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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  January 29, 2016 1:35am-3:59am MST

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reene, souarolinjo diso i de ogot th ner wulovo m sinepr>> her ttct srtsandngni shos eto c ae but politi his o ofiction seche do voters re tesyy anst v a much io w thee e a medicaor hhe brg bess emiuanindiduals 2%
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fill othe 25fm ch notaped wd po eetio scsys he w tehas baed in r emlvn o grk coastes ny qert t yhecue bsurp january ,000 pee the dangerous crossing. 0 times morehalast ary. thh's doll mor
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ip,oat,shal e goe sve from californ, d bob b 71 ves he not in a way. d you thein lyou >>no. >>.>> ee a afo donetal lhe turn not going aile.y for and fbob, orhe res ll thavernig is fme of news forths back
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morning. this is c overnight welco to the overnight news
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tf pres d you t's re honor o t very ni thmeold er elsonceted,r ou veere'g i cayou 't kt y, ath a bng g ss vnoboknowho tl s, b oret y're goto le itaue edve mon ione [ eepp ovlln.soth's n sd.yo ,holemesamer gre aiat'sweoing t wld beefot r ts et ated nts are treattter ianyn ourts and n goio happ a . ton .
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2:36 am
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2:39 am
oth chaennewammbo w >> aek. ye o thiss anntessa e,e tumronckan t on ydo it rlo yoifsurae thuaees r nevego u anye,for y re. but aref. nyicyoe do n havon yocan tlilohrghe lo pn llhi toea m thn s siwi aatlor o eth splet o $ssha35en aay t w anyoe ll
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itil.urovag n r as y p s, yo ae gd, alue u ote tu d cae ofr alth ll youinfoiokit d ft. bore th nlion n'it lls mberow s r me h c w itl gt wh ielgli
2:41 am
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2:42 am
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2:44 am
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thre iookedtmoredlovehi dn raisebromho bhse and bystomin tim wcaries minctssnder runywh forheon ar i a nct>>as stoutou ntinav aehite bo i psi mmerci hat is soupidth'scu
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is cbovert netrho tliidalebatla and wn'tn er thfront runner madod ott hi deb or ad wi f modn kelly. ilmof ates imoin's what mee ndat. idbe ihabees e nuawayand i'nj i' eed tha henle povel th t debaanvead ak with. but u have to icupor wheu're treed
2:51 am
urigs. cheendlae have to do i whher we lik onoet wto'st oucoy d e,ns thethinus wh th deon wor dea enegr circumsts d ust it.av uelveas pple,ha totifor r untrwhstre. mber tha [ a o go shesafos la n hrs. [ ug ] 'vedthere. th saiabouw. n you or. i idn'itlrea ar wellt l srtwant about 15es io atr sow arell it th it's wa
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thadaw.'race morecames an by e that'so opres d knhat,s rely honor of vets th hbe verniceannd apizytng els ey dapog could notave been butce tstd,t'ou e'n u owon kno iernad g, aadngwi moledykn ts, but it'sorure gog to like itau we isve$5lion i eersla over $5 mi>> sor getue les drs e ephant not the rtrums hi eveng'e sageo thk ndheer iet msaa ac
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st, t,nd u arirgatn e p t[ er] thanevner owg the med wo tct tshow e to pe of iseoe theuntry eaus would me c hiefbs bngoue, ointh, om gllouth hnickemoderator. w t dae derdogothackwiewsper. wsh aedl ay o.
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views y ndiniallacsayi trh-teey wte's acielling hwnictinghis. o teght chxeou y satn.ots rvash ine ve tanrsead ldl ecatin meorh ca argiinse6%m du>> yououvi
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2:58 am
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zika for n19bih dects drjo has . h s leir a,di martou weto t so.>>atiollonneme mngn mo tolan iton.usn small hea agc s 'ter ths atmend ccin vain adf inseasbranch ss oureak i
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erc.>>f his ch zinh icanribbea sooner or wl lotr sa ctr tmong zits bi vae. >>osofted go, v co
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3:02 am
2hast m tis more an, inmeho d toake voge andwnedn eiateauepelef syri iq, i anemabd edwa the t-o was nd h h rus ecute ce myour >> fuationsre lursksive >> t td esmiek
3:03 am
y ac. plfeur>>s p tsm , itiz wiores neeepinlive. holly , ne. >>eago tod, i pis e ace er remb bngmaze hld iannet ama's in spstasered by a er g ovni tpacet woute e wteard bu
3:04 am
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3:05 am
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3:06 am
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3:07 am
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3:10 am
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3:11 am
white, s matte oongplay him?>>yogaina. whiggest name musi ile ans t ov tomticizing whyopbe yed ite totolami i lt rsy me actlor ren os forcondea. irdielolrotis htmitolduthe .
3:12 am
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3:13 am
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3:14 am
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3:15 am
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3:16 am
>> tt wsthridasonecoue cckittle ater f thing cbs thi omhe badst cterk cit sco > thth o. overn newsldd t a the presidentia
3:17 am
we, trump o miawic reomofhat eyo say. whaabt h tt as v vquicwel arrom v spthis h ly. di the re, i hat.ed s . eedt. i'njedt. alhee id vee ry w tha th theebesd hadki wh t u veo k yohts.whenoueate y stick fort.d heitnoetitometng w too an try d plth e treg itis it'e or evese negia any um
3:18 am
'rbeg st.rememb ve ltl hesay ox berelyla hrs, aclymere. d hoout nocayou ve i idast it alrdy ted.t weouthtande ntbe abouesntthey in.lot tht'li tcamyrd[ rs alaus themy awar the ac 'rtulyolweavmo meras than ty quita bi hat's sort of impressive. anu kn w tt're h or ve they hav vce
3:19 am
apoge evhi thiar it'r u donno y, a good t or ss ves, bo ho theknut's for os,nd you goto lause we ised or onn on s u kn whoheme i ameragaiing to d we werif notfor r vere bng reed.l mian are bettmar vets iing nyorgoto so oisl te g weouldn' teraple
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of rpe mf. n' it bed be. t vea. to do somet i dn't k gng tra m weis$6 miioto t kn wt m tain aboutwyes -- aue ti [ anti ] rll t crarigh you tell tto
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>>s thste republ fieldeynt f e as namp. >> sor csuess adthe nheooonumos n tteevenat k se theot li'a ni a neth stas idt, a ugland enyo tble eoowthatveten dopoio[ hter ] o anever shg thand woioheshowp and ke thee ta a t pplof t ch ouake omin chndus >>he turned into the ttf e blanaresss prtic pipyou say can e hefaionse p., ho
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mpgn ut niisboearyt d o ts era al ra omaangeerck ori othd.'the t we ic ch app and at is whhillarton ts tiary cl w rabamaoue eat t guy lishito thicoy ar onc and e ve is babama ersht arr soe yr digree
3:23 am
blent.n't art pro trath rehe sri mastre rte thosy thnaonpoiblyn - an. >> jare prwork evo s o dd ted m ah lo retishs, i wi. ewainioen a beof wlicanau ou ,se prinpl belvi iedgont, being acleadbyth , mvewaent he b itic was id
3:24 am
ke iuet of tausrbbu mmo ll. eot abodi a peoe re really >>he cews beig bk.olayeristroth corat wit f fle. igge.y egayagel and trgenestmicro-sc itant hte ton tern):inyore mr t, y.
3:25 am
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3:45 am
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