super bowl. crews are putting the finishing touches on met life stadium in new jersey. today they also tested thelights to make sure it will stay on the whole game. you may remember last year in san francisco. inspectors traced the outage. -- makers are trying to factor snow and temperatures into the game which is set to
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be played at the met life sports complex in new jersey. the area has been experiencing sub zero weather with plenty of snow. that uncertainty has executives sweating. >> you're not a player that touches the ball doesn't mean you can't affect the game and how much yardage a team can get based on the weather conditions and the field conditions. >> reporter: casino managers say inspite of the uncertainties about the weather they aren't expecting to see a drop in bets placed this year. >> and you can catch super bowl xlviii right here on ktvu one week from sunday. we'll have coverage all day long starting with mornings on 2. change is in the air for your extended forecast. the mayor pattern shift i'm tracking. young people dying from the flu. what they all have in common and the compareson that shows just how bad this ñioczñz!ioczñz"ioczñioczñz$ioczt
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the state department is warning americans who are going to the sochi olympic game about what not to wear. their athletes should not wear their team usa uniform outside of the venue because of the potential for terrorist attacks and that all americans should be aware of their surroundings when outside the security perimeter which is known as the ring of steel. >> this issue about just being careful about where you wear u.s. logos or things like that. >> reporter: russian securities have been searching for at least one whom known as the black widow. islamic militants have already carried out bombings in russia but not in sochi. they've talked to their russian
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counter parts about the safety of americans -- the u.s. says they've talked to their russian counter parts about the safety of americans. the victim a man in his 20s told police three men forced their way in, tied him up and put him in a closet before ransacking the house. investigators say the thieves took a number of items including an i pad. the victim managed to untie himself and called 911. neighbors we spoke to say they're uneasy. >> it could have easily been my home. it doesn't make me feel good. it doesn't make me feel safe. i feel kind of lucky that night didn't choose up. >> reporter: sheriff investigators say they are following leads. palo alto police released a sketch of a man believed to
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have been involved in a attack of an elderly couple. the men forced the couple in their 80s to lie face down on the floor. the men stole wallets, cash and other items from the home. the couple was not hurt. those looking for love may be unknowingly looking for trouble when it looks to some internet dating sites. the santa clara district attorney's office is warning people about scammers who use dating sites to defraud victims. a 66-year-old woman from san jose met a man on christian mingle and he defrauded her out of a half million dollars. she reported it to authorities and eventually the scammer who turned out to be a nigerian national was tracked down and arrested. sony pictures has acquired the rights to the best selling book lean in. the book by facebook coo sheryl sandburg was out last year. it's about women, enpowerment in the workplace. the full title is lean in, women work and the will to lead. sony has yet to release details
11:42 pm
about a cast or release date. the deep trouble some drivers are finding all thanks to the drought. in five minutes our chief meteorologist bill martin complete weekend forecast. and when changing conditions will en
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the number of people killed by the flu here in california has taken a big jump. as ktvu's noelle walker explains state officials have confirmed dozens of new deaths including two more announced today in santa clara county. >> and just take a deep breath and let it out. >> reporter: it takes less than five seconds. >> now you are protected for another year. >> sweet. >> reporter: to fight the disease that's killing some young other wise healthy people. >> the deaths that we are
11:45 pm
confirming, they are all infected with the h1n1 virus. >> reporter: today the california department of health released a staggering update that shows the number of flu dates had doubled since the start of the season to 95 today with an additional 51 deaths that could be flu related. there were 106 flu deaths statewide all of last year. >> flu is unpredictable. and the only thing we could ever say is that we're going to have an epidemic of flu every winter. >> reporter: this winter is especially bad. >> get vaccinated. >> to do a story about people needing vaccination aepbs not being vaccinated myself pretty hypocritical so tim here is going to help me out. >> just take a deep breath. >> reporter: there's no vaccine shortage say officials and no downside to protecting yourself
11:46 pm
from being a flu statistic. in san jose, noelle walker, ktvu news. more details now, we've been talking with health officials in all nine bay area county and tracking deaths this season county by county. tonight the death toll stands at 30 including those two deaths from the flu reported today in santa clara county. mailing the letter with the u.s. postal service will soon cost you more. that's 3-cents more than right now and the largest increase in more than a decade. the u.s. postal service continues to struggle financially but the postmaster general says he is required by congress to keep underused postoffices open. apple has come a long way in 30 years. it was back on this day in 1984 look at that, that's steve jobs introducing the first mcintosh computer at a shareholders
11:47 pm
meeting in cupertino. the mcintosh was the first to come with a mouse. back then a mac cost about $2,500. sacramento has broken a 135- year-old dry weather. it's now gone 135 days without rainfall. water levels in many sacramento areas lakes and reservoirs are at alarmingly low levels. sacramento has directed those living in the area to reduce their water usage by 35%. some drivers are finding the vast expanses of seemingly solid lake bottom irresistible for four wheeling. but the bottom is gooey. they need to call for a tow. >> nine years of doing in, i usually get maybe three a year. i'm already up to 58 trucks in a month. >> reporter: driving across the
11:48 pm
muddy areas is illegal and dangerous. rangers say cell phone reception is spotty and it can take hours to hike out to get help. another warm day today. we didn't see any record highs. we have pretty much all week had highs. no records but they are all above the average. 72 in santa rosa one of the warm spots. 72 in fairfield, and then 66 in fremont and 65 in redwood city. guess what, your temperatures tomorrow very similar to these. so here's what's going on. the jet streams are way up here. and this is all the dynamics. here's all this great moisture producing shower activity in southern california, light shower activity. these two need to phase up and get together and that's the problem. normally the jet stream would be right here and all this moisture will get pulled into it and we would have a pretty significant rain event. but it's missing. san diego has got some showers too. since we have green on the radar kind of thought i would show it to you because it's
11:49 pm
been so long. we will see some changes though. as you go into the extended forecast we're looking for showers to start to move into the area late in the week next week and into early february. the jet stream wants to break down just a little bit. when it does we're looking for a chance of showers. sunny and warm tomorrow. nothing, a little warmer than it was today. what's happening is this high pressure sitting up here. it keeps pumping the air offshore. not going to pump it offshore enough to give us any warnings. it's going to pump it offshore enough to cause an inversion and we see a spare the air day tomorrow. when it's real strong, you get wind advisory or you get a red flag warning. temperatures will drop into the 50s and 70s saturday and sunday. here's what needs to happen. here is what will happen as we get into thursday, friday saturday of next week. i'm going way out there. the jet stream looks like it wants to settle down. major pattern shift.
11:50 pm
all the models are lining up with this. into the first part of january. just the idea that it's going to change and shift south is really good news. so let's hope it sticks. stay tuned this week and mark tamayo will be in here this weekend and talk about it. hopefully that's what happens because look what we're getting tomorrow. right more 70s. 70 in brentwood. 71 in livermore. these temperatures are near record temperatures again. well above the average and not what we're supposed to be seeing this time of year. so, this next week you'll see the five day forecast. we're going to continue another week like we have. and then down here toward thursday, friday. things will start to change around. in the meantime enjoy your bay area weekend. temperatures into the 70s, low 70s and sunny slightly cooler and then just really rooting on that potential for some rain as we get toward the first week of february. >> we just got our hopes up a few times and it really hasn't panned out. maybe this time is the time. >> this will be it.
11:51 pm
>> thanks, bill. fred is in for mark tonight. i know warriors a little rusty tonight. >> i think they're rusty but i think they forgot how to play defense. there's a lot of talk about the impact of the arena. warriors curry is the starting all star guard for the west. and kevin love will now be his starting teammate in that game. curry scored 15 in his first quarter. there's curry. did i hear him call bank? i think i did. neither team played any defense. curry to iguodala. curry 15 assists tonight. the wolves retake the lead. andre get it is three. there's t wolves kevin martin. k mart goes shopping and find
11:52 pm
it. we have seen several buzzer beater wins, but does not get it. home loss for golden state. mello scored a career and franchise record 62 points. anthony made 23 of 35 shots. you check out this half court halftime buzzer beater. 62 points the most scored ever at the current madison square garden. knicks win 135-126. stanford has a power how house -- power house for a woman's program. but the team knows it's true. 17 straight wins over ucla although stanford only led by one at halftime tonight. then the cardinals remember, yeah we never lose. lily thompson with two of her 15. here's your all american agumique moment. grabs 15 boards. cardinals win. they're 18-1 and still undefeated in the pac12. ufc fans trail the golden
11:53 pm
bears most of this game. check out the great passing by cal. jennifer brandon with the finish. cal led. but usc outscores them in the final five minutes and 36 seconds. area crook steps it up. pulls up the 77-70 come back. cal is 7-2 in the conference and usc
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well he may not be a thug but the nfl fined richard sherman today for taunting the corner back saved the deflection against the 49ers. after that play he got into it
11:57 pm
with receiver michael crabtree but he was fined $7,875 for making the choke sign that he later said was aimed at quarterback kaepernick. sherman was the only player fined in that game. tiger woods will not win it this year. sits nine back of his partner speeds. 135yards out. 20-year-old speed on a bogey 9- under 63. and guess what he nails it. jr. -- jordan holds a one shot lead. sparks agrees to give extensions to thornton and miles. so those two are not going any where for a while. >> how do they come up with such a bizarre fine. why don't they just make it $8,000. >> i don't have any idea.
11:58 pm
some how roger gudel comes up with the fine. >> if you missed part of tonight's newscast you can catch the rebroadcast right now
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> today on "tmz" -- >> justin bieber's breath isn't the only thing that reeked yesterday. cops may have lied on this police report. they talk about they pulled him over. they immediately smelled alcohol. what he actually had was a .014. >> you're saying that you couldn't smell alcohol on someone's breath if they had a .014? >> it might be very faint. >> should we do some tests? hey, there we go. >> paris hilton out last night.


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