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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  February 19, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm MST

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10:36 pm
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heno no, rltoy,id yothis bl my wiow? >> sly wld lyo >>teelie >>re. n yalacer g biy, erydy ee andpplaus)it n h. ju dhat. ju dhat ok? trgeaulbe cu kif nin l,eavre sw r atou sdent set, wl sownhcodilsandr,ie an genem. th i'lle tngit o o thts ofbo's "lsaam.d wav
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histin ina clhaonruckd id tt sat ft isi o nede fbospenbeerand ually s outodear. pr, 'l to sasq hk,se he's up nst othfaomt nd a 2incla rollquarte thevolp haom the f ng chin eryw ngcludpoweighteano owutg pingd a crd r-shaaby et akesnc ahiin klouit tt ke de ngd baod saoothir ft,ea b te w>>bsuty.
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ta. 'lstt thni.heom 5", pbotingn usomli hiba aor bl t-srte tse ng, anmprar ndnsn.he ceseditsix-hbde. hey ch$8rrbud so nows t e. d t la 6ou yingplaithcloutomom, she's an ing raisknesudeving constr tes ing actuius. mpress but d rest: art wi cr'4n fr" p d we in ou ilully pilcont is frillown form dr anpple-h.streudowing thevalue dollaatlikes day, ion
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and ste, o take ny imal. plaw som-up orweak incwene okap ad wmaeeth you tomer sm>>now, reaould mel thi onow, i s for appleco s-- exe. still hehe gla ) ( applause er woy bea ible aon
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>>en: ot a vryrepersak bone >> st'sloseough ( ) 8 m o ly>>wahe lphin i ed s to to w yy.ra do n-su irki onot.' b ha,esve stephenbaptizinu.pplause ) you'n kno lik t fe ofht ig f you hu wldn'ak teld m teef elso" y ou w aro aprte the rse r?>> g phu l
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reme othyw wu s?st oalyiocu smil au one neuse inowhat.wantedif to liteit abhingisrie?en: it's really good. i audiceght,ll ous lr. pis wi >>:hevery epi ilk o iiss her a owlkw otiun b d it.>>do y w >>yoise's s s lly o swee
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11:17 pm
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11:20 pm
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11:21 pm
11:22 pm
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11:23 pm
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ca fold pre stlelce mme ( pl )phlce t ch s"so 5 ieonnd pongra season fiveel fo-t urrt bnle o ohe st atraifha w 20 t yh. du- y>>atit's o t gondt apoheouadt
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edates l aea r thrst.( er )yeahove o phe dfor ","e in'sng hhso bop t goioen? oh, wow that'sr">>te ney dngac sxuat. ys. la kcb ye s ab cr l igoe?>>t'otik's keakplin t tee - h,phve do sene. >> really! don x,uthe sexscen and ugeree gt'min thnpt
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yinseete, etend .? eah. r s i likanns t dse d't owhyouethr. senca rhet cri >> s s the drsephen :" wypan? you inn? >>l, charaets a jvi v a ey, ." shsigea>> ts?
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11:28 pm
pht t rul yeumspouyohar sikene uhth iash. haha all? >> nll m s uit y,t't'rk- isay wxpit kne n>>e u so much
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11:33 pm
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11:34 pm
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11:35 pm
: ths' n eol eve 'lhtac k tv gee renn thouo th s ane hovr
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, dochpp tethhew. iwhwie se riardrfu, silendav s. od night, erybody! caions ne dicebhac.wor >> rgie: ae me l th t yot oungeato setight


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