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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  December 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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with your holiday packages. thanks for joining us, i'm paul joncich. ((denise valdez)) and i'm denise valdez. a homeowner giving us his footage tonight... that shows his delivery lasted just five minutes before it got lifted. mauricio marin joins us live in the newsroom with the suspects' description and the video that could help get them off the streets. mauricio? ((mauricio marin)) denise and paul i spoke with the homeowner this evening... he was shocked when his home security system alerted him to a thief stealing presents right from his front door. gifts that he boght for his niece and nephew. here's that video... from the mountains edge community in southwest las vegas. it shows a man walking right up to the front door and snatching both of the packages in broad daylight. fedex had dropped them off less than five minutes before the thief drove up with an accomplice in a red ford mustang: (( ryan/homeowner: "at first i wanted to do was drive home and check on my house and dogs and cat. first thing i did was called the neighbor checked for the person and wereen't able to find anybody but nice to know our
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neighbors are willing to help out." )) ((mauricio marin)) the homeowner, ryan, put in the security cameras out of an ambundance of caution... but told me he still felt the sting and surprise of watching his stuff being taken in such brazen fashion. ryan filed a police report and wants to get the word out to catch these crooks: ((ryan/homeowner: "i''ve seen a lot of people kind of post their videos when packages were stolen and sometimes it leads to making an arrest and anything i can do to help bring the guy to justice and hopefully make other people aware that this is happening in all of our neighborhoods.")) ((mauricio marin)) ryan say he's going to keep talking with his neighbors to watch out for each other and look out for possible suspicious people in the area. but plans to keep rolling on his security camera---to let thieves know someone is always watching at his house. ((mauricio marin)) one of the retailers is coming to ryan's aid tonight. after hearing about the stolen presents, amazon sent another
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arrive in time for christmas. if you recognize the man or the mustang in the video you are asked to call crime stoppers. back to you. ((paul joncich)) mauricio... we know not everyone has a security system... so what do those of us who don't have cameras do to make sure our stuff isn't stolen? ((mauricio marin)) paul, if you can... have your purchases shipped to your place of work -- or designate deliveries for a time when you know you'll be home. if you are victimized... be sure to report the crime to police. that helps them piece together clues and trends... and hopefully track down your packages./// music ((paul joncich)) > lawmakers passed two bills at a special session in carson city tonight.. before heading home. that means two more will have be taken up in the morning. the special session to pass tax incentives for electric car maker faraday future and to build infrastructure at apex has gone longer than anyone expected. tonight the assembly passed a workforce development bill that provides job training for
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the senate passed an infrastructure bill... with the most contentious portion taken out: ((sen. mark manendo/(d) las vegas: "this is so complex that, you know, we're here, so we may as well do our due diligence and make sure we do everything possible to make sure we have a good, clean piece of legislation.")) two bills that cover the water rights at the apex facility in north las vegas.. and who controls them.. will be taken up by the assembly tomorrow. that will be day four. the session was expected to be finished in a day. the total package for faraday is expected to be 215 million in tax rebates if they reach the billion dollar investment thresh-hold.. and another 120 million in infrastructure at the apex facility. /// ((denise valdez)) a clear and comfortable night in the valley... so are we in the clear on that cold weather? tedd florendo is here with a first check of our weather. ((tedd florendo)) < not totally in the clear. we'll certainly be milder than
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still on the chilly side. ............................... ............. let's take a look outside where the current temp in the 40's at this hour. that's a just couple of digits warmer than yesterday at this time. if you were watching me earlier, you heard me say a light jacket may be needed tonight, hopefully you heard that. we have some clouds overhead and expecting more tomorrow. ............................... .................... here's your 10 your forecast showing us dropping to the 30s' again. not quite below freezing, although some areas could get closer to the freezing mark, but expected to stay chilly just not too cold ............................... .................... weekend forecast showing milder temps tomorrow but there are some shower chances this weekend. we'll break it all down for you coming up. we are learning more about the man suspected of shooting a metro officer yesterday. this is 38-year- old teag fox. metro says he fired on an officer without warning... striking the officer once in the armpit area... and once in the vest. fortunately, the officer will survive.
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video of the suspect running away after the shooting. fox was taken into custody miles from the original scene. he faces charges of attempted murder with a deadly weapon on a police officer... battery with a deadly weapon... and more. we dug into fox's history today... and he does not have a criminal record. the motive for the shooting is unknown. fox remains jailed tonight./// ((paul joncich)) > after officer-involved shootings, metro typically will hold a news conference to provide information about the incidents. they like to do so in a timely manner... but they are so overwhelmed with cases this week... they say it will take extra time to release their reviews. reviews of two shootings that occurred on monday will be held on the 29- th./// ((denise valdez)) > two of the tiger cubs born at siegfried and roy's secret garden at the mirage in october have died. the news was announced today on the sarmoti cubs facebook page. the cubs, named "liberty" and justice" both had infections... that ultimately lead to kidney failure. two other cubs survived...
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the cubs were all born on august 5-th... and introduced on october 22- nd./// ((denise valdez)) > all new tonight... boulder city police say they're investigating the drugs used at the shelter and have formally filed charges against the animal control supervisor accused of 100 animals. mary jo frazier is accused of violating the city code requiring a five-day waiting period and vet review before an animal is euthanized. frazier has not commented. the d-a's office is reviewing the case submitted by the city before deciding whether to prosecute./// ((paul joncich)) > a man is in critical condition after he was punched in the face inside caesar's palace. this is surveillance video from last saturday. around 4:10 a- m... the victim and three men got into some sort of argument. the victim left the area and was followed by one of the men... who punched him to the face... sending the victim to the ground. the suspect, plus the two other people left caesars in a newer silver two-door infiniti...
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rims, tinted windows... and a sun roof. the suspect is white or hispanic... between 18 and 25 years old... about 5'10" to 6 feet tall. if you recognize him or have any information about this case... please call crime stoppers./// ((denise valdez)) > the deadly stretch on southern nevada's roads continues... a 21-year-old motorcyclist lost his life this afternoon in a crash with a truck near elkhorn and buffalo. 49-year-old erik provencal remained on the scene... but was booked into jail on a felony d-u-i resulting in death charge. metro fatal detail stressed the importance of paying attention at all times while driving: ((sgt richard strader/metro police: "we want our motorcycle riders to have their heads up paying attention ride their vehicles within the parameters of the roadway as well as the drivers of the vehicles to pay attention. we know that motorcycles are smaller profile harder to see. pay attention." )) ((denise valdez)) neither of the men have been identified. the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet.
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warrant to check the truck's computer system for possible evidence./// ((paul joncich)) > we've learned the identity of an armed robbery suspect who was shot dead inside a valley doctor's office. the coroner's office says 45- year-old veronica clay died of a gunshot wound to the chest. police say clay and an unidentified man were looking for money and possibly prescription drugs when they held two employees and a patient at gunpoint. an employee escaped, got@a gun and returned to shoot at the suspects. the second suspect was hit... but remains at large tonight. if you have any information call crime stoppers./// ((denise valdez)) > another day of protests in chicago... where demonstrators called for change in the city's police force. officer jason van dyke appeared before a judge on charges in the 20-14 murder of laquan mcdonald earlier today. one of today's protests took place outside the courthouse... another targeted holiday travelers at midway airport -- blocking traffic there. for the most part the protest was peaceful....
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assaulted and suffered a broken wrist./// ((paul joncich)) > for the first time ever, the u-n security council has unanimously agreed on a peace process for syria. the resolution endorsed today calls for a cease-fire and talks between the government and the opposition... but does not make any mention of the most contentious issue in the war-torn country... the future role of syrian president bashar al-assad. secretary of state john kerry calls the plan a good one: (( john kerry, u.s. secretary of state: "the purpose of those negotiations between the responsible opposition and the government is to facilitate a transition within syria into a credible, inclusive nonsectarian governance within six months. the process would lead to the drafting a new constitution and arrangements for internationally supervised elections within 18 months." )) ((paul joncich)) the resolution acknowledges that the peace process will not end the conflict... because it bars terrorist groups like isis and al-nusra from participating in a cease
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((denise valdez)) > major hype for tomorrow's bowl game. chris maathuis takes us inside the byu-utah rivalry before the rivals fight it out on the field. ((paul joncich)) is the fix in on bernie sanders' presidential campaign? bombshell accusations from the sanders camp tonight... that the democratic party is playing favorites for hillary clinton./// < news music voice over: "you're
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charleston near rainbow is trying to make these burglars famous by posting their video on facebook. "frijoles" gave their own humorous take on the event... saying the men were just really hungry and looking for tacos. the suspects shattered a glass door and ripped out two cash registers from inside. too bad for them... the restaurant doesn't keep any cash in the registers. the suspects jumped in a white, newer model s-u-v...
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santa fe or tucson. if you recognize them... call crime stoppers./// ((paul joncich)) > in this presidential election cycle, most of the noise has been made by republicans... but tonight, the gloves are officially off in the democratic race. senator bernie sanders' campaign has gone to court against the democratic national committee... and sanders' campaign manager lobbed a major accusation against party leadership: (( jeff weaver/sanders' campaign mgr: "i think the evidence is mounting. it's almost irrefutable. that there are people in the dnc who are trying to help secretary clinton." )) ((paul joncich)) the move comes after the d-n-c blocked sanders' campaign from access to a voter database because campaign workers reportedly used a computer glitch to download information from hillary clinton's campaign. weijia jiang is in new hampshire with the big developments ahead of tomorrow night's democratic debate: bernie sanders' campaign filed the lawsuit in federal court
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after the democratic national committee suspended access to its shared voter data base. (sot: jeff weaver /sanders campaign director) we need our data which has been stolen by the dnc the dnc blocked the sanders camp access after a 45 minute computer glitch, on wednesday, allowed workers to view information gathered by the clinton campaign. sanders' fired data director josh uretsky. but, he insists he wasn't trying to snoop. (sot: josh uretsky / former sanders data director ) my goal was to create a record of what was wrong so that i could accurately assess both for the campaign and for the dnc // what my understanding was of what was wrong. but the dnc says at least four sanders users not only looked at voter files from 10 states, but saved and exported some clinton data. (sot: debbie wasserman- schultz / dnc chair) people make mistakes leaving their front door unlocked also. it doesn't mean it's okay to go into their house and steal their stuff. sanders learned of the breach more than 24 hours after it happened. not from his own staffers but: (sot: wasserman- schultz) he heard it from me. what was his reaction? he was
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the sanders camp can't even access its own files on the dnc database, it says that will cripple its campaign, and cost it more than 600- thousand dollars a day in lost donations. weijia jiang, cbs news, manchester, new hampshire. ((paul joncich)) clinton's campaign manager says the sanders camp stole its data and tried to download it at least two dozen times. clinton officials say they want the dnc to assure them that the sanders campaign no longer has any of its data quickly so both sides can get back to campaigning. late tonight the sanders camp said a deal has been reached to regain access to voter files... but the details are not yet known./// ((denise valdez)) > donald trump has more than twice as much support as the second- place g-o-p presidential candidate. that's according to a new fox news poll released today. it shows 39- percent of registered voters want trump to be the republican nominee-- compared to 18- percent for ted
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rubio, and 9- percent for ben carson. other candidates are far behind. the poll was conducted after the republican presidential debate on tuesday. trump lags 11- percentage points behind hillary clinton in a hypothetical election match up./// ((paul joncich)) > a landslide forced several homeowners in oregon to evacuate this morning. the shifting ground damaged at least four homes and put several others in danger. here's a look at some of the damage. fire officials say they were called to this house thursday evening-- by the time they arrived, the garage and car inside were headed down the hill. firefighters evacuated the family and eventually, several others in the neighborhood. days of heavy rains are being blamed.///
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today, but with mostly sunny skies and winds remained nice and calm again. a little warmer than yesterday at this time but still chilly at times. we're now entering near seasonal temps at this hour. ............................... ................. weekend forecast looks milder saturday with a little wind. some locations could get a chance of showers saturday but the system coming in not carrying a lot of moisture with it and it will zip across the region fairly quickly. cooler sunday but still just few digits below seasonal temps. ............................... .................. radar looking clear right now. but upriver we're keeping our eye on the rain moving into the northern california expecting to bring more snow to the sierras and tahoe. again could see winds ahead of it a little tomorrow but not wind advisory criteria. we will get a slight chance of some shower specifically tomorrow evening. ............................... ...................... expect more snow in the mountains which is why you need
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you can get your ski report for the local mountains on our website and 8 just go over to sections tab, then scroll down to weather and head on over to the ski report to get an update on the snow totals in your local mountains. ............................... ......................... tonight expect temps near 38 and under mostly clear skies keeping us a little on the chilly side overnight with those calm winds. tomorrow 58 our high and just a few degrees above average. look for both sun and clouds tomorrow with winds picking up a little later in the day and evening. ............................... .............................. extended forecast show unsettled weather coming next week in time for christmas. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds all week with more wind christmas eve and day. the holidays look sto get a lot
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((denise valdez)) > north las vegas police need your help identifying a man suspected in multiple robberies. they say he's carried out seven armed robberies since november 22-nd. in one incident he shot someone... who is still recovering at u-m-c. police believe the man is asian or hispanic...
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and 5'5" tall. if you recognize him or have any information... call crime stoppers./// ((paul joncich)) > it's the eve of the big showdown between utah and byu. ((denise valdez)) thousands of fans are arriving in las vegas. chris maathuis is here, so one more night of fun for the fans? ((chris maathuis)) die hard fans were hangin' out on fremont street for tonight's pep rally. bands, fans cheerleaders and mascots all having a good time... and guess who attended the new star wars movie tonight? i'll tell ya about the force awakening. plus... the league has spoken. how long will the mountain west continue to play in unlv's own venue. details next here on 8 news now. "from 8 news now, this is sports
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((chris maathui((chris maathuis)) this has been a fun week with all the activities leading up to the las vegas bowl. byu and utah meet as rivals tomorrow at sam boyd. judging from all the hype leading up to saturday's showdown... indeed this is the week "the force awakens" ((chris maathuis)) nats: "the force is strong in my family." ((chris maathuis)) it's classic good versus evil... which school is lives on the dark side... could it possibly be byu? uh no!!! ((chris maathuis)) the rivalry lives.... nats: there's been an awakening." ((chris maathuis)) that's right...
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new stars wars movie. coach: "we're going tonight as a matter of fact... we're taking the team tonight. ((chris maathuis)) they can't get to the theater soon enough... final press gathering, while the band was playing, players and coaches and guest speakers were talking, not about x's and o's. mark schlereth/former nfl lineman guest speaker: "r2d2, c3po and chewbacca." bronson kaufusi: "my favorite guy is probably yoda, little but he'll definitely get ya." jared norris/utah linebacker: "i was a big boba fett fan when i was little." ((chris maathuis)) so while the holy war is on... bronco: "now that it happens to be in las vegas in a bowl setting i think that's unique and different for everybody." kyle: "im confident this game has never been played outside utah in fact that so that's unique in that respect. ((chris maathuis)) and players and coaches talk football. kyle: "the emotions run higher in this game." jared norris: utah: "we don't want to commit any stupid penalties or do anything that won't lend us to success. mitch mathews/byu: "there will be a sense of emotion we have to realize how important it is to understand that this is a time to focus." ((chris maathuis)) which will be tough to do..
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really thinking about something bigger. player: 'i am yes. ((chris maathuis)) may the force be with you. nats: "who are you" ((chris maathuis)) that's what's going on the with the players... the fans were awakened to the sound of marching bands at the annual pep rally on fremont street. hundreds of utah and byu fans gathering under the canopy for tonight's rally. the schools' bands, cheerleaders and mascots all having a grand time in vegas. one side was painted blue... the other was red. utah and byu fans love to make predictions. it's a rivalry that even divides families in utah. fans: "it's going to be close field goal either way... you son says byu, i think utah, i've been more right then him over the years... except in this series... five in a row... their luck is going to change... i've got las vegas odds. plus there are 7 byu fans to the only one in the family... utah byu.. .great opportunity to kick some
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it might b3 back and forth... but byu by 15, that's what he says, she doesn't know what she's talking about... utes go utes.. byu hooo once again tomorrow's game is 12:30... there will be a flyover prior to kickoff and las vegas acts will be performing in the stands, on a stage, during the game. ((chris maathuis)) the mountain west basketball tourney will stay at the thomas and mack for at least the next three years. the contract was up after this years' tourney and a few coaches were unhappy that the event was played on unlv's home court. mountain west officials, coaches and others from the league, explored the mgm grand arena and the new las vegas arena. but with 74 million dollars in upgrades and a familiar place... the league, coaches and athletic directors agreed the t&m is the best place at least for the time being. today confirms what a baseball web site first reported over a
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wars mania is out of control. ((denise valdez)) "the force awakens" is on pace to shatter box office records. ((paul joncich)) and one family is so into the excitement... they made a permanent homage to the films. meet ryker jedi gracie. the healthy baby boy was delivered yesterday to proud mom and dad in boston. the jedi, of course, are the guardians of peace and justice in the star wars galaxy. when it came time to come up with a name... both parents said it just felt right: (( mom: "i don't know, it just kind of seemed appropriate." dad: "been watching the news this morning while waiting to have him and it's all over the news, so it was like... now is the time to do it." )) ((paul joncich)) they sound like they're from boston, don't they? in an ironic twist, the huge fans haven't seen the new movie yet because of the timing
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((paul joncich)) > that's all for us live at eleven. join sharie johnson here tomorrow night. ((denise valdez)) the late show
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