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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  April 4, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> n. ktvu channel 2 news. >> regrettably, draw to the field conditions, tonight's game postponed. dispoint. at the coliseum sends the fans filing out without seeing a game. >> it came as a surprise to players and fans. the oakland a's game was abruptly postponed after rain showers overnight and throughout the day. here is what it looked like hours before the game but the rain wasn't falling at game time. fans are not blaming mother nature but human error.
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we have team coverage tonight. we begin with when pit chard with what went wrong. >> reporter: almost every you see here behind me are warriors. the a's fans didn't get a -- [ inaudible ] they're scratching their heads because it was not raining. >> regrettably, due to field conditions, tonight's game has been postponed. >> reporter: before the game was called and boos filled the stadium, the signs of trouble was there n. we got here and they were working on the field. >> we're a little disappointed. >> i came all the way from st. elizabeth's for this game, 4
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hour drive. >> reporter: perhaps the fans had a right to be disappointed. apparentlily a tar please was left off the infield overnight. despite best efforts of ground crews today tfield was ruled unplayable. some disagreed, others did not. >> it thought they could definitely have play this had game. >> are for you? >> for me. >> i know wet fields can be a source of injury. i get that. >> reporter: well, the a's fans have been told that those in attendance today will have tickets for another day for game and parking. that game has not been rescheduled. it will be posted on the website when it's announced.
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we turn to meteorologist mark. >> he's here to tell us how much rain we got. >> we've been tracking the wet conditions over the last few days, all week long t.tar please helps but over the past week, the home opener, we got that fist game in. you see the rainfall numbers. monday, happen about an inch, same tuesday, wednesday over half an inch, thursday dry t.bulk of this was today. this was the ray star between 3:00 and 7:00. you see the band pushing through. after 5 @ and 6:00 we had clearing skies. in terms of the shower activity, a few showers left over in the hills of san jose. rainfall totals, the numbers
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are adding up. san francisco, .38, san jose nearly a tenth of an inch. coming up, i'll let you know when the rain moves out of town and the big temperature change for this weekend. >> you can get the latest an the weather with the new weather app. you can download on apple andean droid smartphones. >> the trouble started around 9:00 a.m. this morning. something went wrong with the electronic commitment. bart cut the number of trains. regular commuters say this happens too often. >> it tells me there are things messed up with bart. it's difficult to deal with. >> crews thought an electronic
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controller failed. bart apologized and said it could be years before control systems are upgraded. >> new at 10:00, a spike in home burglary reports. jan met is live in the ross moor retirement community to explain who is being targeted. >> reporter: julie, what's unusual here is this is a gated community with a security check point. this road is the only way in and out. in the senior living community overwrought more, they heard about the burglaries. >> they stole jewels and things. >> reporter: the police say the number of buries have increased in the past 6 months. the most recent, march 20 and 21st. the next day someone reportedly
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ran sack add home and took an ipad. they're increasing patrials and the president of the homeosis creation says it helps. >> i think it increases people's sense of security. i think they were unisolated. >> reporter: other residents agreed. >> there were no patrols. they wouldn't come unless they were called. >> reporter: walnut creek police say they've planned coffee with a cop meeting so they can hear resident's concerns. they have not made arrests in the burglaries. san francisco police officer is recovering tonight after being struck by a suspect in a stolen vehicle. police were trying to take the man into custody when he tried to drive away and ran into
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several vehicles and struck the police officer. the suspect ran away but police caught up to him. homicide detectives in gilroy are investigating the death of a 73 year woman. they say she had injuries to her neck. knapp's husband was at home with her when police arrived. police are not saying if he's considered a suspect in the case. new details about brothers involved in an officer shooting. police identifyed the men as 27- year-old mark co davis and cory davis. both men were wanted on attempted murder chargers. officers say when they spotted a pair yesterday it appeared they were going for weapons. corey davis remains in the
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hospital. their sister was also arrested, 30-year-old kelly davis. developing news, one girl appears happy and healthy in this family blog but she's fallen ill. they're on a sail boat in the ocean. 129th rescue wing report that is the one-year-old is stable and everyone is in good spirits. it's about a thousand nautical miles southwest of ca bo san lucas. >> ken, i got an update and the crew that made an open water jump to the disabled boat is on board the boat with a family. >> reporter: on their family blog and youtube, eric and
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charlotte kaufman share what life is like on a 36-foot sail boat on with two children. with lyra sick, it's turn today emergency. >> they have no ability to move closer. a navy vessel is on their way. >> reporter: the plan is to get the family of four and the rescue members off the sail boat and on to a ship then 1080 miles to shore, plucking them off by helicopter is another option. they would require in flight fueling. >> the hoisting off of the sail boat would be a risk because it's not stable. >> that are they said the little girl had a rash, vomiting and diarrhea and has
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not responded to several days of antibiotics. it doesn't appear they are or 3- year-old core are a are sick. >> it's the people you meet, the people you're with. >> reporter: right now the people making a difference are those that train for this type of distress call. >> we'll get the entire family out with the medic. they'll follow the child and parents to the hospital. they will not pass them on to anyone. >> it's cramped on the rebel heart tonight with 8 people on board but they're well stocked because the family was headed across the pacific to new zealand. their both cannot be toed or secured. it will have to be left behind. alameda firefighters came to the rescue of bothers off of
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crown beach today. the 14-foot aluminum boat was taking on water. coast guard's boat was too bigging to get into the shallow water. tyson is recalling chicken nuggets after people complained there were small pieces of plastic in them. the chicken was solid at sam's club. it's frozen white meat nuggets january 26 and february 16. it's linked to a scraper at a production facility. >> a police officer behind bars facing drugs, bury and elder abuse charges. >> rain shower today but we're drying out and warming up this weekend. >> coming up
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new at 10:00, police put out the call to home owners and businesses for such as this. this is video of a bury that led to a quick arrest. they believe the video cameras can better help tackle crime.
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the camera registration program can make difference. kara. >> reporter: police want a database of a location of as many private cure ti systems and surveillance systems as they can. public safety is a priority for leah hall in san lee andro. >> one of my daughter's classmates was car jacked last week in their driveway. we see this as a potential solution. >> reporter: she said as soon as she can find it she'll install the cameras at home and join the registry. >> i hope we'll focus out on this street where we're have agriculture lot of speeders and people may be potentially looking for houses to rob. >> are the police are trying to get more people on board so
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they can pinpoint near by surveillance cameras. >> if we knew exactly where to go to and were able to bypass res debs, those officers could spend time in the field. >> reporter: they say video surveillance helped officers make an arrest when this place was burglarized last summer. >> the owner was able to relay to the dispatchers to tell them that the suspect was hiding inside up in the rafters where officer would not have been able to check. >> reporter: this program is voluntary and it's answering where your cameras point and how many you have. 26 people and 2 businesses have signed up. more details now on the
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using private security cameras to fight crime. in january, san jose used them to make arrests. they're wanting to use them only if owners agree. pittsburgh police are investigating fair first homicide victim of the year. it was in a neighborhood around the de anze la trail t.victim seems to have been targeted. sign ca had a lengthy record. he survived a shot to the head in 2001. >> weapons and drug related
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offenses. >> investigators say he was able too speak to officers before he died but no one is in custody. the stage is set for a federal trial for leland yee. prosecutors returned indictments on yee and two dozen other defendants. >> reporter: the blinds were drawn today at leland yee's san francisco home. >> with this many departments and charges this serious, each defendant is suspicious of every other defendant wondering if his lawyer is talking with authorities. >> reporter: the complaint alleges that yee and keith jackson promised political favors for brians from
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undercover agents. they paid yee thousands to endorse it to the state department of public health. rick smith said it isa common strategy. >> you have to have back stopping. you have to have depth to the undercover operation. >> reporter: legal analyst, jim hammer said surveillance recordings will push the departments to make a hard choice. >> reporter: you going to cooperate against the other defendants or go to trial. >> reporter: all 29 are set for federal court appearance next tuesday. campaign reports reveal more details about leland yee. he used campaign money to travel to the phillipines. he try today import military style weapons. help spent $62,000 at a restaurant in san francisco, the same restaurant the alleged
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criminal group chief kong pong used for many event. what happen today the bills that state senator yee help today sponsor? rain showers today off and on all day, especially in the morning t.activity is on the decrease and we have a few lingering clouds and spotty showers, especially in the hills east of san jose. for your saturday it will be dry. we start off with patchy clouds, 40s. by lunch time, 58 to 63 and wrapping up the afternoon by 3:00 and 4:00, 63 to 70. tomorrow afternoon will be warmer than this afternoon with skies partly sunny.
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more dan hills 69, antioch at 70 degrees. sunday is warming up. we'll take a look at the forecast. samsung is adding anti theft safeguards in the hopes of twittering thieves. they have installed 2 anti theft options in the gaks silfverberg 5 s. i allows users to track their phone and lock it. the anti theft features are free but users have to opt in and activate them. residents out numbered by cats. >> it's cruel and ridiculous. >> at 10:35 a call
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a suspended conger police officer made his first court appearance on felonies. he's accused of stealing prescription from elderly citizens. the officer is addicted to drugs. >> reporter: hidden behind this class is police officer matthew swits serve, the officer has been on paid leigh since february is battling addiction and checked into a rehab facility. >> drug abuse is the fastest growing problem in the united states. officer sit serve is another casualty displmplets are 2 counts of first degree burglary, one count of second
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degree burglary and drug charges. he steals from several senior citizens. >> the potential drugs involved, specially heroine. >> reporter: he suffered from post traumatic stress. >> he was fighting a very serious addiction problem that started out with prescriptions. he had an on-duty injury. >> reporter: we were not told what the injury is but bail is set at $480,000. he'll be back in court tuesday. court documents obtained today shed more light on the allegations against the scout leader accused of child molestation. the felony complaint against lee says he abused one child over the course of 4 years, starting just before the
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child's birthday. lee's victim was a family friend and not a scout. >> joel cox man, a coach in oakland was charged with sexual molesting charges. he's free on $350,000 bail. >> the 23-year-old marine killed last month was laid to rest today. andrew silvia returned from afghanistan and a car ran into his motorcycle. silvia leighs behind a wife and a 2-year-old son. more fall out over the corruption case involving state senator leland yee. >> this has been a de
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moralizing period. >> what could happen to the bills he sponsored. >> a controversial
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coping coverage now, state senator leland yee's fall fra grace. he leaves unfinished work in limbo. nearly two dozen bills are in the pipe line. we spoke with two people who know and have worked with yee about the outlook for the
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bills. amber. >> reporter: yee has offices here in san francisco and he has 22 bills in the pipe line including a controversial one on gun control. rifles with what's call add bullet button can be legally sold in california. that feature require as person to unlock the device to reload. it's called a loupe poll in the hole. sb 47 would ban the sales of rifles. dr. john law is with the american college of surgeons, a strong supporter of the bill. he worked with yee on sb47. >> this has been a de moralizing and difficult period. we were all surprised and shocked. >> reporter: after yee was
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arrested and accused of illegal arms trafficking, he was suspended. another senator could carry his bills. >> we have not found our next champion and we do not yet have a plan. >> i don't think anybody wants to move a bill with yee's name on it. >> reporter: the irony of the allegations against yee makes it difficult for another lawmaker to carry on the fight for his bills. >> there is a real pause over the legislature right now. people are upset. >> are he said the focus should be on restore the public's trust in the legislature. >> to me that's the biggest issue. you've taken the public trust and stomped on it. >> reporter: he said the bills will likely be introduced next year with others at the helm.
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superior court judge today significantly reduced what's left of the prison sentence for supervisor ed jew. jew was order today return to jail for one month followed by home detention and 2500 hours of community service. he faced an additional year in the san francisco county jail on bribery and extortion charges. the family of a father and daughter killed in 2012 confirmed they filed a wrongful death suit against the suspect. the driver, a teenager at the time pleaded guilty to gross manslaughter. he will likely serve only half his time.
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juveniles are released when they turn 21. the latest federal figures show about half app million americans started looking for work last month and most found a job. economist say that 8 preponderate 8 million jobs have been found in the resealings. the u.s. labor department said 192,000 jobs were added in march but the unemployment rate stayed at 6.7%. most of the hires were in lower payer jobs. a company face as lawsuit that could have big repercussions. the suit gets yell please to remain the reviewers. yell please has said they will not reveal identities. negative comments are sometimes
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fake reviews from competitors (. >> the dow jones dropped 159 points, mazz dark fell 110. google, facebook and netflix n. >> the justice department is investigating high frequency trading. attorney generic holder told the house appropriations committee said it may violate insider trading logs. the fbi confirmed they're investigate the practice. an exploding feral cat population is launching a passionate debate on both sides of the issue council may vote next week on a plan to ban the feeding of stray cats. >> reporter: michael de la rosa describes as the cats.
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he works on second street, a half block from where people feed the strays. affectionately called river cats by some, nuisance by others. you see the milk and a feeding tray. >> when you're trying to run a sanitary business, a business that's respected, it's hard when you have stray cats. >> reporter: it's hard to say how many unwanted cats stalk the streets. in an effort to tame this, city council is considering an ordinance that prohibits the feeding of cats on public property. >> that's ridiculous. >> reporter: susan smith and raymond seen work with the homeless animal program.
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they have captured about 100 of the animals. seen says he'll continue to feed the animals. >> i'm a law abiding citizen but i may have to break a law. >> reporter: he says the proposed ordinance falls short of address the problem. >> reporter: downtown business owner wayne thompson wants something but doesn't know if this will work. the council is set to vote on the ordinance next tuesday. oakland police welcomed a record number of graduates from the latest police academy today. the crowd at oakland scotish right temple greeted the 47 new officers raising the number to 659. more classes this year may
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boost the number to over 700. a cat and mouse game between drug manufacturers and police. >> it has similar effects to tcp. >> temperatures could climb as much as 10
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at least 23 people taken into custody today during an angry protest in san francisco. they rallied in the streets blocking traffic. they want president obama to use his authority to stop
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deportations. it was organized by immigrant justice. another rally is set for tomorrow in richmond. member montrezl health issues were not the direct cause of the shooting rampage at fort hood texas. lopez killed 3 fellow soldiers and wounded 16 others and killed himself. he got into a dispute over request for his leave shortly before the shootings. >> the search for the malaysia airlines plane still going on today. they're looking for the under water pinging from the black bok. a dozen planes are searching from above for signs of debris. four weeks ago tonight we
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learned the plane was missing. federal ajeeps said they found two more tunnels in san diego used to smuggle drugs. one 600-yard tunnel was found tuesday and a 700-yard tunnel found yesterday. agents say it across the 7th in four years. south bay authorities announced an arrest in a drug bust today. it was 367 pounds on methamphetamine. chavez was arrested mccallum 27 with juarez. they investigated months before the arrest. he's tie today mexican drug
11:41 pm
gangs. zeuss, the drug sniffing dog uncover add stash of narcotics and cash on a bus last friday. he works with the specialized enforcement team and sniffed out almost 1100 pounds of marijuana and ec ta silfverberg, cocaine and heroine. he led police to more than 350,000 dollars in suspected drug money. bay area police cracking down on a new kind of drug. >> it has similar affects of tcp. >> a simple alteration causing dangerous side [doorbell rings]
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>> arson investigators say a fire in a building owned by a hospital on 53rd street, used as administrative offices may have been arson. officers were call today the scene at 2:30 this morning. it was started on the outside. with a simple alteration, sometimes deadly bath salts are being sold in the bay area. young people are using them. police in one east bay city are cracking down. >> reporter: who doesn't remember snobby snax from the saturday morning cartoon. this would upset the cartoon creators. >> it has similar i effects to tcp. >> it's part of a line of bath salts that police are battling.
11:45 pm
we went along with one police officer that went to a business that sold the bath salts openly. they're an elicit drug banned but many are using loupe holls in the hole. >> they change one molecule and stay one step ahead. diablo is solid as innocence only, but the ingredients is a bunch of stuff that makes no sense. at the bottom it says pot rory does not contain jwh-oh 18 and police say those are the ones outlawed. we went to others and found none available. i tried to find some. mono where did we find the bath salts although the officer believed they have some hidden
11:46 pm
away. >> they're cognizant of the fact we're looking for it. >> reporter: parents need to be on the look out for these colorful items. graduation ceremonies at the adult school tonight had special meaning for one who was accepted to an ivy league university. she acheived a 4.0 gpa but she became ill in her jr. year. when she recovered she en rolled in adult school so she didn't have to sacrifice her dream of going to college. >> it was columbia university. >> congratulations to her. she still needs scholarships to afford going to new york.
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she knows things will be hard but she knows what it's like to face challenges and follow your dreams. the rain showers from today finally moving out of town for the most part. this system was stronger than anticipated, especially the this morning. not much activity out there right now. right now, a little bit of a closer view. we have lingering rain showers to the east of san jose, maybe over the next hour or two we could have a pop-up shower. that's going to set the stage for a dry weekend. it's 50 degrees in santa rosa, 53 in oakland. pictures today on social media, facebook and twitter. here is one with a rainbow, and
11:48 pm
a faint double rain bo. we had the clouds, some breaks in the clouds and you get the rainfall that produceed the rainbow. partly cloudy skies, maybe a few spotty left over showers. here is the live camera looking out toward oakland. winds are 10 to 15 miles an hour. the temperatures are going up this weekend and a sun cloud mix. overnight lows, partly cloudy skies, most of the bay area in the 40s. some in the 30s. finally, this weather system on the move as i mentioned, much stronger than i mentioned. the showers are ending. high pressure offshore is rebuilding. by sunday, warmest locations in the upper 70s. by monday and tuesday we're
11:49 pm
thinking widespread 70s and some 80s. tomorrow morning at 7:00, scattered clouds, patchy fog. increasing sunshine. wind speeds pick up around 15 to 25 miles an hour. saturday, san francisco 63, santa rosa 69, san jose 68. get ready for the warm-up. here is our five day forecast. temperatures on sunday, up ever 60s to the upper 70s. widespread 70s on monday and tuesday. any outdoor plans this weekend, all looking good with the nice weather forecast. >> sounds very nice. sports radio, [ inaudible ] apologized for criticizing daniel murphy who missed the
11:50 pm
first two games for being with his wife for the birth of their child. he said they should have scheduled a c-section. he said he would've never tell a woman what to do with her own body. n. >> bay area, [ inaudible ] on the women's final four game sunday between stanford and uconn as she was putting up artichokes and california wine. stanford is the under dog in the mash-up. uconn has won their last 44 games and beat stanford in november. >> you've never had maple syrup and beer. >> mark, there was a breeze for the warriors. >> as easy as it gets t.warriors didn't need to play well at all to win tonight.
11:51 pm
they basically needed to show up. this is win a very good team plays well and a bad team has an off night. start to finish, that's josh reine nick that didn't play to night. hat on backwards, checking it out. harrison barnes, 16 off the bench. didn't need much from seth curry but he had 13. it just continues. time to show up for the bench guys. jordan crawford to dunk it. it was one after another t.done era mafusz continues. maurice spait had 12 off the bench. the warriors, 102-69 winners and they sweep the series. for the a's the story was
11:52 pm
about the wet weather but they'll take nothing but big heat for the mess out there. fans in the stands, well, skies were clear and then the announcement came down from above. >> regrettably, due to field conner conditions, tonight's game has been postponed. >> lots of disappointed fans out there but i think you may not have seen this individual y.bob melvin, manager out there, watch the condition of the infield that. was in the middle of the infield. there was no way they were going to play. disappointed fans leave the stadium. a's organization is going to make it up to them. apparentlily a tap was left off the field but the food was still being served. mean time, for the san francisco giants and the fans, win over the
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♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪
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♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ i suppose you heard the giants for no hits today. plenty of hits and 8 runs in the first inning and a third. scully, unique toss to the first pitch. first inning 2 outs. second and third, michael morris to center. 2 runs in, same frame, ryan didn't pitch well. didn't last 5 innings but mans this little dunker. 2 more runs across, 5-0 after
11:57 pm
one. 2nd inning, more of the same. brandon hicks goes deep. camp can't track it down. 8-4 final, san francisco 4- 16789 season is early but i believe we have a strong candidate for catch of the year. major league with the popcorn. check that out. not bad that.'s the catch of the year. >> that's also the sporting line for a friday night. >> thank you for choosing ktvu news. >> have
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz," >> we turned up this awesome video of john hamm on a dating show. his answer to woo her was start with fabulous food with a fabulous foot massage or an evening of total fabulosity. >> yeah. that was his answer. >> >> do you think it's important for our president to believe in aliens? >> i never really understood why they wouldn't. >> you rock the foundation of their religion. >> why is that? >> life was begat by adam and eve in a single place. there. is


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