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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  April 16, 2014 11:01pm-12:01am PDT

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an official at the yat club tells us that an accident happened during a sailboat race that they hold every wednesday. he would not exactly say what happened or how, he said he was leaving that up to the authorities. and at this point, they aren't revealing any information. this is a live picture of the sailboat at the marina right now. named bell la. bill martin says the winds were fairly calm tonight, so winds shouldn't have been a problem. we are working to learn more information and we will bring it to you as soon as we get it. >> there is grim news meantime from south kor ree tonight, 280 passenger, most of them high school students are still missing tonight after a ferry boat sank there. unconformed reports that text messages coming at some point, coming from those trapped on board. survivors say the crew told passengers to wait for rescuers as the ferry still filled with
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water and turned on its side. >>reporter: we were told to stay where we are, we kept stay, but the water level came up. so we were beside ourselves. kids were screaming out of terror, shouting for help. >> that ferry was carrying 475 people, as of tonight, 9 are confirmed dead. 179 have been rescued. there's no word on why that ferry sank. new at 10:00, a discrimination lawsuit targeting peer one imparts, one of the company's stores in the south bay says that pier one policies are illegal. ktvu carl lou spoke no that woman tonight, because of her pregnancy. kara. >> well, woman at the center of this lawsuit works here at this pier one store in san jose, this whole or deal has been stressful, both financially and emotionally. >> all i want is my job back.
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>>reporter: erin castle man at a pier one store is expecting baby number 2 early this summer. she says she planned to continue working as a sales associate, through much more of her pregnancy, but when doctoring told her in november she shouldn't climb ladder, she was placed on light duty. according to her lawyer, pier one's policy quote, puts win om light duty for a maximum of eight weeks and then automatically placed them on unpaid pregnancy leave if they continue to need accommodations. meaning erins forced into unpaid looefl in january, months before her due date. >> shocked, completely shocked. and hurt, you know, because i've been such a loyal dedicated employee for that company for two years. you know, i figured that they had some kind of policy for pregnancy, you know, it wasn't eight weeks and you're out the door. >>reporter: she says the loss of income has been stressful and hopes she can help improve
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conditions for other working women. >> i'm being discriminated against because i'm pregnant and that's why i'm doing all of this is because i shouldn't be. it's not fair to be treat that had way. >>reporter: and we did reach out to pier one this evening after hours as well as through the local store, but we have yet to hear back. but the company has declined to comment in other published errors. live tonight in south san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. continuing coverage now of a devastating fire today that kill aid young bay and his mother in their home. the boy's aunt was the only one who survived when she jumped to safety from the burning san francisco apartment. spoke with the boy's heart broken father about that family's grief ask shock. >> a great kid. you know, fun loving, smart, loved football, sports, a real boy's boy. >>reporter: keith williams a
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father with tears in his eyes speaking abhis 3 year old son. >> i just know i'm going to miss him. i'm going to mishim, you know, just come ing in the room and saying good morning, dad. >>reporter: and it was this morning just before 10:00 o'clock with a fire e e erupted. >> broke in half, so it was burned pretty good on the other side. >>reporter: young williams, his mother and his aunt. >> all i heard was my nef knew going mommy, mommy, mommy. >>reporter: a dog in the unit when the fire broke out. it burned so fast she could not get downstairs and had to jump out of a window to survivor. >> everybody saying jump out, get out, the house is on fire. i jumped out the window. >>reporter: the toddler's mother, died at the scene. santana williams father, joint custody and lives in richmond says he will miss his arm around his little boy. >> 3 years old, whole life ahead
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of him. tragedy. devastated. >>reporter: a spokeswoman for the san francisco housing authority, the one unit where the fire started were indeed working today. she also said that two other units were damaged, the cause of the fire still has not yet been determined. in san francisco, mike, ktvu channel 2 news. cadaver dogs going through the rubble that burned to the ground this past weekend, detected possible human remains. the building used to house k n tv. the fire went to five alarms and firefighters think one person may have been trapped inside and died. a number of trance yents had been living in the abandoned building. handlers say those dogs are usually very reliable. the man sus about spekted of starting that fire was in court today. he is 5 year old still man feoffer. accused of arson and burglary. he did not enter a plea and prosecutors asked for no bail,
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it could turn into a homicide investigation. now, ktvu obtained a copy of the fire investigation report. in it, a witness says that she watches the suspect spray some kind of liquid on a mattress and she says moments later, that's when the fire broke out. fremont police say they've arrested three people in con next with an armed atm robbery, just yesterday police released this surveillance footage. shows two men using the victim's credit cards at a convenience store. after that robbery last week. the 67 year old victim was robbed april 9th at an atm on fremont boulevard. investigators say these two men, 22 year old sing of fremont and 24 year old dylan of union city as well as a 17 year old boy were all arrested today on charges, including robbery and elder abuse. a new -- gun fire reveals it happens much more frequently than you think, and often goes unreported. that conclusion from the maker
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of shots fired. the device that a lot of police department, including in the bay area use to detect gun fire. last year, shot spotter counted 51 thousand incidents of gun fire in 48 cities. most often, the gunshots happened friday and saturday nights, between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. the average is 1 every ten minutes. and 42 % of gun fire incidents take place in the summer months from june to august. oakland is close to having a new superintendent of schools after a very long search. the board of education today named an twon wilson as the final list of 20 applicants. it's scheduled to vote a week from today on his appointment. can be seen a a work in progress and meaning more. graduation rates are increasing, but some schools have very high drop out rates. which costs that district millions of dollars, the board has spent about a year search for a new superintendent.
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wilson has been the assistant superintendent for denver public schools, he's credited with a turn around at one of the most troubled high schools there. wilson is a native of lincoln, nebraska, married with three children. and he's never lived in california. new at 10:00, a set back tonight for medical marijuana users in martinez. no longer be able to grow plants for their own use in their own backyards ft ktvu ken pritchett is in martinez where that was decision was made in the last 45 minutes. >>reporter: just minutes ago, once of the council members walked up to me and said this is an example of how you can fight city hall, martinez, restrictions on outdoor growing of marijuana. that angered some people, and what packed city hall tonight was the all but certain vote to ban the outdoor growing of pot in the city. >>reporter: growing medical marijuana in your backyard, it can be legal under state law, but cities like concord have banned it.
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tonight, the martinez city council considers the same path. with many citizens supporting a ban on outdoor grows. >> we're not depriving these people of their marijuana. they can do it if they want. they just don't have to grow it inside and/or outside. >>reporter: the issues include public safety. grows present a target for thieves. >> if store copper wire in my backyard, it's going to get stolen. >>reporter: had an argument to counter the other, including the nuisance of the smell of outdoor marijuana. >> it may be marijuana and gilroy would be garlic, something that would bother your nostrils and be a fusens in the neighborhood. >>reporter: martinez would not be alone in creating its own ordnance on medical marijuana growing. 89 counties and cities in california have their own regulations that difrp from state law, some more restrictive, others less. some with bans on indoor growing
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and outside. one argument for medical marijuana user, they won't be able to afford their medicine. >> dispensaries have very expensive. but they are very expensive. >>reporter: it's an es motion l topic for both sides. >> we want martinez to remain safe, live in a place where neighbors are protected by laws, we're asking all of you to vote yes on the banning of outdoor growing in martinez. >> 5-0 in favor of banning the outdoor growing of medical marijuana in the city. now, someone who violates this ban wants to takes effect, in violation of a code enforcement issue, which means that person could receive a citation much like a parking ticket. in martinez, ken pritchett, channel 2 news. her father killed her entire family, and left her for dead. now, this survivor is talking with us about her dreams and hardships, 25 years later. >> a high pressure system warms
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things up today. how soon fog will return and bring lower temperatures to your neighborhood. >> next, bart cleanliness
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[ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. 0001 15 people are injured, including 5 firefighters after two fire trucks collided in southern california. respojding to a house fire around 3:00 this afternoon, when they crashed into each other,
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monterrey park, east of los angeles. crashed into a restaurant. people walking along the sidewalk and in the restaurant are among the injured. the cause of that crash is under investigation. now, to that report of possible bed bugs on a bart train. we've learned the car in question is now back in service after it was taken off the tracks to be cleaned. tonight, 2 investigates cleanliness complaints on bart. here's ktvu melanie wood row on what we learned. >>reporter: from trash to human waste, bart tracks interior car cleanliness complaints. it received 39 such complaints this year. none were for bed bugs until last week's report. >> we hunted down that train, pulled it out of service ask gave it the proper cleaning treatment that it needs. >>reporter: no bed bugs found, the train is back on track. bart wants commuters to complain if they see something unsitely. >> we want it as compleen as possible all the tame.
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>>reporter: on the same day, another commuter tweeted bart, what's that stain and should i sit there? a hashtag bart game. >> you get a call for a stain on the seat, how do you know if you're deal wg soda or something more personal. >> immediately, no matter what the stain is. >>reporter: but workers need to be able to find the stain. bart tweeted back, thanks for feedback. in future, please tweet at s f bart car number on front back door and approximate seat location for follow up. according to bart's most recent quarterly performance report, bart met its goal for train cleanliness. a larger independent satisfaction consumer had different results. bart received the lowest ratings for six service attributess, include the condition and clen anyness of train seats. satisfaction survey will be conducted this fall. bart spokesperson says increases in customer satisfaction are look lick, with final seats. >> we've asked bart for a break
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down of those 39 interior car cleanliness complaints from this past year. let you know once they get that information to us n. the newsroom, melanie, ktvu channel 2 news. bart today gave a dmrips of what its future fleet might look like. the proposed transit in san francisco. t commuters were allowed on board and encouraged to give feedback on the design. the new trains will have better seats, bike rack, more hand holds and l cd screens that will show the location of a train and its next stop. member of bart's board of directors says the cars will be a welcomed addition. >> over 40 ride ers a day, and the same number of train cars as we had ten years ago, under 300,000 riders, so our goal is more cars, and longer trains. >> the first tf of the 775 new
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bart cars are schedule today arrive in 2017. the next public showing of the new model will be on friday at the west oakland bart station. tomorrow, the c h p will return to the scene of last week's deadly bus crash in glenn county. includes a cal tran engineer will conduct testing near or land. very similar vehicles to that tour bus and fedex big rig involved in the collision, looking for clues that might help them determine what happened. both the driver of the bus and truck died in that crash, along with 8 passener js, ktvu will be in to update you on line and on the air beginning at 5:00. called a special session of the legislate for a week from tomorrow to deal with the state's rainy day fund. brown wants to modify a kogs tugs l amendment on the ballot. allow the state to put more money away in years when revenue from capital gains taxes is higher. it would also raise the maximum
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size of the reserves to 10 % of general fund revenues and it would create a set aside for school funding. governor brown says the fund is crucial to avoid the budget deficits of the past ten years. a judge has called for an environmental review before the shut down of the drakes bay oisier company. a superior court judge found that the state coastal commission ignored evidence of potential environmental harm when it tooks -- national seashore. the federal government let the farm's lease expire in 2012. lost several court appeals as it battles to remain open. new at 10:00, the decision was just made, that will impact much of the east bay. the state 's on going drought now forcing water cut backs. the zone 7 water board tonight approved a 20 percent cut in water supply to it retailers, which include livermore and ran
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ro ra moan. live now at that meeting with the -- this could have on both residents and businesses. jana. >> the meeting just wrapped up this past hour, and the vote was unanimous. some of the city's actually testify and said that if people don't reduce their demand, then some areas could have no water available for outdoor use at all. n the summer monthss. >> our water supply is right there, hot tank. >>reporter: water is essential to this brewly, one of 3 in livermore. >> water is the biggest ingredient in beer in i way. over time, all of our res pris started to adjust theps toz the water that is here in livermore. >>reporter: each gallon of beer can require 3 to 5 gallon ofs water. as well as the regions 50 winerys that depend on the water. >> there may not be enough water to keep the vines productive during the growing season,
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during the warmer summer months. >> everybody is going to be heard on this. maybe they need to hurt a little more to realize it's finally real. >>reporter: the board heard sobering facts. despite construction of two new wells to boost supply, efforts to cut back demand is falling short. voted unanimously to cut water supply by 25 % to its four retrail ers in the tri valley area, include livermore, dublin, san ramon and pleasant ton. >> talking about 50 percent redubss that remay be in august and september. >>reporter: leaders from those communities say if water use is not curtailed, some kouz l could lose water completely, to maintain fire department water sources. >> literally shutting down water for parts of the community, maintain fire storage for the health and safety of the community. as the severity facing with this drought. >>reporter: already implemented mand doir use yesterday.
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dublin and san ramon will propose 5 percent indoor and 60 percent outdoor cuts on tuesday. pleasant ton could ask for 40 percent outdoor cuts at their next meeting may 6th. the zone's 7 water board is expected to have its next meeting on may 7th and at that time, they'll reassess the water supplies and could consider an ordnance with stricter mandatory cuts. reporting live in livermore, ktvu channel 2 news. cooler wealth ner the forecast, tomorrow, the fog not back yet, but the winds are going to pick up. looked tonight at sun set. the golden gate bridge, no fog to speak of. winds will pick up and patchy fog will reform. that fog will begin a slight cooling trend. temperatures today in the low 80s, no fog right now at ocean beach in san francisco. patchy stuff tomorrow morning. and in the computer model, see it right here, early tomorrow
11:22 pm
morning, patchy fog at best, break off partly sunny. daytime highs, yellows are 70, oranges are 80, so the 80s are being pushed back. so cooler tomorrow, after a warm day today. i'll have a detail on your cooler trend that continues into the weekend back here at 10:45. another person in a street in san francisco. tonight at 10:30. the sdrushing trend in pedestrian accidents and how it compares to other major cities. >> coming up first, her entire family was killed at the hands bulldog: [yawning] it's finally morning!
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11:25 pm
toddler at the time, survived even though her throat was slit, and she had been left to die. her name is car minute na, she hadn't given many interviews about what happened that day. she spoke with amber lee. >> talking with her about what her life has been like and what he has to say about her family. amber. >>reporter: lives here in -- she's written a book about surviving this horrific crime. she tells me she's still struggling l to live the life she wants, not just to survive, be but to thrive. she says there's healing in singing, her first name means song, her last name brings back memories of a horrific crime committed by her father 25 years ago this week on april 14th, 1989. killed seven people, including her mother, and her two sisters.
11:26 pm
>> how much i miss them. you know, and that i know that they're with me. >>reporter: she was a toddler when her father slashed her throat and left her for dead in a garbage dump. >> remember everything from the day of the tragedy. i had the survivor instinct born with it, it wasn't a choice, it was there, in my dna. >>reporter: raised by adoptive parents in missouri. as an adult, she moved back to northern california. she tells me she's vited her father on death row at san quinton a few times in recent careers, she says she forgives hip, but he lost his right to be her father. >> i honestly feel that he was justly and rightly stripped of that, you know, no -- no dad, no father even for half a second, for a millimeter of a second, thinks about hurting their children, ever. >>reporter: she tried out for american idle in 2011. but didn't make it into the
11:27 pm
finals, she's now a single mom. but lost custody of her daughter, who's 3. the same age as her when her father killed her family. she says her past leaves her feeling alone often. she says was unable to provide a stable home for her little girl. >> i want to be able to provide to her a good life, away from, you know, good education, one where she doesn't have to be con stanthly reminded of, you know, her grandfather or past. >> she works for a solar company and shares a house approximate w a roommate. in spite of her struggled, she she has it's a miracle she's alive today. >> since my throat was cut that i have a voice to speak with at all and be to be able to sing.
11:28 pm
. >>reporter: and a voice to tell her young daughter about the mother and two sisters she lost, but her spirit guides her as she takes on life each day. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. and a surprise move, the can city of richmond has delayed a vote on raising the minimum wage. by increments to 12.30 an hour by the year 2017. but at its meeting yesterday, the types report says that the council says to wait to final approval. a group of four council members said a full study should be conducted with input from local businesses. >> an old twist on a new crime. targeting just part of car license plate, and what you can do to protect yourself. >> she kept on chanting very loud and i jumped up out of
11:29 pm
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sleep train's interest free for 3 event is on now. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ 0001 police are searching for clues tonight following a shocking discovery in berkley this morning. a teenage girl found naked and pepper sprayed. neighborhoods who helps her and police say she may be the victim of human trafficking. >> ash by avenue in berkley is a busy thorough fair with access to the freeway. a quiet tree line setting. around 5:00 o'clock this morning, the teenage victim of a horrible crime was dumped here. >> i opened the window and i heard sh she says, i want water, i've been pepper sprayed. >> i jumped out of bed, you hear that? >>reporter: residents rushed out of the hopes to help the girl.
11:32 pm
is a marine who sefbed in afghanistan and also a paramedic. >> we figure, good hands. >>reporter: police say the 16 year old had been kidnaps and sexually assaulted in some other city, and been dumped here. one resident brought her a bottle of water. >> and with without even thinking, she poured the whole thing all over herself, she was hurting so bad. as soon as she did that, she got so cold. she then said i'm freezing, i'm cold. i got her a scomblanth when he wrapped her up. >>reporter: started the investigation, but oakland police took over and now say the incident started in a whole different city. >> she was saying she was the victim of a possible sexual assault and robbery. ultimately, their determine what occurred. >>reporter: the girl was rushed to highland hospital in oakley for her injuries. >> anybody in that kind of -- in that kind of pain, and in that kind of situation, it's awful.
11:33 pm
and we just hope she's all right. >>reporter: as yet, there's no description of the girl's attackers or the vehicle they were driving. oakland police she may also been a victim of human sex trafficking. channel 2 news. a prosecutor today says a 17 year old is being charged as an adult for the deadly shooting of a man outside a liquor store. >> april 8th. the victim, 36 year old thomas, died of gunshot wounds. the san francisco chronicle reports 18 year old antonio and 17 year old anthony perez are now facing murder and weapons charges with gang enhancements. in new e, by sybil, one pick of the man taken last sunday morning at new york me moirm l high school. his fair is brown with some gray
11:34 pm
in it. police say he has stolen at least two bikes, but possibly even more. anyone who recognizes the man, should call new york police. >> san francisco police investigating another pedestrian accident. involving a taxi cab. just this afternoon, a woman was struck by a cab, near bush and stockton streets. they say the woman is in her 60s and was treated for her injuries there at the scene. just yesterday, a woman in a wheelchair was struck by a taxi. and community advocates say it is part of a disturbing trend of people walking on the streets in san francisco being struck. ktvuty lee in the city, new york city is battling a very similar problem. patty. >> well, that's right. it makes sense that the two most densely populated cities in the country have the two highest rates of pedestrian fatalities. but now, both cities say this are committed to getting those numbers down to 0. look around, and it's easy to
11:35 pm
spot distracted people walking and driving in san francisco. where 7 pedestrians have been killed so far this year. the city is waging a campaign to make streets safer. 21 is pedestrians were killed last year in san francisco. up from 16 the year before. that's 4 had times the national average. we decided to compare san francisco statistics to the other city that did worse, new york city had 173 pedestrian fa tailtys in 2013. up from 150 the year before. >> we don't expect any fa it willty, a way to get around your streets, no one should have to die. >>reporter: executive director of walk s f, both san francisco and new york have a goal of 0 fatalities in the future. >> we've adopted vision 0 six different departments and agencies have adopted vision 0. what that means. >>reporter: the majority of pedestrian deaths in san francisco take place at ten
11:36 pm
specific intersections, which the n t a hopes to address. >> we do know where these are occurring with and where we need foe tus our engineering effects. >> efshg nearing is part of the solution, so is education and enforcement. this is a walking city, and the pedestrian problem dates back a decade, in fact, ten years ago, the number of fatalities here in san francisco was actually higher than it is now. live in san francisco, patty lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the city of san francisco is taking steps to make sure that easter sunday and the event known as 4/20 coexist peace fly. announced a plan to deal with 4/20 gathering. 4/20 is slang for smoking marijuana. the city will increase police and parking patrols because they say in past years, thousands of people gather in the golden gate park and the ashbury neighborhood caused property
11:37 pm
damage and left behind tons of litter. berkley's skyline could get a change from a new high-rise hotel is approved. 16 story hotel, with office space, and a restaurant. plans call for it to be located on -- avenue, about a block from the beshg ri campus. bank of america now sits. as soon as next year. new at 10:00, a golden p opportunity for some women tonight. females small business owners were invite today an event in san francisco, and they got to meet and ask questions of successful entrepreneurs who acted as their men torres. the owner of a barbecue rest runt in berkley. >> i really don't have in m people that i can look up to and ask for advice, and this is one of the reasons that i came. >> in addition to mentoring, the women were offered information to grow their businesses from a
11:38 pm
number of banks and funds. >> a license plate cut into, the unusual tactic thieves are uses to steel vehicle registration tabs and what you can do to protect yourselves. >> and a look at what's in store for your easter sunday in the extended forecast. >> and after the break, college students pretending to
11:39 pm
11:40 pm
0001 a minirobotic submarine searching for the missing malaysian airlines flight. the southern indian ocean. its first two a temps were cut short by technical problems and deep water. today's data still has to be
11:41 pm
analyzed, so far, the sub has search 35 square miles and officials have warned this search could take weeks, even months, but they do say they are confident that the wreckage will eventually be found. the grocery store chain, protection next month. the sante fe based chain also says it won't close any of its stores right away. it hah h to replace 80 percent of its work force. pueblo was the subject of a federal immigration audit back in 2012. employees about 3200 people in 21 stores. wells fargo is cutting hundreds more jobs in its mortgage division. just 11 of them are here in california and one is in walnut creek. wells fargo says the demand for mortgages and refinancing continues to drop. already this year, the bank has e limited 11 hundred jobs. and a mute yal protect,
11:42 pm
dangerous conditions, in some classrooms. about a hundred san jose students and some faculty members staged a fainting in one of the oldest buildings on come bass. mru from the vents in war head hall. the classrooms get so hot at least 3 students have passed out. with the windows that won't open. >> very hot in the building, there is no air conditioninging, the heaters are on. >> the university says the old building will be demolishes and probably won't be renovated before then. >> well, tomorrow, levy state stadium will mark a major milestone toward the completion. the new grass field. we got these pictures from west coast turf in living ston. this is the exact grass that will used. called ber mu da grass and workers will roll it outs on to
11:43 pm
the field. the process is expect today take two dies. the grass, according to the san francisco 4 ters, it will take two and a half acres of that sod to cover the field at the said yup. the kind of grass that they're using needs 50 percent less water than average tur ch. it also holds it green color longer and as you know, the players when they're out there can chew up the grass, but this grass regrows faster in warm areas when you compare it to the other grass. cars targeted in a crime you might not notice right away. thieves are breaking license plates right in half. chief meteorologist bill martin's live forecast, and tracking a dramatic change in our weather.
11:44 pm
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back now to breaking news following that boating accident in redwood city. want to show you a live look at the sailboat at the yat club. as reworted earlier, one person was killed during a weekly sailboat race. now, the san francisco coast guard tells us it got a call at just after 6:30 tonight after a vessel l colliding with a channel marker. the coast guard responded with two boats, but actually, a eye boat belonging to the u.s. gee logical survey ended up getting there first ask two two people on board. one of those people died. that's the boy that we saw being removed around 9:00 o'clock. the other person was taken to shore, and then to a hospital. a total of 5 people were on board the bell la at the time. >> an unusual tactic to carry out a rather comeen crime.
11:47 pm
one particular item from your car. alley as nuscle tells us, it's a crime that often goes unreported. >>reporter: take a look at this license plate, a vehicle registration sticker should be is sheared off. mike discovered the chopped up plate on his car in cool aj avenue a coup m weeks ago. >> in the driveway, came out and my license plate had been basically busted into. >>reporter: he's still trying to figure out exactly what the thieves were after. >> one of two thing, just trying to steal the whole plate and it just broke on him. >>reporter: someone cut the plate to steal the registration. it looks like someone took shears ask cut the plate into. the c h p says it is an unusual tactic, but they have heard of this happening before. >> seen it a few times where somebody will cut the license plate tab. >>reporter: shawn will kins says it's a crime that usually don't get reported. head to the d m v for a new
11:48 pm
registration sticker and plate. another driver on the street had her license cut up. slows a third call from the area with a chopped plate. recommends using a raiser to cut into the stick ers once they're applied, make them less of a target. >> make it a harder to apply it and put it on a new plate. >> for next time. >> try to -- try the raiser blaed tactic. >> alley rasmus. channel 2 news. we asked the d m v just how had m stolen registration stick ers it replaces each year, but they told us, they don't track that number. even though drives to check a box explains whether their stickers were lost or stolen when they request replacement. they say that vehicles have mismatched registration stickers and place are immediately impounded when they're discovered. temperatures today, not too bad. t see temperatures cooler from
11:49 pm
here on out. look at these and take a degree or two off for tomorrow. 83 in livermore today, warmer spots. tomorrow, just a lot more upper 60s and mid 70, a couple low 80s. fog on the coast, not an issue. san francisco or -- i suspect the fog will make a play for the coast patchy form tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. but widely scattered and patchy fog, not a real power ful bank of fog. look for the fog to return tomorrow night into the bay area weekend. winds out there are kind of strong, especially down around the san francisco airport where they typically are this time of night. 24 miles per hour wins there. what we're seeing there is the cooling begins because when temperatures start to trend on, the onshore flow. a weak low procedure pressure to the north -- and just the time of year. the fog along the coast tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m., there's the
11:50 pm
fog trying to return. looks a little robust. i don't know if it will be that quite that -- but it's coming back. and that will start the cooling trend by the afternoon, kind of wants to burn away. and then maybe some patches of it left over. san jose right now, 59 degrees, and satisfaction is clear. the warmest day of this week today. that high pressure is going to be bumped south as this low pressure comes in and trends temperatures down for tomorrow and friday. it's not going to get cold, it's just going to get cooler. temperatures are going to be more, you know, not so much in the 80s, 79 in richmond, 77 in walnut creek, still nice for your thursday. the santa clara valley. 74 in cooperty no. a lot like today. more fog. into friday, the same kind of deal, a little bit cooler and then get a little bit of fog. temperatures today, tomorrow, sart to cool, cooler still and
11:51 pm
they warm up again towards easter and easter sunday looking like eye nice day, temperatures in the valley, upper 70, and that time of year already. 5 day forecast, the upshot of this, monday, increasing cloud, maybe some rain on monday and tuesday. thank, bill. no extra innings needed tonight, huh. >> you could say the giants technically won two games today. after midnight. >> and put that against the dodger, it makes the cherry on top. l a has notice, this isn't last year's edition of the giants. the curse of the unetch year is over for the first time in the year, the panda has come to plate. the dodgers, hard knocks baseball. wash it for the baseball, would you. third inning, buster posey coming in, right through the hole in the left field, got himself an rbi single as hunter will high tail it home with the flag, 1 ing in lead.
11:52 pm
but come the 7th inning, 1-1. bases loads for the dodgers, but was a come backer and the doubles play, he starts, keeps it tied at 1-1. bottom of that same frame, pueblo comes through, maybe the slump is over. right up the spine of the diamond, 2 out, rbi single l and it held up ro month with a perfect night tr the -- 2-1 san francisco. northern california domination at the a's looking to put their green and gold stamp again. diz any land for them the couple of nights. a closer problem for oakland. they were down 1-0 in the early 4th, alberto, one into the corner, got hymn an rbi double. ties things up 1-1. and ting continues. the 4th looking good for oakland. branded mott, just clobbers one with 2 on, that's a 3 run shot,
11:53 pm
his second of the year. 4-1, a's costing, lead by 1. luke gregger son trying to save it. he can't come through. angels tie it, little chopper, they cannot turn 2. hit too slowly, of course, in comes the tie run and that's where we sit. 4-4 in the 11th. meanwhile, the golden state warriors, the real season begins saturday afternoon, against the clippers, in l a, but for tonight, all about trying to
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
for the words the opposite of playoff pressure with the position secured, at a a deep breath, let's see what the bench guys can bring in the final
11:57 pm
regular game. not going to risk seth curry, plaid jacket and david lee there, no problem with the injuries, steve blake in for stef, stole it, he finds bait, up top, slam dunk. is 11-11 for spades tonight. good work. a blow by dunk, a career high. 30 points for him, looking good, warriors up 14 at half. nuggets come up, jordan beautiful move, career best 41 for him. and the warriors with 212 left, will go on to victory. nice :12 left, will go on to victory. nice shot by crawford there. 1:61-112 and 1230 los angeles, a couple of years ago, registered as a big deal, a mienl ripple in the nfl, has the jets sign a chris johnson, when healthy, still blaze, but injury problems is contract history, held him up in tennessee. 2 year deal with new york. could be worth up to 9 million
11:58 pm
dollars. that's the sporting life for tonight. back to you. >> thank you so much for using ktvu channel 2 news. morning news starts at 4:30 tomorrow with the latest on that wireless networks are awesome. they let us use our phones to do amazing things. but why sign a 2-year phone contract just to use them? at net10 wireless, you can use the phone you already have and keep your network and number, too. but for half the cost. the bring your own phone plan.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz," >> we got an entertaining video of leo dicaprio. let's just say he's not always top dog. >> he's just getting handled. >> he's like flubber. >> how is that? >> he's like flubby and him.yone wants to poke at i don't like him. >> did he like reject you at a club? >> milesy cyrus posted a photo of herself in the hospital. >> she got sick because her dog sadly died earlier this month. >> are you kidding me?


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