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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  March 6, 2016 8:30am-9:00am MST

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acss.wgbhnorg >> dickerson: today wel l lk to the front tunners, donald ump, hillary clinton t t cruz. intervrv you'll only see on "pace the nation." yestday ted cruz was the delegate winne take can maine pd kansas. donald@trump took louisiana and kentucky. is it t wn toith-man race? >> i would love too take on ted one ne. thatatoulde so much fun. icrson: fudonald trumphbusohun thepepcarty. o s#mennhe pcessofhaering. we'll talkit tp c us we'll hfrom t airme party, rnce iebu ddh hihi clilion'ss th weeeee'ug her attention to dald trump. plus a look at w w i cing up in michiga on tuesday th new cbs news brarale ground traer numbers. ha-raising camign all ahead
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captioning sponsor by cbs good morning welcome to "fac the natii'm hn dickerson. sat wonalalrump his hom inn palchhohoho bebere t t p closed lstst ght. . trump you'u' brirging g lott ofofeweweople in to thehe republanar, s seeople ininheyyan leav e reic par. at iyourese t tse who nt t t li goidncncnc t s suldn't leave. they should t together and i think erybody should bee unified and frankly we'r building up p mbmbs at a ae credible within th repuican y. you've been seeing wethehe it's south carolina ow hampshi, the numbers are astronomal. and don't think theyave er seen a aythihi like thihi >> dickerson: by the way, democrats are l lsing. the democrats it is going 3535nd we' going up 50%. couple of states over 10.>> dicrson: whatyou make tfftotoryo take t nomination awawaro yevy g t t coention? >> i'm'very sed bybyby i'm very ssed heheba ird party beuse goioapint t nservative judge i thoug thatould m mn that
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ing to be runnin u'rereoingo hav liberal judges probay as many a four or even five`if y y can bieve that during this period offtime.@ so, a ahird party means absolululy t ty will have four or five very liiral l l es appointed as opposed to fourr five very coervava j j js. i ththk it's really playing with fire. >> dickerson: they sayayhe can't ben party with y,u. >> i don't understand that. i get along with people. i'm a unifier, i'm very muc unieybe ople seeatuty will lee tha asho p berhea agi'n w to p ptics. b tis n for ven hs ink i've don veryood b s month have tremeouou number of ople coming in and a tremenenus number of people showing to vte.$ the nes in all of these stass that i've n have been record settingn >> dickerson: let t o me ask you about unifier i i ts very room g night o super tuesday you id aboutaul ryan, that you
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youidt$ quotehe's going to have to pay aa bigricece. alsoskededbo john mainn he ha be very c creful. how can n u be a unififi whenn you're saying those kindf ththgs? ihinknk y wle b b ice,e,ouve aplili prty.y. done goob -- m b moonseivivivhannim stroer othe br h t 's d g@d j jo very m faul rya becaus think he didp as a unifier. he was chosen for that reasonon >> dickerson: lot of people re that as a threat. >> it's not a t threat. ckerson: let moo askskou about your poosition onn tortur when wealked lastee shade general hayden was wrong then hsaididhat military wouldn't'tollow you on the question of waterboarding g d on the e lling of terrist lies. in t date youosa ii s dodo they areo d talklkg abou theilitar rida saiai i will n n der ouililiry to volatat
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alkibou would say is. have an eememin t tiddl d msiveve drownings. thon't plal!by the laws, they're laughing at usigig now. would likeo strengthen the laws so that wea better compete. it v vy toughgh to beaen piece that don't have an - don't have any restrirtions, all right? we have these massive restrictions. now i will abide by the law but i uld like to have the law ex@xed. i would like -- >> dickerson: ho >> i i lik t-- i hooinat wheu'regan e t chops offffea i haenhinkhiseho usmeth th iss sng we ht nowrit no bacall warboardg is essentially not lowed as i uerstand it. >> dickerson: ud wou like it be. >> i iououertainlyike it to atinimum m at minimum to allow that. >> dkeon: why do you th we d't'tave warboarding hinke haveecome very
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not we're in the beatg isis. >> dickerson: you think people got rid of t t law t be weak? >> no. i think that we a weak. i think we'r weak. we cannot beatyes. we shoulbeat isisi verer quickly. genel at that time t t would vevead them down. playiyiy differentt t r re- m@u pdidiereny.whenensis p pplplpff the heads go bacacaco theirhomom a a k,ndnd tyeae're talking abt waterboardingng like itit the worst thing they just@ ownea hundred people and choppepeoff 50 heads, they must think we are a little bit on the weak side. dickerson: the rereon t t waterboarding was -- number of asasssututup one was becaus worry s if america dooo that then our soldiers, americ hostes will l treated even worsthat's the argument, w do you think that haha? >> killing ourselves when they capture them. ey're doing that a away.
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do it you donon do it but we're nonono pying by the didsomebody tell l is, we're goi treruys wel would u pasas do us f freurysysell? th don't d dthth. 're notlayiy -- we a a ayg by rules ty have no rules. it's very hardi th wsetefr t sav. oea sva er t f twale s. >> he bas. ern:y besasas. yav p tam ay t pmeyo noif softndeheyrus.>>kerson: o thaitnla, i k oo ineahes be t lareoinouy or ho d lo wisoi anthey'rg geinor. they'r chop choppingng chopping, 're worried aboutwate i just thit' - - - i tnk our prprritire mixed u u dickersanothetopic. paul ryan th week s cfrsrs wanan t tbeominfff e repuic p treanan
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they musejectny g ocas bnitry.>> bavav rejeed. w esi havto ct ororcodavike.i haejected tk, theu klux klaom theime i fe s d rtehem. puit twit wk. howy-- aazazthgs with t have me xiioav atherixll whaceokeion th instagram. when i i pt out a mnor meage, evybodpickt up. dodo t -- leexpln. en p outteject theandavi nyyks u. u whey don't?thonan y picp. everyoless pkst up. u sapractiy taime. d wantok ui haned qti manimi recte so ti iact- d drs: whyou k yayang tat, on w-- donow h
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sohen tetbouthe ject rhterhat show enbebeuse maybe asn' eaomethi. w man teso iavav to say . forg i td cnhenhr chriie endorse me, veroo ement, of th tis -- my ti, i reje it theret news nfererce w like day bere.. how nyim d ive to ctct d dvow. >> dickers: t ao isdavikeing tois su a follows, vdona tump, whe supremacisu tgh votes? i dt em. hef s s heh ys it, b i d't wanttnd on't- ie i - hn says te sayst, i wt nyou don'want t suorte? >> ionikenyup of . s no fore. saids re the presestes meo st.t. ey jt n't nt to pic up iconu hin mo aboheenleti
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id, tal autillary to saiwe vie t war. en you aed the a audience, don'we view this wrd you vitii w w? >> lit, yeah hilyompeve laerern shnts ait t ei c tell that you. i of reingne ofou coors said iw tha ar wantsun nsdonamp.i lledim i sd,eshe st ify sayheto ragains that m ty't wa tungain mdo uanan t ushath- kee he t knor a faayoow r a f lt person s she s togastme.. onnuusolls ainst ard hat stard ary. only bef m beuse that h moment, llarnty,ow and bernie g cret for it. ey said was r rnning a great mpaign..&
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be is s t in n, yway bue d thatpef t. d thlast personhe t n agnst mil t u i t her.i er in a lotlls yoknowut peoplonay th. icrsonght, um lte, wve ruout time. >>nk vmudier draeld esn tretates&tobern srscaionsn ksasndaska. formectary o ste& hiinn woinlouiuian seetyln thu insear cntonon knoh ite e ingh legate be t lasarouu n it the t thed. do you t tre anything wrong th bernie ers stays in this fightll the way toheend? >> wl, y think thas up t ohn. iry pleemypaign n ight n seall grrifieyhe sueerda
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re pog a grbrd citha iisheyoning novegain who t publanomine.>> d rpublicans hll thethsm,reeoar t out feir imarroce, me anemocr th ht inheattln ve? >>ei i n't k k eacy attan veooe ves than anybody running on either side. i've gotten more votes than nald trump, although i'm sure he doe't wt t hear th. d e godoen i i f ai d ba ac i' gn pry e /gte m whiteoterer exce f oermt, l todorup er i feely gd at wh ramign is a whe it' >> drsince ohiondahus,re
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chr,ng the stratibeng blto vototnana um at oseererou're g t w back and how do u get >>ell, wo getvery vor ck. m gotoeeng d this prima t enot d to makt@ cleha i'm ind innclusiveai to ockown bers for all ericans not juste of@ them. and i hopop thats we move forwdeople will beiving seco, thlooko the caidat andtdes me dede mr. tmp. i'ing eep rac outd dmoatin ueqcallif peopl are ftete discra u u b wt' eng inhe economyr t vern o poli sstem at i comeea p ppa dot' nessa to makeprogssss i ink th'sa v vyong se.
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brian paglna was granteded immunity froro prosutut t t crinalnveseigation to youou e-mail serr. whenenhis happened talked t democrats s eyeyoat somebody i iing too getet indicted.. >p w therere is no babsiss for thth, , 's a security riew m delighted th hehad agreed to cooperate as everyone ese aa an i ihh t ttte'll bovivgrdrd resolutio of hisj dicrsosu s e ih a a@a --od ns?>> ^eah, / tete i ink k getxn c$esesnd --cs t wrag thiup. also k k khh t f res t tdayp hdrdrfff fiddh_haiai ttre sndin and% that lokt csietroactively. thiseally raises serious questions ath ocs i thihi lin powellums itpell
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araro o g ging g g g g b btrtrctivelel cassififi called a m h h hinin w g g t toughgh tts then everybody can take hard lookt the i i incncnc sput andnd a a amemes ovvctctctlllononononeene t ttskededhatll my-mai b m meububc. veven momomorranspspenenenan ybody i cannhi o in public but 's asorue thathen something issade public f f f f acroro the goverert gege toweigh h h h h what's happeneneng we n n n n ntt s srtrt o o th takakioio fre. dicicrson: let me askskou out the two-papaerieshis wen "neneyorkrkimes" on libyby in itormer s stata of defense rortat saiai that president ama set tha decision whether to takection in lya w w 51-49 decision, secretary gas ga you cret fo p pting the present o 591% sof the le.
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of the wayhings happed? >> ell, it was the psent's decisi. and thine listed to everyby just as he didhen w renvolved intenseiewf inlligce as to whether or not e pesiden s suld der on g ater bin la the%dcisionsre obousl tily t psident. hie shldmember w were, the kinf ths thaha gdhafi was taking, i haveo say thatt when look at th, and absent of acacon by nato barab leue ers,s,s, w w w havavbly t t tntntyria,a,chhhh wowod d d d een evenn ngerererii, we all oururjujujujujui i spsperery y y iiorked i i t t t t o oamamadmdmdmtrtrtrnnn anananananan u u u u uyyy make our recommendations to t president. >> dic: someeoeoeosasa it's'so so much that syria ma
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w. >>ell, n it' n goo i'm not saying that it i#. but it's sure bett than syri i thininmaybe 1 10 ppleerekilled lasyear c c creteto prably0,000 sia. but wsappenen i avery concted effort le@d by v.n., spportenitete ate[ erope and oerso try to ce a unityp government in libya. enabling the people of libya to get what they voted for, john i keepemindg peopop have ha hdwo elecons, they voted for mderates, tey voted fo demomoacy they voted for a th forwardhatas been disrupted because of the inner --nterference@ of outside sources as well asntern squabbles. hbeen few years ink 'vgot to relyor ha to help t libyans aceve thepoals tha they have set o for. of a ii allladhi hallowed ou theirountntthth were leftt
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t a functioning army no t a functioning govnment, e ec-tera. we'v'vgo w wko do. bu i acally a slighyy hopeful l at tey wilil all alize they'rogoo betterf they wogeer. thth standgainstst tererristelememts, wl sportrt themm >> dickerson: secretary clinto we're out of time. anks sos much. we'll bek i` a minute.e.e.edict... the market. but at t. ro pce,we can help ide ururnvesen thugh good timeand bad. for r er 75 yes, r clies hava relied d us toring our best thinkito their investsentsp son a variriofmark conditis.... you can feel confidt... .n.iex. call a t. roro p pce repecialis or yvisor..e howeweanelp ke tofofou rerementavgs. t.e ice.
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>> disis: we'r back wa qulook w wre t t tace r e repubn ninationtand afyesterday's victie t as nowedfdononon trp's ad in the delate@ntweghghupitith himdaat a gatherinof republicans outside of washington.n yourolitical path, is it to n theomition the delegates out right or/jte get to cleveland fire it out ththe. >> we'rere c cmpmpgng to win. i will say yny time y y hear ople talkingut brokokok convti, think that is th
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the washington establhment is in a panic, they're cous, ey d't understd what's happening. and their favoredd candidates, ararnot gettinin the votot but if a b bch of waington al makers try totn i a okered conveveion and teal theomination we'llll have a manifest uprising. if you want to beat donald trump, d d d think donald trump is the rightomineeeeo go againststillara clilionon if you want to beat himimim you got b bt`him at the ballot x ouamppgn isnly campgn at demonstrated we cann do s over andndve >> dickersonou think sothininillegitimate at tryingngnghave a broked convention? >> i think if it's aunchcnff washingtgt deal makersndlobbyiststwho want tot parachute in theirreferredandidate because thon't like what the votersre dng, i think that is illegitimat i tnk it's wrwrg. reagan usedonvention to tryo beateraldord. therasn' anything -- >> buthfre's a difference there enhat' comfrom the peop wheitit a battle of the ople. a lot of pple pushing bkered
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want it to beeased on the opop they want torop i( their favote candidate and trytie the willllf th peopop thk thth would be enormous ake. >p dicicon: let moo me a y abouwh the contete coming upichigan, ohio florida, how are you going to do well in thosstates when youou h trouble in aabama, arkansns, georora,ennessee. >> w wll ltenou we have troue we earned@d@d dlegates in just aboulryon ofos states. weididh very well. we wereotxpected to win based onhe poll ofhere wee.naldldmp i unique in one of kiind a year a aeanged the@ rulele wead 17 candidas a year ago. atate have seen in theield is field naarrowed dramatally i think cocong o off super tuesday, what supeper tuesday demonstrat is thaif you dot think dond is theight candidate to go up a against hillarylinton, thehe's one campaign that is has beaea him
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at is our c campai we beat him overwxwlmininy in iowa. beat him in ohoma, ininin alaska, we beatim i i minne and ovovwhmingly in mymyome ste of texas d d s anybody approachch you about any kind of alliance to stop tru? >'m h!ving theeonversations withll stsf peoe, whahat we're eing supprsrom other caidat cg ininus t t t w with jeb bus wheer they wer th chris c cistie, whether they werer w)wh benarson or been wititmarco rubio or rand paul. weseeingeoe come togethecse theegniziz thth their candidatat were not in position be donald and i donald i itheomimie,t is a a tastroe. hilllly ns, we l le supreme court for genation. we le til of rightht we losehe senate. >> dickerson: any of these convsations in terms of joiny actingo dny hmot coming together. >> my focus is v v smm.. it is winn 123 degates t be th republican nominee. we're on a path to do so.o.
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wer th a hundred delates separate donald trump and me. as much as the meded wants t t just have coronati, and listst, frankly, one of the asons mededants donana t to beominene is becauau m mdi snow donald n'tin the general that hillary with wop him. the person that hillary clinton can beat all of the attacks on nald as miaot talalng about`now, yetter bieie come seper, o oober, novembmrf he were the none every day on the nigly news would be taken donald apapa. the stakes a a too high for us to -- ickersonthehdia a oughtheasn't going to get this far that's hardly -- >> that's true atirst. but let's be clear. th mediaiss given dold trump hundreds of millionof d dolllls of free advertising, wnnou t --hener pss confence carried liveven every televisionon statioioand you essentntlly ve a massive inind contributionn from the media that helped create this phenomenon. then i think awfululot o reporters -- i can't telllyou
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have this grerexpose on dold, on dififrent a aec ohis s siness dealingngng h haa, ey say, you knkn what, we're gointo hold ito june e2 july. nonononog to run it n nw -- >>ickerson: more the r porthave told yothat? >> i'm not going to out mdiaa tlets t ian t tyou t tere is souch t t -when w w thehe& last time people arar bngngg u upp his tatareturns, for emple..we had d d d nigigt,idn'tt heardbout tax returur. >> dickers: : u brbrght it up. ou have, i do often. but as mitt romneyightlyly observed fafctct thatonald't hand over suggest threres boelin itthe fact that journrnts are nono raisisggghe qonver wh donond trump totd t "new york t tes""torialoard, the reports are ---- >> dickerson: the journalist ought it u which give you the platfo t t t tk about i sure low they are, p ps hee wrotete abouit. >> i p pmeeou comehe general election, t tt willbe the siararar focus of the medi i t tnk r rpublicans, we've been burned bthat beforor we're not
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particularlyhen the skes i think are catastrophic. >> dickerson: l l vee ofour in citviewewith tecruz o o oext haour. ith us.. and n yoexplain why you recommensyhetic overed?"s"ser" tt real thing it's a greatchool,ut is it the right one for her? is this really any better an the one u got last yea if wnsidsuppererat's sings t sosould we g gth7 horsepow?.oisis 423 enoh? gouestion.n. yoasasa lot of gd questions... i think k should move you to our new fun su... ok. but e u asking enough about how your wealth is managed? weth management at arles schwab. delicioececes atreighter in loriri anadr when useplenda no calorie sweetener. think sugaga
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asp) srk diving! xex persizededmploe portals help companies makekeenefits mple andaccesslefrfr anywhere.hulang? cliff jumping! huhun resources canwork better. with xerox. >>keon: : chigan is thee xt p march state the contest is tuesday. our cbs news baground tracr poll has donald trup by 15 points overereded cruz. rc rio andohnasich are cle re for third in n ee repupupuan re. amongemocrats hilry cnton is up 1 pots oie nders at 55%.
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we'l'lbe rig back. en tce at does it lk li?is ibeming a abetter pfessor by b bng moror adveurous studud it sering notonly your owowfuture, but onday giving your daughder the e e rtity she desees?
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those whwhservr others have e unue defition of success. giving you the financial securitytpupuue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.created to serve built to p pfo. dickerson: so of r r stns arerengs now. for most o'l'l riba with lote "face
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ay wh brooke: hey everyone, is is chien soup for so's hidheroes, e meraare lling. is is a dierenkind ofiddeca experience. wewee onhe lookout fororevydyhyheople whwhshow courage anndo tal stras. khow dtht ing. what they don't know isthate' tare their stories ththhe wod. on today's episode, watch what happens when these hidden hers turn the actctof listening into a moment ofofarinfofofoose ss founate. anye hiring actor: oh...hi. brooke: wee on the ht for a hidddd hero his stauaant acr: i iave to get tir otlad, c you s that up r me? woman: i don't work he....


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