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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 5, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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we are on storm watch tonight, with rain spreading across the region, and it's just the first of two good sized storms that are headed our way. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julia haener. the bay area should see a good soaking tonight. rain started falling at 6:00, and is expected to get heavier in time for your morning commute. some people found the need for cover. this rain is a welcome sight for northern california water agencies. developing strategies for the drought. take a look at the radar now. all that green represents much
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needed moisture. you can see how the already spreading across the entire region. we have team coverage for you. ktvu's ken pritchett is out in the elements. we'll hear from him in just a moment. right now, we begin with chief meteorologist bill martin and the details on the storm. >> much needed rain moving through the bay area right now. it's light for the most part. but the story really is, that the jet stream is now focused fillly on the bay area. and on northern california. lots of tropical moisture caught up in the flow. rain started this afternoon about 6:00, right now, the just widely scattered. it's not heavy. a few heavy cells, if you look north of napa, you see a little activity. south of the peninsula, fremont, just a few sprinkles, really light. then san jose, by cupertino here, a little heavier rain cell. here's the story. as we go into late tonight, the showers pick up. as we go into tomorrow morning,
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the morning commute, that's when the heaviest rains are going to hit. a wet, kind of windy thursday commute. when i come back, i'm going to give you what you can expect for thursday morning. >> now ken pritchett, live after learning how this rain will benefit the russian river watershed. >> reporter: as bill said, we have a light rain here at the marin headlands. it's been raining since we arrived here about two hours ago. in a sense this is starting to feel a little normal. what we expect for february or the rainy season. of course, we'll need a lot more than this to even put a dent in the drought. the russian river. these anglers are casting from a shore line rarely seen. they should be several feet underwater. >> as you look behind you, that last little point, he would probably be up right around
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there. >> reporter: all the locals know that the russian river is running at historic lows. >> all they could talk about for the last month while i was planning my move here, was we hope it rains. >> reporter: this series of storms will help. the russian river is running at about 5 feet now, and projected to be at about 10 feet by monday. >> it seems like everything is back to normal. >> reporter: the rain is welcome, but we're far from normal. the russian river is flowing at 23 cubic feet per second now, and by sunday, it it could be at 1,000cfs. but it should be between 4 and 6,000. essentially, this watershed needs another foot of rain to get back to levels seen in the 1977 drought. even a little rain and a rising river seems to breed optimism
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that's been in short supply. the sonoma county water agency says it expects 2 to 3 inches of rain to fall in the water russian watershed from these storms. much of the water that these agencies collect, they collect locally from rain. at the marin headlands, ken pritchett. >> stay with the 10:00 news for complete coverage. bill will bring us updates with live stormtracker 2. you can also get weather information anytime on your mobile device. follow ktvu meteorologists on the ktvu app, on twitter, and facebook. a two month investigation of an auto theft ring. officers say what they found at a warehouse just scratches the surface. ktvu's amber lee is live now at the scene on 36th avenue and east 9th in the fruitvale district, and tells us why officers say it's a gold mine.
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>> reporter: the raid took place behind me in this storage yard. the task force will be interviewing people arrested here and figuring out where this investigation will go next. with their hands tied, these people on the sidewalk are among the 23 chp removed from the property, that officers say is a storage facility for stolen goods. the highway patrol, as part of the alameda county regional auto theft task force arrested 11 people. some face charges of outstanding felony warrants for auto theft and drugs. others face weapons and stolen property charges. also removed from the property, an engine belongs to a u-haul pickup truck, a generator, and countless vehicles and auto parts. >> how would you characterize this? >> a gold mine of information. >> reporter: information the task force says may link this to a larger auto theft ring and
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perhaps other criminal activity. >> what makes you think this is a part of a larger operation? >> due to the fact that so many people were located, so many things were found. we also found seven guns on the premises. that in itself should tell you there's something bigger going on here. >> reporter: chp tells me, it appears up to 20 people live in the warehouse at any given time. there was a constant flow of people. >> did you actually see illegal activity? >> yeah, handling of guns. >> i haven't been arrested yet. >> reporter: this man has been released after being detained. >> i guess there was some stolen vehicles. i had no idea. >> did you live in there too? >> no. >> big relief. i've got a 2-year-old daughter. s that the late thing i want her to see all of this stuff going on here. >> reporter: the raid started at 10:45 this morning, and finally wrapped up about 6
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hours later. investigators hope this raid will lead to more searches so they can get to the leaders of this crime ring. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. we have new information tonight about a police shooting that killed a 62-year-old woman in hayward. we brought you the breaking news last night from the summerwood apartments. police say the woman confronted two officers with a gun, and that one of the officers opened fire after the woman refused orders to drop her weapon. officers went to the apartment at the request of pleasanton police. authorities from pleasanton say they have received several angry phone calls from the woman. >> she was upset with both the pleasantton police department, and the hayward police department, regarding how we had treated her in a recent contact. >> the contra costa times reports that undercover officers searched the woman's woman's apartment last month. at this point, police have not
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released the woman's name. in mountain view, police announced the arrest of a former teacher caught in a sting operation to arrest child predators. officers say edelman went there believing he was going to have sex with a 17-year-old boy who he met through a social media site. however, officers say edelman actually made contact with a police officer. the san francisco unified school district says edelman taught there from 1995 until he resigned in september of last year. he taught at lowell high, lincoln high, the school of arts, and the academy of arts and sciences. in five minutes, a child molester arrested of a lewd act on a playground. why he will soon go free and the outrage. two arrested in the case of kylie slusher, found dead
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inside her mom's napa apartment. we know police had visited the home at least nine times in nine months. we hear from a child welfare director. she says no errors were made, but they're keeping critical information about the girl's case a secret. a court ruling this afternoon is already being criticized by a leading voice for child welfare. >> if 3-year-old kayleigh slusher had ever been seen by county workers, the agency in charge isn't talking about it. >> i had hoped i would be in a position to really talk specifically about this family. this little girl. >> instead, the county says this afternoon, a juvenile court judge would only allow the release of a single document about kayleigh slusher. date of fatality, on or about january 30. cause of death, pending a coroner's report. even though police reported she was beaten to death, her mother and boyfriend arrested, without an official ruling that child
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abuse was a factor, napa county says any previous contact with kayleigh or her family will remain a secret. he helped write the california law that requires the disclosure of information after a child's death. >> the law also requires that only one factor can really determine whether the court withholds information or not. and that's the well-being, or interest of another child. >> reporter: without any known siblings, it's why grim questions the decision to keep the information secret. for now, county officials are asking the public to take them at their word. >> we have absolutely followed our protocol. we have made no errors in any of the work we've done in child welfare. >> reporter: despite that statement, they are now looking at ways to possibly improve policies and procedures. we could learn more information in this case, once a coroner's report is complete.
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in napa, eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. now to the south bay, where police say a fight led to the discovery of an illegal nightclub in san jose. police were called to a small warehouse on commercial street last friday. inside, they say they found eight vip rooms, high end liquor, and 30 waitresses. police arrested one man they say had no alcohol or entertainment license. twitter posted its first earnings report this afternoon since going public it beat expectations, but fell short when it comes to adding new users. sending the stock price down, almost 18%. the broader markets lost ground today. the dow closed down 5 points, the nasdaq fell 19. killed by her prescription. >> it's too late for us but,
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the not too late for other people. >> the policy preventing patients from fighting back against generic drug makers. >> also, what's protecting your power source? 2 investigates how vulnerable these facilities are. >> a convicted sex ♪ [ male announcer ] this is smooth and precise on-road handling. this is easy-to-use off-road capability when you need it. this is seventy and counting safety and security features. ♪ this is total confidence and comfort. in the middle of crowds or in the middle of nowhere. this is the freedom to keep chasing all the horizons you want. introducing the all-new 2014 jeep cherokee. ♪
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only on 2 tonight, a convicted sex offender in san francisco has been arrested again. the man with indecent exposure has been arrested near a playground again. heather holmes is there to explain why that man will soon be going free. >> reporter: insufficient evidence. they just don't have enough to prove indecent exposure, and that has outraged the man who called 911 to report the incident. he knows to expect the unexpected in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood. >> when i first saw him, i didn't believe it. >> reporter: he wasn't expecting a convicted sex offender. >> i had checked with myself, did you just see what you just saw? >> reporter: to get away with what he considers a crime. >> you can't walk around here naked like that. you know, i said, this is a neighborhood. >> reporter: while walking on ellis avenue yesterday, robinson says he spotted a man,
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exposing himself at the tenderloin children's neighborhood. >> put your clothes on. >> reporter: robertson called 911 and police arrested 57-year- old john tovant. a check of the state sex offender registry shows him with acts with a minor. but the decision not to move forward, means he won't be in jail long. >> if the sob will do it now. he'll do it again. don't bring him back out here on these streets. >> reporter: we checked a few minutes ago, and he is still in custody, but with those charges now dropped, he's expected to be released later on tonight. reporting live tonight, here in san francisco, heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news.
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new information involving a fatal stabbing. investigators say he was killed yesterday just after 11:00 a.m. police arrested 55-year-old jesse james taylor, officers say they had broken up an argument between the two men about 45 minutes before the deadly stabbing. taylor is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. homeland security issued a warning today about a threat to airplanes ahead of the winter olympics in sochi. officials are warning airlines direct flights to russia to be on alert for explosive materials hidden inside tubes. coming up in our next half hour, we will hear from a former fbi agent about this toothpaste threat. 2 investigates tonight, new theories about an attack on a power substation in the south bay. some are worried it may have been a rehearsal for something much bigger.
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17 transformers were destroyed in the attack, and now 10 months later, the person, or people behind it still remain at large. >> reporter: this surveillance video is from the attack on a pg and e station. 150 rounds were fired in just 7 minutes, causing significant damage to the substation. but that was just part of the problem. >> initially, the interesting part was the two acts occurred. >> reporter: the fbi won't give an official stance on if it was vandalism, or something much more serious. but mark johnson, a recently retired pg and e executive made these comments at a recent conference on grid security. >> this wasn't an incident where billy bob and joe decided after a couple of brewskies decided i'm going to shoot up a
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substation. this was well planned. >> reporter: referred to that incident like this. >> this was an unprecedented, and sophisticated attack on an electric grid substation. >> it can be done, and it's not that difficult to do. >> reporter: clark is a fellow at the electric power research in palo alto. in 2007, he helped create this report on terrorism, and the electric power delivery system. a report that stayed classified for years by homeland security, so it didn't become a how to for terrorists. >> it's a constant battle. >> reporter: the question is, how vulnerable are these facilities. we drove up to the substation and found an open gate. we drove by and can see the defense, pretty much the entire facility. in fact, we were out here, in and around the facility for about a half hour before a single employee asked us what we were doing. pg and e says that does not
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mean its facility is not secure. >> we're doing more now than before to improve the security. >> reporter: what's affective? he says the system gets 10,000 hits a day from hackers. >> can they do very much? no, because they can't stay very long. >> they're trying. >> they're trying. easily, in the u.s., easily. just random stuff. >> reporter: he says the biggest threat would be a cyber and physical attack. but insists security has increased since 9/11, and says the focus remains on both, preventing lights from going out, and making sure we know how to get them back on. in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu, channel 2 news. light shower streaming in off the pacific. the morning commute is going to be a wet one. you see the heavy showers toward sacramento and davis. here's your morning.
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late tonight, midnight, the main showers start to move onshore. about 5:00, 6:00, a.m., you get the heaviest rain. santa rosa, your commute's dry. the bulk of the bay area, 6 and 7:00 a.m., we're going to see significant rainfall, and it's going to linger through 7:00 a.m., and it's going to push out about 9:00 a.m. so the morning commute, especially south of san rafael more rain behind this one. that's your morning commute, when i come back, we'll roll this model all the way through the afternoon hours, because there's more showers there and look at the five-day forecast, and the saturday and sunday storm. the presidio trust has reportedly picked the site to offer george lucas for his museum site. the san francisco chronicle says the trust has now chosen a location nearly lucas's letterman digital art center and the lombard street entrance
11:21 pm
to the presidio. lucas wants to build a museum to house his memorabilia and norman rockwell collection. ktvu investigates a family's claims that a birth control drug is to blame and the reason they one of the best things about is that millions of people will qualify for financial assistance. for example, if you're a single person
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new video tonight from hayward where police are looking for a hit and run driver, the car struck a woman just after 6:00 this evening, at the intersection of tahoe avenue, and esperian boulevard. police say the woman was thrown some 50 feet. the hit and run vehicle is described as a newer modelle sporting looking sedan. anyone with information is asked to call police. two more pedestrians were hit on san francisco streets
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today. this comes just one day after another pedestrian was killed. police describe the victim's injuries as life-threatening. at 7:30 this morning, a boy was hit at leavenworth. his injuries are not considered life-threatening, and the driver remained on the scene. as for the driver killed in the sunset district, police have arrested a 71-year-old woman. police say she was the driver of a red toyota corolla. it hit isaac barington. the impact was so strong that his body was actually wedged in the windshield. she was cited on manslaughter
11:25 pm
and failure to yield. she was released. today we saw the police in action. officers wrote up at least five tickets in just 40 minutes for both jaywalkers and drivers at 16th and cap streets in the mission. >> educate people. and we want to correct people who aren't behaving correctly as well. >> chief greg sur says about 95% of the tickets are to drivers since cars do the most damage. but bike riders and pedestrians also get ticketed as well. the chief also said the number of citations was up 43% in january. bottom line, the chief says everyone just needs to slow down, and be more careful. new details on a flurry of police activity in oakland that we reported during the ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. at that time, police had closed off market street at 33rd and 34th street near interstate 580 of the s.w.a.t. teams were responding to a possible hostage situation.
11:26 pm
witnesses reported seeing a woman being beaten, and dragged into a house by a man. officers evacuated the building, then talked to the couple. neither appeared to have any injuries, and no one was arrested. oakland firefighters are still working to determine what started a 3 alarm fire in an abandoned grocery store on international boulevard. fire was burning at this time last night. we have learned there have been several other fires at the site since the grocery store closed about two years ago. investigators say the earlier fires were started by squatters. the new york city medical examiner's office says the autopsy on actor phillip seymour hoffman is inconclusive. phillip seymour hoffman had helped found the labyrinth theater and frequently acted and directedly. police are investigating his
11:27 pm
death on sunday as an accidental heroin overdose. on broadway, in new york theater's turned dark tonight in honor of hoffman. theater along the great marquis way turned dark for one minute. hoffman received three tony nominations for his work on the broadway stage. i was there when she came into the world. and i was there when she left this world. >> a young woman suddenly gone. and her family blames a birth control pill. ♪
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finally we're on storm watch tonight, our crew says it's been raining steadily now four about four hours. bill, you've been watching the system closely. is the rain going to pick uneven more? >> yeah, this is sort of the ripening of the fruit. the moisture is feeding into the area. the real dynamics are early tomorrow morning. that will really pick up the rainfall. right now, napa, you've got moderate rainfall. .03 of an inch of rain. this is just a lot of moisture. priming the pump, if you will. you look at san jose, a lot of showers. it's going to pick up just in time, especially for the peninsula and the south bay. when i come back, i'm going to detail the timeline. the morning commute for you. and the next storm that comes in this weekend. it's a big one. we'll see you back here.
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conservation is critical. the pleasanton city council heard that call, and it voted unanimously to have residents cut their water use by 20%. that amounts to cutting about 46 gallons per household every day. a 10 minute shower uses about 50 gallons of water. the zone 7 water managers have asked users to reduce water use by 20%. a bitterly divided house of representatives has approved a plan that would advocate more water to the delta. the republican backed bill would strip obama administration protections for salmon and the endangered delta smelt. house democrats called the bill a water grab that would set a dangerous precedent. the bill is not expected to pass in the senate where democrats are in control. plus, the white house has promised a veto.
11:32 pm
2 investigates a loophole involving generic drugs. they can't sue the makers of the birth control pill which ma have played a role in the death. their painful story has implications for millions of people who take generic drugs. >> god she was such a great kid. just makes me so angry. we really want to prevent another young woman from suffering the same fate as lauren. >> while lauren was home from college, she made a trip to the doctor's office, and a car ride home her mother will never forget. >> she was happy when we were in the car, talking. this was a great pill. it was going to take care of all of her problems. >> it's good to have yaz. >> reporter: in june of 2012, she was described part of the
11:33 pm
yaz family of contraceptive. she received a generic version. >> our health plan requires us to take generic drugs unless we specify otherwise. >> reporter: 7 months later, the 20-year-old collapsed in the stairwell of her apartment. her parents flew immediately to be by her side. >> i laid my head on her chest and held her. until her heart didn't beat anymore. i was there when she came into the world, and i was there when she left this world. >> reporter: lauren suffered a blood clot, likely coming from her pelvis, or leg, which eventually caused cardiac arrest. little did her parents know, there are more than 10,000 lawsuits against bayer, the
11:34 pm
makers of yaz from women claiming blood clot related injuries. a food and drug administration study looked at medical, and pharmaceutical records. they discovered the hormone is associated with double the risk of blood clotting when compared to earlier oral contraceptive formulas. however, doctors note the risk with any oral contraceptive is still lower than the clotting risk associated with pregnancy. what the alexanders discovered next, involves more than just women. >> if you're taking a brand name drug, you can see the manufacturer for problems with side-effects and death, but she was on the generic drug, so we have no recourse. >> reporter: in 1992, the fda started requiring generic drug labels match the brand name versions. the goal, assure doctors generics were equivalent to brand names. since then, a series of supreme
11:35 pm
court queries has led to sweeping protections for the makers of generic drugs. including a court ruling you can't hold generic drug makers liable for failing to warn consumers of the risk. >> right now, the law is in the state of chaos, where no exhumer has any rights at all, directly against a generic pharmaceutical company. we all scratch our heads not knowing what to do with it. >> reporter: the fda is considering a rule change. it would allow generic manufacturers to update labels independent of brand name counterparts. that would help inform consumers about risks sooner. but in the meantime, women need to consider all birth control options. >> they're both other methods that are more affective, and safer, like interuterine devices and implants, then 50
11:36 pm
different oral contraceptive pills on the market as well. >> reporter: generic manufacturers are fighting changes, and ask the fda to take more time considering them in this letter. the changes, as proposed will have far reaching consequences, affecting patient safety as well as healthcare costs. but that argument isn't enough for jane and michael alexander, who are holding out hope for change. >> it's too late for us. it's too late for lauren. but it's not too late for other people who are harmed by generic drugs. >> reporter: right now, the public comment period for the rule change closes in march, but a decision could take months, even years. ktvu, channel 2 news. if you have a tip for 2 investigates, we'd like to hear
11:37 pm
from you. the cvs pharmacy chain says it will stop selling be tobacco products. the drugstore chain is positioning its stores as an alternative to the doctor's office, by staffing pharmacies with nurse practitioners. san francisco took the lead in banning drugstores from celling tobacco products in 2008. he won a lot of votes on "american idol," but can he win election votes? clay aiken's run for office and the slam from his competition. >> we're continuing our storm watch tonight. chief meteorologist, bill martin will have the latest on where the every day i spend three hours on weights.
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four hours on the slopes.
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a warning about terrorism just as the winter olympics are about to begin. it involves, of all things, tubes of toothpaste. it has no direct flights to russia. how are passengers reacting? >> reporter: they are still afraid, and it's mostly because it's explosive materials were hidden, it wouldn't take much for terrorists to sneak them onboard. toothpaste tubes could be used to smuggle bombs on planes. that warning came from homeland security today. >> it's a tip of type of venue where, you know terrorists kind of gravitate toward it. >> reporter: he worries about
11:41 pm
the safety of the olympic games, which terrorists have promised to disrupt. >> they're going to require passengers to, you know, put the liquids in the checked luggage. they've got to adjust, based on the intelligence. unfortunately, the passengers are victimized by all of this stuff. >> reporter: homeland security's warning was directed toward u.s. carriers, mainly delta airlines, which runs a direct flight out of new york. >> i believe the games will be safe, but we're in a very different setting in sochi, than we were in salt lake city. sochi is a very dangerous neighborhood. >> reporter: mitt romney today called for more information about the specific intelligence to help the tsa, airline, and passengers prepare. rick smith says it's likely on a need to know basis. >> i'd like to think there's more specific intelligence on what they're looking for, other than just a toothpaste tube. >> reporter: sfo had little to
11:42 pm
say about this terrorist warning, only that it didn't have any information to share, so here at sfo, and at airports across the world, ahead of the olympics, there's a lot of trepidation, separation, and hoping for the best. even though opening ceremonies for the winter games are scheduled for friday, not everything is ready. construction work is still being done on several hotels, and a lot of journalists are reporting their rooms are lacking many of the basics, such as light bulbs, shower curtains, locks on the doors, not to mention heat, or internet access. in places where there is running water, we hear that it's not drinkable. i'm back right after the break, tracking rain showers, not only for the morning commute, but as we head into the bay area weekend, a bigger storm. storm. >> a twee one of the best things about is that millions of people will qualify for financial assistance.
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[ male ♪nnouncer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. ♪ ♪ told ya you could do it. (dad vo) i want her to be safe. so, i taught her what i could and got her a subaru. (girl) piece of cake. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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the death of a snowboarder at the heavily ski hill in lake tahoe. initial autopsy reports that he died of internal injuries from blunt force trauma. authorities say he was wearing a helmet, but his body was found next to a steel pole, and they're looking into the possibility that he slammed into that pole. divers returned to lake sonoma to recover some skeletal remains from the water. those were first spotted by a recreational diver in december. but poor visibility hampered their redrival. today they got help from the technical dive team. a man who wants the governor's job says he has
11:46 pm
already raised $1 million for his campaign. he is a republican, he announced his bid to be governor two weeks ago, the million dollars suggests he is able to raise more money. but he is facing an uphill battle against jerry brown. two plane tickets to washington, d.c., a hotel room, and no purchase required. that's what two winners will get in a sweepstakes that is offering an unusual prize. a meeting with president obama. new at 10:00, ktvu's jana katsuyama is live to explain some of the fine print of this deal that she first noticed on twitter. >> reporter: frank, we got some interesting reactions to this here in san francisco. i saw this pop up on twitter about 2:45 this afternoon. the big question is, is this a very deft political play, or an
11:47 pm
act of desperation? the tweet came from the group organizing for action @barack obama. those who enroll are entered to win in a presidential sweepstakes with a surprise worth about $1,400, includes airfare, a hotel, and a meeting in d.c. with president obama. >> i feel he's inviting people directly to be a part of it. >> it is a way to get it out there to people. >> the things we used to associate with selling cereals, and suddenly, we see this type of stuff in politics. campaigns are trying to find new ways of doing things, which the internet allows. so, they're experimenting with things. this is partly an experiment i'm sure. >> reporter: it comes as the obama administration is under pressure to prove the
11:48 pm
affordable care act can enroll enough healthy people. >> they're using ploys like come meet the president to try to spur enrollment. >> reporter: politicians try to capture young voters. >> in snapchat. facebook, twitter, tumbler, pinterest. i think you're going to see a lot more of it. >> reporter: as with any sweepstakes, we felt it was important to read the fine print. it says the random drawing will be for 50 finalists, then organizers will select two winners. they will begin do background checks, and disqualify anyone who might disrupt an event. all of this is timed to coincide with a deadline for healthcare enrollment. jana katia katsuyama ktvu, channel 2 news. take a look at live
11:49 pm
stormtracker 2. the showers heaviest up in the valley. lake orville, rainfall accumulations thus far have been very light. you can see out your window, just got light showers. here a little more activity. maybe a little moderate rain. san ramon, fremont, just light showers. here by mission peak, heavy rain showers. but breaking up a bit. we start off at 5:00 a.m., that's going to be some of the heaviest rain. santa rosa, the showers are ending. here we are at 7:00 a.m. still pretty wet, mainly south of san rafael. the morning commute for the most part, wet on the roadways, and wet, wet coming from the sky. the afternoon commute should be dry from the sky, but wet on the roads from what's left over. as we go into tomorrow and the weekend, this jet stream
11:50 pm
pattern sets up, which gives us tomorrow's system, overnight tomorrow into tomorrow morning, and this weekend weather system, which is more powerful. the tropical moisture flying in off the pacific. here we go into friday now. you see the moisture streaming in. cry friday morning. drops in in our area friday night. saturday is behind this. here comes saturday. then sunday is behind that. these gully washers, could be at times, we're going to get heavy rain. we go into it by sunday, which would be a lot of rain. for the rest of the us, maybe two or three inches. these are storm totals over the course of the weekend. these are the highs for tomorrow, considering they were in the 60s, and 70s, last week at this time. quite a cool down. overnight tonight, into tomorrow morning. the commute's wet. saturday and sunday, the commute is wet. monday, maybe a few morning
11:51 pm
showers. really good news. this is just what we needed. it isn't going to cause flooding. it will mess with traffic, just because everything messes with traffic. >> if you get a little drizzle, it messes with traffic. >> tomorrow's commute looks like it's going to be a wet one. former "american idol" star clay aiken confirmed today, he's running for office. >> for most americans, there are no golden tickets. >> the 35-year-old is running as a democrat for a house seat in north carolina. in his campaign video, he criticized incompetent republican renee elmers. in a video, she said he doesn't always fare that well. he was runner up. the sharks not singing the blues tonight. >> a good one. >> that would have been better if they were playing the st. louis blues. but can't have everything. they kind of have that hang dog
11:52 pm
look of late. lacking a little confidence, to go with no offense. but extra annoying, they can't seem to put anyone away at home. but overtime does wind up good for them. 1-0 lead. late in the 2nd, off a scott hanlon shot. but into the 3rd it goes. their last game, you saw a similar look. it's 1-1. they go to overtime. thinking, here we go again. 1:52 in, no. shootout needed, as tommy wingles will go top shelf right out in front to end it. 2-1, the sharks taking care of things at the tank. a win is a win i guess. meantime, cal had nothing to back up their big upset over the number 1 team in the nation this past week. overachieving is something the bears would not be accused of
11:53 pm
tonight against stanford. there's bob melvin. spring training coming up for the manager of the a's too. josh houston will get up on the offensive board to cram it down. stanford was up by as many as 18. right before the half, 12-2 run for cal cut the deficit to 6. justin cob did come to play for cal. the cardinal will prevail, a very solid 2nd half. anthony brown with the left hand. they do prevail. 16 points for brown. 80-69 the final. stanford a winner. in uñ
11:54 pm
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11:57 pm
a far cry from the days with the likes of jack nicklaus roamed the ground. there's peyton manning on the right, with bill belichick. payton just played in the super bowl, but already out on the links. early leader, actor lewis black of fast and furious fame with a beautiful birdie for victory. 100k donated to charities. rodgers, happy to be back on his old stomping grounds. >> it's an incredible venue. three amazing courses. the hospitality is great. it's fun to be back in central california. probably only one other place he would rather be. downtown green bay for a packer
11:58 pm
parade. but only one team gets to do that, and the party is in seattle. 700,000 fans taking to the streets up there to congratulate the seahawks on their first ever super
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> today on "tmz"... >> katy perry cavorting with strippers. >> they're in santa barbara at the spearment rhino. she had a private room. decided to get loose. >> those four chicks are touching each other and they're watching it all happen. >> you can tell she's loaded because she has the wide eyes, you know what i'm saying? like woo-hoo! >>clay aiken is running for congress. way! >> yeah. > maybe we can ignite the change


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