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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  March 2, 2016 1:35am-4:00am MST

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major vicri for gop front-runner, donaldrump. the e estion n n, , , y one e ything stotohim fromning the f mination? jan crawfojo has more on the ionaire's rererkable political rise. tuesy wawagoing to be the republican front-runner, ieaea people w wld have laughed at u. i i an h h brazen campaign, it has en anythinihbut ordinary. but for t ump it is workrk >> reporter: when n nald trump deended on a presidential race lalalaune. >> i wililbubua great, great %% ll. >> reportete theillionai's bid for the white e quicy becaca a l le night punchlhle. >> donald trump annonoced today he i irunning f/r prprident of e unit stas. which@by tay tradidionalal means six momo weeks of comedy. >> only losers walk. presidents take stair force one.
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ththtoof the rublican lls. d noandidate ocontversy has bebeble tople him. >> thehere bringingndnugs.s.. thth're brininng cri >> rorter: he has tatan n mecan immigrgr.% >> thehere rapisis, some i assuue are good people. >> r rorter: he critized senator john mccain. >> he ep a war hero because he wacapturedhe i look people who wewen't captured. hate to till you. reporter: battled with journalist megyn kly. >> you cl l n you u n't t like, fat pigsgsdogsslobs, and disgusting anima t7ler accouou. >> only roe o'donnelel reporter: eveve time e lkg heads swe his run waover >> i dent owhat sa. n'mberer >>anou succe wheyou >> h c c you become presidenen you can't$ saying things l l th ry time ey were wrong.>> i s thetrtiona es>> thehee ageous h t
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when trump proposeseseis. >> for a total c c cete shutdown ofofuslims entering the united statat >> reporter: thehehite house >> the fact that what donald trump said yterday disqsqlifies him froserving as >> 2epepter: the voters rallied. >> nothing unds thth guy. he is the clost thing toto and mes what he says. the rategist, among thosos this farbr >> repeplicans were lookokg for the antitiesisisf back obamamama and dhey f fnd it donald trump. r ry rich.>> t tmp is s itated. irritable. rough, but everything that the looking for. >> i could stand in the middle of fif avenue ana shoot is likencredible. he sd heaw thousand of
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hehiad a dustup with theope. i meananheheope. and so fararhe sled above it all. trump's main political opponents, namely ted cruz and marco rubio continueueo press the front-runner to o lease his tax returns. eyeynsist he mt ha somemeing to hide. julianna goldmananan details. >> reporter: if doncld trump le his taxreturns,t would show his income, what percent he is paying g xes how much hehis g gg away pd to what charities. heays s canan.n i was the first one toile a financial l sclosure form. alalst 100 pag. you don't learn anything about somebody's wealth h th a tax return. >> donaltrump says t internal revevue sererce is keeping him from releasing his x returns. >> f f many yeaj i iave en auditeteevery year. years or something like that. every year they audit me. audit me. t thehonlylyeasoyou don't rereree them is because he is afraid he will get hit. prevevting trump from releleing them, audididior not. somethininthe irs cannot@t
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disclosing if a private citizen is beegss -- is b auded. >> i give monenetoeoe. chchies.s. loveveveplpl i think, i a aa nice perswn. i want t tbe a nicpers. his campaign says he hasasen away ove$100 million. trp's tax x turns would prove a compte p pture. >> that's the part that t really tricky. and you knowownobody is required to disclose their private donations. bu don'tave a sense of whether thths trtr or t. >>cycyalmer or of f e chnicle lanthrop >> thereenen bee nouncements frfrfrecipients. >>o a sesee of t's anthpy, tne f ar t filings fis donald. ump founti erhat riririitave awaw justre$5.2illion the st of t recit skewtowardceleleit in 2014, d dations from the %% trump founon dpped 35%fromomher bere.e anybodwho givemoneneis a philanthrost
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philanthropisten a l of people's definition. or i iluentialalnes in american n philanthroro. no. we don't see e edence ofhat. more than 60% the money the doesn't come from the billionaire. comes from outside donors. one new york donor gave $1.9 million to the foundation. norah as for trump's recececchary drive r veverans, he says he stributed millioio his aigi wononrovi list of whwhthe money has gone. cbs news investigation fofod a pennsylvaniaompany was not onon psing off c e e cheeses as parmesan or romananbut a long history of dangeroroealtlt hazards in its facility. jim axelrod reports. yhia ininstats s d castle
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rketing 100%armesaeese, he produ thehewere markg on tabelnot wpat thereling. >> reporter:r:he u.s. attorney brought the case egainst the mpananafter an fda i ipection in 2012 found the parmeses w w mixte ofofheaper cheeses lpke swiss and cheddar d d one case,n unown grnt. >> advertising as rmes, d puing g mething else so o e supplierercud makeore none kneeee that i iclearly frd ononhehe consum.>> this was fraudulent in yoyo vivi? >> yes- >> repepter: we found fraud d mimit not the worst of it. these fda records show finished cheeseas stod in this unrefrfreratedoom, which c cld
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what's more, the company found listeria, potentially dead pathogen in its production a aa ten times. but stst`tontinunu to o odode e and sellllo o rget a w w-mart thout teing g g that might b btroublblenououou ife didi also o nd roror fr the pennsylvavaa department of agrgrululre which i ipeed castle around d e sasa time as thfda. those records tell a very ditch rent story. in june, 2012, the state wrote ---- august o o13. when he e fthe department of agriculture for r new job. dict of quality control castle chees wiew >> we asked trotter to e elain his reviews of castle. t t declined. castle cheese is no longer on the maet.. the company filed d r nkpt
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pwhile its extended release dine lasts r 12 hou. t dsym . people are talking how oscar host c cis rock jojod d out the lack of f versrsy at this yearar academy awards. but for some afrfran-a-arican actors there is nothing funny about i .
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rs g gater o oortunitieses n tracy sat down wit legendarproducer, norman leer who gained fame and fortune bringing the liv sf black americs totohe small seen. well we a a moving on up >> reporterj more than 40 years o, normamaleer pioneered a new genre of sitcoms by casasng b men in leading roles. thjeffersons portrayed a wealthy family and aireded onn cbs for ten years. howobiggf a deal was this sho when it was ohe air in terms of whatttepicted? >> i learned later aut the big deal as -- as pele of color came to me and,talked to me about what the show meant to them. ssell ons saw george jefferson wrwre a eck.k. and heever forgot. that is the moment he learned he ld me that a alack man could write a chk. >> what eeeeis se mo green.n. >> w wt norman broughto
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it was, , ofofable and successfululor tvtshows totoalk about what was happeningngn the cultltat the time. ininn epepode that aired in 76,he le charactereroply exged slurs. >>on't call l honky >> why are you so sensitive all of a sudden? >> he isot the oone.e. >> houou like it i lled y [ bleep? >> y yalled me [ bleep. >> the euccesesef leer's programs paved the eay for the cosby sh. d the fresh`prin of bel air. >> iwehiladelphia. >> t tse dictionof epper middle-class black families rarely iluracial iues. >> idoesn'feel le we about these things as forth rightly as you a doing on televisi. rica doesn't look itself in the mirror and see itself
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oblems. > neeeea real woman. >> n wreached a point ere all tv networks are so desesrara for audiencecehey're turnini t t women and th'r'rg toto lelelecololowho oronatatatath television t tn whwhwhwhdidididi >>s isismpororntntnt rererereoio o t t d d tch ether. this week, the abc comedy "blackish" broadcast aepisode pice brit wds s e innsy awaitingtht t t t) isjsoing.t\l\j isap w)wl weill them?0 e. >p e e >> they're not just children. thth're ack chdrenment they kneato knonothe world d eye vi inj m m mof d o telesiojas nadit t e bigjscreen.h omen a people@of color are underrresent ra sentt i levivion just lili inn film, but in film i much worse. a study releed by the e university outhern californrnhows a predominantly white hoywood and examed
1:54 am
vies, tvnd streamini shows. .7e white. 12% are blk. 5.8% areatino or h hpa>> yave of siptshen n e lisevelina sh fonelix x a aaltino cast. > dyou think television is much as you did back then? >> iididt think he were shinan enve\e. >> and refcting society as it is, isisll leer's passion. for cbcbthis morning, ben tracy, los angeles.
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be rigig bac a woman from maiai recovering n nely after a a a ey transplant. tht operations don't usually make theews. but it is hoholinda dedeing maged to find a kidndn that tp worth a look.. dana json has`thththory.y.
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routine. threys a week shshshp p p bere daniv 2 te as ceer. s foouococan er e.. buon mas shet e cent o lt time. thth63-year-old grandmototr wawa overcome with h liefef hours later. >>i. she mehenor for e firit time in person. >>hank so much. emming's search ben 14 ago w w wtests s veal dneys stped functig. ey crashed..... walad donononnowhall l a sudden that they c cngededo much.h but th did. so thahas when had to get,t, signed up for r alysis. >> dococrs told her need a pdney transplant totwurvive.
1:58 am
asked our famimies. and, we got sipeopop to o ep forward to, ttete ne of them t tted d ll. >> she(wasasut on tranlant list b waser mneto fi a l lg donor r her own. adadigns. printed d s ers and maki buttonaskikiotottial vonteers to get teed. it was a facebebk papa, a kidney for linda that caught amber mcintyre's attention. >> you know how it i go to rk. sit down. going through the phone. and scrolling roh the news feed ththth popped up. to this day, i don't know why. i had no affiliation with it. nobody know had a&filiion. moved by her story, th 3737ear-old mother of four volunteered to qualifyeeping in touch with demminthrougugut the process.s. every time e callll. passed my genetic testin hey,he c csspsatch went throroro > are getngtional. >> i ced ery time she called. i d juju up and do^n ipdon't knowowhawordrd can say her. i can say thank you, that just doesn't cover . she is giving me life, she is giving me my life. >> w did y want to do this? it literally boils done to the fact that theys the right thing to do. fr the momeni knkn i was a matctc i knew this would happ. >> how a aut a toat?t? y. >or demmingnga c ceceo experience life on her own terms. >> wt will yououo with all thehe free time? >> i don't know.w. i'm jujuoingo li my life and that'the`"cbsbsvernht ws" for this wedneay.
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contins. youou a a gng t look back o o this nig a you will say ts was an amazing ening. >> we@ havav come t far t sp now. we have got toeep going.
2:00 am
weweilwin ivember. >> people, whene stand toge, , , , be victorious. will not lethe arican lit go t. ill fight fororur constitutionon >> iopeeouou w wl standpor me. op you will fight for me. >> everybod i love u. t outndvote vote. vote. te.. & > od ening. i'scott pelley with our super tuesday, super team, norah o'donnell, johoh dierson, charlie ro anthonymason, bobobob schieffer wiwi our nene pgynunana it is bigst nht y of campmpgn 2016 as americahooses a new prident. >> nearly half the delegates neededo capture the nomination werep forrabs tonight along
2:01 am
needed for the demratic nominatiti let's ve a blook wowo gegia, alama,a, virgia, nnfssee, arkana, ssachusetts, and vermont. t ted cruzon home state of texas, thehe biggest delege prire off the nighgh d neighboringd oklahoma. he@ survives to figignother day. marco rubio getsisirin in mnnesota. >>n the democrati, hillary clinton has won masssshusetts, orgigi viviinia, alabama, nnesse arabnsasasandtexas. and bernie sanderer won hisom state of vermont asell a as oklalama, miesota, andnd colorado. >> >so,ohn dickerson, what have we learned tonight? >> learned a g gd night for the front-t-ers.s. abouo the lengers? bernieandedeot se wins. heheot wins inn states with the liberallectoratend n n an, prettyhihi electorate doesn't sugugst he w wle able fix hisrobln e democrat par where
2:02 am
ntrararolelee h h been able to make @inros. on t r rubububnside. of a atcomes fond trum won b bunstat.yet t s c cpetiti has enoh pe tha aows tm to susuive.e. whicans hihipepetion cocoinues totbtb spspt. there is not a single alternative to donalalump. >> john didierson. thank you very much. major g grett is@ in palm beach, florida, wherereonald trtrtr hdl news cference tonight. florida ishehe nt big cont winner take alal coming up in two w wks. major? >> reporter: sco, on the biest t ght ofis p piticic reer, , nald t tmp didot rentnt hall a a p pk it ful of cheeringngsupporters. inineaeae decked the stagef hi thepulenttagefff his babaroereet the resort wit amamican flags and a podium giging it alllwe assumey design theook and feel, just a little b of an east roo presidentialews onference wesked trump torespond to criticism today fromepublican
2:03 am
house speaker paul ryan. that tmp had not done ough to disavow ku klux klan and other hate groups like at. trump sa heidid in f ft disavovothemem dad duke andtherer like them and sa he wouou work wh ryan. thenene addddyan better play with congress. paul ryan. i don't know him wellllll sure i im gng to getet a ang great t th him. i don't,, hee will h he to pay a bib ice,e, okay. we have donon sometng that almost nobodyught could bee dodo. and i'i'very proud off it. i i stanan toooo leaea y yith h this, i a a unier. i wod lovov to see the publican parar and evevevedy gegeogher andunify. and when we unify,here i nobody, nobodydyhat is g gng to beat us. thank you very much, everybody. ank k u. thank yory chcp thank you. trump didid not declare himself prprururivepeplica nominee but did say h is expanding and
2:04 am
and he madetttlear that - - p see a multandidite fi a aad somethi thatt works hisisdvange.. willllivide thehe tirump vovo. is race t t int a completely different stage on march 15th whenig s stes lik ohio and floriri have primaries andward their deleg too t t winn wner takeall. arlie. >> joining u now, winner of the repupuicanabrimaryn home state of texas,enat ted crcr. senator, thank you for joining us. i shouou also@ say you oklalama as well. that means that you have w/w three primary states. acus atat my qst to binhat does this m m m forosouou campaign? wewe, charlie, thanknkou f f havingme. a terrific night tonighgh what we have seen throughout t course ofhis wholerimary has beenradually winnowing ess. started out a year ago, 17 candidates.. first fofo states winnededhat
2:05 am
andnfor the republicans, 65% to 70% % ep\boaoa w o rececnize domp its n@t t bes nde to go heato-hea with hililry clinton. d dd is o nononee, all likekeod we le t t hilla clinton in the gener ection whwhwh h he and believeill happenenomin out of this is thtt weill see rublins unng and comin togethe in this electn. coming togetrrrt the strongngt camign to beattt nana trump is our caaign. >>enat teded cruz. congngtulation agaga.a.a.a.a thank you for joining us t evening. >> thank y y,, arlie. ananyou r hang me. speakinggg hry clinton.n. she won seven states night. nononohes looking ahead t t orwhichsswoee fro today. nay cord i miami whehe a cln ampaign rally has just apped up.. nancy,y, good evenen reporter: good evening. cltoididtus w big in e e ut nighgh sheonp by 00 points. inin.
2:06 am
those kinds of marginsns are real going to drive up the number o oelelates thathehe kes home tonight. thatatupset win in masaschuset wawajust the i ing on t t cake for her. sasaeas came out earlyn the night,t,pokenis home sta ofrmono. when clintonookhe stage here in miami, she barely mentied him. instead,he positioned h hself as theanti-trump. not menong donald trump by name sayingheoesn't want t buildwall sh wantk to tear down barrie ansheued tha w wt he cotrally needss a little love andkikiss. >> >hisountry belongs to all ofus. nonojust t at the toto [ cheers and applause ] t jt to peoplee who@ look one way, worship one way,even thk one y. [ applause ] we can disagr on a democracy. thth's what a a d docrara is
2:07 am
we going to not allow billionaires and their super pacs to destroy american decry. [ eers and applause ] >eportrr: sdede took home trophi of hi own. he won i&i vermonon oklalama, minnesota, colorado. and hetainin hasauhe m mey to kp going. but theeality norah,h, it would take some kind of major development at thissoint too- chchge the tractory of race. >> nancy cordes, thananu very
2:08 am
2:09 am
righghback. e'll tal somof@fhehe as the lefeft the polls. re n n wh what we foundt. good evening. >> thehe unemploymentate may be
2:10 am
the economy wost important issu both pardres day. let's looo att republicans fifit. a a ird of repeplicans told thth enomymy was iriropop isis govement s snding came in secoco at 28%. among those o m m thehe economy their toto issusu look at huh they broke. donald trump got most of these voters. 36 mamao rubio, %. the economylaying for donald ump. >> the economy the t issss amg democratic ters. there you see,e, 38%ayinin the msst important. folled b bincomeinequalityt 27%. now,f tse democratic voters who said thathe econono and jobs are mwst importt. 62% of thosese voters t o hillar clinto % went to berniesanders. particularar interesting bause ofourse senator sanderc madade incoco inequali economy signature issues. as donald trump p hnted out, the median income of amecans has declined since theast presidential ection. >> elaiai, thony, thank you veryryuch.
2:11 am
is with ourur two cbs news politicalcontntbutors, peggy on,, and jamaall bu >> if wasritingng a press lelee e rhe m mnsnseam traditional republans, thehehe washington republican tablishmt, i would start it ttte snoy wou i wouldld start it was d dk and storm night. this is the night t ty never thought woul happen.. ggy,y, t t t never took donond trump seseouslsl ey're sa denial now. 'roming torips withhe factcthatt donaltrum is on his wato gettingng the rubnn nomimimi. d thelternati hahaha may be emerging is sone that shington publican pepeally in t senate li,, dislik even mor t tn donald trump, andhatt is t uz. whatatwh are t goioioi to do? it is an amazing`gmoment. theyof course, t ty beingg the
2:12 am
republican estataishment, they do not want trumporll the reasass youow. and everybody knows. they also doototan thehe man whwhi tnknkmergeded a his challenger, tonight, ted crcr i think a lff peopleead b bn thinki it wouou bearco rub who would be comin up. he w wlde theanti.trump. hink it has not worked well for hihi tonight.t. stillll hast won something. and if y y arere going to bee a winner it is itant to w sosothing. i t inkkirginia@ was probably a big disapin thememt forpointment. i thoughghbio's c cments in his inteithh chaie rose in w wch he id, threw d dnhe gagatlet. he said a t tmpomination willl destroy y eeepepliparty. will split the republicann papay. he will fight to t tend. this is epic. >> what do you think? >> real opev question, if trump comemeand march 15,akes primars, and h is the
2:13 am
reicans like mco rio they said these t tngs theyave t_ make a choice areheyoing totoall behind him rejecect him. if t ty rejec him, then they haveo say to emsesese th'r'r forfeinghe whi hothre imptant thier i to p pveveve trump takeover of the republilin party arevent a d dtrucon of conservrvive vomentnt nservatism. youow,eard today from republican ader sior people inshsngt, who say they'rnow hoping f an open co. how long h it bee since you have heard l lders of eher party y y, wt reallyant is an o conventi theyant to sese iteforehe t toit. ys, party leaders est s at t ty c connuee themsesees havav aertain amount of prictality,0 stababity built into the stem.. they denton't#wantnn openn convention.. they a call it a brokered convention. thatat because they still have the illusion t they will b%b the brokers.
2:14 am
this thing i thk,ft goes to t conventionon it g gs to the flflfl wow. that would be a nnybrook. >> let's t tk liltleitbout the democratat whwh about hililry clinton? is she welln her way now to gee nomination? >> 100%. this was a great night forher. expecto contin dois well. the upcomingrimaries all have similar combination. virgia, georgia, large afrin-americanpopulation, substataial latinoo populations and enough white voters t t bring her the thextra mile. this is s s s off just a steady march to the nomination for clinn. th tt said t does n n mean bereree sanrs needs to u orr le from thehe beginning it's clear that bernie sandersrs isnnh more concerne abo his meage. >> he sai actually and said again tonight iil see you in philadelphia a t convention. is not going ywhere. >> the "cbs overnight news" will be right back. sometis we u e-yrageto enhance myods naral moistun gegeinto it a bit quicker.
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2:17 am
anotherr ection year batttt, centeron the vacancy for the supreme court.t.- senate republicans want to lve the nomation to the nt president, well today the rrent pruridenentried t change tir minds. here is chief legal cocoespondent jan awrd. reporter: theheting witit publican senate leadershipiwas littleore than a g tow-op. >> thank you, gugugupcome on.
2:18 am
>> minority leader harry reidid@ >> we can at leaea meet wh the president's nomin whi s suld `eomggickl eyadam they said no. are not goingoo do thisi@ at l. >> = ;or leader mitch mcnnell said reid wld do the same thin >> if the shoe w wethe@ other foot dony of y y thinknk the democrat majority in the senate would d confi r rublican esidens nomionon in the la yea ofrm? ofourse not. reporr:he presidedeow is n nrowiis lis of nominies. d in searcof a a s sid l leral th a a arlin r bringsivivsity suc a federal ju ketabrown jackson. and, federal appeals cott pauau ord,d,merpupme court clerand cpora lawy.
2:19 am
administrations. the elec, all thingsseing equal me democratsshink the presididt will tap a nominee th can help rarly the base sie turnout@novovr could well b b bhe key to the white house.e. >> j crawford, thanks. >aple'sop lr td congress today theyhi could steal more information f fm a a iphone thqn by baking ino a use. that why a ale isighthtg courter t unck anphone used by one of the s bprnardino terrorists the fbi dirirtor presented h h caseor opening the phone. jeff pegugu. eporter: f firector j jes comey says what investigators arasking of applpl tak the g dog away. let us try toickkheck repepter: lawakers questionn ether investigators have done erythinghgn their purr to brbrbrintohe killer iphonen before ting ale to court.
2:20 am
>> a a youestifying today that yo oror contractorc t tt y y m empl could not achieie t ts thout emananan a unwilling rtner r ? >> cocoec cocoressman, joh con@n rz, a a michigan democrat ququoned the timing of the case. i wou be deeply` disappointed iffhe turns o that the governmt issundo be exploiting a natiol trqgedydy to pursue a change in the law. >> repteteastt december, sayed farook and hiswife, killed 14 people in t t adlilirrorort attack o u.oil sce sepepmberth.. ininheayss and w aft a a ta -- investigatorsttempted to extract inf mum the iphone. the fbi made a mistake, reseing farook'sassworded d d
2:21 am
from syncing from faro's loudonline ckupup investstors s ed access t t dan thephe fbibi decr anowld gettin i i wil havav innall imimimations. f pegees inn t t wawhingngn newsom for . thank you. > hundrdrs ofl policec officers paid)their final respectss today. in virginia. the e e ceilliamam cnty rookie cop was shot on saturdada while responding to a domestic vienceas was her firaan ththjob.>> guchlt shwas28. sptscasterererin arewsells a ry she willeverhe same after beieiei photogrhed nude in her hotel ro. andill cosby's criminal case
2:22 am
righback. erin andrews doy, i ing the man who took t t videg and the hotel where it hpened for $755 millll anna rner i following the case. >> i havee t alwayset treatment f/r this. >eporter: the 37-year-old sportscaster cried throughout her two days of testimony telling the jury sheas dealt % wiwi embarrrrsment, umiliation an depressio since being stalked and secrerey videotape ile nakad i i herr room at this shvilleotel in 2008. >> i feel like if i can do the p nflfl game a a wk the wld ries and pass out the trop, en people will forget. andd hopefully i w wl forget. >> haveeou bee able t forget? >o.
2:23 am
now p panoioi everyime shu ecks into a hoteloom. >> i instantly cover pehole. and then -- i d d check of the room. i loloeverywyere.e >> reporter: in a video dedesition, her stalker, michaelbarrett ttified h he pkedd andrews because she was treingg ononne. hed a h h phonet t marrio where andrews was staying toddd room number. thususphone. concierg phonehows t t room mber. what room mbmb. barrett s st celone video rough apeep holend putf nakedideoeof andre on line erit h h h h been watated more than 17 mlion tis. andrews says the staff at the nashville marriott shoul have told h h when bretttttt to stay in t roo next to hers. in cross-examanation, lawyers for r eoel ownenearrit frfrchiseeempmpsize andrere
2:24 am
>> you have done veryell in your cararr nce 2009? >>es. barrett pled guguty to ststkingngrews i2010. ananwawa sentenced t2 1/2 years inison shee wasn'tis only victim, scott. the former insurance ecutive testifieiehelso pososdideoeo of 10 other women li. ann werner, thank you very much. in penenylvavaa an appeals court put the sexualss im ceinilcosby ld. cosb accus of d dgging and mosting a woman in 2004. a hearing schedulee foror next we h h beenostponed while the court now considers cosby's
2:25 am
2:26 am
> coeingp, we endh tonight with a view u.s. psidentiall election fm across the pond. mark phillips cght up with the first t othein waiting. >> you are righgh jususus so
2:27 am
bernie, there was larry. h he you become ainor celebrity? i h he becomeinitely minor celebrity. absolutely.. >> reporter: larry is bernie sanders' older bther by s year they have bee close sce chilood and through life. ananttchchgisbrother's campmpgn from a stancece larry has en surprpred b b a couple ofofings. arting with the name >> peoplee say, well, bernie >> bern, toarryt has never been bernie,it been.. >> bernard. >> bernana, , ally. >> rorter:ar lived in enenanansince 1919. stlyf the unirsity tow ofoxfo, where he h h taught and prprprcececo work. and from we h h bnore an a little bemused at bernie or bernard's current hip campaigngnmage. he is being calledd coolol [ laughter ] reporter:r:r: f fd that usin >> it amusing.
2:28 am
>> reporter: dothy and elias sanders didn'taise cool childrenthey rsed p pitical ones. y too has r for ofce. heos badly. il a brothchgro afaree a usefulounding board for a p esidtial ndidate. hehealls ysays how am i doing? no. he d dsn't sayow am doing?g? he says, he saysngs like, it's hard job. it's goiretty well. i dot know what isisoing to happ next >> reporter: neither d ds lalay. have y y bough youh suit for thee inauguraon. >> i h he a jackeke for interviews. the it comes xt. >> reporter: larry is going to watctc beie's'sampaigig a lite more bef plang his o oer at the tailol. mark phillipsps cbs newsws ford, enand. that's t t "cbs ernight nene" fofothis dnday.y. for somef@ the news continins. for others, che bkh uss a little bit later for the mororng news a of course, cbs t morning.
2:29 am
i'm scpepeey. >> you areoing to look back on thisight and you will say thisis was an amazing eveng. >e have come tofar r sp nowe have got top gogog.g.
2:30 am
we will grow i we will win ininovember. >>eople, when wewetata togegeerwe'll be victorious. >> wwi n the a aririri ghghgo owe wl t t r our nstition. i h he yoyowiwi stata up p r me.e i hohoou wililfight for me. >> evebody, i i ve you. t out vote. vote. vote te. > good eveningng i'm ott with our super esesy, super t tm, noraho'donnel john dickern, arlie roseanthony mama b b sceffer with our pitical nelncluding peggy noonan and jamel buoy. it is the biggggt night yet of campaign 2016 asasmerica coses a w president. >> nearllf t delegates needed to capture the republican nominati re ufor absbtoninit along with a third of the delegates needed for theheemocratic
2:31 am
virgiateesse arkrksas, ssachu a a v. but ted crcr w hisisome s4ate of texas, the ggest lelete ize of the nig. ananananhboring oklahama. soe srves to fight aer day. marco rugetstsis fst win in mneso >> on thdemocratic sid hillarclton has n massachusett georgia, virginia, alalama, tenneee, , kans, antexas.s. d bernie sanrs wis h h state vmont awell a oklahomamia, a colorado. >> so,o,ohn dickerson, what t ve we lrned tonht?? well, w lea it is a gd nit for theh front-runners. what about t challengers? in the democrarac race? bernie sande got swiwi. he got wins in states wihe liberal electorare and not an, prty w wte e eore. that doest suggest he will be ae tpixis problem in th dekoatic partyhere can-erics s inntrara h hhahabl manr
2:32 am
on teplica. bestf all outcomes f donald p. he w ba buo&l2tas. t t s cocoetitiohas engh pe that lo them to survive. whwhwhwhananans mpetition n coinueueto bspt. thehe e not a single ternive to donald trump. >> john dickerson. thank you very yuch.h. major garrett t in palm beach, orida, where d dd trumumheldld a ws confefence tonight. orida a he next big ntest. wiwierake all. comi up in two w wks.. jor? >> rter: sco the biest niniof hisolital reerdonald trumpnpid not rentnt hall and pa it full of chchchng supporters. stead,d,e e ckek the stage of s, the opulent stagef his balljlom here athe a-la rerert w amican flags a a p ng it all we assume by de the looand fefest alele o oanast esidentialewce...weed trump treon icisistoday y om repububn
2:33 am
at t tmpad nototenough to disavow ku kluxuxn and her hate gs likekehat. ump s id he e d in facac disavow them. david duku and others s ke thehehe and said he would work with leaderin cons inclclcl paululyan. then he added, "ryaya betteayay ba or else." >> i'm going to gegealong grgrt with congress. paulya i n't knowim well. sure i am goin getlong eat h. if i don't, will haha to pay a a g price, o#oy. we have doneomething t almost nobody thoughg could be ne. and i'm very proud of it i justant to lve you with is, i amam uninierer ipwowowolove to see the repuican par a evebo get gether a unify. and when we e ify, theres nobody, nobody that is going to o beat us. thank yoveuch, evevebody. thyo k you u y tru d noteclareimlf esumpte publican nineet did sa ipainand rehe gop. anhe mit clear that
2:34 am
field ahead as somethingnghat workrk his@advantatata vote. this race turvrvinto a complete different stage on marcrc15th when n g states like ohio@gnd florida havprimaries and award their delegates to the winner, winner take all. charlie. >>oining us noinneofhe pupuanriry in home senator cruz.setor,ha you foioing usi i ould ay y u wo okhomas thatatns tt have won three primary states.a caususts. my question to begin what d#es this mean for your campaigig >> wel chahaiethank you f#r having me.e.terrific night tight. whate e ve sn ththugugug thecourse of th wle primaryas been a g gdual winnowing process. started oua year ago17
2:35 am
first four states, winnowed that coiderablyly night did that even n re. and for threpublicans, 65% to o 70% of republicans whoecognize donald trump its not the best ndidatto go heado- with hillalinton.. donald is o nomee, alal likelihood wse to hillary inn in theeral elele at i hopand bee will omint of this is tpat we willllee republicans ifyiyi ind c cing totothth i this election. mingogetetr that the strongest campaign to beat donaldldrump is our campaign. >> senator ted cruz. ngratulalaononagain. ananyou for jojoingnus this evening. >> thank you, chchlie. ank you for vinge. >>akof c she e n esigig shis looki ahead to h is w wks today. nancy cordes in miami where a clinton n mpaignally has jusus wrped up. ncy, good evening. >> reporter: gd evening.g. clclton didn't$tust win big in the south toght.
2:36 am
40 p#pnps.s. inlaba, up to points. those kindof m mgigi are reallylyoing to drive uphe numbmbf f f gates that s s takekeme tonig. pset w w in massacacsetts was juststhe icingngn the cake her.r. sanduds`came o o early in n e night,poke in his home sta of vermo. whenlinton towthstage here inmishe ebreenoned eahe pitned rsf thenttrump. nomentioiongalumumby nameayg she e t t tbuild wawa e s to teadown barriers. and she ar that what t untry rerely needs is a little@ love andnddness. >> this untry belongs to all of us. t just t tse at the top.p. [ cheers andndpplause ] juju to people whoook k e way, w wship one way, or eveve thininone wa[ applse`e >> 7e can disagrgr oa
2:37 am
about. but i pe all o ous agree that t we are goingo t allow billionair and their super pacs to destroamerican decrac [ eendlae e orr: sdersk meme trophies ohis n.he wn t,aha, miniesota,oloradad ananheertaly hhe m mey to keep going. but the reality is, norah, it wowod ke some e nd of major dedelopment at this poininto change the trajectory of the race. >> nancy cordes, thank you very much.. the "c"c overnight news" wililbe
2:38 am
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flcome back@o the overnight news. i'm dodo dahler. super tuesday delelered
2:40 am
e question now, can any one or anything stop himrom winning the nomination? jan crawfor hasas more on e bibiioioire's remarkablele political riri. >> if you toldanyozo ape year ago that donond trump o o supup esdas going to be the you. i mean his brazen campaign, it >> rorter: when naldrump descended on a prpridential race la june >> i ill bubua greaea great wall. reporter: thebillionaire's bibifor the white h hse quiuklybebeme a latatight punchline. >> donald trump announcedoday he is running f f presint of e united stateses whicby the way tradidionly ans sixeeeks of comedy. >> only losers walk. presidents take stair force one.
2:41 am
the top of republican pos. and no candidada orontrersy been ae to tplehim. >> t tre b bngnggdrugs. they'r bringinin crcrer >> reporte he has tenimt mexicannimmigrants. >> they' rapi some i assumerereood ople. epopter: he criticized senanar johnhnccain. >> hes a war her because he was s ptured thehe lookkeoplpl who wewen' captured. hateteo tilllyoyo reporter: battled w w wh jojonalist megyn kekeke >> you calll womou don't like, fat pigs, dogs, slobs, a sgustingan ur twitter @ @account.t.. >> onlyosie o'o'nnelel ^exorte everyruime talkiki heads swore his over >> ient kw w wt i saididid don'tmemb. oioioiw w nceedhen youououou say things lik senate. >> how can you b bomee esest,t, you cacat,ssinggghihihihiikikikikik >veryryryime e e wererererg. i saw t t t t t ttructitifprprprprpralal>>he morororor o o ogeges heee the morereepubububububssseeeetett
2:42 am
truropoddthis >> for a total complete s m mlimsmsntntg the un r ptrr: thehehiti houou dn't hold t wton ump idteteqe disqualifiesjo s ssesises >>eptete the foters raif >>ngoethisuy. hu is thlosest tng to a candidate who say what he meansand wt ys. estrategist, a%ang hose, surised to@see tmpnak t th far. repubcansere lkingoror e antithesisiof barack obama andhthound it i@n donald ump. >>'m really rich. >> tru is agited. ritable. rough, but erything that thererere p pmaryrylectctatatatsss lookg for.r.r. > could stata in theeee of f fth aveveend shoho somebody i wououn't lososnynyvovovo,okokoks l le inininibibib ss o oand on. hehehe t tanananfff pepepepepepepepe celebebng j j j j j j j on 9/11 he had a dustup with the pope. i me
2:43 am
> trp' politicieopnenu namy cruz mamama r r@on trerete eerontmr reaea@aisis@s taxas.s. tpep@it h h mustsavim to hide. juanna gon has dtas. >> r rter:f@ dond trump released his tax turns, h income.. at percent he is payayg in taxes how much he ishivinin away d to whaha charities. he says he cat. was the first one toile a finanaial disclosure rm. almost 100 pages. you don't learn anyingboutt somebody's wealth with a tax turn. >>onald trpays the intern`lev service is keepinm from releasisisi his x retus. >>ororany ars,s, haveeeeen audidid everyryyeyf. 12 years or something like thti. y yearhey ait me. aume t thlyson you donlee thts h is s frayed h wilil g hit. >> repepter: isol re eventing trumprom releasing them, audited or t.
2:44 am
confirm. federal law prohibits them sclosing if a private citizen is booing audited. i iive money t t people. aritit i lovepeople. i ththk, i i a a a nicee person. i want to be nice person. s campaian says he has given awayaur 00million. umtaet wld ove a complet pie. >>that'she part relytricky. and u know,, nobody iuiuid to disclose tir prite donations. but we don't have a sense of ether that i truru or not. >> stacy palmer editor of the chronicle of philanthropy. >> there haven'teen announments from recipients. >> tooet a s s of trtrp's ilanananpy, turneddooive years taxilings for his nald j. tru dation. over tha riod, it gave awawa or.2 min.n.
2:45 am
ews tos celebrity. in 20,, donations fmmhe trum foundation dropped 35% fromhe year re. anybody wh gives moneys philanthropist girl scout who selel cookies is a philanthropisten a lot of people's denition is h one o ohe bgest dors anro . we d s e edencf. mo tn60% of the m mey the trump foundation gives away esn't comemfrom thee llionaire.@. comes from outsidedonors. on new yorkk d dorave $1.9 million to t t foununtion norah asor ump'p' recent charity drive for vetera, he ys hedistred millions h cacaaign won't provivi a list of where e money has gone. >> cbsbs news investitation found ansvania company was not only p psiff che se, parmesan or ronoong story dge h zain ycity.
2:46 am
youou tnk wigigorfocaststch. rketing0% p pmenemsethomnyad aproblem. >>hero t w w rketg heabnot at they sngng >>epter:.s attney outh cin t compan aftn fda inspeioio 1212 found the parmesan w a a mixture offaper ses.liliwissndchchchr. d in,n unknningr. atisi a a, and g meth she liererde mo none that is clearly fud on the consumer. this was budulultn your view? >> yes. >> reporter: we found fraud might nott be theererorst of it. ese fda cordshow finished eese was stored in this unrefrigat roro, which could use bacteria to ri what't moror thepanyound listerer potentily deayy
2:47 am
ten times. butucastle continueto produce d s sl to ttt and w-mart wiout testinit. thatight be trlublingough. ififif weidn't alslspp find rds fromomom penvani department of agriculture wch inspected cale around the same time as the the fda. those records s ll a veryitch rent story. in ju 2012 sta inspector, dave ifdid troroer wre hislowing review tindilil august of 20. whwh he left the department o o o agricujture e rr new job.b. director of q,a c ctrol at le cheese. i'm th cbs news. >> we asked trotterer to explain ssreviews o castle. but he declineded cale cheese is no lger on e market. e company fifor bankrupt e inin2014.
2:48 am
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2:51 am
offefe greater opportunitieie ben tracy s s d dn with lendary producer, normaneer who gained fame and foror brinng the lives of blacac amicics s t smallll reen. wl we areovin up epter:ore than 40 y ago, ormaneerr pioneered sitctcbybyasting b bck men in leing ros. ee jeffersons p p payed wealthyyamil and a aeared on cbs. >> leaeaed later about t bigig dede a -- as pple o colol came to me and tked te about whaha the how memet to them. russelll simmons saw george jeffersowrit a check. and he never forg. at ishe moment heee learned he told mehat black manld writa checec >> what it n nd iss some moree green. w qt norman b bug t t
2:52 am
was, profibdesueseses fortvhowswswswsalk about at w happening i the culture at ttime. in an episode that aired in 1919, t t lead characters opepey changed slurs. >> don't callehonky. why are you soensive all of b sudden? >> he i not the onlonon >> how would youike it if i called you [ blele ]??9 >> you called me [ bep ] ] >> the success of leer's progogms p the way for t cosby show. ananane fresh prince belel air. >> in west philadelphia. >> these d%dictions of upperer ddle-clala black famils rarelylynclulud racia issues. >> it doesnsn feel like we tatk abouluthese things as f fth riy as you are doioi on tetevivi. >merica doeoe't looktself in t m mror and see itself honestst. as the a consequencee don't have good, reliable honest
2:53 am
>> i need a real woman. >> now we reached aoint where all netwos are s despepete@for audieieie they'y' tururng to and thth're t tningo peopopopolorhoprprorately wah tevn mo thawhitea audience >> thi i imimrtant. were a a going to s s and watch it together. this week,, t abc comedy "blackish" brocast an episodede on police brutality. >> crowds are intensely awawaing thecision. is a a one goingo explain wha is ing. at wl we tell them? e.e. >>he >re notus dr. 'r'rblacldt they d to k kw t e wowod they ving .>> m of t d dersisi on levivion has n madett to the big screen. >> women andeople of cor are derrresent ra sent in television just like they're unrrepresented in film in fil mh worsr_ a sdy released by the university o o southern califofoia shows aredominant
2:54 am
speakingngharacters in 400 vies, and streamimi shows. 71.7% are whe. 12.2% areblack. 8% are linon or hianic. >> you hee many ofour scscptpt hehe on the wawa.. norman leer isevelelelg a show forr netflixx with anll latino cast. >> do you think television is pushing the e eelope today as much as youid back then? i didn't think he were shing annen floe ennene eve >> nd rlectin society as it
2:55 am
for cbs this rning, ben tracy,marie, you he prediates. ediabebes?! i don't haveime to eat right t exercise.
2:56 am
oh, you're a busy mom? ye.this is g gat news! busyoms never get prediabetes. wait, what?let me just...yeaea! th is all the e op at risk for pdiabet, ana wawaovererer-- busy moms. no whew. a w wanm m m recovering nicely aft a kidnene trsplant. thee operaon don u#ually ma the news. but it is how lindadedeing managed to find a kidney thats
2:57 am
dana jacobsonn has the story. reporter: forlrver a year, linda demming h hed her morning utute. threda aeek s s getsp before dawnnndris 2 2 minutes s a dlyly nter. a ur-hrrocess and leaves her exhausted. but on mony as she ltt the er o last titi. the 63-y-yr-old grandmother was overcome with relief. hours later.@. hi. she met her donon for the first time in perso >> thank you so o ch. >dedeinin search began 14 nths ago wheheests revealedd her kidneys s spped nctitiinin they ashed.d.& ey w wt real d. on't kno why all of a suddenenhat theyeyhanged so mumu. but theydi so 4at's'shehe i h toget,sign up fordialysis. doctoold her she need@ a kidney transplan to survive. >> we asked ourur friends. weskededur families. and,h,e gotixixix people to s sp fofoard to,e tested. none o othth teste well.
2:58 am
list but w detet mennedo living donorn herown. road signs. prted posters makakak bubuons s ki potenal volurs to t teed. itas a facebookpa, a a a kidneyy r linda that cacaht amber mcintyre's attentntn. >> you know howt is. go to work. sit wn. goingngnrough the one. and rollllg throu the ns pa. the papaoppe up. to ts i don't knonowhy. i ha no affiltiti w wh itit ody i know hadliatatn. moved by her ststy,y, the -year-old mother of four vovonteered to qualifyfyeepi touch wititdemminghroughout the procs. >> everyime icalleded passed my genetic testing. hey, the cross matcht through.h. you are gettingng emotionana >> cried e e e timim she called. wouljump up and down. i don't know what w wd i can s s to her. i can s s thank you, that just doesn't [&verr. shes givininelife, she is vingngng myy`life. >>hy did you want too do this? >> it literally b bls dode too the fact that they is theight
2:59 am
from the moment inewe i was match. i i ew this would happen. >> how a aut a toast? yes. >> for demmin c cncnc t t expepeen life on hererwn terms. >> whqt will youou do w whh all the free time? >> i donon knonoho i'm just going to live my li. >> and that's the " "s overnit nene" for t isisis wednesday. for somemef you,he news continsf forthers check back a little later f r r he eorning newew and cbs this morning. om t t broadst c crr in n york city. i'm m n dahlerer >> y areoingo o o back on this night you wililsay y is wawaan amazingvening.
3:00 am
we have got to keep going.g. >> i iililunititis partyty we will grow it. will win in november. >> people, when we stand together, we'll be vicris. >> we will not let the americab lit out we w wl fight for our constitution. i hopopyou will stata up for me. i hohohoou will fight for me.. >> everybody, i loveveou. get out and vo. vote. vote. vote. % good e eningna i'm scott pelley wour super tuesy, supuream, nor o'donnell, john n ckerson, charlie rose, ananony y son, bobd schieffer with our political panene peggy nunanan it is the f t yet of @ campaign 2016 as america chooses a a w presisent. >> n nrly y lf the delegates needed to capture the nomination were up for grabs tonight along with a thi of the e legagas needed for theheemocratic nati. t's have a look.
3:01 am
virgia, , nnessee, ark massachutts, a vmont. d crer won his home stst t, , e bigiest t legatete prize ofofhe nig. anighboring oklama. so hsusues to fight t othehe y. marco bio ts his firit w mininsota. >> on the decraticicide, hillajy clton hawon massachusetts, georgia, viinia, alabama, tnessee, kansasasand texas. d bebeieanders won h home ate of vermont as well as oklaho, minnesota, and cora. >o,o,ohn didierson, what t ve we leaed tononht?? >earned a good d ght for r e front-runners. what about the challengers? bernieieanders got s sepepep. he g wins inintates th h h liberaraelectoratetend not an, pretty white electorat doesn't suggest he will be able
3:02 am
democratic party where african-americans are playing centl rolelee has been able to ma inroads. t t republicacasidede of all outctm for donal trump. he won big in a b nch h statete yehis mpetition has enough hope that t lows them to survrve. which means his competition continues to be split. there is not a single >> john dickerson. ank you very m mh. major rrett isn p lmch, , , florida, whereonalaltrump held news conference nit.florida is theheext big contest. winner takakakl. coming up in two wee. major? >> repororr: scott, on the biggesesghof h h pololical career, , , ld trump did not rent a hall and d ck it o o chchring supporters. instead, he decked the stage of his, the opulent stage of s ballroom hererat t t rort t t americ flags and a podium giving it alwe asse by desisihe look d fefe, juju a
3:03 am
crcricm today from repub\bn n leaderin c cgress includinin house speaker r ul ryan. th trump hadadot done enough to disavow ku kluxuxlaand other hate g gups likehat. trp said h%hdididi ft didivow w em. david duke and others like them ansaid he would work w wh aders in cgress includg paul ryan. then he added ryan better play ball or else. >> i'm going to get alalg g eat t paul ryaya i don't know him well. sure i am going to get along great with h. ion't, he will have t tpay y a g price,e,kay. we havepdoneneomething tha almlst nobody y ought could be ne.. and i'm ve pud o oit. i just want t leave you with h this, , am a uninier. i would loveo see republican party and everybody get geth uni.% we ify, thes nody, no tisoing be us. thananyou. thank you very much. thank you. tru did notecre himself
3:04 am
making the g. and he made it clear that -- trum multicandate field ahead as sometng that woto his advantage. ip wilildivide the anttrumumte. race turns into a a letelyififrent stata on march 15th when big states lik ohio and fridadaave primars anaward thr delegates to the winner, nnerake all. che. >oining us now, w _neneof the publican primary in home state texex, senator teuz. senato tnk you for joining us. shou also say you won lahoma awell. that meanshat t t haveveon three primary states. caucus sta. my qstion to begin what t es this mean r your camign? >> well, charlie, thank you for hahang me. rric nighthtonight whe veven throuo tcourf th who p pmary h been aradulyinnong ocess. started out a year ago, 17 candidates.
3:05 am
nsiderably. tonight`did that even more. d for the republicans, 65% t % of republicans whohoecognizeze dodold tru its not the best ndidide to ghead-thead wiwilant ond d ourunominee, l likelihood we lose to hillar inton the generererlectioio wh h he d believwi happenenoming out of tis that we will see replicans ying a a comintogether in this eion. cong togetr thth the stngest campaigno be do trump is our campaign >> senor t t cruz. laons again. ththk yoyofor joining this evening. >> thank you, arlili thank y#u for haning m >> spepeifg of hillarylinton. e won sesen states tonight. now s e is looking a aad to florida whicis t l oeeks from totoy. nancy cord in miaii whwhe a inton campaign ral has just wrapped . nancy, good ening. >>eporter: good enin inton didn't jt wiwibig in thh nigh e won n 30 points.
3:06 am
inlabama, up pois. those s of margins are really g g g to drive up the number of delegates that she takes home tonig. that upset win in n ssachusetts wajuststhe icing on the cake r her. sanders came out early in thth of vermont.. in miami, she reentioneded him. ineaea she p pitionenerself as the anti-trump. not mentioningonald trump by name sayg e don't wanto builwallll e wantntto teadown barriers. and she argugu that t at the cotrtral ndsa lililele vevend k kdness. >> this country belongs to all s. not just those at e top. [ cheers andndpplause ] not just to people look one way, worshipne way, or even think one way.
3:07 am
momoy.y.that wa mocry is about. i ll o o a t t ngngo o t allo lpionanananand t t r rer pacs to deroy americic demomomoy.y. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: sanders toooohome`e trophies of his own. w w wn vermt, o ooma, mimiesota, colorado. and he certainly hashe money to keep going. buthe reity is, norah, it would take some kind of major development at this point to change t trajectory ofhe race. >> nancy cordes, thank you very
3:08 am
3:09 am
ririba to l lrn why peoplpl ved the way th did today wealkeketo s se of them.
3:10 am
good eveningngng >> the uneneloyment rara may be downtto 4.9% the economy y s most important issue for both parti today. let's a arepublicans fifit. a thirof republicans t ld u# the economy was their top issue. government spending came in second at 28%. among thoswho the economymy their top issu look atuh they broke. donaldrump got most of these voters. 3636 2 2 the economy pling for doldld trtrp. >> the enomy the top issue among democratic voters. there you see,e,8% sg the most importata. fofoow by incomememeququitat 27%.nothosdemocratic vots who saidhat the economy and jobs are most important. 62of those vots wentnto hilllly clinton. 36% went to bernieieanders particularly ierting because ov coue senator sanders mama comenequality and d onom siatururissues. as donald trump pointed out, thmemean i iome of america has dedeined sincehe lt t pridenejal eleleion. >> eine, antny, ank k u very muc
3:11 am
isitr r o cbs news political coriririrs, peggy nonoan, and jamaal buoy.y. >> if i was w2w2ing a press lease for the eainininam taditionaleplica, the shingtgt republican establishment, i would start it out like snoopy would i would start as a dark k k storor ninit. this is the ght they never thought would happ hey r to dald p riously.y. they're past the denial now. they'r' comi to grips withhe fact that donald trump is h)p way y getting the replican nomination. and the alternative that may b emerging is some one that t washington republilins, especily in the e@e@ike, dislike even m me thananald trump,p,nd that is ted cruz. wh, / at arehey ing totoo?
3:12 am
they, tbeing th inon estababshshnt, republicic establishment, they do not want trump for all t e reons yoyoknow d everybody kns. they ao do n n want the n who i thinemergeas his challenger, toght, ted cz. think a lot of people had d en thinking it would marco rubio who would be coming up. wouldlde ththanti-tmp. ink it has n n workekewell for r m tonight. he still hasn't n sosothg. and if you are going to be a winner it imptant t twiwi something. i think virgin wasasrobablyla big disappntmeme. ipthouout rubio's comments i i his teteiew w th crlie rose in which he said, threw down t t gauntltl. he said a trump nomination will destroy the republican party. it will splithe rereblican party.
3:13 am
this is icic >> what do you think? >> reaeaeaen question, if trumum co and march 15,5,akes imaries, and he ishe nominee, presumptitinene republicics like marco rubio they said these things thehehave to make a choice are they going to fall behind him or rerect him. if ty y ctctimthen t ty haveo y els, the forfeiting the wte e no e more imptanthing here is to prerent a trump takeoeor r the republican party and prevent a destruction of conservative movent, , nservatism. >> younow, i heardrdoday fm republicic leaders, se i iwashingtonwho say 're hopi forn open nvenon. hoholong hasast been since you haveeardrdeaders of eith party say, what we really want is a aopen cntioio they want to sew itibefore thehe get to it. >> yesparty leaders s ist so
3:14 am
thse and have a certain n amount of prediciclityty stabilitbut into the system. they don't want an open convention ey alll it a brored dd convention. 's'secause they stilhave e ilononhat eyeyill bebe the okers. i'not sure thishing think, if it goes theonventioiof s to e flr, wow... wld be a donnrook. >> let's talk a little bit about the democrats. what about hillary clinton? is she well on her way now tot getting the nomination? 100%. this w a greatatight for her.$ pected to continue d dng as well. the upcoming primariesll have similar coination. rginia, georgia, large african-n-ericananopulation, subsbsntial tino populations and enough white voters to bring hethe the extra mile. thiss sort of just a steady march h the nomatiofor intotowiwi tt idth does t mean bernie sandnds needs to give up or leave. from the beginning it's clea that bernie sanders much more concncned about his messagag >> he said actually and said ain tonight i will see youou philadadphia at the coention. he is snt going anywhere
3:15 am
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3:17 am
,, >another r ection year babale, centers on the vacancy for the sue e urt. senateepublicans wanto leave the nomition to the next president,ell today the current president tried to change their minds re es chf legal correspondt jan crawford. >> reporter: the meeting with publican senatatleadership was
3:18 am
thank you, guys. come on.n.n. thank you. >inity leadad harryeid. >> wcan at leasteeth the president's nominee which shshld be comomquicy. theyeyaid d . we are nototoingo do t ts at all. >> majajity le mitit mcconnelelsaidideid wouldldo the same thing. >> if the shoe we on the other foot do any of you think the woululbe confirming repupuican prident's nonation in the last year ofofis term? of counot. >> reporter: t psident now narrowing hisisist of nominees. and in searcof a solol liberal wi a srlininresume who brgs diversity such as federal judgketanji brown jackso and,d,ed aeaeaou, paul wawad, fmer r preme e ur cld rporororlawy.. and patria mlelelaern
3:19 am
equauasome democrats thinknkhe president will tap a nomee at can help rallllthe base since e rnout in november cod well be the key to thehehite @ house.& >> jan crawford, thanks. ape's totolaer told congngss today they xhief could udl more infortion from an hone than byaking into a use. that's'shy apple is fightingng court orr r unlock an iphe rnardino terrorists.s ththfbrector presented his case f opening the phone. here's jeff gugu. >> rortete fbiirector r s mey says whahainvestiwors are asking o pple is simple. were askingh apple, tak the vicious guard dog away. let us try to pick the lock. >> reporter: l makers question ether rnvestators s ve done e everythingn n eir wer to break into the killeles iphone before t ting apple to court. republican congressman daryl issa.
3:20 am
you and/or ctracacrs that you employ could n achieve this without demanding an unwilli paner r i i >> crect. >> congressman john conyere2 a chigan dememrat questioned the timingngngthe case. >> i would be deeply dippoioied if the turnout t t t govovovenenis fund to be exploiting national tragedy toe a change in thw. >> reporter: last decemb, yeyefarooknd his wife, killed 14 4 ople in n e adliest terrorist attack on u. soioisincncseptemr 11thth inhe d ds and weeks after at take -- investstators attempte to extract info mum the ipipne. thfbi made a mistake, reseseing farook's p porded thth at ohibited the ione e
3:21 am
icloud onle backup. l, cmey y sists, vestigorneed access totohe data o the iphone itself. the fbfbfbrector acknowledgege tting will have international implicatatns.. >> jefefpepees i ithe wawaininon nenero forors. thyou. huhureds of police officers paid theiririnal respects today. at t funeralf ashley guindon inininginia. the prince w)wliam county rookie cop was s ot on sasarday while responng ta domestic vience c se. was her first day on the job.> she wa... sportscacaeranlls a henene t me afteifi phohokrd nude iher r l om d bi cosby's'sriminal case
3:22 am
e "cbs overnight n will l right t ck. erin andrews today, , suing the hotel%where itappenefo $75 million. anna werner is followinghe case. >>avavto always get t trtment foth. repororr: the 37-yeararar sportscaster cried throughout her twtwys of f stimony y telling the jury she has dealt with embmbrassment,thumiliatioio andepressiononince bei stalked and secretly vididtape ile nakekein her rooocat ts s nashlle hotel in 2008. >> i feel likef i can do the
3:23 am
series pt trop th peoplplwiwi fget.t. and hopefully i will forget. >> have u been able to forget? >> no. >> reporter: andrews ss she is nonopanoid every time e ecks into a hotel room. >> i insntly cover the peephole. and then i -i do check of the ro i look everywhere. >> reporter:r:n a vio deposition, hehealker, michael barrett teteied he picked drews bebeusshe e s trending ononon. he used a house phone at the marriott where andrews was staying totoind heroom number. the housusphone. numu barrett t ot cell phone video o ked video of andrereren li ere e haseen watcd more than 1 mimiion titis. drews says the staff at thth nashvivie mamaiott shsd d ve ld her when barrett asked to st in the roomext to hers. in cross-examination, wyers for the hohol owowr, marriott franise@emphasized arews
3:24 am
your career since 2009? >>es. b brett pled guty to statki andws in n 10 and was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison. she wasn't hisnly victim, the former insurancexecutiti stified he also posted videos of 10 other wowon line. na werner, tha you very ch. ininennsylvaninian appealsls court puthe e xual assault criminal case against bill cosby on hol sby accused ofrugging and molestina woman in 20000 a a arininschedule ford next week has been popoponed while e the cocot nonononsiders cosby's s motoon t thave the casrownwn ou
3:25 am
3:26 am
f f his little her. we ebbbbith aiewe of the e u.rerentntl ttioio across@ nd. mark phiipsgut upith t t firshehein waiting. >> y are righg.
3:27 am
>> before e ere was bernie, thereas larry. larry is bernianrs older brother by six years. close rough childhood and life. watching his brother's camamamn from adistance,arry has been surised bybyoupl of things starting with the name. >> people say, well, bernie. >> b bnie to larrytt has nevev been beie. it has been. >>bernd. bernard, @really. >> larry has lived i england sincnc1969. moly in thehe u uversity town o o oxrd where he taught anan prti sococl rk. om wheepasee mororhan lititeemus att bni orrr bernd's currere hip cpaig image. >> he is being called cool??ind d at amuseing? >> it is.. cool is not the word that comes
3:28 am
didn raise coohire they raisedolol ones. larry too hun f f office losos badly. stilila bth watchchg from afar can be useful sounding bar for a preredential candate. healls says how am i d dngng >> hee doesn't say how am i doin he ss things, it's aardjob. it is going pretty well. i don't kw wt isoing to ppen next. >> neieroelay. >ave yt yr s s for e inguraraonon i jacttor terviewssuitomes nfxt. >ut larry is going t t watch rnqe's campayan atle e re befo plang his ordert the tail. mark phillips, cbs news, oxrd, gland. thatat the "cbs overninit news" for this wednesday. for some of you,p, the news contues. for others check back with uss a litttt bit later. r the mororng news and of course cbs this morning.
3:29 am
york city, i'm scottttelee >> you are going tlolo back on this night andndou will say this was an amazing evening. whave come o far stop w. have goto keep going.d. >> i will ite this p pty. we w wl gr it.
3:30 am
>> peoeoe, when snd together, we'll victorious. we willot let tmecan n light t . we will fight for our cotitution. i hope yoyowill standp r me. i hope you wilfit for me.& >> everybody, i love y y. t out and vo. vote. te. vovo. > > od evening.. i'm scott pelley with ouousuper tutuday, s ser t tm, norah o'donnell, john dierson, chlie e@se, anthony mamin, b sceffer with our pitical nel ininududg peggonnd jamel iy. it is the biggest nit yet of campgn 2016 as americaccho neprprt.t. >eaeay haha theeges o o e e re nonaon were up for grabs tonight along with a third of ththdelegates needed fhe decratic nination.
3:31 am
repuicanan trump wowogeorgia, alabama, virgrgia, , nnesserkansas, massachusettnd v vmontnt& but ted cruz won his he state of tas, bibiestsdelegate pre of the night. and d ighbhbing okhoma. he surves to fit anothe da rco rubits his first -- mininta. n e democraticide, hilly cln n s won achus, geoeo, , , virgin, alababa, tenenssee, , kansasand texas. and beie sders won hisome oklahoma, minnesota, a rado. >> so,o,o,n dickerson, whahave >> well, we learned d `@s a goodod nighghfot t front-runnerer what about the challenenrs? the democratic race? rnieieanders gotome wins he gotins in s stes s th the liliraelectorara and not pretty white e ectctate. that doesn't suggest he will be able tfihis probm m he decratic par wherere rican-amerers are pling a centl r/lee hahaen able to
3:32 am
st of all outcomesesor donald trump. he w w big in n bunch of states. yet his mpitn has ough hohat allows them to survjve. whmes his etio ntinso b b blit.ere isisot a single alternive to dd ump. >>oherson. ank you very mych. mar garrett is in palm beachch idid where donald trumumld a news conrence tonight. flfrididisishe next big contest. winner take all. comingp ininwo w wks. major? >> reportete scoco, on the biggesesesght of his political carere, , , ld trump dididid nt a hall l pat fullf #heeriri supporters. instead,e deckededhe stata of his, the opulent stage of his ballroom here at the mir-a-lago sort with american flags and a podiumumiving it all we assume by desn e look and feel, justst littte bit ofofn eaea om presintial news
3:33 am
we ask trump to responto crism day frfr republin in cess udin use speaker ul ryan. that trump h none enough to disavow ku klux klaand other te groups likekehat. trump saidide did in fact disavow them. david and others s kekekem d d he d d rk with leaders in congresesincluding g paul rn. thenene added, "ryanetteteplay ballr else." >> i'm going to o t along eat t c cess. ul r rn. don'n'know him well. re i am gogog getlong grt withthim. if i don't, he will have to pay a big price, okay. weave done sething thaha almost nobody thought coulul & done. i'm m ry proro o oit. i juju wanto leaveououitit this, i a unifier. i would lo tsee reblican party and everybody get together and unify. anwhenunify, tre i i nobo, nobody that is goi to
3:34 am
ananyou. >> trump did not declareimself presumptive republic n ninee but d say y is s panding g d rereking the gop.. anheade it clear`rhat trump esululndidat fifiahead as sometng that works to hisdvantage. it will divide the anti-trump vote( thisisace turns inin a completelylyifferenttage on march 15 when big statat lik ohio and florida have primaries andaward ththr delegates the winner, wiwier take all. chardre. >poining us now, winjnr of the republic primary ihome state texsenatot@d thank yoroining us. i should also say you won oklaho as well. at mns that y u have won ree primary states. a ucte. my qstion n eg wt dodo this meaeafor your cpaign? >> wl, charlie, thank youofor hang me. a terrifif night tight. what we ve seen throughout t course of this whole primary has
3:35 am
candidates. firsrsfour states, winnowethat considerably.. tonight dith emomo. anfor e republansl5%5%70% of repuplicansho rnini donald t tmp its not b ndididto go o ad-to-head with hilla clion. onalalis our nomineeall likehood we lose to hillar inton in the generalallectn. what i hopand believe will pp coming out of this is thate will see rublins unifying a a comomg together in is election. coming together that the strongest campaign tbebt ld tmp is our cagn. >> senator ted cruz. congratulations s&ain. thank you for joining us t evening. >> thanknkououchchche. thqhk you for havingnge. speaking oflary clinton. she won seven states tononht now she isisisisng ahead to flflida which h two weeks from today. ncy cordrd in ami i ere a clton campaign rally h just wrapped up. nanay, g gd dvdving. >> reporter: good eveng. clton didn't j jt win big in e south tonight. shwoby 3points. oints.s. in alabama, up to points. tpose kinds s marginsnsre
3:36 am
umber of deletes that she takes home tonight. that upset win in mamahusetts was just the icingngn the cake sanders caca out early in nighgh spoke in his home state ofermont. when clintononook whe stage here inmimishe baly mentioned him. ststd, she posititned hersrsf as t t anti-trump. not mentioninionald trump by name sing she doesn't want to builwalls. shshwawas to tear down barers. and she argued that w at thehe untry really needs is a little love a kindness. >> t ts uny bebengs s ll of u3. not just thoho at the top. [ cheers andpplalae ] not justo people look onway, worship one w, or even think onway.y. [ [ plplse ] e n disagree on a democracy. that whahaa democracy is about.t.
3:37 am
we are g gng tnot alw billionaires and their supup pacs t#tderoy american mocracac [ chrs a applause ] reporter:andersrsrsk home trophiesesf his own. he won in vermont, oklahoma, minnesota, colororo. and he certainly has the mon to keep goingn but the reitis, norah, it would d ke somkind of ma development at this point chan theractory of thehe race.>>ancy cordes, thank you vere2 mumu. e "cbs ornight news" will be right momes are beautiful,`, unle hallergies. r eyes maydifferen only fnase is ov relieve th itchy, watery e and ngngngng. no oth nasal allergy say c say at.. whenbreathe e allerge oururboboes react byer producing sixey inflammatory sstceat causousympms. stller pil onlcontl onsunce.
3:38 am
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majorr victorieses forgo t-t5tmernald tru. the ququon, caanone or ng s sp fr w the nomimition?? crawford hase e the billionaire's remarkable politicacase. >> if told anyone a year agagthat donald trump on tuesday y s gotoe the repupuan fnt-rner, i mean people would have ughed at you. i mean hisisrazen campaign, it has been anything but orornaryry but for trump it is working. >eporter: w wn dona trump descended on a presidentl race last junun >> i will bubud a eat, great wallllll >> repeptet: t t billiaire bid d r the white house quickly became a late night punchline. >>onalalp announced today he is rurug for ident of the united states.s. which by t t way traditionally means sisirereeeks of comedy. only losers wk. presidentsake r fofoe one.
3:41 am
the top of the republicapolls. and no candidater corovey haen able e tope e m. >hey'y' bridrugs.s. they're brging crime.. rororr: he has kekiaim at mexicacaimmigrantsts they'ye riststssome i asme are good ople.>> repepter: he cricized senator johnhnccccn. >> he is a war herbecause he was captutut t t i look people who weren't captured. to till you.. >>orter: bated with ururlistegyn kelly. >> you calalmen you don't likefat pigs, dogs, slobs, a disgusting aninils. your twitter accccnt. nly rosio'donnelel repororr: eveve time talking heads swore his was s er. i dent know whwi said. don'r member.. >> h h c you sucuced when you pp >> how can you become e esidt, you cacat, saying things likik thatat >> e ery te they were wrono. >> i saw the destruction of a presidential. >> the more outrageous he is the re republican vors hehgets re appling t
3:42 am
whenrump proposethis. >> for a t tal complete shutdodo oflililintererere united states. >> repepter: the white hse didn hold back. the fact thatathat donald trump sasa yesterday squalifies himrom serving g prident. >> reporter: t v vers s ied. >> n jng unds this guy. he is s closest thing g a candidate who says what he means and means what h%hsays. ththstrategigi, among those, surprised to see trump make it thar. >> republicans were loing for e tithesis o orack obama dpthey found it t donald trump. >> i'm reallllrich >> trump is agitated. ritable. rough, but everythinthat the republananriryryrycte looking r. >> i coutand in the midd of fifth avenunuand k oot dy i wldldloseny votersok it i ilili incredie. >> it just goes on and on. he said he saw thousand of
3:43 am
he had a dustup with the pope. i meanhf pope. ananso far, h% sailed above it all. trump-s main political opponents, namely ted cruz and mao ruruo continue to press the front-runner to release his s tax retus.s. they insist he must ve somomoing to hide. juliannaolananan dails. >> reporter: if flnald trump released h tax rerns,t would d owis income, what p%pcent he is paying in tatas homuch he ivivivaway and to whacharities. he sayayhe can't. >> i w the first one to fi a financial disclosure form. almomo00 peses you dot leararanything abobo sobody's wealth wi a tax turn. >> d nald trump says the ternal revenue service is keepg g m from releang his tatareturns. for many year i have be audit me. the only r rson yoyodon't release them isecause he is raid he wil get h h. >> reporter: is rule evting trump from leasasg
3:44 am
nfirm.fefel l prohibs thth disclong if a a ivate cizen is s --seing auded. >> i givmoney to people. charities. ve people. i think, i am a nice pern. i want to be a nice pepeon.. s campai sayhe has giviv awve$1000606lion trp'x returns woul ovide a complete picture. >> tt'the part that is really tricky. and you know, body irequ to disclose their private dodotion but we d d't have a sense of whether at is trtr or nono >> scy palmer@editit oe ronie of philanthrop >> t tre'teen announnts fripipipip o get a rump's phililthropy, ge turtototoe ararof tax filgs f his ovov that period, , aw just over $5.5 mililon. st o ogrrecipit sks totords celeity. inin014, donatio from the trumumfofodaon dropped 35% from the year r re. anodwho o ves money is a philanthpist.
3:45 am
a philananrorosten a lot of people's dinition. is he one of the bigigstoror influential o oin american ililthropy. no. we don't see evidencof that.@. trump p undationivivivway est me from the billionaire. comes from oside d dors. new york donone .9 million the foundadioioio norara for trump'secenen charary ive for veransnshe ys he distributed millions his campaignon't prorode e eisisof wherthe e e y has gogo. >> c c news instigation n unun a pennnnlvania company wasasot only passing off che ce, as parmesan or romano but lo histoty of dangeus hlt hazards ininin facility. jim elrod ports. >ou think when fdf f investigatorororund stle
3:46 am
marketin100% parmesan cheese, thatatas actually 0% parmemen, the company had a proble>> the product they were marketing on the label is not wh they w%re sellili. >>eporter: the u.s. . torney ought the casesegainst the ananafter an fda inspectctct in012 founthe e e esan w a mimiure ofheaper cheeses li andhedddr. and inne ce, an unknown n ingredient. >> adverting as papaesan, and putting something else s #e supplier scud make eore e ne knee that i iclearay frau thehe consumerer t t twas s audulent in yoyo vi? >>es. reporte we fod fraud might not be the worst of itit thesesfdfdrecords show finished chseas s sred d thihi
3:47 am
cause e cteria to thrive. wh's more, compa found listia, tentially deadly thogog in its production area ten n mes. but stleleontinued t tpruc and d ll to target a w-marar wioutesting it.t atight be oublinenough. e dn't also fifi r rords om tennsylnia departmeme of a aiculture wchnspected castle around the same time as the the a. those records tell aery ditch renttory. in june, 2 22, the sta inspecr, david trotterer wrote -- his gling g g ews tind untnl auguststf 2013.. e left theheepartmenof ricucucue for new job. director of quality control at castst cheese. i'm with c s%ns. asked trotter to expxpin his reviews of ctle.e.e. but he declined. le c ceso loer on n ththmarket.
3:48 am
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hile its extenend release medicine lasts fo12 hrs. try delsysy . people are talkikikiow oscarst c c c r rk ked abt the c of rsity at this year'sacememawards. bubufome aanananrican actoro there is nothing funny about itit
3:51 am
ofrs greater opportunities. n tracy y ith h h lendy oder, anr whwhgainin f fe ananrtunun bringing the livf ack amans he small see %wl wewewe m ming on u repororr:r:ore than 40 y y s agororleer pioneerer a newcr sisioms sp casti black men in leleimg s. the jeewsons portrayed a a wealalyyyilil and@aired o cr ten years.s. how big & d d was t shoj whenenenwa on t t@tir in termsms m what it@eicte iearnrn later aboututhe b b camememe and talkeketotoe abou t t show ant t them ell sisionsa fefefen wrwrwrwrcheck. anheont.t. i i ie e mentntlearnelde e b bckou write a check. >> what it need is some more green. >> what tcrman b bug to
3:52 am
, prprititle a susf forv v owqo ouatapapn th cultlte atatat time. an epe at aed in 76,6thlele chahactenen exangegeseur>> dononononl l hky. wre youitive e e t& ov a s sden?n? >> h thehenly@ononon>> how wld youou i& ca@a@d y y [epepepppp >> you called me [ bleep ]. the success of leer's prprmsmsavedhe way fororbb cosbsbshow ananane h prcef l ai>> in wewe philalalphi >>seictis o upp pple-class black@kamies rarerenclud racaalalsss. >> it t t el@like we t tababe e e eb arth riritly y y y arereoiog on sion. b bri doesnsnsnook itsese in t t tror r d se nesese. t t a a asequ we e n'
3:53 am
uvsasaons about ouou prms. >> need a real wan. >> n we reached a t where l tv networks ararso d dperate fofofodice ehey're t t t t to o men ananthth're turning toto f f r r r oraty tch tele whdidididi>> thihi imporor are all going tsit and watch it togher. thisisisk, t abc comed lackckroadcan n isisis on police brutality. cros sre e t%nsoly aw e cisi.. isisny gexpln n at is happeng wh will we tell them? the. >> the`truru. y'y' nott childl. eyeyblblk childrenennt they knead d knowlthe rld they're vingn.n. the diderejtyteleleononasas made i4 to thbig re... omomomnd peoeoeoofofoforre unununepepsent sentn television jusus in film, bubuin film i i mucuce. a studreleed bthe univer osout
3:54 am
e hollood d d exexined ngracts inin00 es, tv s sea shs..7167% ararararar 12.2% blk.k. 8%rararaino orispac. >> youave mamaf ur scripts he on the e e rman lr elo@ong sh tfwith an all la cacacaca >> do you think televisions pushing the envelope tod as y y did back t t t didn'thinkphe we pupupuan envnlnle. efleleing sosoast isis s s s le'e' focbchisisisniniben
3:55 am
3:56 am
r rhthtack. >a wowawafromainenene ringicicy after a a dney lantnt ns d n n n nal make the n b-b-btbts w oinddemmmmg managed to find a kidney t tttis
3:57 am
epororororr r ye linda a mmmmg hateteter r g utine. dadak shs gets up beforereand drives 2 nutes s p diaias ceerfr is a four-rour rrocs s@d d d lelele her exhauaueded buon mondadaas she lefefth ceerfrfrast t me. 6363olololdmotr wawawa overcome with relief. hours later. >> hih met r@nor&r&e first memen person thanknknko o o hekidneys std funcncona. ey cshsh. ptheyeyt al bad. weon't know w y all of a dd that chang@d much. but they did. so that's when i had to t,
3:58 am
asked our families.d, we t sisipelelelestststst forward , tted. ne of th tested well >> sheas put on a anspnt li but waserenne find livg donor erwn. road signsns prted d stmakini tttts askiki pential lueeeeeeo get tete. w facook page, a kidn folindndndndauambe mcinty att. ouw w to wowkwk sit dodo. gogog g ugh ththone.sclling ugugugugne .. e page popped up to thihiday, i d't know why. i had nonoffiliation withtht. nobody i know d affiliation. moby her storythe 37-year-old mother of four vonteered to qualify keeng in touch with deing throughout the process. >>veryime i called ssed m mgegetic teteing. y, the cro matatatent througug >> you are getting eonal >> i ced ery timshe callel.i woululjump up dndnwn.n i don't know whahawowo i can say totoer. can say thank you, that t st doescoveitit e is giving memehe i i vivivie e e ife. why d y y wtothisis litetelly boneneo o o matc i knew thihiwould ppen... >> hox aut toatata >> yes >> for demming, a cho expererere life er o teres. >> what wiou do ll free timim >> i donon k kw.
3:59 am
wswsfofothis wedne. for soso of f u,`the news coztues. capdioning funded by cbs
4:00 am
2016. this is the "cbs mning news." > pulling aw. donald trump andillary clintonore big cties uper tuday, and now bototcaidates are sizing each other up as possible foes in the general election. hillary clinton doesn'tave a ue. >> thawork, that work is not to make erica great again. america never stopped being great. without warning. at lea four people in alabama arhurt when a tornado batttts e birminghgh area. survivors say they never saw it ng. welcome back to eart with a smile and a thumb up, astronaut scott lly returned frrbit. what c/c/c/cext fothe man o spspspvearly yr ince. >>od mning from e e e io 5707ewsroom at cbsbsews quarters here in new york.


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