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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 4, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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this friday.ptio captning funded by cbs > it's friday, march 4th, 2016. is is the "cbsorni news." >the republican race gets down a dirty. truruends off a aay of tack by ingi more insult at theheheest gop dete > a a ear thre from north a. ip theheheheof stier nctions,im jong-un telel his litaryoave its nuclear arsel ready at any time.. and d head-on. a thieie thihis he is making
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into a moving suv. > good morni from e stud newsroom at newew adquarar in w yorkrk good to be with you. i'm g oliv in for anne-marie green. >>e might be rng a ay fromom@he pack butald trump cahide from m tacks fromomis@s fellow republicans frotakiki blistering criticism froe twpast gop nominins, trump was battered from alsisis, incling e moderator s sce the first debate supereruesday but the billioioioe isist uhyi away frothe trh lkha has put himn the insi trac wng the nomination between now esday, eight statat a pueo rico, hold thr contests forot g g. chig i i 59 delegate the e ggt prize. weijia jiaia is athe site of st night debate in detroit. . reporter: only four candidates towk the stage, but front-runner donald trump was y at the center and fensns his opnents and the moderators dug at him for detaiai abobo policici in betwn the flying inlts thth quicklk turned diy.
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donald trump. >> hfefred to my hands.& someg else may be sml.l. i guarane yu, ere is vo o o oblem. i guartee u. >> repepr:`e gop debate on the f/x news cnnel qui rvjd ia ououatch w a it, l mao, i wilil >> w w let's hehe, big dodo big donald. onon wor about it,t,ittle mao. >> gentlemen! >> bre, breathe, breatat! yoyocan do it! you can eathe! i i owowt's hard. >> reportrr:ed cruz accused trumumof banolllngiberal litis. dald umhawritn checks to o o ararclinton, n once, not ice,e,ot thr times, ten times. >>he lasasperson that hillary clcltowatoacisisonalal trp. eporter: marco rubio a a cruzuzeamemeup to bash trump o o a lawsuit claiming h hrump aud. >ause he is trying do o l the e&eriran voter what heid t people that signed for this c ce. he is s kingngmises he h ininntion n n eeping. e going topendndhe
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summer with the republbl minenefacing araududrial. >> oh, stop. orter: tmp ao o ced some tough questioe x ws moderatots. >>ou c cnge yourununonono many things d thththas s se ople sayayg, w wt is he? >> megyni va a vererstrong re. . have a v v vrong core. >> reporter: notnly did t.ump from inside the theater, butsthe fox theater, a huge groupf protesterss chanted dump trump. >> dump trump. >>e know that donald trump is there anafhe's no good. >> this is clean than ump. itit notulr like mr.r.rump is. rter: johnkasich chose empmpsizezeis ownord. >> people say wherever i go, you seem to be thedult on the e. >>orter:asich, cru and rprpo all said ty would support ump if he e ns the nomination but plalaed to challenge him to t tfifish line. >> if i wiohio, we are probably g gngngo end up in a entnonona brokered convevtion and t tn we are going toind ouou-- who is that?
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nobobo wililgoo e ention with enough delegaand th, you know, it's a whoew - ole w situation. >> reporter: c cand d bio hammered trump aut an f-f-e-record i i i i%i with "theew yk tis" in h trump repoedly dialelebackckis firmrmtatae on illegalal immigration. they himo authorize the releace e tt recorded conversation, but umrefused. they will all face off again during the n ht dedete in miami next week. in detan, weijia jiji cbsews. > thtackonta ayorni. 2012 repubcan esidential nononee mitt romney blasasac trp, saying he is unfit r e presidency the blying, the grere, the e shing off, the misogyny, the absurd thirdra theatrici. >> romney's cricism wasoedd by the@ gop's 2008 ninee j jn mcca. in the spin roomomfter the bate, trumumgmve his response
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correspondt major garrett. >> didn'n'kn that mccain ca after me. he betr, ynow,w,'m sure >> reporter: hsaid he ag th w w wromney sd? >>h, he did? that is not nice and he has to be careful. >> reporter: whyhy >> i will -- will -- y y'll finl out but romns a failed ndidate. he made e fool out of himself. hehouldlhave beatabaraca obama. > a blizzaza of critirism, is that enough to s sw down tmp's moment? cbs ne politicic er steve chaggaris gives his opinion. trump foundimselfn defense e l night with n%n questisaisedut his abilities but todod the debates haven't dingedd him at all. asececd, cruz and rubuo wewe after trp all night and landed questions but questi continins to be isist to little, too te..r h rt, by unts,ad solid debebeb
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spite all buanyby trump ranknk, ahrf his opponenteced to susuort hihi he the nomee.. #omingngngon "cbis rning," "face e e nanaon" moderarar and cbs news pitit didior jdickersowi have masasnight's debate >>ththe were seveval otesteteutsihe g g debaba, including one calling for charges agait governor rick snyder because of the flint war crisis that has resulted in high levels o oad in some ildren. insi, rco o bio o id evernes outraged, but the way the probleleisng paintedby demrats is fair. to turn this into a rtisan witi lead. ititbsur it's o orageous and isn't true heduled to debate in flint is sunday. hillary clinton's e-e-s is a h topic among republican presidential canandatesf "the new york times" reports there iso indicicion of
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heheprivateeseer. e aide w w set up therivate e-mails,an pagliano, has been cooperating wit the fbi. w 0 e-mails are now considered classified. the e stice partment is expected to wrap up its s s investigation soon. . >> what i knkn some of the officials overhere havid is she inot a target of thth investigation. >> tt of clinton's 30,000000 mails were released d is week. > dire ordererrom north korean leaear kijong-un. eir military should be able to launchch preemptive ststke. they say is ununkely the northtt hahathe capality of launchchg a nucleaeaststke against t t united states. apple is getting tech support ints encryption leitthe e deral goveveuent. re tn o dozen techcjlogygy firms, includi febebk and
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filingngal befs yesterday aski a jge to s sport applpl applis appealing a court order requing itito helelhe fbi bpeak into an iphonon involvedein thth san bernardjno shootgs. apple intaat would set a dangngous precent, threatening cucuomer securiti. threremen e under arrest followowthe bren b-in at a texas gugustor the robberssed a truckckrip off the doors of a houston gun shsh on n esday. n ththves rururu in and grabbegunsnsy e sack full and they w we gogotw minutes and got away w w w85 weons.s. > coming up on the " "rning news."." ing argumes.s. thee erin andreweoeoasecould goo e jury as earlas day. anai j get
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jejee palmer. he describebebeb@ working with drs on espsproadcasts after videos showiwi her chahain othes hit the i iert. >> i thi she felt t ke she w ing to tryo be normal and being areoe whwhred d abt he( i thininthat was imporornt t t her. >> andrews blames a nashshlle hotel for helping the stalr whwhvideotaper. she is suing for $75 mlion. buzzfeed r rorts thahaga apacte are now eectively bannedrom television in cha. y reveveed g gdelines say tv amasay not showt the government calls actual relationships and behaviors. several shows that haven't m m m the standards have banished cent frostreamg site >> a aococe" repepep that caitlyjejeerouldldldte cruz t tbeberesident. shehehys cruzasas b edentititibut she admits that the cacaidateas the worst
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>here's a look at today's recast i i ime cities around thehuntry. police in geora say a crcr dng gununll. op,i,ithth c cscred enenhey heard shots outstse. mallager ss thean whoho was selling a computer fired warning shots at another manho fled without paying for it. >> a baseball fanho was neareaean to deaea feeee agagagtsid d d d m isis sdsngngngn ullyg sssse. ian stow spoke iesterd at a
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he believes he s svid foa rere>> i'm'ma mimiioioto t tl mymy story survival. i want to stop bullies from m inin anyone elel. > giaias fan, sai he was attacked by opposing fanan at dodgers ststium.he suffered sevevep b bin damage. two m%n convicted in the beating are in prin. > t t cbs "moneywatch." a megameer in e works. a roller coaster that prisese somemextra thrir. ll wagne a athe nen%york ststk k chan w wh that and good morning. repter: gmorning.. >there were mt gagas on walllltrert as oil priri continue to stababizizand energy companieposted some sod gain e dow mped 44 points, the s&p rosese. the sdaq adddd 4. chens-. >8 chinesowowd c theheererss buyi ike cinema, makiki it the largestovie oper inin the e itittes and ththworlrl
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eartur is abou ememng peopl nirencehangngcle chge e with passion and excitement earth hour is about inspiring climatatacon celebrating a global movevent anpa , join us at 19th march 8:3 > hehe look tododod forerere in some caround e country. > re we go.. ononth is goininto do it. >> oh, is right.t.
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ttttg star uisia tech's dri jean nails a half-court shot t t t zzer to beat marall 97-94. > e f)rst swing g t t ririririlerodrdrleese rk the e wywyk yankees slr goes deep on the second pitch he sees against t phillies. needs juju 1 1homers to rere7 in hisararar >p>pa fededeappepes s urmay throrototobry foroa lo.. dges in maattaseemed tical`erday of t patrirtsuartback andndis deflegatstey areg to dide ethethnfl's suensi of brbrshould@dsted. a a wer courblocke. lawyererin floridi are tryingngo pi a aury ear hulk hoganan s te casese tpepruererre suing gaor posting vid showiwiwi hogan n ving sex with a frfrnd'd wife. the website said it was
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t broaay zlockbuster hamilt c cwitctcthings up when t t sw hits theoad in nphphelia an auti posng for roles of aaronononr and george washington, the show is open to casting men or women for the rts. batata.casng ks forthcales or feles between 20 and 39 years ol thtusicalal creor m mananay p wom inine foug g ther. >>who are yoyogog to cl? "ghostbuster" fans are finally getting a look at the new movie thisisirning.>> class for operation. it's okay. e ses peacul. >> my name is sayer gilberer rtment of fpysic that stuff went everywhere, by > 2:3trailer for the new "ghostbusters"m has been releaceded it boas s a-s-sr cast of womed plenty o oslime.e movie is out this susuer. coming up afafr your local news o"c thirning," ubeo tvis la.
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ery 8 nutes s eeosspon toto dasrand mais phelp uke i >>he oe ingurae e lieveses in a, they wewecoreless wititengld th72ndinine when orystal dn dril goa ininheheopoporner.r( usususld o o win 1 theyere greeted by some special fans after the match, meeting gjth theheework k ty nkeewho o o am forspriining. occer star brandi cstn is hoping to extenenhelegacycy r beyend the sport. e is makakak impta donation t tieiee. n tracy e wi h h.>> gl! orter: wthe u. women
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1999, thisisecame the defining image.e. a victorious s0-arar brandi i chastain rippingngff her jersey ing the winningo iouououllke thbeyondhat. >> reportet: :ow 4 chastain has a new gogo -- she plans to dodoteer bra to iee. how chead traumao you u tpink you sufferedyour career? > itwo spspncididtss when wasascollege atuld, tod, , nily ze considered a concussion. we used to ca, you know, d mymyell l ngr i've seen ars anani've h ho shahe it off. reporte chastaibrn wiwi euauay be eby chchs kingngortetechc c autic ceopopopop a dedeveverainease beli to be cse by repeated blowsto thee . bsstst u uversity reseahersrsrs have examinene 307inin lyatateteses stevenfw from women. l playayayhaveveom the
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rinui i iou othe cyndioikh will tualal study chakta's brain. >> with won nonoplayang g otball le don'have a generation of former femal athlhles wita lot of exposure who arin 603, 70s ananan do with m@n. >> reporter: cstnow helps acacsoccer foran,crara universi andnds a f frce advoca fp#oingouth soccer plarsea b ununl they are4. her ntrion to sciencll outlast even the most morable ofames.. benjacy,bs newew s sta aliforni coming up after your lal news obs this in" arlie has revrew withhe ceof ridihariri a ubervivikala plus, e stincontroversrs over an upcocong movie with
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and we will talk with a boston marathon survivor who is planning to run this year's race. that is e "#bs mororng news" for this friday. thanksksor watchg.
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havereatatat. w from your breakings er, issktvtv th rn llo. let's send tngover to meteorologist for a look at today's focast. fray! er a starng out ithe 30s to near 40s thisorningn#weweavevclouds momong throughghs s ll today we'll be warmeand breezy t ts afternoon. highs reach forhe 60s and 70along withainly dry conditions... there's a slight chance foa papapag shower or two through the pikes peak gion mid aftnoon inin t t evevene. ererit llma d asome s h ouwe'll stay mil anandry, through the weekend. this suld be a


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