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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  December 14, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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((dave courvoisier)) > a woman shot and killed by police ... after a tense standoff that lasted for hours. thanks for joining us, i am dave courvoursier. ((denise valdez)) i'm denise valdez in for paula tonight. we're now getting confirmation that the officer involved shooting on the northeast side of town -- has turned deadly. ((dave courvoisier)) police are still on scene as this investigation continues. patranya bhoolsuwan is live near craig and nellis with the latest on this story. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) we are still waiting for metro police to come update us on this investigation...b ut they told the associated press just a short time ago, that a woman who lives in a house on this street behind me was shot and killed by police during a tense standoff. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) it all start arounded 10:40 this morning at a house on aviation street. police was called to the home of a woman who was reported to be suicidal and threatening to kill herself. swat officers and a crisis negotation team were engaged in
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2pm when she was shot and killed. police say she was armed with a shot gun at the time. the woman was pronouced dead at the scene. right now no word on her identity..or what circumstances led to the standoff. all they would say is aside from making suicidal threats, she was also threatening officers at one point. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) police still has part aviation street blocked off as a number of officers remain on scene. as soon as we get more information we wil pass it on to you. for now reporting live near craig and nellis, patranya bhoolsuwan 8 news now. ((denise valdez)) aside from the woman, was anyone else injured? ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) police say no one else was hurt. it's not clear at this point if the woman was home alone when the standoff began.// < ((voice over: "now, nevada's
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this is 8 news now at 5.")) > ((dave courvoisier)) > all eyes will be on las vegas tomorrow... as the republican candidates hit the stage for the g-o-p presidential debate at the venetian. ((denise valdez)) it's the first time the candidates have been on stage together in more than a month. the latest monmouth university poll shows donald trump with his widest lead yet going into the debate. he has about 41% of support among likely republican voters. ted cruz is in second with just 14- percent... marco rubio in third at ten-percent and ben carson with nine-percent. ((dave courvoisier)) this is las vegas' second debate... after the democratic candidates held one at the wynn in october. ((dave courvoisier)) patrick walker is live outside the venetian with a preview of what to expect tomorrow night. patrick? ((patrick walker)) good evening... there is a noticeable buzz here at the venetian tonight. t-v crews from all over the world are here... and even more will be here tomorrow. and taking center stage... as he has in every other debate... will be donald trump.
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((patrick walker)) the lights are on... the cameras are ready outside the venetian. while reporters and pundits file their stories about what to expect tuesday night... c-n-n is putting the finishing touches on its production on the inside. this time lapse video shows crews building the stage... where donald trump will be in right in the middle... flanked by eight other candidates. ((fred brown/gop spokesman: "i think it's a great chance for our candidates, a historically-large field and historically- diverse, to contrast their positions with each other as well as what you're seeing happening on the democrats' side, the coronation of hillary clinton over there.")) ((patrick walker)) republican party spokesman fred brown says current events... including national security... stand out in this debate. ((fred brown/gop spokesman: "terrorism is a very big concern right now, look what's happening with isis, you talk about immigration, you talk about gaming, these are issues that are important to nevadans, and i think you're going to see a healthy amount of those issues discussed.")) ((patrick walker)) ahead of the candidates' arrivals... their surrogates made appearances at events around the valley... including at the nevada national security action summit. u-s senate candidate and current
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former u-s embassador to the united nations... john bolton... spoke to the group about military spending. ((rep. joe heck/(r) nevada: "many of the bills that have been passed out of the republican- controlled house never made it to the president's desk because we can't find 6 democrats that want to come over and vote with the hawks.")) ((john bolton/fmr. us ambassador: "there's no graver damage that the president has caused than to our military capabilities.")) ((patrick walker)) pundits say you can expect to hear similar statements from the candidates on the stage tuesday night. > ((patrick walker)) democrats... meantime... are taking advantage of the attention on las vegas this week as well. they hosted many events today to get their message out as well. more on that coming up at 6. reporting live... patrick walker... 8 news now./// ((dave courvoisier)) > winter is officially here. the resort up at lee canyon says they got about 5 inches of snow last night. take a look at this video of fresh powder we shot this morning. before you head up to the mountain, make sure you visit the links we mentioned page on las vegas now dot com for tips
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now meterologist tedd florendo is here with a first look at your forecast this week. 5 inches of glorious new snow overnight reported up at lee canyon. ............................... ................ still some bits of snow hanging around the mountains tops of the spring and sheep range after snow earlier. looking at the radar the valley has pretty much cleared out from any shower chances, although we did have a few reports of snow pellets around 130'ish down at mountains edge. ............................... .................... forecast tonight now all eyes are on how cold we're going to get. here's your hour by hour tonight into the early morning hours. but that isn't our low. we'll show you what to expect in
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((denise valdez)) > a former county commissioner arrested for d- u-i. ((dave courvoisier)) the i-team speaks briefly with tom collins just days after his run in with the law. and why this isn't the cowboy commissioner's first rodeo so to speak. ((denise valdez)) plus... president obama explains how the u-s is striking back against isis.///
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county commissioner tom collins says he'll have something to say about his arrest for d-u-i this weekend -- after he sits down with his lawyer. the i-team's glen meek had a brief conversation with collins this afternoon at his home -- and joins us now with details of the arrest. glen meek collins told me he cant talk right now -- but will make a statement after he consults with an attorney. a police report wasn't immediately avaialble -- and formal charges are pending -- while a blood sample is tested. metro did confirm collins was arrested following a crash.
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collins's mug shot -- taken when he was booked around 8 o'clock friday evening. today -- we saw a white ford pick-up in the back yard of collins house. the bumper was askew and it showed signs of minor damage -- but we aren't sure if this was the vehicle collins was driving friday night. on thursday evening -- collins tweeted a photo of himself and his mother attending the national finals rodeo. the location of the crash friday -- koval and flamingo -- is near the arena where the rodeo was taking place. earlier this year -- collins resigned as a county commissioner representing the northern part of the clark county -- citing family reasons. in terms of incidents involving alcohol -- this is not the so- called "cowboy" commissioner's first rodeo... he was cited for firing a gun into a tree stump he had trouble removing from his property -- and admitted he'd been driking at the time. glen meek though he stepped down as a county commissioner -- collins has annoucned plans to run for mayor of north las vegas. how this arrest might imapct his
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but the election is not until 2017 again -- formal charges are pending -- but he has a preliminary court date of janaury 11. ((denise valdez)) > the 26 year old man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a teenager in his home for a month has had his bail raised to -- 1-point-2 million dollars. jimmy carter kim appeared before a judge for his arraignment this morning. the judge raised his bail due to the severity of the crime. kim faces 60 charges... including 31 counts of sexual assault... and 1st degree kidnapping. police say the 14-year-old girl from arizona escaped kim's home more than a week ago... after being held captive for about a month. ((dave courvoisier)) > what 20-16 has in store. ((denise valdez)) the predictions for the valley's economy -- and the areas where we are leading the country after the recession. ((dave courvoisier)) plus... bracing for a verdict. the closing arguments made today in the case of the first officer to stand trial for the death of
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with paula francis and dave courvoisier. the news of southern nevada is now.")) > ((dave courvoisier)) > as this year draws to an end, we're getting a glimpse at what 2016 has in store for the local economy.
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local experts met to talk about the economic outlook for next year. 8 news now reporter karen castro found out what we can expect. karen? ((karen castro)) experts are feeling optimistic about the future of nevada's economy. they believe it's growing at a slow but steady rate. however, the state is still in recovery-mode but that may change in the coming year. < ((karen castro)) it has been an uphill battle for nevada's economy after the housing market crash. but the state may soon reach pre-recession levels. ((stephen miller - center for business and economic research, unlv: we're almost back to the peak in a lot of variables, probably will pass through that peak in 2016.)) ((karen castro)) all indicators point to a positive outlook in the year ahead. stephen miller with the center for business and economic research at unlv predicts a healthy job growth. ((stephen miller - center for business and economic research, unlv: unemployment rate has come down more slowly than some would have hoped but its been coming down. its almost back to where is was before the great recession.)) ((karen castro)) in 2010, the unemployment rate in nevada hit its peak at almost 14- percent. since then, it has been on a downward trend and now sits at
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nevada ranks 11-th in the nation for job growth from 2009 to 2015 with construction seeing the biggest gains. however, the industry is nowhere close to where it use to be before the economic crisis. ((edward coulson - director, lead institute for real estate studies, ununv: construction is down that's not a bad thing, if you want prices to be up.)) ((karen castro)) edward coulson with the lead institute for real estate studies at unlv says home prices will continue to climb even though homeownership is down. ((edward coulson - director, lead institute for real estate studies, unlv: i don't see anything is the horizon that would say that prices won't continue to go up at a modest pace, rents won't continue to go up in a modest pace, as long as the las vegas economy is healthy.)) ((karen castro)) experts say nevada was one of the states hit the hardest during the recession but it's also jumping back faster than other states. ((stephen miller - center for business and economic research, unlv: nevada seems to be doing a little bit better than the national economy.)) > ((karen castro)) experts say the economic predictions can be affected by an unpredicted event including a terrorist attack. but as of now, they feel confident about nevada's economy growth with taxable sales also doing good and tourism continuing to go up.///
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< tedd florendo >cold outside right now with those north winds still blowing in some spots in the teens to 20's. colder than yesterday at this time for sure under mostly cloudy skies. shower chances start to end even hours. ............................... ....................... winds have been gusty up to 40 in some spots with locally breezes in the 20's still over to the east and northeast sections of the valley. calmer from summerlin to the lakes. ............................... ..................... teens also from some regional winds from mesquite all the way to laughlin with some locally higher gusts still in pahrump and up in tonopah and rachel in
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............................... .............. currently outside in the high 40's for many valley neigbhorhoods and milder over to the eastside but still below average. colder up in mount charleston ............................... ............ regional temps also stayed colder than normal with the passage of the cold front and low now in the four corners region. milder in death valley though in the 60's. ............................... ............... colder temps stay again in the west coast while it stayed warm in the upper midwest and over to the east coast in the 70's. cooler in chicago, but raleigh stays warm in the 70's. ............................... ............... radar and satellite composite shows mainly clouds earlier with some locales getting a trace to .01 of an inch of showers, but mainly snow in the mountains with snow levels dropping to 4,500 feet. ............................... ................. zooming out show that low now over to the four corners but it's still wrapping around colder air now coming in from the north.
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that's why we stay cold. ............................... ....................... so tonight expect a low o 35 colder and breezy. feels like temps in the 20's by morning. tomorrow 48 chilly and staying breezy with sun and clouds ............................... ................... here are your forecasted morning temps in the 30's for many locations near the freezing mark and colder for summerlin and the northern neigbhorhoods. ............................... ................. regional lows will get colder in pahrump and prim and searchlight. mesquite cold as well ............................... .............. extended forecast shows temps staying below average all week. finally getting to near normaly by friday. next chances for showers by
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not as cold as this week ((denise valdez)) > nevada highway patrol is investigating after a deadly motorcycle crash near jean. it happened on las vegas boulevard near mile mark 12. it appears at the 55 year old rider failed to negotiate a curve -- skidded off the road -- then hit a sign. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the rider was wearing a helmet. there were no other cars involved./// ((dave courvoisier)) > north las vegas police are on the hunt for the person who shot and killed a woman off a freeway ramp overnight. the shooting happened around eleven near i-15 and lamb. police say it appears the 28 year old woman woman was killed by the driver after the two pulled over to the side of the road. she was pronounced dead at sunrise hospital. officials say at least one
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shooting from a distance. if you have any information, you're asked to call crime stoppers./// ((denise valdez)) > president obama says the u-s is moving forward with a great sense of urgency in the fight against isis. ((dave courvoisier)) he received an update on the anti-terror campaign from his top generals in syria and iraq today. he admitted that progress needs to be happening faster. while the president did not announce any major strategy changes, he did announce he was sending defense secretary ash carter to the middle east to secure more military contributions from u-s partners: ((president barack obama) "our partners on the ground face a very tough fight ahead, and we're gonna continue to back them up with the support they need to ultimately clear isil from iraq." )) ((dave courvoisier)) > critics say the president's strategy is not working, and that he doesn't understand the severity of the risk. the white house also announced today: the president will go to the national counter- terrorism center later this week to review efforts across the government to prevent attacks on the homeland.///
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now deliberating the fate of a baltimore police officer charged in the murder of freddie gray. william porter is the first of six officers to go on trial. porter faces 4-charges including manslaughter and misconduct in the death of freddie gray. in closing arguments, the prosecution said porter denied gray medical care during the 45 minute police van ride when gray suffered a fatal spinal injury. gray died while in police custody in baltimore last april, setting off days of protests and riots. four defense witnesses testified porter acted as any reasonable officer would and the defnse says there is no evidence when gray suffered the injury: ((warren alperstein- "freddie gray asked for help, begged for help, asking for a medic and officer porter, in the eyes of the state, did nothing to help him." // warren brown- "he relayed this information about the need for medical care to his superiors.")) ((dave courvoisier)) as the jury gets this case the police commissioner has cancelled all police leave and the city of
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operations center to stay on top of possible riots." the jury must decide each of the four charges unanimously. william porter faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted./// ((dave courvoisier)) > today marks three years since the massacre in newtown, connecticut. 20 children and six adults were killed at sandy hook elementary that day. the shooter was 20-year-old adam lanza. he shot his own mother before mounting his attack at the school. lanza turned his gun on himself as police closed in./// ((dave courvoisier)) > back open for business. ((denise valdez)) the progress made at death valley after days of heavy flooding cut off access to some of the most popular attractions. ((dave courvoisier)) plus... honoring hometown sports heroes. the special recognition for the baseball national leage m-v-p and rookie of the year./// < ((voice over: "now, nevada's
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a light rail connecting the airport to downtown. it's all part of a 30-year plan costing more than 12-billion dollars... which calls for wider sidewalks and more pedestrian bridges on the strip. what the price tag doesn't include is the cost to build and maintain the light rail system.. which could range from 2 to 12- billion dollars...
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below, at or above ground./// ((denise valdez)) > fifty miles of roads in death valley national park were reopened today. they had been closed due to flash floods since october. the national park service also made progress in recovering from flood damage at scotty's castle. about 500- thousand tons of flood debris have been moved from park roads. crews have also repaired sharp drop offs on road shoulders. the reopened roads provide access to visitor attractions such as ashford mill and saratoga springs. popular hiking routes like willow creek and sidwinder canyon are also open./// ((dave courvoisier)) > two of major league's biggest stars are coming home to las vegas for a special honor. national league mvp bryce harper and national league rookie of the year kris bryant will be given the keys to the city by mayor carolyn goodman to celebrate their accomplishment s. harper, an outfielder for the washington nationals, went to las vegas high school. bryant, a third baseman for the chicago cups went to bonanza high.
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together and against each other. the public ceremony will be this thursday on fremont street at six p-m./// ((denise valdez)) > 8 news now is ringing in the new year by paying your mortgage or lease for a year. we've teamed up with our sponsor... gavish real estate... to pay up to 15- thousand dollars to one lucky viewer. we'll randomly choose 8 finalists to attend the zowie bowie show at red rock on new year's eve... and we'll announce the winner during our live special! to enter... just head to our our 8 new now facebook page, community pride facebook page or website. you must be at least 21.. have a mortgage or lease on a home and be in good standing with the lender or owner./// ((denise valdez)) > leaving a negative review... could come back to bite you. coming up tonight at six... michelle mortensen reveals just how costly a quick comment on a businesses facebook page can be. and making a house a home for the holidays. how the long list was whittled down... as a local business donates thousands of dollars worth of
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((dave courvoisier)) > for the first time in 32 years... a woman has been selected as the sports illustrated sports- person of the year. ((denise valdez)) and the honor went to serena williams. the tennis champ boasted a 56 and three record for 20-15. on the way, she competed her second serena slam and won three major titles. other finalists this year included triple crown winner american pharoah, the kansas city royals and golden state star stephan curry. ((dave courvoisier)) you weighed in on the 8 news now facebook page. sharon martin, wrote: she' is a great athlete and deserves the recognition. ((denise valdez)) lisa disagreed saying: sorry, but american pharoah should have won. ((dave courvoisier)) and mimi simply wrote: well deserved./// ((dave courvoisier)) > thanks for watching 8 news now at five. ((denise valdez)) > you can always catch the day's top stories on our 8 news now podcast on i- tunes.
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