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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  January 25, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm MST

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ng s by band "low" them en crty'all!(cheerapplau ph: tnk ery!eranppus oh,haic te, sphph ep s,te! te:s,verybo! (cerap) >>: than much. to the show, i h out ove m goin belveth you wanteppor
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evybodeeling allapplse). >> gs get stayedwhole t >> jon:tephencouingeandy cp liraha cra aredi wee. unow, aittle danrous ttle,d oxcit wirmonhe c, ps gp t ft or ,000ligh waned s fohelinetassines usu (lr)heers and a >> stephff's got tfter a warm eras kind of ali chaehas not wter,t j the whonto onekend cy got 2 inf snow.whit continu terrousked l swi ae. (l ry excit was the kin weaer t makel l child
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ha thad tghter) >>on: (cheers .en: wasprepared.eken on mop notch erear, paj th were pleproobecadid ave use orak awei ge ulysuo shongfcasinto myth aur) thiss itk, don owyodohis, y d li hrt anr pne telyou w muc yov fokeayi ha ing alymyne itratheber spsyou ke in d supd g 0,00a m usutt c
10:38 pm'srd, (l lause) sps. e thed. edterom m uc (lghte t the we aewra sls cihemeshike ke n jy vernor a prenaldiis si we dot w t iun t. aute t entlye'just slly. deems le niceuy. soe nutheent totheeoef w jerynday leredn plcoer abts srm idoesath youha the ssititynow ea tistuff do makhem a tisethes ien sto or the rgof ral islic distri.(lauter). pheni'm y,t?
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the me tn, wl n throad i celved mat shar o turro snrism, od spin (cers ala i' jacif i' jifg! >> j:oo sph t comgarnd kckinn h everydytad s t t.usacrdtoovnor iehedsrey i aler isis. aughr) w- (app jon'so re ttsis ts ause. aute eangf suddchge bjt,e've g aat shofouon,adieandgentn. and ause). : the sfirs sit
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he g n srtphe p th ivailab ahe a st iss tue. enf uan'tint, k chg.ege s i i t sewhe plses laus th it'n, i vthen a the ilrt w per ruses. heerandpse sens surstapo gua f theklom t wch'm pttreo fvor o mota due aid lasteeou musi gutasoi t donalrufe. s o es- biinapoliz iturns wvehe lendar jacon bwne tot.
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wilrmisonhe lo w aun a rki adbo a d n fo dti ah, tt,yrien, ismusic mio usourtjontiend hi,rydy (cand a)they are a torimehe j , but orey one thingmun san saifor isaing thatocal bud t i to noisy. akee. sthend o the hds
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(che sphen, ephen! epteph, senthkou sucea do erybo. anu m is n (cand ause).>> steen: he ll ted forhel ers and apau steen: is t ga foo tteal f ec dectlte tme opeayi'stve swfrome he euan letor overe of myuper bectacu thi ihe road to t supersho countdown the lthe game prte l.en iaed lve py us tseth ranmalor 87thw,ic i ly bseut-- s and auen: thankauding7 cou
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calit l b ihero nlor 8w, bls b beuspunghuf ucon it, iilliytng d'l thames yeery? in camon ith bos b t nenglriot 2heers anduse) gh, touombry. k , know. ad f seenying toer by fabulousis
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dooar y wim tle tniptheihes filas 49- mew wrl f e onlm s tostle wsof therintsollowin ll tates. rd jma ha m cio t theroncose tunrlay nightehem itckund seeyrycial liv l shoright afhee. utnt k, hnt kko st manangr rib (cdpau eangntont,the 26 elen. ly?
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ey'rg-ery,dowaim h. itdyheas o jay ic mnseeus veowuc. it tt eclean w w etd kw ccu is trelo go slln' raie aou onthewo on, uzndruof cose kno bir ouamcr aute
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e pitpect bilkris micved,eric, tessmouy, caallses ar ng to ho , do notec $0. de's tnd t i reicepli. res taeomof frtrne >>re t wld a lef.he a aol nrcst mharinc ws te worm hthsa enedof rubn llristis hyepitlgar they putona trumpf th t putonaln , ifha t w aan elica pa >>now ant to ou, to cle thi
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i donald tn they on the s ratin le entire sli .r) real nice. wasn't i? really nighar i re. t on the ishmke t unnedon' le run eit tas r aneltedted cruz. tedrus riledongr then he, lyate,hathey'reayin d aulhearty thanede yorktimes" the par would taysmic anwhesed crutharaa mting h rathere for anders ophen: w
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the bus and it' (laur)they don't like h som rublicans wou behind anybody butald are board tmeike southnnes ws nue lindseam c st either sayin t ch ieeingorpowhaty ma. ter)ppla
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shot pand both ouys g e hard itmss buwhich is not thee hypothe rs. i host eo ever sth, i stand dlfth andomebanduldnse a vs, . ste: tplai es thas fohose oyou thouive ewyo fth i elow st nhn e igal shte. n't. u n't 's that.onyocat ha >>ph: the op ynghat. notrp tyi h wi sg ill aut loy at w t td hn derso o yterday's tiac y saieste yould oot seone o fif aeand dn'ters.are thafi,huh?
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oup ofoplen.i meavee th a sloyad iteen so reporte and en ir poll, butlot of t p,dot. thoyalactor.and facto uhen it up i pre o th areplehaonlethile. tephth rht. p tersillot lea.(laute i inthepse prlesoold trp. z en i han incast mfr g,otven sin op, d'tear al vers, i hr a f lp jumeerres g wn psint pba t e rli o tt bndr h linef priu ex-wives. anw ksik h acal.d atr h ss o escricgomck mca, bnngmuay j mnay
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pori sono sayi csht ond i be te presi. eayg i sot meanl belte es e ondru c'tib rllo be esent. 'shear jnhe wod.
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lafi sett trunarat, us) n reml prts presti ortinggap hts r. usics drintensy) days lth, ll n for t out he 201 escape. betoppab his is m
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enelesiggg anwher tis newrsis ", sland releriers liesata. bileitchne ixig.just thirte at t-mob aflaah ah afla ta-daa'sot a very good i just one day! do i
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e and pay. onflac. s:eomeck,ev irstuest toba fme s.tafensnd no alo lad a nt ddsfppuse)>>t'uindi yer senn'thaa dien w m gdns,. then:ete ar
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nnrent(lgh m gla'm sepmot g ooouve tun f pridt? di eve w lici.>> i w a c fawle steenwh ihe ggt renc bwe wainn andasto no >> t dn aow t h oepreseativan tateac ithos >>teenu ysou ha b dngnyin erasike tllin wh secretanha ome herobly we. >>teenin t nsra t i the ndntew c o >>phenthrsteson veo yo o i oui acrofsell abt youpp why you wan to delop aapp? istory >> stephsis-- histo tephen: call chill e. becaue playe ge a gral and haught t to iend m stehe ial
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at mestre? t difreistfu dec 1 c tre a t lke raritrecep atheop tre e le and ha to t os car f ineqncer t ac. it is comicat. it'sic.canersthyhuhi joyeying it. stethettler himlop a solitai game?itit of theoff ega got to say. a this? (ches and.en: thisll municern iually am. (lau >> . >> steenok shoed ts? heend aoung datas in l govnmin anthe nisoover
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tautosan and man tt it me. i wa u ambdoto n >>teth throple oeneteplayint atoi 't kholsstonurchl .w tau fri mineuple of friende whore buthem going toost me, r >> of it t way ct o ps itieener tor e mily oeir familie thes the wnd.(a houig uorap an iopu spend lot omo>>phenn' freisit ae a. tirst o>> s: atst it's . >> t areew one enheystart askugn ue games syou know ma sike donaldumsf
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abrthgsorldt you n. you do that? o. >>he buty shy >>: y veryhy on>>h,ea >> si'su e apisallechchl liir we' b rht bk wior dal rsfd. kund.stpi abt c keeth uiasellind s. sowhato yothinit i i saxue a. fes li b t'okthremimethdemyenle sois c suprtsape la rienap e soalr meisye. isar ao enrinogy en o tiard. womyusba coe .veryit ou
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welli ouths 20vyib imabu?, ck ay's cvy ? sattyivspat w. m im i witl ishny?that gr,y.want oll w who inese clay, ite iv time fet call. we'rorno ked in ven. itnot deitdi. es,plp topet s feentradisll abo seinoprt so'go te isunittoo ii nngoo rs
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! you'reso m perpss me to theay.n'ee oppty seize it!pplause) wealoudlthe keife about being ouhe t
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put but e iecogebewea orstinwibs c with 40 internpeed frrylinka fafour c onthe sae, gaming, orovs. yeah, the intern's gp went littl that's prefetwo-immed s,-sn- a th i mi razy unlook giatti.
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>>ody. wehal . okaytary rd,al feldyo e use the isher d ouere who than you abt notolthg? wil backow thin u-- he sike a a aninef >> i'tnow h.
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whatik mbo h i th hs-'t igi how iendal tmp n r00 p n ent rm seak. ts thvices don' : i thappealing on eotiona ar fusn d whr wi w is th sayi agree you. have to change quo in some w >> i think y a right. they are touching a rv policy ory?>> tsheolicy mad h tcodatisfrisanetrom sor fis theoe. d en hmakea jem ides wt otoe do.d the arineoe bacay dedeecsehey cidehos in to enand th t w the syem s.
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pl toiraqn20e tit we h aic i anda w of i or chaosllowing t ab ring in are a thewe have now dered to be was th a worst-casscario or ayo-caseenar>> i tkheisorn tireeghe cic eethnnsnd the sa omethg gerly peleadoted on hf yo eow she sdthinlain isevytngint inha a chgewi fironta wh aroem eny h a br ey m decis. opleske a thedowhatreng
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t. becausey do hav bigarmibigies, hicht so angm anassymetandd eyng tdestroetiteeprl tht thiney dto eliminar, fle, ben a syria>>tephthop bls d e two mocrs,e t think th gntoq was therit oi tak yny reflecon on thdeon to ioq? ysthi ith rithg d yrs ter? ihwh the prent
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n actha frohe ig com m t ghtis retrostheyidn't f rgeheca ochrlic w ou u. sptodi he h theiliesstilheeolee t dcalindhers esapweti. antheyould hrecotituthin aatte ofks. >>tephth o on tt g aed of yoand peo w w far of insionf003 in irt istn'ins.whh i >>hewhyfa qu sphnoo,o llouwhtht' fa, nt eson thk is queion uai whicisf kwow u kn tn k no ulyouakedmeion you tn wt unow .
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sohey' sang t sine cnse t ys om tr. te b ttea mou mt fausyihich isalk a rtnt th wor. t a kwns,higs we kew,d te mef i gethro knowhis our by. e arown owns gs we hat we d'tow.anthere are uno ns but i cseone soing atis--re fou on neksbout whh ishenknn ns icis tngtn d enosotthno let oth that the (alae).
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moromhe jnthis afay tt 9 the going ent.phen: assed, i'm this thing came says our nedgely rhfen a that you bie there are weaponsstructnd e thify.don'k anyyade thlire ons ass destion at ii bond wderan thi oy vernnt. bee ebo lied tt ty we er bu theodof theye thee.>> uhuh. steen: ye w esteto t acanleaseras so trewa unk r plit wnown theotharde, esenteartial and nknown kn at we yhat wathe right
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>> well, first o that by thent o >>ens. ut mybsite. uh es ago. >> stew it'si l,on't p on my hat.phen: al rouble ft. yeaen: i'tryi to yorstiotryik wink air thwere thingt tmion, knehat didn'rnt out thebestsibl ionswhich the thinrmine for a war secessa ted states.hesident had ale him elem go was ahare
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dnelnigen n: i think nsred my quesr) ianinte tough to d l of've got athat you can never fie 100 thenhere is inthat capableingveried enitut th aggtifma pesen ma cis l tim >> sph: gs e ion isist beusthe td t te ea of ms dtrti d usthamic pe no flmari ttas tha dyohi iunrm our t oth
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use says u wethi you gt soro iotherf damae wonrust them ne >> i atmel ceo th coty not ri s why hav demacy. tha wop votany makejuemen. an ihi meople i the stenrsnd atovtis pfe. i lokowes oweve t t o hd tnk what rllpoanar ns and tcabi o thpele andros rtt wahi whai dos wo f oventxc for o ttrn
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acav hio t t get oof ameargoing?t :3te fur d ounxymeteais jt mostk le stephe b evext ant g fo homa undefi a-slc go mshio der dhit.plel ruswestk. (a pnt guardst ste to nba aleam for ameruary 1tulations.>> thaank yonk you.tephenstaremvrage ps per
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inst absolutelyllhehes.aicus sm oa sen:wow. ers d apse) not ody dun t. k d h going trt i worry myself sometimes, i do, i do. >> stephen: when you dunk that ne >> yea you know, i lese d't my igur s the only a duny,ardat isato>> sen:.uw, d yrapoinor dngar usse w lyoouetrois. ieaishaed e leherehe harr unkhents yet. wod g aotfo en y r funk w sl megaiv h scolasreat dkebere
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gog jumasig a cod. otbo tov t ri ddheardt ou, mystko asapp ou entuly mg urstouwer unr ex tiyo ou iv y sen oconf.that wirsme dunkiin te srom on dunkve se.>> s: no oanou enseonfinc iyou tnouyl lealt sof tthinanbo you a fsh py. ere. ea sphth iu,ot souoo go i wldete i tfa iie tt o. rethne. iss yo j il nit,teepioay w y iold heri sctulye nework, shiok.i ringrod a d. i minle m , cel teph: yoavith ntle youw,i wa aaid - ule m c t
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sph: p y >> iou r dtmylf. >> sph: is ie , e asig tre, ey'tuallhase oens.i beit tm te wowitunny ps with nense ee phenu brt mlittelec e-- ste: haourwn lilass>>o mn asseo. ph: at they edestbro fs. >>teenth wl t. y henyugst beusi ll gthou lele gon gth tens r y.>>:ll>> al tenice.phenenice?>> t ven leee(cheerd applaus oo gkioo
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lihi ka>>phi dotnk noll phi oit grt ing. >>se ave bigger. tepyo ttry e? >>y,il witse (lte. sph: thk k leite80 ssieafae are nicse tre actumoatrnyou those and ow hem on.t l. e do y g ese? g:getse o westbrookframed in at barnies. >> i do. >> stephese the kd t wod g got 6t 3 ald absut pcent ,ea s(lghr) >>tn: youorhat tef cnc ha eter senco t
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ee >>ph:h, go lk withhe m. i'm are y tge in. oducta. >>ha yi prect. sph: chkutrul's d arn and westkcom. russell wro, ev thk u much e, but whis to do wistry? this't 'ad figurawing haldo y borrowf your ulish. nf and fthng knven w pr, wve w kerisp. isi keit abi
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coback startsigy ss cers etouwito sixea juy- aat t y's wipageoj fp.
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deand slamer, part theluy's. omrisn >> steph: he to rfor thlongayun fm hibumstandi in br,dies a g,an d knowhatsa outhda i'm sop cngin t sanst ws n t rheighos pn'owheey go g hey got en d thot it bad
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asing nning andn tins tow we fire ie ofmy planets all in retr he best of all my made made my band stak jt noe ones pe thinki de onwago down twid m igoa ke me mbod
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and t news just rlsmemo letting go so or threerso s hao saat dor itens edr thlf spl i aonwagone downhis ld rd i' it'nnkeere boun is ngayun never behard to buy
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heds otragare ere anatfe tigo ar wah chdr comto hm the tetur a waldigr a e n,eart g o'mony his ld rd i'on t'nntae erm
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