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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  December 21, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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in uniform who responded last night. he spoke to the media for about 45-minutes... outlining the actions of their suspect... 24- year-old lakeisha holloway. he said it was around 6-30 last night when the first calls came in from people in the area. police say that's around the time holloway jumped the curb near planet hollywood... mowing down a number of people. one person was killed, over 30 others were injured. holloway was later arrested outside the tuscany casino. police say they're still trying to figure out why she did it: ((sheriff joe lombardo // clark county: we are not 100% ruling out the possibility of terrorism. the intentional act that occured on the boulevard is going to be very hard for us to explain at face value. )) ((michael stevens)) police say they're working to figure out more about holloway. all they would tell us is they believe she's from oregon... and had been living out of her car for a week with her
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they also mentioned a falling out with the child's father. police say as of right now... they don't believe she has a criminal record. but they're working with authorities in other states to get a better understanding about her past. district attorney... steve wolfson was also on hand at today's press conference and says she will be prosecuted to the fullest extent: ((steve wolfson // clark county district attorney: we intend to file charges immediately. we are going to start off filing one count of murder with the use of a deadly weapon, we with the use of a deadly weapon, we will also be filing additional charges as the information flows to our office. )) ((michael stevens)) the d-a says she also faces a multitude of counts of attempted murder with use of a deadly weapon. child abuse and neglect. and felony count of leaving the scene of an accident. police say... holloway may have been on her way to texas where they believe the father of her child lived. ((michael stevens)) again... police say they're still early in their investigation...
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the d-a says holloway's first appearance in court could be as early as tomorrow. kirsten? ((kirsten joyce)) michael... any idea how many people were in the area when she drove her car onto the sidewalk? ((michael stevens)) metro police says they've been gathering a lot of security video from the area... they estimate there were close to 1- hundred people in the area at the time holloway jumped the curb. ((kirsten joyce)) > as we've mentioned... one person was killed in the crash last night... and dozens more were taken to area hospitals... some suffering from critical head injuries. karen castro joins us with an update. ((karen castro)) the victim who died in the crash was transported here to umc trauma last night. this morning, the coroner identified her as 32-year-old
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today, we're told a number of victims remained are still recovering at area hospitals. last word from umc: out of the 15 patients brought here including an 11 year old child. 5 remain hospitalized. three are in critical condition and two are in serious condition. everyone has been treated and released, inclduing the 11 year old victim. over at sunrise: a total on 13 victims were transported to that hospital. the majority have been discharged but five are still being treated. we're told four are in fair condition and one is in good condition. we just learned many of the victims were visiting from out of state including: quebec, canada.. that's why we heard from umc folks that french speaking translators were needed to communicate with patients. others are tourists from mexico, california, colorado, arizona and oregon. in fact, we have confirmed that four college athletes from pacific university in oregon were injured in yesterday's crash but they are expected to be ok.
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night and two were kept overnight for observation. a spokesperson for the university says a group of 19 athletes and coaches were in town for a wrestling tournament. they were supposed to compete today but have decided to go home instead. we're told they are were to fly out tomorrow but are making arrangement to fly out today. ((karen castro)) again, more than 30 pedestrians were injured the victim who died has been identified as 32-year-old jessica valenzuela from buckeye, arizona. her family has set up a go fund me account. we have that information on las vegas now dot com. reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now. ((kirsten joyce)) karen, any word if some of the victims may be from las vegas? ((karen castro)) that's something that did come up during today's press conference at metro headquarters.
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this point they are not sure as they continue interviewing victims and witnesses. kirsten? ((kirsten joyce)) > governor brian sandoval and mayor carolyn goodman made statements last night.. regarding the incident. our governor said... quote.. "the state stands ready to help and will provide any assistance needed to ensure the safety of our visitors and residents..." and mayor carolyn goodman tweeted out... "what a tragedy... our prayers and thoughts are with all so innocently and tragically affected..."./// ((kirsten joyce)) > this certainly isn't the first time in our state.. on thanksgiving day in 19-80... priscilla ford drove her lincoln reno... killing 7 people. ford was convicted of the murders and 21 attempted murders and sentenced to death... she was the only woman on death row. the former teacher was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. she was never executed, but died row. /// ((kirsten joyce)) in 2005, stephen ressa plowed into tourists on the strip in
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three people were killed and more than a dozen were injured. he claimed he was seeing demons planning to kill him./// ((kirsten joyce)) and in 2007... 13 people were hurt when an elderly driver crashed into pedestrians on the strip. police say he suffered a driving./// and in april of 2000. juanita kim mcdonald... drove her car onto the sidewalk in front of the aladdin. she hit four people... killing one. police say she was high on drugs and talking on her cell phone at the time of the accident./// ((kirsten joyce)) we'll conintue to bring you the latest updates from police throughout the afternoon and evening.. both on air and online./// ((kirsten joyce)) > a woman died this morning, after being struck by a driver who left the seen. metro police say a woman was walking along jones near post road when she was struck this morning. she died at the scene. the driver took off... but officers tracked him down and arrested him. he has been booked into the clark county detention center facing felony charges./// ((kirsten joyce)) > a missing
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what experts say may have played a role in the plane crash that killed five people on their way to henderson. ((sherry swensk)) it won't be our prettiest last afternoon of fall... as we head into winter this evening. clouds will keep coming and light winds will allow for hazy skies and those pollutants to settle into the valley until we get some wind at the end of the week. ....................... more clouds will keep pouring into the west this week as we'll stay under an active storm pattern. we'll find out what the clouds will do to our temperatures for this christmas holiday week coming up in your full neighborhood weather forecast./// < > now nevada's first choice for
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((kirsten joyce)) > five bodies have been recovered from the wreckage of a small plane... a day after it disappeared from radar on the way to henderson. air traffic controllers lost contact with the plane around 4 p-m saturday... after it took off from san jose. debris was found in an orchard in bakersfield. both the f-a-a and the national transportation safety board are investigating. the national weather service said it was rainy and cloudy in the area south of bakersfield around the time the plane went off radar./// ((kirsten joyce)) > all public schools in nashua new hampshire are closed today... after officials received a violent threat involving two high schools. police have not yet released any details about what the threat specifically said.
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the district sent 14-thousand automated phone calls to parents.... alerting them that the more than 11- thousand students..teach ers and staff at the city's 17 schools would have today off: ((lt. kerry baxxer/nashua police - "it's a tough decision to make. these are... seem to be going on throughout the country. they seem to be happening more frequently, and they are very disruptive at many different levels.")) ((kirsten joyce)) as a precaution, two private schools canceled classes monday as well. the superintendent says he plans to reopen schools tuesday./// ((kirsten joyce)) > an end to the protests. what more needs to happen... before teachers get the raise they've been fighting for. < > now nevada's first choice for
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((kirsten joyce)) > after months of protests.. clark county school district
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raise. they have voted to approve a new contract.. teachers will receive four pay increases over the next 10- months... their increase from september is retroactive... and they will be placed on a new salary schedule this coming march. the union has ratified the contract.. so now the school board of trustees just needs to give it the green light./// ((kirsten joyce)) > it's official... faraday future is coming to north las vegas. governor brian sandoval approved a deal after the legislature voted to support it. the state will offer faraday 215-million dollars in tax credits and abatements... and publicly finance 120- million dollars in infrastructure at the apex industrial park. in turn... the upstart electric car maker plans to build a 1-billion dollar factory... which will employ 45- hundred people. /// ((kirsten joyce)) winter officially arrives tonight... sherry gives us a look at what we can expect for the rest of the week. ((sherry swensk))
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the skies won't be too pretty this week as clouds will keep coming in from the west coast and that will definitely affect our temperatures this week. ................ we had some overnight clearing, but clouds quickly started arriving again before daybreak and that kept most neighborhoods from reaching the freezing mark. we were close at nellis and st. rose parkway with 34 degrees... apex dropped to just below freezing... and then most areas like blue diamond and green valley and henderson just mid to upper 30s around dawn. ................. the winter solstice brings the shortest day of the year with a lot more nighttime hours to cool down than daytime hours to warm up. more than 14 hours of darkness and just nine-and- a-half hours of daylight... and we won't see much sunshine
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us up either. ................ sunrise this morning was 6:47 and sunset at 4:29... which it's already become a click later every other day or so now and eventually the days will begin to lengthen naturally. ................. as we head into winter, our temps stay near normal today... even a little above tomorrow and wednesday - near 60 degrees. it all depends on how heavy and thick the cloud cover becomes as to how high the temperatures will rise. ............... then finally a quick chance for some showers on christmas even - especially in the evening - and i don't think mother nature will be on santa's nice list for that if he has to fly through the rain to deliver presents. .............. after that slides through then chilly north breezes and cooler air for christmas day and to start off the last weekend of 2015. ............... the storm track is bringing in another series of storms to the pacific northwest and this time
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california and northern nevada already... bringing much- needed rain and snow. the mountains will love the snowfall and california sure needs the rain. ................. the west coast will get slammed with high winds though, too and more flooding could be a problem for oregon and washington this week. we'll stay dry in the desert with mostly high cloud cover coming in waves... and some gusty winds. winter storm watches and warnings all across the west for snow in the mountains some wind alerts, too. ............. if you're traveling into southern california this week ahead of christmas eve... you'll meet some gusty winds along i-15 in and around barstow and south. winds advisories and high wind watches start as soon as this afternoon and last all the way until wednesday morning. .................... the eastern half of the country will get rain from the gulf coast to the great lakes today... with some of that turning to snow farther north. these storms in the west will travel across the country toep it unsettled throhristmas week. ................ likely just 54 degrees todayth the clouds moving in and's close to the normal of 56 d thlight winds will keepthe hazy skies.eight with some clouds around mosof the night tempswill ay fairly mild - in the40s by morning. ............. temps are expected to warm upjust a little bit tuesday and
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owers chris((kirsten joyce)) > many of us are all too familiar with "gastro- ( e-soff-uh-gee-ul ) esophageal reflux disease" - gerd for short. its symptoms imitate heart burn and chest pains. there is a simple procedure that doesn't just treat it, it cures it. paula francis has the details. (( )) < ((paula francis)) thirty-one-year- old rob hipp enjoys jalapenos, something he could never eat, until now. rob hipp "basically i was told you are going to be on medication the rest of your life." ((paula francis)) the miracle cure that ended rob's life-long chest pains and indigestion is a simple magnetic titanium bracelet. it's placed around the low end of the esophagus, where it helps a weak sphincter keep stomach acid in the stomach, where it belongs, and out of the esophagus. tripp buckley, md "like this, so that when you are eating, your food is able to go through no problem like a normal sphincter, and then it snaps back shut so you are not able to reflux."
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buckley also had the procedure done. gerd costs americans 30- billion dollars a year, in antacid medicine, treatments and lost productivity. tripp buckley, md "so we're treating symptoms with the drugs rather than treating the actual problem, and it definitely, again does not stop progression of disease." ((paula francis)) is medical science missing the point? is the problem our diet, or a weak sphincter? maybe both. tripp buckley, md "we really need to focus on thesat esophageal cancer has increased 600 percent since the introduction of antacid type drugs." ((paula francis)) for some patients, this procedure tripp buckley, md "we'vethese patients; given them back the ability to eat normally." ((paula francis)) for rob, that means as many hot peppers as he ((paula francis/onset)) 4577 doctor buckley suggests that a long term study of the system called the linx system is needed to confirm its ability to stop the progression of diseases of the h mre information,
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full name and address. you can also email me, or write to me. mention the report, "-bracelet cures gerd-" paula francis, 8 news n/((kirsten joyce)) > a miss universe mix-up. how the president of colombia is responding... after miss colombia was mistakenly crowned last night's winner.
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today on eight news holidays. how you can still enjoy the favoirte foods of the holidays while also keeping that waistline in check. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > the crowning
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took an awkward turn... when the wrong winner was announced. host steve harvey mistakenly named miss colombia the winner during last night's ceremony at planet hollywood. turns out miss philippines was the actual winner... and uncomfortably took the stage as the crown changed hands. harvey apologized and took full responsibility. the president of colombia has since tweeted to the now runner-up... saying quote "you'll always be our miss universe."/// > that's all for 8 news now live at noon.. remember that 8 news now is always available at las vegas now dot com, facebook and twitter. have a great afternoon.///
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