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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 10, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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a warehouse roof collapses in the south bay and fire crews have been searching the building looking for victims. i'm julie haener, and i'm dan summerville. a massive section of the building fell into the building.
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ken pritchett. he tells us he thinks authorities know what occurred. >> reporter: just beyond that is the debris from that roof. that silver object is one of those spinning round roof ventilators. they were responding to water running down the street. that was the report. when they arrived, that's when they saw the collapse. that's when they upgraded the alarm and called in reenforcements. firefighters did not know if the building was empty and if there was anyone inside. seven and rescue teams -- search and rescue teams went in the building. nothing was found. firefighters say nothing was found. there could be someone here even
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if they shouldn't be. the paper company last vacate this building, filled with the large roof that measures about 200 by 300 feet. it's a lot of area that needs to be covered and a lot of work. a large area requiring a second look by search and rescue dogs. the building was deemed safe by a structural engineer, but it was a search that required cause of action at the entry. >> we have our has mat team that's in there with -- hazmat team in there with them because they have to make sure there aren't any hidden pockets of gases that could harm the dogs. >> reporter: firefighters didn't fine anything. they have cleared the scene. as far as a cause, they believe the rain may have led to this roof collapse, the weight of the rain over several days on top of this building, however, the official cause remains under
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investigation. in san jose, ken pritchett ktvu channel 2 news. in 15 minutes we go inside the structure to hear what engineers are saying about the leaks. continuing coverage of the weekend storm and it's a tale two of regions. the southbound bay mostly missed out, and the north bay got soaked of the it was worth it? a resounding yes to water from wayne makers in the west. deborah is live in napa. >> reporter: julie, the napa river crested and receded. napa got more rain in three days than in 365. all of last year. >> it's as though mother nature irrigated our vines. >> the skies and the outlook are
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sunnier in wine country. >> what an incredible storm it was. it was raining really hard. >> the puddles you can see. the saturation goes six feet into the soil, six months from now. >> is this a game changer? >> we're still in a drought. there's many people who's reservoirs are still not full. we'll have a good start. >> with sights hard to imagine just a week ago, the lakes are part of the mount tam water shed, rein vog rated -- rein vig o rated -- reingivorated. >> rich with four days of rain, is ranging now. water districts are starting with a deep deficit. >> these weather patterns, we have a lot of work to do to determine exactly where they're
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coming, how much rain they're bringing and where it's going to fall. >> i'm happy to see that we are collecting some run off. >> one of its tributaries is finally flowing where friday at the same spot we found it bone-dry. but a wet winter would fill this creek, and what's needed, a half dozen more soakers like the weekend. >> will we see that? i'm not certain, but certainly this helped and we're happy for that. >> reporter: back here in napa valley, the talk among ventnors is how to get the most crop with the littlest water as possible. conserve, conserve, conserve. ktvu channel 2 news. take a look at this russian river in hillsburg mounted to a
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drone. our ktvu crew got the video from the drone operator. he wanted to see all the weekend's run off for himself. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> absolutely. north bay, 50 miles to the north, ten times more rain than san jose. the rain totals. february's turned out to be pretty good. 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th. hayward, .68. we'll take two of the big cities. ken field, 11.71-inches, san jose, less than an inch of rain. so you see a huge disparity and everybody else falling somewhere else in the middle there. for percents of agent, santa rosa, they've come up. now santa rosa's 33 percent of average. this late in the season, it's pretty tough to catch up that
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much rain. if this was november or december, 40 percent's doable. when i come back, i'll point to a chance for some more showers in the bay area forecast. see you then. in the south bay, it turns out it didn't make a whole lot of difference. and robert handa tells us, the enthugz yachl has now e -- enthusiasm is now evaporated. >> i was pretty obsessed over the weekend, looking at gauges and precipitation levels and waiting for this storm to materialize. >> when officials took measurement levels they were extremely disappointed. >> we were at 31.6% last thursday. this morning, we're at 31.7%. it's dried up.
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the water district has one last hope, the run off. today, the san lorenz river was shallow, but flowing. the art center says the storm and rainfall weren't that impressive. >> we've had had the water right up to the building and when we get those downpours, the water with, it will come right up across here and into our building. >> anything like that happen this weekend. >> this time, no and the river isn't that high. >> santa clara valley water district agreed the run off won't salvage this disappointing run. >> we'll get a little bit residual run off, but nothing very significant. >> the water says it will reevaluate its water conservation program on february 25th and that could mean the request for public to drop use at 10% to go up. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> find up to the minute
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information on some of california's biggest reservoirs. in the hot topics section on the front page of the web site. new video showing the end of a chase in san jose. at 8:00 tonight, near chusterson circle, said they were chasing a stolen honda. one witness described what he saw. >> the white honda was coming down baruessa and hit this center divider running from the cops and then flipped, hit the center divider and flipped up over -- flipped on two and a half times. >> the male driver and his female passenger were trapped briefly. the woman was injured and taken to the hospital. the man had cuts to his face and was taken into custody. a deputy's car also hit a small tree in the center divide of baruessa. >> a show of support for a south bay college student, what friends and family are sharing about a freshman found dead in
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his dorm room. and in west oakland, a job site happened about 2:45 near interstate 980 when three armed men approached the eight workers. the thieves made off with money, wallets and cell phones. construction site robberies are a long standing problem, but there's been a wave of them since last summer. also in oakland, police a announced the arrest of 216-year-olds, and all -- 2, 16-year-olds. an 18-year-old woman was shot and wounded on january 28th at a home on laguna street in the upper diamond district. police say one of the suspects kicked in the door. the woman apparently startled the intruder and he shot her isn't shoulder. neighbors are relieved. >> it's really good for my wife. we have a young child.
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we're happy to know they're doing things to find the person responsible for this. >> the district attorney charged 18-year-old willard with assault with a weapon and residential burglary. a second adult and 216-year-olds played a role in the attack. police are also looking at whether they may be connected to other unsolved burglaries in the area. and san francisco, lost 11 and a half million dollars. the new figures take into account expenses incurred by the port of san francisco and has more than doubled the previous amount amidst a breakdown to hold the cup serious in san francisco again in 20. coming up a man gunned down at a gas station right in front of his 5-year-old child. what police say will be key to catching a break if the case. >> from wet to warm, how much temperatures are expected to rise where you live tomorrow.
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so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can there is sadness on the campus of san jose state university after a freshman student took his own life from daily city. amber lee is live on campus where 100 students gathered for a vigil. >> reporter: the vigil ended
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just a short while ago. there are still students here. there is a mood of shock and sadness on campus. students tell me the freshman was found in his room on the 4th floor of joe west hall. >> i hope you're happy up there. >> the girlfriend of 18-year-old brandon tiggs spoke to a crowd of more than 100 students during a candlelight vigil. they wrote messages on a banner and showed their memories of a young man who touched their lives. i spoke with his father at the family's daily city home earlier tonight. >> gary tiggs tells me the family is confused and devastated. his sons grades were good and does not know what stood him. brandon on was 6-foot four and played for st. ignatious high school in san francisco and was studying to be a physical therapist. >> i hope their family is doing
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okay. >> one student tells me he tried out for the football team but didn't make it. >> some people said maybe it was the football, some people said it was maybe the girlfriend. on his instagram account, the last thing he posted before anything happened was a bottle of alcohol. >> school officials have declined to say how brandon ended his life. they say his friends contacted staff at the dorm when they didn't hear from him. campus police did a welfare check and discovered brandon in his room. >> it's really difficult to take in because knowing that he's young, he had so much ahead of him, so i wish there was some way somebody could have talked to him or reached out to him, maybe it could have changed his mind. >> he's survived by a mother and
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father and 13-year-old sister. channel 2 news, amber lee. in the trial of a convicted bank robber who got into a 20-minute gun battle with highway patrol officers on a freeway in the east bay. byron williams is from grove land in qualmy county. police thought execute him. officers say they pulled him over for weaving and speeding. investigators say williams was wearing a bullet proof vest and had three loaded guns with him at the time. they say that he fired first. one officer was hit by shrapnel, another by shattered glass. we now know the name of a driver killed on a stormy day. 68-year-old will thomas medoph was driving a jeep that went off
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narrow greenwood way about 10:00 yesterday morning plunging 50 50 feet down an embankment. and cal fire sent us this photo. can you see the water landed near the water's edge. two people were rescued but firefighters say it was a challenge because of the breaking waves and heavy rain. the weekend storm exposed leaks on to the bay bridge that's supposed to be watertight. tom vacar tells us bridge workers need to figure out how the water is getting in and how to fix it. >> a lot of standing water still remains on the new span from this week's storm, but some water ended up inside the supposedly watertight steal decks held up by the cables. >> they don't know exactly where it's coming in, and how quick it will take to resolve. we had to climb way up there to
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the top of the inside of the roadway of the bridge. >> it's certainly something that we're taking seriously. >> cal trans's highest bridge engineer, is richard lamb. >> for these bolts in particular, we're seeing water coming down from the surface. >> you could barely see signs of the leak and no pooled water. >> there's no corrosion. certainly we're taking this issue very seriously and it takes a fair amount of time for corrosion to manifest itself. >> forensic failure engineers at berkley research company labs say any water spells long-term corrosion and rust trouble. >> this could have an impact within ten years or so, depending on the thickness of the steal and the severity of the severe. >> so there's a safety factor built into the bridge and with every a little bit of corrosion it eats into that safety factor. >> and what do bridge users say?
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>> i'm sure they're going to have problems, just need maintenance every once in a while, but i'm sure they'll fix it. >> i was a sailor for years and those little leaks turn into big leaks real quick. >> first find and fix the leaks. second, step up inspections so cal trans can react if and when trouble shows up. tomorrow's a big day for former san francisco mayor willy brown. the western portion of the bay bridge will be renamed the willy l. brown junior bridge. some 500 people are on the guest list. brown has said it's a great honor, not just for him, but for all african-americans. the naacp is picking up the $6,500 price tab for the new signs. a lot of cloud cover out there right now, expecting some valley fog late tonight. it's going to be kind of cool tonight. there's a lot of moisture at the
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surface so fog's a possibility. dew point is in the 50s. when the temperatures meets the dew point, typically you'll get fog. valley fog tomorrow morning as you getting in. in the north bay and east bay and even the south bay, north bay with the best opportunity. lows into the upper 40s, low 50s and into tomorrow, daytime highs will warm into the 66s and 67s. i'll get specific with your forecast high and in the five-day forecast we've got some rain in there. we'll talk about that, as well. this weekend's storm provided the high sierra with just what it needed, five feet of snow. skiers and snow borders have been hitting the fresh powder. below 6,000 feet some, snow is already melting because after it snowed, it rained. california's governor wins a round in court and gets something he's been seeking for
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months. plus, we have some new information about oñ
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an inmate made a staring attempt to escape. the inmate is behind bars tonight, and now facing a list of new charges that could keep him there for a while. >> the inmate, 24-year-old joseph shabert made it outside to the parking lot in the back of the courthouse, but that's as far as he got. >> it happened so fast because i looked up to here, you know, to get the app down, and they -- bodies flashed down between the cars. >> that was the end of an attempted escape that police say started when he was being
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transported through courthouse tunnels. he grabbed a fire extinguisher and sprayed three deputies and got outside before he was tazed, tackled and brought back out of custody. what was he saying? >> he was complaining he couldn't breathe. >> the 24-year-old has a history with the law. he lives in vac aville but has been -- vacaville since 208. the majority of those charges were narcotics related, some vandalism, and failure to appears and stuff like that. >> this time, on charges of narcotics, probation violation and failure to appear, and a maximum security inmate. how he was able to get outside is being investigated. when you take away someone's freedom have you to take away anything. >> their mind-set can be up and down at any given time and clearly they're capable of
11:25 pm
desperate things. >> he will be facing some new charges including assault with a felony weapon. the freedom he was running towards just got a lot further away. ktvu channel 2 news. jerry brown welcomed the panel of judges that agreeing to give california a two-year extension the time necessary to help inmates become productive members of society. the panel gave until february 2016 to reduce its prison population. california has about 112,000 inmates, 5,000 more than the limit set by the courts. deja vu for e-mail users after another widespread outage.
11:26 pm
the sunnyvale companies service has been re-- company says im service has been stored. this is not the first service interruption. back in december, yahoo users had to deal with a five-day outage. >> and nasdaq added 22 points, and analysts say investors are looking ahead to the first public comments from the new public chair tomorrow. the appears to be over for nathan fielder and his dumb starbucks shop. it has attracted a lot of questions since it opened last friday. today fielder made an appearance at the dumb starbucks explaining it was a stunt for his show nathan for you. the l.a. health department arrived and shut the place down for code violations. the coffee was free, but some people said it was lousy.
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it's become a popular social media site, now we'll tell you why one area police department is showing an interest inoñ
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one of the best things about is that millions of people will qualify for financial assistance. for example, if you're a single person making less than $46,000 a year, or a family of four, earning up to $94,200, you may be eligible for premium assistance.
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the lower your annual income, the greater financial assistance you will receive. get answers, and get covered. find out if you're eligible and enroll today. at at the play store and enjoy our application. after going all of last year with no homicides, police are investigating two killings in the past week in san pablo on. live where he learned the most recent homicide, a father killed in front of his own child. paul. >> reporter: julie, that was the second homicide in the last four
11:30 pm
days, but police say they're pretty confident they'll find the shooters in both cases. they arrested 92% of the city's homicides. >> find justice and find the person and god forgive him. >> for fear of retaliation, this woman ask me not to identify her. her nephew's life was brutally ended last week. >> he was going to work, a future father in may. >> residents identified them about a shooting just feet away from dover elementary school. an altercation broke out before he was shot multiple times and died at a hospital. >> person was targeted. they don't believe there's suspects that are out that would put other people to harm at this point. >> police say the city's second homicide took place at this
11:31 pm
shell gas station of elportel drive 11:17 saturday night. rodriguez was sitting in his vehicle with his 5-year-old child. for some unknown reason, martinez was shot several times. he, too was taken to an area hospital where he later died. his 5-year-old was unharmed. police say they're very confident they'll solve both of crimes. 36 homicides were solved because of community involvement. >> we had a shooting prior to this one that occurred in town and we had neighbors that came down to provide information before we contacted them. >> reporter: the person survived in that last case. in both of these homicides if you know anything about it, call police. live in pablo.
11:32 pm
and san leandro on mural court have been watching out for suspicious behavior. one resident found or door ajar and that resulted in an arrest. >> we keep a pretty tight neighborhood watch. we communicate and we're always watching out suspicious behavior. about annit% increase an 8% increase in burglars burglaries say they have seen a significant drop, as well. and new at 10:00, lost and bound, a bay area police department is using social media to match stolen property it recovers with the rightful owners. janet katsiama is downtown in redwood city to explain the interest in pintrest. >> reporter: we talked with some people who used the photo sharing site and many were surprised that police are
11:33 pm
getting in on the pins in downtown redwood city, police said they used pintrest for a number of reasons. >> they're among millions of users who check in every day usually to share recipes, fashion or craft ideas. >> cooking or home idea, do it yourself-type thing is what i do it for. >> now the redwood city police department is join nothing with pins. >> we're -- joining in with pins. >> we're interested in property. >> their interest in pintrest have posted photos of everything from bicycles and photos. so why pintrest? >> we could upload our photos and view them without having a
11:34 pm
password. >> that will be neat. a long time ago i lost my bike and had nowhere to look. >> i use pintrest. >> i'd probably go to pawnshops or post on craigs list. i would not think to go on pintrest. police hope it will be a success once word spreads. >> we would have to bring victims in to physically look at property, so by using this social media site, it gives us the ability to reach a lot of people. >> reporter: they've already had success matching three victims with their stolen property. reporting live if redwood city, janet katsiama katsiama katsiama ktvu channel 2 news. and under the agreement, a company will rescan hangar one
11:35 pm
and upgrades hangar 2 and 3. google executives have long operated a group of private jets in the air field. and on college football player michael sam, after he announcing he is gay and he wants to play in the nfl. sam played his college ball missouri wearing number 52. the raiders and giants and the patriots said they would judge sam only on his ability, not his sexual orientation. but eight other coaches and executives said a anonymously hurt his chances by going public. >> sam's teammates said he suffered hardships and tragedies in his family life and coming out is not a big deal. gay rights advocates are
11:36 pm
welcoming the department's decision to benefits for same-sex marriages couples the same recognition as straight married couples. inmates in folder prisons will now have visitation rights for same-sex spouse and firefighter and police killed in the line of duty will be eligible for survivor benefits. meantime, the obama administration is giving small businesses extra time before they may offer health insurance to full-time workers under the affordable care act. it will have until 2016 to offer healthcare coverage. that gives those businesses an additional one year grace period. the mandate to provide insurance was originally supposed to take effect last month. a giant crash that sounded like an earthquake and the
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a slaughterhouse is in petaluma company processed diseased or animals without an inspection. they shut down following the massive recall. just last month, more than 40,000 pounds of meet was not fully inspected. there are no reported illnesses, say they're disappointed.
11:40 pm
>> i grew up on a cattle ranch where quality meant something. >> recall involves 18 products including meets from all -- meats from all parts of the cow between january 1st last year and january 7th this year shipped throughout california and to three other states. the beef products are stamped with est 527 inside the usda mark of inspection. we posted all the information at in the hot topics section. and mark leno announced legislation designed to help city college of san francisco while it fights accreditation. some students bailed out when they knew the college may have to shut down. the next school year is down more than $20 million. the schoolworks to stabilize safety.
11:41 pm
a bay area teacher is being honored with a national teacher of excellence award. students of kimberly gillis made a tribute to her in a law and order format. >> you do realize you've been charged with excellent teaching and this is a very serious situation. >> do i need representation? >> there's no need for that right now. >> she teaches in danville, and has students explore what can be difficult topics, and lgbten explosion, and the national excellence award includes a $10,000 prize. and the alamed afire department is looking for a dozen men and women to hire 12 new firefighters. the new hires will replace firefighters what recently retired or who plan to retire later this year. the hope is that new firefighters can be hired and trained this spring.
11:42 pm
president obama welcomed french president today. today, the two presidents took a tour of jefferson's estate. the visit was designed to show case u.s. ties with france. olan came to the u.s. without france's first lady. the two recently broke up after reports of an affair with a movie staff. >> and the white house howevered a sneak peak of the state dinner for tomorrow. the plate settings are elegant and rib rshgseye, and salad will be served if a clear glass bowl and mary j.blige will provide the entertainment. and bill martin's complete bay area forecast.
11:43 pm
he'll show us our next chance for rain. >> and in two
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11:45 pm
nonstop rain over the weekend made a visible difference across northern california, and lake clemmen teen to sacramento where the dam looked like niagara falls today. even with the impressive run off, many reservoirs remain at historically low levels. and ktvu christina randone tells us about a doctor's office
11:46 pm
devastated. >> reporter: this massive tree just couldn't handle the soft saturated soil causing it to topple on this orinda office complex. >> the windows and doors were shaking. >> he was inside and thought he was experiencing an earthquake. i grabbed my patient and then it stopped. >> the tree crashed down on a nearby office. when a tree falls you have to move fast to tarp the roof. it's kind of a 1-2 punch. if you can't get it sealed, the water does more damage than the actual tree. >> gates was getting a lot of calls of trees in the east bay. >> what little roots were there couldn't hold -- do the job anymore to hold the tree over and over they come. the oak is over 200 years old,
11:47 pm
and now it's labeled a killer tree. that is a silver lining in this mess, no one was hurt. >> we're fortune nobody was walking underneath there because we wouldn't have been able to dodge. we have patients on walkers, crutches. >> if you're worried about something like this happening to an old tree by your home, are have ann arborist and -- an arborist test the roots. and a residential development are looking to bring the were before voters this november, a developer wants to build 100 homes on a four-acre property along the kay avenue near the crab co visitors center. opponents want the area for submitted space to block the development. the initiative would call for having the land rezoned as open
11:48 pm
space. walmart has commissioned a stud that's found that its super -- study found that its super stores are good for the economy and have higher taxable sales and more retail business cities without them with walmarts. they were responding to attacks. and a surfer said he fought back from serious bite wound when is a shark bumped his surfboard throwing him into the water. >> it pushed me around and i realized what was going on and could see it and i tried to punch it but it was more like a push. >> mills was able to swim to shore. he feels lucky to be alive and he plans to surf again. >> jerry hill introduced
11:49 pm
legislation to restore public access to martin's beach near half moon bay. in 2008, koshla bought the property and locked a gate on the road leading to the beach. hill's legislation would direct the state land commission to enter into negotiations to reopen the road. if the settlement is not reached by january of 2016, the legislation would direct the commission to seize the road using eminent domain. some good looking rainfall over the last few days especially in the north bay. about ten times in the north bay than the south bay. still pretty warm because of that kind of tropical air mass that set in over the weekend. that air mass has now firmly focused itself in the pacific northwest. this is where it was. now it's focussed to the north.
11:50 pm
it could drift down into wednesday, we meet see some rain as we head into sunday. here's the cloud cover right now. i'm thinking about the fog out there. the chances for valley fog, temperatures right now are in the 50s overnight lows are going to be in the area and dew points are in the upper 40s and 50s. we'll look for the fog. the jet stream as i've pointed out is shifting it focus to the north. if it stays like this, wednesday it dips down just a little bit and then on sunday it drops further. watch this. that's where the jet stream is. here we are into thursday. thursday morning it does dip down. wednesday night, thursday morning and it kind of works its way into thursday afternoon. saturday night, sunday, it looks pretty -- pretty -- like there's a good opportunity that it's going to shift further south and bring us rain all the way to the santa clara valley. so tomorrow, temperatures are
11:51 pm
mild to warm again. look out for the valley fog in the north bay and inland bay valleys. 57 in pacifica, and concord. dry. sun comes out. partly sunny, 64 in san jose. and in the five-day forecast, what you're going to see here is this chance on wednesday night into thursday morning right in here, and then you're going to see coming up here on sunday, rain showers. sunday's the models have gotten a little tighter. they're more bullish on rain for sunday. right now, best day of the weekend looks to be sunday. this would be nice if it happened but it's not a slam dunk. so it's nice to get a little rain. north bay, they're loving the drought. south bay's going, what are you talking about. >> the side-by-side that showed all the way, and just hardly anything still dry in the south bay. >> and orville lake came up 8 or 9 feet. >> in hayward they got less than
11:52 pm
an inch? >> yeah. >> thanks, bill. all right. what a fight for the warriors, mark. >> and conversely, wow. philadelphia, a guess if you're a philadelphia 76ers fan, any good news dolat this point. here it is. last -- will do at this point. they lost by 45 against the clippers. tonight, they lose by only 43 to the warriors. small improvement nonetheless. former warrior and sixer on hand to green, the start, 11 points, 11 rebounds. warriors led by 8 after one. golden state out scored philly 38 in the 2nd quarter. the beat down goes on. the saved lee plays catch with andre andre iguodala. an easy night for iggie, but the man tonight, career night for
11:53 pm
mo spates. 12 of 15 shots, and the warriors win it 123-80. the sixers have been out scored by 88 points in the last couple games. you'd like to think the warrior fans hoping they saved a little for wednesday night, a little of their game and lebron in miami. the heat hits down. the world champs practiced. they're pretty ed loose. take a look at -- they're pretty loose. take a look at lebron today on the basketball court. you know the degree of difficulty. look at that. incredible. just absolutely incredible. lebron and company in the bay. another medal for team usa with local twist
11:54 pm
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one of the best things about is that millions of people will qualify for financial assistance. for example, if you're a single person making less than $46,000 a year, or a family of four, earning up to $94,200, you may be eligible for premium assistance. the lower your annual income, the greater financial assistance you will receive. get answers, and get covered. find out if you're eligible and enroll now. at
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. i guess when you say it's all downhill from here, not necessarily a bad thing when you're talking about julia mancuso. a portion of the super combined event manages to be just good
11:57 pm
enough in the slolam. and adding to her 4th medal in her three appearances. >> i knew that i just had to ski and go for it and crossing the finish line, i was quite surprised. it was kind of one of those happy moments where i was surprised by my name with the 3 next to it but also just super happy and just a real testament of believing in your dreams. >> meanwhile, party of five for this year's bay area sports hall of fame banquet to introduce. the class of 2014, if you had not heard, tony larussa, in the warm up, along with bob ladisor are e. and jimmy heins from the east bay, rounding out the great cast and class of 2014. that's sporting life for a monday night. >> that's a good group. >> thanks, mark. and thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news.
11:58 pm
we'll see you next time news breaks. >> if you miss part of tonight's newscast, catch the rebroadcast over on our sister station, tv 36 and follow
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12:00 am
>> today on "tmz," >> there are now two operative theories. shia labeouf is crazy or he's not >> "when the segals follow the troller it's because he thinks sardines will fall in the sea. >> he's plagiarizing. >> he also did it over in europe where it might be popular. >> he also did it over in europe where it might be popular. (laughter) >> the most painful interview ever. sam ruben interviewed samuel l. jackson and mistook him for a different actor.


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