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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  December 17, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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"i was absolutely shocked.")) )) ((denise valdez)) how one of the workers inside was able to kill one intruder and wound another. and what neighbors are saying about the incident. ((dave courvoisier)) a special session to iron out the kinks. we're live in carson city as lawmakers try to come to terms with the faraday deal. why the company decided southern nevada was the best bet./// < ((voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 5.")) > ((dave courvoisier)) > we have just learned that a suspect is in custody after shooting a metro officer today. the wounded officer was responding to a domestic call at the emerald suites near las vegas blvd and silverado ranch. where he was confronted by a man good evening... ((denise valdez)) and i'm denise valdez... in for paula. we have live team coverage tonight... let's start with 8 news now reporter karen castro live at the scene where the search continues for the suspect. ((karen castro)) as night falls, police continue their search who the man who shot one of their own. police says they will not stop
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suspect in custody. officers extended the perimeter earlier this afternoon. right now, las vegas blvd, between serene and pebble remains closed. ((karen castro)) the 9-11 call came in shortly after 11 this morning. police responded to a domestic call at the emerald suites on las vegas boulevard near serene. investigators say two officers arrived on scene. one of them knocked on the door at one of the units... and that's when the suspect shot at the officer striking him twice: on his vest, and on his arm. the officer was able to returned fire but it is unclear if the suspect was hit. the second officer was searching another area on the property at the time of the shooting and came to assist his fellow wounded officer immediately after. the suspect then took off running. police are asking the public to avoid the area.
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jeff clark - metro pd: if they live in this area, don't wander. stay in your homes especially if you're inside the perimeter, if you see a subject matching the description that i gave you, call 911 immediately. )) ((karen castro)) the suspect is believed to be armed and dangerous. he's described as a "very light skinned black man".. with a bald head, wearing a black hoodie and pants... and a white undershirt. he's belilived to be in his early or late 30's. police say the suspect was unrelated to the initial call and don't don't why he shot at the officer. however, metro is not calling the shooting an ambush. ((karen castro)) the wounded officer was rushed to u-m-c where he is in stable condition. police say he is in good spirits and is expected to make a full recovery.
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((denise valdez)) karen, do we have more information about the injured officer? ((karen castro)) right now, metro is not releasing his name but we do know that he is married and has a son. denise. ((dave courvoisier)) > again we have just confirmed that the suspect is in custody. ((denise valdez)) continuing our team coverage tonight... 8 news now reporter mauricio marin with the more on that and how the officer shot is doing. ((mauricio marin)) it's keeping people in the area from getting home after work. as police search the area on foot. and even have the metro chopper looking from overheard. expanding their search area a bit. good news though..the officer is recovering at u-m-c. ((mauricio marin)) police have been on scene all afternoon searching the area for the man
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authorities say the suspect wasn't involved in the original call that sent the officer to the area. we're also learning the sheriff joe lombardo was leaving a lunch nearby and came across the suspect...chased after him but got away. immeditately after hearing an officer was shot---the sheriff headed to u-m-c to see how he was doing. we spoke with him a short time ago. he says it's always very difficult when one of his own is hurt. ((sheriff joe lombardo/clark county: "can you imagine what it's like my stomach is turning and nauseous feeling and feeling on the back of my neck and pray that my officer pass away as a result of it so i get down here as soon as possible to see if i can give some support or support to the families as soon as possible.")) ((mauricio marin)) sheriff lombardo says the doctor doesn't belive teh officer will need surgery when he last checked in. and says the officer was up and talking with him when he visited---doing well. ((mauricio marin)) as far as the officer who was shot--we've here in the valley. as police continue their search---they are taking extra precautions as the person who shot the officer took such drastic steps to fire on the
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reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((dave courvoisier)) mauricio...what' s the feeling like out there? have you had a chance to talk to nearby residents? ((mauricio marin)) some nerves shaken up. people unable to get home say it's a little shocking seeing so much police activity and a shooter on the loose. but many just hope police catch the suspect soon. and are glad the officer is recovering ((denise valdez)) > a female suspect shot dead while trying to rob a local medical office. ((dave courvoisier)) we talk to workers nearby about the threat in the area and we show the aftermatch of the scene. ((denise valdez)) plus... las vegas becomes the latest target of an online terror threat. why school authorities were cautious but didn't deem it credible./// ((ashley conroy)) ashley conroy here... in for tedd florendo...
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but things are getting just a bit warmer this weekend... just how warm in my full weather forecast later in the newscast. stay with us. <
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first choice for news.up a doctors office last night is still on the run, after the other suspect was shot and killed by a medical office employee. ((dave courvoisier)) anchor
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of the crime and talked to employees. ((paul joncich)) doctor ted thorp was seing a patient at his office around 7 o'clock last night in the 28- hundred block of west charleston.... when a man and a woman wearing ski masks barged in, and pistol whipped the doctor before being shot by an employee who had a gun. ((trk)) doctor ted thorp's office is closed today while the longtime physician recovers from being pistol whipped by robbers. police say a male and female, both wearing ski masks forced thorp, a patient and an employee into a room, held them at gunpoint and demanded money and possibly drugs. somehow the employee was able to get out of the room, and grab a gun from his car. eventually confronting and shooting the suspects near the back door. the female suspect was mortally wounded. the male was also hit, but was able to scamper away, leaving a trail of blood outside the doctors office, down the stairs, and across the street. ((11:28:59 "i was absolutely shocked.")) renee mooberry's goes to a dentist in the same building.
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could happen out here and the fact of someone just walking in and doing what they want to do take the money and take the drugs ...and beat somebody up, i'm glad the office somebody up, i'm glad the office staff or whoever fought back.")) dr. thorp's front door is directly across from a lab that forbids guns on premises. but i spoke with an employee in a nearby medical office who regularly packs heat at work. ((11:30:49 "my husband and i we both have a gun and thank god we haven't had to use it, but we will.")) this isn't the first time a medical office at this location has been robbed. which is unusal since the complex is located along the busy west charleston boulevard./// ((paul joncich)) > so far the coroner has not released the name of the female suspect who was killed. police say she may be a former patient. the other suspect who was shot but got away is said to be a black male about 5 foot 7 dressed in all dark clothing. ((question)) will the employee who shot the suspects be facing any charges? ((answer)) we don't know for sure.
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he shot the suspects. they are only saying that he is cooperating with police. /// ((dave courvoisier)) > a special session underway in carson city. ((denise valdez)) we're live as final touches on the faraday deal. ((dave courvoisier)) plus... a credible threat. why the school district decided to only send an email to parents after receiving the same email sent to other districts around the country./// music playing
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> day two of the special session is underway in carson city, two bills being considered would award as much as 215 million in tax breaks for electric car maker faraday future .. and kick in 120 million dollars worth of infrastructure at the apex facility in north las vegas. we have team coverage from the capitol with politicsnow anchor george knapp... ((patrick walker)) > the one contentious area has been over who controls water rights. a third bill may be drafted to sort that out. > but the real work isn't being
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assembly and senate chambers... it's being done in back rooms: ....who gets credit? dale erquiaga/advisor to gov. sandoval: "since this is the week....the work force awakens." governor sandoval dispatched his most trusted jedi knight to begin the formal sales
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though most of the arm twisting view. dale erquiaga told lawmakers that nevada's work force is simply not ready for the new economy that will explode like a neutron bomb at apex, that is if the legislature approves a complicated package of incentives, infrastructure, and job training as outlined in two bills that were finally unveiled in carson city. dale erquiaga: nevada's skills gap is worsening. as our economy diversifies,though other state we see a need for a new kind of skills.... the testla battery project now under construction near reno...the hyperloop test facility just announced for apex...and the billion dollar faraday electric car complex that would be the anchor tenant at apex are the first of many new businesses that could transform nevada's economy over the next decade assuming the predictions are accurate and infrastructure is upgraded at
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robert lang/brookings west economist: there's going to be a line going in there. the big problem was just turning on the lights, turning on the faucet and the water and getting this site ready. economist dr. robert lang's projections about apex are a key argument in selling the faraday deal to lawmakers, though lang says faraday made up its mind about nevada months ago. faraday said it was thrilled to choose apex, a stunning location the company called it. even though other states reportedly offered more lucrative incentive packages than what nevada is discussing, faraday wanted to build its cutting edge electric cars in southern nevada, for reasons than dollars and cents. vegas: they wanted a sexy brand, a sexy location, they wanted something , this will be a unique product, um, i don't know that roswell new mexico would have been that answer. it's a done deal for faraday but not for some lawmakers who wonder if the grandiose projections are accurate. critics point to similar predictions made for the tesla
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materialize. proponents say it boils down to this--if nevada doesn't offer a deal, some other state will. lang: it goes to georgia and we just do gaming and that's where we got into trouble in the first place. ((patrick walker)) so george... with things being done before they get here... are you surprised to see the water rights issue pop up today? ((denise valdez)) > an update on our breaking news.
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confirmed that metro police have a suspect in custody after an officer was shot this afternoon. ((dave courvoisier)) the news of an arrest came into the newsroom just before five this evening. police were responding to a domestic call at the emerald suites on las vegas boulevard near serene around eleven this morning. investigators say two officers arrived on scene. one of them knocked on the door at one of the units... and that's when the suspect shot at the officer striking him twice: on his vest, and on his arm. we're told the officer is expected to make a full recovery. sheriff lombardo is expected to make a statement soon and we'll bring that to you live./// ((weather toss))
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look from our red rock cam -- beautiful shot of the horizon over the mountains... currently 49 - degrees -- winds are calm .......................... we see those temps dropping into the 30's overnight tonight -- we'll hit that peak low around 6 am at 34 degrees... then warming up in the 50's throughout the day tomorrow. . ............................... .. here's our regional satellite -- radar map... we're calm down here in southern nevada -- no clouds in area... but you can see in northern nevada we have some snow moving across the high portions of the state -- and the pacific northwest -- these poor folks up here have continued to get hit with storm after storm for the
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have these lingering storms hitting their area... ............................... ..... over on the other side of the country... this massive storm system is stretching from florida all the way up the eastern sea board up through mane -- in fact, it's causing some airport delays in philidelphia -- and boston just a little while ago... .............................. tonight -- 38 degrees right at average -- partly cloudy skies... winds will be calm... tomorrow -- 56 degrees - plenty of sunshine here -- and again right around average temps. around the valley -- 53 henderson -- regionally 48
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((dave courvoiosier)) > the clark county school district says it discovered a threatening email this morning -- similar to those reported tuesday by school districts in los angeles and new york but classes were not cancelled here -- as they were in l-a earlier this week. the i-team's glen meek has a copy of a letter sent by the
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parents explaning the situation. glen meek this advisory went out via the district's parent-link email system. the letter to parents says the threat was discovered by staff this morning after 9:00-am. school police say the threat did not make specific mention of schools in clark county. according to the letter: "staff discovered a threatening email similar to those received in other large districts, including l-a, new york, miami and houston -- where they were deemed to be less than credible" "this is not to cause alarm, but we felt it was necessary to share this information with you and will continue to keep you informed." the letter then says the district is working with local law enforcement agencies and following appropriate protocols. though schools were closed in l-a tuesday -- classes in new york and the other cities mentioned were held as usual. glen meek schools were open here today and a regular school day is expected tomorrow as well. the school police chief told
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to cancel classes in clark county was a "group decision." chief ken young says security protocols have been adjusted slightly -- but for security reasons isn't saying exactly how. again -- normal school functions scheduled for tomorrow./// ((denise valdez)) > in just a
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las vegas valley is valley is getting its very first ikea store. it will be located off the 215 and sunset in the southwest part of the valley. today 8 news now got a chance to see how far this project is coming along. patranya bhoolsuwan shows us how the company is joining the trend of more local businesses going green. < ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) ((patranya: "the swedish furniture giant is set to open up shop in the southwest valley next summer. the majority of the blue and yellow exterior of the store is complete, today we are seeing the inside of the building for the first time since the walls came up.")) ((amy jensen/ikea store manager: 'we broke ground in april ad as you can see it's already december. we are getting ready to seal up the building and we are working on the interior.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) that's store manager amy jensen giving us a tour of this 351 thousand square foot building on 26 acres of land that sits along side the northern side of the 215 freeway at durango drive near sunset road.
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put everything together from furniture showrooms and the 450 seat restaurant on the second floor . on the first floor, you have the warehouse, kids play area, and the marketplace featuring some 10-thousand products. in an effort to be more sustainable, the las vegas ikea will use all l-e-d lights both inside and outside and it will also install more than 36-hundred solar panels on the roof that will generate up to 60 percent of power to the store. ((amy jensen/ikea store manager: "it's a commitmet by ikea, it really stems from our swedish heritage to make sure we take care of our environment.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) ((patranya; "this will be the 42 ikea store to open in the us. the company says it will be open by next summer and they hope it will be closer to june than september. reporting near the 215 and sunset, patranya bhoolsuwan 8 news now.")) ((denise valdez)) right now about 500 construction workers are working on the ikea project. when the store opens....the
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staff members./// ((denise valdez)) > again police do have a suspect in custody after an officer was shot this evening. ((dave courvoisier)) sheriff joe lombardo is expected to make a that to you live. thanks for watching 8 news now at five. the cbs evening news is next./// ((dave courvoisier)) > as we >> pelley: a friend of the san bernardino killers has been charged with plotting other terror attacks. meanwhile, theme parks are tightening security. also tonight, the anti-muslim backlash. after one of these attacks, have any of you been confronted by
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encouraging news in the fight
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