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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  January 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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((mauricio marin)) in both cases...a fight lead up to the deadly shooting. and in both situations...aut horities say the shooters got away and are still on the loose. this latest within metro's jurisdication happened early this morning on craig road near las vegas boulevard. metro police say when the arrived to the scene two men had been shot. both victims were taken to the hospital one of them later died. the second is recovering listed in stable condition. detectives say it all started when one of the victims was inside a business when two guys approached him and started a fight. that lead to several shots being fired. in north las vegas...police are still looking for a suspectafter a 44-year old man was shot and killed on new years day in a home on smoky fog near centennnial and lamb. police say it happened after the victim got in an argument with another man. they say family members, including a couple of children were at the home when the shooting took place. ((officer aaron patty/north las vegas police: this is really
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first day of new years. we were happy it was fairly quiet last night but this is no way to start a new year.)) ((mauricio marin)) this marks two homicides already in southern nevada for 20-16. in both shootings police have not released suspect descriptions ((mauricio marin)) the two shootings aren't related. but both north las vegas police and metro police department are asking for the public's help. if anyone knows what happened in either of these cases---call authorities or report anonymoulsy by calling crimestoppers. back to you./// ((sharie johnson)) > mauricio any word on the motive for either of these shootings? ((mauricio marin)) in both cases...police are still working to see the relationship if any between the shooters and the victims. and they're still working to find the motive behind both shootings. again if you know anything---call police. ((sharie johnson)) > a hiker was was sent to the hospital after a fall at red rock canyon today. metro police say it happened around noon on the "man's best friend trail" in the sandstone quarry of the area. they say he suffered minor to
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he was airlifted from the site where he was eventually transported to u-m-c. just last week a man from washington died after falling nearly 100 feet at red rock canyon./// ((sharie johnson)) > singer chris brown was involved in an assault at the palms hotel. metro police tell us he is listed a suspect in the altercation. right now details are extremely limited. t-m-z is reporting that the alleged victim told them she was at a party in browns suite early this morning. she says she snuck her cell phone past security and when she took a picture of the singer he yelled at her and punched her in the face. and this isn't browns first scuffle at the palms. back in may of last year brown was accused of punching a man during an argument after a basketball game. but the alleged victim decided not to pursue the charges. and in 2009 brown pleaded guilty to assaulting his then girlfriend rihanna and was sentenced to five years of probation.///
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seeking justice after officers shot and killed a man in west las vegas. metro police mistook a cell phone for a gun... thursday afternoon near desert inn and cimarron... when they opened fire. those officers have been identified as sergeant robert bohanon and officer blake walford. investigators say the man was hiding something in his right hand... and refused to obey commands. but family members question metro's version of the story. and we talked to a neighbor who says her son saw the man before police pulled on the scene: (( theresa lengyel, neighbor: i think he got murdered because my son said the guy walked right by him when he first told us and just looked at him, he wasn't scared, he was more scared of the police how they we're acting )) theresa lengyel described metro as acting "hysterical" but says the suspect was calm. u.s. marshalls told metro the man was wanted for several violent felonies out of arizona... including attempted murder. metro's office of internal oversight is investigating how police handled the shooting.
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information next week./// ((sharie johnson)) > today parts of the valley saw some healthy cloud coverage and some sharply cooler temperatures.. keley breland joins us now from the weather center with a look at what that means for our chances for rain in the upcoming week. ((keely breland)) < look outside... we've had a mild sunday. skies becoming mostly cloudy throughout the afternoon. tomorrow will feel much like today. enjoy your sunday because we have wet weather on the way. ................ weather headlines. mild sunday, mountain snow and valley rain on the way this week with a series of wet storms. lows will stay above freezing with this weather pattern. ................. the southwest already seeing some higher elevation snow, and some areas of rain. today depending on where you were, you may have seen some virga. that is rain that doesn't reach the ground. california coast getting some strong winds. ................. looking at sunday our neighborhood forecast showing green valley, anthem, centennial hills and summerlin. highs all around the normal mark for this time of the year. .................. the next three days. highs stay in the 50's and lows above freezing. it's looking like a wet week across the valley.
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((sharie johnson)) > this weekend a local cub scout troop is on holiday cleanup duty. las vegas cub scout pack 219 collected christmas trees for recycling in the valley today. the project helped raise funds for the pack as well a earned them a conservation badge. we talked to the troop leader about how this event is also aimed to encourage being proactive in the community. (( "think globally act locally is really the kind of concept for the kids again showing them that there's a much bigger picture than themselves and making sure that they can contribute to their community and their environment" )) ((sharie johnson)) > the scouts plan to pick up christmas trees all through the month of january. for more information on how you can get them to come your tree
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and click on the links we mentioned tab./// ((sharie johnson)) > fighting off the flood. as people in the midwest continue to deal with rising water levels... the extra threat of danger these water levels pose during these winter months.///
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deal with massive flooding. in some areas the river is receding and the cleanup is underway. but in other places the water continues to rise. david begnaud has the latest from cape girardeau, missouri. >the mississippi river is hitting record high levels in the state of missouri.. but the giant flood wall that protects the city of cape girardeau is holding. (house) outside that wall it's a much different story. (stop sign) in low lying areas the water couldn't be stopped. (- steven cook/cape girardeau public works director) david: "has cape girardeau ever seen almost 50 feet of water" steven: "no this is the most we've ever seen" we took a ride with public works director steven cook and found vehicles nearly submerged. water street took on a whole new meaning in this neighborhood where homes and businesses have succummed to the water. cape girardeau was devastated by the so called great flood of 1993. afterward most people in these flood prone areas took a government buyout and left. those who stayed behind are now seeing flood waters even higher than 93. (sgov. bruce rauner/illinois) "this is one of the worst." on the other
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illinois governor bruce rauner (r- ow-ner) says hundreds of homes in his state are underwater. he's urging people in voluntary evacuation areas to not take any chances and leave. (gov. bruce rauner/illinois) "a flood in the winter is much different than a flood in the summer because hypothermia is a risk with people waiting around their house to be rescued in water." the flood water is receding in st. louis and major roadways are open again. but the high water is now moving south. and people in those areas are getting ready. david begnaud, cbs news, cape girardeau, missouri. /// ((sharie johnson)) > the flood threat could last through next week. the mississippi is expected to crest in memphis, tennessee on january 9th./// ((sharie johnson)) > dozens took to the streets in eastern saudi arabia to protest against the execution of a prominent shiite cleric. saudi arabia announced today it had executed 47 prisoners convicted of terrorism charges, including the cleric, who
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government. the execution is expected to deepen discontent among saudi arabia's shiite minority and heighten sectarian tensions across the region./// ((sharie johnson)) > it's fight night in las vegas and the bowl barrage continues across the country. fight night in las vegas and chris maathuis will be here with a preview. a ufc championship belt is on the line at the mgm grand.
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the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting.
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((sharie johnson)) > an oakland couple who put their house on air-b-n-b we're left with a huge mess on their hands. jim owen and reshma vasanwala were out of town for new year's eve when they got the call from their neighbors that a big party was going on in their house. they had arranged for a guest to stay there on air bnb. the arrangements were made by a man claiming to be from chicago who said that he and his sister were the only two who would be staying at their house. but that turned out to be untrue. (( (jim owen/ home owner) "so, we were duped. he came here and they were looking to have a party. we found out later that it was his 18th birthday, so another big issue is that he was an underage user.")) ((sharie johnson)) jim and reshma said it took more than 12 hours to get a response airbnb.
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using that service. an air-b-n-b spokesperson issued a statement in response to this story. it reads in part: "we have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior and our team is working quickly to make this right. we have banned this guest from airbnb"./// ((sharie johnson)) ((keely breland))
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green valley. nellis. ............. lows around the southwest san francisco. los angeles. phoenix. salt lake city. ............. the almanac showing our high for today. just slighly below normal. overnight low close to where we should be this time of the year. .............. nationally. storms continue to move across texas. flooding in the mississippi river valley. cold to the northeast. mild for the southwest.
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a cut off low in the center of oregon will push wet storms our way. tomorrow staying dry and by tomorrow evening the wet weather likely to be in the valley. and we'll see a series of wet storms through the week. ............... the series of storms will bring mountain snow and valley rain and there are chances for rain every day this week except for tomorrow. you can see already some rain moving close to the valley. ................. here a home showing high clouds tonight and plan for mild conditions tomorrow with partly sunny skies. and you see a closer look as to where the wet weather is. snow in the mountains. rain to the north. ................. recreational forecast. mild tomorrow. mt. charlston. lake mead. ................. tonight. mostly cloudy and seasonalble. ................. tomorrow. partly sunny and enjoy the dry day because weather's changing for our first full week of the new year. ................ here is the 7day forecast. chances or rain every ybutmorrow.
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sharie johnson)) nothing likefight night in las vegas.... chris maathuis here with more. ((chris maathuis)) that's the thing about las vegas, it can be a huge fight or an average one... but when it's held in vegas.. it's suddenly a big deal. so we start with the ufc. the fighters have completed all their obligations.. the only thing left is to fight. they all jumped on the scale yesterday... and it's funny to see the different reactions from the fighters after their weight is announced. some, in fact most have a smile... they nearly all flex. some look impressive, some don't. some of the fighters don't do much at all... others pull a face. a few act like it's just another day... a few seemed surprised they actaully made weight. it's all part of the fight game, all part of the show. most importantly it's all a lot of fun. now to the main event...
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will fight for the welterweight crown. if you're wondering how they this is it... and they both made weight. (( ))announcer; "169-, 169 for mr. condit.... 170, 170 for the champion carlos condit/ufc challenger; "i've and his skills... this is an incredible opportunity for me and a highlight of my career. robbie lawler/champ: "carlos is a heck of a fighter a fierce fighter, but i'm here to stay, i'm the champ and im going to showcase it that i'm the best in the world, c'mon guys lets do this." the main event is scheduled to tonight.... we'll hopefully have highlights for you tonight at 11. see if lawler retains his crown... condit says this is the fight of his life... a chance to become a ufc champion. ((chris maathuis)) the runnin' rebels lost earlier in the week to an average fresno state team. so maybe they catch a break by not playing this weekend... or maybe it's not a break and they wish they could get right back on the court. anyway, unlv has the night off... other schools are playing... too bad half the moutain west
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but we can show ya this one.... there are a few unr fans living in las vegas. but in reno, not many fans showing up for today's game against wyoming. the two schools have met 15 times... cowboys have won 13....maybe that's why. wyoming leading 37-34 at the half and they're 4-1 when leading after the first 20 minutes second half.. wolfpack comes up with a couple of early steals and blocks and they're off to the races... they jumped out to a nine point lead. but now under 30 to play and leading one... it's marqueze coleman hitting the three and the pack hangs on to beat the cowboys 71-68. they're unbeaten 6-0 at home. in the taxslayer bowl from jacksonville, it's penn state and georgia. how about having one of the busch brothers drive in for the las vegas bowl. the bulldogs have a pretty good team... and terry godwin is a pretty good player. he threw a 44 yard t-d pass and then later he caught a 17 yarder on a trick play. georgia jumps out to a big lead. but they had to survive this hail mary at the end... one more chance for the nittany lions...
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and in the taxslayer game... the bulldogs slay the lions 24-17 for their 5th straight bowl win. ((chris maathuis)) i'm kind of interested in the outcome of the alamo bowl... it's oregon and tcu. remember the horned frogs quarterback trevone boykin was in jail a few days ago for punching a cop... he posted bail and was sent home... so he won't play, but still should be an excting shootout. then later tongiht it's west virginia and arizona state. and sharie will be back with more after this.... now, nevada's first choice for
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((sharie johnson)) > coming up ((sharie johnson)) > coming up tonight at 6... blowing the whistle on the scammers. every year our 8 on your side team get thousands of calls about rip off and scams. we take a look at the top scams of 2015 that caught our eye. join us for those stories and more, tonight at 6:00./// ((sharie johnson)) > in case you didn't know... today is national science fiction day.
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holiday. but it is the "official" birthday of prolific science fiction writer isaac asimov . an avid writer... he penned as many as ten books a year, according to biography-dot- com. he's most famous for coining the term "robotics." science fiction enthusiasts most likely know it was asimov who conceived the "posi-tronic brain." t-v shows "dr. who" and "star trek: the next generation" ran with the idea./// ((sharie johnson)) > that's it for us. join us again at 6:00.///
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>> axelrod: president obama about to take new action on gun control. republicans are already firing back. >> i don't like anything having to do with changing our second amendment. >> axelrod: millions face a rising threat: historic floods in the midwest move south. lost in paradise: how hawaii is dealing with an exploding homeless crisis. sometimes i'm right and i can be wrong >> axelrod: and the music teacher who has generations of students singing her praises. >> everything has changed in my
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