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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  January 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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< ((voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 5.")) > ((paula francis)) > just 12 hours into the new year... north las vegas police are investigating the first homicide of 20- 16. good evening.. i'm paula francis. ((dave courvoisier)) and i'm dave courvoisier. police say the suspect in this case is still on the loose. 8 news now reporter vanessa murphy is live near centennial and lamb in north las vegas with the latest. vanessa? ((vanessa murphy)) dave and paula, police say a couple of children were present as a man was killed in his home here. detectives are talking with witnesses trying to piece this all together while the search for the suspect is on. ((vanessa murphy)) here's what north las vegas police tell us: the victim is a 41 year old man. he was pronounced dead at the scene here. witnesses heard fighting and then at least one gunshot around noon. the suspect took off. there were mutliple people inside the members including - again children. this does not appear to be a random act of violence - again
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of fight....right before this deadly shooting. ((officer aaron patty/north las vegas police: this is really unfortunate especially being the first day of new years. we were happy it was fairly quiet last night but this is no way to start a new year.)) ((vanessa murphy)) police are asking anyone with information to call crimestoppers. they believe there could have been more people in this neighborhood who heard the fight or shot fired... dave and paula? ((dave courvoisier)) > vanessa, any warning for residents in the area? ((vanessa murphy)) at this point, no because police say they do not believe this was a random act of violence... it appears the suspect and victim knew each other. ((paula francis)) > answers. that's what an arizona family is demanding after an officer- involved shooting yesterday in las vegas. ((dave courvosier)) metro police mistook a cell phone for a gun... killing a man they say was wanted for several violent felonies out of arizona ...including attempted murder. metro also says the man ignored several commands to drop the object in his and...
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((paula francis)) sharie johnson is live from where this happened... with reaction from family members. sharie: ((sharie johnson)) we talked to the mother and siblings of the man killed here yesterday. the family says they want the truth. and they're not convinced... they've heard it yet. ((nicolas mann, brother of keith childress we want answers, we want to know what happened, we want justice for this; it all doesn't make sense )) ((sharie johnson)) nicolas mann is the brother of keith childress, who he says was the man killed here thursday around 2pm on gilded crown court near court near desert inn. nicolas, his mom, sister and family members are all heartbroken. ((nicolas mann, brother of keith childress they murdered him over a cell phone, in broad daylight )) ((captain matt mccarthy, office of internal oversight they believe they saw a firearm in his right hand, so they began giving commands to the suspect to drop the firearm, the suspect did not drop the object that was in his hand )) ((sharie johnson)) metro police say they mistook a cell phone for a gun, shooting and
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marshals we're conducting surveillance on. metro was called in as back-up and claims the man advanced toward officers, hiding hiding his right hand, refusing to obey commands. it ended deadly. ((captain matt mccarthy, office of internal oversight because the officers believed the suspect was wanted for attempt murder and this was a residential area and because they believe he was armed with a firearm, they discharged their firearm upon the subject striking him several times )) ((sharie johnson)) some people we're still inside their homes. theresa lengyel and her family... heard the gunshots and her son saw how this all started. ((theresa lengyel he ran in the house hysterical like mom, mom, there's a guy out there with the cops saying freeze, freeze and we're like what what's going on and we went outside to look, like we just saw the cops, cops say go back in the house )) ((sharie johnson)) it's those minutes after... family members wonder... what happened... to the brother nic knew as a friend and devoted father. ((nicolas mann, brother of keith childress he wasn't this evil person that they portrayed him as )) ((sharie johnson)) metro police also said they we're told by marshals this man was wanted for attempted murder. our online public records search
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childress... convicted of several things including aggravated assault, burglary and armed robbery but he failed to show up for the verdict... and a warrant was issued for his arrest. we sent a records request to arizona city, county and state officials to confirm what we found online. paula? ((paula francis)) is there any video to show what happened? ((sharie johnson)) the neighbors on this street said they did not have surveillance video. as far as body camera or dash cam video from metro, we didn't get a chance to ask. normally the media can ask questions at these on-scene press conferences. yesterday, only a statement was made. paula? ((dave courvoisier)) > we welcomed 20-16 with a bang in the las vegas valley. the impressive 8 minute fireworks show lit up the night sky from end of the strip to the
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officials say some 330- thousand people rang in the new year in las vegas. ((dave courvoisier)) and it appears everything went off with no major problems last night. metro did arrest 10 people. 8 of those were on the strip... one of which was a felony arrest. 2 others were on fremont./// ((paula francis)) > thousands of las vegans are starting the new year with some fun in the snow. mt. charleston has been steadily getting fresh powder since the start of winter. but as karen castro found out, the conditions at a popular sledding place become hazardous. < ((karen castro - reporting: the upper lee meadows is a popular place for families to spend the first day of 2016 but there is one concern since the last snow fall on christmas eve. the snow is now very compacted making for icy and slippery conditions.)) ((karen castro)) it was a painful start to the new year for one sledder after slamming into a tree, knocking him unconscious. a man in his 60's had to be loaded up into an ambulance and taken to the hospital for treatment.
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happening too often over the happening too often over the last few days at this popular spot for sledding. ((mary lichty - sledder: we've been coming here every new year's since my oldest was a baby so we just come here every year. it's getting a little scary though. capt. don harris - u.s. forest service: probably the last four days, it really got compacted and that's when we noticed the change and the injuries started and that when the ambulance runs really started to.)) ((karen castro)) us forest service says the icy conditions can be dangerous, whether you're walking on the snow or sledding down a hill. there's debris all over the upper lee meadows including rocks and broken sleds. ((capt. don harris - u.s. forest service: our biggest problem has been the liter and trash that people are leaving behind. please pick up after your selves.)) ((karen castro)) u-s forest service warns not paying attention to where you're sledding can be a slippery slope. ((capt. don harris - u.s. forest service: watch the direction you're going and stay in control of your equipment and that will mitigate a lot of , a lot of accidents. mary lichty - sledder: go down, get out of the way. if somebody's in your way, scream at them cause you're gonna get hurt, they're gonna get hurt.)) ((karen castro - reporting: folks with the us forest service are hoping for fresh snow on ground ahead of the next busy holiday weekend on martin luther
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reporting from lee canyon, karen castro, 8 news now.)) > ((paula francis)) trash around the "upper lee meadows" has also become a growing problem. citations for littering can cost close to 3-hundred dollars./// ((paula francis)) > a music legend dies just hours before the new year. ((dave courvoisier)) we'll take a look back at the life of singer natalie cole and the mark she left on the entertainment industry. ((paula francis)) > plus... why so many couples decide to tie the knot in las vegas and at the start of the new year./// ((tedd florendo)) > we started after 2016 below freezing. now a warming trend begins, however we're tracking rain in the forecast for next week. and it looks like it's not just
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your foreca((voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 5.")) > ((dave courvoisier)) > legendary singer- songwriter natalie cole has died from congestive heart failure. ((paula francis)) cole, the daughter of iconic crooner nat king cole, passed away at a los angeles hospital new year's eve. chris martinez has a look back at her life . < her voice was "unforgettable" . the music - in her blood. natalie cole followed in the footsteps of her famous father - nat king cole.finding her own
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cole won the first of nine grammys in 1975 - with the hit "this will be"... in 1979 - she received a star on the hollywood walk of fame. but it was in 1991 - when her popularity reached new heights - with her hit "unforgettable" - a virtual duet with her late father. (nats) but through years of success - there were setbacks. cole developed an addiction to drugs and alcohol.enteri ng a rehab program in 1983. natalie cole "it was such a revelation, actually for me to start liking myself after all these years. i didn't realize i was still grieving for my father at 30- something." cole was later diagnosed with hepatitis c - and liver disease. she underwent a kidney transplant in 2009. natalie cole- "i think that i am a walking testimony to, you can have scars. you can go through turbulent times and still have
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recently cancelled several tour dates, including a new year's eve performance due to her health. natalie cole was 65 years- old. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles.> ((paula francis)) cole leaves behind sisters and a son robert yancy. they issued a statement, saying "natalie fought a fierce, courageous battle, dying how she lived.. with dignity, strength and honor. our beloved mother and sister will be greatly missed and remain unforgettable in our hearts forever." /// ((dave courvoisier)) > fans took to the 8 news now facebook page to leave their thoughts. allan wrote: rip natalie! you and dad must be making more beautiful music in heaven! ((paula francis)) dori said: she is "unforgettable "...a great singer. ((dave courvoisier)) and kathy said: i worked with her and she was a beautiful soul. she was humble, kind, professional and made everyone around her feel important. gone too soon. may she rest in peace. you can join the conversation by using the hashtag natalie
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((paula francis)) > saying 'i do' to start the new year. ((dave courvoisier)) the busy day for chapels around the valley as local officials try to turn around our wedding . ((paula francis)) > plus... filling the campaign war chest. we'll tell you how much the democratic presidential front runner raised in the last quarter of the year./// <
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with paula francis and dave courvoisier. the news of southern nevada is now.")) > ((paula francis)) > new years eve helps bring big bucks into las vegas, with all the visitors.. ((dave courvoisier)) and although the fireworks are over... the real celebration is still ahead for many. many people are rushing to get married on the first day of 20-16. ((paula francis)) 8 news now's mauricio marin joins us to see how this is keeping some chapels busy around town. ((mauricio marin)) the bells are still ringing at many las vegas chapels. as people rush to get hitched on the first day of the new year. workers at some chapels around town say they're seeing about double the number of couples today then they do on regular day. that's on top of all the couples they helped tie the knot for new year's eve. ((mauricio marin)) a new beginning for 20-16. erik and taneal calvert decided
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of the new year on the las vegas strip. ((erik calvert/groom: "her parents had been here before and we just kind of talked about doing veggas to make it easier for everyone to come out and friends and perfect day for it." )) ((mauricio marin)) with close family and friends in e couple said "yes" at the little church of the west. they're not the only ones keeping las vegas chapels busy. ((dan vallance/little church of the west: "it's obviously great the whole christmas period is a very busy time of year for us." )) ((mauricio marin)) dan vallance helped capture the memory for the bride and groom. he says they've had weddings about every half hour. 25 on the books and more expected throughout the night. ((dan vallance/little church of the west: alot of locals keep the chapel in the family. geneations and generations get married here." )) and the clark county clerk's marriage license bureau just issued the 5-thousandth marriage license to a same sex couple. ((dumitru alexeev/issued 5,000th same sex marriage license: "i think it's the most fun place in the world to be in las vegas in the new year and have the wedding and get the license. i think that is the most what anyone can want on their
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in all of 20- 15...more than 81-thousand marriage licenses were issued in clark county. for the happy new couple...erik and taneal say their wedding anniversary will always be extra special to them celebrating it on the first day of each new year. ((taneal calvert/just married: "we can always celebrate it im a teacher i always have a break and always a good time to go on vacation i have the time off and that's why we decided we wanted to do it on the first day of the year.' )) ((mauricio marin)) while there's more people in town getting married for the new the same time january also seems to be a busy time for divorces. coming up at six..we'll look into why some couples may be choosing to break up for good just after the new year. dave/paula?/// ((dave courvoisier)) > it's the first day of 20-16 and so far it's a been a little cool, but so far it's a been a little cool, but sunny.
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meteorologist tedd florendo is here with your forecast for the first weekend of the new year. tedd? < tedd florendo >started off cold this morning and not too much of an improvement this afternoon as we're still chilly today with clearer skies. winds have calmed down considerably. ............................... .............................. current temps right now in the high 40's across the region with colder temps up on mount charleston. mid 40's only this afternoon for the far northwest and west sections of the valley and milder over to the east and southeast sections of town. ............................... .......... regional temps in the mid 50's for mesquite down to laughlin. 50's for pahrump this afternoon after very cold temps overnight. cold already for tonopahp all the way to pioche already below freezing. ...............................
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temps really are cold through many of the lower 48 state. with temps finally colder than us in new york. and even atlanta and dallas. still wam and nice down in miami. ............................... .................... clear skies for now with some additional cloud cover coming in from the west, but we're trackign several storm this week that will march in one after the other, sort of like a parade of storms bring plenty of precip along with them. it's looking like we'll have a very unsettled week all next week. ............................... .................. first though let's talk about those cold mornign temps at or below freezing again. probably not going to get as cold as this morning, but still some areas will be in the 20's by morning especially around the edges of town. ............................... ............ regional lows in the 20's again for pahrump to mesquite. chilly for death valley and milder for laughlin but still chilly. cold in the southern great basin. ............................... ............... overnight low 31 and cold with more clouds expected.
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neigbhorhoods. tomorrow expect a hih of 53 with both sun and clouds tomorrow and still a couple of digits below average. winds stay light tomorrow ............................... .................... highs tomorrow neighborhood by neighborhood in the mid 50's for the east part of the valley and cooler for the west to northwes areas in the low 50's to high 40's near providence and centennial hills. ............................... ................... extended forecast with more clouds this weekend and milder temps. but we're also going to see a lot more clouds and rain showers for several days. best chances as of right now will be tuesday through thursday morning. snow in the mountains can be expected with this as well, but mainly high elevation snow which should still be the ski resort. ((dave courvoisier)) > two people are dead after a car crash on i- 15 last night. it happened near the craig ramp at about 10 o'clock. no other vehicles were involved. the vehicle caught fire and actually burned the license plates.. which made it hard for troopers to identify: troopers say the crash left a long scene across
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they do not know if the driver was impaired.. but they believe speed may have been a factor.// ((paula francis)) > hillary clinton's campaign raised 37 million dollars over the past three months. that gives her a total of 112- million to spend on her presidential primary campaign. clinton's team also says she raised 18 million for the democratic national committee and for state democratic parties nationwide. heading into the january sprint toward the leadoff iowa caucuses on february first, clinton's campaign says it has nearly 38 million in cash on hand./// ((dave courvoisier)) > big changes in 2016. ((paula francis)) we'll tell you about the new laws on the books as we start the new year. ((dave courvoisier)) > plus... why college students should fill out their financial aid forms today./// ((coming up...a new push by pres. obama to enact new gun restrictions without congress'
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plus we go on the road to see what happened to the world's saddest christmas tree. coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. )) <
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tt2waty#`*4 p bt@m@[l tt2waty#`*4 p "a@mpw( tt2waty#`*4 p bm@m[\$ tt4waty#`*4 r dzhq !#4 ((voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 5.")) > ((dave courvoisier)) > now that the big new year's eve party is over... college students should start getting to work on their fafsa forms. that's because today -- january first -- is the first day you can submit the nationwide college financial aid form. and the sooner you do, the better. you could miss out on scholarships or grant money if you wait. that includes federal and state grants, as well as scholarships from your state and school -- all of which you won't have to pay back. the form also helps determine how much you can borrow from the government, which is key because federal loans are likely to come with lower interest rates. the form is a pain to fill out. but here are five things you should know to make the process a little bit easier: - it's online and it's free.
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- watch out for multiple deadlines. - you need to know your parents' income. - don't assume you're too wealthy!/// ((paula francis)) > january first also comes with a slew of new laws in nevada. here are some you need to know about... one law requires day care centers to schedule active playtime for children and limit sedentary activities. another paves the way for voters to get their sample ballots via email. and one measure requires school districts to set aside money to give teachers performance- based bonuses, taking some control away from union contracts. nevada lawmakers meet every two years. they won't be churning out new laws again until 2017.// ((dave courvoisier)) > a metro officer finds himself in an awkward spot. coming up tonight at six... how this cruiser ended up nearly parked inside a up nearly parked inside a local high school tennis court. and it's a popular time for people to end their marriages.
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season for divorce lawyers./// ((paula francis)) > the columbus zoo in ohio is giving an update on a baby polar bear abandoned by her mother. ((dave courvoisier)) the cub was born november 6th. when her mother stopped caring for her the following week, the zoo staff decided to remove her from the den and do the rearing themselves. last week, the zoo said the staff is pleased with how she's progressing, but are still taking things day by day. she weighed a little over six pounds and measured 17- and-a-half inches long./// ((paula francis)) > las vegas had it's very own new years baby born just minutes after midnight. ((dave courvoisier)) jazmine mejia and marco hernandez welcomed little ramon into the world at 12:04 am.. at mountain view hospital. he weighed in at 6 pounds, 5 ounces and was 18 and a half inches. and ramon's parents tell us his debut is already getting a lot of attention. (( "it's very overwhelming (laughs) everybody's texting me oh your babies on the news already (laughs) i'm like great he's
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((dave courvoisier)) and to celebrate the first baby of the year... the staff at mountain view hospital gave the new parents of huge gift basket full of everyday essentials for newborns./// ((paula francis)) > thanks for watching 8 news now at five. ((dave courvoisier)) the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. /// >> quijano: a new year and a >> quijano: a new year and a new push by the president to enact new gun restrictions without congress. also tonight, we'll look back at the life of natalie cole, whose talent was unforgettable. in every way >> quijano: resolutions-- what's the right amount of exercise to stay healthy? and steve hartman goes on the road to learn the fate of the world's saddest christmas tree.
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