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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 21, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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etter. b.a.r.t. service interrupted after a train went off the track tonight. it snarled the evening commute and for now the problems will spread through the weekend. >> big problems for b.a.r.t. tonight. we want to show you the live pictures. they are they are right there. >> i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. take a look at the map now.
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it happened near the concord station and at this hour there's still no train service near the pleasant hill station to concord north concord and pittsburg. the one bit of good news the derailed train was headed for the maintenance yard and no passengers were on board. we have team coverage. paul chambers has been talking to commuters on their slow ride home tonight but we begin with jana katsuyama at the concord station she's learned the 10 car train was switching cars when it detrailed. >> reporter: they've allowed us to stay just inside the perimeter here, you can see the yellow tape. i just learned from b.a.r.t. police that investigators will be bringing in an empty train to help. the important thing is no one was hurt when it went off the trackings. it happened during the afternoon commute a b.a.r.t.
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train went off its tracks. trains reversed course. >> it was total chaotics. people were just chaos. we didn't know where to go or what train to take. >> reporter: the train was in automatic. >> right as we were passing through an interlocking. some of the wheels came after the track. >> interlocking is what you switch from one set of tracks to the next set of tracks. >> reporter: investigators at the scene used flashlights as passengers scrambled to get by. >> when i saw the line i knew b.a.r.t. was not prepared to handle this. i literally was about five blocks of people and it didn't move for ten minutes. >> reporter: and you're looking now at a live picture from news
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chopper of the train derailment sight. one of the lucky things is that the train was 10 cars long. if it had been shorter, if it would have been five cars long, it would have toppled. obviously it's going to take them a long time to get cleared and there's no telling if these cars here will be moved alone or be taken through a flat truck and be taken away that way. >> reporter: now to paul chambers who's at the livermore
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station which became the departure spot for many tonight. for hundreds of commuters news that b.a.r.t. would not be able to take them home was upsetting. >> this is the first day this week i got to leave early. >> reporter: she heard about the derailment although it wasn't through a b.a.r.t. alert. >> interesting i get b.a.r.t. alerts. and they started saying they had a problem when we were in west oakland. i was waiting to see if an alert came through and it never came through. >> reporter: she's hoping that her husband can pick her up. she's not the only one. >> how am i going to get there. >> i called my brother, my sister. they're trying to figure out who, where the cars are. who can come get me. i'm sitting here waiting. >> reporter: he and hundreds of others were waiting to find
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their way home. but then b.a.r.t. came through with a bus to take those people home. >> i would rather wait for someone to pick me up. because they have to get through the 89 and how are you going to do that. >> reporter: live at pleasant hill. it's not the first time a train has derailed in that area. >> a train also jumped the tracks in the area. service was delayed for hours. we will have information on when the tracks will be cleared
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and service restored. we will help you get around tomorrow morning. the leader of the california state senate is asking southern california senate ron calderon to resign the los angeles democrat is also accused of accepting tens of thousands of dollars in prescribes. calderon has denied any wrong doing and agreed to surrender monday. his brother tom who now works as a lobbiest faces charges of money laundering. for a look at the complete in investigation, go to demonstrators spoke out against the new law that would allow business owners to claim their religious belief prevent them from dealing with gays.
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supporters say it reenforcing their rights as busy owners. brewer said today she doesn't think that needs to be a law. a man in the bay area was arrested in portland oregon. here's his booking photo. he was arrested without incident by the u.s. marshal's service. he has been spotted in the bay area last week. brigs escaped from police in montana. he is a registered sex offender. new information from the chp they want to know who owns this to wrote ta pickup -- who owns this toyota. cristina remember -- renton on
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the truck police are looking for. >> reporter: take a good look at these images. the white toyota truck may be linked to the water bottle assault cases in sonoma county. chp says the truck was spotted at the santa rosa transit mall on wednesday about 20 minutes after several cars were hit with water bottles. >> it hit the windshield right here. did a semi circle. completely shattered in there and then all these spider webs came out. >> reporter: this delivery truck was hit last week. >> we thought it was a fluke instance. sometimes things happen. >> reporter: but reported it today after he heard of other victims. >> i did take a look at my rear view and got to see it was a
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white toyota tacoma. >> reporter: police believe the this pickup driver is responsible for several shattered windows. >> it can endanger a bus load of kids and other motorists on the road. this person is not just messing around and joking around he's doing it deliberately. >> reporter: aldridge says what happened to him could happen to anybody and he fears another driver may get seriously hurt if the person isn't caught soon. >> i was just the unlucky one out there at the time. drive safe out there because you never know what is going to happen. >> reporter: police want you to call them if you have information on that white truck. nay say he or she could face serious charges. cristina rendon. a richmond woman is behind bars tonight after police say she got behind the wheel while intoxicated and chased killing a pass and crash brother --
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killing a passenger and critically injuring her young daughter and niece. the accident happened at 1:00 this morning near stanton. these police photos show the scene. flanagan was behind the wheel. a 39-year-old richland man was killed. investigators tell us this isn't flanagan's first drunk driving arrest. >> she should not have been driving under any circumstances. >> police found open alcohol containers inside the car. health officials say there may be more illnesses from a listeria outbreak that left a baby sick. if outbreak was traced to fresh
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cheese curd that was bought from a latino food chain. four got sick, three were newborn. officials did not provide any information about the one person from california. two dogs are sickened
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back now to our breaking news. a b.a.r.t. train derailed. it happened around 6:30 tonight. b.a.r.t. is bringing a crane to lift the railcars. the repairs are expected to last all night tonight and tomorrow night. right now there's no train service past richmond hills. authorities in the south bay say they have busted a major identity theft ring. the ring used credit card skimmers to steal personal information from thousands of gas station customers all over the bay area. amber lee is in san jose tonight and she tell us authorities have now arrested six people and say there are more arrests to come. amber-- >> reporter: frank,
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investigators tell us it took only 10 seconds for thieves to install skimmers inside these gas pumps then they could steal customers informs and go on a shopping spree. it's something we all do all the time. >> you're scared but there's nothing you can do. you have to drive. >> reporter: it's also the starting point for a crime ring out of southern california. a break in the case came mid- december. >> a gas station representative in san jose notified us that he had found a suspected skimmer in one of his gas pumps. >> reporter: that tip led investigators to three family members they've identified adds the ring leaders. 53-year-old petro selendon, luis gomez and daughter castellar. authorities showed us some of the evidence that they found in the suspects cars and home.
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>> approximately 300 credit card. >> the body is the brains of the skimming device that collects and scores the credit card information. >> reporter: also fond a kilogram of cocaine and a cash of assault rifles. gas pumps are locked. but a universal key opens most. investigators say the thieves would install the skimmers and within weeks they would go shopping for luxury goods. each shopping trip netted them up to $60,000 worth of merchandise. >> i think our numbers are conservative. >> reporter: and the owner of this gas station has asked her workers to look for skimming devices every day.
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amber lee, ktvu. consumer advocates says you should take a close look at the card reader to see if it looks altered: one way to check is to make sure it looks the same as all the others. also avoid using your pin number at the gas pump and if possible simply pay with cash. now to san francisco where police are hoping newly released video will lead them to one man wanteded in a brutal video. one suspect had -- the victim was beaten. two men were arrested. here is a still picture of the one man still at large. it was taken at the store before the fight. police describe him as latino about 25 years old and weighing around 250 pounds. we now learned more about the man who was hit by a
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concrete truck. 90-year-old mildred lucarty. her death marks the fifth pedestrian fatality in the first seven weeks of the year. there's new details on a tribal shooting that left four people dead. it happened at the cedar hill rancheria in the northeast corner of the state. the killer is identified as the tribal chairwoman. she was attending her own eviction hearing yesterday when police say she just opened fire. the victims included her brother, her nephew and her niece along with an unidentified 47-year-old woman. two other women suffered critical injuries. rhodes has been arrested and her arrest comes amid-word that there's also a federal investigation involving her and at least $50,000 in missing
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tribal funds. federal officials told california farmers they will get no irrigation water this year because of the drought. the bureau of reclamation flow to some bay area cities. >> reporter: a big impact would be on food prices but depending on you live times could soon get tough. water supplies for half a million people in the east bay from oakland to martinez to walnut creek today cut by half to 55-gallons per person per day. the lowest in decade. >> what that means to our customers is that we'll have enough water to meet the needs of indoor water use and also the needs of businesses. >> reporter: contra costa water district representative says it's not enough for landscaping, car washing and the like. expect this surge to be re- examined next week. california farms are hit hard. this area the west land's
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district will get no state or federal water. they can pump from wells, some farmers today say they may plant nothing. >> probably hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland that will be left unplanted this year as a result of the lack of water. >> reporter: today's federal allegations for farms north of the delta zero. same for south of the delta. municipal users north 50% and south 50% but that's not the big surprise. >> even some water reusers would very senior water rights are going to get cut back to 40% of their allocations which is unheard of. >> reporter: peter glick says the signals is that our states especially agriculture which uses 80% of california water is in serious trouble. >> it's going to see a big drop in what we grow, where we grow it and what's available in our supermarkets. >> reporter: meat and dairy prices will suddenly rise. food and vegetable prices could rise as shortages develop.
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the critical time will be in about six months. the summer and fall harvest could be the smallest in decades in the meantime. they're asking everyone pray for rain. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. and our coverage of the california drought continues on scroll down to our hot topic section and you will find all sorts of information including the current levels of the state's major reservoirs. pretty warm day today. we got a record high temperatures in the area. i'll show you those in a little bit. right now we have temperatures in the 40s. it's going to get in the upper 40s maybe a little fog inland. a warning tonight a lot like we had this morning. 30 in santa rosa. 45 in hayward. so as we move forward we're looking at this computer model and showing something we haven't seen in a while along the coast. this is the model. this fog sort of shows back up. this is 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we don't see it on the satellite yet. but this model sticks it back in here.
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it wants to see it tomorrow again. more fog on sunday. we're going to be looking at the models which show rain in the five day forecast. significant rain. so all those details back here at 10:45. senator dianne feinstein helped st. anthony's dining room in san francisco mark a milestone today. >> st. anthony's does a wonderful job. this is a very special place. >> the senate helped st. anthony's serve its seventh millionmeal today. it started with just 300 meals a day. now it serves about 2,700 meals a day. senator feinstein also noted that she was there for the 13th million meal that was back in 1979 during her first year of mayor of san francisco. well a warning tonight for pet owners, coming up at 10:30 a new report of meat balls that appear to be
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shop at ♪ san jose police investigators are looking into what happened hours after a shooting involving a police officer from san jose state. it all started with reports of a man with a knife on campus. san jose police detectives have taken over the investigation into the deadly shooting that took place around 11:00 a.m. when they say two san jose police officer confronted a knife yielding man. abigail smith was staying near by with a friend. >> we heard like bang bang. and i was like what was that. she said never mind it was just someone upstairs. >> reporter: police say it was
11:25 pm
a man who had been seen earlier at the university with a knife. >> one officer from the university police department discharged his taser. >> reporter: when the taser had no effect the other officer shot the suspect. abigail's mother says her daughter called her right afterward. >> she said she heard the two shots of taser instantaneously two shots afterward. >> we went outside and they -- they were doing cpr on him. then they stopped. >> reporter: witnesses say that he did not seem to be a student. >> he was like an older man. >> reporter: was he his panic? white, black. >> he was white. >> reporter: they believe this is the first officer involved shooting in the school's history.
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in san jose, robert handa. san jose police say a homicide we told you about last night appears to have been a case of self-defense. police say a man told investigators two men tried to break into his home on pine ridge way shortly before 8:00 p.m. and fired at him. the man says he shot back trying to defend himself and that the intruders jumped in a car and took off. a short time later police say a man in his 20s was dropped off at a hospital with a gunshot wound and died. the second suspect was found also with gunshot wounds. police have not decided whether the homeowner will face charges. a deal was reached today to end the violence in ukraine now the question is will that deal last. the ukrainian president signed the agreement along with opposition leaders. they were all under intense pressure to reach some sort of a deal after more than 70 people died in protests in kief yesterday. the deal calls for changes to the constitution to reduce the power of the president. also the formation of a new coalition government within ten days and new elections no later
11:27 pm
than december. in kief's independent square today the crowds listened as the details were announced. many ukrainians doubted the deal would last saying previous agreements have fallen apart quickly and more radical sanctions have threatened to go on the defensive if the president does not resign by tomorrow. others have vows to continue to protest. the order to remove her shirt that was caught on video and has now prompted an apology. if once wasn't enough. what's showing up again in a san francisco neighborhood that has dog owners alarmed. and more live pictures from the concord b.a.r.t. station where a derailed trail has b.a.r.t.
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back now to breaking news and that derailed train at a b.a.r.t. station. that means trains on the pittsburg line are turning around. that is expected to continue through tomorrow. jana katsuyama is live on the ground now with new information about a crane that is being brought in as we speak. jana. well julie, i just spoke to some people from the big east construction company that is coming in here the crane company. as i showed you earlier the b.a.r.t. police are here. they blocked off this area that is because i learned that is where they're planning to bring in this all terrain crane. they have tried to clear off this parking lot from the cars because you see up there that is the train that derailed. and they expect to have this crane that's about 80 feet long
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come in, they say it's powerful enough that they can actually lift those cars right up off the rails. and we've also learned just in the past couple of minutes that it isn't just the train that has gone off the tracks but there is also apparently some damage that has been done to the third rail which is what powers the cars as well as the tracks. so these people who are out here not only investigating this but also having to make the repairs are going to have to be working on the cars and on the tracks to try to get things going. as we mentioned earlier no train service past the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station. that's one cause of this, because the derailment is just so extensive. poisoned meat balls are being found on the ground again. debora villalon is live in the city where this happened last summer as well. debora. >> reporter: that person was never caught.
11:32 pm
which has people wondering if he's at it again. missy is on her evening lawn, always drawn to smells in the area. and her owner is keeping her on a tight leash. >> of course. >> reporter: is this the first one you found. >> when it happened the last time i found several more. >> reporter: scott sailor told us he found the meat ball blending into the dirt where many people take their pets. >> i have two dogs so i got really upset about this. i hope they find the person and i hope the full extent of the law is applied. >> reporter: last summer someone terrorized the same neighborhood by spreading dozens of tainted meat balls which sickened several pups.
11:33 pm
then as suddenly as the poisoning started it stoppedded. >> people are throwing the little poopy bags. >> reporter: some neighbors thought if the tainted meat balls was a way to retaliate against waste being left. >> concern for their safety and their dogs. this is an area where our residents walk their dogs constantly. we're fearful that their dog will being victim. >> that's what they look like. they're about this big and have a ball thing inside of them. >> reporter: the green bits are the evidence of poison. all three meat balls are headed
11:34 pm
to the laboratory for testing. reporting live in san francisco, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. state health officials said today they are seeing an increase in measles in california. they have now confirmed 15 cases that's year there were two. imization is the best defense. earlier this month the uc berkeley student tested positive for measles. other commuters may have been exposed. state health officials are confirming 35 new flu deaths in california. that raises the death toll to 278 statewide this flu season. here in the bay area, we have counted 48 flu related deaths so far. here's a look at numbers divided by county. santa clara county still has the lightningest -- still has the highest number of the bay area county. a santa rosa mall is
11:35 pm
apologizing to a woman after security guards insisted she remove her t-shirt. nicole glares says she was wearing a t-shirt that paid tribute to andy lopez. she says this is cell phone video of the guard's demanding that she remove the t-shirt while in the mall. juarez says her son grew up with lopez. >> they said you need to remove your shirt. it's not allowed in the mall or you need to leave. that was so embarrassing, so humiliating and so frustrating. >> reporter: juarez said that she got a letter from the mall saying we are deeply disappointed that the actions of the security officers did not comply with our policies and procedures. and regret that this incident occurred. the makers of the wearable fitness monitor fit bit are issuing a recall. they will no longer sell the force model of the fit bit. this after some users said the
11:36 pm
model created a rash. it plans to officer customers -- offer customers a full refund. the dow lost 29 and nasdaq lost four. netflix has come to a deal with comcast. a tech bloggagized traffic data and determined the two companies have reached some sort of interrer connection agreement. that agreement will mean faster downloads for streaming video. >> video takes up an enormous amount of band wit compared to text and audio and images. >> slow streaming speeds have been a problem for netflix. last month the company reported speeds for verizon's fios dropped 14% but stayed the same
11:37 pm
on other providers. there he is the dahli lama as he arrives to the bay area. a fanfare and the criticism of his visit to the united states. rain back in the extended forecast. the timing on significant changes coming to
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east bay m.u.d. crews are hard at work tonight trying to fix a pipe break near the intersection of parker and mcgee street. east bay mud says about 35 homes will be without power for most of the night.
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from news chopper two we saw some people making sure the water doesn't go to waste. they scooped it up in buckets and used it to water their plants. a new recruitment effort aimed at uc berkeley students is raising eyebrows. this one page ad appeared in the valentine's day print edition in the newspaper. it asked students if they are interested in working as exotic dancers at area strip clubs. >> it was one that we talked about a little bit. but you know we've run ads for strip clubs in the past. it didn't seem like a big deal. i think you will find ads for far more dramatic than this one in publications in the bay area. >> reporter: the ad promises a flexible schedule and a lot of cash. some say the record high cost of tuition leaves many students in the need of cash. two men accused of setting off dry ice explosives in the los angeles international airport was sentenced to probation and community
11:41 pm
service. the so called dry ice bombs triggered panic that led to increased security. one went off in the tar pack the other went off in the bathroom thankfully no one was hurt. they each received three years probation and 480 hours of community service. a 61-year-old marine corp. vet was honored. abadad got a special award that manages the oakland coliseum. háe -- he was at a raiders game when he heard someone yelling at a woman telling her not to jump from the third deck. >> i yelled up at her and said don't do it. don't do it. then i turned to my coworkers and asked him, do you think she's going to jump. and he said oh boy she's
11:42 pm
falling to her feet. >> navidad jumped in front of her and was knocked off his feet. he was left with bruises. he says he hopes to meet her one day. when rain returns to the bay area. for some it was a chance of
11:43 pm
11:44 pm
a celebration this afternoon in san francisco as the dahli lama arrived for a visit and is greeted with dancing and singing at the ritz carlton hotel.
11:45 pm
the leader of tibeth has several appearances scheduled. >> reporter: the dahli lama will be here tomorrow afternoon. it's one of four sold out events here in the bay area and part of the u.s. speaking tour that included a meeting this morning with president obama. outside the ritz carlton hotel there was music with anticipation clear on many faces in the crowd. >> we've been waiting for like many hours but it's totally worth it. it's so special. >> reporter: they were waiting for the dahli lama to arrive and when he did about 4:00 this afternoon it was with security assist. >> a head of state. >> 21 years of my life i have been dreaming of being so close to him. and i just feel very happy right now. i'm very blessed. >> reporter: some planned for a chance to meet him. >> he touched me which means,
11:46 pm
you know, he blessed me. >> reporter: for pam johnson it was a chance encounter. when she bumped into the crowd outside this hotel before his holiness arrived. >> this is like one of the happiest days. you really have to, i can't explain it. i can't explain it. >> reporter: but happiness would not describe the attitude of the chinese government which warned president obama against meeting with the dahli lama it happened any way but it was low key with the white house simply releasing a photo. >> honestly i think our government could be doing a better job in terms of having met with him. >> the chinese government no matter where the holiness goes, they're -- >> reporter: many in this crowd still hope to resolve a conflict that's far beyond their years. >> i've never been totibet toty -- to tibet and i hope that one
11:47 pm
day we get to go back. >> reporter: the dahli lama's speaking tour begins here tomorrow in san francisco. then stops in richmond and berkeley on sunday. all four events are sold out. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. more details on the dahli lama's visit. his visit at the symphony hall is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. then monday morning the dahli lama will bless a temple. monday he will speak at santa clara university at 10:00 a.m. people in vacaville are being warned about mountain lions after people report seeing big cats in the last several days. people have reported seeing the big cats the sightings have prompted warnings from police as well as city officials. >> fight back. you know don't just assume you've got no chance. if you've got a walking stick. hit him. use your hands, fists whatever
11:48 pm
you can use to protect yourself. >> unless a mountain lion shows aggression toward people it is not considered a public safety concern by the department of fish and wildlife. wildlife experts say you should make as much noise as possible if you come against a mountain lion. keep eye contact and throw stones to try to scare the cat away. also back away slowly and try to create as much distance as you can between yourself and the mountain lion. a warm one again today. record warmth in san rafael. take a look at the warmth we achieved. it was 72 in santa rosa. 73 in antioch. 73 in livermore. not very february like temperatures at all. they're going to continue in that realm with upper 60s and low 70s. mostly clear out there right now. we are anticipating coastal fog moving in over the next 48
11:49 pm
hours or so. 36 to 48 hours. look for the patchy coastal fog. 53degrees in both san jose and san francisco. it's a nice night out there. clear as i mentioned. san francisco as we head into your bay area saturday. looks like this. it starts off in the upper 40s. lunchtime at 63 degrees. we are going to check out san jose as well. the forecast high for downtown san jose. morning starts kind of cool mid- 30s and upper 60s by the end of the day. it's going to be a warm one again tomorrow as we go into your bay area saturday. the high pressure sets up. little patches of patchy fog. then the weekend shapes up great. everything changes around once we get into wednesday, thursday friday of next week and even into next weekend. looks like it'll be two or
11:50 pm
three impulses. tomorrow night there's a coastal fog that hasn 't been around in a while. look at sunday morning. more coastal fog and watch this. as we get toward monday, you see the jet stream breaking down. this is sunday night. by wednesday all this moves in and we get into a winter weather pattern which means umbrellas, slow commutes the whole chabang. that all happens. we'll talk about that at the appropriate time. in the meantime you have 60s tomorrow. 69-degree for a daytime high. the bay area forecast in view. there's your saturday. the real story is going to be the coastal fog that shows up in the bay area we haven't seen it in a while. look for patchy coastal skies. mostly sunny with warm and sunny afternoons. then on wednesday there's the weather system that gets in here. there it is. it's a ways off. there's your seven day forecast. your bay area weekend in view. you know we need the rain and we're going to get it but not this weekend. >> at least we can enjoy the weekend because we know rain is on the way.
11:51 pm
>> that's what i'm selling because the weekend is going to be great. you have to feel good. >> don't feel guilty. >> right. san francisco police trainers got a chance to show their skills today as motorcycle riders. check this out. that includes a bone jarring up and down the stairs near clay and pierce streets. stair riding is just part of a two week course of teaching motorcycle police on how to get the most out of their bikes. we're not in the business of covering rumors but this one took steam in a big way. nfl coaches, scouts and executives all in minneapolis for the combine. but it turned out into a trade rumor that the 49ers apparently nearly traded coach jim
11:52 pm
harbaugh, this is hard to believe. to the cleveland browns in exchange for some draft choices. 49ers vehemently denied there was any truth to the story. supposedly it was harbaugh himself who put an end to those trade discussions. changing the subject. and bettering his offseason program to that end, lincecum rented a warehouse space, built a mound and went hard at it all winter. >> it gave me an opportunity to throw. just gave me the access and you
11:53 pm
know it was all nighttime which made it easier for me to do things. and picked the time to do things. i think you need a foundation to do things and readiness. as much as the preparation and mentally. so you know just the extra time in the offseason helps me to where i need to be in that regard. all right the stanford women. always one of the best basketball teams in the country
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usc trojans probably felt like they were being trifled with a little bit.
11:57 pm
there's lisa leftwood former usc star and mvp. and barrett to hubbard for the lay up. and 27 points that tied it 43-0 and shanay again will do the two under. part of the 10-0 run. stanford 14-1. and number two in the pack 12. 67-67. 3:30 left. and cal up two. however ucla's lindburger gets a three. mccall finished strong. hits three free throws two after this steal by britney boyd and they pull it off. and are still second in the
11:58 pm
pac12. that's the sporting life for a friday night. >> thank you, frank. and thank you for choosing ktvu news. >>
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>> today on "tmz," >> got to say this morning i've seen a lot of sympathy for rihanna. she's taking heat for telling this guy tt his lips who look like a sofa that he looks good. >> it's unreal. >> the guy's name is -- >> sleep easy. [laughter] >> we got the dalai lama in d.c. >> can you bless the tmz office for me. >> he goes, okay great. and he gave me a blessing. >> no way! >> we have been blessed by the lama!


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