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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 20, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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a bay area field goes up in flamesment an ominous sign for fire crews on this first day of spring. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. fire season is off to an early start here in the bay area. this three alarm fire burned near the pittsburg fire generating plant in contra costa county. with california in a drought energy it may be a sign of things to come. amber lee live in pittsburg where i10 turns into willow pass road. she's been on the scene ever since we told you about this
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fire on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >> reporter: frank, firefighters remained here on the scene. behind me you can see their vehicles. we're told some will remain overnight to keep an eye on hot spots. a large column of billowing black smoke is an ominous sight. it could be seens for miles. >> it was a lot of smoke. when we came, when we drive down the street here there was fire there. a lot of fire. >> reporter: the first call came in at 3:15. flames burned near pg & e lines in the field surrounding pittsburg power plant. >> i'm scared, i'm scared because it was continuing right there and now it seems to be spreading. >> reporter: workers who came to the scene to monitor the situation.
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>> this is very unusual for fire to be burning this aggressively in late march. >> reporter: fire inspector says drought conditions fueled this fire. just over 40 acres. not large but perhaps a long fire season to come. >> it's not that hot. we haven't had rain for some time. >> thank god it's not the houses. >> reporter: people believe the fire was started by humans. >> all that smoke, it was here you couldn't even see the roads. >> reporter: and a concern for the next coming months. >> we just had a fire there. a few months we had a fire there. so now it's pretty close to. >> reporter: calfire provided the attack from the air. four hours after the fire started. officials declared it contained. >> with the drought we've seen over the wintertime the trees and brush that would normally retain moisture longer through the season is already that much drier. >> reporter: lange says this is an a typical fire season with red flag warnings in january. fire officials are asking anyone who may have seen something suspicious to give
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them a call. live in pittsburg, amber lee, ktvu news. a controlled burn that got out of control in monterey county has now burned 500 acres. this fire is burning on encinol road. it's a remote area and no homes are threatened. access is limited so firefighters are using air tankers and helicopter to drop water and retardant on the flames. they say at this point, it's about 50% contained. continuing coverage tonight of a deadly hit-and-run incident. police tell us the driver didn't just speed away that person turned around and drove past the victim on the ground. a female pedestrian was struck and killed, now we're getting a look at the car that drove away. san francisco police sent us this photo of the suspect's vehicle. they say it's a white dodge durango suv. police say they obtained this imagine from a surveillance camera in the neighborhood. a woman was in the crosswalk at
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the intersection of visitation avenue and bay shore boulevard. the driver of the durango made a right turn and ran over the woman. they say the suspect then drove away about 100 feet, turned around and drove past the woman. police described the victim as asian and in her 60s. her name has not been released. a mechanic works near by said what he didn't hear surprised him. >> usually we hear when you have like a chase or something like that. we can hear an engine going quick. >> reporter: this was the sixth time this year a pedestrian was killed on the streets of san francisco. that is more than the number of homicides. and if you've seen that white durango you're asked to call sfpd's tip line at this number (415)575-4444. you can also text a tip to tip- 411. just include sfpd in your message. highway patrol officers took a man into custody tonight
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after shots were fired on a busy freeway in the east bay. it happened along highway 4 at morelo avenue in martinez. officers say a driver who was recently released from jail took a shot at another driver following some type of confrontation. officers caught up with the gunman a short distance away and took him into custody without further incident. no one was hurt. it's been called the best lead yet. but tonight it is still not clear if two objects spotted in the southern indian ocean are from that malaysian airliner that disappeared almost two weeks ago. debora villalon monitoring developments in australia where it's already friday and developments are already under way. it's a search area about the size of italy. and authorities caution the objects could be pieces of containers that fell off a
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shipping vessel. but right now it's all they've got. >> this is a lead. it is probably the best lead we have right now. but we need to get there, find them, see them, assess them to know whether it's really meaningful or not. >> reporter: if they are debris from the missing malaysian jetliner the where will be answered if not the why. anguish families today shouted their frustration. disrupting another malaysian briefing. frantic for answers after 18 days. >> it's so sad as you may
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imagine. among the search crews, the posiden. the most specific search aircraft. >> we would like to find something to give a little bit of closure to the family of the family. but if we don't find something, there's always hope that maybe the aircraft is some where else and they're safe and sound. >> reporter: if this sighting is the degree, then attention turns to finding the recorders. there's a transmitter that pings for 30 days before they go dead. after that it takes more advanced submarine technology to find them. >> how sturdy are these black
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boxes and is it likely that the data is any good. >> reporter: they are known to last. you remember when a plane went down in the atlantic ocean, it took 30 days and the black boxes were recovers. this part of the sea is very deep. three times the height of the empire state building. and we have a special section with the time line of 10 other aviation mysteries. look for the link on the first page under hot topics. new information tonight about a powerful explosion in san francisco. authorities say this incident led to the discovery of a huge stockpile of bomb making materials in pacifica. this newly released surveillance video shows a man lighting a fuse last november. outside the center fold's nightclub. no one was hurt. however police say the video led investigators to two other
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suspects. shawn gunter and mark armando have pled not guilty of position of a destruction the device. authorities also seized materials at ormando's apartment. they say there were so many explosives they were storing them at three separate facilities. patients at ucsf say they are frustrated following another data breach. ann rubin explains why it took several weeks to let those affected. >> reporter: computers taken, personal information compromised. 10,000 patients are just now being alerted to a security breech that the ucsf family medicine center back in january. >> they should have been informed sooner. >> reporter: it took them this
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long to investigate. find out who was affected and gather their current contact information. patients are frustrated. >> this is ridiculous. this is medicine. you take somebody's life, you don't just take information. you take somebody's life. >> reporter: this isn't the first breech at ucsf. a doctors laptop was stolen last year. it happened again the fifth of the same month. there's been six similar breaches since 2010. computer experts say they've become a part of life. >> the number of breeches we're going to see is going to continue to get worse. because security experts really can't keep up with the flood. >> reporter: still they say computer incription programs are available. >> i think they have more responsibility. a thief is a thief. >> reporter: patients say they'll be checking their credit and at least one says he'll be switching his family
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to a different facility because of what happened. >> we just want to make sure they're safe and it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: the public department of public health and attorney general have been notified about the breach. so far there's no evidence anyone has tried to access the stolen information. in san francisco, ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. ucsf says the information on that stolen laptop includes patients name, addresses and dates of birth as well as medical data, health insurance ids and driver's license numbers. for a much smaller group of 125 patients it also includes their social security numbers. a student at san jose state has filed a $5 million claim against the school in a racially charged bullying case. the student identified as donald williams jr. complained that his roommates repeatedly abused and made fun of him because he was black. williams' claim states that an
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advisor knew about the abuse. the roommates have been charged with misdemeanor hate crimes. the shoot out to the get away that led to the ambush of a deputy. >> i made it to the one spot where the ricochet would not get me. >> the string of crimes the killer is now being linked to. how much the cooler weather and fog could affect
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concord police say seat belts may have saved the lives of six people in afternoon in a violent collision involving two cars near concord high school. a white toyota four runner
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flipped to its side. all five people in that vehicle had to be extricated. in all four teenagers and two adults suffered minor to moderate injuries -lt police say they don't believe drugs, alcohol or speed were factors. new at 10:00, a san francisco start up that wants to put the breaks on parking tickets. it's an app that can track street sweeping schedules and save you from getting a $64 parking ticket. noelle walker is here to show us how it works and when you can get it. >> reporter: the app uses this device and your smart phone to access the city street sweeping schedule and tells you when you can park. because sometimes the signs that are meant to clarify when and where you can park are confusing instead. so many cars. >> parking is crazy. >> reporter: so few places to park them. >> sometimes i don't know where
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to go. >> reporter: a san francisco start up is trying to make parking easier. metro mile is putting the finishing coding touches on an app that will go live at the end of the month. it reminds you to move your car before san francisco parking enforcement leaves you a costly reminder. >> right now i guess three to four a month it's pretty bad. >> reporter: your smart phone, the app knows that confusing street sweeping schedule wherever you park. you don't have to remember it, your phone reminds you sending alerts 12 hours and one hour ahead of time. >> you will leave your car on the street for a couple of days. you forget. it's the number one ticket in san francisco for parking. >> reporter: the city handed out more than half a million street sweeping street tickets last year for a whopping $31 million. the money helps pay the salaries of the people who issue the tickets. >> it's nice to be out in a way
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not having to worry about when the meter maid is coming to ticket me. >> reporter: dan moved rather than doing the midnight parking pass, if only there had been an app for that. >> reporter: so the metro mile app is free. it goes live on march 31st here in san francisco. and the company has plans to expand it to other cities. reporting live in san francisco, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. b.a.r.t. police are searching for two men who they say robbed a man who was sitting in his car at the north concord b.a.r.t. station. it happened just after 5:00 last night. police say one robber pulled out a handgun then took the victim's wallet and cell phone while another took a briefcase that police say contained money. the pair left in a dark green four door car. either a toyota or nissan from the late 90s. the suspect is described as a
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latino, 5'6" tall with a ponytail. lee is a mandarin speaker. he told the judge he only knows a little english. however prosecutors told the judge they have evidence that he's fluent in english. he is charged with fatally shooting his wife at their home last friday. the couple's 14-year-old daughter found the body in a bedroom closet. lee is due back in court july 15th. police say a car driven by patricia serrato crossed into traffic and crashed into another car. the accident took place on march 3rd. investigators say her daughter's car seat was not properly secured. the 4-year-old girl died five days later. serratos was arrested tuesday on manslaughter and child endangerment charges. she and the other driver may be
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charged depending on toxicology results. san jose may have about 100 fewer officers by the year 2016. public bay view is the community top concern so people attending a willow glen neighborhood meeting with the police union today are not reacting well to police officers numbers showing a projected drop in officers. >> we're on a downward cycle right now. too many accident, too many robberies, too many stabbings. >> reporter: ktvu was able to see police documents that shows there's 101 sworn duty police officers but that number will fall if the benefits do not change. >> not only would that help retention but it also would
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help recruiting. >> reporter: the police officer's union says the city has been misleading the public. >> as in stark contrast to memos to the police department. >> reporter: cops recently had pay levels restored and said in two weeks the city will unveil an unproved disability plan. >> speaking if nothing happens in 2015 that's really depending on a false premise which shows nothing is going to change. >> the police, fire and city council should go into a room. lock the door and come out when they have it resolved. >> reporter: the city and union have been meeting out of the public's eye but have been coming out of the rooms with no results. we now know the name of the man who was shot to death in san jose earlier this week. the victim was found on monday. the coroner has identified the
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man as tony nguyen in san jose. police have not said if he lived in the home. but they did find a substantial marijuana growing operation inside the house. so far no arrests and police are asking for the public for help. a few clouds out there right now. this is the bay area satellite map. you see most of the clouds to the south. we're going to see a little bit of clearing tomorrow. more sunshine then. the temperatures outside a little warmer than they have been because of the cloud cover. overnight lows upper 30s mid- 40s. so chilly but not as cold as the last couple of mornings. here is where it changes tomorrow. we're going to see fog. this is the computer model this is at 6:00 p.m. just lots of fog pushing into livermore valley. that's at 6:00 a.m. then we are at noontime it comes back to the coast. here we are on saturday afternoon. the fog wants to hang out. cooler because of that fog
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tomorrow. lots of low 70s. when i come back we will talk about your weekend. california lottery officials say a power ball ticket sold in hayward is worth $2 million. the winner bought that winning ticket at a 7/11 store on harder road. the $80 million grand prize is still up for grabs. the person who matched the five winning numbers didn't show up today. the store owner displayed that prize proudly. the store received a check for selling that winning ticket. it's a scarlet letter for life. tonight at 10:30, the push to change california's sex offender registry so that many offenders wouldn't be on it for
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there's new information tonight about the oregon man who opened fire on a mendocino county sheriff deputy. authorities call his killing an ambush. and as john sasaki tells us the gunman is linked to other violent crimes including another homicide. >> reporter: this tourist stop exploded in violence. ricardo chaney got into a shoot out with proprietor john mills. >> i was able to see the barrel of the gun before i rolled into the kitchen. luckily i made it into the one spot where the ricochet won't get me. >> reporter: that happened right before the suspect shot and killed ricky delflorentino. >> there's a lot of evidence collected at scene that will
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require further analysis. the california department of justice is going to be assisting in the examination of that evidence. >> reporter: police have connected cheney to other crime scenes. one in oregon where a house was set on fire after a 79-year-old retired university of oregon professor was shot to death. and the car he used before shooting the professor. they had arrested cheney two weeks before. he had two rifles and shotgun when he was killed by sheriff's lieutenant. >> looked like he was a highly motivated. >> i just started screaming and crying. >> reporter: debra amaral is the deputies sister. >> he was just so loud. now i would just do anything to
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hear him laugh again. >> reporter: plans are set for a memorial service for deputy delflorentino. phelps has died at the age of 84. phelps may have been the most anti gay activist. his westboro baptist church says there will be no funeral because it does not worship death. a wine heist bigger than any. >> and a way to end mistakes at the register. >> and they're on ♪
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with purchase of selected mattress sets. or, get 24-months interest-free financing. sleep train's big gift event is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ california sex offenders some are trapped by ankle bracelets but all are legally required to register and be searchable on megan's law. many of those who are now required to register for life may not have to under a new law. ken pritchett is live outside of the jail on how long sex offenders must register. >> reporter: sex offenders do not spend much time in jail or
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in custody but they will spend a lifetime on the sex offender register. you can never know who is around you in a crowd but you can know who's in your neighborhood if they're on the megan's law website. each dot a sex offender. barrona has heard about it. >> reporter: have you ever looked at it? >> no i haven't. >> reporter: she says the other side that a lifetime on a list may be unfair. >> it shouldn't be so strict with you know ruining a person's whole life for something that had a gray area to it. >> reporter: some members of the sex offender management board at sacramento agree. they met today to discuss new rules that certain low risk sex offenders should be on the list for 10 or 20 years not for life. >> we want to be able to focus the resources that are available on the people who
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pose the greatest risk to the people in our communities. >> there are about 112,000 registered sex offenders in california. about 2/3 appear on the megan's law website to help protect the public. >> it works so why fix it. >> reporter: class kids foundation founder mark class says the move to change the lifetime listings for all sex offenders is a big mistake. and part of a pattern a softer approach to crime. >> i think they want to save money. i think that they want to be able to drop these characters off the list so that they don't have to send parol agents out so that they don't have to track them. >> reporter: well this rule change would not be retroactive. and to make it happen they would need a lawmakers take action on it. in san francisco, ken
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pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. new video now from downtown oakland where a roll over accident sent three people to the hospital tonight. it happened at 11th and webster streets. a silver toyota received front end damage. witnesses say the toyota broadsided the suv. no word yet on the conditions of the victims. the oakland city council has approved a 3-1/2 million dollars settlement to a bike rider who was severely injured after hitting a pothole. the accident happened three years ago on mountain boulevard between ascot drive. city officials acknowledge potholes were a problem and fixed the road four months after that accident. state regulators are
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recalling rodent poison. other animals may die if they eat poisoned rats. the ban will go into effect july 1st. the price on the shelf is different than what you're charged at the cash register. >> just this month safeway was ordered to pay a multi million dollars fine to settle accusations on overcharging customers. one company is tackling the situation with technology. >> reporter: that's raised a lot of trust issues especially at the grocery store. >> it's usually a higher price. when i come home i look at the receipt. >> if you don't catch them, they get the extra money. a sale is not a sale. >> reporter: some chains are
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much higher. major chains can make 10,000 price changes a week almost all of it done manually by clerks putting paper stickers on the shelves. which time can be better used restocking and bagging. >> we wanted to bring the internet down the aisle to every single object in every retail store in the world. >> reporter: alteri has a shelf tag system that displays exactly what the cash register will ring up when you check out. >> if you show $2.99 on the shelf it'll be guaranteed to rung up what's at the cash register. >> reporter: this electronic tag also displays special sales and displays special information just as it's already being done at the french equivalent of wal-mart. >> some things we lead in the
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world, other things we're in the dark ages. >> reporter: the system pays for itself in less than three years but so far kohl's is the only mayor retailer using it. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. researchers found those diagnosed with childhood leukemia were more likely to live near a busy road. air quality officials in the bay area will now be able to better gauge traffic related air pollution thanks to three new air monitors. the first is already fully operational in oakland at laney college. data collected from the monitor is being streamed to their website.
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artists today gave a peak inside san francisco's coit tower where work continues to make sure the murals survive. the murals were created during the -- coit tower is said to reopen sometime next month. two fractured wrists. i definitely have a concussion and a black eye. the response to a rowdy protest that brought more demonstrators out today. you saw the pictures. the fire on the first day of spring. i'll detail the dry weather pattern and how long it'll be before we can see some
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san francisco international airport is getting ready to shut -- shuttown two -- shutdown two of its four runways. the airport will be installing soft concrete at the ends which will grab the landing gear if a plane overshooting the runway. we're told the construction could create some flight delays. >> what we might see is because departing flights are now using the same runways used as arriving flights. we might see some departing flights see delays in the five, 10 minute category. >> reporter: the airport has already completed the work on the other two runways. demonstrators demonstrator gathered at city college of san
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francisco. this afternoon's vigil was held outside of the student center. >> i might have two fractured wrists and i definitely have a concussion as well as naturally this black eye that you can see right now. i was carried down two stories of stairs by my wrist. >> reporter: chancellor tyler has announced he will contract an investigator to find out what happened. president putin quickly retaliated. he barred several americans enter entering russia. including harry reid and
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republican senator john mccain. first lady michelle obama is on a trip abroad that is strictly nonpolitical. mrs.obama, her mother arrived in beijing. this is her first trip to china. it's a wine heist worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. the behavior that tipped off investigators and why it's prompted a warning to wine bu
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a 31-year-old vacaville man is out of jail after what some are calling the biggest wine
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heist they've ever heard of. wine makers are labeling a wild theft. >> reporter: 492 expensive bottles disappeared sometime after february 15th. neighbors reportedly said warehouseman jose pina was giving away free wine. police say he was caught with 73,000 in cash. they found 55 cases but almost 300 more are missing. some was found as far away as washington state and southern california. >> they traveled very fast after the theft and very far. >> reporter: chief tracy stewart says the unidentified wineries that made the wine will not resell recovered bottles. >> don't know if they were properly handled. they don't want to sell customers bad wine. >> reporter: what napa wine makers call a first of its kinds. >> i think we're all surprised.
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>> reporter: kr rombower. >> they obviously had an inside line and knew how to get the wine. >> reporter: they've only gotten a fraction of the wine so beware. >> when you have something that is being offered up at a greatly reduced price. if it's too good to be true it probably is. >> reporter: investigators say the frisk break came when a retail wine buyer questioned a great deal. it turned out to be stolen wine. investigators say it turned out to be stolen wine. john fowler, ktvu news. a study found 11% of the long term unemployed found work a year later. the lack of jobs and also discrimination by employers against the long term unemployed. the princeton team sate without more jobs unemployment will
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continue to hold the economy back. u.s. stock markets closed higher. the dow rose 108 points, the nasdaq rose 11. a personal finance company says californians paid yearly to live here in the united states. the company is called wallet hub and says californians paid the second highest taxes. only new yorkers paid more. on average californians pay $9,500 a year in state and local prices. compare that to new yorkers who pay $9,700. and now compare that to the lowest taxes. people in wyoming pay only an average of $2,300. google says its made its e- mail service more secure. the walnut hill company says it has improved incryption.
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google didn't mention nsa snooping specifically but did say the change is quote a top priority after last summer's revelation. mk noble's time on american idol came to an end today. after she didn't get enough votes. >> i think i should be upset. >> she says she wasn't upset. she made it to the top 10 and that was her goal. the judges could have saved her today but unfortunately they could not all agree. mk is the first openly gay american idol and boy does she have a lot of fans in the area. temperatures are going to cool off a little bit that's because of coastal fog. livermore one of the warmest spots. some spots today warmer than yesterday. as i mentioned as we head into tomorrow. coastal fog is returning. it's not there so much quite this minute but it's going to
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spread out. these clouds are going to give way. these are high clouds. i'm pretty sure we'll see fog around pacifica. we'll see it fill in at the coast. i'll have a computer model that shows you how it fills in. overnight lows are not going to be as cold as they have been. the clouds are going to keep the warmer atmosphere and warmer temperatures around. eight-miles-an-hour in san jose. the winds are west- northwesterly something like that. a little bit of rain trying to show offshore and central and southern california. for us tomorrow there's that coastal fog. that's not the computer model but that's the depiction of it. in a minute i'll show you the computer model. temperatures warmest as we head into the bay area weekend. friday looks like a nice day. a little cooler and saturday and sunday warmer still. so, the computer model does this. here's the coastal fog right here. that's 6:00 a.m. and you get to lunchtime and it's right along the coast and then the afternoon kind of burns back but it's still right there. so i think coastal fog is going to be a player the whole weekend so look for that.
11:50 pm
the big forecast calls for a warm weekend. warmer weekend because of this high pressure. as we go down the way here into tuesday, looks like the models are becoming more aggressive on a chance for some showers. doesn't look like a big rain deal. main activity will be to the north but the showers will be nice. temperatures warmer than these. these are a little cooler than today. 70 in napa. 69 in vallejo. 70 in walnut creek. a nice day for your friday. 69 in san jose and along the coast. that coastal fog will keep pacifica and walnut city in the 60s. the five day weekend in view. a little fog on saturday. warmer on the weekends. if you need something to do on sunday, ktvu is a sponsor of the race. it'll be a perfect day for it. lots of events going on during the day. at 1:00 it'll be 70 degrees in
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oakland. not a bad weekend for that and not a bad weekend for all of us. it is spring and it's going to feel like spring. >> it sure does look like spring. taking place in san francisco where right now police are searching for a gunman after a shooting near city college. this happened around 8:40 tonight on brightton avenue. now initial reports indicate a shoot out between two gunman. one person was shot in the ankle and another person ran into the city college campus. that's where right now this police search is focused in san francisco. the warriors unveiled two new features tonight to improve the fan experience at oracle arena. team officials say new speakers will allow fans in the upper deck to hear the squeak of the sneakers on the court. they're also showing off a new app that will show announcements about seat upgrades or food during the game. fans can also show pictures at a large instagram wall at the arena. a good night for the
11:52 pm
warriors. >> as you watch the warriors you can't help feel that they're peaking ahead a little bit. seems they go in and out of focus against these great teams. not grinding confidence, they do full away a win. david lee doing his part 22 points. 12 rebounds. nice 360 spin move. keep that guy healthy. they rely on the back court rest of the way. steph curry the shot off the glass. and he had 31 points. 11 assists as the warriors manage to stay ahead of milwaukee. the other clay brother, clay thompson. clay, curry and thompson had 42 of the warriors 115 points.
11:53 pm
harvard up against cincinnati. another five against five. and alexander the three. they send it to overtime with 11.2 seconds left. in the extra, north dakota state. cameron dupree had only four points but all of them in overtime. the sharks look particularly ready for the stanley cup play offs and the san francisco giants tune ♪
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(announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. for a little more than 2/3 of this game you're thinking do these two teams get it? everyone the crowd at the tank was quiet. late in the third it was like oh yeah. first place is on the line here. double expresso please. wake up. blast away deflecting on to the talented six of joe thornton. flick of the wrist, 11:35 2-2. it's burns in front. the role reversal burns the goal. sharks with the game and first place for the first time since december 6th over the ducks. they say spring training games don't mean a thing. if ever there was a chance that
11:57 pm
the giants hope that's a bunch of malarkey. a grand slam and maybe everyone better news. baumgartner on the mound on the mound as the opening pitcher. it's hard to believe the following story has an upside. it's hard to watch but the end result not as bad as it looks. last night, the left-hander chapman drilled by the line drive in the head. he sustained a minor concussion. did undergo a 2-1/2 hour operation today to fix a broken bone above his eye. no other injuries but doctors say believe it or not he will be back and pitching in six to eight weeks. he was very alert in the hospital today. and making jokes. >> wow. >> it hit him in the eye.
11:58 pm
>> it hit right above. >> lucky. mark thank you. and thank you
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> a.p.b., be on the lookout for some overweight women who are diverting the attention of a manager in hulk hogan's store and stealing stuff. >> some overweight thieves went into hulk hogan's new beachfront shop -- by the way, i'm not saying that because i am -- i saw them and they look large. but in the police report it says -- we have fatty bloom-balatties. >> kim kardashian went to dinner last night with brittny gastineau. >> crustacean? >> when you make reservation here at crustacean,


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