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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 11, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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amber alert is posted on freeway signs tonight as police investigate a possible carjacking with reports of a child inside the car. good eveninger one i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. an amber alert from oakland police is still in effect tonight even though no one has been reported missing. while officers tell us they are not certain about the type of vehicle involved they are convinced they have the correct license plate number. it's a california plate 6 j sm648. heather holmes is live at the
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safeway store redwood road near highway 18 in the redwood hills. shoplifting led to the carjacking and heather you have a new photo of a man wanted by police >> reporter: this just released photo it shows the suspected shoplifting walking down an aisle here just moments before police say he took off out of the store, jumped in a parked vehicle and then took off with those two people inside. security camera footage at this oakland safeway captures the man at the center of a statewide amber alert. >> we want to find them, find them safely. >> reporter: police say the man is a knife-wielding shoplifter who stuffed lobster tail and ribeye steaks under his jacket. after being confronted by an employee a man carjacked a car with a teenager and elderly man inside. an amber alert was issued.
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witnesses originally describe the vehicle as a red or burgundy infinity suv with a license plate number 6 j fm648. in the last 30 minutes police said they tracked down that suv. and its owner on the east coast. they believe that license plate is on a sedan, make and model unknown. >> whether it's a suv or sedan we wants to focus on that license plate. >> reporter: investigators say that plate is their most promising lead to tracking down the suspect and the two people inside the vehicle. police tell me 9 hours after the incident no missing persons report matching the description of the two has been filed. still, they consider them victims. >> we also have information reported to us by witnesses that the occupants of that vehicle did not know the suspect. >> reporter: now again about 30 minutes ago police came down from the command center here and told us that they have definitely ruled out that suv. they believe that license plate at some point was switched and
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is now on a red or burgundy sedan. i want to give our viewers that license plate number once again to be on the lookout for. it's 6 j fm648 again on a red or burgundy sedan. reporting live in oakland heather holmes ktvu channel 2 news. >> the plan is described as an african-american and in his 40s. he's about 5 feet 7 inches tall weighing 165 pounds. he was seen wearing a green shirt with a blue jacket. here's another look at that license plate number provided by police. it's a california plate 6 j fm648. police say the plate is mounted on a sedan. follow ktvu on twitter for the very latest it's where we post breaking news right as soon as it happens. new developments in the case of sierra lamar. the teenager who disappeared nearly 2 years ago. late this afternoon we learned
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that a criminal grand jury has indicted a suspect for kidnapping and killing sierra lamar. it's a story robert handa first broke on twitter. tonight the relief the young girl's family is feeling now that the case is moving forward. >> reporter: 22-year-old antolin garcia-torres was arrested for kidnapping and murder in 2012 two months after the 15-year-old sierra lamar disappeared in march. her dna was found in torres car but her body was never found. since then torres court case stalled and reported lack of cooperation. but he will return to court now that a grand jury indicted him with its own kidnapping and murder charges. the announcement was a surprise and relief to sierra lamar's father. >> any progress at this point would be welcome because we've been waiting for almost two years now, and it's been really frustrating for the family. >> reporter: torres has never entered a plea but a santa clara university law professor
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says that will change. >> the defendant needs to now come into court and enter a plea of either usually it would be not guilty almost no one would enter a plea of guilty at this stage of the proceeding, and then the case gets set for later hearings and ultimately for trial. >>reporter: the law professor says the indictment removes the need for a pre-trial hearing, and shows selected people in the community agreed with the da's case. >> the thing to keep in mind is that the grand jury that heard the evidence did not hear any defense evidence, they didn't hear the evidence cross- examined. >> if there is progress that would be great and welcome news. >> reporter: the grand jury also charged torres with two violent attacks on two women in safeway parking lots in morgan hill in 2009. he will face all the new charges in court thursday. in san jose robert handa ktvu channel 2 news. a man from north richmond who held a female relative as a sex slave for 15 years learned his punishment today. under a plea deal 52-year-old
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paulo cho a was sentenced to 22 years in state prison. investigators say he held the girl inside a backyard shed starting when she was just 12 years old. she didn't escape until she was 27. prosecutors read a letter from the victim in court today. she said since her escape she has gotten a job and she's learning how to socialize. to her captor she said quote i have friends who look out for me like you never did. i have fun. i know there is no one waiting outside of the bathroom for me. now to the south bay where a veteran san jose police officer pleaded no contest today to writing fake traffic tickets. 51-year-old george chavez faced four felonies. >> prosecutors say he issued fake tickets a as part of a vendetta against a man and his attorney who had sued chavez after a traffic accident five years ago. chavez is scheduled to be sentenced in april he faces up to 5 years in state prison. federal reserve chair jenna elian sparks a rally on wall street as she made her
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first public comments on the economy since taking the post. she appeared before the house financial services committee and she echoed the remarks of her predecessor saying while the u.s. economy is improving more still needs to be done. >> too many americans remain unemployed, inflation remains below our longer term objective, and the work of making the financial system more robust has not yet been completed. >> she signaled that the fed will likely continue to taper its stimulus program when the fed meets in march. but she also says if economic growth fall terse that could change. u.s. stock responded with a rally. the dow rose 192 points and closed shy of 16,000. the nasdaq added 42. the house of representatives voted today to raise the nation's debt ceiling for another year and avoid any chance of the government going into default. the house passed the measure by
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only 20 votes with most democrats and 28 republicans voting yes. house speaker john boehner decided to put a clean bill without attachments to avoid a lengthy fight with the white house. that whose upset conservative republicans april tea party members. they are calling for boehner to be replaced as speaker. a day of protest against the sweeping range ever the national security agency surveillance programs. >> much of the protesting was done quietly with people using e-mail social media and messages to their lawmakers. in san francisco protesters made their voices heard. >> reporter: frank, there has been no shortage of outrage against the nsa, but what happened today was different. it was a global concentrated coordinated protest that had events in san francisco and cities and the world as well as protests on page web sites.
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with a giant i projected on the at it build in san francisco hundreds gathered to protest mass data collection by the government. this protest one of many with social media giant reddit along with 6,000 other web sites participating in the day we fight back, a global day of action organized by the electronic frontier foundation. >> abuses like the nsa collecting information on millions of people who aren't suspected of any crime. >> reporter: the major push of the campaign more than 81,000 phone calls and 161,000 e-mails sent to congress just today. >> the goal was to make congress sits up and listen. >> reporter: many came to hear from whistle blower mark klein who worked in the at&t san francisco office where he said the nsa had tapped into the company's network blindly collecting mass internet data. this was years before edward
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snowden. >> snowden has come along and his documents can't be denied by the government. they tried to deny my documents. now i've been vindicated. >> reporter: last month president obama promised reforms to the nsa's surveillance program, including more oversight. >> honestly his reforms fell really short. way we wanted to hear from president obama was a commitment that the collection of our telephone records was going to end. >> reporter: there is legislation making its way through congress aimed at can you remember tailing some curtailing some of the activities. some say it's only a moderate step in the right direction. ken pritchett ktvu channel 2 news. california supreme court justice joyce ken nard announced she is retiring. this is video of kinnard at a prop 8 hearing in 2009. she was part of a 4-3 majority a year earlier that struck down
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the state's ban on gay marriage. she plans to step down on april 5th the 25th anniversary of her appointment to the bench. it's coming this saturday. it's the annual chinese new year parade. we'll take you behind the scene for a sneak preview of what's new. much of the bay area under a dense fog advisory the hours when visibility may be difficult on the road. and next drivers dodging bridge tolls. >> i was not aware of the magnitude of the
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. late last year two investigated drivers going through bay area toll plazas and not paying. and now one lawmaker is taking action. in a serious of reports we documented how the problem is costing california millions of dollars every year. >> 2 very gates exposed the loophole last october. paper dealer license plates that allow drivers to escape paying tolls. exclusive details of a proposal too change california law. >> reporter: what i've learned those dealer advertising plates are jeopardizing law enforcement efforts. one lawmaker is proposing a bill it's still being drafted but today i obtained a preliminary copy. our investigation started four months ago exposing how california lost about $12 million in uncollected tolls just last year.
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>> he's in a fast track layne with no license plate. hop off the bike kill the engine. >> reporter: the loophole we discovered allows people to cleat the system by driving through toll plazas with no license plate just a dealer ad allowed on newly purchased vehicles. >> i was not aware of the magnitude of the issue until ktvu's investigation. >> reporter: now california assemblyman kevin mum len plans to introduce a bill that would require all vehicles sold to leave dealer lots with a temporary paper license plate. >> i saw ktvu's reporting. i was surprised that a bill hasn't been introduced yet. >> reporter: mullen's bill is still being drafted but we learned it intends to require dealers to assign a temporary plate number to every vehicle sold through the current e registration. the temporary plate would display a unique identification number and expiration date. it would be valid for 45 days and linked with the owner's name, the vin and vehicle's make and model. >> we believe the costs will
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be relatively minimal given the fact we're not creating a brand new system. it's simply duff dove tailing with the current system. >> reporter: law enforcement officers tell us that having vehicles roaming the roads with no visibility identification puts officers at risk. >> if your car has no license plates on it i'm walking up to a complete unknown. all i know is what i stopped you for. >> reporter: we went along on this officer's patrol. and in two hours we saw dozens of vehicles with dealer placards and no plates too many for him to stop. somebody he did pull over had plates inside the car. >> car is legitimate it's registered to her it's the right address she chose not to put the plates on it. >> reporter: officers say having vehicles with no i.d. hurts victims of crime and crime fighting. >> let's say you get hit by a silver honda civic we can't stop every silver honda civic in the oakland area to find the
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driver. without a license plate it impedes our investigation. >> reporter: mullen's bill is expected to be introduced next week he feels confident he can get the support to pass it but it will be a difficult road. >> how much would these temporary plates cost? >> reporter: that's the question that is still up in the air because they are he says doing research right now but it could be the fee for temporary plates could be as much as $80 but he does admit the dealers could pass on to you the consumer. they are still trying to work that out. we'll have to see. >> thank you. the western span of the bay bridge now bears the name of form ersan fran mayor willie brown but not without a little controversy. the state legislature voted last september to honor the long time assembly speaker. however, governor jerry brown opposed the renaming and did not attend today's ceremony on treasure island. the 500 or so guests included many members of his family who came across the country and the date was chosen because today is his mother's birthday. it's also black history month.
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>> it is, frankly, an incredible achievement, and it's something that i'm going to enjoy day in and day out. >> the state in in a aac -p will pay the cost for the signs. southern california three men pleaded note guilty to federal charges that they started a devastating wildfire. the colby fire last month destroyed five five homes damaged 17 others and burned some 2,000 acres near glendora in los angeles counties. prosecutors say one man told investigators that he threw a journal into a campfire just as a gust of wind hit. the burning papers then blew into a bush which caught fire and it was too later. the men say they couldn't stomp out the flames. if convicted those three men could face years in prison. pg&e is disclosing details about security enhancements to its substations the new security measures come after last year's attack at a
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substation south of san jose. claudine wong on the changes being played and how much they could cost. >> reporter: pg&e insists ever since a hale of gunfire damaged the metcalf substation last april the utility has been working to make things more secure. but until now it hasn't gotten spec. >> we haven't been disclosing specific details about the security measures in place because we don't want those details to get into the wrong hands. >> why now? is it because of all the attention there is getting that you think maybe the public needs to know? >> well certainly all this media attention, we're trying to find a balance of certain level of information to assure the public that we're working on it without providing too much specific detail that we don't want to get in the wrong hands. >> reporter: but it's not just the media. four senators also sent a letter last week to the federal energy regulatory commission suggests it may be time for mandatory security standards for the nation's utility systems. and at a security conference last november a former pg&e executive called the attack well planned and well thought
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out and called for changes on how it secured its 900 substations. >> we will have to up our game around physical security of our facilities. >> reporter: pg&e says it will take $86 million to do that and set it plans to deploy security guards, cut back vegetation to eliminate hiding spaces, replace the chain link fence with an opaque wall so it's harder to look inside. deploy advanced cameras enhance the lighting and install additional alarms. pg&e wants to spend $86 million over the next 3 years. pg&e has 900 substations from eureka to north of santa barbara and work is going to be prioritized by importance with metcalf first. a proposal is going to be submitted to the fed lal energy regulatory commission and yes this could affect your rates although right now it's still unclear by how much. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. president obama host ited
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a state dinner for the french leader. he's making the trip alone after he and his long time partner split up. tonight's dinner include 350 guests enjoyed a lavish meal on the south lawn. president obama paid tribute to the long ties between the two nations. temperatures out there are cooling off. the dew points are high again tonight. so we talked about it last night the dew points are high the temperature reaches that dew point for instance dew point in santa rosa is 48. temperature in santa rosa 48. fog is starring to form in the valleys around the area. there's a dense fog advisory that is in effect for tonight through tomorrow morning. dense fog advisory for areas below a thousand feet. santa clara valley out in the contra costa county area. look for dense fog we even got coastal going to talk about as well. picking up some coastal fog around point reyes as well valley fog starting to fill in. if it bothered you messed with
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your morning commute tomorrow it's going to be there tomorrow morning. i've got rain in the five-day forecast and a little bit of a warm up as well. we'll see you here at 10:45. she was hollywood's biggest young star. she was so cute. the life of shirley temple plaque and the roles that she considered her greatest. ♪
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. highway patrol officer is in the hospital tonight after he was struck by a car while trying to help others. the collision happened about 2:00 this afternoon on interstate 580 in san leandro near the off ramp for 150th avenue. it led to a traffic delay that last lased for five hours during the evening commute.
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paul chambers has been on this story since the start and he joins us now from eden medical center in castro valley with late word on the officer's condition. >> reporter: last check we're told the officer is in stable condition. today's accident is just a reminder of how dangerous and hazardous chp officers have every day they step out of their vehicle. you can see the long lines of cars navigating through this evening's commute. as officers conducted their investigation into a chp officer being struck by a car. >> the one car from the number 3 layne possibly collided with a car in the number 4 causing a traffic collision causing a type of ripple effect. >> reporter: investigators say around 2:00 this afternoon the officer originally got out of his vehicle to help the drivers of two disabled vehicles that had mechanical problems. it was during that call for service the officer was hit. >> the rear vehicle collided with one of our officers throwing him from the scene. >> reporter: in all 3 people including the officer was
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transported to eden medical center with nonlife-threatening injuries. at times like this officers reflect knowing any time they step out of the vehicle there's a good chance their life is in jeopardy. >> always keeping an eye on traffic. we're always looking behind us we're always observing anything that's a threat to us. >> reporter: all lanes were reopened by 7:00 this evening. there's a good chancy never saw the car that hit him. as for the person who struck the officer it's unclear if or any charges will be filed against that person. live in castro valley paul chambers ktvu channel 2 news. a 12-year-old boy is recovering tonight after being struck by a car in berkeley as he walked across the street. it happened on stewart street between shaddock and fulton around 3:30 this afternoon. the accident broke the windshield of the car but police say the boy was able to get up and walk to the sidewalk after he was hit. his injuries are not considered life-threatening. the driver remained on the scene and is cooperating. >> child film star shirley
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temple black died today at the age of 85. she passed away from natural causes at her home in woodside on the peninsula. it was back during the great depression when shirley temple sang and tap danced her way into the hearts of america. shirley temple made a total of 23 films as that precocious little child who always saved the day. in four of her films she danced with the legendary african- american entertainer bill bojangles robinson. she's credited with saving 20th century fox from bankruptcy and in 2006 she was honored by the screen actors guild. >> i never really thought of myself as an icon. i always feel that i should be put in a museum or something. >> well she was much more than a child star, as an adult she became active in politics and served as a diplomat. she once said she considered
11:27 pm
her greatest roles as a wife, a mother and a grandmother. and thousands have shared their condolences on our facebook page. if you'd like to leave a message go to ktvu on facebook. so many achievements. she was so darn cute. >> so cute. always makes you smile. a century old religious icon stolen. any at 10:45 the priceless thing from the catholic church is missing. this saturday will be the annual chinese new year parade. we will give you a sneak peek at what's shiny and new. a reminder you can get ktvu news to
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. preparations are sure
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starting to ramp up in san francisco for one of the biggest events the year. four days until the annual chinese new year's parade. amber lee discovered what makes the floats dazzle and sparking in this year of the horse. >> reporter: we're inside peer 54 where the floats are being built. they are waiting for the finishing touches before being showcased in the parade saturday. carefully crafted by hand with the help of tools various artists have built 22 floats since january. >> you work so hard at putting these little pieces together. >> reporter: pieces of foam paint and glitter to celebrate the year of the horse. >> if we add the right glitter in the right place it dazzles. >> reporter: in san francisco chinatown the interest of china restaurants hosted a lunar new
11:31 pm
year celebration. the chinese american voters education comply honored two bay area leaders to their contributions to the communities. mark ben off is a fourth generation san franciscan. >> we enjoy all our chinese friends. the chinese have an incredible history of invasion in san francisco. it's really a coming together. >> reporter: leslie wong an oakland native is president of san francisco's faith he will be riding on a cable car in saturday's parade. >> it's terrific to have a city that recognizes the presence of asian pacific americans chinese americans in particular. >> reporter: back at peer 54 artists liz huey says she watched the parade as a child growing up in san francisco. she hopes these floats will give people a taste of the chinese culture. >> what i love is just the food, the festivities, the lion dance the dragon dance that's always like the
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highlight of the parade for me. >> reporter: the parade will be held this saturday it will feature about 100 entries all promising to dazzle it live in san francisco, amber lee ktvu channel 2 news. of course you can watch the parade right here on channel 2. julie will be hosting with ben. >> how many years? >> 14 i think it's 14. the latest bay area water district asked its customers to conserve. they voted unanimously to ask for voluntary 10% reduction in water use immediately. it would take five more big storms to assure reservoirs are in good shape come september. >> i can't believe all of us can't just cut 10% i don't think it's that big a deal. after that it gets a little bit trickier. >> more details.
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east bay mud has some suggestions to cut water sues age take showers instead of baths use a low flow shower head and replace worn out washers in faucets to stop drips and leaks. to washington where democratic senators introduced their own billing to address the state's drought and counter a bill passed by republicans in the house last week. the senate bill offers $300 million in detroit aid through in detroit in detroit aid. the house bill authorizes the construction of dallas on the san joaquin river east of fresno and repeels environmental protections for salmon and trout populations. president obama is scheduled to visit fresno on try to address the drought. they are raising questions about the work of a pathologist at the coroner's office. >> as john sasaki reports the story is making headlines in the fairfield daily republic and making the rounds at the
11:34 pm
courthouse. >> reporter: autopsies and death investigations take place here at the solano county coroner's office in fairfield but lately there have been questions of ethics. >> defense attorneys are making some accusations and the prosecutors office is evaluating that. >> reporter: one case involved the killing of 13-year-old janelle conway allen found raped and killed in a fairfield park one year ago. dr. susan how demand who retired in december did the autopsy. >> i think it's early on preliminary to make really any findings on it. >> reporter: shortly after the autopsy dr. hogan sent an unusual e-mail to the prosecutor in which he suggests that sex between janelle and her attacker might have been consensual and the killing accidental. that's what started this ball of concern rolling. criminal defense attorney thomas moss is currently working a manslaughter case that hogan investigated. >> my office as well as the private defense bar in front of county we're still investigating whether or not dr. hogan was competent or
11:35 pm
incompetent honest or dishonest. >> reporter: prosecutors appear unconcerned. >> we've had a chance to read the autopsy reports that she prepared, and her conclusions seem to be reasonable. >> reporter: another issue is hogan's refusal to testify since her retirement on cases she worked on. >> i can't really answer why she is not wanting to do that or why she's refusing to do that. that would be speculation on my part. but you know we do have an obligation to follow through on our work. >> reporter: the next hearing in janelle's case is set for two weeks from today. in fairfield john sasaki ktvu channel 2 news. oakland city administrator deanna santana may be trading in her job here in the bay area for either a new job in the valley of the sun. 43-year-old santana is one of four finalists to become city manager of phoenix arizona. the phoenix city council is scheduled to interview finalists on february 19thment two city managers from other
11:36 pm
parts of arizona and the former city manager of cincinnati are also being considered for the position. its hung in a church for more than a hundred years until yesterday. the puzzling church burglary. >> i don't know who would take it and what they would do with it. >> foggy conditions may make for a difficult morning community i'll late out when things will finally burn
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. new video tonight from gilroy where a shooting has left one man dead and another seriously wounded. the incident began around 6:15 on the sidewalk this front of a park on mantel he street. police say two men got into a fight then two other men jumped in the fray. at one point someone opened
11:39 pm
fire. a 68-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene. the second victim a man in his 30s was airlifted to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. witnesses tell police the two other men sped off in a white compact car. there is a new twist tonight a condition list of most stolen vehicles. among the top 10 the ford f series pick up and econoline vans. it's not just the trucks that the thieves are after but also the tools inside. they can be worth tens of thousands of dollars. >> one electric company told us it's added alarms, screens and locks and engraving its tools but that's not always enough. >> i think everybody kind of thinks that their stuff is a target for thieves these days. it's surprising this is the most sought after truck though. >> the highway patrolman says tools can be easily sold at swap meets on craiglist and ebay and the problem of tool thefts is not confined to alameda. it's happening all across the country. police in union city are asking for the public's help to find an armed robber who is
11:40 pm
also accused of sexual assault. a woman told miss that a man held her up at gunpoint in the parking lot of a wal-mart last saturday. the victim said the man ordered her to drive to a nearby street where she says she was sexually assaulted. in san mateo county police want victims of human trafficking to know that there is help out there. law enforcement across the peninsula are taking part in a campaign to post a hotline number for the national human trafficing resource center. authorities say the bayer is one of the top destinationness the united states when it comes to trafficking. >> people may come to our country seeking a better life but then find themselves in the that will of traffickers. they are forced into prostitution or to work unpaid in any number of industries to repay debts. >> they will go up at a variety of locations from emergency rooms to rest stops and bus stations. canadian recertainers say a new and large study questions
11:41 pm
the effectiveness of yearly mammograms. researchers looked at screenings of 90,000 women between 40 and 59. the study found women who did get mammograms are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer but they stressed it didn't lower the risk of dying. others believe mammograms save lives. the american cancer society is expected to revise its mammogram guidelines later this year. veteran news man tom pro call revealed he's battling cancer. he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in august that the cancer affecting blood cells in the bone marrow. doctors are optimistic about his prognosis and he's said to be quote very encouraged with the progress he's making in his treatment. he turned 74 this month. a 17-year-old boy from maryland has become the first openly gay eagle scout since the boy scouts of america reversed its long standing ban on gay members. pascal test yea was named an eagle scout yesterday after ten
11:42 pm
years in the scouts after earning 27 merit badgees. he turns 18 this august. the boy scouts still prohibit openly gay adult leader and volunteers. he says he intends to push that issue and will apply to be an adult scout leader on his birthday. a massive tree branch comes crashing down on to a car. why city leaders say they simply can't make sure trees are safe. chief meteorologist bill martin says there's dense fog in his bay area forecast, plus where we might see rain tomorrow. why make it end up into something that makes
11:43 pm
11:44 pm
. a church in san francisco known for opening its doors to
11:45 pm
help the homeless appears 0 have been targeted by thieves. >> a stained glass window that hung in the church for more than a hundred years is gone. rob roth town out the church is considering some security changes. >> reporter: midday mass at st. one fast church for porn a century they have been tendering to souls. >> this is my church, and they just -- somebody comes in and does this. >> reporter: san francisco police were dusting for fingerprints around a window frame in a small room behind the church sanctuary of it was here that a stained glass window hung for 106 years until yesterday. >> there were just two hinges here and spaces pg violated, especially a sacred place like this. >> reporter: this is a picture of you meek window it's a
11:46 pm
german designed rendering of st. one a fast. church officials say sometime yesterday afternoon someone puff taken off the window hinges similar to these and walked off with the approximately five foot tall window. the church just wants it back. >> i don't know who would take it and what they would do with it. i think it would be very difficult to sell it or you know pawn it. >> reporter: they are well- known for allowing homeless people to sleep in its pews. church officials say they don't believe a homeless person is behind this but there are no suspects. the church would not disclose how much the window is worth. >> it makes the church beautiful. why make it end up into something that makes it awful. >> reporter: the church says it will look into how it can make these works of art employer difficult to steal. in san francisco rob roth ktvu channel 2 news.
11:47 pm
we could soon be shelling out $4 for a gal of gas. energy experts are predicting a 50% hike in prices. oil is flirting with a hundred dollars a barrel for the first time this year. refineries are beginning to transition of summer blends of gasoline. in oakland a gal of gallon of regular $3.62. san jose $3.63. san francisco $3.71 a gal. arborists say trees badly damaged are posing a safety threat in the bay area. the rain may have stopped but trees and brand ofes continues to fall. in san francisco that large branch smashed several cars this morning when it fell over. city workers say the problem is they just can't keep up with calls for service. budget cuts have forced the department to make staffing cuts. in fact in san francisco there are just 5 arborists available to monitor 105,000 trees on the
11:48 pm
sidewalks alone. >> so it means that we're not able to do proactive pruning hardly at all. we're basically simply responding to requests and because of that trees aren't getting inspected as regularly. >> in 2011 the city began transferring responsibility for maintaining some of those trees to homeowners. the hope now is to put a partial tax proposal before voters and put city workers back in charge of all street trees. >> president obama issued an emergency declaration for georgia today as the southeastern united states gets another blast of winter weather. the storm is expected to bring ice and snow from the south to mid atlantic states and across new england. 93million americans are said to be in its path. driving conditions are already treacherous. forecasters are urging people in its path to prepare for potentially crippling events. no one wants a repeat of what happened two weeks ago in alabama and georgia. there was gridlock after snow and ice shut down highways in atlanta and birmingham.
11:49 pm
officials say this time around they are prepared. three quarters of an inch of ice and 25 miles an hour wind gusts are predicted in some areas. officials are now urging residents to stay home. we're tracking more rain showers, but plainly for northern california and the pacific northwest. take a look at what i'm looking at. this is that atmospheric river similar to what we saw last week but the difference is it's all heading north. it's going to end up in far northern california, portland and seattle where they are going to get 5 or 6 days of drenching rains we're on the south end of this. look at all the rain coming down yellows around portland. even northern california in that eureka area we could see up war wards of 12 inches of rain 13 inches of rain over the next 6 days. it's going to stay north. we'll be tracking that. we're on the south end of all this. we're expecting some light sprinkles at best at this point. i'll show you those in the five- day. the dense fog advisory in effect for tomorrow morning just like this morning. so be ready for that.
11:50 pm
got fog along the coast got valley fog starting to show up. we talked about that. the rain kind of set us up for all this because we had all that wet ground. the cool overnight lows, the temperature drops reaches the dew point temperature which is happening right now and dew points are going to pop and we're going to see fog throughout the bay area. morning valley fog when you get going tomorrow morning. then as you get going in the day. partly sunny, mostly sunny late in the day this system shows up entries chance of sprinkles to the north bay areas nor. >> mainly overnight wednesday into thursday morning. so here's how it goes. computer model keeps everything up here. here we are thursday morning. it's minimal stuff. then it goes away and everything focuses back up here until sunday. and on sunday it looks like the rains may come visit us. so we have got in the five-day showers in the forecast on your sunday. sunday could be wet. 64 in fremont tomorrow. 65 pleasanton. you wake up with together ends up warmment in the evening
11:51 pm
hours overnight we got a chance of showers or sprinkles in the far north bay. so there you go. overnight wednesday into thursday and then here's the deal on sunday that would just mean that fire hose of sorts because that jet stream is a fire hose when it's got that much moisture. the main rain stays north throughout the period. that's why they are going to gets over a foot of rain in far northern california as we go through the next week and 7 or 8 days. it's too bad we're not going to get more than it looks like. real big rain up there. >> i'm concentrating hard on saturday evening it looks like it's dry for the parade. >> yes that will be fine. >> lebron james doesn't get to the bay area very often beaubois oracle arena is going to be okaying tomorrow night. >> top show in all of the nba. the best player and the best team and as you will see momentarily lebron james gives the fans tonight in phoenix every bit of their money's
11:52 pm
worth. warriors coming off a 43 point victory last night waiting for them. and hoping for a similar result they earned pack in early january when they handed the heat down in miami. but as you imagine coach mark jackson isn't think thinking about that and holds the heat in highest regard. >> it's a team that's in attack mode. they got great finishers you turn the basketball over it's a slam dunk, a lob on the other end. lebron's ability to play in pick and roll and go downhill attacking the paint area. we got our hands full. and we understand it, we got tremendous respect for them and it should be a lot of fun. >> they are the two-time world defending world champs they are headed for the bay. be real the reason for the buzz it lebron of course. a/k/a king james and boy, he had his game on display in a big way tonight. tony douglas with the detail pass right there. lebron james for the vicious slam dunk.
11:53 pm
the suns are done in by his defense as well. the steal leading to a get out of my way dunk five steals 9 rebounds, 37 points. hammer it down making it look very easy and you'll see his exclamation point. scored actually the first 12 points of this game but miami comes back 103-97 he is the king until proven otherwise. meantime spring training for the giants and the a's cranking up later this week the
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
. of course the dodgers had a leg up on everyone in the western division last year and they are getting a jump start this spring because they will begin their season with a special series against arizona down in australia as those two teams major hard feelings towards each other last season la manager don mattingly tries to extend an early olive brand of to arizona. >> always had a respect for he and his staff. they are going to fight you the whole way. you have to have respect for the teams you play. it's really more about how we execute than worry about
11:57 pm
anybody else. >> one of the big effort names in basketball just a few years back would like to make a huge career change. that's tracy mcgrady his bad knees led to an end to his nba career. shows there's nothing wrong with his right arm as he tries out with the sugar lands skeeters of the independent league. from all accounts a pretty impressive bullpen session for the 6'7" mcgrady today. >> talking about not having played organized baseball since my junior year in high school. just a lot of things i didn't know about pitching. had roger clemmons out here what better person to have teaching you some things about pitching than roger clemens been nothing but love around here so i got to take my hat off to them for allowing me to use their facility. >> . >> not a bad personal teacher. >> talk about imposing on the mounds. thanks mark.
11:58 pm
thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> if you miss part the newscast you can catch the rebroadcast on tv 36 and follow us any hey! welcome home! hey mom!
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