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tv   8 News Now at 5 AM  CBS  December 24, 2015 5:00am-6:00am PST

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christmas. < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((kirsten joyce)) > good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kirsten joyce. ((patrick walker)) and i'm patrick walker in for brian. three people are dead... shot to death yesterday in three separate incidents. ((kirsten joyce)) the latest happened yesterday evening near charleston and pecos. police say a man was shot at an apartment complex... they say witnesses said the suspect knocked on his door... and asked to speak to the victim outside. they say shots were fired as the two walked down the stairs. (( lt. dan mcgrath / metro homicide: " this is the loss of a life. it's senseless over, you know, minor disputes, especially small amounts of narcotics." )) ((kirsten joyce)) the shooter is still on the loose... if you have information you can remain anonymous when you call crime stoppers. this is the 131- st homicide in
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((kirsten joyce)) > and police say the other two people killed earlier in the day... were both shot during home invasions. late yesterday morning...near jones at vegas drive.... police say a homeowner was awoken by two teens breaking into his house.. police say he opened fire...killing one and injuring the other. we spoke with the family of the teen who was killed. they tell us he's 17-year-old manquise adams... they don't support the crime he was committing...but are devastated with his loss. : ((((bobbie: they fearing for their life, you know i can understand that. i wasn't there. i don't know what went on. i can't say, all i know is that he's gone. ((erica adams/aunt: he was a kid, like i'm not saying he should have did what he did if he did whatever, i don't know what he did, but i know he was my nephew. ten days we lost two kids. )) ((kirsten joyce)) he was in town for his cousin's funeral who was gunned down just days ago. police say the other teen accused of breaking in was also shot... and is recovering at the hospital.
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burglary charges./// ((kirsten joyce)) > police say another man was killed in a home invasion yesterday morning. it happened near fort apache and sahara. they say a man would not stop beating on the door of a condo. and the homeowner shot the man as he tried to force his way in... investigators say it's possible the man was under the influence of drugs at the time. no criminal charges are expected against the homeowner./// ((patrick walker)) > now let's get a look at your forecast. kirsten joyce we have ashley conroy in for sherry this morning... how's the weather looking today? ashley conroy < here's a look from our sunset camera -- we have a full moon this morning -- look at how bright it is out there on this christmas eve. ............................... ....... currently 44 degrees -- those winds are calm -- partly cloudy skies eventhough it's bright out there. .............................. our day planner -- by 9 this morning -- 48 degrees -- warming up a little in the 50's by noon - partly cloudy skies -- then by 4 this afternoon we reach our high -- and those winds picking up 14 miles per hour -- then getting even stronger tonight winds near 30 miles per hour. ............................ we'll have that sunrise this
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tonight sunset at 4:31 this evening -- ........................... for our christmas eve night -- we can expect those lows anywhere from 41 to 38 degrees -- we do have that 20- percent chance of showers tonight after 10 o'clock -- also going to be windy starting late this afternoon, early evening. ............... i'll have your full weather forecast coming up soon -- patrick back to you. > back to you. /// ((patrick walker)) > a contaminated, abandoned copper mine here in nevada... could be added to the e-p-a's
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u-s regulators started assessing damage at the site near yerington 15 years ago. the mine has leaked toxic chemicals for decades... and people living nearby won a nearly 20 million dollar settlement from companies accused of covering up the contamination. the e-p-a sent a letter to governor sandoval this week... they're giving nevada until the end of january to find a way to come up with the millions of dollars needed, to address immediate health risks./// kirsten joyce > now let's turn it over to demetia. ((patrick walker)) how are the roads looking this morning. < demetria obilor only accident in the valley is in the northwest on oso blanca north of farm road. watch out for a stalled vehicle on the eastbound 215 ramp to
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> < > back to you. /// ((patrick walker)) > it is christmas eve... and a number of local charities are giving back to those in need. kirsten joyce 8 news now reporter michael stevens is live this moring from the salvation army... just one charity lending a
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good morning michael? ((michael stevens)) patrick, kirsten... as many of you get ready to celebrate the holiday's with your family... the salvation army is helping the homeless with not one but two holiday dinners. the first is taking place tonight... 300 to 500 people are expected to attend... at their main location at 35- west owens avenue. the people at salvation army tell me... the owners of a local restaurant will be serving a holiday feast for anyone looking for a warm meal. it's an annual tradition... this is the 14th year of the christmas eve meal. then... tomorrow... they'll be hosting a christmas dinner open for anyone who wants to attend: ((juan salinas // salvation army: it's just a way of giving back. it makes you feel good inside. giving back to those in need that don't have anything at all. the salvation army model is just doing the most good to anyone no matter what -- and maybe just giving someone that warm meal to
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get that day -- it's just giving back and feeling good about yourself. )) ((michael stevens)) catholic charities on las vegas boulevard is serving over 15-hundred meals to the homeless and less fortunate on christmas day. listen to this menu... the executive chef at catholic charities is planning to serve pork with stuffing, twice-baked potato, broccoli, fresh baked biscuits and pie. that meal goes from 10-am to 11-am again tomorrow on christmas day. coming up in our next half hour... we'll talk about some of the ways you can help those less fortunate this time of year. patrick, kirsten? ((patrick walker)) michael... we also hear the salvation army
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as well? ((michael stevens)) patrick... the salvation army says they were given a donation from southwest airlines... they'll be handing out hundreds of blankets and toiletry kits to their residents. again... they say this is just one of the ways they're trying to help out this time of year. back to you. ((patrick walker)) > homeless pets are getting a special visit from santa this afternoon... he'll be stopping by the animal foundation and handing out treats to every pet in their care. and if you'd like to adopt a furry friend... the shelter has reduced fees to just five dollars. the special ends on december 31st./// ((kirsten joyce)) > deadly weather strikes parts of the u-s. ((patrick walker)) the damage left behind...after tornadoes touched down. ((kirsten joyce)) protestors... trying to interrupt christmas travel. the cause the group is fighting for. ((patrick walker)) chipotle changing things up... how they're preparing food
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> at least 8 people are dead after severe storms moved through the midwest and south. several tornadoes touched down, and warnings were in effect overnight. cbs's omar villafranca is in texas with more. a large tornado plowed through northern mississippi wednesday afternoon, near the town of clarksdale. the tornado was apparently on the ground for ten minutes... damaging homes and blowing a tractor trailer off the road. the storm moved toward nearby como.... wrecking houses and out-buildings. (( eric fisher/chief meteorologist, wbz)) "several tornados spread out over a wide area, some all the way up into illinois, iowa, the eastern part of indiana." (nats wipers) drivers could barely make their way along highway 412, in southern missouri. the storm pelted the area with hail. witnesses in highland, arkansas say storms there rolled in
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stanley/friends hip baptist church)) "it snapped off a pine tree by my truck and i just slammed my seatbelt on and thought lord just let me survive this." and in pope county, arkansas.... an 18 year old woman died after a tree fell on her house. the threat diminishes thursday. the focus then turns to record-high temperatures expected on the east coast. omar villafranca, cbs news. ((patrick walker)) there have also been several storm- related deaths in mississippi, and at least 2 reported deaths in tennessee./// toss to weather we have ashley in for sherry this morning --
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this hour -- that's right -- we have our annual norad santa tracker -- and while it's early now -- santa starts making his way over on the other side of the world. santa is making his away across the world right now...let's see where he is. sherry swensk < there's santa and his sleigh -- he's in russia right now. look at his rein deer -- he's just treking across that region of the world right now. ................. back here in las vegas. -- our weather headlines -- we have evening gusty winds coming through -- we have a chance of showers after 10 o'clock tonight -- it'll be colder for christmas day -- and even colder this weekend -- low's in the 30's -- so definitely bring your pets inside and cover your pipes. ...................... around the valley -- 42 on the strip -- 41 henderson -- centennial hills 44 degrees -- nellis and apex you're still in the 30's -- ........................ regionally, right now 36 in jean -- laughlin a little warmer 52 degrees -- lake mead you're at 46 degrees -- but colder up in
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rachel and pioche -- and that area of the state has also had some winter weather advisories these past few days. ........................ if you're looking to head out and travel this morning -- no real delays around the country -- expect for a 30-min delay in philadelphia -- so if you're traveling on this christmas eve should be a great day for your travel plans. .................... here's your 7- day forecast -- pm chance of showers -- merry christmas for tomorrow -- getting colder by this weekend -- highs only in the 40's and wow, look at those lows 30 degrees. > back to you./// > ((kirsten joyce)) > lack lives matter protesters are planning more demonstrations today -- in light of recent police shootings. yesterday...doz ens of activists were arrested for disrupting travel at the main airport in minneapolis. protesters blocked traffic on roads leading to both terminals. many people are calling for charges to be filed against the officer who fatally shot a 24-year-old black man in the
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((kirsten joyce)) > famliies who lost loved ones in the newtown shooting in connecticut back in 2014... will be splitting a 1- point-5 million dollar settlemeet. six adults and 20 children were killed when adam lanza opened fire at sandy hook elementary school. wake of the shootings... against the estate of lanza's mother. he killed her before opening fire at the school. the lawsuits alleged that the mother was careless and negligent in leaving an ar-15 rifle assault unsecured in her home./// ((patrick walker)) > a california mother whose daughter was declared legally dead after tonsil surgery... is working to reverse the decision. the case is now moving to federal court...after attempts to secure an order from a state judge failed. 13-year-old jahi mcmath suffered complications from the surgery back in 2013... and the coroner pronounced her dead. the family says her body is being kept alive on a ventalator in new jersey... and say she's showing signs of life. a judge upheld the death
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experts concluded she is dead./// ((patrick walker)) > let's get a check of your commute. kirsten joyce demetria... how are things looking? < demetria obilor lots of new homes are going up in the southwest, which means construction. mountain's edge folks have been dealing with lane restrictions on buffalo at blue diamond due to underground work. up next is curb, gutter and sidewalk work. the county is expecting developers to finish up in the next 4-6 delays on the beltway this is 215 and warm springs. > < > < > back to you. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > chipotle is changing the way it prepares its food after dozens of people got sick from an e-coli outbreak. the food chain will start modifications - including blanching onions and using pre- shredded cheese at their locations to minimize the threat of foodborne illnesses. the company says the changes won't compromise the way their food tastes./// ((kirsten joyce)) > a data breach... at a hotel chain. ((patrick walker))
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compromised at hyatt... and when the company first found out about the hack. ((kirsten joyce)) causing injury... by walking and looking at a smartphone. why people are more likely to get hurt at home..
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((patrick walker)) > a security breach for a major hotel company... ((kirsten joyce)) and google is testing a new way to get into your email accounts. hena daniels joins us live from wall street. good morning hena. this is expected to be yet another big year for giving gift cards. tell us about that? higher prices for oil fueled a surge in energy stocks -- and that drove wall street stocks higher for a third consecutive day. the dow closed 185-points higher on friday. the nasdaq gained 44-points. u-s stock markets will have a shortened trading session today.. ahead of the christmas holiday.// hyatt hotels says hackers breached its computer system.. and may have obtained customers'
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sensitive information. hyatt said the malware was discovered last month.. but did not say why it waited three- weeks to report the incident. hyatt is the latest of several major hotel chains to have been hacked this year. the beatles said "let it be." so starting this morning.. their music is available on some of the most popular streaming services around the world. the beatles were holdouts to the digital era.. out of concern that selling individual songs would devalue their valuable song catalog.// google is said to be testing new system for its email service that does not require a password. users would enter their email address when logging into their googleaccount. a notification would then appear on their mobile advice.. asking whether they are trying to sign in from another device. when they click "yes".. they're in.// q: this is expected to be yet another big year for giving gift cards.
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the national retail federation estimates about 75-percent of americans will buy at least one gift card this year. the survey says americans spend more than 12- billion dollars annually on gift cards. the reason: they're convenient.. and people want them.// /// ((patrick walker)) > we've heard of distracted driving causing crashes... now distracted walking is cause for concern as well. cell phone use is causing more people to get hurt when they walk. the national safety council is including them in its annual injury report for the first time. the group says the numbers have jumped with the growth of cell use. from less than 500 in the year 2000 to more than 2-thousand in 2011. and it's not just happening on the street... the nsc found 52 percent of the walking injuries happen at home. (((debbie hersman/president, ceo national safety council) "when
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environment some of the most dangerous situations could be on the stairs where people can have a really bad fall." ((patrick walker)) she says common injuries include sprains and concussions. and she believes these accidents will increase as more people use cell phones./// ((patrick walker)) > let's get a check of your commute. kirsten joyce demetria... how are things looking? < demetria obilor lots of new homes are going up in the southwest, which means construction. mountain's edge folks have been dealing with lane restrictions on buffalo at blue diamond due to underground work. up next is curb, gutter and sidewalk work. the county is expecting developers to finish up in the next 4-6 delays on the beltway this is 215 and warm springs. >
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< > back to you. /// ((patrick walker)) > a call to investigate... after two tiger cubs at seigfried and roy's habitiat. ((kirsten joyce)) what activists say could have caused their deaths..///
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anti-flu? go antiviral with tamiflu. > the woman police say drove into dozens of people on the strip... appears in court why the district attorney says more charges could be coming. ((patrick walker)) > a major decision by the public utilities commission... could have a bigger impact than planned. how solar rate changes... customer...but the solar industry... nevada.
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> michael stevens is live with more on how people are giving back for christmas./// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((kirsten joyce)) > good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kirsten joyce. ((patrick walker)) and i'm patrick walker in for brian. the woman accused of driving into dozens of people on the las vegas strip... could be facing even more charges. ((kirsten joyce)) lakeisha holloway made her first court appearance yesterday morning. holloway already faces charges including murder, felony hit and child abuse...after police say she hit more than 30 people... and killed an arizona woman. holloway's court appointed attorneys argue it's too soon to say the incident was intentional. but district attorney steve wolfson says the proof is in some surveillance video that has not been released yet... to the media: (( joseph abood/defense attorney: "the narrative it's being spun that it was intentional act but it's very early in the invesigation. there are a number of things
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than an intentional act." )) (((steve wolfson/clark county district attorney: "the video shows that she turned back onto the street and back into a crowd of people. went on for many many feet, hundreds of yards, and it's joyce)) the district attorney expects to also file attempted murder charges with a deadly weapon . holloways' lawyers say holoway will likely plead not guilty. 8 news now has confirmed that holloway legally changed her name in oregon -- on october 30-th -- to "paris morton." an oregon court clerk confirmed the change to us. we called the d-a's office last night to see if she will be charged under her new name -- they have not had a chance yet to respond./// ((patrick walker)) > we are hearing from an eyewitness who narrowly avoided being hit while walking the strip sunday night: (( erik pitkanen/ witnessed strip crash: "unbelivable. i thought it was just this cruel joke that they said she was from oregon, she had a kid in the car. i'm a new father- i have a 15 month old. that's why i was talking to my wife on the phone- i wanted to say goodnight to my kid before he went to bed. and to hear that she had a child
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erik pitkanen estimates that the car hit the curb at 30 miles an hour. he described seeing ten to twelve people flipping over the top of the car. the suspected driver... lakeisha holloway... remains in jail this morning./// ((kirsten joyce)) > animal rights activists are asking the department of agriculture... to look into the recent deaths of two of siegfried and roy's tiger cubs. the cubs were part of the secret garden at the mirage... they died earlier this month of kidney failure... peta is launching a compaint with the u-s-d-a... they say it's highly unlikely for two young healthy cubs to die from kidney infection. we spoke with peta's wildlife veterinarian... who tells us inbreeding likely deaths: heather rally: the only way you can produce a white tiger in captivity is by inbreeding. and so not only does inbreeding cause serious genetic abnormalities in cubs and depressed immune systems and other problems, that probably -- that certainly contributed to the deaths of these two cubs."
5:26 am was also announced that one of seigfried and roy's white lions died at an ohio zoo after a struggle with kidney and liver disease. it was the third of three siblings to die. we reached out to the mirage for back./// ((patrick walker)) > the decision to change the rate structure for solar customers could impact the housing market. this week... the p-u-c voted unanimously to reduce the amount that n-v energy will pay for net metering... meaning solar customers won't get as much credit for the extra energy they generate. there are thousands of existing solar customers. some paid for their panels outright... but others have leased their solar panels which could affect their property values if they decide to move. this could effect the next home owner. ((nanette verdin, coldwell banker premier realty, sales associate typically, if you're buying a home, your gas, electric water, that's not part of your home-buying qualification for a home loan, but this lease, because it's such a hard cost and it's attached to the property, it actually does hit
5:27 am
)) ((patrick walker)) the decision could impact companies as well... yesterday, solar city announced they were stopping sales and installations. rates will begin going up january first. the puc also agreed to change the flat service rate for customers with solar panels. /// kirsten joyce > now let's get a look at your forecast. ((patrick walker)) ashley conroy is in for sherry this morning... how's the weather looking today? < sherry swensk here's a live look from our sunset cam -- it's a brighter christmas eve morning with that full moon we have today. ............................ currently, 42 degrees outside -- partly cloudy skies -- winds are calm now, but will be picking up later today -- humidity is a little higher at 3-percent. ............................ our future wind-cast -- we can see those gusty winds picking up this evening by 5pm -- 16 miles per hour here in the valley --
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-- those winds will bedying down a little bit, but still holding steady the next few days -- and wow look at this, by saturday afternoon 24 miles per hour in the valley -- and 41 at mount charleston -- so if you have any recreational plans there this weekend, you'll want to be cautious of that. ..................... here's our hour by hour forecast -- we can see those temps picking up throughout the day and hitting our high by 3 to 4pm -- then cooling off again into the 40's and then 30's for your christmas eve tonight. ........................... our regional temps -- 49 in los angeles right now -- a little warmer in phoenix at 53 -- flagstaff is cold 31 degrees -- cedar city, wow chilly there at 19 degrees. ....................... we'll have a look at our full forecast coming up and where santa is - we're tracking him this hour -- patrick, kirsten back to you. rsten, to you.//>patrick walker)) > a numbeof charity organizations are helping the less fortunate this time of year... and you can get in on the action. kirsten joyce 8 news now reporter michael
5:29 am
salvation army with the opportunities for those willing to give a helping hand. good morning michael? ((michael stevens)) patrick, kirsten... while many are celebrating the holiday's this time of year... sometimes it's hard to forget about all of those struggling. the salvation army sees the need first hand. to help out during the holiday's they'll be serving two meals to las vegas' homeless population and those who've hit hard times. they'll be hosting two meals.... one tonight and one tomorrow. the salvation army says they get the most attention during the holiday's but say they can always use volunteers to help them year round: ((juan salinas // salvation army: it touches their lives. in reality i saw someone that came here that was serving and saw a friend. and they go i didn't realize that they needed that -- and you never know. it could be us one time or
5:30 am
hard time is going to hit -- when we will need that helping hand. )) ((michael stevens)) if you're interested in helping volunteer at the salvation army... you can call... and they'll schedule a time for you and your family to come and help out. here's the important thing to note... these dinners are not only for the homeless... the people at salvation army tell me many of the people they serve have hit hard times... and meals like these are really open for anyone. patrick, kirsten? kirsten joyce michael... have you heard any response from the volunteers... ((michael stevens)) kirsten... we've covered these stories in the past... everytime we get a similar response... those volunteering really say
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they all say... you never know when it might be you hitting a rough patch and it's nice to give back. back to you. ((patrick walker)) > let's get a check of your commute. kirsten joyce demetria... how are things looking? demetria obilor < motorist assist out helping someone along the 215 eastbound to northbound i-15 ramp/collector road. this is along the south beltway. if you take the bus, keep in mind that today routes run on a saturday scheduled and tomorrow will be a sunday schedule. here's what i-15 at primm looks like right now. > < > < > back to you.
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((kirsten joyce)) > hangups while hitting the road for > hangups while hitting the road for christmas. ((patrick walker)) what's causing headaches for travellers nationwide..and here at home. ((kirsten joyce)) improving the health of babies... and their mothers! the simple activity that can de-stress mom...
5:33 am
across the country are scrambling to get travelers home today in time for christmas. ((patrick walker)) rain and fog caused thousands of delays and hundreds of cancellations on the east coast yesterday a record number of travelers took to the skies and the roads. ((kirsten joyce)) don champion has the latest from new york. instead of being nestled in their beds... scores of travelers are waking up at airports across the country this morning -- hoping to make it to their loved ones on christmas eve. ( traveler/ no name given) we're going to jamaica supposedly today's holiday rush includes many passengers who tried to make it home yesterday... but instead -- had their flights either delayed or cancelled because of heavy rain and fog in the northeast. while bob and diane reisinger took it in stride... ( bob reisinger/ traveler) i'm a retired pilot so we understand weather and plane delays so those things happen ...shaye
5:34 am
flight to ohio was rebooked three times, say they've had enough: ( shaye lefkowitz/ traveler) we're going to try and get our money back, maybe go next weekend ( don champion cbs news new york, ny) over the next few days -- many airlines are shifting the timing of flights, adding redeyes, and using bigger planes to get people home. ( traveler/ no name given) the big thing is just give myself some extra time 38 million people are expected to fly during the christmas and new year's holidays. don champion cbs news new york. ((patrick walker)) > on this side of the country, millions of travelling. roads could be busy today... traffic jams are expected along interstate 15, especially heading to california. and mccarran international airport is not looking any better. passengers can expect crowded parking lots, busy kiosks, and long lines at security. ((christine crews - spokesperson, mccarran international airport: can't stress enough that this holiday season people need to arrive at the airport early. we're seeing so many more people traveling this year than in walker))
5:35 am
at the airport at least two hours before departure. if you need help keeping track of traffic jams or flight changes... there's an app for that. we have listed a few for you... com./// ((kirsten joyce)) > and if you're headed to the airport... there's a new rule for airport screening... t-s-a screeners can now force anyone to go through body scanners, even if they want to opt out. could choose a full body pat down instead of the body scanner. a t-s-a spokesperson says the scanner does not store personal information and improves threat detection for metallic and non-metallic objects that a /// kirsten joyce > now let's turn it over to demetia. ((patrick walker)) how are the roads looking this morning. < demetria obilor the spaghetti bowl is treating you good right now. no delays there. the strip is really quiet this morning. >
5:36 am
< > let's get a check of weather! lets take a look at where santa is this morning! sherry swensk < we're tracking santa this he's heading to australia next -- so still making his way on the other side of the world -- of course it'll be much later the u-s ............................ still dark this hour -- but we're looking at that sunrise at 6:49 this morning -- we'll have
5:37 am
pm ...................... for our christmas eve forecast -- we're looking at a low of anywhere from 41 to 38 degrees for our low tonight -- that chance of showers later tonight -- for santa of course and watch for those winds to pick up. ............................... now here's our 7-day forecast -- mid-50's for our high -- 50 on christmas day -- and by this weekend getting cold -- our high only in the 40's for saturday and sunday -- and our low -- wow, 30 degrees -- a cold weekend -- make sure to cover your plants and pipes and bring the pets inside -- warming up a little to 50 degrees by the start of our week next week -- still cold at night in the 30's -- really starting to feel seasonal - back to you. > back to you./// > ((kirsten joyce)) > a new study finds skin-to- skin contact... can increase the chance a baby with a low birth weight will survive. danielle nottingham is in los angeles...with another study that suggests it's good for the
5:38 am
kathryn garcia castro delivered twins more than 3 months early. her son came home first, but her daughter, camila, remained in the nicu and she wasn't able to hold her for weeks. (kathryn garcia castro/ mom) (01:03) automatically it was really the only thing i wanted to do was to be close the them (01:05) it's the one thing you want to do when you have a baby is touch and hold" when camila was well enough, nurses at cedars sinai medical center encouraged garcia castro to snuggle with her baby skin to skin. new research from the children's national health system finds skin to skin contact decreases new moms' stress levels. (gedy esquedah/ cedars-sinai registered nurse) (46:34) so those intimate moments when they are skin- to-skin bonding -- mom's anxiety. (46:43) having a baby in the nicu can interfere with parent-child bonding. e study found mothers who hdtheir babies skin-to- skin improved their moods and made them feel less helpless about their infants health issues. (danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles) 13:11:52 skin to skin contact should start right after birth or when baby is stabilized and last at least 45 minutes a session previous research has shown skin-to- skin contact also benefits preemies - helping with digestion, stabilizing heart rates and increasing sleep time. garcia castro says it just feels
5:39 am
(kathryn garcia castro/ mom) (59:51) it's that part of that maternal instinct that sort of kicks in that you feel like 'this is what i'm supposed to be doing.' (59:55) danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles ((kirsten joyce)) the pediatrics study also found newborns who weighed less than 4 and a half pounds who received skin-to-skin care were less likely of getting a major infection./// ((kirsten joyce)) > it's a sign of the season... ((patrick walker)) snow! why one scientist calls
5:40 am
the white house wants to make sure you have a merry christmas... they've put out a few different holiday playlists! the christmas themed playlists were compiled by the obamas and the bidens... and they've been released on spotify. the tracks feature a variety of artists... on the obama playlist... everything from frank sinatra to destiny's child... and on the bidens... neil diamond... and coldplay./// ((demetria obilor)) > also trending... the kardashians have released their christmas card for 2015... and there's no kim! or any other adult member of the kardashian family. the photo was posted by kim on facebook... and shows the little kids in the family./// brian loftus > let's get a check
5:41 am
kirsten joyce demetria... how are things looking? demetria obilor < here's 215 by the airport connector. still a smooth ride into mccarran. closures you can see on your screen are due to the county's airport connector project. > < > let's get a check of weather.
5:42 am
here's a live look from our caesar's cam -- 42 degrees right now -- partly cloudy skies -- winds are light only 5 miles per hour -- and humidity -- 38 percent. ...................... our travel forecast -- 30- min delay in philadelphia and 60-min delay there in atlanta -- but should be a smooth travel for you across the country. ............................... .... we have lots of snow happening all around the west righ tnow -- it's great because we've been in a drought and hoping this precipitation will help that. back here we have some snow in lincoln county. ................................ today our high 56 degrees -- winds calm today -- but picking up tonight .............. tonight 40 degrees partly cloudy skies. >
5:43 am
kirsten, brian... back to you./// > ((patrick walker)) > even though we don't have any on the ground here in las vegas... snow is a sign of the season! ((kirsten joyce)) one physics professor in california decided to create his own snowflakes in a lab. kenneth libbrecht wanted to understand how crystals grow... in nature, he says snowflakes form when water vapor condenses into ice... and the look of each snowflake depends on the temperature and humidity. instead of the clouds... he grows them in the lab, and can control temperature and humidity and can essentially design them, like an artist./// ((kirsten joyce)) > two weeks from today we'll be in a new year... but we want to make sure you ring in 2016 with a bang. ((patrick walker)) next
5:44 am
new year's eve coverage at 10- pm. we'll be on the air until after the fireworks finale... with crews from red rock resort to downtown las vegas... and up and down the las vegas strip. ((kirsten joyce)) and during that broadcast... we teamed up with gavish real estate to take care of one lucky person's mortgage payments for a year. go to our 8 news now facebook page for a full list of rules and details on how to enter./// ((patrick walker)) > a man spends 60 hours trapped underneath a landslide. ((kirsten joyce)) coming up at 6:00... hear his first hand account of survival.. from his hospital bed. ((patrick walker)) > plus... children know.. shelf. but one little girl did.. and called 911 for help! her story.. that's going viral this morning. straight ahead.///
5:45 am
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am... a string of death investigations.. kept metro officers busy overnight. where they happened.. and why one of the people shot, is facing charges. ((michael stevens)) > michael stevens is live with the local organizations giving back this holiday ((little girl: i was nervous i
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