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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  December 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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((vanessa murphy)) /// ((paula francis)) > a blustery night in southern nevada! thank you for joining us, i'm paula francis. dave is off for christmas eve. with the winds whipping outside... let's get right to tedd florendo with a first check of your weather. ((tedd florendo)) as anticipated winds have been blowing since this afternoon. right now we're seeing those winds still blowing in the teens to 20's around the valley, with
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and up in the mountains. ............................... ............... staying windy from mesquite all the way down through boulder city, with teens to 20's around stateline and over to pahrump. ............................... ................ gusts have been peaking around the mid 30's so far in the valley with higest numbers near north las vegas and over to towards west charleston and the beltway. ............................... .................. right now seeing snow flakes already in the lincoln county in the higher terrain and now in mount charleston. we'll talk about what are chances are of seeing some of this moisture reaching us and for how long. paula? ((paula francis)) > a very special christmas eve christmas eve surprise for a veteran and his family tonight... several good- hearted people came together to deliver some completely unexpected christmas
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vanessa murphy was there to witness this feel-good moment... as dozens of strangers filled the unsuspecting family's living room... catching them totally off guard. she filed this report before heading to that breaking news./// (( )) ((merry christmas! merry christmas)) ((vanessa murphy)) some unexpected visitors showed up at the bajalia home in north las vegas on christmas eve. eve. ((billy alt/varep: we know you guys have been through some struggling times here locally.)) ((vanessa murphy)) isa bajalia - tells us one of his seven year old twin girls hanadi recently fought cancer. the u-s army specialist came home from afghanistan after learning how sick his daughter was.... and since then - it's been a tough road for the family.... but these parents are thankful hanati is healthier.. ((brittney: oh it's a blessing. it is a blessing. it feels really good. )) ((vanessa murphy)) billy alt says the bajalias' story struck a chord.... ((billy alt: we figured on christmas eve, there is no better feeling to give back to a
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((vanessa murphy)) his group - veterans assocation real estate professionals - along with north las vegas police and firefighters - presented the family with a thousand dollars and presents for the kids. ((vanessa murphy/reporter:: what do you think about these gifts they brought? hanadi bajalia/7 years old: it's exciting.)) ((macca bajalia/5 years old: i think they gave me a big old present.)) ((vanessa murphy)) a christmas eve this family and their guests won't forget . ((isa: it was amazing and you know very surprising.)) ((vanessa: when do you get to open the gifts? that's the big question, right? nailah bajalia/7 years old: at the 25th of christmas.)) ((paula francis)) three other families received similar surprises tonight...two in las vegas and another in henderson.... and billy alt - who was leading the group presenting the gifts says he hopes this causes the ripple effect in the community - inspire others to help people./// ((paula francis)) > an unwelcome surprise for some families
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pro-immigration activists are alarmed at word of a mass deportation of un-documented central american families. imelda mejia has their concerns: < martha liliana prieto de rodriguez "it's very dangerous over there. my kids couldn't continue their studies because of the crime." martha and her two kids left her home in el salvador 24 days ago fleeing from violence and is currently awaiting to see if she will be deported back or not. she is just one of hundreds if not thousands of undocumented immigrants from central america that could be facing deportation come january. john-michael, lupe the idea that dhs would be working with ice to go into our communitieis and pull people out of our communities from their families, deport them back to the countries they're fleeing from, has a negative impact on immigrants that are coming here fleeing violence, has a negative impact on our families here fearing ice is going to do that for them." the washington post reported that the department of homeland security is making plans for a large-scale raid that would target central americans who were ordered by a
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we reached out to ice opfficials... who released this statement to cbs news... "... ice focuses on individuals who pose a threat to national security, public safety and border security. as secretary johnson has consistently said, our border is not open to illegal immigration, and if individuals come here illegally, do not qualify for asylum or other relief, and have final orders of removal, they will be sent back consistent with our laws and our values. " sacred heart is currenty seeing about 100 new immigrants come in daily for refuge. most if not all come from central america and are fleeing from violence. we should deport criminals, you know, felons, you know. people that are here because they are not in country to here, these countries are not here for that. they're fleeing. they're asking for our protection, our care. those seeking shelter at sacred heart agree with sister norma and say they believe they won't be deported because officials here will understand the violence they face back in their hometown. martha "no, i'm not affraid. i don't feel fear. i've risked all of this for a
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((paula francis)) that was imelda mejia reporting. the washington post reported that the plan for this large scale deportation has not yet received final approval by the department of homeland security./// ((paula francis)) > the death toll is climbing, after storms ripped through the midwest and the south. three more fatalities have been reported in tennessee... bringing the total up to 14. several southern governors have declared states- of- emergency. homes in tennessee... flattened... leaving dozens of families homeless this christmas: (( mos: "it's very devastating. we've had 6 homes that were totally destroyed and of course the two deaths. )) ((paula francis)) at least 14 tornadoes hit mississippi on wednesday, but one monster twister did most of the damage. the national weather service says it might have traveled on the ground for 150 milek. forecasters believe the greatest threat to the region has passed
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that's bad news for states like georgia and alabama.// ((paula francis)) > we're learning more tonight about yesterday's deadly shooting of a teenager.. by a homeowner.. during an alleged home invasion. we returned to the home today and talked to someone who said he is the shooter's roommate. he told us the two will stay somewhere else for a while.. they're still shaken up. during the incident, 17 year-old marquise adams was shot and killed... another 17 year-old was wounded inside the home. a third boy, 13, was reportedly outside the home to serve as a lookout. neighbors we spoke with were upset by the incident, but understood the homeowner's actions: ((marilyn mcphun, neighbor: "it's a horrible situation for everybody in the thing...everybody and these were such young kids." // christine gragson, neighbor : "they can't do anything to him he's just protecting his property and himself you have the right to do that and they were in the house you got to remember they were in
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((paula francis)) right now police are not saying if the homeowner will face any charges. the district attorney is also reviewing the case. adams' death is just the latest tragedy to strike their family... 20 year-old tinesha adams, the boy's cousin, was shot dead during a fight on december 13- th./// ((paula francis)) > the coroner's office has identified a man who was shot dead.. by homeowners .. who fired through their locked door at him. 31 year-old richard mcgee was shot yesterday morning, in a gated community near fort apache and sahara. police say a couple heard mcgee outside their door, screaming and trying to break into their condo. they called 9- 1-1, and also told mcgee they were armed... but he reportedly tried to ram his way through the door. the resident fired from inside the home, killing mcgee. no word yet if any charges will be filed./// ((paula francis)) > you better not pout, you better not cry... and you'd better not drink and drive either, because law enforcement will catch you.
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agencies around the state are stepping up patrols to get impaired drivers off our roads. the combined effort runs through january fourth. if you see a driver who appears to be impaired... you should call 9-1- 1... provide a vehicle description, location, direction of travel... and if possible, the license plate number./// ((paula francis)) > at the vatican tonight... pope francis delivered a message of compassion and hope in his midnight mass. cbs news correspondent anna matranga has more from st. peter's square. thousands of pilgrims packed st. peter's basilica for pope francis' christmas eve mass. he urged the faithful to shun pleasure, wealth and extravagance and to act in a way that is simple, balanced and consistent. nats.francis in italian he said, "our style of life should be devout, filled with empathy, compassion and mercy." nats. it's a message that resonates with catholics and non-catholics alike. (sot hassell butcher, chapmanville, west virginia) he
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need to hear, the message of love, this is something the world needs more of. children frjm around the world played a large role in the christmas celebration. many journeyed from countries that francis has visited since he became pope. (standup / anna matranga / st. peter's square) security here around the vatican was high. all of the streets were blocked off, and anyone entering st peter's square had to go through a metal detector. including the pasquinelli family. 17 of them - aged 8 to 86 -- traveled from the us to see the pope. (sot tina pasquinelli, indianapolis) my husband had heard that rome was a target and this seemed like a natural place for someone to target, to pinpoint for an event. so we were nervous. (sot linda dennis, georgetown, delaware) q: do you feel safe?: absolutely, there is enough police and security, soldiers, we felt very safe. tens of thousands are expected to crowd st. peter's square to hear the pope's traditional speech at noon on christmas day. anna matranga, cbs news, vatican city. ((paula francis)) in his message tonight...
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jesus to reject extravagance and wealth... and to live simply, with compassion./// ((paula francis)) > have you ever known what it feels like to be homeless? one man is doing it on purpose... how he hopes his experience can make a better life for everyone. but first... some of the most bizarre weather the northeast has ever seen. why the unseasonably warm weather is bad for retailers... and good for consumers./// < news music voice over: "you're
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dave courvoisier. the news of southern nevada is now." > ((paula francis)) > record- shattering temperatures in the northeast on this christmas eve... the unseasonably warm temperatures in the sixties and the seventies produced an
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folks in shorts and short sleeves... holding cookouts... even surfing the new jersey shore. as anna werner reports, the weather is having a bizarre effect on retailers... and it's good for consumers: < at the flemington department store, in new jersey, the warm weather has cooled apparel sales: owner martin resnick says most of his heavy winter clothing items are sitting. (2:03:10 resnick) a lot of the business from our industry went away because people just don't feel 'christmasy' and they're not cold. they're not going to work and feeling cold. it's a similar story up and down the east coast. (gfx in) data firm planalytics estimates retailers have lost over 400 million dollars in sales since november 1st compared to the same critical 7- week sales period last year. in chicago, sales of long-sleeved knits down 16 percent. snow thrower sales are off 15 percent in cincinnati. and outerwear sales dropped 25 percent in tampa.. (gfx out) fred fox is planalytics ceo. (13:46:31 fox) retailers may
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clearing out winter merchandise, but it's gonna be marked down 50-70 percent. so they're not gonna make a lot of money off it. and that's gonna really hurt their bottom lines. (gfx 2 in) there are some winners in this winter warm some golf courses in the midwest, rounds of golf played in december have gone up over 1000 percent. sales of bicycles, fishing gear and even iced tea, are all up. (gfx 2 out) but fox says some retailers are at risk. 13:47:00 any retailer that has been marginal, meaning they've been limping along, a season like this could definitely put them out of business. martin resnick says his store will survive - but it won't make back those sales. (2:03:17 resnick) they're taking the money they would've spent in our industry and they're spending it elsewhere. fox says winter apparel purchases are driven by need. and who needs a coat in this weather? on the other hand, what's bad for retailers is good for consumers, who should be able to buy heavily discounted
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if not for this winter, for next year. anna werner cbs news new york. > ((paula francis)) that is far from the story upstate. heavy snow in reno and carson city has guaranteed they'll have a white christmas... and it prompted governor sandoval to order all state government offices to close at noon today. crews are working to keep the roads clear tonight./// ((paula francis)) > it's warmer in most places around the country than it is in las vegas tonight... but it's still comfortable enough outside to enjoy some christmas lights. ((tedd florendo)) as long as you're bundled up, in fact i got to check out a pretty awesome display earlier near gowan and el capitan way in the northwest valley. take a look at mark and lynda newman's house. their display has over 14- thousand lights that are meticulously programmed to flash and dance with several classic christmas songs. the newmans have been recognized as one of the best musical light shows in las vegas. you can check it out in person through january first... at their home in the 36-hundred
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again that's near gowan and el capitan way./// ((tedd florendo)) < winds still blowing and we stayed cooler than yesterday. 57 with the high today. 41 the overnight low and the record was 70 set back in 2005. ............................... ..... here's what to expect overnight into tomorrow. windy and gusty weather still. we also after midnight could see a chances of an a.m. isolated shower which could come in the form of flurries or frozen precip. especially over to the far west side of the valley where we're higher in elevation. tomorrow colder, and staying breezy. ............................... ..... right now many neighborhoods in the low 50's to high 40's around the region and cool.
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blowing making it feel closer to the low 40's to high 30's only. ............................... ........ regional temps also remain chilly this evening from mesquite all the way down to laughlin. colder in the central sections of the state and even colder near ely. ............................... ............... radar and satellite picking up some precip even some snow just to the north of us in lincoln county with snow in the mountains. ............................... .................. futurecast throws in a slight chance overnight with any chances really diminishing by early morning by the time many of you wake up. so the shower and chance of snowflakes or flurries will be brief. ............................... ................ you can get the ski report on our website at las vegas now dot-com go to weather and look for the ski report. ............................... .................. tonight 39 windy feels like 31 by morning and under partly cloudy skies. tomorrow colder and breezy with 49 the high only.
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tomorrow, but bundle up. we'll be below average. ............................... ........................ extended forecast shows cold temps over the weekend and realy for early next week. windy saturday again with cold breezes in sunday too. > "this is breaking news from 8 news now." ((paula francis)) > a man has been shot dead inside the plaza hotel and casino... vanessa murphy joins us live with more of what she's learned at the downtown scene. vanessa? ((vanessa murphy)) ((vanessa murphy)) ((paula francis)) ((vanessa murphy)) ///
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this man's project to turn a dead tree into some christmas cheer for his neighborhood. would you be willing to leave the comfort of your home and sleep in a small hut for a month... just to see what it's like? we'll explain why this man is doing just that... next.///
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hey, is that it? i think that's it. this is krystal, and her dream is to be a roller derby girl. we love krystal! we love krystal! oh my god it's jj watt! oh my god!
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> an arkansas man will leave his family at home... to live in a way most of us hope we'll never have to. he's purposely going homeless.. trying to grasp what homeless people face every day. stephanie sharp reports: (fred teague (tee- ge) / plans to live homeless) i have no idea what it's going to be like. people ask me if i'm prepared and i really don't know on a typical afternoon fred teague
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checking on and taking care of the homeless population in the river valley. (fred teague) this is a typical russellville homeless camp but soon -- the tables will be turned on him. (fred teague) i'll get up and still work my two jobs and still run the non-profit even though i'll be living in a microcabin he'll live in this small cabin -- something that's typically occupied each night (fred teague) some people have cots. some people throw blankets on the floor he'll rely on community services (fred teague) i'll go to the main street mission to eat every day i'll have to take showers in truck stops or other facilities he's doing this to raise awareness for the people who hold jobs but still find themselves here. (fred teague) ther's a population of working people that live in homeless camps that go to work every day by the end of the 30 days he's hoping this will help him better serve the community in a whole new way (fred teague) i don't know if i'm ready or not, all i know is january 2nd i'll be living in a microcabin and we'll see how it goes.
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stephanie sharp reporting. fred's month of homeless living begins on january second./// ((paula francis)) > as you may be aware, southern nevada has a and volunteers are needed to help with our homeless census. the southern nevada homeless census will count those living on the streets on january 26-th and 27-th. the count helps the clark county social service department understand the magnitude of the challenge we face in eliminating homelessness in southern nevada. it is also required by federal grand programs that support housing, job training, and other programs that help get the homeless off the streets and headed in off the streets and headed in the right direction. if you would like to help... you can register online at "help hope home dot org."/// ((paula francis)) > turning an eyesore into a work of art. what this man is doing with a dead tree in his yard... to bring christmas cheer to the whole neighborhood.///
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> using nature's blank canvas, an indiana man is bringing art back to the city of evansville -- using what many people would discard. his latest masterpiece, carved out of a storm-damaged tree, is bringing the holiday spirit to his hometown. "((nats)) his work is in a rain delay. but it provides the perfect
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ted nguyen has made. "(the nutcracker) the nutcracker. when i finish, it's going to be a nutcracker." the design, nguyen says, has taken him two years -- after a storm afforded him nature's perfect canvas. "(well that's) well that's a big, old tree and we were afraid that it was going to fall apart on our house so we cut it down and saved the stump for the sculpture." sculpting and sanding carving and chiseling. at 8 hours a day, he's been at it for a week. and he's ahead of schedule. "(my wife) my wife collects nutcrackers. that, to me, will be a gift to her for christmas if i can complete it." you can see it on his face -- and hear it in his voice -- how happy he is to do it. after retiring from general electric -- art has become his life's work. "(people stop) people stop and take pictures and stand around while we work. i talk to a lot of people that
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it's looks so good. some collect nutcrackers and they collect nutcrackers for many years and this is the best that they've seen yet." he's not your conventional artist; he has no formal training. but nguyen's work is everywhere. twisted branches became a dragonfly. an old fence became a gazebo. the tree limbs he sawed off -- will become benches. ((nats)) and the trunk -- he has plans for that too. "(the trunk) the trunk will be mother theresa." nothing gets thrown away. because nguyen can find good use in refuse. "(it's important) it's important for me here because i think in the future my house will turn into a gallery or a coffee shop. hopefully, that will attract attention and show them some of the ways i see art." despite the rain -- the work goes on at nguyen's house next door. and the masterpiece he went on a limb for. art is in the eye of the beholder -- but it's nothing without meaning. "(one of) one of my friends lived in england. he passed away last week. his name is chris simpson. i will name it simpson the
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((paula francis)) > that's all for us live at eleven. the late show with stephen colbert is next.
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(narrator) cbs presents. may peace prevail on earth. may peace prevail on earth. may peace prevail on earth. (speaking in foreign language) may peace prevail on earth. may peace prevail on earth. may peace prevail on earth. (narrator) there is so much to be thankful for in our lives on this beautiful planet.
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