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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  December 27, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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((sharie johnson)) > thanks for joining us. i'm sharie johnson. we're only a few days from 20-16. and as people get ready to ring family... safe road advocates are urging people not to drink and drive. 8 news now's mauricio marin is live with how some are working to stop drivers from making a mistake they can't take back. ((mauricio marin)) lots of people on the road this holiday seasson. either coming into town or heading out to visit loved ones. as the new year approaches... stop dui advocates say this is a very dangerous time on the road. and are asking everyone to look out for each other. according to the national highway safety administration--- more than 700 people are killed in alcohol related crashes nationally in the month of december alone. the leaders of the group--stop dui say these deadly crashes can be prevented. they say if you're hosting a new year's eve party---there are consider. making sure guests aren't
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off and getting behind the wheel. safe road advocates urge people to assign a designated driver before starting to drink. ((sandy heverly/stop dui "always always use a designated driver. making sure the dd is the sober person not the least who's had the least to drink or ingested least amount of drugs that would impare them to drive safely." )) ((mauricio marin)) heverly says one thing she's learned the hard way---drunk drivers never take a day off. something else she points out is reminding people to wear their seatbelt. it can mean the difference between life and death if involved in a crash. ((mauricio marin)) law enfrocement is also doing their part to stop drunk drivers. across the valley---enforce ment is getting beefed up to catch drivers under the influence. in hopes of saving lives. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((sharie johnson)) > mauricio...if a driver is caught driving under the influence. what are some of the consequnces they can face? ((mauricio marin)) well they'll likely
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and stop dui folks say on average---it's about 13- thousand dollars for court fees, insurance premium increases and other costs. but say the price of taking a life is immeasurable. back to you./// ((sharie johnson)) > for motorcycle riders... there's a special program to get you and your bike home safe after the new year celebration. the company hog hauling is providing a tipsy tow for the biker community. the free program will run from 6:00 p-m on new year's eve... to 6:00 a-m on new year's day. so if you're a biker and plan on going out to celebrate... write this number down. it's (702) 586 - 05 - 36. /// ((sharie johnson)) so how many layers will you need for new years eve celebrations? keely breland is in the weather center tracking your forecast. sunny, cold day, but felt nice
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north winds blowing us over. outside, nice shot of the strip. we had a few high clouds today ahead of a storm making it's way toward us. .................... weather headlines for this sunday evening. hard freeze warnings around the region again tonight. winter weather advisories. unsettled monday could mean some snow flurries for the west side of the valley tomorrow night. and planning for new years eve. highs will be at normal. .................... you can see the high clouds moving across our satellite & radar. also areas the national weather service has issued hard freeze warnings and winter weather advisories. .................. the next three days... tomorrow cold and mostly sunny with increasing clouds asthis fast moving storm approaches. overnight lows above freezing for the next few days. all highs still below normal. mild weather sets up before our new years eve celebrations. i'll have the full forecast coming up. ((sharie johnson)) > two men are dead... after their car jumped a sidewalk and smashed into some street lights. it happened around 11:20 last night... on charleston at mohawk street. according to metro... the car was speeding when the driver lost control.. and hit two light poles. medical responders pronounced
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year-old passenger dead on scene. we're waiting for the coroner to release their identities. this wreck brings the number of traffic related deaths in year. /// ((sharie johnson)) > we've learned the name of the man... who police say was shot to death at the plaza hotel... by his wife. the coroner says 48-year-old david cordova of north las vegas chest. his wife... maria escalante opened fire on him... following an argument. police say it all happned while their child was in the room. services. escalante is being held without bail pending an initial court appearance... on tuesday. she faces one count of murder with a deadly weapon. /// ((sharie johnson)) > and the man accused of punching another man to death outside the paris... tomorrow. 23-year-old deangelo mathews felony arrignment is scheduled
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matthews was already in jail... on an unrelated home invasion when metro police connected him to the may 3rd incident on the strip. authorities were called to the paris valet around 4:20 that morning... after receiving reports of a fight and injured man. the victim, 27 year old dashawn hawkins from san jose... was taken to u-m-c where he died from blunt head trauma./// ((sharie johnson)) > presidential candidate... senator bernie sanders is making a stop in the valley tomorrow. the democrat from vermont will be at canyon springs high school at 6:30 tomorrow night. the school is in north las vegas... on alexander road and north 5th street. the event is free and open to the public... but an r-s-v-p is strongly encouraged. the doors open at 5:00... and people will be let in... on a first come... first serve basis. if you're not familar with sanders... he spoke today on "meet the press". he called out rebublican rival... donald trump... not for his recent controversies...
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sanders: the real issue isn't that donald trump vulgarity and he is vulgar, it is the fact that donald trump thinks we should not be raising the minimum wage. he believes that wages in america are too high. this guy wants to give hundreds and billions of dollars in tax cuts to the top three tenths of one percent. )) ((sharie johnson)) > democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton... maintains a double digit lead over her closest rival, bernie sanders. /// sharie johnson > we're learning more about the man... who fell to his death at red rock. the new information released today... and how you can stay safe... while in the great outdoors. /// > and the red cross is working to make the valley a safer place to live. how the organization aims to cut back on the number of people hurt and killed in fires... and how you can help. /// ((sharie johnson)) > we've
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fall at red rock canyon. the coroner identified him as brian tracy of spokane washington. we're learning he was rock
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when he fell more than 80 feet. people in the area first tried aiding the person before crews could arrive but authorities say the person died on scene. according to the u-s bureau of land management... more than 2 million visitors go there each year. we also spoke with red rock search and rescue leaders... who know the area well. they say the deadly fall is tragic.... but it's a good reminder... to always take extra precaution when hitting the outdoors... even if you're not climbing. ((bryan zink/red rock search & rescue: 'you should definitely have a map. know whwre you are going, know your physical limiatations, as in reference to trails you might be hiking or the adventures you might be undertaking." )) ((sharie johnson)) according to metro... tracy fell in a gully and search and rescue teams had to help recover his body. we are still working to gather details about what factors led up to the fall. /// ((sharie johnson)) > this comes as a man dies in california... san diego beach. officials believe the man was
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device when he fell on christmas day. lifeguards couldn't immediately locate the device and aren't sure if it was a cellphone or a camera. passersby performed cpr on the victim... before authorities arrived... but he died at the scene. those who frequent the sunset cliffs hope this serves... as a warning for future sunset seekers. (( witness, "don't think it can't happen to you because it can happen to anybody and it only takes a split second." )) ((sharie johnson)) conditions along the beach were very cold and windy. lifeguards say it slowed the rescue a bit as crews dealt with exposure, but none of the first responders were injured. /// sharie johnson > nearly a dozen people are killed... as powerful tornadoes touchdown in texas. the damage the destructive storms caused... and what officials are crediting for saving countless lives. ///
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declared a state of emergency because of widespread flooding that has led to at least eight fatalities...
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evacuations. more flooding is expected while river levels continue rising around the state. authorities said six people died after vehicles they were in were swept away by floodwaters the other two were associated with the recent flooding. /// ((sharie johnson)) > this comes as at least 11 people in the dallas area are dead following the touchdown of several tornadoes late last night. today, survivors and emergency crews have been assessing the extensive damage. omar villafranca is in rowlett... where authorities say it's a miracle the tornadoes didn't take even more lives. david dennison's backyard shed is shredded.wra pped around a pole on his neighbor's property. his neighborhood outside of dallas was one of hardest hit by a swarm of tornadoes. (david dennison/torna do survivor) "we ran inside the bathroom and hunkered down and the next thing you heard was
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occasional lightning strike illuminated the twisters that started touching down in the dallas area around 6:30 saturday night. at least 11 people died including several who were in their cars when a tornado crossed interstate 30. officials say the path of destruction stretches for 40 miles and more than 600 structures are damaged or destroyed. weather forecasters say two tornadoes clocked speeds of up to 200 miles per hour.tossing mobile homes like toys and flattening entire streets. the governor of texas says the situation is still volatile across the northern part of the state that is simultaneously experiencing extreme ice and snow conditions and torrential rain. (governor greg abbott/texas) "we need you to remain vigilant." local officials in a town outside dallas sent out 4 alerts in the minutes before the tornadoes hit, warning people to take cover. (chief neil howard/rowlett fire rescue) "i think that's the reason we had fewer fatalities and fewer injuries than we had." but at this early stage of the recovery.auth orities warn the number of victims may still rise.
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((sharie johnson)) the national weather service says texas tornadoes this time of year... /// outside. winds have calmed. a cool day, but if you bundled up and stood in the sun, it was just about right. ... for me anyway. changes coming for our monday. .................. weather headlines. hard freeze warnings. monday evening snow. winter weather advisories. ................. current temperatures across the valley.
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the strip. downtown. green valley. ................. across the southwest right now. san francisco, los angeles. phoenix. ely. denver. ................. almanac. highs well below normal today and cold overnight low. expecting similar low for tomorrow. .................. nationally. a lot of wild weather through texas in the last couple of days. tornados, some parts of texas still on watch tonight. blizzard warnings now for the panhandle. state of emergency declared in new mexico because of heavy snow. .................. a fast moving cold pacific storm will make it's way down the california/ nevada border tomororw. lead to increase of clouds. it has limited moisture, but snow levels will drop to 2500-3000ft as the cold pool moves.
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or flurries monday night particularly on the west side of the las vegas valley. ................ the national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory and hard freeze warning with conditions tonight into tomorrow. ............... tonight mostly clear. some high clouds. plan on increasng clouds and cold overnight lows. .............. recreational forecast snow tomororw afternoon for the mountain. ................ tonight 29 mostly clear. and cold. .................. tomorrow, starting at mostly sunny skies to increasing clouds. chance of snow by tomorrow evening. ................. here is the 7 day. cold mornings. highs won't quite reach normal by new years, but weather will over all be mild. increasing clouds tomorrow with possible snow tomorrow evening. if we see snow, it will most likely be on the west side of the valley.
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((sharie johnson)) > the red cross of southern nevada is working to cut back on the number of people hurt in fires here in the valley. the organization is conducting it's home fire campaign. the aim is to reduce fire related injuries and deaths by as part of the campaign... the red cross is distributing free smoke detectors... for those in need. nevada red cross "every year, unfortunately, there are still fires that occur that could have been detected if the person had a fire alarm. our aim is to help reduce that by giving these out." )) ((sharie johnson)) the red cross says it's always looking for volunteers to help out. more about the home fire program... go to las vegas now dot com and look under the links we mentioned tab. the red cross will be installing need... on january 18th. luther king junior.. ///
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still flooding in... for the new star wars movie. just broke... even before the film premieres in the second largest movie /// now, nevada's first choice for
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the force awakens has made one billion dollars in global sales... in just 12 days. that's faster than any film in history... and one day faster than the previous record holder jurassic world. the movie also scored a record for christmas day box office sales on friday. and get this... the film hasn't even opened in china yet... which is the second biggest film market in the world. it will open there on january 9th. /// sharie johnson > coming up tonight at 6:30... it's a hidden gem off the strip... which promises fun for the whole family. we'll take you inside the pinball hall of fame... where you can take a trip back in time... by playing hundreds of classic machines. and a non- profit hands out free marijuana to the homeless in denver... but the joints are serving a bigger purpose. how volunteers are using weed... to improve the lives of those in need.
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more, tonight at 6:30./// ((sharie johnson)) > the new year is now just a couple days away. we here at 8 news now are getting ready for the big party. you can enjoy the big bash... couch. we'll be live all across the are... complete with live music and strip entertainment... including matt goss, the jabbawockeez... and mat franco. our broadcast kicks off at 10pm... and goes through midnight./// ((sharie johnson)) > and... during our special, one lucky viewer will get their mortgage paid for a year. we've teamed up with our sponsor... gavish real estate... to pay up to 15- thousand dollars. we'll randomly choose 8 finalists to attend the zowie bowie show at red rock on new year's eve... and we'll announce the winner during our live special! to enter... just head to our our 8 new now facebook page. you must be at least 21.. have a mortgage or lease on a home and be in good standing with the lender and owner. /// sharie johnson > that's it for us.
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