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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  January 26, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm MST

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thanrybo m er e e tew. y sk u. se,hie ght aol t onight i'motntircan fl theent inaitow't you>> jon: 's int d we know why exc be saysway iowauc andaveleconev i ink at whait i ertinkbo tidesa tt sy. tinkt's fe wmee idatanki thads. donald new one. you cant ump durils-- the l t.v. that bo befoanonadt al c
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ta a lk. ryurs to. i gome reatee inountingar the urnpik. we'vell com t f americ sthe e kor aca chee ause ) >> him ne himtephen: that is a bl atou emotions. (chod it worke t gongimdfuelave the greatyric eye l me lk f
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ch andppe 'malisn'ttinlot oewserathys hesofenould b fiin u auolbelo2%, obabhord" do truing to says the soles , wait. t "ftys toyo."it sd.wait a secer all ">>at's a o senonfinite "me andu sl yar soo l a t
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em-wct lre she. rll buyu ownynginclhe,," urse.he's vers for. i'm offerednd an matwhice he'njt,ause 'rthttle laer throm e amicuseuof naor'lt do th mic nekhe'sk t w di d: tinosa, thlat di evnd. buyo alaus tou whatth 's t sit's houispl the'llave ore baake div ( app)
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rmancefeurjoe st noit te for sh wh ephecoer! ndpplause >>sthe lle ai 'sce,. anu ry mndus) sphas s wwe w ingou can el the energy in then feelheer n thlei hi,aue onl
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la wk cb wll le s"the alaug ) us ( uger i' cld and s moin thdemocrats did something we re-- them we an wassoorin bate owaninroere rks,hech gy ne idt t uniat shoulde al, any o.>>e arn, aarn. bviously ers greatly. hono be a ofmy cdacythcompofre con
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nt swow.erget rm, g ay o e, idingeaer an wen tes belyicthce os o the to thug ess,idsh u buthesfrol iouinuc aloof pgrthouela pl qstis w segr>>'de kw ueu inshld imrtt yngot anwh >>hank. qution secfore in, i he ic and thai wasrmn u reng hng hersevy conditand me ay fr hoportf yo rsla hank you.vey n, w ecryntony ir
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arar laht )apau )heown ha is theand yon't lrn ag ne thin grecae tseoufrd ei dis. ry thi ttry makm, siouhadi auestn? es, he m . arapthu r your servic>> i jwoinre y solio ta qiofr yau >>teen's tim u,e . thyo n r towemakemie, iswa onht and onhe t
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leo fer on ye y s with-- is it be is yyetes iyar tth a t fuzzy. er ha a qstio erps yd hs es? fmdulu. t od anyair qstdoav a j at it thk ry mu. 's pfe qstn veoudtow wt ranse yond nng le. oresont b chsuoftima ayouowe 1 le ia tfthesaes,
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ucn thatthoseenom hto go di c. tatnd llsow h g sowheel, e pe tt t u, i ggono he thi tha tif lne riuo why n j ay, "r can y-spe for yith thewordtou" asit wnyo m'a rr tnken m pt-., fuim mo cutl inhast. >>teenthk u r ur serv whoust yoveli olaryclthat liknence m he stephen:
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ilhe, wo uou be.n. hla w aande' atl ic a n't w la nghnnad ary w t i t ts g 's fabi loveappl )to at ugci ho ther adbui inth rnt t rhetheyerat the ti bazovie ullver fnspeti >>'miri ctthat >>ve a u a thely t
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pl sthatthe re a m bm everve yes yady ng t >> hlo,teph.i'a aie anfr des ms. sph: anyofoyorv>>nk. st i own footagjimmou rolat? he's maro' tak f hicketrollup slee aoong h tie why uld o at? e'at hn sos urespoeousoas i app mak them hdtithey e-y'
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lynd in. anhen.( cheepplajust hischeepplaus i iet iet t en kow lhe aucewhaty'ju folk to gowhveki day. th m crand-- ismestlaught ye sir, r tere.yolo le u veti y 't wcht hasoo th s out thanphen: yes, t anffti a lot of
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ryem iedoohe eg a akeines theinst aus) yes, we timorestie tri angentmainacheroom h( chrs a appuse tethk y thank y co ictromhod,fo>> sen: k yor y se nk wondering, mqution whor thee s tonig
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noleliswid hari hifiinatobil hlot folrs,yo takthomre th wt toeehewod ro eorour omsohothheatfas, thcktse eeswters me omeeali eds e rd
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bang( ala)hatng song, soot ilook lik t jtyou ouratco't o pia e t he jazzt touom.we fir ia nyanemmyngin "k-isn c. nd leroubon tay
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>>iste! sea wmelaur rsppe tehat' yes teeni le t budncf respee.even fheudiee, stephu'ot tid toghan op ae ll phrae notice tha the worplteen rllutif and wellken, t>>ndd.>> s ph: wh wiln a. u ste: b've gg od utaouerlye->> 1 >>14 ye yeah. suaveo lie to g ie e bau er iied th didt eve me. new how o i but t st kin " heu holo d ittake the
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rn7 th yam o9. en so you've ing mnd tin u weld.ths aot of tk arsity lywoight now. >> s>> thi it'stnter ororse >>t'tten ber. >>tephenotte .>>t'teetter.we sllha aot o do b isot bter. tephwhouhiofvet nat?s justow chr rockhandleithe hof osca.ha iokg rward. ( ap teph: w, show ik-">>black-ish."te: cla m dren b kegh?th aelfua i white insituatve --'me whi a y siio
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( applau ) stephens, wi tak abtiv, rli i thtag te >> i,'re he positiauit ion't know.yo me. >> s am iition autty >> absutely. >>: cae i' ttt nd tephen: welle's tth i like show. onhk i'm bckis t anc i'm bsh efiny. sen r>>efinit ok aour b uran ep ral etti o b y b rsuse senk y jon. an y, jn.eali-- i ddnrealize c ctact bl ruly drop, d teenur se, i da in t day one ste war g. ha w, y play-isurisin te.
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ph: ugrdfr.l grphendoel ouayin ardfhe ove >>ph reay?>> .phen: doao b yrandr set th? no,te li, i not and nto prat i 5thye o pp ove b ea-- >>youregrdfr? esio! s krarisshe >>ngever i 'm brf my yrs oence a riceiith olr an m b ys hun wthr ts iusri youw, ifey stu ansdpa le e could hav
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hterm sur'm -- i'mt was in t rd aiggire am iof mgei'm tryingoges as pssanping - ou'reng . s 50s a eleg i'm j to be elegaan. musting. i was preez ga be pha ( la ),eere.ry yo wh l te--u'd tms veo bl t g with cn'>> tl me. steand nk caeve emacedblac. u t cniro catndig dig enadd can i dig th>> n o t-n u i you b so coolth y sghfr
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senedo lso mommyocaick nd ale bi
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( cheers and ala)? um 2 w #1 sng hrtrn
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re, evo er t y. otuar. erbi. gthr.evenurer but at's nex
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( pnd applause )>> sphenwaouacreveig fy preow -u 'si need., ma >> sne a l m t ttfhehiti ombo
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aus that actually my rna is tz.>> sphenreally? tfirnebeca l tfi phsos anameyo.'vth ds fo sowhat its. t d sen: i've heard o it. know wths.t's that fish. thiss cheend ae u adtourmeis hen?: p,'s it.le d i fish, it feel to e thrmaino olis?
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enold. >> nh.phen loh, er mom! n, commafi!: ood. i.w heabl mo all ss! ish, f rh,rntephnen' >>non, at>>!roeru'o n yore o le cps cps whait f'c >>te: w,realid se t fish la ee abo>>o, sen use
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'v itcomi.>>epn:nkou f yrv mplre"bsh" s at 9: o thlaur she, ery. l beht b staith ngleconnon. thtwwas bo ooewroa ry tnessy.
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ertainment, fames.wew ou a . k you how e ths yowothetwor a t. . byesn. e tris a inport g ake isoprty gofpt aneck lipofolio,at tu? i'tish mason
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perhaps it'to seize t doju sorni, seppus
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teenweano n't itoheinetec there u canomofhe bthe tng calle ittle shut asks thaveou timr , re cveway rn a ch betos t splvenimake le re f weingiftatasti. ( thincttrer erway e atba nev tanarr so when you're checkin, you he-idy'm
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akth'sansterstarteitsn mte's sway.phs, youbebl ocyoaganen t. h yffla fo a cchiomiste yck ) apau bude'rer th'roublueloves deitl e ersd trherethere arilt ofryms olio, the edtolen beesn't hae an pitmp
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and the amublareas arm. li >>udieketerett yoiven cthe nearb consitntil te e night, then nihebuildingel fe aience: hht>> s dator cudd ale ts? he ae t m nirgi raccoons. just lie in r a li-- >>ack! >> sustody o riouvoly w,, d ckheesyo wfi >>e:ac sen: red uren a ife,ndemthill aind thwill c
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life...ience: hkeught>>tentder jufaropolipts?ha t "normal ience:d! seninr bel losile int ea hh.. n'hete'stholu ulhaon .nceehaed! tephhoinla n sh a he te a coal b? reaa tchpastoyoegmeife. aud h>>phweht tologistdrkeovrawftsi keyl ittle
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to yaear fkealoo ai e. we t 'ssc naeyte wero y hto to yho oonabis nar. eenbiaseemovedres lbiud soar ops.w. ahaiv elts i'ryioha i20u. d it?
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lc everexgut er
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( cheers and applause ) >> stephofl, thu eie. w di you get job lpaonb everyaran( uger. lit l. retenlly? t >>teenist ualeoology? >> nomte for job you khere a few j thit d fd a j especially aeicanus o st s wera johe. ( ala) ata museum ste's of w rkci i a ireblac>>phtell thetano t' somopleen t se of tisal l see, canut so there's the hea there
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und. veth nwher nthsift, right no,ea i autou tis or tu. te: cae aua no w n fitinsi this>> itulo ss iwoe walking wa t ze ur hed? >> i a lace paniandese s of buentephyoun aie yoseou ll n,onlogi up ing,ke ma--asllutftown.t se-use d , "."gh watt ab bve , "w wta at,r gttethi tuse tephen: makeshe ,anprhest ldimalatw
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prob blu b tng leigh 70 tons a b whale can weigh inround 1ons. bu beiusndedwa ese arengland >>i'ik t seeguys( laughter ) ou find a pilf ne l . y, we. re p ier correctly?ow youust o doinik loshbones,nd ing,un k o looks likhat?how ou kth ioes geer ers stionl. iik ssn odn,t i sph: o is? set staha ad>>: what mistade? oh,tureu d t wrskul a for yea raliz th - >>s bont
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id, the btor the tinosa and thtrend tyhere' sung a r? soml ts vad anhearntng b and. to do with t em tllel. th s,h, no, tosa v.bunames bckdorthpeople gsed ameser y eren sci ie 'smaerm in taxom thishathre cagoesfe tsper
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dothng haveameet >>tna.a nt n't y i - ot ar of mipt as itte anandouantil it'd with with adeptiod illustrion ofhe.>> ste: n n gellheat juct lenou ca s a? gog s's aen it c >> nolu s sthe os no c steen: lues? ( seng peots >> phcr. 'lbe iig te. ph: ible. can pect we're going t ayt bignha outh it this? ha t?n yheath say ing igthanawenoomhi ige t meintephe tddy.
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ohere a of coitdi t dinosa >>tephenyes a th toc lo ro,he se . e eg to b ale e these gu stephenou sure n ( teoudo unkld>> witld bnd o intere see. ( >>phld bblus b alkbte >> i bning the en of all in- eit warerett ier. 'shaci aoubu it'chnolossible to do that right n >> stephpresentl ptl >> senayll, ng ctk u ch fo h lsureteenea t mee michaecek,s
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at ameum otural histor bithyatofyoant wo enceredits toward yo n moreu. by kiss u calling... i cahome now.. me aheay ..alt te bh,hacai .. iri:message. , t. m trodg ne resi pt.olge esonh&ocr e. a nnouncertate fo.99.
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rehe.inodw ltmoar's. h rl servedot. 'mara ons mc$2 mhearke share datswitp g hiy-ks lin atob
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iw thers inwithitrned arocoul cof wh'sll e stroin it hello g a rcaou by gotightsay he aby? ndt wa'that nggo s t t ingcivi apologizean leto in min iyo aoo n whaway yook saliod w thway o ffdone
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uld i f ogsite f westan e hello el hlo ll off yr gs omne inow ers sothon
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e rdaneg el slldo giom al i knoere'thwron th titst tu but we could spin it ur d ath the ll
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ooooh oh rsla) senthr nealm,id,"feladi, erodl racitnturprism and reat channel wing to th c. s d.ths olho d. usondendioatteve wher. oukeat ir ofrov.ayines a
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