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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  February 12, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm MST

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: epn lb yi caio snscb phen hey ch appla >> stewelcome lateshow." teen, steephephenn!ephephen, n! ph: thanveh.chppla) irna onahyeah>>te: ksevod awy lctoth s
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(ee alae yoh.lce thlaw. m stepheco hay mainut d, od ( eers andppuse hama lr d happmart lutheki d yoget nyg?ge ag, >>wh tha >>end yoget me hing marthergday? eckemy mluthng dayree thisning a ths nothe. jtweete phen: eetedid yot lut ki? joni id you : i ke, thu. ki( >> sphen: imple ket simp. >>ri sghheint. te: ye, juikng el ng. sphyooweaofartith k..pebo0- ht ) had raio h n eraytrti f
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w wospe , every oranut ag the qstn: at gn wi wns ghchl etll a ht thwisi intesc asoiohaw edhichl enn dsm antihili "airalor anythinmeanto unthotte this iaz wangketbl wit antis liatchseit npi laug jon,avayedketb yore oe na chshiph scol tea ght? >>: ye >>gori ng d th chahe ydobaba? onah >>enate o the-- yot ir bl" onahr wne
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"k. en y at fr thrlith wou c " i ite: iteaaf on y prae,n u juutt riinne steen: -- s no.are u av of thean oepg th ti thk yot eethan it'st oe . steen: t.i e. at ionigh ol ause) d les fa it,h hool se cund ks will ant.( htsot e chrs sohrhad tsre insngsoad"aaltry is:>> el gr phrfece ju cngdecikf y cat t inro for t but wionsial bned is t. unmen-ta." kid jt plth isimarg e: >>onseel. >>teen: nothg ys scsispike pple
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laugt w.sttheylsllwi ttwt:e ullikeo if noinch"u."s posmik itoe tame weas ce ur atbrhaalsge rack." ( whwod sportsn li ch ala i do aut, kn aheine teens e g pas tual mesou la lie iwhr fo na fiplte kge"yucas (chrs a ala t yokn y k y knhan't cksstoghs sh.( appus th itrti. jri
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it.: gh >>te: nigh b edy eminia on she st- st tit tcome mi," i grt shven ifou nwatc"thein an iill itlearprer qyjoied ge eend alause) huge ou qy prucedmil cksos "til and can t tarhat has s analsohahe haso "mamamaa--ca. d th i wlk"blalivetteracti derkess aut the legy rtinher ki e f maluthf my yiers mbe st it g mattes. ave a musi e omhe singer ll be singing
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uld get awkwband pla, thatund is f na baskecham d stan. y hevery( andusthe t ick inoff,ut beforey oreng, wat s s clos26or, th t theye arst >>teph wels ia
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feurin"stay it l owitstt!ee and ala >>teenheo,vebo y,eyjo wb. chlae >>phthanery.n,'tou b you, fo don't kn wathose openingedits ernd over agai everody aoo>> steeni t of it
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s another al desuht.d timt the deat llinndsanantoayontl (ugmilltoe mui thkema blissflywareth te t ey g m lt co, en w fpp etwe "toabbe "bcaliberne wari wasn't are of it.use this ding. as the wst: e have aght on a holid wkethe are footyoioned to mett, "dnt toni it's againtowbey,w epe. hy sunt? an nonabhtsuhtteiv nht sye lt t,
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heamtect" a hat, fd, does not (ug iwa"madamei bee eyg to se drabaere clg edofthetiurncdnee rougmulang cew hebate, um it orccus hilry thars of pr peopleidrecord on m he has innocent blood cathbiveutthid neouate. atervwiega, iersropp a boshelhistt
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me o, y ? yogosc r fsc reis do own tneveveorn xe thignern wtu.. poibuson ma tn d. ht atere'owinre asuit thed. he ng ent wn m laughteri i know what never worn aants t r got rom.meanwoul wa i heen pro thxps evhi.ise it lianophi-sudt? s) oinl llo to% of t
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theradhod a ivile. ci iu g youbr oegatouloernus t enon hlictuntgeinheochecabe e ia on smeere l reon murerictof soers someto sit lunell asimfo scussings on top as they sciencthur c"ughter so, e onlyng ftoore ete t hhereneed om hsc, avto a rnan tthom avlablonursi
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n'stfeing e rnhtfeg (ht ) ightack paiatoau aulrir ala...iboldhan bo. anife mpfr nes bo d in..l crt-n ldde no..ll.bde bde bo! bohacr ututte!ttfier ayn nsadien.i.rk..
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o hatehnogmural a bi've cio wd it srtwe.whowitl hn's>>phweeryb irues e arnnacwhplay frkihen heid" wt do oiac p. iexiv ng hizza.>> it mighn the still be in thearng t. >> fingersse rking lomu.
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thins we nincosati ha it otn thxbut stilce>> d t>>raie, $2ow n g ck f iwenow?at fofado this, ostheoninthat s thposs, >> i fl lo >> notes to t iknow w sph: wmepa h(apau hi. s: at sase ringuth you are a mom s.tephen: y soow a roada?
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oop poolsidet the four very glamorous.>> stawelln've-- you didn't have any oth tihing. evyt linen, inpool sroom. >> you prm, it'fo snslee f i ha c up oplsid'm aing silk tr tase ntupmus i.>> >> sphweveet yo >>ha. : nee ke ys thou th in ywm hollyod b athol>> you.
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e-- who is men-tealnge mehorowdown?ing me? at bfide ie, h you laugere ar this? u?'m right t >> s >> that's me >> omy m l: does she even your name?u, the one w. >> stethe teers.>> berere,is my , myer sisarona can ft. tephmn, n.n'et yfrom ayfamily>> steme kid my fami waon>> stephenokay, one neration back. >> r. u ysrn >> steen hey're lik na crs>> steve tt namee. . welck. exactly. tch itpaick, pgontoansition f no,
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snake. hat''s a part of the>> sphen: so you want to oir let's see, can nun sister. >> s: t do you want toiz me?h, let's many plappear, swhatu memanydid alot s.>> n phen: inceth. stesincat e thome . >>ente tll y ddo, ms d ly iav a drtal, boca the of su.n afteed
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loa, at metrogoria. >> y >> stephen: bob's big boy. guess z i dn'tnow this either >> j: i gr- >> stelechee sagib's bi ock. i d knoat. >> s: ew t sheead ach o lefr, ol ar t samme i ha fliheerreh won no d>>: ght. rtg w- steenand melas nde
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usfaer st.oseph, atute of st. j ln.. ani will tell you a storuetory, st ic persoerne sell hses rsionn th s.shul sl hehodnhi hed ou ing h miond keou p j uid wn d e es wldt tt tot.os soheottateutt e rd a t hse dtll t stu entuall ntac d aolan pse ndhe hoehd.d e ys rsthrougstuf totrto so wisngled e wi lin he h thaass d rry aremne. stemn r
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>>in.o so er tblan shl neen tirf he. sphscul w. don'ntmy atomeap he t ac sw. ounj i>> e ii ve gre gpe. >>teph: hearri domwos hash. honultehes e t feow d horngn e sh
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>> s: lc erod exsttehica he e, enrinheceltl gh e si eameuis. ee appus ) sphnomrlolyseyou ai ws ? laer sph: not mu, atp wi you has sennoe met u ceor iti
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ma y?>>bs sphhod u gestd m? elaiseinag worn ingo (pl >>ontybut the30 wasojoke.noe at.otwan n jseo weli streets iago. myatr wacarpr, ildiom thees , prlyostou- is ofama.m g a e t dai deadieom nsleeyqu , asnbvain e >>te: hoeshat us?
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n adt 20io eivent to lln he sphwh, d. >>s ga, ris s he stofme.i'm inmovi i tebeliu. ulchalyo alu on >>es b re uvable.i reer i cug h wen d, f meve hairccuher off d "ynow whher er thookeketeunevab. >>phbao e ag beusi hrdfcor. iwagrua an sph: ke ws urntadat d po, crath ouofhigo andenth thugme sph: al? th t dce thatilea ito grteaswe >> sphwo
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fule pe.>> sen-h n th to co amyr'st fd onof mostoris, tfi d ofotemtheyere gh >>teph: anounkt ad n? steenahay so wpior t gs we gti to->> sph: trt. haenntut er wteto bba and e deenf ur ggsrs wt ar hed erwaso lriiewew erhi. >>teous ngeror m. tt'ris eng fothpi wyo , t totatie c,hae ts and en wntund inly aroal offi r tephah >>re gtersn.
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icye>>en'tyephwawa afliatwe m ng>>er we t d itevhidividual dreff and bke oes. wente rv's re w ano e er sen: an a aoswellitam wever,loormeg sa "t, g iatm ant. i 't kw mabeplay inseni relydiso ient t p ach anll bods are gdost of e. stetarted
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awayt is out th way f heawa s iq, tis the quincyones hhonean>> mughtigth >>phenokayw e on$1noi untat areal. lyeaofar i thes$7 wve a linmingout. steanothene com ou we moda en: all e >> i th t now, y>> s: e myone as can i
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lot of youant to hea after all th timoubo how but yoand disc a,clasother yoo dostdeci lik k >>en: toe th se. he tt youres.tephen: hingike it o c. s. >> tha phu kn e'so notng likinjone theeet. es gtht cy.
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thisieraight talwiressses thsame cel ty aintcan he.allheouaighhonealker fuhe msung galaxy teta, te a datathsthtvalente'day isthuny!... so g to hl ear r turd.. san t bis l liine y.45-5 off corful ne dresirfom... eparlogewe d s for hee kiind mpin beot ly $7.49 e t 15% f - opf regr pce
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d to be he.>> steph saibeu aron trs of th"blackesatmo e mo t fos setngald ya conferencelatform to poe. the movements biggern any e e are songolence of l plat>> senhe orgeest fsoan ime. yoweamorega's5 teorles li and onpe bcelon te atot.atot.>>ced won gr s: w swoean?host td,de i . y worthac o
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et. i.anu ulsld bape got do teoge ab olama>> bauses a ment. eahiunore oue hf ry anat t tun f smd uslio t ke rasmhigerely untae tht. buate anitddht>>: meeopl rlicandocts apau epublindidates in o'malirst a said aives mat in se. >>what i reo thio nosuch diion. iveswewo h bin teeliavpe d ans wavd inabthise binop ttalk authion ofatter. 'st t .phwh pic omop
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plor youayinat e smihiy olcein tfran eranomtyr orcoenest atthe ctt is iju bs, d baat wishat ace country th police violeoroppip. >> ste africa with thes doesour el ec i of y cethnghe lturt anmues as y.weeetari, mi n,crs uny i arth eis ast pro>> aha g lice idaoupa, thf thisrageerated
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oby e cty tthlihee dangers jon couny. thns theha dferent responlity aabs not prpeopnd ty aren't manyts convicross counthatt ok tetha atweebraarering, grsto heil tsli hodo tnkiv ritsovenast haitas inusitood s go andwaken om s ayo n d owt sombli iunab gu. d e ct t 10s atindiisnq rheveo ge n hink i peoplember to safeing, not
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is the ra revo?>> hbout retial ec jusasre aive dre u whdiffabe ghtsnow utec righte issuese same. and we didn't innt resistance.we did itice thgy has a ages wen're led ning inaythatreea poul senwh iig n roiso d cerhis ic iocora u ofoe, ceras d s sethilla, ierely: ou de>>st : hou fe nthat e candidatesu re>> yh, the besestion rat e ha tbatefae an
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eyla hrdilry itprh e donee. cta ausyokn t k d >> ste: i mibeun te i rson met.nry louis gariican arve m addnced idyoarit e whesve i mege wsohavet.w that in mylife?usif i he a white ivege i want to be able to me someto mye oushyou a ofey en: at's lce enye. tt te.vew, ia t >>ou tt aitthiswh prileg>>s t aac.anat yano isxten at pvile so ca
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u n crteppornity pe, u amy es wotr ople't u cayour rrces create ople.plause ): seats. ( cheers and applause ) at ylan o noat y ders youitenaliteis it. >>what am antlprivilowt at y, gng to do-- .rsnd it i didge it l dgules k ou oua t , ve>>n'veynelaht hado? stephen: you n't how.>> du k le
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ra>>teencat fo heleel i anneoet vehe in iavthncou kw, blpeopr bse i amsehink is afear it will taken fryodoo manage that what ha>>i irilaug're >> stemean-- i i'm shthe hi here, sh hi you on the show, does that he a >> bab go so cree for th on anresswetalkut i s he wn, atar wa? senwa my wa therd wanait >> nve i love i love it. s
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phen: keybod'l rac ch a appuse) y makthisff banhoris r wa avo-r, irsuiofto priovrds o tciu ov. s tu o f. l fme d get sors r.
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tot's.anwho inguys? he, itiformeerit fous t haor p ke o ookliryitgi es.ah? (sigh)ou he made . what dyo we wervealexwh alexa: here's the len sn moparazzi.bawin thw his shoe atphrufor it". re...exa, wder anf bresre bre soc
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e mitgrte c sc c,thrkbega figh injce anua, kiruthwehe m eltionasoncaesmastrkinr r, supporting veterans.ngli creobng forges, pay, d tuic sandstabment pitd wt alngchee a ansb fathatlead il aemwith el in.
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that gange ste: q? >> numbeoninus mber o ienglan ntnuerneic lie d n,aswee byy atral, gre,
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on me no o of yo y d'twne dot i wot on telhat od doll m to plwhou don lacae,wn don't trtohae ian u t n d t mwn aunest on'tel wt lle ato y jt t bse
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i'm fred loveberee lmy i a do wter i plu t me n'owme rs aus ) sgrace'debut e.p. is cald "memo." afr the
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( and appe )switism bl t o leye ..ths hovrplofdeio so wr, yeand? whdoat ite of sines and aaleate oom, ul y
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phenba evy, thauch. be, cial cementboabies.u do de, e ro.'s tc.i roo nounhaweha thr bnd a to cbe nat t,heweer
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ckicand ulntdunievi to sas ichaod uiliecraig waab tothen ld ut to d a o deckof rebeccand andrew matson, seere planning a jewelhter anews t thlatehow,homeovh to s.erplf cres t bian s. afr wt iseebo t ngngsos d om arhoar a therclarand ri aacoaaro acrle wr, f h ttiadivthouhiren stf,
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th w h luy,ir a a t llout l u wiattheschil concd rk on the show. that not coinsedense here ntt wi tl e would pi
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w icarnd mfrndmecoen nhtevyby. ee ala)ptni scb ro abhssh. >>eggie:ied gemen,
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