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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  January 31, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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turning often the tap. the state water project is cuts off 25 million californians with part of the bay area being hit hard. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. officials say the emergency is now. the state has reduced their water allocation to 0%. that means no water for 21
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agencies that depend on the water project including alameda. >> this is the worse water shortage we've ever faced. and we will have to face it head on. >> they will have to refer on stored well water. further push for conservation and find ways to scrap to meet their needs. >> reporter: the decision will be reevaluated each month and they will only export water if a community is facing an imminent threat to health and safety. the state water agency gets as much as 80% of the water from the state water project and serves roughly 2,000 people in dublin, pleasanton, livermore and part of san ramon. also affected the alameda county water district serving 300,000 people in fremont,
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newark and union city. it gets 40% of its water from the state. and the santa clara water district also says it's taking a hit. it gets 1% of its water from the state water project and tells us that's enough to supply 10,000 households. debora villalon is live in livermore where people are already starting to change their habits, debora. >> reporter: we're at the city center where their water fountain runs on recycled water which turns off at 10:00. when water comes from one source it's not easily replaced. and the owner of this restaurant says tomorrow she might stop putting water in front of her customers unless they refuse. >> some people say i don't want water. today at dinner, i had one
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table that did not water. >> reporter: tonight people are still drinking it in. the state water running dry. >> i'm not sure how we can cut further than we already are. one shower a week? i don't know. >> we want to make sure our customers know they can brush their teeth and take showers. >> reporter: short showers will help along with letting lawns go thirsty. or like this fremont homeowner, replacing grass completely. >> that's all edible, it's all cabbage, broccoli. i want to dedicate my water to my vegetables. >> reporter: smart considering the snow pack is below normal. agencies will scrape by what whatever water they save and ask customers to be stingy. >> or even going to mandatory rationing. but we're not there yet. and we're not through the winter period yet as well.
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>> reporter: at this livermore wine bar tonight, there were jokes about drinking wine not water. but the owner is hearing from local vendors, lack of rain, dry wells and lost allocations are adding up to disaster. >> the grape growers are very concerned about lack of water and what it's going to do to the vintage. 2014 is going to be almost nil if we don't get rain. >> reporter: and teenager came out to the fountain, one jumping in the water on a birthday threat. and passers by got a laugh out of it some saying, hey the drought is not that bad yet. the driest we've seen 76 was the banner year for drought. and this year it's surpassing
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that in a big way. look at where we are for rainfall percents of average. 10% in santa rosa of average for this time of year. 15 in san francisco. last year at this time we were 110% of average. here's january, julie just mentioned it some of the driest warmest januarys we've ever seen. san francisco we checked that first. san francisco the warmest on record 65 degrees for january and the warmest on record. we're dealing with a record that goes back to 1850. san jose another record. warmest driest, driest on record in san jose just 12%. there's a little more comeing in this forecast i'll talk about that coming up but we have a long way to go. >> thank you, bill. on we have created a special section on the california drought. look for the link on our front page right under hot topics. new video tonight on a two
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alarm fire in san francisco that damaged three homes. the fire started at 6:15 on shafter avenue. a fire department spokesperson told me she got 25%s to control the fire which spread quickly from one home to two other homes on either side one of those homes suffered significant damage. the other only suffered minor damage. homeowners say there were no injuries and there's no word yet what started the fire. an alert from the coast guard that a ship's anchor had hit bottom near the tube. the coast guard tells ktvu it is investigating. ktvu's jana katsuyama is live now at treasure island with a look at what happened and how the tube is protected, jana. >> reporter: julie the transbay two runs just south of the bay bridge behind me. what i've learned tonight is that it is not uncommon for anchors to scrape bottom near the tube.
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tonight b.a.r.t. trains ran through the transbay two nonstop after a stoppage this afternoon. after word that a boat had dropped it anchor near the tube. >> on a commuter ship comes into oakland. >> reporter: the b.a.r.t. pilot navigating the 965-foot long ship followed safety procedures and dropped the anchor to prevent the ship from drifting. it fell about 1,200 feet southwest of the tube and was retracted a few minutes later when power was restored. >> there's no written policy to notify b.a.r.t. in case there is anything like that. there's just an extra measure that the coast guard decided to take for this incident. >> reporter: passengers thoughts. >> i usually feel pretty safe going through the tube. i thought about it today that it happened.
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what would have happened if the anchor would have hit the tube. >> reporter: 135 feet below sea level at the deepest point. it has a steel exterior with 5- foot concrete liner meant to withstand earthquakes. b.a.r.t. officials say sometimes do get damaged by anchor. but they say there are sensors with alarms for intruders and water breaches and none of those alarms went off. inspectors found in damage. >> it was definitely a chance to learn more about what the tube is. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. officials say the public was never at risk. service resumed at 7:30. jana katsuyama, ktvu news. the fbi says the suspicious white powder mailed to several hotels near the super bowl were
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found to be nonhazardous. one letter was also sent to former new york mayor rudy giuliani. the powder appears to be corn starch. this sunday more than 40,000 people are expected to go to the super bowl. >> and over 80,000 are expected to take mass transit. jana katsuyama is live in new york and found that firsthand just getting to the stadium can be both a challenge and an adventure, gasia. >> reporter: you bet it is, julie and frank. this is where the trek from new york to new jersey is going to start for so many people. the subway. but this is just part one of a pretty massive three part trek on mass transit. >> go seahawks. >> reporter: how they'll be getting to the big game is still a big mystery for robert bonner and mon duon. >> we have not figured it out. there's a bus and it sold out. they said take the subway. can't take a taxi. can't get a car in there. >> reporter: they paid $2,500 a ticket for the game.
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>> a little anxious, a little worried but i think we'll leave pretty early. >> i live down south jersey. >> reporter: perez palmar knows. >> don't try to drive any where near that stadium. >> reporter: anyone going to the super bowl mirrors what new jersey officials have been saying for months. >> the easiest simplest way and to avoid all headaches use mass transit. >> reporter: we took a dry time this evening. left our hotel in time square and road the subway to pen station. then after a lot of looking and walking we found the path train. that took us under the hudson and into new jersey. on game day there will be shuttle buses but today we had to grab a cab. it took an hour and a half before we saw the lights of met life stadium. 13miles from where we started.
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from a controlled area, they will decide how to get thousands from san francisco to santa clara in 2016 for super bowl l. on super bowl sunday there will be an army of transit workers and volunteers all trying to get people to the big gate where they need to go. after we road the subway and the train and the cab to new jersey we decided to take a cab straight back here because we were working under deadline. it cost about $100 but it got us back in about 30 minutes. reporting live in new york city, gasia mikaelian, ktvu news. coming up tonight at 10:30, getting ready for the game from the grocery store to the deep fryer and beyond. the business of food on super bowl sunday. first lady michelle obama wrapped up her two day visit to the bay area with another big fundraiser. this is a picture sent to us from inside the event. the first lady was a guest speaker at a woman's luncheon at the fairmont hotel
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benefiting the national campaign committee. more than 600 people attended. tickets range from $500 each all the way up to $32,000 per couple. the first lady is probably one of the most popular draws for any kind of fundraiser in northern california and probably one of the most popular draws for fundraisers across the country. >> she shows girls anything is possible. and that you can make it to the white house and be successful. >> during her remarks the first lady told the crowd that her husband wants to lift up the middle class and restore opportunities for all americans. $10,000 in copper stolen from a rail station. the threat it posed to public safety and the lucky break for police. i just talked about the dry conditions outside. coming up, a temperature change you're going to feel for the start of your weekend. and in 90 seconds, goin
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health officials confirmed today two more flu deaths in the bay area. the latest deaths were in santa clara county bringing the total number of flu related deaths there to 10. both victims were men ages 43 and 54 years old with underlying medical conditions. state health officials increased the counts of flu
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related deaths by 52 bringing the total number to 147 statewide. that's more than all of last year and doesn't include the latest deaths including 44 additional cases still being investigated. we're learning about a possible new security breech affecting hotel customers. it appears target is hotelled by a company named lodging. the only hotel that has been confirmed is hilton garden inn. other customers of hotels of white lodging may have been compromised. another bay area company is going public. wake based home is joining the likes of facebook and twitter. way point is turning the ipo
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upside down. patti lee has the story. >> reporter: here in oakland also the founders are not 20 somethings and their product is literally brick and mortar. buying foreclosed properties on auction at the courthouse steps turned bryan and beaslye into market pioneers and soon to be millionaires. >> we will be in new york and ring the bell to open wall street on monday. >> reporter: way point joins the stock exchange monday but an ipo was never part of the plan. just a way to stay ahead in an industry they created. >> it's a mom and pop business. it's always been by individuals that own a handful of homes and it's only recently that large institutions have come in. >> reporter: while tech ipo millionaires are blamed for
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creating an affordable housing crisis, way point prides in affordable housing. >> you would not be able to lease a car. now you look down the street and it doesn't matter who is leasing or own. >> reporter: the company pledges to maintain its commitment to community. >> we're not going any where. i grew up in danville, went to cal, we love oakland. >> reporter: the two are having a super bowl party before ringing the bell on the stock exchange early monday. patti lee, ktvu news. >> that's a great story, patti thank you. wall street closed the week
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with losses. the dow closed 149 points. nasdaq was down 19 today and 2% for the month. some analysts say it shouldn't be too much of a concern since the dow had large gains. ktvu's paul chambers tells us about the battle facing cannabis clubs. >> for the last two years, san jose has allowed us to exist now they want to shut us down. >> we're underneath the airport, next to a pg & e substation and a bunch of
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stores. there's no one that can say this is an inappropriate place. >> i don't see a need to shut it down. >> reporter: this woman does not think that they should shut down ac2d. >> i think they should shut down the ones around schools, where there's a lot of families and churches, places like that. >> reporter: and the club's could relocate and are not within 1,000 feet of schools and other areas the city deems as sensitive. >> we hear it clear and loud from the communities. >> reporter: the city's responsibility is to shut down any club. as for this club, it says it will start it own initiative to regulate the club. the initiative would allow recreational use of marijuana. sales of marijuana would be
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subject to a sales tax of up to 10% and supporters say could potentially add hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue. they need to collect more than half million signature to get it on the ballots in november. some california water agencies are getting proactive about water hoping to maximize rain or snowfall. during the wet weather a modified cessna flew directly into the clouds. flairs attached to the wing released silver iodine which helps form water drops and snow flakes. even a little extra rain is a big help when it comes to water generation. >> anything we can do to increase that helps. >> reporter: every extra inch of water from a storm can save $3 million in energy costs from
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sacramento power users. we're tracking a chance for perhaps more showers as this system works its way down the coast into the bay area weekend. that's going to be on sunday. when i come back i will talk about that system. in the meantime we're talking about pretty cold overnight lows. tomorrow is going to be a nice day, plenty of sunshine. 30s in napa, 38 in fairfield. overnight lows as cold as they have been for a while. so you're going to get to freezing or below freezing. fairfield 33. this will get you frost in many locations. it's going to be chilly as you get going about your day tomorrow. daytime highs a lot like today. kind of on the upper 50s and maybe a couple of low 60s. when we come back we'll track the second system that will move in here and bring chances of showers to parts of the bay area. fleet week is making a back and the blue angels are
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returning to the bay area. last year federal budget cuts led to the cancellation of the blue angels and other performances during fleet week. this year fleet week will be held october 10 through 13th. if you want to avoid the crowds you can buy tickets. they are selling boxed seats even private chalets. our team has posted a link on web links. >> those are always so cool to see. search for drugs. justin bieber's latest brush with the law involves a search for drugs. and the new fee some co weights.
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four hours on the slopes. and two hours doing this stuff. which leaves me approximately two minutes to get my banking done. so i use the citi mobile app to quickly check my accounts and pay my bills. which leaves me about five seconds to kick back. that was nice. bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app. citi, with you every step of the way. in the south bay, authorities are hoping that
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surveillance video will help catch a cooper thief that forced the vta to shutdown. >> reporter: the santa teresa light station is back in operation today and now the santa clara sheriff's department is looking for this man caught on tape who they believe is responsible for ripping out crucial wiring. >> it cut power to the station which meant our trains couldn't actually get into the station. so they were stuck at the coddle station and that's as far as they could go. we're very lucky that our cameras were going and we got the face of the person responsible. >> reporter: the person responsible is described as being in his 40s or 50s and drives a newer mustang. >> the cooper wire is taking from the station at 3:00 in the morning. at the same time he shows up on surveillance camera. we link him through very strong
11:26 pm
circumstantial evidence. >> reporter: investigators are looking into places that buy recycled cooper. >> now i have to wait three days before i get paid because they have to go into the system to make sure it's not stolen. >> we try to make it a little bit difficult for people to resell this cooper wire. >> reporter: the damage totals $10,000 which makes the crime felony grand theft. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. new jersey governor chris christie is denying allegations he knew about the bridge scandal. a former top aid claims he had proof christie knew about the four lane lane closures on the george washington bridge while they were happening. the republican governor has said he only learned about the
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closures after they ended. justin bieber has been granted reentry into the u.s. after he was questioned for hours. authorities at new jersey teterboro airport questioned him for hours. bieber said he was headed to the super bowl. he was arrested last week in miami beach. the marin county accused of stealing a lamborghini is now in san quentin. this is his prison mug shot. wade was convicted of attempted murder in millvalely as well as stealing the lamborghini once owned by chef guy fieri. why some say the fresh powder may not be enough to
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rescue the season. super busy on super bowl sunday. businesses are gearing
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law enforcement officers across the bay area say they will be cracking down on drunk drivers this super bowl weekend. saturation patrols are set to take place sunday night into monday morning in several bay area cities. the chp says on super bowl sunday last year nearly 400 drivers were arrested for dui. and super bowl sunday is big business for many bay area bars, restaurants and caterers. >> the super bowl is the most watched event of the year and brings people together even if the niners or raiders aren't
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playing. new at 10:00, ktvu's amber lee is live in san francisco where she got a sneak preview of how businesses have been gearing up for game day, amber. >> reporter: frank we're at cesar pub a popular spot for football fans. the owner tells us he expects a full house of denver fans on sunday. wings are the name of the game. >> over 50 cases of wings right here. >> reporter: 2,000 pounds delivered today to feed football fans on sunday. even without the niners playing, super bowl is always an excuse for a party. >> it's a day when we cut our staff who can't take off. >> reporter: a last minute dash to the supermarket is part of the game plan. whole foods south of market expects up to a 20% jump in business tomorrow, a sale on fan favorites. >> we have rib rack. >> reporter: guacamole and vegetable platters. the beer here is known as the end zone where the fixings for a super bowl party all come
11:32 pm
together. >> a fan of having fun with folks. visiting friends and family seems to be huge. >> reporter: suzy's cakes is counting on celebrating without the 49ers in the super bowl. >> reporter: tonight the owner tells us he expects triple the normal volume of business this sunday. there will be 10 big screens and 11-foot trucks. >> it's the biggest game of the year. it's what we wait for all year. >> reporter: back here live at kesar pub, you can see how busy it is tonight. the owner tells us sunday will be super busy for super bowl even with the niners at the sidelines. live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu news. and of course sunday's game will be airing right here on
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ktvu. love that music, it gets me so fired up. we'll have coverage all day long. the city of irwendale in southern california is increasing the lease of the siracha plant. it's adding a nuisance about the smell coming from the plant. starting monday, commuters will have to start paying to park. the district is set to charge $2 to park at the ferry park. the parking fees are expected to raise $450,000 a year for the district. one driver we spoke with accepted the change philosophically. >> i guess the general fund needs more money. so, you have to charge
11:34 pm
everywhere you can. >> reporter: parking at the lot will still be free after 3:00 in the afternoon and on weekends. new at 10:00, east bay state senator mark desomnie got an endorsement from miller. miller is retiring after 40 years in the house. desomnie says he hopes to fill miller's large shoes. >> i hope to bring the same energy and address the same issue that is george has done for so long. >> so far he does not have a lot of challengers. the area is heavily democratic. a member of our ktvu family is moving on. after 40 years with the station, rosie chu retired
11:35 pm
today. wrapping up a career here that has spanned more than 40 years. rosie began on channel 2 back in 1971 as a secretary in the art department. she soon moved into a number of producing roles. guiding programs such as 2 at noon and saturday night special. >> welcome back to saturday night special. we're talking about chinese new years and all the foods that we consume during this holiday. >> reporter: over the years there have been a lot of memorable moments. >> i should be feeling it where? >> on your bicept. >> the impact of the union on the work force is pretty tremendous. we're pretty proud of what we've done there. >> reporter: when it comes to memorable none of those compare to a father's day feature back in 1982. when rosie allowed a channel 2 camera into the delivery room as she gave birth to her
11:36 pm
daughter jodie. >> with 48 hours left, rich curly became a papa. and wife rosie chu of course became a mama. one look at the dad's face will show you what kind of father's day he's had. >> this is my only special present for myself. >> reporter: rosie's work as community affairs commercial took her all over the bay area and california. and to such far away spots as china and australia. it also earned her national and regional awards and the respect, admiration and affection of her colleagues and the community. rosie told us she has no real plans after today other than to spend time with her family. then she says she's just going to see what happens next. we wish her all the best. fresh powder for ski resorts struggling through a dry winter. the unfortunate timing that could spoil their plans for the
11:37 pm
weekend. i'll show you how damp things could get where you live.
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investigators say a grass fire that burned near marin county high school this afternoon is suspicious. the fire started about 1:15 in novato. officials at san marin high say the fire never threatened the campus and that no evacuations were necessary. in santa clara police now say this fire that destroyed a house early this morning was set by a woman who lived there. neighbors told investigators
11:40 pm
say they 41-year-old cabanyen just after the fire started outside the garage on avenida del lago. the suspect was burned and is being treated now for nonlife threatening injuries. two people inside the home got out safely. a different sort of critical mass to draw attention to traffic safety. durant avenue forms part of the city line between san leandro and oakland. some drivers use it as a shortcut. people who live on durant say large trucks speed down the street making it a safety hazard. they're asking people to park their cars on the road to get people to slow down. >> this is the only street within several blocks that doesn't have a truck sign on it a no truck sign. >> reporter: not many people though answered the call to park on the street possibly out
11:41 pm
of fear of damage from passing cars and trucks. mislabels has prompted a grocery distributor to recall bags of cookies. unified grocer says bags of its special value ginger snap cookies actually have cinnamon cookies. and up like the ginger snaps, the cinnamon cookies are made with eggs which cause potential problems for anyone allergic too eggs. anyone who bought the cookies can return them to the place where they purchased them. regional medical center was fined $50,000 for giving a patient carbon dioxide instead of oxygen. it took workers 50 minutes to
11:42 pm
realize the mistake. students at archbishop high school cheer -ld as they said goodbye: >> it's just such a huge boost to go to the olympics knowing i have so many people cheering on me. >> reporter: chastain was there to present the teen with her own olympic pin. >> a vote of confidence for the keystone pipeline and marking the new year. the colors and traditions in play for the year of the horse. and chief meteorologist bill martin complete bay area forecast. he's tracking another chance of rain this weekend. >> it's just, i don't know it's so smooth you go weights.
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the storm that blew through the bay area this week left up to 2 feet of fresh snow in the sierra. reporter richard sharp went to boreal ski resort tonight and tells us even though the snow is a welcomed sight for businesses many say it's still not enough. headed up to the ski resorts or reno. sacramento and bay area drivers hustle up i80. >> you come up here because of the big snow. >> better than i expected. >> reporter: many skiers and snow boarders expected more snow but the new snow is a welcomed change. >> it was really icy and now it's so smooth. you go down and you're like yay it's like heaven. >> we need another 2010 that's for sure. this is nothing. like three storms would be nice. >> reporter: but business that survive off travelers on i80
11:46 pm
are relieved. >> we finally got the snow. does it make a difference? >> not yet. we're hoping for this weekend. >> reporter: the rivers are now running a little higher, carry more water that can now be stored in empty lakes. >> reporter: many of the travelers driving through the sierra after the recent snow flurries are shocked to see just how little snow there is in the sierra. >> it worries me. so i mean during the summer too. i like to go to the lakes and see how low the lakes are and how bare the mountain tops are right now. california is in a lot of trouble. >> reporter: some of the businesses along interstate 880 expected to start getting busy tomorrow night at 5:00 to 6:00 a.m. and continue to be busy throughout the morning. they're hoping for a big saturday and a huge sunday as well. they're also hoping that mother nature delivers one more snowstorm before the president's day weekend. the last major holiday of the snow season. at boreal, i'm richard sharp, ktvu news. the return of skiers in large numbers may be short-
11:47 pm
lived. but they expect many people will watch the game rather than head to the slopes. an environmental impact report released today by the state department say it is keystone pipeline project will not have a negative impact on climate change. opponents say oil carrieded from the pipeline from canada south to refineries along the u.s. gulf coast would contribute to global warming by creating more greenhouse gases. the state department reports the oil will be pumped out of the ground any way and that the pipeline won't affect how much or how little ends up being refined. chevron today said it's 2013 profits fell almost 32% compared to the year before. shares in the san ramon based company fell about 4% on the news. the company says it expects properties to rise as oil and gas in australia and mexico come online. it is the year of the
11:48 pm
horse. lion dancer in san francisco marked the start of the chinese new years. the procession included a salute to san francisco's police horses as well as an appearance by the tradition dragon to chase away those evil spirits. major ed lee was there to enjoy the celebration. >> the year of the horse is pretty special because the horse has always symbolized strength, positiveness. overcoming all the different challenges. >> and children in china town dressed up in traditional clothes and shoppers filled doors hoping to start the new year off right. in a few weeks, the chinese parade is expected to fill the streets with thousands of spectators. that parade is set for saturday february 15th as always it is broadcast live right here on ktvu beginning at 6:00 p.m. and i'll be there again cohosting right along with ben
11:49 pm
fong torrez. we've got a nice bay area weekend to talk about. some may see some showers. you can see it's not very strong. not a lot of moisture with it. it's going to cut off from the jet. it's going to drop down the coast and it's going to kick in like this. as it drops right in front of us this is sunday. it could spin up a few showers and that's what you will see on the computer model when we showed it to you here in just a few second. these are the temperatures outside right now. not as windy as it was last night. the winter kind of dying down. with less wind, overnight lows are going to be able to get down there. we're going to see freezing temperatures. it's blowing pretty good there. the mostly clear outside it's going to be cool tonight. and as we get into your bay area sunday, this is a system i'm tracking. okay there's a chance of showers as we head into sunday. so we'll watch that. the forecast for this season, the one that went through yesterday to clear out. as it does it leaves a little
11:50 pm
bit of a treasure rating behind. a westerly wind. and this system cues up on sunday. increases the clouds so sunday is a mostly cloudy day. saturday is your sunny day. sunday is the mostly cloudy day and a chance of rains on sunday. you see what i'm talking about. saturday we just went through the whole day. plenty of sunshine, plenty of clear. then here comes the system. watch the clouds spin in. there's your sunday. clouds everywhere by 10:00 a.m. look how close this comes. it's not going to be enough for a piece to break off. spin in, bring a few showers to pescadero maybe even san francisco. mark and rosemary will be here watching this system this weekend. then you see it spin up here. this is about 6:00 sunday night. that would be showers for, that's morgan hill, gilroy area. this is a tough system to call. so suffice to say clouds on sunday. chance of showers. could change -- it could get real wet if that thing kicks
11:51 pm
through. 59 in antioch. these are forecast highs tomorrow. cooler than it has been but more what you would expect for this time of year. we were doing 70s, doing upper 70s for a while here. as we head back to the east rutherford. big football game going on. the forecast for that is showing plenty of warmth compared to what it was originally anticipating. we're looking at temperatures out there to be in the 40s. originally it was anticipated that temperatures were going to be in the 20s. >> that's a big change. >> that's a big change. we hope we get a little rain on sunday. >> since december 6th since we had a real serious storm. >> there's some stuff but for now it looks dry for the next week. >> today it was beautiful in many places. warriors in utah was never an easy place to win. >> even when the warriors are at better team just seems difficult there. and it's proved to be that way again tonight. warriors david lee sat out today's game in utah to rest
11:52 pm
his sprained shoulder and sore hip. but all of a sudden it sounded like bogut and the -- and curry had to play -- all five came on the road. now the rest of the dubs were miserable. 11 of 51 from the field. but bogut scores 50. it's golden state's first sweep since 1981. 95 and 90 are your final. and lame that's the way you can describe the way kevin durant had his game streak tonight. he scored 26 but the thunder
11:53 pm
thrashed the nets so widely, they did not play in the fourth quarter. the nets set an nba record for the
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
giants pitchers and catchers report to arizona two weeks from today. this morning more than two dozen coaches and players met for the media at at&t park. giants are still trying to answer questions about last year's disappointing season but i also wanted to know about their thoughts on the super bowl. timmy says seattle's defense will lead them to victory
11:57 pm
tomorrow. sunday. >> it's not like they're just good defense by being hitters. they're smart. they use each other. they play off each other, they study each other. same with the offense. that's what's going to be fun about it. it'll be a mind game. more like watching chess than checkers. >> i'm going with omaha. i'm going with peyton in this one. >> i root for guys like that. he's a good guy. i live in colorado. i've been overwhelmed with the omaha, omaha for the last few months. >> i think the broncos. they're a very complete team. i know their defense doesn't get the credit that it deserves at times. but that's the defense that seahawks got to face. >> seahawks. >> why? >> that's what i think. >> why does the bee make honey? i don't know. >> seahawks or broncos? >> broncos. >> why? >> because i'm a 49ers fan. >> everybody has an idea. >> i love it.
11:58 pm
>> i like sergio romo's new look. >> he says he's going to stay that way. >> i like brandon coffers so because i'm a 49er fan. >> thank you for joining us on ktvu
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> today on "tmz" -- >> there are ghosts in a house somewhere in these united states and there's a guy who bought the house specifically because they're there. >> "ghost adventures" star zac bagans. this house in indiana. he hold me he believes the a portal to hell. >> three bedrooms, two baths, portal to hell. >> governor chris christie did the boomer esiason roast. it was not good. >> i plan to run for president of the super bowl selection committee.


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