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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  December 13, 2015 8:30am-9:00am PST

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and the winds are shifting in the republican presidential race. world leaders celebrate deal to try to stop the earth from getting hotter. >> may represent the best chance we have to save the one planet that we've got. >> dickerson: we'll talk to secretary of state john kerry who negotiated that agreement. then we'll turn to politics and talk to the voters with the donald trump phenomenon. why they love him and stick with him despite controversy after controversy. but is there trouble ahead for trump new poll shows ted cruz way ahead in iowa. we'll have analysis and talk to another g.o.p. contender, ohio governor john kasich. there's other news, too. senate intelligence chairman richard burr joins us with the latest on the santa barbara shooting we'll talk to an actual scientist about the new climate.
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nation." captioning sponsored by cbs good morning welcome to "face the nation." i'm john dickerson. nearly 200 countries have signed on to a climate change agreement they hope will avert a global disaster. each promise to slow carbon emissions towards a goal of preventing global temperatures from rising more than two degrees celsius or 3.6 degrees fahrenheit above preindustrial temperature levels. these are nonbinding and there's no inr enforcement mechanism to punish those who don't keep their promise. secretary of state john kerry, who led the u.s. delegation, compared the effort to moving the biggest battleship in the world. we spoke with him earlier from paris and asked him about the lack of enforcement in the deal. >> but to get an agreement with 186 nations signing on to a uniform system of required mandatory reporting by which
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and also to be able to have a very ambitious goal and have the flexibility that we have in this agreement to be able to meet those standards did essential. and so i think it's a break away agreement which actually will change the paradigm by which countries are making judgments about this. the most important thing, john, that really happened today is that the business community of the entire world is receiving a message about countries now moving towards clean alternative, renewable energy and trying to reduce their carbon footprint. that is going to spur massive investment and its technology, it's american ingeneral knew tee that is going to solve this problem. people accept somewhere in the vicinity of $50 trillion to be spent over the course of the next 30, 40 years. that is going to be an enormous transformation of our economy, better because it will reduce
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will increase our security, it will provide for our environment, cleaner air, healthier people. just all kinds of pluses and in the end going to be a job creator. >> dickerson: what signal does this send to the coal, oil and gas market? >> we're going to continue to be pumping gas and using gas as oil for years to come. what it does signals that there's transformation taking place and people need to diversify, people need to look for cleaner ways of doing things. we commit a fair amount of money to the effort to find clean coal. and if we can burn coal in a clean way, then coal could continually have a future under those circumstances, depending on the price. but more hand more energy production is going to become price dependent. the president sees this as a critical transformational issue for the american economy. it's also critical for us
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the united states the negative impacts of climate change. the president went up to alaska this year and showed the world our glacier national park that's disappearing will be altogether gone in a few years that's happening around the world. >> dickerson: one last question, mr. secretary. you spent lot of time talking to muslim nations and paying attention to america's imagine muslim countries what affect does it have that there's conversation about banning muslims from coming into america? >> let be very direct. i believe that that kind of a ban is contrary to american values. contrary to our constitution. but i also think it's a very dangerous foreign policy. because it says to those in islam who are trying to exploit people and recruit foreign fighters and otherwise it says, look, look at america. here they got guy running for president who is waging war against islam. now that's their impression.
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whether he intended it or not and allows for recruitment, it allows for americans to seem like it is indeed discriminatory against islam, against muslims. and it is highly discriminating against many americans and others who are muslim. many people in the world who know that their religion has been hijacked and want to recoup it. i think it's -- got a huge downside in terms of american foreign policy and i hear this from foreign ministers and others as i travel and engage with people invar just countries. >> dickerson: thanks so much, we turn now to campaign 2015. last week republican consultant frank luntz gathered past and present donald trump supporters in virginia to get their thoughts on the republican front
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comments on muslims. >> done amend j. trump is calling for total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states, raise your hands if you agree with him. 14, 16, 17. >> they want to come here and blow up america. >> we have no way of knowing. >> we have no way of knowing who they are. >> yes, we need temporary -- that's very reasonable position. >> and the president is not making this deal safer. >> he wants to -- i think we're all scared. i'm actually a little jumpy, i find. trump is the only one who would come out say something like this no one else would do it. >> you credit him with that? >> i do. no one else would say it. who would say it? >> you don't see even in this room this explosion of points of
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in what he said? >> you know what he says, he says something completely crazy and ininflammatory. then he dials back starts explaining it and saying how he would -- >> needs common sense. >> trump is smart like a fox. he's in campaign mode. he has to be pro-active. he's intention family playing the medium he's saying things that are right on the edge, he's exaggerating. he's saying thing that he knows the mainstream media will grab and throw gasoline on. it goes really big. >> we're not believing everything he's saying. >> no. >> we're taking it for exactly what he just explained. he goes out and he makes a huge fuss to get everyone's attention to get his issues addressed. you want him to say, yes, okay, here is what we're going to do. >> is it his persona, his tenacity, his raising of issues
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>> his personality is just so large. he's out there, he's getting everyone to talk about stuff just like lady back here said. >> he is entertaining. he is giving everyone something to talk about. >> he looks presidential and he acts presidential. >> you think he acts presidential? when he is he, i would bomb the [bleep] out of isis. he used the word [bleep] is that presidential? >> yeah! >> americans think country is in crisis. trump is telling them the country is in crisis people flock to a strong leader when they think the country is in crisis. >> not all people, don't talk about people, you flock to trump. >> i'm attracted to his persona. >> because? >> because of what's happening in the world. international affairs. he stands up there he gives image he's not going to put up with any crap. >> you're an african american, why do you support trump? >> because he's saying stuff that needs to be said.
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election i think number of african americans will vote for him, the his persona, entertainment, he's a businessman. >> he will have people to ensure that these types of things aren't said out loud. >> we've seen lot of bad things that trump has done. seen a lot of bad things that he's said, lot more problems in this country that i feel that he is more qualified to handle. >> socially we're tired of political correctness, we're being burdened with it. i think it's making us weaker as a country globally. and i think that he represents that voice of -- that frustration, are that political correctness frustration. >> he makes mistakes, he's human. he says some things that are off color that i'm embarrassed by occasionally. i still think he's a leader and will prove that he's a leader. >> we need a complete shake up. he's the only one that can do it. >> the $64,000 with marco rubio as republican nominee trump
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going to vote for trump raise your hands, right now. the establishment republicans just died. >> they should. >> it's time for real change. >> that's more than half of you just raised your hands that you're going to leave the republican party. >> no. >> i'm voting for a man or woman that wants to change this country. >> he said it. >> they're not listening. i'm voting for the person. he's still out of all of them. rubio has the energy but i think he has the energy and the actual -- >> take the people with us. >> i think there's enough of us out there would go out, never knocked on doors before ever would actually bring my republican brother, come on, let me talk to you. never done that. >> the republican party has
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with weak candidates, mccain is weak and romney who is weak. we're tired of weak candidates. there is no number two to trump. who is number two that can really win the election? >> who? >> trump is independent you're voting for trump. >> yeah. i'd vote for him over rubio. because maybe the party does need to be fractured. maybe it's time to blow it up. >> hillary is -- dickerson: frank joins us from las vegas where republicans will debate on tuesday. frank, some that have whole experience up for us what's the big headline for you? >> the big headline that political correctness is alive and well and it is found in the trump candidacy. three things, number one that trump voters are much more optimistic that any other republicans because they believe that donald trump can actually turn back barack obama. number two that these voters were salty in their language than any vehicle us group i have ever moderated.
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demeanor of their candidate and they're proud of it. number three, if donald trump should decide to run as independent, the republican party will be in deep, deep trouble. and by the way, i blame the leadership of the g.o.p. because donald trump does his worst in the presidential debates. if there were more debates where other candidates were standing bid sigh side with donald trump he would not be in the position that he is today. >> dickerson: what struck me that there have been series of times in this cycle so far where political strategists and people in the there's have looked at donald trump said, this will be the time that he falls. what you're focus group suggested no matter how many times you offered the audience an opportunity to leave donald trump, to dislike him, to find some other candidate they might like, they seemed to rally around him even more strongly. >> you're right. discounted all the attacks, the flip flops, he has the right to change his opinion. attacking republicans he's just
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even his attacks on women, comments he's made about women they don't like it but they find way to justify it. the only thing that could hold trump up is if it were to come out that there were employees that were mistreated or small businesses that were mistreated by trump's companies, that would cause him a problem. all this other political stuff that you hear from the media from his opponents, none sticks to him. >> dickerson: play a little more from the focus groups because a lot of what motivates them that you discovered is an anger about president obama. so let's listen. >> a phrase to describe barack obama. >> great speaker. >> jellyfish marsh meme low. >> annoying. >> delusional. >> naive. >> i just can't believe glim lost. >> out of touch. >> politician. >> full of himself. >> clueless. >> ineffective.
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>> doesn't respect american values. >> overwhelmingly cocky. >> unamerican. >> amateur. >> zero leadership. >> out of his depth. >> arrogant. >> still waiting on this hope and change. >> anti-american. >> unamerican. >> bay pack obama, seriously? dickerson: thank frank, i would suggest that they don't like the president but could any other republican, why couldn't any other republican just grab on to that feelingy is donald trump particularly -- >> because no other republican willing to say the things that donald trump says. i don't believe there would be a trump candidacy if there wasn't an obama presidency. and trump's willingness to say things that we all say go beyond the pale, that is unacceptable in american mol the particulars, these voters exactly what they want to hear and no other candidate talking that way. >> dickerson: not just that they
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donald trump is the opposite of president. let me ask you about any other candidate in the republican field, any purchase for any other candidate in that room? >> only one who seemed to have some interest was ted cruz. and obviously with the poll that you're about to talk about that's significant. but for the most part, they're not looking at moving from another candidate they're considering do they follow trump through independent candidacy, should trump make that decision. and the language that i used, i about had a heart attack because i've been through this now for 25 years, i've never seen voters so passionate and committed to a candidate after seeing an hour's worth of reasons why not to vote for him. john, this is significant. trump is not going away, more importantly these voters aren't going away. >> dickerson: all right. frank luntz, thanks so much. we'll be back in a moment. we can help guide your investments through good times and bad.
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>> dickerson: joining us from columbus is republican presidential candidate and ohio governor john kasich. governor kasich i wanted to ask you, you said that you've -- you would be doing as well as donald trump if you were getting the find of gargantuan free media. do you think having listened to that focus group you'd be doing as well with that group of voters? >> john, look, the people are very frustrated. as you know, as you've covered politics for a long time we need to fix problems. we're not going to in this case them by yelling and screaming. let's just get -- i don't want to be promoting myself here to tell you the truth. but in balancing the federal budget, does anybody -- you know how hard it was, you got to pull people together in both parties to get it done. you want to fix social security, you can't bludgeon people into going along with it in the congress. you want to provide for the national security and you need to rebuild the military you want
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a problem of encryption just can't do it by yelling at people or you have to work together. i'm in this race for one basic reason. i know how to get the economy moving again and i know what we need to do with national security i just spoke at the council foreign relations i i'd encourage people to go on their website look at the speech. we're not going to get anywhere until we're able to get republicans and democrats to work together. and polarization and divisions is going to lead us down the wrong path. i get these people who are upset. i understand why they're upset. i grew up in a community where people were always suspicious of the government or thinks that they didn't deliver things. but we got to stay calm and we have to unite ourselves. you know what, we will. you mark my words. we will. trump is not going to be president. and he's not going to be a nominee it's not going to happen.
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their republican primary process understand what the country needs? >> that's a focus group, john. let's not get carried away with putting handful of people in a room. i think in the end they get overwhelmed by people who say, we got to get things fixed. if they carry the day, we're not going to get things fixed. people are worried about what we're going to do with medicare and social security. if you don't get both political parties to recognize that or at least lower the warfare efforts by both parties. you don't get it done. i've witnessed this throughout my lifetime, whether it was tip o'neill and ronald reagan working on social security or whether it was me and my friends working on balancing the feted real budget with bill clinton. people now want to know, how are we going to save social security? one party just can't do it. and you can't yell at legislators.
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i'm an executive i've had the perspective from both sides. john, i really do believe at the end people are going to say who can land the plane and who has got the experience. they're frustrated, they're upset. but you know what, over time people tend to settle down when they actually go into the voting booth and cast a vote for candidate to be president of the united states. >> dickerson: let me ask you question about those republican voters and policy issues, 54% of republican voters in our latest cbs poll supported a within on muslims entering the united states. why is that a bad idea? >> well, john, first of all we don't need more division. everybody who is a muslim isn't some terrorist obviously. vast majority, you have infinitesimal number who disported the religion and entered the culture of death. let me also say about your polls. you're polling like 400 people
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i see polls all the time. i become more convinced now that the reason that god invented pollsters was to make astrologers look accurate. i don't believe that that's where the republican party is. i'm on the ground. i just did my 42nd town hall meeting in new hampshire. that's where you go into a room, you sit there or you stand there and they come at you with questions. they try to size you up. this is not what i get when i'm there. it's not what i get when i to go south carolina or out to iowa. this is not what i hear. i hear people saying, i'm worried about my job. i'm worried about our security. i'm worried about my kids' future what are you going to do about it? what are you going to do about social security. what are you going to do about college debt. that's what i hear. i don't have people coming up yelling about this other stuff. and i'm right there, anybody can come. by the way i'd invite everybody to come to my meetings, let's talk through all of these
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me governor kasich inviting everyone even astrologers and pollsters. we'll be right back. >> see you, john. happy holidays. >> dickerson: thanks, you, too governor. this holiday season, get ready for mystery. what's in the trunk? nothing. romance. 18 inch alloys. you remembered. family fun. everybody squeeze in. don't block anyone. and non-stop action. noooooooo! it's the event you don't want to miss. it's the season of audi sales event. and can you explain why you recommend synthetic over cedar? "super food?" is that a real thing? it's a great school, but is it the right one for her? is this really any better than the one you got last year? if we consolidate suppliers, what's the savings there? so should we go with the 467 horsepower? ...or is a 423 enough? good question. you ask a lot of good questions...
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sure... ok. but are you asking enough about how your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab. ashley bryant, you are a teacher of small children. that's right. i have read it is the hardest job in the world. that's why i'm here. can you... i can offer advice from the accumulated knowledge of other educators... that's wonderful but... i can tailor a curriculum for each student by cross-referencing aptitude, development, geography... sorry to interrupt. but i just have one question: how do i keep them quiet? (pause) watson? there is no known solution. >> dickerson: jim knowledge sus "wall street journal" columnist kim strassel. chief political core accident
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jamelle bouie and usa washington bureau chief, susan page. and "new york times" chief white house correspondent peter baker. kim, i want to start with you with the new numbers that frank luntz mentioned. the "des moines register" and bloomberg likely iowa caucus voters ted cruz 31%. donald trump 21%. ben star son 13, marco rubio 10. jeb bush at 6. what do you make of these new numbers? >> so, ted cruz has run very smart campaign and what he has been doing is split streaming mind donald trump. and that's why he has been so careful up until now to not criticize him. because he's trying to prevent himself as the thinking man's trump out there. and so you just saw that frank luntz panel, people want action. they want someone that's going to be aggressive and ted cruz has been doing that. while also sounding a little bit more sane than front runner you're seeing that in the poll now. that's why you also see donald trump going after him because he
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threat. >> dickerson: susan, so goes iowa so goes republicans? >> not the case recently. last two winners of the iowa caucus have not even won the nomination not to mention presidency. look at new hampshire that's where establishment republican candidate like john kasich and christie and bush and rubio will fight out against trump and cruz. >> dickerson: we'll look at these numbers when we come back for right now take short break. we'll be back in a moment. this is the one place we're not afraid to fail. some of these experiments may not work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions...
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>> dickerson: some of our cbs stations are leaving us now but for most of you we'll be right back with a lot more "face the
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