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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  December 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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right - but a car pulled out in front him.... his bike bounced off that car like a ping pong ball.... pushing him into oncoming traffic....where he was hit by a second car. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police say it appears speed wasn't a factor, the driver of both cars remained at the scene and did not appear to be impaired.... and at this point - it appears that first driver failed to yield the right of way from a stop sign as she drove onto jones from a side street sheila here near smoke ranch. according to metro, this is the 125th person who has died in a crash on the roads metro patrols this year. the record is 133 from 2007... police - taking the opportunity tonight to remind drivers about safety: (( sgt. richard strader/lvmpd: "it's everybody's responsibility to take that extra minute to think about something before you push that accelerator, before you take an extra time to look left and right to make sure you're not pulling out in front of
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((vanessa murphy)) here at the scene - we met a couple of members from a group called mars - motorcycle awareness and rider safety. they say they learned about this crash on facebook - and they're trying to find out if they know the rider who was killed here. his name has not been released: ((bryon olow/mars: when we see fatality, all of us hang our heads, we say a prayer. 22:15 we pray for the families, the hurt ones, the loved ones, the friends, the riding family, i mean, it affects all of us, it does and it affects everybody who rides, everybody who is part of the riding community, it hurts all of us. )) ((vanessa murphy)) police say although it appears the crash was caused by that driver who pulled in front of the sports bike - she was not cited at the scene... detectives have more work to do before any final decision like that would be made.... back to you. ((dave courvoisier)) vanessa, how long could that take? ((vanessa murphy)) police don't have a set time... but i can tell you - because
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from the 90s...theyr'e considered older models and detectives can't use the computers to help with the investigation the way they normally would... they have to piece this together through mathematics.... and other techniques. back to you. ((dave courvoisier)) > metro detectives are expected to release surveillance video from outside a 24 hour fitness center... after a man was shot dead in the parking lot. it happened shortly after 1:00 this morning near rainbow and alta, but two huge questions remain... who did it and what led up to the shooting? police believe a two door compact car with at least two people inside drove up near the victim's white sedan... shot him and drove off: (( lt. dan mcgrath/metro homicide: "i don't know what occurred, if there was an altercation or an argument or they had a pre- arranged meeting, that's kind of a question that we have to delve into." )) ((dave courvoisier)) there were
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office has not identified the victim yet. detectives say they need the public's help solving this one. if you have any information... call metro police or crime stoppers./// ((paula francis)) > missouri's governor has activated the state's national guard to help with record flooding. ((tedd florendo)) paula, the rain that caused that flooding has stopped... but we just don't know how bad it's going to get for folks along mississippi river basins. there have already been 13 deaths... mostly people who drowned by trying to drive across flooded roadways. the heavy rain has created 10 extra vertical feet of water in parts... bringing the water up to rooftops of homes and leaving businesses under water. emergency responders' land vehicles have been rendered pretty much useless by the flooding... but they're still trying to help residents: ((sgt. travis blankenship/frank lin county sheriff's department: "if we have an emergency in the area we can't access by road then the fire departments can take our
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have to walk in or traverse in on foot to get to the situation to deal with it." )) ((tedd florendo)) mandatory evacuations are in place... and volunteers are helping to fill some 20- thousand sandbags. they've had eight to 14 inches of rain over a week in places... a drier pattern moves through for the next week... which won't relieve the flooding, but it certainly won't make it worse./// ((tedd florendo)) so the major storms are over and done with, but we continue to see plenty of flooding issues specifically. ............... flood warnings are still in effect from oklahoma through missouri and illinois. some rivers haven't even crested yet. but we still have plenty of water over roadways and in homes. ............................... ................. we're bracing ourselves for another cold morning with temps at or below freezing. calmer winds and clearer skies will allow temps to drop bigtime overnight. ............................... ................. regional temps outside of the valley could see the coldest
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pahrump all the way up to mesquite and searchlight for sure. we'll have quick peek at your new years eve forecast coming up. dave? ((dave courvoisier)) > 20-15 has been a turbulent year for allegiant airlines... and that trend continued sunday night. a plane bound for las vegas from kansas skidded off the taxiway because of the weather conditions. fortunately, none of the 161 passengers or six crew members were hurt. the plane wasn't able to get in the air. passengers were put up in local hotels and given 100- dollars off vouchers for future travel./// ((dave courvoisier)) > headaches continued at several airports across the country today... with passengers trying to get home after christmas. severe weather is being blamed for most of the backups. or delayed by late this afternoon on top of the nearly 14- hundred canceled yesterday. with thousands of people stuck in place... emotions were running high: (( (crying) "now they wont let us speak to someone. this is such bull s, it's such
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((dave courvoisier)) good news here in las vegas... general arrival and departure or less tonight. it is still recommended that you arrive two hours before a departing flight./// ((paula francis)) > last night we told you about metro's plan to keep las vegas safe during celebration. tonight, we're learning about the nypd's plan for the massive times square party. over a million people are expected in midtown manhattan t-v. five thousand uniformed and undercover officers will be in times square... they'll have snipers on rooftops, garbage cans out of sight, manhole covers sealed shut... and radiation detectors deployed. they're leaving no stone unturned: (( mayor bill de blasio/new york: "we are the best prepared city in the country. we know how to do big events, we have shown it time and time again." )) ((paula francis)) this year n- y-p-d established a 500 person special response unit that holds regular drills for large events. spectators will be searched, required to get in place
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large bags, backpacks, and alcohol are also banned./// ((paula francis)) > if you got a drone for christmas or want to try out your skills on new year's eve... over the strip. metro sent out a reminder today that it is illegal to fly a drone within five miles of an airport without the airport authority's permission. of mccarran. and police will be on the lookout for violators who can't resist putting up their drones anyway. if you're caught... metro may impound your drone and further criminal charges are possible./// ((dave courvoisier)) > if you're trying to get around the strip on new year's eve... there are several major road closures you need to know about. for one... the strip will be closed between sahara and mandalay bay road. and you won't be able to get on or off i-15 at the spring mountain, flamingo, and tropicana exits. we have a full list of road closures online... just go to las- vegas- now- dot-
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((dave courvoisier)) > if you don't want to deal with the traffic there's a convenient and free alternative. the regional transportation commission is offering free rides from 6 p-m on new year's eve until 9 a-m on new year's day. there are also free park and ride facilities for the holiday./// ((paula francis)) our new year's eve coverage begins thursday at 10 p-m. our crews will be on the air until after the fireworks finale... with crews from red rock resort to downtown las vegas... and up and down the las vegas strip. we want to encourage you to share your pictures and show us how you're celebrating by tweeting us at "8 news now" ... with the hashtag "vegas n-y-e". we have a link to all of thursday's road closures on our website, las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier)) > illegal guns ..linked to violent crimes in the streets of california... are being traced back to southern nevada: (( "that's you. that's you mailing those guns out there in vegas" )) ((dave courvoisier)) the las vegas stores investigators say this man was hitting up repeatedly... to meet demand in the golden state. and why this problem could continue./// <
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dave courvoisier. the news of southern nevada is now." > ((dave courvoisier)) > keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals is a major challenge for police-- some
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california are being traced back to one man... and las vegas. ken bastida has the story: 66 year old judy salamon was shot dead in her car in an oakland neighborhood two years ago. oakland police suspected 22 year old stephon lee shot her. capt ersie joyner, opd he was an individual that we knew was involved in group & gang violence two months later police arrested lee for another shooting... injuring two men at a backyard marijuana grow in oakland. lee pleaded guilty to a gun charge and was sentenced to 7 years in san quentin ... he was in prison when he was arrested for the murder of judy salamon .. his trial is set for next year. but... capt joyner had another mystery to solve in 2013....where did lee get the pistol he used in the backyard shooting of many high quality guns showing up on the streets of oakland? capt ersie joyner opd glock handguns, taurus handguns, extended magazines, guns with lasers within days of stephon
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the atf had traced the gun he used in the backyard shooting to this man. slides a photo to him. "that's you. that's you mailing those guns out in vegas" atf agents arrested oakland security guard edward purry in october 2013. jill snyder, atf special agent in charge. purry purchased and sold 91 guns in less than 4 months. purry was illegally buying handguns that summer using a false address in las vegas, at gun store after gun store....9 guns on one july day at big gun, 7 in july at the las vegas gun range, 6 at urban civil defense.. more than a half dozen stores ... and selling guns on the street in oakland to people he knew only by their first names. "its a profit for me. i can help myself, i can help everybody i love. that was it! it wasn't to add to the murder rate! it wasn't to add to nobody getting shot!
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they're doing with them!!! purry's guns told the story...22 guns found so far at crime scenes. shooting at police officers, drive by shootings at police officers, attempted murders, possession of a firearm by a felon who was suspected of shooting at a 2 year old child, shooting into the occupied dwelling of a pregnant woman. atf special agent al mabanag helped make the case...he asked us to obscure his face . the case got its big break in mid- august, when the us postal service notified us. this package at the richmond undeclared guns... the return address ....the name of a famous oakland man . you heard about him, what happened in vegas, right? so why you use that name? kenny clutch name come into my head, for hours, agents asked purry.... who bought the guns from
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they initially realized... how we gonna find these 60 guns? i don't know where they at! i sld them , they went away! i sold one gun to this black dude but i don't know his name he gave me a thousand dollars purry said he sold the pistols at twice retail i'm like damn! i'm gonna make some money! agent: it looks like you bought up whatever glocks you could find. is that true? yes sir... why glocks? the firepower, says special agent mabanag. they can accept aftermarket, high capacity magazines. this magazine holds 30 rounds. edward purry was sentenced in las vegas last month (nov 30) to eight and a half years in federal prison for his illegal gun purchases in nevada. joyner: i believe there are many mr. purrys out there. the atf says that is possible. jill snyder,atf sp agent in charge. if someone went to nevada today
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brought them to ca we wouldn't necessarily know about it. we don't know about all of them. > ((dave courvoisier)) that was ken bastida reporting. purry was also ordered to serve three years of supervised release after prison. prosecutors say he made more than 92 thousand dollars re- selling the guns./// ((paula francis)) > a 14-year-old utah teen is lucky to be alive after spending 28 hours lost... in temperatures near zero. brayden neilson went out hunting on saturday in ogdon bay... north of salt lake city. the teen was separated from his friend... and after hours, he called 9-1-1... but he had no idea where he was... couldn't concentrate, and was delusional: (( brayden neilson/survivor: "i started popping off shots out of my shotgun and probably shot about 25 rounds // i started crying and freaking out" )) ((paula francis)) brayden walked nearly 11 miles... and after nine hours a search crew found him 50 miles from home. he was hypothermic and hallucinating... but alive. he was rushed to the hospital
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((tedd florendo)) < the high today reached 50 degrees finally. the low dropped to 34 overnight and the normal is 56 this time of year. the record 73 set back in 1980. ............................... ................. already many neigbhorhoods already in the 30's at this hour setting us up for a cold, cold night. teens and cold already for the kyle canyon. many neighborhoods will for sure drop to below freezing by morning. ............................... ................... pahrump and mesquite. near freezing already for boulder city and beatty. ............................... ................... satellite and radar showing some clouds overhead but dry through
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some more snow moving into northern californi and eventually in to reno. expecting another low to form and zip across the northern part of the state and kick up our winds for new years eve and day midday. ............................... ............. speaking of snow you can get the ski report on our website at las vegas-dot-com. go to the sections tab and over to weather and check out the ski report for you nearby mountains. ............................... ............. years eve. breezy winds and with temps in the 40's by the evening. feels like temps may be in the high 30's though with those winds. cold by midnight near 37 with clear skies through the evening. ............................... ................ tonight expect a low of 31 degrees and cold and clear. light winds overnight should stay that way through tomorrow as well. the high tomorrow 49 and staying chilly. 7 degrees below average for tomorrow with light ne winds. ............................... ................... neighborhood by neighborhood highs in the low 50's tomorrow with 40's over the far west and northwest sections of the valley. coldest on mount charleston. ............................... ............. extended forecast shows temps
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more clouds expected by sunday and cloudier by monday with shower chances on both monday and tuesday. that could mean more snow in the mountains as well.> ((paula francis)) > the woman accused of shooting her husband dead inside a plaza hotel room... appeared in court this morning. 34-year-old maria escalante is accused of shooting 48- year-old david cordova of north las vegas in front of the couple's child on christmas eve. escalante was not asked to enter a plea today, to murder and child abuse charges. she was appointed a public defender and a january seventh
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police say the couple's son was opening presents when cordova was shot. alcohol is believed to have been a factor./// ((dave courvoisier)) > leonardo ruesga faces 12 to 40 years in state prison after pleading guilty to driving under the influence of drugs in a crash that killed 6 year-old alyssa aisa and her grandmother maria garcia at a bus stop in march. ruesga apparently reversed his plea after pleading not guilty in june, despite telling us on camera that he was responsible. police say ruesga had pot and meth in his system when he hit the pair on maryland at sahara... then fled the scene. his sentencing has been scheduled for february 16-th./// ((paula francis)) > ron futrell is in for chris maathuis tonight --- ((ron futrell)) the rebels hope to have some fresh bodies for tomorrow nights conference opener and which nfl team will be moving to los angeles, we'll get the thoughts of one local expert.
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bowling tonight with nevada reno ---- playing colorado state in the first ever arizona bowl --- quick note here--- if you wanna get reall technical with me and say they are actually called "nevada" --- and not nevada reno --- knock yourselves out. fine, you're right --- i still call em nevada reno tonight you can call em winners in a bowl game ---- fired up at the start --- how about a kick return to show you??? . the problem here is the kicker --- when you kick short, the returner has a running start and he is gone... elijah mitchell takes this one the distance. 96 yards. --- 28-23 the final. (hey, i called them nevada in the graphics) mountain west with 4 wins, 4 losses in bowl games this year. ((ron futrell)) remember way back in the day before we had a college football playoff --- ya --- back when they had polls and convoluted bcs systems decide
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couple years ago --- well, the final four in college football is thursday --- new years eve. --- clemson and oklahoma are in south florida for the orange bowl ---- this is the oklahoma workout --- it looks a lot like the clemson workout we showed you at 6:00, except they're wearing red uniforms instead of orange ---- (that's why i'm the sports guy --- i can tell my colors) clemson is the only undefeated team in the country --- they are the number one seed --- oklahoma is seeded fourth. --- but -- oklahoma is favored by 3 and a half points. the cotton bowl is michigan state against alabama --- i thought michigan state were the spartans, but here linebacker jeremy schram shows he has a lot of cowboy in him --- that'll work down in texas --- the guy canance as well --- but defensive lineman justice alexander has that cowboy hat on backwards--- that ain't gonna work down there.... spartans look loose --- alabama is 10 point favorites.
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years eve ---- winners meet monday jan 11th at the fiesta bowl in arizona. ((ron futrell)) you may have heard that there is no nfl team in los angeles right now --- but 3 teams are fighting to get as soon as 2016 --- perhaps play in the rose bowl, or coliseum at first -- the raiders are one of those teams, but their fans are fighting it --- they want a new stadium built in oakland, but bottom line, they want their team to stay in the bay. one local nfl expert we spoke to today says --- put your money on the chargers and rams to be playing in los angeles --- so my question, will there be an nfl team in la next season? ((carl cockerham/nfl blogger: im thinking there will --- but there's a few wiggles to wiggle out before that can happen. and that is, spanos the owner of the chargers and conke the owner of the st louis rams getting together because the owners want those two to go to la --- they
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((ron futrell)) daquan cook will be back to play for the rebels tomorrow night --- this ruling came down late this afternoon --- cook hasn't played this season after he got a dui in november. his 13 game suspension is over. cook ---wearing number 10 here has been working out with the team, but not allowed to play in games. as for steven zimmerman --- he should be back in action against fresno state tomorrow. big zimm had a good workout monday ---- he didn't get into any real contact but did workout --- he's got a deep thigh bruise on his left leg --- hasn't played since early in the game against arizona --- 8pm start tomorrow --- rebels are 7 and a half point favorites. ((dave courvoisier)) > we're
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news musistandoff between a stubborn elephant seal and wildlife officials is over tonight. ((dave courvoisier)) despite the seal's... loudest objections: (( seal growls )) ((dave courvoisier)) the massive seal repeatedly tried to cross a busy northern california highway... and managed to dodge rescue workers trying to stop her. the seal got lost near highway 37 and outsmarted rescuers who
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that caused traffic backups for miles. eventually, she had to be tranquilized: (( shawn johnson/ marine mammal center: "elephant seals are big, large and in charge. and they're stubborn all the time." )) ((dave courvoisier)) it took more than a dozen people to load the 900-pound seal on a flatbed truck to move her out of harm's way. veterinarians tagged her so they can track her movements and progress./// ((dave courvoisier)) > that's all for us live at eleven. ((paula francis)) the late show
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