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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  February 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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>> glor: it is the biggest ppesidential primary d d of all. with je full day left til supertuesday, a new cbs news battle groun trackeroll shows donald trump a hillary clinn ahead in key states. >> you've been hit, one down in ont of the suu >> glor: also tonight a viviinin police officer gunned down on her first day on n the b. under arrest an armrmergeant wife the flintnig, ter@ crisis newlleed-mailsealed ilesnd frationsthe rn o&o&ce.>> and the gim n s eloding the internetetnd breakakakup the utute. >> this is a ver traditional supporand what you did is very nontraditionalal >> not traditional at all. >> this is the cbs captiong sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> glo gooooevening, i'm jeff glor. on march 1s some candidatete mit get their last chce supertuesday brrgs cauces and
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for republicans about half the delegates needed for a prestiomarupfo fo democ isbout athird. nenes ws btl nd acke shows donala t tmp ororbly ahead in t t key supertuesday states of georgia and viinia. but traing ted cruznex. cruz's home stae. hillary clinton leadsernie sanders in tthree biggestst votg on tuesday. geoegia,a,irginia an texas have bothces covered benningi n controv oundg trum tday. here maj g. >> i d't kow anng abo ay dd duk i't ownyinabt wh you a a talkg abababie sremm seer white supupcist. e demurredhen askeddd whether x wouou conmn timesrom davav ke.. >> he tlook at the oup. i don't know what@ group you are taing about. you want want me to condemn a group i know notng about. >> but his comments today e 1818 degreesrom his stance friday when he wasskeeou duke's endorsement.
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endorsed me, d did duke endorsed me, okay, disavow,ka >> truru' republican rivals pounced. john kasich said trump h h som exexaiaiai to too. >>onall trump rused to disaociate himself and condn white sprac.. >> a ts just hc, ghgh don heenyl for e is thenite at mmera. >> repororr: ted cruz took to twitter. >> we should all agree racism is wrong. kkk is abhorrent.1>> in virginia marco rubio called trump's'sosition ununlievablele we cannot be party that nononatesomemee who refufus-- refuses to condemn white prists a a a the ku kluxux we c cnot ba party that`does that. >> trump appears inkrsing-- ireasingly disenchantnt with thth parar and saididoday he is prepared to run as a third p prty candidate if cessy.\& >> the rublin rty is not trting me right. and they're n n treating thehe
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t tump'p'lm. cbs battoundoll foununmoren half ofrepuicans inhrsupepeuesday st g gajtetes and virgia, say t anarty doe nreest t tmll. tt aoo showed v vots in tho ss believe t offe theost tiic@ messe of anyepcail thee. abama tononru pdd he edorsent eff--he statatnienator lgtitiis to um on immiioocy >> glor:r: mor gartt, thank u very mvch. hillararardrnton expdmd her over bejf sanders with primary victoryr i south carolina last nighgh juliannaoldman has more on how ton won anan it means fsrs sandnds.s. >> tuesday i ithe pimimy. >> reporlflf hillaryrylinton stofd inin arkansas a d nnessee on sunday setting her sits on the handful o o southern statehatote on supertuesdsd. d trying to capitalize on her momentum with blackoters who propled herandslidid victor in south colina.
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breaking t record set by en senar obama in0i. atn08. at s tle f srs who ped tota clin'montum hea too state where the d democratic primarap electorate is more d derse. >> we did really, rll bay with older a afririn-american voters. meaeae got decited. >> the v vmont sator has wrapped up deleges i iowa, new hampire and nevda largely withhe suppo of younger a a whiter voters. so a a clintonontays south, sanders is visitin states where the demographics play to his vor likeh oklahoma where he campgned tod. >> now am going toeeeed youheeren oomn tuesday. i'going g&ee youourelp to n th democtic n nmion. a'ioing -- i going to ed yrhelp tthenel ti..
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>> repr:nt mnwhile is tngeros awn sanderan piing ter nextt ta repliner na trump. even if kelili today imphis churchhs s t meionini hisam>> last night,mera neverrtpe beiei great. our task sk to make america whole. >> r rorter: behind e enes clinton allies in th democratic nanaonal comttee arelso working throughh varaous strategies to run again trump but not all establishment democrats ae coaa ls-- coa lessg behind clinton,, tulsi gabard endorsed sanders. >> thank y yu. re than 1500 delegates in all arupup for grabs inupertuesday he dozentates. for we've jo rector o eections anthy salvanto. we just hohoe about the mocrats.s. it was just a month ago hilla clinton belylyon in iowa.
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e was soundly defeated i new hampihe. what has changed. >> the grod hahanowtd to ry friendly territory for her, jeff. these states have high concentrations of african-american voters, they up the majoty o voters in most of these southern states and theyre solidldl behini h h. >> gr: that sd you a still seei som iues.>> y s still tbernnsaers s itsike being principlededo hosttrus wo,ng h campaiaiin osn spepeayd ororupn e lng-ter>>hereasmu lklkbout mcoubifter the last debate andndabouououe establishment trying t ge hindndne candidate. votete done seem to be listening that messagag >> when voters hear the wordd establishmenthey hear it as a a a bad rd. th say thehearees likelyy to vovoor any candidatat without is seen too tied d the partyy tablishment. >lor: they' not jusus ng with trumum because they think he's ati-establishment, they thihi he can win the general.l. >> they i thinhes in th
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ve.>> g anony so,alys, tanks >>ha jeff. gr: a young police officer is being remememered nit. she was killededhis weekend ring do her first d dy on the job. following g aul series of events in n nthnirginia. jamie yuccas has dtail>> prince williammoounty rginin police departmentpostededhis picturef rookiki officer ashley guudonbout to start her first shift. the capon, be safe.@ chchf stete hudson. >> she was literally ornn in the day before@ oniday. repter: befefe comiu.are rserv s ined for t poleme.. s car 'so rvrvrsay taentbend hselflf >> ropte gndon andwoother offirspondedot a ststst durbancon turdaywh t arred, suspe roroldilnpened re fro t d >> wvefficics that ve ben. reporr: gon's trainingnoffic and ten year
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with eight year veteranesse hempenere woued and are expeedo sive.>> off povided aid wundedd oficerentit fire and rescue staff cld geet oncee. later in`he afternoon, officer gugvgvn succumbed to her injuries. reporter: hamilton eventually surnderet. police f fnd his wife dad insidi theheome. thth c uple has a 11 yea o old son who was not harmed... hamiltons an active duty stata sergeant who works a athe pentagon. no one knows why he fired on the offifirs. neighb leon harris described hamilton aa gentle giant >> t t g, hee was a good guy thstapped tearlyunda rnin than a hdred patrol carsined up oe the hospsp where offer guindon was takem they ped esrt to a young w w firs dayon job tagically
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hees unapital muer o oaolice offffernd bei hit anthty aorney yse willeek lty. >> gr:ie yasthan you veve inta aer a sooy popoceast nightarar olprotestst clos part ootown st laty. hehe'slier.. >> oexpled late saturday n nght after a saltak city police offic shot a 17 ar old blackck teenager in th chestpand stomacac his friend mohammed saw the ooting. >hen n e copss came, theyan uputo himi pulled rrr guns out and toto him to drop i i o o te and as he was turnini aroundd they shot hi i know, i seet shootis chest andtomach.>>he spectcts still brth >>ipe sponondoal k fghe hometepo s they o feafr mohammedefused todrop the weapon. ku tvveremy hars wasne of
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the witnesses were very worked up. they were very angry. you could tete ehehe was aot of passion. sosoanpeople this, ny giveti therere l0 n aun o moole at are s snd outsi ofhe le shhte.. rr:the - presrs lhcdandn btles att a ndrece >>bsoluty y out questi t t w wnesses say thi wawaabout race. in fact several peoeoe walking by chantg b ack livevte >>epter:llt ci o oerar b by camera li tolde tey wilrease the video ofhe shoing as so aossib. meananime mohamd is in critical condition and two ofcers are on r r rine paid administrative leave. >> g gr: meg oliver,r,hank you. in hesstst kansas mo details following a mass shooting this past thursday, maojorquez is thehe wit a survivertory. >> adam miller came face to face with the shooter. >> i saw h hm come around thehe
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d ioldl him neo n,re is a fre d jstookkonfused. so i told h again. and he said i know, and t te shot me. >> rorter: cedric ford st people thuy includg4 corks xc indusieskig three of tm be lice shot t d kiiedm. ininstorbeeve aed ouin violenft bein with a arotechi orken oun x-g-griend across hesston today it was a timemeo come together. at sunday s s sces to honor the victim avd at aowowall meeting whe sergeant chrhr cartee`of tfionhe snea emed themu.>>he peoth wed thlaere phenom. thr actions were heroic that day. >> reporter: hesston songg has become a m m m here. >> they're all ginin t trough a really tough ime. the least i could do i icome out o andelp. >> reporr: for many, healing so means forgigeness and
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going through bu obviouy he felt this was the way out.t. an sco my heartust acheh for him. >epororor thehe will a momoal serce totiwht here at sston hi schch next week ford's e exirlfriend isxpected to ce audude for allegedldlgiviimeeons knowing he was a cvivi lo >> gr: to syriaai rlative cm tonight tw days into a partial ceasefire. but as elizabeth palmer portrt from homs, the q qet has brought tttt cfo. reporr: threeries ago the old c cy of homs was the fierst front line in sri en it fell t the governme and the e r and the rebel fighghrs moved o oneaving a wasteland andundredsf thousandn hmele people. s parts rdents are trinback, resblishi th eentis of life cocoerce, , en school. this is day tof t t partial
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eir the hopipit witl hold. right on the edge of towowowe n hear t t@ sounds of fighting, though.h but wiwi nooniters annywhehe, 'smpososblblto sayayhos ini wo. thnumero re atns tayrlinata fr thiheararal uc i it 48 houn, evvyb hinre muchuieter th they've bn in yeers. so t kind of lasting peace cessary to rebuild in a place lis still fes a v w oethercbse ms g in iroday ds re killed inbout a h hdred hurt in two boo attttks e first went o at an outdoor market in baghdad. minutes later the same l lation, a suicide@omber blew himself up. a group a fill writted with iceician claimed spobilityd----laim responsibility. series of gas explosions in a russian coal mi have kiied at least three dozenn itit happened in northern russisi above the arcti circle.
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and so would eryone else. new robitussin 12 2 ur li6irs f f f porful cgh relief th t ttw hou new w bibissin 12 hourur cough reliefef us never just cough.>>lo tnds emamamaleaseds ekd sw how mianovr'fi ggd handle a wat isis i fllin(( rianaz z s been reporting on this story for moodays. she hathispdate. reporter:ususweekbere vernor ricnyr declaredflt's cor rsiivatsa to drrin aeeptyt atereyy depepenenie tococoage awih bkk to o d wer sourc inhis e-mail relsehisis - weekend, treruury deputy thomas saxon told the governonos aid gelemen, i ithe attac a
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option. the estimed costas $ $ million a year. the cityventually did reconnect to detroit water in october of 2015. dada a aer the govovnor decled ins rivevewatete unsafe. the announcement was t triggered by an independent study that nked lead poisoning in children to thty's d dkiki water. behind thecenes, a formepresseary discse a plan tod th gerno tlint t t quellst oninwe kp hrings that gno involvr ech. th woulde gooho t s thende cares d ife't't anne unl 's thehe c avohe pres a a se@ op >> b protests ve continued. the fallououngs with eaay predicted in an e-maibisent more than a year ago when thee governor'special pojects manager wrote, this is a public lations crisis waiting to explode naonally. fridayhe governor admitted that he should have been more directly involved back when his
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>> that' where am kicking mylf every day. i wish wouaa asked more qutions. i wishwoul't he accept wlde anererer i'm not gog toave that happ ain. >orter:r:nyr r r e'sss woingo exnd health-carere veor flients suisied dz their water billll adriana diaz, cbs news,, chicago. >> glor: up nextxt here, an elephant's fire hour tantrum another pill stop.
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>> glor: this time it appears better safe than sorry. a threatening forst forced royalribbnntofheseasod me t rly. ip wamagedy0 ot was and huhrricane force windu earlierethis month.the ship is@ just one year old is d in new jrsey. frighteteng scene at a hindu festivaln india. an elhantent on this rampage d sd pkikiprud fnghed. no o was hurt iine guy whwas hehe e ehant's back there. but a a t of damage wa done in the fiveveour t tntrum. >> s winrsnheaseball fefel no longer get their just desserts.
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bannededheadioio osh a pie in a payerv feftns they say it'bout safetan thatie smashiane tooongerousv >> still ahehe, theymnast who
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glor: fallyonight, tkkt g gan tea mhy cturesethi like bt set to class music arter evsodes to a cllege astt strchheits t t dierenteat. >> gymnasticicis all about grace. >> nice.>> reporte p per. and hip-hop? it's not jst theigh not thatu cla gymym@ sophina de jesus hits, it's those moves.. >his is a very tditionanana sport and what you did is ver nontraditional. >> not traditional at al >> reporter: s ander teammateteare transforng the image thep s sayay valerie cons die@ knono in h 267 year as thel head g gastitititi ach. >> i feel l i is much oreboutut
5:27 pm
rispor of perfection.n >> reporter: sophina is gettinhighgharar fromudg.buttven hher marksn social media. where r floor exercise eaier this, the irst time she ever performed it, went viral. >> i woke up andy mom called me and said oh, honey, did you know that you hav like 5 million views on the floor routine, i didn't ev know it wasted anywhere. >> reporter: it's now b ben viewed more than 400 mlion times. >> tell me abobo some of the responses you'retting. s my favavsave beene m mrria proposals and prpr proposalal >>epter: a lot of spriteveak n y y, ree witheroo eted you >> she tweeted me, that w w reaely exciti. i foundut thahachs brown posted it his facbook and i was like oh my gosh, no way, noo way, no waym. even@ sophina's teammamas have gotten int the proof. ong th her coach w admits you can please a crowd but stiti not please everyone.
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stilllonov like i. i've always just compared it to a p)pcasso. asso is worth $30illion. but a a t of p p ppld nott t a pic in theirom usth don't like it..but t at doeoeoe mean thaha it's nonoexcellll art.. >> rorna has daedrresly says r futurains ince wili you not find the nae nae the ip and t dab t ts summer in rio buto the millions who have now viewed sophina's routine. >> that one pepeormance that i did, it was le thatt was my olympics. repepter: and a moment as good as gold. carter evans, c s news, los angeles-s-loloangeles. glor: that is the cbs evevininnewsonight, later on cbs, "60 mininesesand first thin tomomomw, cbshihiis morng.i'jeff gr inew york. goodgh now, from yo baking news ader, is is kktv 11 ws at
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on the run tonight. how you can help police tracachedown. hello. i'm danlle kreutter, thanksorning u u we're startiti with this 11 brbrking news alert. ght now polici are searching for a cal man, accused of trying to kill her@ sband. isiss tracie burkey,y,olice say e was lala seen heading north on i i5 near castle rock, she may have heureaold dauguger in thcar er li shey y sponded to h h ast night rep o shshs fired. instators say rkeynd h sband got into fight,nd she alllyhot hi w wiv ufd mir in fro yila. cld bdrivg a red volkswagenetta, with license plate rbv-951. police say they don't t lieve the daughter is in danger. offifirs do not thininburkey has any weapons, but should be considered dangerous. if you know anything call colorado springsgsrime stoppers r rht away.
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cod ea a ch re. a man is b bind barsaccucud of causing an explosion in home. thomas shi-muh-lookee wawawalegedlmangash l whwhwjppenedsamarc d at in het raring( ewrepoereresca leich joins usive e now. jessica you spoke with neighbors earlier today, what are th sayingngbout the exploloon? they yl me they didn't hear tht explosion t saw lots of fire t tcks in front of thome jus aftete30 thimorng. eyreusglad that eryo is ok. "aneneor 'my hay, i'mted because werar ty. everything comes to the suace soon or later and now w 's ter r r them." in colorado, it's illegafor ateur cooks aksh


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