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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  April 25, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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complete bay area news coverage starts now. this is the 10:00 news. >> rainfalling on the bay area tonight and it's not every yet. this late season system is followed by another one. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie maynard. bill, how much have we gotten so far? >> we talked about the shower and there are still showers in the east bay. the orange and yellows
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represent moderate vitale rain. this area now moving to the east is moving to the south and east. dan ville, walnut creek, al mo, heavy rain as well. sanders ranch road, moderil rainfall. most moving up into the troy valley area, it's been a wet area here. over to san josefson you have light showers. a lot of that will work its way south in the next 20 minutes. rain totals for the last 24 hours, it's good news. napa coming up on an inch of rain. livermore 3 tenths. snow in the mountains big time. they've got a foot and going to get more. when i come back i'll talk about this leigh the area and
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there is another one coming in for the weekend. it's going to be bring and i'll tell you when you can expect it. bill was talking about all the snow up in the sierras. the late season storm means those ming up need chains. the highest point of route 50 with snow and showers all day, chains are required on 50 and 80 for all vehicles except four wheel drive vehicles. governor brownished an executive order on the drought. funding for funneling water around the state and roll back of evaluations. the water front is 19% in the snow pack. ken pit chard, coming up, on some of the govenor's other orders.
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it was a wild day in court of the physical exam king trial. debra is in santa rosa where the jury came back split but it's not over yet. >> reporter: the supervisor's career may hang in the balance but it will be monday at the earliest before he gets a verdict. korea yo was elect today county office before he was 30 but he's on trial for peaking. he admit today downing too many drinks and prowling around his neighbor's house around 3:00 a.m. hoping to have sex. >> he's stupid. >> reporter: constituents are out spoken. they demand he resign and restore respect to the job. >> do i think he's going to leaf his office? no. >> reporter: this activist is one of the trial watchers who's
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been attending all week. >> i don't care if you're a politician, biker, reporter or joe blow citizen. you need to be accountable. >> reporter: the judge wants the jury to try harder even though they're split 11-1 t.hold out is a juror who flip- flopped during lunch today. >> i'm tragically disappointed in him. >> reporter: this early supporter now reaccepts him for not settling the charge. (it was a miss demeanor to begin with. he should have pled it out. >> reporter: the woman who was awakened and terrified by what seemed like a break-in testified on the trial's first day. a guilty verdict could bring a
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$1000 fine and 6 months in jail. >> if we were found as criminals we would be doing something note appropriate. >> are he also got into a street fight in san diego two years ago. the battery charges were dropped. it emerged that a news reporter was nosing around jurors during their break. that is forbidden and the judge halted everything to investigation. courts across the country are confronting the challenges of ensuring a fair trial. tonight the threat of social media in the courtroom and the new guidelines. a deadly scene in southern california.
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an suv plowed into a line of people waiting outside an ice cream parlor and a 69-year-old woman is dead. officials are still trying to figure out what led to the crash. back here in the bay rare ya, they're investigating a car crash that left one seriously injured in contra costa county. authorities shut down the road in both directions for more than an hour as to victim was airlifted. a man suspected of starting a fire in oakland an 53rd street has been arrested of 43- year-old john fitts gibbons. the building is owned by children's hospital of oakland. police don't know why he started the fire. >> it was a routine dog walk
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with a terrifying ending. the dog got a strong electric shock and now may not survive. teresa explains why they think foul play could be to blame. >> reporter: schu ba starts her morning walks with her dog. he dog mickey put paws on the metal grate friday morning. >> he was flailing. >> reporter: she soon realized mickey was being shocked. >> reporter: he try today put his hands on mickey's collar but he was shocked. schu ba rushed mickey to a vet hospital where he was hooked up to oxygen. there is a possibility he won't
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make it. >> i'm devastated. how would you feel if you watched your child suffer. >> reporter: crews put a low voltage able inside the box 3 weeks ago to provide temporary service but they're investigating how it got charged. >> somebody illegal tampered with the equipment. >> reporter: the rain may have also played a factor. >> never in a million years did i think something like this would make me scare today walk the streets. >> reporter: the man who helped mickey went to the hospital with a numb arm. we'll keep checking on the final results of investigation. an 84-year-old daily city man face add judge today. he's charged with attempted murder at a busy medical
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center. raymond awas is a the charged with assault. he went to a daily city medical center looking to kill his former doctor t.shooting led to the evacuation of the building. he was later arrested at his home t.d.a. contended that he approached dr. kevin wang in the building. >> help went up to him and said you gave me a shot a couple of years ago and i'm still in pain. >> dr. wang wasn't hit but the bullet hole could clearly be seen. he did not enter a plea today. 49ers head coach jim harbaugh defended collin kaepernick today. kaepernick and 2 others were named in a miami police report
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after a woman ended up in a hospital. coach harbaugh told espn that there needs to be a resolution in this scenario. the 49ers general manager says all of his players need to be held responsible for their own actions. >> they have to be accountable for the decisions they make. they have the keys to the car. >> gm trent ball kuiper said he was disappointed in off the field conduct but commit today having him on the team. a san josefson football player is recovering tonight. jared leaf plays linebacker for the spartans. we spoke with his family tonight. amber. >> reporter: jared leaf played football here and i spoke with
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the grandfather to ask how he and the family are doing. >> jared leaf has a flair for the dramatics. this is a youtube video of him performing. 6'2", 240 pounds, jared is known for his skill of of football. he played linebacker and a running back. he's a shining star off the field to his grandfather. >> very helpful. he came over and helped me with the yard and things like that. if i ever needed him for anything he's always here. >> reporter: the 74-year-old says jared is like a son to him. the two are close. he visited jared yesterday. the news of his grandson's burn
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injuries on wednesday night shook him. now, knowing that jared is going to recover, helps. >> he seems to be well taken care of. i heard last night he start today respond pretty well. he'll be back. >> reporter: there are messages of well wishes and prayers for jared on social media. his grandfather tells us he's very proud of jared who is just shy of his 21st bit day. >> his congeniality, his ability to get along with everybody. everybody loves him. >> reporter: jared's grandfather tells him he plans to tell jared he loves him when he returns to the hospital tomorrow. the coach says it's not if but when he returns to play
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football. amber lee. something has simple as like or friend request could jeopardize a case. we explore the rush to rewrite the rules in the courtroom. >> i'm using live storm tracker 2 to pinpoint showers this
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menlo park is getting a new police sub station thanks to funding from facebook. the grand opening is tomorrow morning. patty lee is there to give us a sneak peak and tell us how the mayor and police chief feels about it. >> reporter: we talked about the open space, hip furniture, concrete floors, they said what's not to like. they're adamant they're not holding to facebook for foot the bill. the mayor is getting ready for tomorrow's grand opening of a project made possible after facebook gave it a thumb's up. >> this is more than a like. it means so much to the community. >> reporter: ray mueller remembers when facebook reached out last year, offering to support the center for the bell haven community, something that
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wasn't possible at the old precinct. n. i would call that a closet to the bars. >> reporter: the rent space is still the same, $900. facebook is providing $200,000 a year to fund keeping kids in school. >> it's just to help fundus and get the sub station. >> reporter: sergeant matthew ortega says he sees no strings attached. >> we have resources to do things we normally wouldn't have to do. >> reporter: cameras around the city that can be monitored by the city and public in the new space. for those that think this is too good to be true, we asked
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the mayor and the police about the perception that facebook employees might get preferential treatment down the line. they said there is no way and they believe facebook is dog this to benefit the community. patty lee, ktvu. l. >> a bicyclist is identified as 40-year-old jeff smock and this is video of him promoting iron data of atlanta. he's accused of beat agriculture 55-year-old motorists. he didn't stop when the motorists was on the ground. los altos police are sure about one thing. there's been a rash of burglaries. police don't know if it's one, two or more.
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the burglars seem to be enter the homes the ural way. in two cases they stole the garage door openers from unlocked cars. all of this is unsettling to some people. >> it's somewhat of a fluent community and why are burglars, if you want to call them that, out pace the neighborhood. >> police are looking at the arrest of two men last week in santa claire for a possible connection. police say home owners need to be security conscious. will is new pressure to save water. the governor called on californians to conserve. ken has more. >> reporter: you'll see the impact in small ways like fountains and outdoor water features. the governor asked they be
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turned off unless they use recycled water. they with the sierra snow pack melting faster than expected, 16% of normal, governor brownished an executive order on the drought. vanessa likes it. >> bitter sweet. >> reporter: why. >> i already spent the money to make the grass green. >> reporter: we talk today vanessa and her neighbor in january after their home owner's association said they would be fined for having brown grass. that was after the governor declared drought. >> i heard they weren't going to do anything about the letter. >> reporter: the order prevents home owner's association from
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fining the residents. >> reporter: golf courses, parks, schools are to irrigate less. it cuts red tape for cal fire to buy equipment and home owners to clear brush around their home. it asked all californian to cut back on watering. >> i actually hire add gardner. he comes and does it for me to make sure it stays green. >> most of what was in the order will allow water agencies to move water around to the places that need it. it's not determined how long that will last. in hayward, ken pit chard., we dedicated a section on california's drought. you can see our reports on the
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impacts it's having. pretty active weather pattern right now. wrap around moisture is working its way through the east bay. we're getting heavy rain in the yellow and darker green. 24 heading out to walnut creek. now we're out towards liver more. here is 84 by 580. this shower activity is moving this way. this heavy moderate rain is going to move in your area, working its way down the east side of the bay. free month, heavy showers there, san jose just cleared out, showers there just a bit
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ago. thunder showers are still possible. they're churning up on oo and 80. we'll see you back in a minute with the radar from the sierras. >> bill mentioned snow is still falling at the sierras. conditions there now and how much snow we can count on. >> it's stupid, ruthless
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a fed extruck that slammed into a tour bus full of high school students was not on fire before the crash. that's according to the preliminary report released today says the fire started on impact t.accident on
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april 10 killed 10 people including 5 people on their way to tour humble university. they're trying to figure out why the truck crossed interstate 5. in antioch people spent the day picking up pieces after their cars and homes were targeted by vandals. >> reporter: this scene played out all over southeast antioch this morning. people are cleaning up the mess caused by vandals. >> this is stupid, evil and ruthless. >> reporter: someone was driving arne and smashing windows on cars, trucks and homes. they used river rocks. >> it seemed random. this was the first incident we've had this year. >> reporter: rudy bridge man had two vehicles damaged.
11:26 pm
a honda had the bizarre bonus of having this statue thrown through the window. >> that's odd. aparently, usually a rock, make shoot agriculture pellet but a sha schu? >> reporter: tommy door dan says his driver's window was smashed two months ago. >> i never heard of nothing like this before. >> reporter: police say they've had reports from 25 residents who were victim myselfed. >> the reports could be for taking property, vandalism. >> reporter: people had to get their windows fixed after cleaning up. >> it's very unfortunate. >> reporter: one of the victim's gave me the statue and i'll be turning it in to police. >> you're ask today call the
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antioch police department if you have information or you can text 274637 if you have information. (. >> apple is working to fix the power button on the iphone 5. it either works intermittently or not at all. apple says only a small amount of people are affected. stock markets fell today. the dow jones lost 140 points. nasdaq dropped 72. disappoints earning reports and the upheavel in the ukraine. the research that lawyers do on potential jurors and new be guidelines on
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back now to the storm watch tonight. still some pretty heavy rain out there but the clouds did clear for a good looking sunset. we've been talking about the rain but they're getting a lot of snow in the sierras. >> the winter weather advisory is in affect up there. you see the moisture moving in up in the sierra. the winter storm warning shapes up like this. they got 12 inches of snow today and will get another 6 inches between now and tomorrow morning t.mountain travel is
11:31 pm
dicey. i around here, this is the wrap around moisture i was telling you about. it's not going east to west or west to east. it's coming straight down the pikes. heavy showers here in dub lin. livermore valley, you're getting heavy showers downtown right now. pleasant ton heavy showers. further south, see the moving? they usually go towards the east. this system is wrap the moisture around. as you look at the rain, know it's starting to taper off but more is headed our way. it will have an impact or saturday and sunday. >> more on the snow. richard sharp is along interstate 80 in blue canyon. is it still snowing, richard?
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>> reporter: , yeah, lightly but it's been heavy. they say they're having problems on the interstate even at this hour. >> richard, we're have agriculture problem with the video tape. can you still hear us? >> reporter: definitely. >> how bad has the snow been? are accumulations of at least a foot. a lot of people said this caught them off guard. a lot of people are coming from the bay area. i talk today a guy from discovery bay. they were on their way up and had no idea it was going to be snowing over the summit. they were turning people around. there were spin offs over the
11:33 pm
summit and had to hold traffic many times. >> jaw valley is scheduled to be open this weekend and other resorts are saying they may be open for the last blast of snow. >> reporter: we spoke to a couple of people that wanted to hike up. there was a lot of powder up there. most of the resorts were closed today. some of them are planning some weekend excursions. they're still trying to figure it out. >> thank you richard. tomorrow morning you can get an updated forecast for the weekend and how the weather will affect your day. weather on 2 begins at 7:00 a.m. as social media becomes popular, some say it's posing
11:34 pm
threats to the justice system there. are new ethics guidelines released by the american bar association. jana. >> reporter: julie, in this age of tweets and posting on facebook tcourts have had to draw a line as to what jurors, attorneys and judges can do. as you mentioned tamerican bar association is weighing in. it's one of the country's basic pen anttis, right to a fair trial by jury. bloging, tweets and facebooking is leading to problems. >> miss trials. >> reporter: mary baldwin is on the ethics committee for the state bar of california. she said judges and lawyers have been disciplined for violating court rules. >> there was a case with a judge in north carolina who
11:35 pm
friended one of the lawyers in the case during trial. >> are for the first time tamerican bar association ethics committee issued guidelines. a lawyer may look at the juror's facebook but may not send a friend request or linked in to get more information. the public may not realize how much lawyers research jurors online. >> i saw how all the research firms and psychologist for big trials are hire today do analysis. i think people will be shocked to see kind of the scrutiny and how everything is researched and looked at. >> everybody involved in the process is concerned about social media and what it's doing to blur the lines of
11:36 pm
communication. everyone is searching for clear rules to help guide everybody. >> reporter: baldwin says the guidelines will likely be a model for state bars. attorneys could face reprimand or disbar. if they violate the ethics rules. santa claire county d.a.'s office announce thad a police officer who opened fire and kill add murder suspect last year acted within the law. according to the d.a.'s report, the suspect try today run down the officer last march 18 t.passenger in the car said that the suspect said they're not going to get me. the officer drew his weapon and told him to stop that.'s when he reportsed the engine and
11:37 pm
went toward the officer. mafusz mia was a gang member and killed a man the week earl lower glrchlt. >> a 29-year-old software engineers is suing the police department after officers shot him 3 times. he was armed with a broom when police shot him last april. police would not comment on the lawsuit but they say he held a blunt object and pushed toward the officers. his attorney said the case is extreme example of misconduct. an east bay soldier returned home today to a hero's welcome. dozens of veterans greated staff sergeant ty carter as he
11:38 pm
visited his father's home in antioch. the army says carter ran through a gun let of bullets and shrapnel to supply ammunition (fear of failing them was far greater than fear of injury and death. the more bullets and explosions i saw the faster i ran. >> carter suffered ptsd and has under gone treatment. he's now an advocate for the treatment. >> do you chase down a burglar that ran sacked your home. prompted this man to jump into action. >> when are temperatures going to bounce back into [doorbell rings]
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well, take a look at this. an alaskan airline plane was damaged after it collided with a large bird. none of the 65 members aboard was hurt t.bird went lupul the skin of the nose of the plane. the plane was on their way to montana. the burlingame based carrier announced that come october they'll start flights between la, san francisco, la
11:42 pm
graduate ya and dallas. they sought to block a merger with u.s. airways. dyers found the bodies of 48 female students all wearing life jackets huddled in a single dormitory room t.girls took refuge. 187 bodies have been recovered so far. another 115 people are still missing. the head of the operation said he had no idea how long it's going to stake to recover all victims. president obama had a moment of silence for the ferry victims and offered conner dole lenses t.president present add flag that flew over the white house the day the ferry sank. they discuss add possible
11:43 pm
nuclear test. how speaker john boehner is getting flack for mocking his fiscal low republicans. he said house republicans don't have an appetite to deal with immigration reform because it's too hard. >> oh, don't make meadow this. oh, this is too hard. >> democrats criticized boehner saying it was up to him, as speaker, to bring immigration to a vote. some say he needs to stop catererring to the media and special interest. a spurring storm with another on its heals. here is another look at storm tracker 2. coming up, bill martin's complete forecast and how more wet weather impacts the weekend. >> it was a
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he knew if he didn't drop it i was going to catch him. >> a retired postal carrier gives chase when he walked in on two burglars that tried to
11:47 pm
take off with his prize rifles. he left the house for about an hour and came home and caught the thieves in the act. >> are mr. utley thinks the burglars brec in here and began ran sacking the place. >> everything was off the table. it was on the floor. ill was a mess. i knew somebody was here. >> are there were two of them. they emptied drawers and went through his closets. >> piles here and there. probably looking for iphones and computer. i have 0. >> reporter: they took utley's 22 rifle that he brought back in 1967 when he got out of the army. utley, 71, gave chase t.guessed the burglar with the gun was probably a teenager.
11:48 pm
utley nearly caught him. >> renew i was gonna catch him and he drived it. i took a dive at him and kissed the driveway. >> are he's a little scraped up and sore but got the gun and is a little sore. >> i think it's wonderful. >> reporter: concord police also think the suspects targeted a house around the corner. the retired postal officer just wished he caught the guy. >> there are quite a few with burglar alarms around here. >> reporter: he was fot able to get a good description of the burglars. if you have information contact the concord police. covino vetted land in the north bay is being returned to its original residence.
11:49 pm
a levee breach at the air force base returns it to natural wetlands t.breach was the last step to restore the habitat for birds, fish and wild life. >> this is the ecological piece of the military conversion. >> the california state coastal conner ser van silfverberg partnered for the project. it will take 10 to 20 years to become a salt marsh. still scattered showers out there. wet day around the bay area. some got up to a half inch up to an inch of rain. that's good. we'll come in close and track some of them working their way down the east bay. the showers are heavy out by dub lin t.showers moved south into liver more valley and back
11:50 pm
down towards san josefson. look at the motion on these. they're coming this way, knot to south. that's going to continue over the next hour. with that the showers will exit the area. what you notice tonight is clearing skies. it's going to get cold. overnight lows tonight, temperatures in the mid-30s. frost in some north bay area valleys as well. it's dry all day tomorrow until tomorrow night when things change. showers moving out now. system number two rolls in. it's note very robust t.timing on this is advantageous to us. it looks like it's overnight saturday into sunday more thanking to the point where most of us will be sleeping when they move through. i think it's going to be close. here we are saturday morning,
11:51 pm
cold to get going. clear skies. saturday is still a nice day with clouds. temperatures get into the mid- 60s. boom, 4:00 in the morning. some are up but most people are sleeping. julie, mark and i are sleeping. 10:00 a.m., 8, 9, 10:00 a.m., it starts to clear out. it's going to be mostly a dry day sunday t.showers won't amount to much. little warmer tomorrow. no rain until late after midnight and early morning hours on sunday. most of us won't know it. five day forecast for the bay area week mend view. frank has some trouble sleeping sometimes. >> he's looking at facebook. >> it's going to be dry and
11:52 pm
cold. >> tuesday and wednesday up into the 80s. >> thanks bill. let's go to mark. warriors and the sharks had a night off. >> double dose of bay area victory tonight. nice and tiedy at at&t tonight. what a sighting. tim hudson wins another 7 innings, one round, 4 hits. dwayne chi per's bobble head was not the only thing bounce the right way. it was dwayne keeper bobble head evening. into the wide open spaces, there is a triple. pa gone had a couple of hits and the giants off to a 1-0 start against the indians. later in the 3rd, base hit,
11:53 pm
scoring again. nice 1, 2 punch. this is the monster highlight of the evening. michael morph, big boy homer, way back. he's got 3 in two days. 5-1 final. hudson, tidy record t.a's did not have their finest moments down in houston tonight. when you're play the astros you might say will is a wide margin for error as you'll see shortly. a little shot from the a's. a four run four for houston. josh donaldson. a's load the bases. derrick barton crashed tat 2nd. outfield, butcher job out there. everybody is going to score and
11:54 pm
a's take an 8-5 lead in the 9th inning. josh donaldson definitely atones as he blasts his third homer in two nights. 7 on the season, 20 rbi's, 7 run 9th inning. 12-5. it's the biggest day of the off season for nfl fans. draft day is coming up quick, draft day is coming up quick, wirethey're big. fast. andome. dependable. and at net10 wireless, we let you tweet, text, talk and surf... on those amazing nationwide networks... without getting locked into a pricey phone contract. america's best 4g lte networks for half the cost. that's wireless your way. unlimited* talk, text, and data starts at just $40 a month. and now android smartphones start at under 50. net10 wireless.
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try and explain bizarre off field behavior patterns by various players was not part of the job when trent ball kuiper took over but that's what he's doing today. >> guys we can support an we try to do and think we do a good job of but we can't defend. we can't defend the actions. we can only support, continue to mentor, continue to teach and expect that they come along. >> that's part of the job, i
11:58 pm
guess, now days, being a general manager. little babysitting comes into the play. hopefully it'll get better for the 49ers. [captioning made possible by
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warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz," >> crazy video of a porn star getting thrown off a roof they were doing a "hustler" magazine roof included star off a roof. at the last minute she hesitates and she grabs his shirt. >> can i take a wild guess? by grabbing the shirt she fell short. >> you're blaming her? >> 1,000%. >> it's her dad's fault. >> justin bieber flies to l.a.x. and detained for secondary


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