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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  December 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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we're keeping a close eye on the rainy weather... and the snow up in the moutains. plus... /// (( "you are your only first line of defense." )) ((sharie johnson)) > more and more people around the valley... are arming themselves. the growing demand for firearm training... following the san bernardino massacre. /// > and hundreds of local religious followers from a number of faiths join together. the message they're trying to spread... to stop the violence. /// now, nevada's first choice for news, this is 8 newsnow, weekend edition ((sharie johnson)) > thanks for joining us. i'm sharie johnson. we're getting some storms moving across the valley. ashley conroy has been keeping a close eye on the sky. how long is this rainy weather expected to stick around? the rain shouldn't stick around too long...
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intermittent periods of rain and cloudy skies throughout night. ashley conroy we've been showing this boulder cam all night tonight and the reason is because it gives us a great live look at these gusty winds we've been seeing around the valley this evening. ............................ when we look at this map... you can see we're currently under a wind advisory in clark county -- we're talking sustained winds in the upper 20's into the low 30's -- we always caution folks to be very careful to be careful if you have to be out driving -- especially high profile vehicles, semi trucks or motorcycles... the advisory is going to last until 5 o'clock tomorrow morning... but you can see just on the other side of nevada, near st. george they're under a winter storm warning until 9-pm on tuesday... so if you have to travel at all to this area be very cautious, in fact you may want to just avoid driving around there until this system passes through...
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as mass shootings become an almost common experience. and many people are trying to figure out how they can protect themselves from a person armed with a gun... looking to kill as many people as possible. today marks one month since 130 people were killed in the paris terror attacks. the attackers carried automatic weapons and wore suicide vests as they slaughtered dozens. and tomorrow... marks the third anniversary of the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. twenty children and six adults were killed. it's the second- deadliest mass shooting in u-s history. most recently....14 people were killed by two shooters in san bernardino during a holiday party that rocked the nation. ((sharie johnson)) here locally we're learning people are arming themselves... in hopes of not falling victim to a mass shooter. this is keeping some gun and
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training stores busy. 8 news now's mauricio marin joins us with what he's found out. ((mauricio marin)) at least one local gun training center says coming in wanting to protect themselves. not wanting to be what they call soft targets to possible active shooters. but not everyone says more guns on the street are the solution to stopping active shooters has been packed with people wanting to protect themselves. ((bob irwin/the gun store: "a whole new threat and a threat to the ordinary citizen is why i think our classes are so full now." 14:03:51 because they realize now that they are the target." )) ((mauricio marin)) bob irwin...the owner of the gun store says he has been flooded with phone calls from people wanting to arm themselves after the san bernardino mass shooting. ((bob irwin/the gun store: "this one is different. the people are now realizing they are in personal danger. it's not something that happened in europe it's not something that only happens in tall buildings in new york." )) ((mauricio marin)) classes usually have about 25 people learning how to use a gun and safety aspects. in just the last few weeks though...the class size has doubled. ((bob irwin/the gun store:
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"certainly people who carry guns need to be trained and practice and be able to shoot straight, reload the gun, etc.")) ((mauricio marin)) but not everyone wants to see more guns on the street. ((pam geller, activist: we're saying why do civilians need the weapons that are used by the military and the police. )) ((mauricio marin)) peaceful protestors around the nation want congress to enact common sense gun safety laws to help keep people safe. but irwin says those he comes across want to protect themselves from potential mass shooting suspects that go in to hurt innocent bystanders. ((bob irwin/the gun store: "these people simply want to shoot and kill as many people as possible and genuinely don't care if they get away." )) ((mauricio marin)) however...he cautions good firearm training is important. ((bob irwin/the gun store: "if you are going to get a gun it." )) ((mauricio marin)) the gun store actually plans to add more classes because of the demand in
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irwin says many of the people he talks to don't ever want to draw their gun but want to know how to use it properly if they ever have to protect themselves. ((sharie johnson)) mauricio... what types of guns are people purchasing as they go in looking sharie... we asked about that at the gun store. irwin says he's really getting a lot of interest for guns defense. like small handguns and home defense shotguns. saying they nearly ran out with those types of firearms the days after the san bernardino shooting./// ((sharie johnson)) > while some are arming themselves... others in the valley are joining together... calling for peace and unity. about 200 followers of islam... judaism... christianity and more gather tonight at a local mosque for an interfaith vigil. organizers started the event... by reading the names of all 14 people killed in the san bernardino mass shooting. the prayer vigil was dedicated to all the victims... involved in the growing number of violent acts which are
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people. according to organizers... the violence is creating fear and hateful backlash towards american muslims. (( khalid khan/islamic society of nevada, "please, this kind of religion face on it. it can happen in any society, any country and every religion. this could happen. if you see history it's not only )) ((sharie johnson)) members with say... they will not allow terrorists to hijack their faith... adding they're americans first and foremost. /// ((sharie johnson)) > a motorcycle rider is badly hurt during a crash this afternoon. it happened around 2:00 p-m on cheyenne and coleman street. according to north las vegas police... the motorcyclist collided with an s-u-v. the 23-year-old rider was taken to u-m-c in critical condition. /// ((sharie johnson)) > a teenager died after a crash with a semi truck on u-s 95 near searchlight. it happened on friday just before 7-30.
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into the back of a car... while heading north on the 95. the car spun out of control and hit the middle median. 15 year old delonae booth of pahrump was killed in the crash. a 55 year old female driver and a 69 year old male passenger were flown to u-m-c. the driver of the semi truck was not hurt. this is the 57 deadly crash in n-h-p's southern command./// ((sharie johnson)) > metro police are looking for the person responsible... for shooting a man early this morning. it happened around 9 this morning near sunset road and grand canyon drive. authorities say a man was taken to u-m-c in critical condition. they believe the shooter left in a red sports car.... but they do not have a clear description of the suspect. if you know anything about this please call crime stoppers./// sharie johnson > police in california... open fire on suspect... blasting off more than 2- dozens rounds. the reason the shooting has sparked angry demonstrations ... despite the man being armed with
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> first responders will soon have access to a live saving tool... developed for the battle field. how this the device can plug up a gun shot wound...
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police in north las police are investigation a homicide near craig and m-l-k. shot... and died at the hospital.. we have a crew on the way... and will bring you the latest information on air an online. /// shooting death of a young african american father at the hands of two los angeles county sheriff's deputies is raising questions about use of force. c-b-s reporter chris martinez explains from los angeles. store surveillance video captured the moment two los angeles county sheriff's deputies fired multiple shots at nicholas robobrtson in the
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the shooting scene saturday night. mother in law. "he left three kids behind, two daughters and a son. they could have tazered him, anything." (911, what is your emergency) investigators say the confrontation started when deputies responded to multiple 911 calls about a man firing shots into the air. the sheriff's department released this video showing robertson minutes before his encounter with deputies, walking down a busy street carrying a gun. (la county homicide detective captain steve katz.) "he did not comply with repeated requests to drop the weapon// the movement of the suspect and the way he was holding the firearm indicates that he was motioning in the direction of the deputy sheriffs." the sheriff's department released these images of robertson on his stomach during the confrontation. deputies fired thirty three rounds. the scene. community activist naj ali, says the shooting is disturbing. "it appears that this young man crawled to his death, he was shot again, again and again."
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local civil rights leaders have called for an independent investigation into robertson's death. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. ((sharie johnson)) > a medical device used on the battlefield... to save soldiers from gun shot wounds... will soon be in the hands of civilian first responders. this week... the food and drug administration has approved an injectable sponge that the manufacturer claims can stop bleeding in seconds. it's called the "x-stat-30." once inserted into a wound... the tiny sponges expand and can be used to control life-threatening wounds in areas where a tourniquet cannot be used, like the groin or the armpit. this is important because 30-to-40 percent of deaths caused by trauma injuries actually result from hemorrhaging -- often before a patient can reach the hospital. /// sharie johnson > get ready for a busy day at the post office. when you'll need to get your packages sent off... so they arrive at their destination for the holidays. /// and if you noticed that the
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valley is looking a little merrier this holiday season... you're right. the surge in holiday decorations
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up... and you'll also need to be patient. tomorrow marks the start of the busiest mailing week of the year. and you only have until the 15th... if you want use standard shipping to get those packages under the tree in time. cards and letters you'll have until the 19th...
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the 21st is the deadline for prority mail packages... and the 23rd for priority express mail. between thanksgiving and new year's eve, the postal service will deliver 15 and a half billion parcels of mail. that breaks down to an average of 536 million pieces daily during the holidays, 22 million an hour. /// ((sharie johnson)) > many people are going all out with christmas lights and decorations. a local holiday lighting company last year. dave steckbeck started "las vegas christmas lights" in 2005. he says he took a big hit during the recession. but... now he's back. and we talked to one homeowner already decked out for this year... and looking ahead. ((amanda kouretas, homeowner: this year i took it to the next level and i am already thinking about what i am going to do next year 36:06 there's just not enough time during the holiday plus... a big trend this year... l-e-d lights... which will help save on your
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toss to ashley for weather ashley conroy
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now i want to get right to our satellite-radar map --- impressive storm system moving through the pacific coast on into the mountain region of the u-s -- and look at this rain and nevada... we'll get to this in a second... ................................ but first i want to show you this storm system affecting the midwest and high plains... this is what the west coast saw last week that's now moved into this area of the country. this low pressure system is pushing rain bands and wintry mix through missouri and illinois -- and on the west side of it we're looking at snow over here... just be careful if you traveling at all to this region of the country with the holidays coming up.... ......................... back here in southern nevada --- here's what we're dealing with right now. rain in the lower elevations and wintry mix and snow in the higher elevations... and again, if you have to drive at all in the overnight hours -- be very careful out there. ............. with all these watches and warnings here's a fun thing to highlight tonight for you meteorshower enthusiasts -- here's a picture from yuri beletsky from the carnegie institution... here's an image of the 20-15
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of the 20-15 geminid meteor shower -- tonight it's hitting it's peak -- of course, not a great night in our valley to view it with the cloud cover and rain. but certainly a great photo look at here -- kind of looks like you're traveling through space. ........................... well another fun activity to highlight is our ski report -- possibly a perfect time to check it out with all of this snow we're going to see in the western region of the u-s. simply go to m -- click on sections and you take your pick -- you have your options for which states you'd like to check out.... ............................... .... finally, our 7- day forecast... get ready for those colder temps monday - wednesday... near freezing at night -- cover those plants and pipes again if you have to -- then we warm a little bit more in the 50's later this week and upper 50's for your weekend forecast. sharie back to you. >
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((sharie johnson)) > the next republican president debate is on tuesday... and we have a sneak peek of the stage... that's set up in the venetian. there are nine podiums set up... donald trump is front and center, flanked by his newest, closest rival ted cruz and also ben carson. also on main stage, marco rubio and jeb bush, john kasich, chris christie, carly fiorina and rand paul. the main debate starts at 5:30. /// ((sharie johnson)) > this debate comes just days after a big shakeup in the race for the republican nomination. several new polls show ted cruz emerging as donald trump's strongest challenger with the iowa caucuses just seven weeks away. c-b-s news correspondent brian webb explains. donald trump has a new political target beyond the epa, gun control and muslim immigrants. he's taking aim at his newest republican rival: ted cruz. (donald trump / republican presidential candidate) "when
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in there like a -- you know, frankly, like a bit of a maniac. cruz is surging in three new polls, pushed by evangelical and tea party conservatives. in one poll, cruz is ten points ahead of trump among likely iowa caucus goers. in another, cruz leads trump by two points. and a new national poll shows cruz just five points behind trump.and ahead of a faltering ben carson. (ted cruz / republican presidential candidate ) "i believe that gravity will bring both of those campaigns down and i think the lion's share of their supporters come to us." the washington post reported last week that some party elders are considering ways to side step a possible trump nomination. trump took a pledge not to run as an independent, but hinted that might change. (donald trump / republican presidential candidate ) "i signed a pledge but the pledge was a double deal. it was supposed to be honorable. so were going to find out. if it's that way, they are going to have problems." the iowa caucuses are set for february 1st.
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sharie johnson > cone zones are going up across the valley. the areas you'll want to avoid... so you don't get caught up in construction traffic. ///
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ffic anchor demetria obilor is pointing out a couple cone zones you might want to avoid in this evening's look ahead. >for those of you who live just south of the beltway, you've been stricken with more sewer work. robindale is under construction between bermuda and gilespie. crews will start at the bermuda and work west to gilespie
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closing one block at a time. they'll be out for the next several weeks and impacting the morning rush hour. work hours are 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. out in henderson, you can look forward to a new project that's been partially funded with gas tax dollars. volunteer boulevard between executive airport drive and las to four lanes. drainage will also be improved in the area to help fix standing water situations during the flood season. expect delays in the are. in january, crews will address the situation along racetrack road in henderson. i've received emails from locals that stretch is. that's what you can look forward
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to next year./// ((sharie johnson)) 8 news now wants to pay your mortgage or lease! we've teamed up with our sponsor... gavish real estate... to pay up to 15- thousand dollars up to 1- year. you must be at least 21 year old.. have a mortgage or lease -- be in good standing with the lender and owner. eight finalists selected at random will attend our new year's eve party at red rock where the winner will be announced. viewers can go to our 8 new now facebook page; community pride facebook page or m to enter. /// sharie johnson > an elderly couple is showing off their massive collection of saint nick how long it takes them to set up thousands of santas before
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opening up their home for the public to enjoy. /// "now, nevada's first every morning these men ate a tired breakfast and had a tired day. they weren't lumberjacks, they were slumberjacks. then one day jack showed up with a breakfast burrito poweredby jalapeos. it didn't just change theirmorning. it changed everything! turning these tree loggers... into tree lovers. spicy jalapeos, chipotle sauce with grilled bacon, eggs and cheese. the jalapeo bacon breakfast burrito.
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this is 8 news now weekend edition." ((sharie johnson)) > the hunger games claims the tops at the box office once again.
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mockingjay part two pulled in eleven-point- three million dollars. this brings it's total take to more than 244- million dollars in the u-s... after a four week reign. "in the heart of the sea" brought in a disappointing eleven million dollars, far from enough to make a dent in its 100-million dollar production budget. in third place -- walt disney's "the good dinosaur." it made ten- and-and-a-half million dollars in it's third weekend in theaters. /// ((sharie johnson)) > it's a collection that's sure to make you see red... and white. an elderly couple in sioux falls have collected more than 3-thousand santa clauses. joanna and jim murray started the collection about two decades and it has grown and grown. the couple says they start setting up the santas every year before the holidays and it takes about three weeks. the murray's even open up their home to the public for tours. /// sharie johnson > thanks for
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8 news now this morning starts at 4-am. and, for news anytime, just go to las vegas now dot com.
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