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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  December 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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sigh of relief for the tonight... one of their officers will survive after taking a bullet in the upper body in the line of duty. thanks for joining us, i'm dave courvoisier. paula has the night off. the man accused of shooting him is behind bars -- after an exhaustive effort to bring him to justice... that extended outside metro's perimeter. mauricio marin has been following the developments of this case. he joins us live near las vegas boulevard and pebble... where this incident started earlier today. mauricio? ((mauricio marin)) dave, scary moments for that officer. he was responding to a domestic violence call when a man unrelated to the original disturbance started giving him trouble. without warning... police say that man pulled a gun and shot the officer... immediately spurring a massive and intense search for the shooter. (( )) ((mauricio marin)) the manhunt for a suspect accused of shooting a metro officer ended
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miles away from the original scene. ((sheriff joe lombardo/clark county: "we did have a pretty tight perimeter associated with the event and hopefully we'll be able to discern that from the interview with the suspect but he was able to get out of the perimeter." )) ((mauricio marin)) detectives are looking to see if the suspect had an accomplice to help him slip past police. ((sheriff joe lombardo/clark county: ""there's a lot of investigative techniques that we used to do that and better served that we keep it to ourselves." )) ((mauricio marin)) still early in the investigation...s heriff joe lombardo wouldn't go into detail about what lead them to the suspect but says a tip eventually helped them track the shooter. combined with fast thinking by his officers and help from other agencies in the entire investigation. when officers first heard of the shooting over radio...sheriff lombardo was in the nearby area and sprang into action himself to help. ((sheriff joe lombardo/clark county: "by chance the suspect came right in front of the vehicle. i wouldn't say i chased him down it was a short encounter and the individual hopped the fence and
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information." )) ((mauricio marin)) the sheriff is thankful for all the hard work by his officers to take down the suspect. he says the officer was shot in his vest and the armpit area. the 21 year metro veteran faces a long recovery. and has received an outpour of support from the department as well as many in the community. ((sheriff joe lombardo/clark county: "the bullet missed his vest and subsequently he's going to have to deal with that for quite some time." )) ((mauricio marin)) sheriff lombardo says his officers are trained to be alert on duty. and that attentiveness to watch out for each other goes up when one of his own is hurt. ((sheriff joe lombardo/clark county: "that rises to a different level when a suspect shoots a police officer." )) ((mauricio marin)) the name of the metro officer has not been released yet. his wife and son are by his side at umc tonight. doctors expect the officer to make a full recovery. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((dave courvoisier)) mauricio... have police mentioned what may have provoked the suspect to shoot the officer? ((mauricio marin)) the sheriff says it
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when the officer was heading to his initial call at the apartment complex... the man started to yell and then pulled out the gun. authorities expect to learn more as the investigation plays out. back to you./// ((dave courvoisier)) > sheriff lombardo addressed the media at length this evening. his face seemed to show obvious relief that his officer is going to be o-k... and that the suspect was taken into custody without further incident. lombardo also went out of his way to thank citizens for their role in assisting metro: (( sheriff lombardo: "we were getting a lot of leads from the public associated with this and i even saw an individual citizen provided video of the event which was beneficial." so i'm proud of the community and their efforts to help us and do our also discussed the role of the partner of the officer who was shot. the officer radioed the shooting and immediately went to render aid to his partner. lombardo said the officer was a little upset, but is doing the
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((dave courvoisier)) > you're taking a live look outside... another chilly night in the valley, but not as cold as we've seen earlier this week. ashley conroy is in for tedd tonight... she joins us now with a first check of your weather. hi, ashley. ((ashley conroy)) we're still going to see temperatures dip down into the 30's tonight, but we're not going to be at the freezing mark like we were last night. here's a live look from our caesars cam -- currently 41 degrees -- calm winds around the valley - much different than what we saw a few nights ago. ............................... ........ you can see in our local neighborhood hour by hour map, some of these temps by 6-am tomorrow could be near freezing, not only here in the valley -- but boulder city, primm and searchlight -- get ready for another cold commutte tomorrow morning. laughlin you'll be a little warmer in the mid-40's for your low tonight. but as the sun come up, we'll
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warmer throughout the day -- and settling around those mid-50's > after a late start... day two of the faraday special lelgislative session wrapped up early. concern over water rights came up during testimony in the senate... which is considering the incentives portion of the faraday deal. patrick walker has more from carson city. ((patrick walker/reporting: "good evening. the governor's office hoped for a special session that would have wrapped up tonight ... but lawmakers in the senate hit a snag.")) ((patrick walker)) after hours of testimony inside the senate chambers from the governor's office thursday... lawmakers began asking a lot of questions about one topic: water rights. ((steve hill/director, governor's office of economic development: "i think that language, prior to discussing it, will probably be amended.")) ((patrick walker)) the outcry was enough to adjourn for the evening without voting...
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enough time to draft the amendments to the bill to address water issues. ((patrick walker: "how big of a contingent is there inside the room that's having a problem right now?" sen. patricia farley/r-las vegas: "it's pretty huge, and there's not a lot of agreement, which is why from our caucus side, we're very happy that senator goicoechea stepped up.")) ((patrick walker)) rural lawmakers have been worried for a long time about any legislation that transfers water from one basin to another. which is possible under the proposed bill. critics say this bill would allow for speeding up the water rights allocation process. ((sen. pete goicoechea/r- eureka: "i just didn't feel it was appropriate , you know, we spent 120 days last session trying to get some water bills up, and here we are trying to deal with it in 48 hours and making some reaching changes to nevada water law.")) ((patrick walker)) despite his opposition... eureka senator pete goicoechea says he's confident that with the amendments... this won't derail the faraday deal. ((sen. pete goicoechea/r- eureka: "clearly, there's enough water in place, it's just getting the language right, and we're working on it.")) ((patrick walker)) senator patricia farley says she believes adjourning and taking the time to get the amendments written is the right call... but she says she didn't expect to see an issue like this in the bill. ((sen.
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am surprised, and i would have hoped that some of this would have been sorted out prior to getting here, but heck, this is the legislature, this is what happens, right?")) ((patrick walker/reporting: "some lawmakers have pushed their flights back until saturday in case the session runs long. we'll see how it all plays out. in carson city, outside the state capitol, patrick walker, 8 news now.")) ((dave courvoisier)) lawmakers will be back to work mid- morning tomorrow. the assembly's bill... which covers workforce development... is expected to see a vote tomorrow morning as well. /// ((dave courvoisier)) > as we reported last night, the las vegas review- journal's staff cracked the case of who their mysterious new owners are... that would be the family of billionaire casino mogul sheldon adelson. today the adelson family released a statement in the buyers. they called it a financial investment and an investment in the community... and said the decision not to identify themselves was intentional because they did not want to distract from tuesday's republican debate at the venetian. yesterday, congresswoman dina
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to reveal themselves... and today titus released a statement applauding the adelson family for coming forward. the chairman of the society of professional journalists' ethics committee said today that there are still questions about why great pains to conceal their identity... adding that the sale still lacks transparency./// ((dave courvoisier)) > we're learning new details tonight in last night's deadly shooting at a doctor's office... that we first brought you as breaking news. metro police tell us a woman who was shot dead, was attempting to rob the office with a male companion. we've learned that doctor ted thorp was seeing a patient at his office near charleston and rancho around 7:00 last night when the would-be robbers burst in, forced thorp, a patient, and another employee into a room and held them at gunpoint -- demanding money and possibly drugs. thorp was pistol whipped... the other employee managed to escape and grab a gun from his car. that employee returned and shot the suspects near the back door. the woman died and the other suspect was hit...
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the doctor's office is directly across from a lab that forbids guns on premises, but we found an employee in a nearby office who always has her gun at work: (( "my husband and i we both have a gun and thank god we haven't had to use it, but we will.")) ((dave courvoisier)) the doctor injured, but not seriously. the woman who was shot dead has not been identified... but she may have been a former patient at the practice. the other suspect remains at large. he's described as a black man about five foot eight with a thin build. if you have any information... please call crime stoppers./// ((dave courvoisier)) > clark county schools stayed open today... despite receiving a threat similar to the one in los angeles this week... that forced the cancellation of classes. the emailed threat was discovered after 9:00 this morning. schools in miami, san francisco, l-a, houston and others reported getting the threats as well. school officials deemed the undisclosed threat as "less than credible". c-c-s-d sent a letter to parents saying school staff had been asked to stay alert and to keep
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((dave courvoisier)) > major developments in the investigation and aftermath of the san bernardino shooting. enrique marquez, the friend and former neighbor of syed farook, one of the attackers -- has been arrested by the f-b-i and will face charges of providing material support to terrorists... unlawful purchase of assault rifles... and defrauding immigration authorities. the 24 year-old is reportedly cooperating with investigators... and statements he made may have helped the case against him: ((rep. adam schiff, (d) ranking member, intelligence cmte.: "if he is telling investigators that he purchased these weapons because he felt that if farook did it would draw attention or that he couldn't pass the background check, he is essentially a straw purchaser." )) ((dave courvoisier)) marquez has told investigators that he had no prior knowledge of the attack, but he admitted to plotting a 2012 attack with farook that they did not carry out. tomorrow, president obama will travel to san bernardino to privately meet with family members of the victims./// ((dave courvoisier)) > preparations are well underway... for the las vegas strip to be
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new year's eve is two weeks from tonight... and today we learned the las vegas convention and visitors authority expects 332- thousand- people to be in town for the big celebration. they'll be ready for the big fireworks finale... that's expected to launch from seven hotels along the strip... and last about eight minutes. we'll be broadcasting live starting at ten p-m... all the way through the fireworks show. and during that broadcast... we teamed up with gavish real estate to take care of one lucky person's mortgage payments for a year. go to our 8 news now facebook page for a full list of rules and details on how to enter./// ((dave courvoisier)) > two of las vegas' brightest stars... add another award to their record-setting seasons. chris maathuis shows us the sin city honors for bryce harper and kris bryant... coming up. but first, is the new star wars the best one yet? we get first impressions from fans who've seen it. next./// < news music voice over: "you're
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dave courvoisier. the news of southern nevada is now." > ((dave courvoisier)) > "the force" has officially awakened! enthusiastic star wars fans who have been waiting patiently since it was announced that the series would reboot, have finally seen the film. this is a live look at brenden theatres at the palms... where the next group of star wars faithful are waiting for late-night showings of the movie. brenden theatres wanted to make sure their fans were able to get into the spirit... so they allowed masked star wars characters tonight. there is increased security just in case. we spoke to folks who saw the early screening this evening to see if the movie lived up to the hype: (( shari & jim graves: "" ))
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theatres is selling star wars pins and t-shirts. proceeds will go toward a new playground for disabled children. star wars: the force awakens is already the highest pre- selling movie in fandango history./// ((dave courvoisier)) > one festive house in las vegas is celebrating the film's release in grand fashion: (( ::star wars theme:: )) ((dave courvoisier)) that's the house of marc savard... he has a comedy hypnosis show at the v- theater in the miracle mile shops at planet hollywood resort and casino. he's also decorated his house with 95- thousand lights for christmas. but in honor of star wars... he synced all those lights up to the theme of star wars. those lights are controlled on 496 different timers...
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((ashley conroy))
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precip happenign right now in northern nevada... ....................... our models are showing there could be a fast moving storm over the southern sierras on saturday -- it'll likely be to the west of the valley, but could reach areas of nye county. .................... tonight 38 degrees - partly cloudy skies -- those winds light coming from the se at 5 mph tomorrow -- high of 56 degrees -- plenty of sunshine -- those winds will be light again. ......................... tomorrow's neighborhood highs -- 58 green valley -- downtown 55
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blue diamond a little cooler at 53 degrees. .......................... we have this great tool on your website called the ski report... just go to las -- click on sections up here in the top left corner -- click on weather -- and you have a whole list of ski conditions located in the western u-s including california, colorado and of course here in nevada. ............................... ........ here's your 7- day forecast... going to be nice and sunny tomorrow and mostly sunny throughout the weekend. mid- to-upper 50'q this weekend... also low 40's for the next several days... but look at this, could reach 60's by mid-week next week -- so we'll definitely welcome these nice temp after this week being cold and windy earlier in the week. > ((dave courvoisier)) > state
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nevada's tenth district has submitted a bill draft request that would prohibit those on the federal no-fly list from purchasing guns in nevada. kihuen has requested an additional special session among lawmakers to consider the proposal. the n-r-a has released a statement opposing the bill... saying it would deny americans their constitutional rights without due process... but maintains that the association does not want terrorists or other dangerous people to have guns./// ((dave courvoisier)) > meanwhile, on the federal level... senator harry reid admits he and fellow democrats have failed to get gun control legislation through congress... and says they keep losing to the n-r-a. reid suggested that maybe democrats themselves are to blame for what he calls failures. several attempts by democrats to force votes on the issue this month failed to garner even a senate majority in favor of background checks or keeping suspected terrorists from buying guns./// ((dave courvoisier)) >a first in las vegas and major league baseball two players from the same city -- one wins the national league m-v-p while the
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historic? ((chris maathuis)) never happened... two players from the same city same year. tonight the city recognized las vegans bryce harper and kris bryant. you'll hear from both players. plus... there's a big problem haunting the runnin' rebels... and they can't disguise the issue. more next here on 8 news now.// "from 8 news now, this is sports
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((chris maathuis)) it was a very unique night in las vegas... mayor carolyn goodman handing city'. when you're looking for ambassadors to las vegas, the search today starts and stops with baseball all- stars-- and las vegans -- bryce harper and kris bryant. < oscar goodman/former las vegas mayor: "i bet that these two guys will be the greatest baseball players in the history of the world when time is told." ((chris maathuis)) it's amazing how quickly sand in the hour glass flows. not long ago, bryce harper and kris bryant were playing club ball against and with each other. now harper is the national league m-v-p and bryant national league named rookie of the year. two las vegans, who tonight were honored and given keys to the city. bryce harper/nl mvp: "you can't put into words how much all this means to me and kris we can't thank mr. and mrs. goodman enough for having us out
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this." kris bryant/nl rookie year: "how many people get the key to the city in their home town, it's pretty cool night a night i won't forget ever. me and bryce grew up playing against each other and with each other." ((chris maathuis)) each talk about hard work, dedication and reaching baseball's biggest annual series. bryce: 'growing up you always think of the world series and that's the main thing and goal that i want to happen." kris: "it should be fun to see us compete over the next couple of years and hopefully win a world series for chicago." mike bryant/kris' father: "i'm going to tell ya they're going to be in the world series next year you will come back to this statement next october and you're going to say wow." ((chris maathuis)) who knows but in 15-20 years from now, they could both be eligible for baseball's highest honor, following the footsteps of greg maddux, who was the first las vegan to reach cooperstown. bryce: "all i want to do is win a world series and i know if we play the way we can this year that's all i care about." >
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night's home loss, the runnin' rebels are getting hammered on social media and on national t-v for something that needs fixing or it's going to be a long season. (( )) nats': "16 offensive rebounds now for arizona state... dave rice/unlv head coach: "it's difficult to win a game like that when you give up 16 offensive rebounds." nats: "2nd straight game that unlv has allowed 16 offensive rebounds rice: "it's about toughness." ben carter/unlv center: "i think rebounded is effort and toughness, guys got to look in mirror and find it. rice: "we've just got to get in there and get the ball." carter: "end of the day dig inside and you've got to find it." nats: "i don't know if i've ever seen a team score that many points without a real post up player. rice: "we've got to go get the ball, it's really that simple, yet that hard." ((chris maathuis)) rebels at arizona on saturday.... -- the holy war rhetoric took a break during las vegas bowl activities today --- as ron futrell reports, this was a day of harmony between the two bitter rivals from utah. ((ron futrell)) the so called
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first stop, opportunity village where the rough and tough football players spent some quality time with the special needs clients bryan sampson/byu tight end: we've done a lot this week, we've had a really good season and it's fun seeing all this, i didn't know such a big organization exists that did so much. kenneth scott/utah wide receiver: its really cool to just see these people and communicate with them, it's an awesome experience and you see the smiles on their faces when they see us. its definitely an enjoyable moment. ((ron futrell)) the players from both byu and utah came here to opportunity village today to put all the differences aside on the football field and come here to do something good for the community --- but that wasn't their only stop today. so the second location for goodwill today for these two football programs --- with byu and utah players, actually close together here--- was here at squires elementary school where the two teams got together to give away hundreds of shoes for local kids more than 32 thousand dollars worth of shoes, enough for 450 students. goodie two shoes and raising
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stepped up for two weeks we asked people at the register if they'd like to donate a dollar to help out a great organization. for us this is an amazing experience, a great opportunity for the kids to interact with some collegiate ball players that they only get to see on tv and get a brand new pair of shoes which is a much needed necessity and just have a great time. ((ron futrell)) so the football players got along well today, probably wont be the case saturday at sam boyd stadium. ron futrell reporting 8 news now )) ((chris maathuis)) tomorrow's press conference kickoff luncheon at the convention center will be the final event prior to saturday's 12:30 kickoff. ((dave courvoisier)) > don't earn a ticket by breaking a law you might not know about. we're telling you what to watch out for... next./// news music
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potentially save you some money and some trouble by telling your about a crosswalk safety event tomorrow. metro police are conducting "santa in the crosswalk" at sahara avenue and las verdes... just west of valley view. if you see santa in the crosswalk... you have to stop. failure to stop for santa... in this case.. can result in a costly citation. the effort is designed to help cut down on pedestrian
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the event lasts from 8 to 11 a- m... and there will be a second enforcement at desert inn near decatur from noon to 3:00./// ((dave courvoisier)) > that's all for us live at eleven.
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