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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  January 27, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm MST

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( ee a a)>> sph!ep >>tephen evebo.we the lshith steplbert. >>epheepn! he en: ,s rs a g iint.anch, ou,ou ie, ank y fover wth t anou. y! hey,ank body.lcome tolawithstlb m hen lband lov y eers andpplaus kre's aotlon e om tig.aot oe in toom.rany.
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ye,eah. anc! teph: ths aapriate.thsh. t s reg we n ho doot eack bit a app)>> jon: setheoc b >> steph:auhree nute n nuyav youen toute and ro yast nig's nt befheons. no of rld scy, ybujuantoinerathemscloc jussed siontween all do g to du tend lpov e occkexar vee reoghevody he rom, edy at hwaouonihi tou get
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aboe. ar momeath. i h o yeah. ( rs alausel?on: i love. ilheov wothat beaut.e we'r oere tother ons pnethelinkf eye thateaut, wh id. thvee h enweonffe omaylo "latto midnigh rsndppe do c i t tght the orckow sndat
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ondnht, my clockves orgylock i he f-pocse i ysee ose et. it an gyy odw you fi-fi'll actorpi( a ae w!ah ye. intsof >>onevodlohri pi. >>teen: iott sy,ha wamy frs rctio too.he stamovie "the hichiktothinre0 moay daon c.nd app, w i'lle jo beeadael bok pplauisati
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magrou it ertu joneide aesuranfris egrm io, especiallya the auseand,weve a rflyn-based ue ioed a gre o sicaedct-tp. mindi l ve ronn he' eltrap at rhthe ifi snds of jon batiste and sy hun. i, eve eyout toing zzp, bore d onrehi
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the fin rs,t allye flhtessomoa "colo rp,"br do rmch orbybaer atg n std ayhuma an's t"teshith helber ande ank you ve.
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he heepn! sph: tt'iat victhatyi o app thank u g m m i wilry to shor ynior dany,eteyotion ha yd ofy, ie s? ( eendpplae vesenahehaitllow aheadbotha d mpe. o eitt ou flot f p nowasking anre , ll's not g by for inauballst s
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fr trethon poiboniosandldotprom iu rn pome by phopi thm phand tih hata ere-omsa"u gu camth so great subh h--chhe tngdoav levi everyby.onofur poders. say hi. li sn.liow y hoar y 'mph, myat ayo rno >> twtwight" : don t auheuglar. wh'shenehi ydhebeca y bhe seen've haomngserth bec youot h tetithringeer a
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flht t c t sen: ton>> y phghws 20ate doe>>d u l yeavavinf, t oly tfulle a30 oe'inuburm l sos:30 . thaoleuth.te's notto bey bse t tak rrnd at i't thght. where are we'gwaingt, d.>>teen,eah, tt's aac think bo bant do hnson mak ht. wee to teum i hus fl. n av>> senaseht >> y.phbueng
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>>llri.>>te: tthat.wille f>>phno hyostk aund? yur>> s: ht. soot ywitt s gherilizntwi f meay hgeimavedi goro>> d troenwho ouo with? ne bebyer wh a ar dar notember hi >> stephm, he wtotm. so ce yoo yo ra d n sndd. nrifmirihe aad n eac other s o l ar-- >>llge tk ros teood god y.
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i culo bindet.>>ena dglyenacaleir "rnosha d w slle tr the f pisomheua ptu wi see hmethe. eaigis yg, fracers a dal th'sic lkst suse he inet t to sdrsitdere f niede go.lookeght dree. dzla n hav wnhedr h p
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's y f? sve laer( ( appla) phl like, m rub att. ahenhene @world atre's ber ber "d
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reallly ngst fisbeieitm sche yecu m scinto -yn. th glsm lre gog th t gs rtut y ueran i sphenli ieed ti weav gin>> sen: av ng. w,heept ps t t o. >>o,en' st all right sre nog t gerew imt,ig? >> wre go d so es phen: sho
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( cheend alause >>nk.>> stephvi.( rsppla aotoi takhaan hter thehing,n't land a d coohe r eau rnie as sjef n am iie c. deddit s, caie yepowho s mikpoyore sav a shing t fea i lysems bl iid o ci tou mutifnto.rhhi
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t topeeing 90% in. rse, igion wh i yearning >> so the idear i tts sellhotee crllhhaveonto t rellon ienleveewben.ineaty,hat gerly est ve lof clate in it.
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i topow. yh,i' i cro iisous la hekncrl-meaw ll bo veal e camakivor f ywh"cioor "main oik'sfein atfen. ht )( au( il'satorout is el.lici i'm sure the public or rsonambiru
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t "ke arican h g b fan rtill ightrange. l r bk cis pi right evy,ifesn' toes', ck y nkedese lin n a
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use it'ser jt h.r miesha d nobi it anes g l ( bandyi ) ch a aus >>e bayb gstonhtowr can s kir now iturs,e trry othe eatest s boasc in the d's hiy.sten put sndju--t ttus u we yupomewhere. e easi up, boy stk for lits d sheoue i enif we hvegoo oi it bn onek l ht, fellas yeah.
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no goo boashe'll get u te. te:easeomchin ( rsnde ire there'sor act infilm than-ha tattephenhe sacon ar. teis w mytoto st toec i anmalm ohaou te: ve tnk s. >>: it'en agait tureoris owanvage yg hjoat kno wl. exri phen: le d thinkca accomthis pnds wt
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offhamassachusessacsett cheer eave smean ngas ohewothitntryn ng te,-f36toodey th windshiefremtures. s 3 off fo-sry tth'r ha i h ey a men t osedy 1 hman inndughelhe wack sho eylo oan. apau )>> exaly rig. steasou sid st yephguu he y p wbb,ha he. ,ere 's j an ordyy d hi j yeah. tephen: to doextrar thg. at'shabthi moe tt l heoes b i
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>> tatleto mtout ik a re joe c a do, s does his jogolaykeievet mp ony cemillan danere and teryayock in andiv li that i wha they' b calledto dois whheeet mfta 's, tink,r aenaiutths ao intopen t t-- opo,h, bndoiignd youma isothgha hnsnd lde gie (ppla)( ch ph: id
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s: thther t peoe arst wis ttiig i aulcr at. ( ht >>phenjustad tlines, nth dict >> it too scr 't ta tha longt. d l-- g t t rl lth'snoerhin i in g da mbee the er a lel re. i teto >>.>>en: he e med yhe s>>oturifha t b theicon shehe eyaieontethovied. littl tngayot maheid.... phen: woulust e t tr>>o >>o,is the'letongn, t'r g apou w e'tory ttpps tw - taufuveterenfrhac ay befernisry-- h wea hio hisi thk a los go th arotf
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omet>>en tan o b ded ilits wst m thi captainf less captain kirk than this.cae captainrk w hav just beenanging on f t so-ait h st k th tke i tbrdcasofs sw. tay i just wto beeful>>i- >>ldk havnen th 's anediblealaske-y,epoom nestur a ly ortw mndom. i think at ry-whaty aledere ismeg ab film tns back fe a sttue . ittke ooalinovoris d.
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eand ia mhaves ob, les ha, do right bhe on hishi chrk>> gianical shark hterphen: t chemovijust stowoint he he youn cat wit hm. e' dng d innghas happeng? >>:nbelvabl >> unbva>>rese me. an illa at sa ti utelh. stephen thintereind ou yoe kin l eeerandsomesyowe>>ty we-th y g teen fnds. w n ey in ( )( apau eas owhourubliciho hs--kay,t' i.
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laht i tkweld hav s. bsolyeouldfr s p inust'yingdure f ngo ure of you.ld >> where is hite n:rufa c pin ts ie hrdhis m i be tru,s,. >>teen oouan ghno mdei ca"puger ) s g toke ito th s >> sphen g to it show. tere, i d phens, seu. thyou bein her nk soh.>>tn:hr
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jas ftarchne aenrefawi y tee nera hritota p kraft nat uch lphiase hate, iethr. strahtd in t tt gricaar ep's.g?ke and be phoesnetwks. fuan g ga gri unted teata t 5 a month.
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ut heogg o de ut put is. but r fracsuew l ( yi )( ee alae ph: lce ck erod ext esshs ysorges th acnoe'maoaayut i"tol irlooor oue, siah got . you saughttao
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le 'a >> spn: ian ueranyo sini. auay wo juli >>es, >> sph: w julid n. ( ndpp) he ofho gsr is isice. n' neave aend sh>>s,ed!>> ste havinodot ole ls.iesn j, dirtn him. i wout, jonwould oundls inria with hanpiano ->> mean f lle p>>ib o helest
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heaste: ou have anors onni yort? yot d del? johno d alte>>onerect op i m reth cfz le s bfookwhatewyosideon a dit broady py? do ?>> i aing.i'ju i all lo orannd pe,nd y shhyo,. sph: u' of ofdth mt anks m lyxcid.>>tephle me kout he ple usu'lg thah w essure sph n >> pressure.: ha you don r?sh ccauss the >> yes. stephen: whha like whattto doit i o
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myy ke thihe wti b j evethad she th gyld dm. sen ay stma ey're e. heuscle. enf uot >>tephen: what was terrifying. ople iet where the take on emy person and m and sheoaz frthe insi shees, yeah. >> i wle h oueethalromhe i no, it ain n inoorntcen he i le, ""uso aw oho s w t iee wit toudbo >> youmist >> n m t mist. >>: ? . >>teenoh tht dawa anier. di'tnoat >>yd' a d sph:r d'sea
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n ur but y, i ess. k ( laughten: was growing up a family, would sontroduce you trformi, likeike tha i delynk taugh mh frg toelf t but it' parounow. u have a aieougregation.u inister, who irector. ch that's e ushehe hand gor tplaybil teph i like you yo aalogythi's eren bu. he s->> urs uer>>y : hodou milyeel abo tayst youfrom--u kn yoromy ofiste on, thaiut you
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sst sneefo gnge i w,llhe a .d anwa no tow ildbe mg.d shs li "ye, i k u shke t." ( apse )>> s: yoecentl thi yo aced t >> ts is youbo tohenre-- >> thank >> sphen: you wrote an article for about fling good about yourself and e. thesponse you >> isrely t se-le.hing i had nevodiit, and i did n ze that i win issioouofplizmen nds bau a.
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ye sph: av, bra!, "pl iow nngn by. th g die bks dael, yoso f beg.nk f ng mteen'sucpl appl )fileaxesit a na ouncfiletee r $9
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nd ) rs and) : e ba evy. estu acombniitns nors es stnt ihido ro plseelco, naid. ( l ri is a lbiofteme just it and if got al right. are you a smbia. stiolond howman are? >>te old.eah >> nt cah. in phen pithdu runofou om.
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'sitrigh . 'sr he d no prucdiesikhi for urstth iartcesns pend shgg. haood how eshio k b g aon . ajoe, ozzizaon act anink-- d mootof mealplanyo ktephor sal r you. was a lot sharieals wh my frs andmaand wer, shothereopleig th d. ad onle-uee an--
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er0eop anrwaitg t drn d rm.>>eahd ho00rties fo >>: w re are1,00 reationswait >> steto e . hi li ar, oyearofg( er >> sen i . at t scol t oth? tyavee ls tha ead. ( uger >>teph: kn tre vi allusngtu cf,ho is clu tesidy shou , . ben m >> steph: th wou be awese. t en iturns tat the presenwife w yo rtaanur un,oluma'ofal mage po wranicab it, a enerexsinge ofyseimts at ersiheonship e liwdcle for lier ).phenndbrouhing do we h >> i love co so i
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prthatlet me youom b- ( la )thatt you g. alause >> senllwhat net te ian.hagh mke w, sin--o is irose sph: veht doelri er, le, t pin tike seio yllom sicee krinu.>> n phw w ">> i wh. the.
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it's filo desilled th honeyt'si truffle. she what you' arta >>:ear so. just a com. o nter ygrad, rrin 'd rykeo methlipeueor ye,slandhen wit. youan'tignye te: not dig m ing, ing >>eed ut somlimetopcause w peparphen: know to teallyoo d iccould allrsect. please pphen: okay, and d do together?h,h,fi not yeatlhter>> ska yeldnd you open aestauranughter )u'ot suppo cer) >>'m so you >>it's dious.
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ha ( se )en: o snt how " h been whome fends prtyiin pr. you mg t gh?" . l say iave a spnu com for apr20.t, youno cheers a).en gg restion>>no. it ople thug ofot stentsl,ac.sos inf fo thi nexpon al erenpes eo frnew . tewe tic. tus ong, u way t b le to ych. en:na reay scheck jonah out on
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ch alae er'sewum,"de-s ma!wehtk. ( appl ) 40 ornedomtu mifourll on at sastining,oroaovies.yethe et'sat, i thirakeu a ltoo
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