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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  March 7, 2016 2:30am-4:00am MST

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york city, i'm jeff glo > is i ithecbs overnight news." > welcome to the "cbs overnight ws,"'m jefff gloro tributes pouri in for nancy reagan. the former first lady died at her home in california.. presidentnobaaiddrs. rgan redefid the roleff the first lady. michael dede said ithout ncy there wouldhhee been no presiden reagan." bill plante hasmo. >> the first ladyyfhe united ates,,ancy davis reagan. >> reporter: it was a rel that fifiher like a glove. wife andartnooo the l lr of theree world.and it wasas a lonon way fmhere shee started. ann francis roins was born in new york city, they called her nancy. when she was a qpted by hehe stfather, a prominent neurosururon, shshtook his name,
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keepour promises?? >>ololwood called ananshe became a supporting actress in a number of films including the next voi you hear with j j whitmore. davis s intrododedthe head of the screen tors gui, his me was ronald reagan. she was later say, "being s fe w the role i wantnt most." >> i was afrd you wouldn't't come." "hellcatatof t t navy" t t only movie they made totother as his trajectcttook himway from hollywood she was ithe e fronseat with him. many saiaishe was more ambitious than he was. whwh then the white e use, the country was s azed by the` ze, the adoringnlookf f mamawho sasa h h maiaijob in life was ptecting him. but somememes e couldn't >> the presint -- >> there washe asinati t in981.1.d hiboutwithanre nay anad h criti. waed f o oerin 0000hitiouse china dung a recession.
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>> the has been no new chinana for the white house sie e e trumum administrioio >> there was perhaps no greater example of howse the r rgans were, than when the presesent was asked a question, and the first lady fed him an answer. >> we're doing everything we can. >> thank you, sir. >> helel. nancy reagan used h h fluence ir lady to setet a campaign to try t tep kidsrotaking drugs. >> can't hyou? louder th'sderf. ivyearafthagans left tteseher prprenenuncehe w battling aimers didias mrs. rgan e about it in a& tervie m mwaace "6"6nu i >hathtprsrtbout is die. eris n nody to ehangmeith.
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centerta sheenis birirda rty alal ld le to psetoastoy reporter: sheignehis s fo ririedpsamed f h. and ivededawde the ttey fracss t tolal sperur strere o ochchchter legendy pside clintonon d seety ton. she leaves a remble gacycy of goo her influence on the white house wacomplete a lasting wrote pridt and s. georoe w. bh. from predent jimmyter. theirs wne of our nation great love stories. d a modeof sred devoti to our country. nding ndolces onehof hepresent`t`orge h.w. bus barbaba bush said, we ke cfort tthey w wl reitedncncre. inm/her r epson,
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agaiwith the manheov. d es undeh d d d nd. tlala thendburnngngnd maininronaealecys hen. nancythk for yo .p thank you for just being y y [ applause >> next presidentntnt ccusess torrowow ssissippi, idaho, waiind michig. michigan has the most delegates at stste. the battlraraer p ll donana trump u over ted c the.e. rubio and kasichhn close race for third. hiylinton is up 11 points over b bnie sanders. clinton discussed theace with jo dickson for "face thehe
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what it is look toe in a a touou battle. lastim around you stayed in all the wawa untilheend.d. do you tnkre i i anythg wronwitherereanan s fightllll way t en >>nk tts uoo hi jo.i amer pedthere my cpasshtno aseallytiedhe resultltyesterday. we'll net deleletes.s. and feeling od about t upcoming contest. i have really put together great broad coalition, that i think is the key to winning in november agast ever the republicans pnominate. >> speaking of winning in nomber, th repububcanseeee to he all the thusiasm, morere peopop a turning out for theirii prim p pcess muchh m me than democratatwowot thth hurt in the battle in november? >> wl i don't know exactly wh t tt ans. know, , have gototn m tes an anodyyrunning. on either side. i ve g gten moree votes tn donana trump, although i am sure he doesn't'tant to hearr th.
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wide, broad base. i have gotten in the demratic prary, electiti, i have gotte momo white voterer eept f thehe ate oferertoldld to iavead me suort om whitefeeleallyoodut w wrpa and w i is going. >n pla le ohioio masshusetts, there are reports that democrcrs,,,witching over changing their registrati, becoming republican sew the can vote for donald trump. ar't those voters youre going to want baca. how do you getet themm back? >> well, i want to get everyry voter back.. will keep working durg the primy to earn every vote. and make it clear i amunning an inclusivepaignhe it kno dn barriersor all americans not just some of themem and i hope@ th, as we move fofoard, people will beiving a cond,,hirdrdoooll of thth candides. ananthat includessme. it include, mr. trump. so i am going to keep reaching
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andemonstrating equivocacay ifeoe are tred, ged, t b b ws tconomy o t governntr piticalal sy, eeadhep,, tatecessary t mak ogrere th aertrse >> l mskou aueion soinn thenhe n n thi week,an ia,@rme r, gntedmmmmrom vestioto c inveveigof e- er.when thi has.i to demrat has that th rry sobo g/i/i/ioo inct elel thes f thatat i i secy viewi ig t h has ed tope evee elhas. t t te'l' bovin rd a rutionfis y s - >> after@l. >> y yee tssne yeah, i do. solute absolutely. ink we are gtqngser and clcserroo wrain this up. >> the "s ernight
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int ansleep supplement. marco rub wonon t gop primary puerto rico. ted cruz says he ishe onl reblican thacan blk dond p from wning the presidential nononaon. saturuayayay cruzon inn k ksas and ine. trumwon louisiana a keucky. both trump cruz spoke to johndickerson for "facac the tion." >> conservatives talke about the ceninin of the culturere and job of a c cservrvive popoticiano std upnday o more s ignmpved t ure?orade wo >> lllljen n uber a aecf th ca tve g t er saw ments whontrp and marco rubio engage in offcolor s, n ntier and throwing mud. my apoach, i i am not going to plal, not goi to engage in the
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i don't he the views on t t size of any parts of donald trump's anatomy. i am not ieresesd in talking about that.@ what am ieresesdnalki about is issue facing american o@le.@ millions are facingg stagnant wages not having bs t t prioritit is bringin bk jobs andndaising ges. will do that reali ama caca,as a ft x. ng thes,toppin amsty,ur borde 's prioioty. yai lastee lk donald'sentertni. her fps 's wach c crvativ ita trrea hed at the way t culul slip 'she j j o aolician t stan undayo the a gue. >> lisisishihi a authattt presentstk meant in hiory. lioln' geturg drdrs.s. r, onl tng w wavav tooo fr
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k, notttou cry can for yohat yououdoorour coinknk atre ki thseowould we fe if o o cldre c i reputhe rdrdhe ident tnetestat haharededt wonal trump. if it wououarra you to haveour chihiren repeat the word of the president,that's not a good thing. a president shoulddunifiep, appealo our betet angels, appepe to ourhared val u that make america who w and thats how i i a trying to campaign. i think that's wt the american people are looking for. >> donald trump said t tre n n to b b flexibility on m graduation. you talked "the new york times." and off t record conversasaon. he is right course. negotiation. flexibilitit ght? he iostolutely not right. t it was a stunning aspect of e debate. he saiover and er. flexibilil flexibility.e exixility. thth's of theeasonshy w arsellll noog mat o r websit tedcruor eye bre yots.
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listen conservatives a a used to seeini republicanandidates run to the rht in the primary. run to the left in the general.part of theeaso w w are frfrtrated. angry. we are tired of politiciansns ing to us. whatawas amazing about the debaba, john, donald is running to the left. hes not out of the primary. in the d bate this week. donald stowmp there and said to marco rubio, i agreen with you, iunderstand why you compmpmiseseand were flexixie negotiatinwithhuck schumer on theheang of eight. this is the donald trumoas madeigration the centerpce ofiscampaign. who said he agreeeeee withnnco ruruo@ supporting the gang of eit amnesty bill. stunni. >> l l l estion, something that zzles me. you talk abouo he i i going to be presid you can'ttetrr children watch tv. marco@ rubio says he i a canman. all these terrible things at the end you are asked if you
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doesn't derme thehe iticis sayeile a er conservism d reicanvalues. >>en, on hrynt& dentoueoror catoph a a d o bark oba. annott supporlilryry clinton. nuer twot the outs of t campgn. i promised i would sport t t publican nominee. i am som one who keeps h h h wordrd past week on super tuesday. in the state otexas. we won a overwheingictory. 17 7 points. that is meingful.. peoplef theexasas know me and my heart. they are people i made pmises to. i rananor s se. you ec meme i will leetd the fht a ainst obamre. amnesty, lead the fightgainst our debtbt and le the f fhf to protect lilious, the bill of rights the reas we w/w in texas, xas said t you kept your word. i will tel you, predentntabo thee th>> mtrumpou are bringing loof n pplento t pu pereizghe w w l t rubli p too. atatatyo mes t tse
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goodriddance? >> i nk they shouldn't leave. i think they shohod get ther.. i think everybody shoulde uvifie areuilding u n n nrs incr witn t repebcaca y. yoveveeeei souro mpshirhe numbs ara tromic n' thaveennythlikes, tual. byhe d nrare si decrarin, 35 %. areoi co ste0%.t yak of fo tory ttake nomion ainto conon am sised b very siso hearrd y wlppoioi coertivejudges..a.dbrd par wld mean thatim ear would wr who ever is goi t be runng. yo a a going to he liber judgs manys four efive if yoan tha ng thisis pererd of me. so a third partytyea solutuly t will have four or five vy leral judges
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five v conservativivivjues i i int i r plalang firere >> the she b b i t party wiou a head it? ie d rsta thatat i t a ait.. veveiery mh ifif maybpele'teethth. they wl s tt. my reliohi people h be gre over t years.s. again. i i new to polics. en doing this nowow forev months. think iave done aery gd job in seven mohs. but we have a tremendou number of people cing in a showingng t t vo. thines in all the states that i have won have been record settinin >> in t jsery room, bigig nightr superer tuesday, you said about paul ryan you hop to get along with.if y y didn't. he will hav to pay b pre. you said about john mccain. he hasoo be verycareful. how can you be a unifieper when u are saying those things out two republicans. >> i think held pay a big price. a spli rty. a very split party.
2:47 am
i may be mr.r. conseativ tha ham. him. strge t rder. ssavororor o o pan ery much is aunifie rtf cse ik. >> a rea that a a ththat n n re a that. itc a asowant beb nonone thelin papa no eon andnd no m rejtny g usuilt o bigotry. he was tking about yo >> iave rejected. w many t teso i have t jejeje i rececavid duke. rejectet davduke. i ha rejececd the kkk, the ku years old. i rejected them. prident t ittn twitttt last w many times. an amaze thi ithh twittetete i i have, more than 6 million. d other 6 6 million wh facebook. 13 million, 14 millili wh inststram. when i put out a minor message.
2:48 am
dodold trump t teted something vury unimant. when i put out hat i reject the kkk,( david duke. eb nobodod obodpicks s up. yop)ck i i up. ever p pks i i up.simuaneouspracticae same ti they d't wan toic i. ha been wchedhi questinyme hareeded man tis.wh did you thiut ryy yingthat g gss tha w w m m ququon>> don't forg. i g gtiti a aotf information n you gugu. whenen t tet about a a rejon st aer t sw ended. maybe iasn't cr soin manyimoo i toto cnnnnhen c christie@ endo. very goodendorsement, t qution w wasked. i rectete it th wsfere w a d befofo.. how ma times d he too rerect ordivow. >> let me a you tquestion. david duke is saying to his supporters and followerot for donump.
2:49 am
i eonanem i n'wa h.'t h hit.if h s .t john, if says it heay it. do w no. - n ien wt ything >> white supremacists. >> i've don'tlikikny g oup of hate. te groups arereot f meme@ but i hav saidhis befo -- the press hates meeo say itjt just d d't wt to pick itup. >> you are rning,nkin mobohe generallectn. inemla y y y y said, taing aryylinton. vth as the e r. en youskeded the audience, don'ttt weep view thiswar? doou still vieww its war?>> little bit. it is hypely competitive. e la person she wants to run against isme. i can tell you that. ii knoww thtl. soso of interesting. e of your competitors said, i know tha hillary clinton wants to run against donald trump. i callll him. i sasa, listen re's the story. if they they want to run against me that means theyent wt t
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leenis >& aska the i itaroro i i under way.y. 85 mushersakingartn grueling trip a aoss the alaskan wilderness this ye. sunday thefficial start o the race from willow, alka. sasardhe ceremonl start at anchore ha to be cuthort by lack o snow. carterer evans has more. >> rooeace for her. >> repter: the ceremoniaia stt of the i itarod is everyrhingngou expec from a sled d race. pt t sw onhe groun didndt come from the sky above ore. it came on a trainrorohe north. m sulvanith aa ilroad. >> we haveadome snowfall the atheha been warm.>> sarhora ivf ofof i avege snowfall. asf fr, jt9 inche had falaen. 61 inches ispp normal. and the city has been storing at it plowed from local streets f f theditaroddd
2:54 am
carl heidelbach. harsting e&ery flala of snow since novembebe hidin it to make it happen. reportetet wasn't enougug the 350 c cic yd of backupup sn will l ver three milesf the anchcra track itead of the usual 11miles. >> weidn't want to shorten the race. t our only otherption left was s ake t fm anchorage. that's n n what we wanted. anan tctacle here for ouranshehe. >> reporter: happened l lt year as well. when there wasas even lesessnow. and it may be a trd. over the last 60 years, wr temperatur i alaska haveve sen by 6degrees.wice fas as t rt of cotry. d wheel sno may a good tng i other placeses herei. ancncragege wheredididid he biggege trustve of
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>> >> s sve hamanoundhat can be@ describeds a catalytic conversion on the roadad >> go on >> all cattlemen face challens% beyond thecontrol. bunot long o at this ranch south of houston. tommy sawen face aid problem of his n.n.>> you kno eryry mri i not a as . s prepar f i a anyby. 'sat ep a began ce eh. shy t mared s ago,reneusrtededtithe live soctommy warn r.r. renee d't n nehose .>> rorter:r:r: sheidt en >> ar. sunn sed sininngng tohem too. who'o' goingext the r r trailer
2:58 am
a nho cldn't stoma so aiv cattlean ane. jt wtete ss. r ia was g g tbeovov it wttt i t wholhe if-up are gogo to sell t whole herd a a way why't you sese theto mi id sell them tooyou. he looked at me. you have lt it. you are crazy. >> reporte clearly thereas some truth to that. buwhat tommy didn't know was that reneead been secretlyl poststg a blog calledvegan urna a ranan ear wife. shee attcted thwusand of followers, throuou the ntracts. renee was able to rse $30,000. enough for a hostile takeover-r all of a suddede he was fixin to bououut by h hwife. >> thiot eulat y? no r r fm aing him? yeahn'pp t u kwt was gro papa comehe epepr: here is w wre the
2:59 am
ter s wife raiaid the ney, toy did methingare for a raraher, or a a mananan tt matter. he put asididid his ego a rekiddddrekid reconsidered a core belief. topped eating meat. liked how it feltlt now works for hisisife a a rdy girl vegan farm animal sanctuary. as far ass can telll t f only cattle rchonrsion in the counun nonothate changedor yo how would you loo t ce r? >>an thingngf a inin >>h. the isthinoueed know sy married ver. sthartn, on @ @ ad,n an,,te >>at is t " "s ovnit ne" for ndnd. someou t news continueothe checkck ltllater fofoe nmwsnd s s rn
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>tributes pouring in for nancy reagan. the first lady dieat the age of 94. tonit, cbs news@veteran bill plantooks back k t reagananhite house. >> nancy, thank you for your love. thank you@r just being you. [ chchrs a applause ] >> ao tonighdeadlylylooding hitstshe west coast. another system threatens the south. long l l l ahead f spring break travelers. what's bng d de about the shshtage of airport screeners. cross ward ctroversy. and crossword controvevey. a prominent puzzle maker i accused of being aopycat. >> announcerthis is the "cbs overnight news." > welcome to t t "cb overnight news," i'm jeff glor. ncy y agan remembered as a a fit redin le.. present a a fila michlemamahe sessmeoiningast ppppen a wor ying tbute to s. rean.
3:01 am
men los geshwas 94s ol mrs. rn will be lao bede h husband o52earsrs at the ronalalreagan pridential libraryn n mi lleylifofoia. more now from bl ant wh coveved e reagan white house. >> the first lady of the united states, nancy davis reaganan >>eporter: it w s a role that fi her like a glove -- wife and partner to the leader ofhe free world. and it was a long g y fromhe she started. ann frciciroins waborn i new york city, they called her nancy. when she was adopt by her stepfath, a prominent neururgeonshe tookokisisame, and beca nancy davis. >> do u alalys have e -- - ke your promises? >> hlywoodalled and sh beca a sportin actress in a number of filmincludinthe "textoi you hr" with me itrere vis oduco headad n ac gld, namerean.
3:02 am
ias aiiwowodn't co." "h"hlcats he navy" the only movoe th made gether bu as his trajactory toto him away from hollywood she was in th frfrt seatatith him. manyd she s more ambitious than she was. when they won the e ite house, the untry was amazaz by the gaze, the adorg lolo of a n who said her main join life was protecting him. but t metimeshe codn't. he president -- >> t tre w w thehessassinanaon attempt 11. >> how yur -how are you eelg sneelg. >> h bou witcaer ncy agan had h crics e wawaat fored,000 whiouhinaduring aessi thprfended h h. heheheaseeno n n chi for the whitithouse sincthe truman adminintratatat t wererpso grear examame of closehensns
3:03 am
s s kea ququtiononand the first lady fedim an answ. >> wre doing eferything wa can. >> t tnk you, sir. >ello. totof yoyoliening out there.% >> nancy reagan useder influee as l l lto set up a campaign to to keep kids from tatang drugs. >> i can't hear you? louder! that's wonrful.. >>e e ars afr the an le the white houou t t former presesennounced he was battng alzheimerdisease. mrs. rgan spoke about it in an inrview thikikwallace on 0 minunu in 2002 has wowort a diseaseruary to eriesit >oaoaas rald agananaded p8blililiewews ngctre moved tnter stage s went to his biripday party alone. >> i would like to propo a toast to my fella.
3:04 am
oks for him. christenenhips named for him and received medals arded to him. there re tributes today fr across the pitical spectrum. her st of arter r s legeary id pde cli ananetclinn.shleav rare gacy ofood. her fluence hehi hou was comp aas. e pridan geoe w.usus from president jimmy cartete theirs wasasne of our nati's great lovevetories. and a model l shared devotion tont sending condcecn bf of heelanidt t ge w. b barra bussaid, we takekeforthat theyll reunitede more. aweet from r stson,n, ael reag, she nce agn n th the man lov god bls. til his deh yond. she kept tlame..
3:05 am
>> nancythank you for your love. thank you for rpst being you. [ apause ] >> reporter: she really the wewebehind the throne. nancy reagan s snt her life protecting hererusband. she did all the worryiyi so she didn'tave to. and was her insnct about peoplelehich in most cases decided who would work for nald reaganaor w w w usefulness had expir. ff.. >> one tng watching the whit ho a covovg . you also h seveval memorable encounrsncy@agan, didiu not?t? >> yh, sal. e b@one aececontroded my date thehehe aosf)ane. she gave me a withering ar anidget her a ring. i did. >> bill plante in our washington bureae. ll, thank you ve mh tonight. >> the repubcan presidential candides paud to pay trite nancyeagan.n.
3:06 am
o o llanea uexalef integty a gre. aer tet tecruz said wie remberor h deessio for natn d lo forer husban an amazi wteonald trump. ws of nancy reagan's death came on n day whwh most caidatat vyingo inherit naldagan c crvativiv legacy werer king be thne unritil cots s s is w, useto y,"wit ronni" n ch theexcept mpg his h hstat io, arnold scarer. d night. >> donald trump won kentucky and louisiana saturd.. bubulost to cruz in kansas and ine. rubio like kasich was 0- laststigig trump called d the florida senatoto drop ouo6 i iould love to takakon ted one-e--one. that w wld be sosouch fun. >> cz seemed to agree.
3:07 am
prims,ot amassing enough dedegates to get the nominee, , ery ndidate has to reflele. >> wio insis he wi s taf florid some unlikely repubns a congroun cru lisasaahtho if yled oe floor of theathe trin cldonvictou. toy heaie goneo night before mch 15. >> to it is clear tt te madehufathathe b be e tr rubio is rejecting callo drop out fore mar 15th. >> jeff, lked like he scsced his second win. the asciatedss has said ruby hason the puerto rico pry th means hwill likely take the territory's s0 delegate >> tnk you.
3:08 am
will be right back. ll, thomomyootrerk. butuititme ciand angin diet, be rd. i've tried exercing. itust t kes me hungn for bacon.n. i love bacon, too. and who re kes to exercisi3 not t ..eier!! nobody! [both laugh]
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, [m] i'a college studenenanululuse vice about my sntntoaoa [wom] i had d leachool but i still have student loans s pay bac an 2 2 i aduated and t the helpeeded to pay bk my l ln f [male narrator] e the nfcc, thnational fndndn for nseling, th mr offices nationwide
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>>soere e the dat cots stand t deges teuzs@xt wh 29 mamao rubis 3. will get mfrom puerto rico. hillary clinton has more than 1,100 delegates. more than doubleernie sanders' tal. r both parties the big delegate prize tutsday i igan where a cbs news battgrouraer sws trumporblblahead ofhe p p democrats e debating in n int tpnight. d nancy coes is there. >> i am thrilled ware adding ur pledged delege count. >> reportete here in michin, lly clinn celebrated a laslide ctory y ouisiana.
3:11 am
thstat arell andso clilionedwiwi5 5 w delegates. sanders, 47. sasaill i thehe one gaing steam. >> honestly i belief i am the candidate toreate that large voter turnout ananmake surthat we retain thwhite e. willave to catat uto clion higan. she spent the weekend visiting rican-n-ericanhurches in detroit. >> madampresidenen >> not >>hahapopo good. >> s sdersk anotr prch >> my view is fferenenenan secretarclinn's. r rorteamlion fopastupport of freeeerade deal s hit har foroign compitn. >> in every jor t2ade emenhave n n ovod em h hd lead t opposisi>>eporter:h candiddelinlris a . >>leleater is optionmy frien. >> clinton bringit tin almostverypeech.
3:12 am
the all city's families have ean, safe water. oface the nation, john dickerson asked d inton while republic turnout is up. and moat t tut is down >> i have gotten more tes. than any body running on either side. i have gotten mo votes than donalb trump. sure hdoesn't want to hear that. >>ichigan with 130 delelates e ofhe lsrtee ataved so f. not onon r rson it is imrtant. theyee t s ate as s llweer for other r st bt states. io, indian illinois. that's what makes to night's debate more gh stas an ususl. , ly for s. nd, thaououou lifoia i idi nee rn tata. th weekend they're getetng . too much in parts. leading floloininand two aths. here'sanielle nogham. >> reporter:o much rai outside sacramento. three inches in 24 hours.
3:13 am
anotr drivereried in sanann.heavy nd d dned trees anan snappepower lines. inouthern cafoia e ergency ews lled severer people out` the los angeles. ugh waters in oreg left restndfog g g coastescundhehe reach more 5 5 5 5 5per hourur wingngn tahoe. resorts poed ach as 2 ches of new snowininriday. forecastersay totals could reach five feats in the hiest t elevations by monday afternoon. ch needede a aer aryry lthsierevadad snow pack below average. state officialalsay seral more el no storms like e is one are needed befefcalifornia can emgegerorothe four-year out.
3:14 am
los anles. or more onhiane h,n f meteorogiserer fr of wbz >> jeff,chg a rm syst. e onsty,te in fnc sce 2 rough e e&in ms clddulighg, , wind gasasg cota carnia. pununes fthertuward bring heavie rainfall in so cora. sow fothe e tain bere idres iand ay nighlo at gnifins ththth statchr feuary ila reatf debr f f. d also ance for trees cong down. stro wind gusts cross th wewe and southwest as s head thugh the next 24 hours. at the same time, a set up in the east with high pressure off the east coastst a deeplow out of t gululof mexico. ff, thth is ththarea to watch all week long. could see d#uble digit r rnfal and d g g oodlthreat especially in eastern texex. >> eric fithank you ry chch >>p next, a man under arrest after a bizarre airplane incident in lond. u.s. airports -- will longer nes mean shorter tempers?
3:15 am
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3:18 am
lysol that.. th illegally boardinina plane at heathrow airport and locking himsmsf the cockpit of a itish aiays in london n th theatest on this. jonathan. >> repepter: good eveninin offifialalsay a man broke e & through a securityce a london heaearow'perimeter anan ran to a british aways hgar ere a 747, empty, with doors
3:19 am
a 38ear-old portrtueue tion l lked himself inside thhighury copit fu as ll nc q tce butadifltac tproo s. ey in and arreedhe ma ti icl lihey elhecoted ro. istem hro sayshey arworkg th li a suritit und ns review. f ait curiti lines%gting it's becae a a.thtsys rhe is thing than dit sa prechovere. >> reporte aoss e country, longndstrad paenge atacking t rporsetycknt >s s ad asaven
3:20 am
inenrsbout longerewapassen, spon oice twes their ownwn ou have seen a 15% ineael sce 21. epr:aye sena sahathth numbe ssenenrsrave ts ye ecattr >his a probl unique tohe tn ciprm acrohe cnt. t numr sa enisn, sce 11.0 he p nng tol congss tagency is ki stepto d witsshig hohowe nonogynd perg wi aiinport tvi and insta dtica ovpapagescrein envien a cplkey ts. >>ta apo genal manager ys theroblems ve tt sad h
3:21 am
rker aent tto headad thesa sd, tirrt isree ouomof t erf 20.not be tst tim anporivatized se wowos. cisco, k kci and
3:22 am
and ilssg g ecauf lays asecu. >> jie, , anyou. up next t re, shifis ndg isadge >>peon mngl i ofalomw. i retingft 1 s sozin n. overerhe two decades manning became o of e game l heield and nstata pncf . ing ll me annt in is e. >>eporr: ehe glow winnjnper bowl matold cbshis moing,
3:23 am
iill l y lkbo ith ey aray ou rorte a l of rds out nn in snuers often tter more. intwper wl thefl leerpag rds totohdpaes. thfiel by hmshf othele sing >>. e ec come srtgh here >> sean me wh alletions in aentary stildereview be nf that anic indiana st legaperfmaenin ug hanrowthormis me. mannnng's okman said his fe didideceive a medicatn. ing ni get a medica fhe >>ave t loay w yingnyotrwe is a mpletoke, deond llcks >> cesf al hamemtrom ys at ivsityf tesemaing d a gaut ocourars
3:24 am
ivar ieligible for 's welmedenv, a crowd timated 1 mon hearnnnng lw the glgly. thiseashat neayers -- ts asguys woed hd d stther. perpsis ceer bmmp a qteroro mpeting cowho itas like plang cpmwhknew y d befe, whath arering now,ndt ar plningdoater."jear petso denr. ank u m t heeanotr asand-gr aguor
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3:27 am
frofhe sre bore ffitit18dg > we c c wita scdal all over the p pers. a prominent maker of cross word puzzles accused of plagiarm. he cims he w zust clue. here is contes brewer. >> repter:ownright dirty and across the foarb unethical, a pupu wter's slgorithm spel trble for "a todas"`"ross wowoditoot parker.( database of 53,000 puzzles showeded0 edited by parker, borr seemingly directly from
3:28 am
paraerledare to mp wewewehemesamemerderertwtwidenencal cls, )s a times zzle@em m 97. edited by wi shos. >> ican tatata puzzlmakek%k% ch time to come up with a a odod frtpeme as t tfill the g anananitthe cls. so to borrowowr take s s snene else'sreativity and coming uth an iginininheme, really s not r)ght. >> 7 7sitete3f eminedethth dadadadadada found parker rupuispuzzs "us da witonlyinor buundedifferenbylis. paer t t538,8,meisisis mererencidce. we don't look at anybody's zzlele care about se's puzzlzl. paer ets u.s. syndiced univsall croord with clients incncding cbsbsews. parker, "u tod" and unsal cross s rd have e t
3:29 am
>> it reflec poorly on "usa day" andndhohod have a crossss word editor worthy of thei paper.r. >> "ththneyoyo times" twee, is thacross word plpgiariziz? you fill in ththblblk. >> t ts the "cbs oight ws" r momoay. fofoso of th contins. for others check back latefor the morning newsnd cbs this
3:30 am
york city,'m jeff glor. > welcome the "cbs s overnit nens i'i'jeff or. esent oba sss mrs. reagan define role of the first lady. miael ever said, without ncy the would be no president plantmore >>hest ly ohenited stes n davis aganan opte it s aole that fit hehelike ave. wife and partn to the leader of the free world. and itas a lonway from where she started. ann francis robbins was born in new yoyk cy, they call h nancnc wh she wasasdopt by her stepfath, a prlminen neurosurgeon, she ok h h hame, anbecame naney dis. >> dyou always have to -- keep your promis ollywoododalled and she became a suppopoing tress in a
3:31 am
next voice y hear with james whitmore. dadas was introduced to thhead ov the s seen tors g, naas ronald reagag. spe e lar ing his w the r most." >asfraid you wouldn't come." "hlcof tavy"y" only vie they made together. his trajecty took him away om h h hodhe was in thth ont seat w wh him. ma sd she wamore ambus thane wa when they y n e whe hohoe, the country was a%azededy the gaze, the adoring look of woman who said her main join life w w proctininhim. sotimes she uldn. t presint -- >> the was the asssination attempt in 1981. anhibobos with@h@hcer. nancy reagan had her ctics e was attacked for ordering $200,000 white h h china
3:32 am
the e esidt defendededer. >here haseen no new china for the white hoe since the trdmintration. >>here was perer no grte example how close t reagans wewe, , ananhen the esent wawaaskea questiand the rst lady fed himn aner. >> we'e' d erything we can. we're doing everything g can. >> thank you, sir. lo too a a o o aou w are ening out therer >> nancy reagagagaededer fluee as first ladadto set up a campaigto try to keep kids from taking drugs. >> i can't hr you? loudud that's wonderful. >> five yearafter the rereans ft the white house the former presidenannounced he was battling alzheimers disease. mrs. reagan spoke about it ian interview wi mike wallace on "60 minutete in 2002 >> that's the worst part aut thisisisease. there is nobody to exchange memories with. >>oooonald readed
3:33 am
supporting aress moved to ceer stagege 2>he wento his birthday rty alale.e. >> wouldike to propose a tot toy fella. >> reporter:he sd his bookfom. ristened ships named for h. and receivededals awarded to him. there weweributes day fr roro the political spectrum. her streng of character was geary said presint c con anansecretarclton.n. she leaves a remarkable lega p of good. her inflflfle on the white house was complelend lasng. wrote presidenand mr george w.h. omjfdentntimmymyarartheirs o of ouruon's great ve storieses d a del of sred d votion ory.. nding condolences behalf of rself d president t ge us barba bussa, take comfortrthathey will be reunited once more inin tweet from her stn,
3:34 am
agaiaiwi theed gogobl until his death anbeyo. shkepthe fme. in t t end, bubuishing and intatag g na rean' ga is her owow ancythk yor ve thyofor juju being you. [ apause ] next set ofsidential titi aaucuses is tomomoow, withmississipppp idada, hawawa andichihin. mymyigan h hhe most delegas at stake. thbattle tracker p pl has dsnald t tmp up ov ted cruz there. bio and kakach ie rara for thth unar -- onon decr-- llcl poiois oz bnisaers. clintoscussed race hnicon " theheon >>ecrere clinton, you know
3:35 am
delegate battle. st time around you stad in all the way til the end. do you tnk there is anything wrwith bere erst tig ahe te end?0 >> i thihi that is up to him, john. i am jusry pleased awh my campaign isisight now. i was really gratified by th resus yestery. l l t gates. eling go abo t t upcoming contest. haha reallput to a t brd alit ti this tey to wiwiing novembgainst w e er the reblans s mi >>peaking ofinningngn november, e rereblicans seem to have ththusiasm, mopeop a a tur forhe imy procesesche th mocrats won't that hurt in the battlen november >> well i don'n'know exaxaly what that memes. you know, i have gotten more tean aboning on eher side. i haha gotten more votes t tn donald trump, a,though i am sure doesn't want to hear th.
3:36 am
wide, oad se otin democrac ar e eio i hen morehite voterexe^pt for thee e ernt t all told i h he d more supuprt fr white voters. i feel really good about whe our campmpgns and ere itits g. >> in places like ohio massachusetts, the are reports that democrats, , itchininover changing their r risatio beco republililisews t`ey teonaltrum en'tso ve g toan. w do y gethem ck? >> w ianto gveryryvoter backi keeworking dudung t imararto e en it ear amunnini anncsipeamign the i wawa knock down baiers f all americans not just some of them.and i hope that, a awe me foard, peoplwill be gigini ase, d all of t candidates. and d d includes me it i, mrmrtrump. sopom going to keep reaching out.
3:37 am
ifeoeoe are frususated, discoura u by at i. happpping inininconomy yr rh gornment or til sy that ce rey, prered, to do what's necessary to m me prress. i ink that ia very strtrg ca.. lete asyou questi abousomething in the news this weekian pagliano, former state department stafr, who wagrted iunity fution n t cmina inveveigation our e-mail seseer. whenhis s ppens. i lko democratashat theyworry sobodydying g et dict? weleris no b b s at. itits a curieviewf i amelelhted that has agreedo coopate as everyon elas d i k at w wll be n rd a resolulioofhis. >> so u see -- >> aer all. >> you seeas gd ws? >>eah, iablute. i think we are getting closer and closero wrapping ts up. the "cbs overnight news" will
3:38 am
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s irhistng) music introding new k-y touch gel cr me. for massage and d ticy. everertouch, gentltltens little touch is all it tak.
3:40 am
marcruo won the go po . but remains far bind in the delicate count. -- bind in the delegate unt. tecruz says he is e only republic tcan blocdonald trumfrom win the prential nominatioio sasard, cr w in kaas andmaintrn louiana d d kent. both trump a cruspto hn dke "ce the nation." >> cononrvatatesd ababt t e othe cultur anjob of a conservative politician to otand up a o mo s this campaign improved the culture? orade wor? >> well, l lten, there is no doubt t ere are aspects of the campai thahaveveone into the gutter. and marco rubio engage in insu ofstr and ro mud my approach, i am not going to
3:41 am
insususud row e i don't ve tiewsthe size of any parts of donald trump's anaty. amotnterd al about that. what am interested in talkikg about isssueuefacing american people. millions a facing stagnant wages not having jobs. top priory is bnging ba jondsingag t reali , painflat t t abng the i, stopping amsty, securg the bord at my rity seek ta, ld tmps enteaing.. it's entnring. her ufe sls in that's the y in which conservativ i tatatafor years ha said that's the w w theulture slips.s. it's the job of a politician to an a say nthe are guarails here. >> listen, think about what pridts havmeant in hihiory. lincoln'n'gettysburg addss. fdr, only thing we have to fear is fear itself. jf a not what youo cntry
3:42 am
doorr untrtrtr i i op at hoho are aselels,ow wld w feel if our chen c ce in rereating thword gf the president of the united at. if that president was donald ump. ift wowod embarrasyou to ve your chilenenepeat t rdrdrdthiden tha noa good thing. president should unifiep, appealo our tt angel appeal to r shared val use that make america who we are. and that is@how i am ting to campaign. i think that's what thehamerican peop are looking for. >> donald trump said there need to be flexibility on m immigrn. talked "york tim." d off re conveio is righof crs negoatnnnn flexily. right? >>isost absotelylyotright. t itastsing o o th saier andver.@ exibility.y. flexibility. flexibibity. that's one of the reasons why we are selling now, yoga mats on
3:43 am
teorg. they're brbrthe ga mats. if you furselfing er wrara d ti doi y brmahe youax consertitiar to seeg blbldas to o@e r rht i ie im run to theheeft the general part o&i&ie onone are e at.angrgr we are tirid of politician lying to u what wasasmazing about t debate, john, donald is running to t lef he inonoout of the pmary. in the debate th week. donald stood up therand sasd toarco rubio, agreen nith yo i u uerd y yoromised d werexi negotiatg wi chuck s sumer on the ganof e eht this is the donald trump who has made immigration the centerpiece of his camign.n. o o he e e wmasu t gan t sty y stng >> lqu, meinatpules yotata aut he oing to bepridt. u can't leyoururhildren watch tv.. marco rubio says hes a con n. l these teible things. at the endndou are asked if you u will support him. doesn't th undermi the
3:44 am
danger t tcoervatism a a an vs. ltete, hiarcln asrentld be re tastica rm of rack obama. i cannupporl hilryryyy clinton. number t at the outset oe mpai. promed wou srt blicanananinee i am some one who keeps his word. past week on super tueueay. in t sta of fb weon aelng victory by 17 points. that was particularly meaningful.. thople o texas,yw me. d they know mheart. ey are people i made promises to.. ran for senate you elect me. ll lea t fht ainst obca. amney, ld the fiagains r@bt. and lead tigig to o otec reous, the bl ofhts. e reon wwoin texas, tes said, ted you u pt your wo. wil you, as president i will do e very same thi. =r. trumpou a b t t ew pe e to t bl p.some peoarsayi thewa to leave the republican party to
3:45 am
good r rdadae? >> i think they shouldn't leave. thininthey should get t to. think ererery sh b b unified. wewere building up vumbers incredibleleitthe puan papay. you have bebn seeisouth caroli, nehampshe,he numbers are astromical. i don't thinintheyave ever seen anythinke t t acacly by the wayhe docts are ng demos e g do35%, %. are50 cole ss ov 1 1%. >> whado y uakof t ffo tr tththnomitiway`yromy gotote con >> am edededit. surpred t 4ar`rhi pay thwililint consva juds. and a third rty would mean th him ear would winr r`o ev is goin bnnin you a e havlirara judges as manynys four or even
3:46 am
duri this, perd of tim so a third party means absolutely they will have four or five e ry liberal judges appointed as owe posed tf orery coer jujueses thininit i#irely pyingngwiwitie.e. t ty say thth c!the y w) y as head of it? in't ununrsha i get along wi pe. ryifier. people don't see t theyilseth my relationship to peopl en great over the years. again. am newo ticscs bebe dngnghis nofor ve nt i ininha(eve g gevev m m ms. but have trenenusumber of people comingngand owow upvoltsein all t t stete i ve wave e enord settg. n thery , g nit or super tsd, yo aboutauryan you h t alg . you did he will haveo pay a big price. you said autujn . he haso beerl. hpw caca youeb unifier when you are saying t tse things aboututwrepublicans. >> i think he would pay a big you'd really have a splirty. a very spl par.p he has done a good job.
3:47 am
m.amaordebubuhe hasas a aerer goojob.(( i was in fav of payq he v m mifie w so oos i tnk. >> a l read athreat >> not a threat. not t threat. >>aulyaf erson n wants to be the nononoe theepeplican party. no evasion and no mes. they must reject any gror cae t on botry kingboul. he rectedhomanyo o haveo reject i rect diduke. rejected david duke. i i ejted e kk the ku kfrhee am 5 ars i reedm. esident of it on twitter las week. how ny times. an amaze thing with twitter. i have, more thaha6 million. ananototr 6 llion with facebook. milon14 milli wit agram. wh put a minor message.. everybody picks it up.
3:48 am
very unimpornt. let me just exain -- en i iutut t ti reject t did de. ny pick you know why theydon't? they don't want to pick it pick it up. everyone pic it up. simultusly. practically me thon'vtok p. i have been ked@th estion so many times have rejected. soany mes. what d youhi a ryan sayinghat? i ess that was mtion.. >> dod't forget. he i igetting a of ininrmatn to4y guys. i t tet about a rejejtion almost right after thehow endede maybi wa clear or methg. homanyes di ve to sach it?i chechstie dors mveryood d dorsemen the questi was asked. rejected it t@e. newsferes a y before. hohomanynyimim do o haveveo ject or disavow. >> let me ask you this question. david duke is saying to his pprs and followers, vote for donald trump. white supremacists are sayayg. do y want thvos?
3:49 am
if he says it. t i don't wantt. john, if he ys he e ys want ., ion wanythi.. supmama >> i d'tee@ any g of hate. hate groups are nofor me. but i ve said d is b bore -- e press hates me to say it they just don't want to pi it up. >> y are turning, thinking more about thehgeneral election. in december lastrl you said, talkininllary clinton. w athr. th youed ae, n' viethis a awar? outitiiewar? ite bit. yeah, lookthl coetitite. the last p pson s e wawas to run against isise. i can tell you that. know that. sort of inreststg. oneheh your competitors said, i know tt hillary clinton wants to run against donald p. i caed h.
3:50 am
agagagt m that ans,y don't want to run agait t . do you understananthat. becacae e at's'she way, a gameme chess. knowowowt. d knororort the e st rsonhat she s un agait .i've numers polls ast hiary. i n't stararwi h i had a brief moment t eks s .. hiary went way down and bernie got creded. nning a t aign thecbs overnit ne i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know erererrzan go! tarzan doeoenot know whehe rzano. y,use me y ynowhwhe e watarf??? waterfl? no, mearzan, king ojung y dot you nt to ask somedy if you'r'rcole, you ghoverececon itithat u do yan s fteercore on iuran, ito o. ohhit'st dohhh!dooue o t mr? chooo vevey. reretra haip-actort r yourois, rtils inne ty freultr
3:51 am
notry mo freni the fiand ly-in- int lent. causi'm wo do thi gonna crack unpresre orquheld de exptianday with ainni deh flex. abafs 10x itweig ite e alys thisnel ilup itles avingrs geai clorox toit wl clner with bac no foth lyso et bowr eliminatineral d- ey. why choose anything hethan lysol? ll k dasher. sa der. but j jl en et, sptytylass. sh j-dwipoactis@that d dhe prevenspsps a d lmso ts ft is the s. fobett rults, firy. drspra
3:52 am
l ehcare ofov.. ..ow in`a a y percrcrandndspspy n n tely):u gngmrs:oo you it's taco tuesday. man: you're not coming. okhehe get rid of my mucusy congeion.n. i'm good a a day. nnnnnner:] mucicix kekeworkin not 4, not 6, but 12 h
3:53 am
> ininlalalaththididarar is r 85 musakakg partrtn e e ueueng tp across the alalaan wilderness this yearar ndayhe o oial start of the race from wiow, alaska.bturday the cereronial l art at anchorage had to be t short by lack of ow. carter evans hase. >> rookie race for her. >>epr: the cerl stararof the iditarorois everything you expect from a sled dog rac except the snoon the ground didn come from the sky abobo che. it came on train from further north. tim suivan witalas ilroad. >> wve had some snowfall. thatr has been warm. >> reporter: so far anchorage received half of its average snowfall. as of friday, just 29 inches had fallen. 61 incs is normal. and the has been storin @tt t owed from locaca etfothe itar according d@ re e ordinator
3:54 am
snowince november hidingt to make it happen. >> reporter: it wasnsn eug th35cubic yaf up sn will ver ththe miles of the anchorage track insteaof the usua11 miles. >>e didn'tant to shoho thehe race. t ouonly other optiole wato te frochage. at n v vha wted.wetee tatahe. r our fanser >eporter: it happened last year all. whenhere was even less sw. anit may be a trend. over the last 60 years, winter temperatures in alas have ri des. rate twice as fasts e rest ofhe cntry. and while less snow may be a good thi in other placeshere in anchora w tdid is bst touou event o o thr eris nsi li snosine. caer evansnscbs ne, los
3:55 am
3:56 am
3:57 am
will be right back. > rtman n unat can esed aca on oe ad. >>o alllllltl face e alnges be conolol bubunololo agogois ranch sosoh ofofouston. toy san fa aidroblem of hisi >> ynow,veve marriage has %itsueses its not alys easy. >> ias aunpreped ft as anady. hat's that? >> reporter: it alalbegan innocently enough. shtly after they got marri six years o, re starthangout ththe e ococ toy rn her. renedon't name tho cows. reporte but she didn'n' en. hstar. y ststtenging hehe too.
3:58 am
trai >> beflo thech's' wife turned into a rancher worst nightmtme. vegan who couldn't'tmach so ch a aliving o oa cattleanch anymor >ust want to o t out of the business. our marria w goingo o ov. it or. i idgoin selthe wholherd. p are going to sell the whole herd any way why don't you sell them to me. said sell thememo you. >> he looked at me. you have lost it. you are crazy. >eporter:le the w meruth t. but whatommyidn't knok was that renee had been secretly popoing a bl callelevegaga jona a rch e e w she a tracted d ousandndf llowows, thrgh the contract renee was able traise $30,0. engh for a hostiti takeover.>>lla sudden he was fixi to be bought out by his wife. >s this n esculatatg in any wa >>o! >> reporter: i am asksng him? >> yeah, i didn't appreciate i
3:59 am
s. >> come here. >> reporter: here is where the story getsd. after hiwiwi ry, totosomething or rancher, or any mafor that matter. he put aside his ego and reconsidered a corbelief he stopped eatg meat. liked how ititelt. now works s r his wi at wdy y rl veganarm anal
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f f fs the on leanchrsrsn`inhecountr, captning funded d cbs >it'sonday, mch 7th, 2016. this ys the "cbs morning newew" > nanc reagan remembered. the nation mournshe former


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