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tv   11 News at 530PM  CBS  March 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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onire. wu're toldldt t prea some grass but it is less thananenth of an acre. we also have this 11 breaking news aelrt. . weweust arned s s im countyheriff's deputy w killed in a arash y. he has been idedeified as putytyravivissell. ititped d morningngng idid. . . ity thth deputy's v vleleeeeed f the e e nd h h a a aer cle.thdeputy'sehicle then rolled on itside. dedety russellllas t to the hospalalal ere he eie the drdrererf tht t r raras ken totoho hjspital.happenentonighgh tonight'caucusesesbe very e e cratd d d b b anan lplptr h puicanross wl wo 11ewpo alyssa in l- at ononofthicic c c#cs caons atorth m mdle schoololn coloradodopringsgs alyssasano real announmemes & will be cocong fm the ic parar tonight.
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be takina lllto select their favorite candidate, but the republics wiwi n be doinin thatininead,d,hehe spend their time tonight seleceing g legates. / degaga cane anyono... even you or me. el p po county is alllled 560 repubububn delegates. /they will be the ones to travel to the ste assembly... /# the, they wil vote to send deleges to thth pupupuananional convti in colorado, repububcans d not poll,the cananantes becaus would m4m4m4m4mce ndndg fotheir delegatete. p way t t tartyas more tim... all thway tohe convention to dede.. if you've been w/wdering why r state hasn't had many visits from repeplican idit lararly because of this decision tootl. josh dunununsociate professor of pitical scieice "even thouolorado is goingo be impopoant t t heenenen ection, , it's(kokogoininto play a majororore ininhe nomination ntest,t,hey are ing to spend r reurces ononta that araring to play a major role."
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lock.. youou can lololotov.v.v. find out where e u're ost location i ve in cocorado sprinin alysss3 ch@n@nv 11. s se e e atatatatat 11 wswswswswsws at ten for all the latest results. some polololololnalys\ar wrg off ththbernie sanders mpai ng a aer susur tututuy votersrsakakak t p p sands will@lave take e msf back to e hahas of ngresssssst t t d coloradovotersrsrsp keepepepepep alili? wawawagtgt beaief & cquq policastro has the story from the campaign trjacqueline castro/d/dver, co @ :01 bernieieans confnfnfin cococodo vers. hs expectct't a sutuesday y v hererend says hehens to campaign all the way until e convnvti this summer. . for beie sanders the bibgest y of voting in the campaigi s/sfar all about voteturnout. sot jon bond/sanders pporter r r 'm m50 p p p for bernrn sdede rht now." sanders nenes s d wiincolorado as he rallies against th
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rgelelelcking hillary clclton. his campaign is targrging ery clinton voter here. t berrtodd/clinton susuor:33 "i'm probobly more h hlaly`yro than bernie becacae i thini thatat shs justst got weal of perience a a shs morereraatatat thers campaign is angi the conventititi wiom about money in polilics. sanders raised $42 mililon in brbrrylone. clinton raised $15 million inanuary and hasn't leased h%h numbersor februaryryet. mantha cretets/s/ndersupportete@:56 really like the fact that bernie is ndins s n caaign through donations rougugor. he'e not beedd/nations throh coatioio o o anytytng." whsandnds is confintere tre'subt he sll h worko do icodo sot nce e we/coladte@ 1:10 f f had ba vote for bereje saers at thehe((( moment b i wodn'te exexted out that oice." jacqueli policastro/de nver, co @ 1:20 sanders madedet clear r doesn't plan tototo o o o o this race anytime on. and d a nign of reng a national poll shows sanders could beat the top republilin
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election. porting in denenr, i'm jacqueline policastro o in the lt few minutetewe fou out hillclinton hahawon @ orgia and virgiaiaiarnrn sandnds hahawon veveont. pos show dond trp th a a significan lead or hipenents s s os t 12 stat. he's exp w w georg. sentor t t cr`belieie'll l n n home state of texasasmake it a two n race. hihiary clcnton n s s ready shshshd some of h focus to the e nerara tion. "whahawe w)wl see, i bieve, is naldldrump and me cong outut both with a significant chunk of fofofou throughout t t tcampaign n- matatr w o the reblicans s s minana ere are 59deletes atatke for republans today and 5 are for grabs for the democrcrs. weant to get to your first
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meteorologist jeica lebebetemperautres tls afternoon are inin the 50s... mumu cooler than what we havav been sing recently. winds are breezy for mpstreass with gts i io e teens s d 20s. tempetures will feeeeilly this evening t muchchore normal for what we are used to seeing this time of year. afternoon e i the 50s... ch cooler than what wehave been seeing recently. winds ararar eezy for most eas s th guststs totohe t tnsanan20s. tempepetures lllll chiliuhis ening but much mororrm f what wededseeini thi
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radodoprings fire e ief risiriley y rerere t`e`efrfrfrfr he'sn with c cnc2013 owing yearas the fire chief for pblbl %daranentn noord why he is reting. deputy chief ted collas, whoas ed w wh h h s-s-s-s-ncncwill serveve asnterim fire chief. we want to t you know that abridge wililbe c csed for t t ek and half so repairork@beone.e. are tng abouthe bdgdg drive in colorado springs. it will be closed from march-2-2h. evev after@r@r@rridge reopens thwilllle l l l l l orut f fr r eks to ftehe wowo. ntntrsor t t p pblbl poceceepartmt t e norerefor r rd work. they each h lunteered more than n five thousand hours ofir own time last year. the 40 voluners re honor atat luncheo today. police tell us they y ve some staffing isssss so this program helps them fill in the gs. one awd winnererells us hehwas rprisetoto win.
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o shkeke i ry s bebeuse e e e voluntr`pupsn n m mh ti a a s`hffort and i was just surprised it was me but i'm thrilled."th ithththiriryeye of e ram t the e lice dement telel us they plan expandndg i . the zizi virus is now confirmed in colorado. comimi up on 1 1ne at 5:, how many caseshere are ininurteteig n nnd what t heaeah depameme s ss abouthe popoibibity of m/me cases ininun old you u ututa y ntededjug at bu tststcash. w wewe havevee e deo in actite$getto jameswn r r check you evevevmmmme. nb i-25 fr cimimtotofoarow at a aa. crash uintah at i-25. a crash nb aca blvd.d.
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h hancock k e. 30 minutes thrhr town. more than an homoo denver. 42 minuteteto pueblbl for livetrfic conditions 24 rs a day, go to affic watch on o web channelelt i'm jameown n n ewtraffic tch. yoyore wating kk 11 ws with dianne derby, don ward, chief meteorololist ian blede, sam faswor with sports and mes brn with traffic. this is
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take a look at this guy,y,e's 34-year-old alex smenono police say he's stolen cash from
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his calling card is to dacac the clerk andn grababhe cash. police s s he's still out there, and likely to strikekegain. 11 news report dustin cucuckck live in t t wswsom dustin, 7 7 are policeceo s he'll do this again? it's becse nhi seems to deder him.m. even beinin ararsted. police sayerernonoent on a imimspspe back in gust; he hit four hotels and a subway restaurant, all in coloradngs. in each case polsasahe woure someind d d dictioto get thele t lethe room, then hehwogo to wor t t cash drawer. . got awawawith hundre o o dollar he was arstst at the d d august,t,utboed o idecember. and then last week he hihi the crosd economy studio near acamy andndnd foununun. ivideo of that cide... . sked the to getim a g g g of f ter, a a a a a en she l lt, he jujuedr thunter@ananstole tht& cash. . cathernie bububuy/colorado spsps lice deptment: rd to say if h hwod eseslate ororot b there's always that chancm. the fact that he h h ne seperate and distinct
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viously a con. t tt's sobody who's not gogog to stop doing what theh'r'r'ring." whwhwhwhmeno wasst arrested, poce say he admitted tthe es... ansaid he needed the moy to feed hiheroin addiction. live in the newsroom, dustincuzick, tv 1ws thanks d dtin. cacacacaice if you know whwpe heis. . there e two confirmed case irus i i colorado. boerrepopoed lasas week, anan th heopltruveled to a zika infected country. thate will squito that not te in cocorado. thc-d-d-recommendsisi[ing r weste for momabo zik inctctct e. have e at l l lon ouris kktv dot c. ssdada tomorrow? detaililcoming up in the fulul forecast
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weather nter, chief we don't just serve any fish sandwich at culver's. weweerve wild-caug, north atlantic c c. this cod gws in water that is cold, clcln and pristine, full of avorful nutrients, anthat comes thr(ugh in the fish. ththths the way ship ito ur r rtaurants. 's notre-breaded. n n only do we use the highest quality y d, butpwe s sll hand-batter it t t oldashioneday.'s rbl and we think we get the best fishilet sandwich because of that.
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"wcoco to delious!"full forecast nono from thth11 breaking weather center, chf
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tutuwi startut!th lylynynynk and w will cm downafteoon high tempererures will be aut 10 0 degrees coolerhan mondnd's into e e s fothe wer elevationsndhe 40s in the high country. we'll be breejy thehe afternoon. wll warback u uto e 50s and s on wednesday wi win picking up
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anger ba coerer fire wther watch goes into effect l le morning dndnday. sthern cora will remain dry thugh the rest of the worweek witmild teteeratures. the weekekd also looks dry ananmild. stlylyny s sesndinds llalm wn. afrnoohiemperaruwi
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monday's i io the 50fofo the lower evatatat and the 40s e brs thehe fnchi tag today... we've been talking about this for a few weeks now... the franise tag is thelityo ayer r omng able to nenetiatatononhe free enen market.... tele you who the broncncncsed at on, cinup...
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the rockies made an adjumememe today genenal manager jeff@ idych says will helplpven e l%vel of cpetition... tete you what th is, next in
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it takes s ss t tn one minute to findut if you may havavprediabetes. anu cacadot here. soat are yaiting for? just go to e site. om numr ovevl l afafaf pi to super r wl-v-v-v. n eraseeeeyt the broncos had hoped and wished for on the football field since selectingng him...(. the broncos?????hey have beeee everything von hasasop and shed for as well... . even id yesterday that he wants to his entnte career with the broncos... first step was taken todayay towards accomplishinin that goal.l. thought it'sot a coctract extensn... the broncos officially took von
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taw!on him... john eay stoday that by usini&the onvon, it buys t t teathe titi n nd totoontinue w,rking towards a long-term agret... he s s sthe e lklkththhaha& haveeeeeododtive so fa e adlio wo outlongerals ju ... ons s y net me toocacathe t tririteringngfreency may not beo eaea toxlockckown... acing to espn's adam schefter... broc oswewewe and malik jackson will both b bhitting g e mark whefree agency begins next week. other team, thth av fewio f f fhe broncos at`t q-b posoti. kirk cousins receifid the ancheptag todadaby thekins... sam fofo and henne re-signed with their@respsptiveveeams..that lees a b obackups... oem deoo fobs.ryatri didtart muc& he seaso r thjets... t he's3. rt griff the 3rdas c upupn talklkoul% being denver... curreneny y 's s sll under
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released... so what aboupeytyt mning??? . bncos keep m... they'll he to p him 1919illion dlars next seas... . the e rce n'n'n'skll teamameturns me tonht whehe they haveon fo straight games... it's senior t.t.the ebnal home ge the regular season agnst the utah s ste aggies.s. the ball tips at seven... ow you if thfalcons continue their winning ways toght on 11 ws at ten...the lorado rockiki are bngac thi offafan t ting l the ayinfid... vicedent and gener manager brydid today in a team release th, ot "everchange we make to our process, our field of play o team, is with the goaoaoa b bmore@e opotitivas a result." " so... ey went ououd signed se titi arms to into the pitching rotation??? nah... of course n n... stead... the rockies save decided totodjust e ight of the outfieldldences... isicre is the "before" pictur what 've been used to seeing...
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rockcks.....s the afte.. raising the nce e ong the line way y ross the bullpens... they a a beiaiseeit feet..&.. we had reaeapeople make their n pizzas. they chose the ingredients they wanted. i like the fresh dough. apap bha whre f flersrs you guys just mama your zza the e y i makea. hey! i iredients that you cacattprononon and nortififiaflavavs. andnwe're proud nne
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apapohns.s more cases of sex abuse in the cathol church are rfacin on thehehurch leaders wowod tell t t the sex abuse. wh ee the inveigation
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d hacks can g%g%into your smardevices. buit'son jusyour pho or your coepur. what securury@experts want you to know. and remember kktv 11 news is ur breaking news leader.
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from sony pictures studios, itititmememe'se! wheel... of...
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eatlemememem arerere s s our sasak aavavae!e! eeee ause ] [ [ hs hi( thank u, jim. thank you very much. goodbye. . . . efefefef , everybody. how you d dng? havto... we h htotototoa litttttttte. vavaa a n't walk f f f 'l'lfall o oher . lalalaer , geg%rerey. a a ass u u u u thne i iwowtwt$1,000. e's in plala. "w"w"ware e u doing?"""is the catoror her go. [ bell chimes ] penny. taking g gat bite. , , , , himes adadad. havinw a areatime. yeye. chrs a a a a aus pot thth y canan hav time t ting a big g g g t yodid fifi w urur1,1,1,1,d*ian.
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anwel weweomomyou u u r lili proroam h h%( isiss adadan s sight he in l l lngeles. a dio programmer. that is s rrrr m m sicfcfcfeoplp t tlove a dailyasis. ohoh you? od. spspking of lo, you have t thildren. two boys -- adrian jr., 12, on, , thosguys. wewewaall th.. erfectay f f you i#ajust haininout t t t guy a lilile three-o-o-oreebasketball, gogoo e urur yeye. pl for ltle t ofoneyey d they a a a a sad wiwi$1,000. . ngralations. and ey're gonna play with that money in a minute.e. [ lalahs ] all right. good to ha y y here. ank k k k , katy. hi. aty casler is from fargo, north daka. this is true? yeye whatato yo there? i'm adminisativivasasstanan for a natial lr distbutor. d you'ren enge adadnistrativesstata. engaged to my wonderfulul fianc\, , ler. 've been t tetherrfor sisiyears. yeah? haha you been to calififnia befofo? no. th ie rst time. 's vercingng we, goodhave an exexting half hour. thk you very much. nice to have you along as well. pepey.y. hi.. pefafaon is s s les, whh h believevevevn sia, if i'm n m mken. yes, it t .... office admininir there, -nd d


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