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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  January 30, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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ks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] add a u-verse wireless receiver today. ♪ first lady michelle obama's motorcade is making the rounds in san francisco tonight where she bluntly told audiences to write a big fat check. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. she's made no public appearances in the bay area tonight but michelle obama did
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make a number of stops. and she will make an appearance tomorrow. debora villalon is live. >> reporter: this last motorcade as first lady michelle obama arrived at the fairmont from dinner at 8:00. >> it's pretty crowded in there. >> yeah, a nice crowd. my photos photos are not the best. >> reporter: she headlined for the democratic national committee this afternoon. >> we got a chance to go up and say hi to her and actually take a photo with her. >> reporter: this retired educator paid $2,500 as the first lady urged the crowd to give even more. >> we need you to write a big check and max out, now. >> it went over well. people realized that we've got
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to step up. >> reporter: clint is -- >> whether you're republican or democrat it really doesn't matter. it's just cool. >> she's doing a job and she's doing it well. >> reporter: the first lady isn't being seen by very many. with the president's speech so focused on income inequality the ironny isn't lost even on those who are paying thousands of the dollars to be in the same room with her. >> those who have share, and this is a group that shares. not all of them are rich. some of them have stretched to be there. >> reporter: about 200 people
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paid as much as $10,000 to be in this room for this first lady's remark. she urged them to give money and also their time and energy on campaigns outside the bay area. debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now, the first lady plans to attend a women's lunch and reception with congresswoman nancy pelosi tomorrow morning. tickets cost from $500 to $2,002 and they're all sold out. a ktvu camera is searching for a second round of much needed rain in the bay area. >> this is a second part of the weak system that came through this morning. the second part swinging through the bay area right now. you see the showers showing up in san francisco. light showers at this point in
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pacifica and half-moon bay. actually very light but as we go into the next hour or so, i expect the rainfall to pick up a little bit. you're getting wet pavement south of market. san rafael you're getting a few showers, richmond a few showers. over by hercules a few showers. the showers aren't there yet. but everything is moving this way so in the next hour or so. actually during this newscast, showers should begin to fall around mountain view as well. so when we come back we'll look at the weekend. see you back here. the sierra received snow today and more is on the way. this is what it looked like driving on highway 50 at the 6,000-foot elevation. caltrans had just moved its chain controls lower down the mountain to that location. snow is accumulating on the road. drivers are required to have
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chains on their tires to continue up the mountain. see how far behind we are and if it's even possible to catch up. the game between the broncos and seahawks is now less than three days away and the bay area is going to host super bowl l in two years. right now it's organizers are in new york getting a crash course on football's biggest game. >> reporter: and, gasia mikaelian is now in new york. and she learned there are parallels between new york and san francisco. >> reporter: tomorrow morning the san francisco bay area super bowl committee members will be meeting here inside this hotel with their new york and new jersey counter parts. they'll be taking all they learned and bringing it home to the bay in hoping of making
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super bowl l the best one yet. >> reporter: nighttime in new york's time square. while most people here are looking ahead to this sunday, the san francisco bay area super bowl host committee is in town looking ahead to 2016. >> we are here in new york to learn as much as possible. >> reporter: keith bruce has been to 15 super bowls. he's in charge of the host committee for super bowl 50. >> the super bowl is big, but having super bowl 50 super bowl l is a big honor. >> that'll be hugely helpful for us. >> reporter: this year everyone is coming to party in new york then heading to new jersey on game day. ricky is from new jersey and
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says he hates people calling it the new york super bowl. >> it's in new jersey. >> reporter: when's the last time santa clara did something like this. >> this will be the biggest event santa clara has seen in a long time. >> reporter: that's not a slight bruce says, just too soon to say what super bowl l will look like. while there's a lot of planning on the way, one of the factors is out of the committee's hands. >> we would love a sunny day in the 50s. we would love an environment that shows off the region. >> reporter: it's the golden anniversary of the big game being celebrated in the golden golden state. and he says he doesn't want this to be a one and done
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thing. he says the committee is already considering another bid to bring the super bowl back in 2021. and you can watch the super bowl right here. our coverage goes all day long. we will hear from gasia from now right through sunday night. new video tonight from uc berkeley where hazmat experts are working at this hour to clean up a spill of potentially dangerous chemicals. about 7:45 tonight. we heard a report of a spill involving two liters of hydrochloric acid. fire officials say the spill has been isolated and that hazmat workers will clean it up. at this hour there are no reports of injuries and no word on exactly who spilled that acid. san francisco police tell us they've arrested one suspect from a crowd of people seen vandalizing a muni business. police say antonio rivas has
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been booked on charges of felony vandalism. we have shown you this video before the camera on the munni bus was rolling last december when a group of people stopped the bus on haught street. police are still looking for the vandals. police say they spotted an erratic driver in the bay view. after a block long chase the car hit an suv at the intersection of fitzgerald and jennings knocking it over. police arrested the driver they say they found drugs in that vehicle. both drivers were hospitalized with nonlife threatening injuries. 2 investigates a change in the oakland police departments policy change in chases in the city. eric rasmussen got a tip about the changes and reports that
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officers are now ordered not to give chase unless it involves a violent crime or a gun. >> reporter: bay area police chases at high speeds through city streets with sometimes wild and violent endings. >> i heard a big crash. i heard the sirens. >> reporter: rashanda wilson was at home when suspected robbers evading police crashed into their home. >> reporter: you think if they wouldn't have been chasing him, he wouldn't have hit your house. >> yeah that's what i think. if he wouldn't have been serving, he wouldn't have hit the car. >> reporter: a policy review found that the chase would have been an illegal under the new policy. does the policy like this make it any tougher for you to fight
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crime? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: sean wynn says the new pursuit policy is more strict in policies in san francisco and alameda county. in 2010, 51% of oakland police chases were started because of the traffic violationings. 23% for auto theft and just 5% for firearms. chasing stolen cars led to a crash more than 1/3 of the time. >> so, you know we're endangering the community at this point to recover somebody's stolen property. only to return it to them in damaged condition. it's just not worth the risk. >> reporter: it's a different a approach at the california highway patrol. >> for us we look at it on a minute to main basis. >> reporter: they're not limited to chasing only certain offenders. >> a person who has a registration violation could very well be a wanted felon or murdering. we don't know until we make
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that stop. >> reporter: they'll review the new policy in six months to see what kind of impact it's having. a recent survey of oakland police officers reflects a deep divide between the department and the city it protects. the internal survey obtained by an east bay express newspaper found many officers say elected leaders are too liberal. there are expressions of distress and low moral. the top brass is too focused on court ordered reforms that stem from past misconduct. 65% of officers say they feel they don't feel valued by the department. and even larger number, 84% said they don't feel valued by the city government. and 64% say police superiors don't treat them fairly. we reached out to opd for comment but have not received a response. did discrimination keep
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this teenager from getting a new heart. >> she was denied the right to live because of her disability. also, forced to drive drunk? >> it was definitely an unusual defense. >> why she was acquitted after admitting to a dui. the dealers lots are full but you
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toyota issued a stop sale orderer on their most popular vehicles. christien kafton is live, the concern is seats that don't meet flammability standards. >> reporter: toyota issued the stop sale order to its dealers as it trys to figure out how to fix the seat cushions in eight of its models. the avalon, sienna and tacoma, corolla and pickup, toyota issued a statement reading in part, in involved vehicles the seat here which is a small portion of the seat assembly does not meet a provision of the u.s. motor vehicle standards requiring material to retard flame at a specific rate. at this point toyota says there have been no reported incidents of seats catching fire and no injuries. but the issue could affect the sale of 36,000 vehicles
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currently on dealers lots. tonight toyota customers say they still have faith in the auto maker. >> no i think it's still great. i think as long as they rectify the situation and they do what they need to do to take care of their customers i think it's fine. >> reporter: at this point there's no recall in place and no word on when this order will be in place. they are confidence the auto maker is working to make sure that every car that rolls out of the lot meets or exceeds safety standards. yahoo did not say how many users are affected. those who aaccounts were reached have been told to reset their pass words. shares of zinga shared 20% in after hours trading after the video game company announced lay offs and also a
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new acquisition. zynga sate it would lay off 15% of its work force. zynga is also acquiring natural motion, the video game maker. that's the company behind clumsy ninja. the deal is valued at $527 million. new at 10:00, a hometown send off far bay area athlete heading to the sochi olympics. friends and supporters of 15- year-old elena edmonds came to the sharks ice rink for a send off and to wish her luck. they also got a chance to see her train for the upcoming olympics in russia. she won a spot on the u.s. olympic figure skating rink earlier this month after placing second at the national figure skating championships. >> i'm just training as i always have been. just like it's for any other competition. this just happens to be for the
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olympics. so yeah it's pretty cool. once i get there i'm really excited to experience everything that the olympics has to offer. >> reporter: that's so exciting and we offer her all the best. paulina told us she will spend the weekend here before heading out to sochi. it is looking a lot more like winter in the sierra tonight. up to a foot of snow has fallen there in the past 24 hours. we saw a lot of skiers enjoying the new snow at sierra at tahoe in el dorado county. tahoe ski resorts have been trying to keep the slopes covered with manmade snow but you know there's just nothing like the real thing. sierra said it only had 16- inches so far this winter that's compared to a normal year which usually sees 480- inches. unfortunately despite all that new snow. today's survey of the state's snow pact wasn't good. the snow pack is at its lowest level for this time of year since 1960. as ken pritchett tells us, experts say there's little
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chance that melting snow this spring will help with our drought. >> reporter: a welcome sign, a foot of new snow for the february snow survey. >> if we could just continue something like this it would be great. but that doesn't appear to be in the works. >> reporter: it is the first snow since the january snow surveyed but despite appearances it is not much. >> and today's samples bear that out. the test here shows 9% of average. >> we're looking at 1977 statewide the driest on record. we are quite a bit below that level at this location. for these measurements right now. >> reporter: statewide the snow pack is at 12% of average. the lowest number on record since 1960 for february. >> well if i weren't wearing snow shoes the snow would come up to right here on me. where should it be on a good year? we're told right about here.
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when gurke measures the snow he's not measuring for depth but for the amount of water contained in the snow. here the water content is just 1.4-inches. >> we basically need about 18- inches to bring us back up to where we should be. >> reporter: and where we should be is enough snow for a healthy spring run off to fill our reservoirs. can we catch up on snow by spring? has it happened before? >> no. no not when they're this low. >> reporter: ominous results this snow survey, no help for our drought. in el dorado county, ken pritchett, ktvu news. showers falling in the area, we have amounts. the computer model sees it like this for tonight. at 11:00 more showers move on shore. showers headed toward san jose. at about 1:00 in the morning
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scattered showers toward the livermore valley. this is that round two these week two pushing through right now. don't be surprised to hear rain drops throughout the bay area in the next hour. especially toward livermore. when i come back we'll look at the forecast model for tomorrow. your friday. and we'll take a look at the weekend because one day is going to rain. i'll tell you which. goldy blocks has won a spot for a 30 second commercial to air during the third quarter this sunday. boldy blocks makes toys to encourage girls to pursue careers in math and science. a 30 second spot in the super bowl is worth about $4 million. a teenager waiting for a heart transplant that unfortunately never came. >> we prayed and cried. >> reporter: at 10:30 who gets a transplant and who doesn't. two investigates a family's
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drug sniffing dogs along with the fbi raided a tattoo truck. it's suspected of being a center it have selling meth. no one was inside the kinto soul tattoo shop at the time of the raid but they removed a significant amount of illegal drugs and weapons. agents also arrested 20 suspected gang members at other locations from federal indictments that had already been issued. a woman who was arrested for drunk driving and driving the wrong way on a street has been released with no charges.
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jurors consider the woman a victim, not a suspect. >> reporter: this is bryant street. >> reporter: chp dash cam video shows the car going the wrong way on a one way street. >> stop. stop. stop. >> reporter: officers found marlese paulo driving under the influence. but the jury found her not guilty. the reason, legal necessity. her public defender says she had to drive drunk because she had to get away from a dangerous situation. we spoke to paulo by phone. >> i was scared. i did only what i could think to do and that was to get away from him. >> reporter: she and her boyfriend had traveled from her home in oroville to san francisco for a 49ers game. after getting kicked out of the strip club, the boyfriend became belligerent back at their hotel. with a black eye and bloody scalp, paulo fled in her car. >> he approached the car and started banging on it i think. she had no choice but to drive away to save her life.
11:26 pm
i think if she had waited for 911 to get there. she might have been dead. >> reporter: the san francisco public defenders says paulo chose the lesser of two evils. >> and the law allows a person who is themselves a victim of a crime to in certain circumstances commit a crime in order to get out of harm's way. and that's what happened here. >> reporter: marlese paulo says that she's relieved of her verdict. and has since left her abuser. she and her daughter have since moved in with a relative. federal prosecutors will seek the death penalty against dzhokhar tsarnaev.
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eric holder says he is authorizing the move. the 20-year-old tsarnaev and older brother planted two bombs at the boston marathon finish line. the older brother died in a shoot out with police. tsarnaev has pled not guilty. one of those injured was eric hern of hernandez. he was at the finish line waiting for his mother. katherine says she has no energy left to think on tsarnaev. instead she's focusing all of her attention on her family. explosions usher in an ancient tradition. the arrival of the chinese new year. she died after weights.
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they're life and death decisions. who receives an organ and who does not. >> we brought you this story of jasmine smith, and tonight jana katsuyama looks at the medical records in a case and how the hospitals are responding. >> go jasmine. go jasmine. >> reporter: jasmine smith was in many cases like any other teenager. >> this was her room. >> reporter: her grandmother says the 17-year-old worked hard. trying to overcome brain trauma
11:31 pm
that she suffered as a baby. >> i was always there trying to pull her out of difficult situations, but this time i couldn't do. >> reporter: that situation happened here. jasmine was flown to lucielle packered hospital. the hospital's letter described jasmine as currently too well and having ongoing psycho social consideration. those psycho social consideration were not explained in the letter. the family says doctors told them that jasmine could be treated with medication at oakland's children hospital. but when she continued getting worse, cardiologists in oakland once again said she needed a transplant. >> stanford said no. ucla said yes. >> reporter: ucla flew jasmine to its center but after six weeks in that hospital, hope faded again. >> they tell me, well, we decided that we're not going to give jasmine a heart nor can
11:32 pm
she have the device because of her disability. her intellectual disability. >> reporter: according to the center of health and human services, over 300,000 patients are on the line limiting the supply of donor hearts. and the criteria can be very subjective. i jasmine's family provided 2 investigates with 700 pages of concerns. which includes a family history of heart problems and her weight. >> you can look at their blood pressure. you can look at how well their heart functions. their exercise capacity. the much more difficult decision is whether or not that patient can take care of that heart in the long run. >> reporter: dr. john robert is a surgeon and chief of
11:33 pm
transplant physicians. he says surgeons do consider whether the patient can ensure follow up appointments. >> it's up to each center on to how they make that decision on whether or not the patient with a mental disability would be a transplant candidate. >> reporter: so no national protocall. >> no national protocalls. >> reporter: disabilities right advocates says that can lead to a lack of transparency and possible bias against disability patients. jasmine's grandmother contacted the disabilities foundation. >> her disability should not have played a role into her gets a heart transplant. >> reporter: inconsistencies in standards were found when dealing with disabilitied children. one of the authors is a -- is
11:34 pm
a biometasist. after interviewing dr. magnus we learned that he was involved with the decision in jasmine's case. he responded with this statement. the hospital evaluates all trance plant candidates. and the hospital say, jasmine was not a viable candidate they say due to quote a low chance for prolonged survival posttransplant. confusing for jasmine's family when the original letter said she was too well. while their attorneys tried to make their case jasmine passed away at ucla medical center. >> she died away from her families. i believe that it could have
11:35 pm
been avoided. >> we also received a statement from ucla saying in part the hospitals transplantation committee takes very seriously its commitment to review each and every organ transplantation case with care. without hard numbers, frank and julie it's really left up to the doctors' decision. >> it seemed like there was so much false hope given. there's no guidelines for transplant centers to follow. so are there any laws to protect people with disabilities. >> there is the americans with disabilities act. but in california one of the few states that does have a specific law it clearly says that doctors cannot deny transplant if think any evidence that a disabled person has sufficient support to care for the organ. jasmine's grandmother said there was more than enough support and the hospital was saying that was just part of the decision and they were trying to be good stewards of
11:36 pm
this really rare resource. >> and we want to tell you that jasmine's story came to us from a comment left on my facebook page. we want to remind you, if you have a story for news 2, you can leave it on our facebook page. now to wall street where the dow gained 109 points today. nasdaq rose 71. analysts credit news of an increase computer spending in the fourth quarter of last year and signs of healthy economic growth. the year of the horse begins with a bang. >> the explosive introductions to usher in the new year.
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>> tracking another system that could bring showers. we'll tell you which day this weekend we could see rain return. >> enprisoned at the age of
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police in richmond revealed stunning information about a case that's drawing comparisons to the story of jacee dugard. investigators say a woman spent 16 years being sexually assaulted at the home of a physically member. that family member is 15-year- old raul ochoa and that he held her captive since she was 12. the woman finally escaped in august of 2012 when she was 27
11:40 pm
years old and went to the richmond police station. >> the psychological abuse and physical abuse, the sexual abuse kept her in a mentality unfortunately that she is still you know just considered to be a child. >> like jacee dugard, police say the victim never attended school and was inprisoned in this backyard shed where she was raped. yesterday ochoa pled guilty and under a plea deal he's expected to spend 22 years in prison, sentencing is set for next month. a santa clara county sheriff's deputy arrested on drug charges just yesterday is facing additional charges tonight. 48-year-old juan carillo was arrested on charges of possession and being under the influence of a possession. the drug is meth. today prosecutors added new charges of assault with a deadly weapon and gun enhancements. carillo is scheduled to return to court in a week to enter a
11:41 pm
plea. the family of michelov is marking the 25th anniversary of her disappearance. family members and dozens of her their supporters walked the same route that the teenager walked when she vanished. she was taking a shortcut home from wells middle school. police say she was kidnapped. her family says she can be found if just one person speaks up. >> anybody who is keeping to themselves something they know. call the fbi, call police, tell them what you know. >> reporter: after the march a service was held at the st. raymond catholic church with their rabbi and community members. she will turn 39 years old in march. 40 years after he was first elected to the house of representatives, california congressman henry waxman today announced he is planning to
11:42 pm
retire. the southern california democrat is credited with crafting legislation for the poor. he joins a group of long term representatives who are leaving the house at the end of the year including east bay congressman miller. thousands of dogs found living in deplorable conditions. the effort in the way to get them healthy again and into new homes. also storm tracker 2 picking up rain in the bay area. and in five minutes, bill martin's complete forecast. >> chinese
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new at 10:00, people in the east bay got a chance tonight to hear about proposed changes that would turn interstate 80
11:45 pm
into a toll road. the proposal calls for two lanes be turned into hov/express lanes. the era of building freeways is over and it's now time to make the roads we have work more efficiently said the committee. the express lane would be free for motorists currently allowed on hov lanes but solo chargessers would be charge -- drivers would be charged. >> the toll could change minute by minute. >> reporter: a similar express lane is already in use on 680 over the sonol grade. the year of the horse rides in tomorrow with the start of the lunar new year. it's the most important time of year for the chinese and other asian cultures. new at 10:00, amber lee live in oakland's china town to show us all the list minute preparations and also it's interesting, the meaning of all
11:46 pm
of the traditions, amber. >> reporter: as you said this is the year of the horse and one expert tells me that means changes in store for everyone. and here in oakland's china town, the celebrations got under way before the sun went down. the explosion of fire crackers outside of individual businesses. a symbol of chaising off bad spirits before the new year arrives. the last minute rush was on. people bought red and gold decorations to decorate their homes. and white envelopes with money which are usually given to kids. at young keys there was a line for roast duck, roast pork and chicken the makings of a new year's eve dinner at home. pioni's restaurant is cooking
11:47 pm
for a full house tonight. new year's eve is a popular night for chinese families to eat out. >> looks like the head. >> reporter: this is semont, it's served with dry oysters and symbolizes health. >> it's like a christmas tree. >> reporter: people like to buy various plants or flowers hoping to bring certain elements to their life. >> the peach tree the blossom meaning prosperity and luck with love. and like family well being. >> reporter: chu tells me people born in the year of the horse are strong. more than two dozen members of the wong family gathered at the restaurant for the celebratory dinner. they came to oakland from san leandro and san ramon. they described it as a reunion. >> i'm really excited. a family gathering. drinking, eating, everybody celebrating. having fun i guess.
11:48 pm
>> reporter: the celebration can last up to a month. i want to wish everyone -- >> julie will be hosting along with ben fong torrez. severely malnourished dogs are getting the care they need to prepare them for new homes. the sonoma humane society spayed and neutered today. many have ear infections, lice and severe dental disease. >> looking into a homeless animals eyes and knowing that they are so thankful for what you can offer them and that
11:49 pm
such a brighter future is just ahead. >> it's hoped all the dogs can be adopted and tomorrow about a dozen of them are set to board a plane and fly to a finished rescue group based in los angeles. light scattered showers falling throughout the area. you can see the clouds and the showers will take the clouds out. now you can see the showers coming in and we've got some reports of some moderate rainfalling in parts of the bay area. especially in the hills around pescadero. we have showers up north near milpitas. you see how sparsely or widely scattered it is. not a well organized system at all. but showers in redwood city, san mateo. we have showers showing up in the marina green in san francisco. showers trying to show up in tiburon and richmond. you go over to the east bay and you have things going on in concord. you get the idea. this is the deal going on right now. then it's gone.
11:50 pm
you see wet roadways and south milpitas. in the mountains we have some snow. some places the mountains got almost two feet of snow especially in south tahoe. a winter weather advisory with snow levels down to 4,500 feet. maybe another 6-inches of snow that would be great if they got that. if you look at the weather system sliding through the bay area. there it goes. this system moves out tonight. tomorrow morning there might be a little bit of wet pavement for the morning but that's it. tomorrow looks like a pretty good day. breezy, saturday looks nice but as we head into sunday, we got a system watch this. a computer model is going to go all the way to sunday and the system, saturday is nice and here comes sunday. look at that it's right down the coast. this system could easily pop on shore and bring us a few showers on sunday. that's sort of the fly in the ointment for the bay area weekend forecast. tomorrow kind of breezy. forecast highs tomorrow 59 at fairfield, 67 in antioch. 58 in concord. 57 out in the livermore valley.
11:51 pm
58 in san jose, 58 in mountain view. temperatures down. we had 60s today again. we had upper 60s yesterday. we had a record in mountain view. the forecast, five day forecast then, friday turns out to be a nice day. maybe a little wet on the morning roadways. saturday the best day in the weekend. the chance of showers sunday. and if you notice there's a lot of clouds in here because the flow is more westerly now. i said this in the earlier newscast. the pattern is very different than the pattern we've been seeing november and january. when i say more differently, there's more air flow. even though they don't have a lot of rain, it could configure itself that as we get into thursday and friday we may have more showers. we're getting a few out there now. snow in the mountain. we may get six more inches tonight. >> they can use every ounce they can. we can use every drop we can get. frank is here for mark.
11:52 pm
warriors and clippers went at it tonight. warriors looking more like they should. >> they have no trouble getting fired up for this team. the last time they hosted the clippers was christmas night. tonight was just a good old fashion kick in the caboose. chris paul was named to the all star game as a reserve. harrison bad to the bone barnes. led by eight intermissions. curry missed just two shots all night. he finished with 22 points. golden state dominates the paint. it's curry to iguodala. san jose rookie hayes played in his 13th nhl game tonight. we call this forshadowing
11:53 pm
because the sharks has not scored for more than eight period. marlow sets up hayes for his first goal. calgary has an empty nether. calgary have lost three games in regulation for the second time this season. time this season. coming up women's one of the best things about is that millions of people will qualify for financial assistance. for example, if you're a single person making less than $46,000 a year, or a family of four, earning up to $94,200, you may be eligible for premium assistance. the lower your annual income, the greater financial assistance you will receive.
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get answers, and get covered. find out if you're eligible and enroll now. at
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it looked like fourth ranked to stanford women would blow out number 21 cal on the farm tonight. but golden bears had too much pride for that. stanford led by 30 points with 13-1/2 minutes left cal keeps working. golden bears cut the lead to five points but the pac12's leading scoring shanay scores her usual 23. remains perfect in the pac12, 70-64. and san diego holds them to a season low.
11:57 pm
san diego wins 61-43. gails are 6-3. 49ers quarterback collin kaepernick was in new york and visited media row to defend the play that ended the season. he's not improved with sherman's postgame rebuttal. >> to me it was ridiculous. but if that's what you need to do to make yourself feel like a better player you have to tell everyone, i'm the best corner in the league. go ahead and tell them. people forget that he went for 100 on sherman the year before. if that's something you need to do, go right ahead. we're going to come out and play football against you next year. >> well less than 65 hours and counting until sherman and the seahawks take on manning and the broncos right here on ktvu. 3:30 or about that time for kick off on sunday. >> you can bet that next 49ers- seahawks game. >> i was thinking the same thing.
11:58 pm
i can't wait. >> we will be treated to at least two of those every year. >> i can't wait. thank you fred. thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> we'll have an
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> today on "tmz" -- >> tons of information about justin bieber. he was driving on xanax, on pot. and he was a little bitch, according to the cop. this officer describing giving him the roadside test. it reads like a sour porn. -- like soft-core porn. stop and start blowing every time he would blow. he was blowing as hard as he could and told me how red his face was after blowing. >> what pornos are you watching? >> joe buck in new york. going to be calling the game sunday for fox. >> there's a button you hit when you're callihe


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