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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  January 22, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm MST

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fo irisilactuy.yoon t arourel for anot,cae long-t last wenoat w installment of "fridayight fights." here's how it works: ietp a hypothical fht b 1980team vsus thtlers rt ife versusita gun. e pos on t a ythle sdwi. getea f>>udncy gh ts s "idtigs"bo! joing no no lt weestsmy prerpa houoing
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: o p i'm noturpriseling bec tinnereefr m pitt uptha cl nfmson ts, buittesagrntn wi3% othe . chee appe gurethe'peleacwhs th ay the h d ts case, a. ht ) e xt vsumiaean aen lp.i ntm.
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ndlausokay ollhtat aairig sug ) pl ) ht t tla vto tn ao a mehailie i t c qn orip: heth ulr epn? rht anh t oseen's o veher>> pharyoreto ut rul yh. >>ph: eur ca teroodt ovou me tha lo m a a thceatcei n.yolo.'sov'm se gngreovees tos. >>te:ha ow dst ap?
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u owhoay tt? ph won'tet.( )>> sphen ifid lovyo mldate. laer lhtt of h t? sen: t o iwout ohri' n gnye. yho ieave sen's m s le >>h, aig ( chrs aus) enheean uot g o oer pl isecseonoing up ait fne. herestle t uveitof
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chla >>en: nee a ( rs ae >>te: lht ilhas muc f bng re ok, foe g srt, folao etsi otyo is a n sinhe maa ninthlatut bon th orb o. es: hahe dl? t dlstt,ir, n plu--us tak th. steeninow. k m yat plu >> i j >>o, >> an uerst so it's notittle bitbeyoeptuto, limes want tnet a all famit this thi far
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since the age.lly? >> ion't wt alcozyh i it's ne -- >>ho a theuyho mod utfr a pne- >>he a pnegethluha w a ttea iwolutoowh ddhee pluto.phen:r l sl nht alhi blute proem with
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ere e seecety ena thayouback-c thequns a say g b a ohe earth me that, thus, the aement.phen: t that there i a lin pt t ththeidt kn be, doe t einhy tinostid me sens th w oerne w 'touor t wouteehao co fgyak e. i'ho how i i weheiz andtnet. steph youll textboo yourody? you know -- >>hudd to thinkrs lkike.or youth the twh i w aidre was ave nt plaha operealerne thou b las g puin com.
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ot t--ell, o mi impli a act o rti the inner sydis we thatot wrepred upohictet te:s gngto kl. >> juset.>> sennougtchaare u or t f yt' w i hr fiup.'s, piheger agains. the people know a -daz f thape, fol we'lart thy. heom i 9",32 pnd hitrning diecof sur-at cn ak, d behe's aig ny weaknescle gh oosur a ssle eechedentiutrc,tset iiv'touiger cat
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m n at 5" with t hands andthy fa dapper go-pea ifor his snve anetrshell, is ruthleso sell t skinless bieofis sses: ision inht of y. gh ot:atpantear. aye th ie her breaitnor pl toigmr. ou leer >>irfllkhe e cug . sphenthas vston ar p s
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be exp steyt starte after >>yig h o sin hell t haswi ha pea ke at p it in bltil iig fl aynd itilur f fe nus. : u . an tsh fleitaltot i ias erg dtyal e ton ter caroaven tha ceal>>ph wt a ty? h pith o pndehrarare,on eesl y atr. snr.eath w dsshe te, caan whohat waregpisthe ,ff himndnauseueend app) >> ste oh,s gn
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entelymp @nae.mbs w youthwhill net's fight g, whichs moreescaas blacle antrlaxye on twir a lida lerunumb plse ) ming in wi dmer lnilerd a ti8.heer of36 kogra, th r-e blho .. hastres e thil ar srs andp me. weakssesstepn hain
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rc ,ik >>phenceormpet yamily at theiday sizes. y knows anush th g with dner likeyoursethinclked refre poy presenngild beoo weaknerd fet from binr chiloom,anct te doou ach aeold diay, ne, o't stgritpu?acolathr>>sstphisot wthla h sen,ea g t to s y myri>>hat. tean 9e'keeenee tief she dgohe at yanto ee 'srtt? y,sinceat aelnc iasol it h this time- thanksgivi a nome t
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t holere'hatouldo. ldghfy y g to eat whole faly t ayhey he sti t tphdothinthe acleou utfhe houseter gnas a i'elhyntas yritramenhrtmit uee boleaatinfui? a new kds oors ofate htd qun. sphyoouane tes a h mm'he one whoiv ity. understanot okay?amy f guyan t st you on t q mpack hherf o theob b gaye
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eastern. en mo impotounce v next ek o fr nigigs.en: ilss soby.
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ta not a vergician. aydashh! do in jone day, we proapprd pa one y, onlfrom a. l wor mee seic.. mmcoe... at. we,
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t oe p )rsus >> welack, y! my gueht i fr of oll ffamersrosmsemede
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letoveonen tyl >> ptephenxain?ay night" wins,ph with o n wi "p" "h."vo hav an sin erosmith migve i ocr. isr mleopie l yr nto g a lty fromheair banfthhoriel tidto l tsau yee g >>t couig phenea w they thin at cto t whoait may tyse w gre
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neither do i, w the days. sked aeronour fhe te 9 ca arod, w h ee he unionimes ap ).en wan h es steph hawaii alaska. if yourt offo k you guldeen? coulavkengh otheicandol"op wo >>d if y t ynk ledn would w if they hadn iphone.
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thk at at at wldheee t rm, a ncofee ateo coancome whew c? haven n>>tephatas t natimat thed ide. >> j-e jus l tooe rrch. in des- ( er ) ( se )>> ste: antheresekay.>> not m stephbody h ou'reoi you soloh. >> solo n? why? ever sul teheock, but you can't take the the and if lten "cr there wn i soked. en'h ofriofe 's kost th met fei verse. ansove de allin o
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chrs a aus) isounton h- >>teend i hd fmoc t c? >> n jten dn rubdsey bchf gldcoy .te: ha wm,ike eos,ru?es tohawaiian thingreathe in.en: ho co as donearie i'mtlbit c i ack 'n'i doe s oowh nd mucs k ' . meethnhe erl roer. sphen: ea >>eah. d atast. dheeaesllhemeey fmheverl he, >>phand tothrly ber diu wto hereeban tbeyoreer
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enk sn. >>teu t tkdo.u fiavthlo do( uger ( plau >>nd sg co iip hat herhichs-- cn. e' a "p ort"atlecef m h." sen: i lovheaugt. th's o tum? >> y i( au sendoou d yti--an youstil sea sea >>h,ea evyigteen 'smi fyhow. deallyt t' sho >> ph h a sha uld he?ean, c you seeou d anry job, l a
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mayg s.tephinan yyleha s f sil milyh,eahehoamymeve ftaly, f otrs d enas, le,0 fnd ithttichisroth tyouen wyo cy, g tinnd g d he wn te tyeran a urwh i ftaed anihouh th'she iom f fathe wen to juiiard p. tewo asis ium ian >>phenheseweiardhere, stuff, 'll do a ler
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u seat i m eersnd)an ooue gof t teenin hid end s"wt' aniai "'tan yonghe sg.d d awa stcean dis did nueimou lds nake n annswe phen d hox a wai for a alo y dre ste: ank you ry mu. will you sti . >> stephen:ik to talk about your
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enhy an giv m celebrate brate phie you br d lir bos. urty the biggest with t of tros wi downinitely, hools osed seaco de for r , marrs it mad hat for re?yeah i'd l who are yolking to
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whreng jake fromst, khakis.shideous.well, shso...her rease ople sytate farm. a betr yosea lot ieresngin othjo t i'llev fget y trierean...hoasesina te. wetried everhing thca tthreuewi ahitlchubr .9 thom w teahe th a eacoo tohecu
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e chle c ccomb>>:cok. eh ev. , fgotoer ou leeut y wer o tre cius he frith yot hom>>sh ban e.ha bthda m sonint t. tephteebo jas . ind you g f sped bthesnsu omeoe a yrit an'sot g ihikibo w iameph "j's gun."was like,s weshe hun stephiejust ct o tne"soinwee guobinme fm t d moritet a gl wseatrasha h wit h, t er wating.
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ikphon an solton, ono, i "yhearor yw you v iecessaeedone bust tweet thaoundo getheba rol." :t dan dft . i tev, 10eaolgith hee t st,t d in c,t bn pehad beeoong a plaor t styphyoug the. oh, yh. teph: torehs. te. ats ts? y glfd. >>endhao y wi tse whre tse>>hit pnhe iss m girent i liari t o
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t don't couple of with this tng. ( chee a applaus) >> ste, y send e youe s the johneentsetoonndou gg th to imhio.>>phrioo w, fl i sreedorsicphe anrit n. sh mwhou w ocitth au setav to h e, a know whato onnoweryou k toeou witt. ion kheero li aad k- ho aroacthic,nay t haelnshi wittnd ke t w ou stephenhow e itrk?>> theoments sonit's like you a you
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de l ley or it' "bang, b bab liketh of it dep two think s sta offthhisne and t he likhat,nd u ju tour f a >>te: e mo time. one meim >> sphai owe. >> jt sn i a tth's( ee a a) am o n.oo! am souteph pos by spistever.the n s i"red, & " drooday easeheck's f
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'll htk.appl "by , u cag... n't ho rigow a tplg. bcan do.. [s] messe. up .righk.
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ry mlhat., er en ri f aleds the rce,am m le ->> teb>>y've b plag belez.>>sledtz v dnds thou u t'ss wei c theryesnonrod. >>ph: eameab hoffnn( apse ) ( chrs oy g. sph: en t ve ar'ty ve? >> le ts 'tt evywhere. o, d'tk phenon cbs( ug ratution nspa." >>nko m >> s: ic sh
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an eis y got ned for lobe,t w but it an amazing succe amazon ses it somethinth >>xtraordinary. hi elevant at the >> it cert it'sxt. i'm so llates lution cil rmove butteate t ner.i'm roud be pof it.>> spheni tht you wer goto i atleat for u. 'm atyristhe >>yowere aacr, c srfielfdrslplsn seale" d enou lt for, le, 1 ar y y w b a enern eye? ks >>o. >>teent loo oesniw,ll md b ont. >>phenu really didu couleeniscted while you weloping. t' stephen: what did you bsessed with going t
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wtoo bard c.>>en: you t b ly d 'tw widhi sn: i has nothi do witly dntil i aposteely d >> stephnderstand duala? what's dla l-- >> l midwife. >> midwi iike wer b >> is jus ing,u d i">>ight duas gg psil,l, and pchogal ppt. sph: d und u dog i>>es'v bno a few rt. wto m nie's tedit ieandhas w camebsitome b >>: aave a chil i al f can yoourself a hel h.hag-- h he h, aheos ds did wt to ce
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yo s e hng oo methg. weeed, l aea of alasyirthhich hluckil e waseautiful >>when my kids t>> how old are they do y f phen: e.they c beat u.they'rerge. i seu he pn. >>t' rht i >>te: youling the ? >> y're ooowaext we. ph: yore gng d er eah,yfr boind dter.>> sphou lhbo be s jrs wellno lke? haou seehe >> ste h eye cant of airstftephen:itaryittlettle.>> stephen b j on that a brit over.>> ts r te: isheren is ateddsses tou rtarar a? y,anutigow
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sph: iougr wh >>es sph:ougrit that tiyocan corolheon, yo c'tllow ealcss>>hingrr iss ,reing talautifut wha iss s ite l.g.t.--e u wece reformbe eryss ( ap >> stephso mucr being ste lovely her>> steph: ofranspant" lezon prime de gaby hoffman every!anks such.xe
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mang h telisio debut tonit.
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lapsy. m tilbr, ephoing a kw ite, ankn it su one monill ry,keep oholdinon a i kw ur a kwite ndt's s the, it d tse nds s t, an's dket's beentime coming
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but i'm fallin 'uld sayis is nor to cry this 'use u y iss t fatoaris usu cosayis inot tor toarry this causu say is inot tor tory th ndt'tis lise an'saylikehe nd itime these and s like the
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ing sh it'en atime coming bum fag sht because you toosomeg away from ur e yourrt to ghel art higher elf au y took soing ay fm se ome to round taker het higlfendi ecseouoosothingaw fm urse e bao te
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enngr to carry thi chee a appus) >>tephlay't alm,ng w homs out h 4
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