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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  December 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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the driver of the infinity was also taken to u-m-c. police have not said who was at fault or if any charges will be filed. this is the 118th road fatality in metro's jurisdiction./// ((sharie johnson)) > metro police had their hands full last night as they we're already investigating another deadly crash that happened earlier in the evening. police say around 7-30 a 42 year old woman was crossing the street at boulder highway and indios avenue when she was hit by a truck. she was pronounced dead at the scene. police say she was walking outside of the crosswalk. the male driver stayed on the scene and police believe he was not impaired or speeding. police say responding to these easily avoidable crashes are more frustrating every time. ((sgt. richard strader/metro police: "this is totally avoidable. totally shouldn't have happened there is a crosswalk maybe 300 yards down the road. is your life worth three hundred yards or taking a chance and
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((sharie johnson)) > by our count, 11 people have died on boulder highway just this year. the vulnerable road users project at u-n- l-v is now conducting it's own traffic study on boulder highway to find ways to make the road safer./// ((denise valdez)) > we now know the name of the man who was killed in a shooting earlier this week. it happened at an apartment complex near alexander and the 95 early thursday morning. metro police say they found a man dead from an apparent gunshot wound lying outside in the grass. that man has been identified as 25 year old yonas andebrehan investigators believe the victim was shot, ran a short distance and then died from his injuries. if you have any information on this, you're asked to call crime stoppers./// ((sharie johnson)) > the holiday season is also the season of giving. metro and clark county school district officers just wrapped up a second weekend of trying to
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patrick walker is live outside a target store at 215 and decatur with more on their effort today. patrick? ((patrick walker)) shoppers at this target got to see the softer side of police officers today... standing outside collecting toys for children in need. it was a big push... to stuff the bus. ((police officer: "minions!")) ((patrick walker)) toy... by toy. officers from metro and the clark county school district are trying to stuff the bus. ((sgt. andrew saavedra/metro police: "last year, we collected almost 3,000 toys, and last week we collected over 2,000 toys, so we're already ahead of schedule.")) ((patrick walker)) dispatchers made a call to the big guy in red himself... he'll deliver these toys to local schools with the help of this big unconventional sleigh... because it's a little too early to bring out the reindeer. ((sgt. andrew saavedra/metro police: "the toys go to different schools throughout clark county school district, title i, those are schools that have students that receive a lot of free and reduced meals."") ((nats?)) ((patrick walker)) like santa's elves to the rescue...
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with a truck load of toys... more than 80 to give to other girls and boys. ((patrick walker: "what do you guys think? are you happy to be out here?" cub scouts: "yeah!")) ((patrick walker)) the scouts have been collecting toys for a few weeks... waiting for the right place to go to make their donation. ((angel dudek/cub scout pack 440: "it is something that the boys just love to do, they just love to give, and they're fantastic at it.")) ((patrick walker)) officers collected nearly 3- thousand toys last year... and last week alone collected two- thousand more. ((sgt. andrew saavedra/metro police: "there's a lot of generous people in the las vegas community, and you see the officers, the staff members here, it's their day off, they're volunteering on their own time to do this.")) ((patrick walker)) for thousands of kids this year... this effort means a christmas that's a little bit more merry. and a dozen cub scouts... are learning a lesson in giving. ((angel dudek: "well boys, what do you get out of it, it makes your feel good, right?" cub scouts: "yeah!" angel dudek: "it gets your hearts all warm.")) ((patrick walker)) the toys are being dropped off at local schools tonight... and they'll be given out in the coming days. reporting live... patrick walker... 8 news now. ///
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ufc 194 is being talked about as one of the best fight cards in ufc history. chris maathuis is live at the mgm where he'll give us a preview of tonight's big showdown. it's mcgregor and aldo in a history making night in vegas.
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opportunity has no slow season. no off-days, or downtime. opportunity is everything you make of it. this winter, take advantage ofour season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac srx. get this low-mileage lease from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. where a featherweight title fight is drawing all sorts of attention. chris maathuis is live at the mgm for tonight's big showdown. chris this really is a fight fans have been waiting for. ((chris maathuis)) yes the have... fans have been waiting months fans have been waiting months
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finally tonight it's conor mcgregor and jose aldo for the featherweight crown. they've talked the talk and now it's time to walk the walk. both tipped the scale at 145. both wanted to mix it up at the weigh in.. both will have fans here... but judging from yesterday's weigh- in...mcgregor's fans will outnumber aldo's 10-to-1. (( )) fans... mcgregor will take him apart... who's having the most fun out of you three, me... why... no comment... who talks more aldo or mcgregor .. mcgregor... he's a good fighter, but he's going to be a loser... mcgregor's in his head and he has the skills to back up the talk..once he's in your head that's it... everyone is so anxious and excited it's going to be insane." the fight sold out a long time ago...
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fans are paying a pretty penny for this fight. just checked stub hub, tickets being sold from 470- to- 48 hundred dollars. the five round championship fight is scheduled to begin around 8:30-9:00 the runnin rebels at uc riverside from the big west conference... unlv looking to slam dunk the highlanders derrick jones with the flush, 16-12 unlv. they're playing src arena... seats about 25 hundred fans... that's what it's come to for unlv. feel sorry for byu... playing in these tiny gyms. jerome seagears with the basket.. it's 16-12. two schools haven't met since 2010... but used to play back in the 1960's.. rebels are 12-1 lifetime going into this one. that's derrick jones with the slam. rebels have a ton of talent and
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the season. unlv led by... at the half.. 2nd half.. it was.... final it's the 44th annual lions all star game... top seniors from the sunrise and sunet regions battling for braggin' rights. it was sunrise going to work...isiah macklin from green valley sets up his teams' first score. sunset fans looking for something to cheer about. won't find it on this play.. legacy's tonoa alpati gets the ball stripped and tayjean thomas from basic recovers for six. it's now 21- nothing in the second quarter... sunrise gets on the board... the long pass is tipped and caught by las vegas wildcats jose perez... but in the end it was too much sunrise... they go on to win it 35-14... sunset is making progress.. last year they got beat 41-nothing. for those wondering what the latest is with the nhl and bringing hockey to las vegas.
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letter out to all those who put up a deposit for season tickets., an update on the progress... he says the nhl reaffirmed expansion is possible for the 2017-18 season. thought this sentence was a telling sign that he's working hard.. he says while a timetable for next steps has not been established, please know he says, my team and i are working diligently to ensure we're prepared for a positive outcome. he goes on to say he's still committed.. thanks everybody for their support and patience... and wishes everybody a happy and safe holiday season. ((chris maathuis)) back here at the mgm.... we are just two hours away from tonight's fight... lets hope the actual fight lives up to all the hype. fans have waited a long time for this one. join us tonight at 11... we'll tell ya who brings home the gold belt. ((sharie johnson)) > it's the last night of the national finals rodeo for this year. and as chris maathius
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is just a few hours away. it's all going on right here in las vegas. mauricio marin has more on how the events are giving the local economy a boost. (( )) ((mauricio marin/reporter: another big night for the national finals rodeo. nearly 20- thousand people are making their way inside the thomas and mack center to see all the action one last time this year. for many it doesn't disappoint. )) ((scott sheppard/nfr fan: "i'm a big fan of team roping bull riding just the whole rodeo experience. i do team roping myself and it's nice to see the pros out in vegas on the big stage." )) ((mauricio marin)) folks like scott sheppard and his wife are in town for the rodeo. according to n-f-r organizers---fro m just the rodeo itself there's an 80 to 100 million dollar economic impact. that's not even counting money fans are spending elsewhere doing things around town. ((lauren olson/nfr fan: "we did some rock climbing today and yesterday we went on the strip. it's the first time i've been here so first time experience."
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people are in town for the conor mcgregor---jose aldo ufc fight going down tonight. many traveling overseas from ireland to watch mcgregor take on aldo. helping keep hotels and entertainment spots busy. ((mauricio marin/reporter: as far as the n-f-r the are staying in las vegas through 20- 24. helping bring people coming back to town for the big event.mauricio marin. 8 news now. )) ((sharie johnson)) > a shopping warning if you have a weakness for giftcards. our consumer advocate michelle mortensen breaks down what you need to know to keep your holiday cash out of the hands of scammers./// ((sharie johnson)) > thinking
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wake up in your first home. wake up in a home with a new address. wake up in a home with no address. your dream home evolves, and protecting it takes committed support.
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side consumer advocate michelle mortensen has uncovered a reason why you might want to rethink that ... especially if you plan on buying it from a convenience or big box store. < (michelle mortensen) scammers have found a way to steal the funds off gift cards without you knowing it .. usually within minutes of it being loaded. so they're ripping off the gift .. and the giver. ((tom: he's the kindest person i know )) (michelle mortensen) tom aflano adores cousin daniel martinez. so for his 80th birthday ... tom got daniel a visa gift card that he picked up at a local walmart. but when daniel tried to use it ...
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((daniel: i opened in the presence of the cashier// and it had no value )) (michelle mortensen) confused daniel asked tom if there had been a mistake. maybe it wasn't loaded. but the receipt showed it had been. so tom called walmart ... and they said. ((tom: we're not responsible. )) (michelle mortensen) so next he called visa giftcard. ((tom: everytime i tried to get an operator they would say they don't recognize that response and would cut me off. )) (michelle mortensen) stand-up: so he called me. i was pretty sure i knew what had happened. see since 2004 ... crooks have been pulling this scam. they take the cards off racks in big box stores. they get the pins .. or copy the numbers of the card ... then reseal it .. and wait patiently for you to activate the card. don't ask me how monitor it... that secret isn't well known. all we know for sure .. is once these cards are laoded ... the scammers drain it. and you're none the wiser. ((tom: everybody in the neighborhood that i see istop
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)) (michelle mortensen) now, tom's getting the word out about this scam in hopes no one else becomes a victim. ((michelle: no gift cards for anyone this holiday? tom: probably not. )) (michelle mortensen) in the past few months i've gotten 6 complaints about gift card thefts just like this one. and in most cases one gets a refund. however .. tom and daniel did get one from visa .. which is great. but since that's not the norm ... the safest bet is to avoid buying gift cards off racks at places like grocery and convenience stores. instead buy them from the place you wish to use it. or use a digital e-card. those are the only ways to ensure a gift card hasn't been tampered with. > ((sharie johnson))
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look outside of our rio cam. beautiful shot there of the mandaly bay and luxor... .............................. our official high today hit 57 -- right at average for december on this day... our record -- mid-70's -- we won't be anywhere near especially with temps getting colder. for our low --we're a bit warmer than normal -- at 46. we had that sunrise at 6:42 this morning the sun set not too long ago just before 4:30. ......................... right now -- 53 on the strip - henderson you're at 50 -- seven hills you're down in the 40's already for tonight. kyle canyon getting cold at 28 degrees. ........................ except that wind advisory coming
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region -- high profile vehicles and motorcycles be extra careful when driving around... also watch out for blowing dust -- not good for folks with allergies or asthma, but also not good for driving around... we could possible rain showers... and those temps dropping off into the 40's later on this week. ................................ looking at our future cast -- you can just see these storms moving through our area -- except some potential rain even here in valley and of course those high winds. ............................... tonight... getting cooler -- 41-degrees, normal high at 39 -- winds relatively calm still coming from the north west -- at 6 - 11 mph... tomorrow -- right around average at 56 -- mostly sunny skies... but we can expect those winds to
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and potential showers to pick up tomorrow night. ............................... here's our 7-day forecast... upper 50's for the high tomorrow -- tuesday - getting colder at just 50 - degrees -- wear extra layers if you can.. then it gets even colder on tuesday and wednesday -- highs only in the 40's... and look at this -- it even hits freezing tuesday night -- make sure to bring those pets inside, cover any plants, and of course those pipes. > ((sharie johnson)) 8 news now
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warm for the winter. the event this weekend... giving back to our homeless community and how you can get involved in the cause./// now, nevada's first
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((sharie johnson)) > keeping our teens in need warm for the winter. that's the goal of a local non profit event that was held this weekend. today project 150 held a free teen shopping day. local teens with a high school i-d were invited to shop for winter clothes free of charge. there are more than 25 hundred homeless high school students in the las vegas valley and that's why organizers say events like these are so important. (( "you would be surprised what the critical needs are beanies, scarfs, socks, jackets we want to make sure that all of our kids have their essentials to maintain a good temperature good warmth during the winter" )) ((sharie johnson)) > project 150 is in constant need of clothes and school supply donations for teens. if you would like to help or if
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on events like these... head to our website at las vegas now dot com and look under links we mentioned./// ((sharie johnson)) > finally tonight... a once orphaned siberian tiger... appears to have started a family of its own. the animal was rehabilitated, fitted with a tracking device and released in 2013-- one year after it was found abandoned. the tiger named cinderella was recently spotted at a nature reserve in far east russia, with two young cubs. animal preservations across the world are celebrating cinderella's successful integration into the wild. only about 500 siberian tigers reportedly live in the wild-- their biggest threat... illegal poaching and habitat loss./// ((sharie johnson)) > that's it for us. we'll see you again for 8 news
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